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									                 •   No Microsoft Word Automation
                 •   Rich Object Model
                 •   Platform Independence
                 •   Document Conversion in Popular File Formats
                 •   Advanced Document Manipulation
                 •   Mail Merge and Reporting
                 •   And More..

 Aspose.Words                                                          About Aspose
                   for .NET and Java                                   Aspose is a solid and stable industry
                                                                       leader with over 6 years of experience
                                                                       and over 35,000 user licenses
                                                                       installed. Aspose produces a wide
                                                                       range of quality products for .NET and
                                                                       Java platforms. Aspose also offers a
                                                                       variety of reporting solutions for SQL
                                                                       Server Reporting Services and
                                                                       JasperReports developers.

                                                                       Find out more about us at

                                                                           Thanks for all your help! I have
                                                                       successfully used your component to
                                                                       extract Metadata type information from
                                                                       tables within documents, along with full
                                                                       text, an html conversion and more to
                                                                       create an xml file for a database
                                                                       import. I stress tested my code against
                                                                       10,000 word documents... which was
                                                                       approx. 600mb in size, pointed my app
                                                                       to it and it worked like a charm. Your
The Freedom of Words                                                   component is fantastic.

Aspose.Words enables .NET and Java applications to read,               Craig Lussier,
modify, convert and write Word® documents without utilizing            Torys LLP, Toronto, Canada
Microsoft Word®. Aspose.Words supports a wide array of
features including document creation, content and formatting
manipulation, powerful mail merge abilities, comprehensive                Exactly what the doctor ordered!
support of DOCX, DOC, RTF, WordprocessingML, HTML,                     We purchased the Aspose.Words
                                                                       product a few weeks ago. What a
OpenDocument, MHTML and PDF formats. Aspose.Words is                   pleasant surprise to find a product that
truly the most affordable, fastest and feature rich Word               actually does exactly what the
component on the market.                                               marketing material claims and
                                                                       implements as easy as advertized. Our
                                                                       development team had the product
No MS Word Automation                                                  installed, implemented and integrated
                                                                       into a customer solution within 2 hours.
Aspose.Words doesn't require Microsoft Office to be installed on       We would have spent days trying to
the machine in order to work and is totally independent of it. It is   drum up our own solution and probably
                                                                       weeks to debug and test it. Our
not affiliated with, nor authorized, sponsored, or otherwise
                                                                       experience with Aspose.Words made
approved by Microsoft Corporation. Aspose.Words is a better            choosing a vendor for our other
alternative to automation in terms of security, stability,             component needs a no-brainer. Great
scalability/speed, price and features.                                         “
                                                                       work guys. Keep on creating the same
                                                                       quality products, and we'll keep on

                                                                       Izak Joubert - Chief Architect,
                                                                       OnDemand Data Services, USA

 Aspose.Words                                                       Free Customer Support
                   for .NET and Java                                Support is an issue that Aspose takes
                                                                    very seriously. Aspose offers Free
                                                                    Support to anyone! Whether you are a
                                                                    customer or simply evaluating an
                                                                    Aspose product… we are always glad to
Rich Object Model                                                   help. Our free support is handled
                                                                    through the Aspose Forums, which are
With a rich object model of over 150 public classes and             maintained by our highly skilled
enumerations, Aspose.Words allows developers to                     development teams. Rather than
programmatically generate, combine, modify, parse or otherwise      having a disconnected support staff,
                                                                    Aspose enables you to talk directly to
examine loaded documents. Moreover, Aspose.Words also
                                                                    the people who have built and maintain
provides detailed programmatic access to formatting properties      our products. We know, by doing that,
of all document elements. Aspose.Words API was modeled              you are guaranteed to get the solutions
similar to Microsoft Word Object Model and System.Xml               to your problems more quickly and
namespace in .NET Framework so, the developers who have             accurately.
worked with these APIs can also learn Aspose.Words easily. To
make this learning process more efficient, Aspose.Words also
provides detailed documentation, demos and excellent customer       Flexible Licensing
                                                                    Aspose offers a multitude of licensing
                                                                    options which allow you to select a
Platform Independence                                               balanced license subscription which is
                                                                    both: cost effective and efficient.
Aspose.Words for .NET and Aspose.Words for Java together            Deviating from the inefficient machine
cover most of the popular development environments and              based license, our license
deployment platforms. You can confidently use Aspose.Words          subscriptions depend upon the number
for .NET to build all types of 32-bit or 64-bit .NET applications   of developers using our products and
including ASP.NET, Web Services and Windows Forms. You              the number of physical locations to
can even use Aspose.Words for .NET to build applications with       which these products will be deployed.
Mono and pre- .NET technologies (ASP and COM).                      We offer the following subscriptions for
Aspose.Words for Java is available for J2SE 1.4, 1.5 & 1.6 and      Aspose.Words for .NET and Java:
will run in any place where Java is installed.
                                                                        Developer Enterprise Subscription
                                                                        Developer OEM Subscription
Document Conversion in Popular File Formats                             Site Enterprise Subscription
Using Aspose.Words, developers can easily open and save DOC,            Site OEM Subscription
OOXML, RTF, WordprocessingML (WordML), HTML, TXT and save
OpenDocument and MHTML formats, thus                                Free Updates
featuring as a powerful Word
Document Converter. By using                    DOC                 From the date of your purchase, you
Aspose.Pdf with Aspose.Words,        WordML
                                                                    are entitled to receive any new product
                                                                    updates published within your
it is even possible to convert
                                                                    subscription time of one year. If you
Word documents into PDF                           for               would like to continue receiving product
                                             .NET and Java
format.                             TXT                       RTF
                                                                    updates after the subscription time has
                                                                    passed, you will have the option to
                                            HTML      PDF           renew your subscription at a minimum


