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a   t r a d i t i o n   o f   p r o m i s e
Caldwell College is a Catholic, co-educational, four-year liberal arts institution rooted in a
proud 800-year old Dominican tradition of rigorous scholarship, committed teaching and
ethical values. Founded in 1939 by the sisters of Saint Dominic, Caldwell College is located on
a beautiful, secure, 70-acre wooded campus in suburban New Jersey, 20 miles west of New York
City. Students benefit from numerous educational, cultural and social experiences that
Caldwell College and the region offer, while enjoying a relaxed campus atmosphere.

Passion .......................................................................... 2
      Success Stories ...................................................... 3
      Athletic Highlights .................................................. 5

Inspiration .................................................................. 6
      Student Accomplishments & Community Service ........ 7
      Study Abroad and Short-Term Travel ........................ 8
      Clubs & Activities .................................................. 9

Liberal Arts ................................................................ 10
      Affiliation Programs.............................................. 11
      Dual Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Programs.... 12
      Programs of Study................................................ 13

Support ...................................................................... 14
      Student Development Center ................................ 14
      Experiential Learning............................................ 16
      Campus Living .................................................... 18
      Financial Aid ...................................................... 19

Tradition .................................................................... 20
      History .............................................................. 20

Admissions ................................................................ 24
      How to Apply...................................................... 24

    p a s s i o n   :   a   p o w e r f u l        o r     c o m p e l l i n g                  e m o t i o n

                                                      h     aving passion for anything that is important to you — ideas, culture, music,
                                                            art, sport, or the well-being of others — can inspire others to reach levels of
                                                      success that even they could not have imagined.

                                                      Caldwell College has passionate people that inspire others to be passionate, creative,
                                                      successful individuals.

                            Steve Maret was recently profiled in The Star Ledger for his work building homes for the poor
                            in Mexico during the last four years. “One of the things that has been important to me as a
                            father is making sure my kids understand how lucky they are. We have so much; we have
                            to give back.”

                            Steve brings this same passion to the classroom and it shows in his students’ comments, “He
                            talks to you, tells jokes and makes it fun and interesting.
                            He’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.”

                                                                                  Dr. Stephen Maret,
                                                                                Professor, Psychology
                                     SISTER KATHLEEN TUITE, O.P.
                                     Assistant to the President for Mission and Ministry

                                     Sister Kathleen has come to discover that the students of Caldwell College thirst to
                                     live out the mission Jesus proclaimed,” Love thy neighbor as yourself.” These words
                                     are put into action each time our students assist the most vulnerable in our society. The
                                     selfless generosity of our students, some who wake up at 5:30 a.m. to serve breakfast
                                     at 6:15 a.m. is always inspiring and humbling.

                                     Caldwell’s Alternative Spring Break experience to the Appalachian foothills of
                                     Kentucky truly reflects the thoughtfulness of our students. “I have found with this trip
                                     that our students attend with open hearts and minds setting the stage for the
                                     opportunity to be transformed by those they serve. They come back to Caldwell
                                     College truly changed by the love of their neighbor. Here lies my enthusiasm, the
                                     difference Caldwell College makes through the service of its students.”

                                     ROB MIDDLETON
                                     Lecturer, Music Department

                                     Rob’s arrangement of “Windmills of Your Mind” can be heard in the hit movie The
                                     Thomas Crown Affair, featuring Rob as a soloist with Chico O’Farrill’s Afro-Cuban
                                     Jazz Big Band.

                                     In 1999, Rob was awarded the prestigious BMI Foundation Jerry Harrington Jazz
                                     Composers Award.

                                     LISA KETTEL
                                     Class of ’98, Author/Illustrator of Children’s Books

                                     Lisa is passionate about writing, and her experiences at Caldwell College helped
                                     cultivate and develop that feeling. Her latest book, Star and the Milky Way Café,
                                     was published by Authorhouse and her next book is expected to be released in
                                     September of 2007.

                                     “I love to write. My books teach children life lessons and facts about travel and
                                     history. It was the social studies program at Caldwell College that gave me the
    Kimberly Hayes, Class of 2009
Alternative Spring Break, Kentucky
                                     foundation to make history come alive for children.”
                                       PRIDE, PASSION AND WINNING

                                       Mark Corino, Executive Director of Athletics and head Men’s Basketball Coach, is a
                                       member of an elite group of only six New Jersey men's college basketball coaches
                                       who have won 400 games.

                                       The milestone tops the list of Coach Corino’s impressive accomplishments: Five trips to
                                       the NAIA national tournament; seven CACC regular-season championships; five CACC
                                       Tournament titles, a District 31 crown and a berth in the 2007 NCAA Division II men’s
                                       basketball tournament. “I’ve been