                          for .NET and Java                              System Requirements
                                                                         Aspose.Words for .NET
                                                                         All editions of the following Microsoft
                                                                         Windows operating systems are
Advanced Document Manipulation                                           supported:
Aspose.Words offers a variety of advanced features that help
                                                                            Windows 2000
developers to manipulate their Word documents. Developers
can programmatically create, modify or remove                               Windows XP
                                                                            Windows Server 2003
    Bookmarks                    Cells                      Fields          Windows Vista
    Footers                      Form fields                Headers         Windows Server 2008
    Images                       Lists                      Paragraphs   Please note that both: 32-bit and 64-bit
    Rows                         Sections                   Shapes       editions are also supported.
    Styles                       Tables                     Text
                                                                         The following .NET Framework
Aspose.Words supports rich formatting features and allows                versions are supported:
you to insert and format complex document elements via a
                                                                            .NET Framework 1.0
high-level programming interface. It also provides many useful
security and utility features like joining or splitting documents,          .NET Framework 1.1
protecting & unprotecting documents and inserting HTML                      .NET Framework 2.0
fragments into the document. Moreover, all drawing objects                  .NET Framework 3.0
including shapes, textboxes, images, OLE objects and controls               .NET Framework 3.5
are fully preserved in the documents. Most of the drawing
objects can also be programmatically created or modified.                Aspose.Words for .NET also runs on
                                                                         Mono 1.2, although comprehensive
                                                                         testing with Mono is not yet complete.

Mail Merge and Reporting                                                 All editions of the following Microsoft
                                                                         Visual Studio versions are also supported:
You can use Aspose.Words as a reporting solution on its own.
Aspose.Words allows developers to use standard Microsoft                    Visual Studio 2002
Word mail merge fields or bookmarks in their reports. It is                 Visual Studio 2003
even possible to use                                                        Visual Studio 2005
Aspose.Words extended       Design your reports in Microsoft                Visual Studio 2008
syntax for mail merge       Word and then have Aspose.Words
fields to perform more      populate documents with data from            Aspose.Words for Java
complex operations          various data sources.
during mail merge such                                                   Aspose.Words for Java runs on any
as insert images or repeatable regions. You can easily                   operating system that has Java
populate and dynamically grow tables or fragments in the                 installed on it.
document from your data source using mail merge regions. In
short, using Aspose.Words, developers can take precise control,          The following Java versions are
such as number formatting, over how your data is merged into             supported:
the document using events.
                                                                            Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4.x
                                                                            Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0
* Features available for .NET and Java versions may vary.                   Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 6.0

                  for .NET and Java
                                                                  Featured Customers
                                                                  North America:
                                                                  Abbott Laboratories, Chevron, IBM,
Case Studies                                                      Intel, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley,
                                                                  Pfizer, Siemens, Virtual Ubiquity,
Kobaly Consulting, USA                                            Wachovia Corp, Xerox

Project: Medical Transcriptionist (MT) Monitor.                   South America:
                                                                  Bovis Lend Lease, Mendes Junior,
Requirement: Integration of word processing with the              SGS, Sudameris Bank, Allianz, AG2
transcription workflow.
Solution: Aspose.Words used in the application to process the     Aargauische Kantonalbank, ADCom
documents and capture some key business metrics that are          Data, Bank of Scotland, CM Informatik
stored in a SQL database.                                         AG, CORGI, Cork County Council,
Result: Document processing at incredible speed with the          Department of Health (UK), Grey
support of older versions of word documents.                      Matter Ltd, Hudson Highland Group,
                                                                  Irwin Mitchell, Metropix VR Ltd

RFMH, USA                                                         Africa & Middle East
                                                                  Circulation Data Pty Ltd, Logical
Project: PRISM (Psychiatric Research Information Systems          Networks Pty Ltd, NMG, Smartsource
Manager)                                                          Business Solutions, Standard Bank of SA
Requirement: Generate, review, and manipulate complex             Asia Pacific:
research documents.                                               Acusis, Ernst & Young, IIS, Intank
Solution: Aspose.Words used to generate reports that were easy    Services, NXP Semiconductors,
to read and navigate using bookmarks, save, archive and share.    Resumatica Infotech Pvt Ltd,
                                                                  SaigonTEL, Schenker, Singapore Post
Result: All paper-based processes were eliminated and review      Ltd, TEI
process was fully automated. Both reviewers and researchers
may take advantage of form versioning and tracking changes in
the documents throughout the review process.                      Contact Us
                                                                  Aspose Pty Ltd
ASCENDUM, India                                                   Suite 119, 272 Victoria Avenue
                                                                  Chatswood, NSW, 2067
Project: Web based solution for recruitment industry.
Requirement: Convert word documents in Html and Text
formats.                                                          Email:
Solution: Aspose.Words incorporated in a solution framework for   Telephone: (888) 277-6734
converting word documents into Html in a split second.            Fax: (866) 810-9465
Result: Converted documents were made available on web and
overall storage needs were reduced.


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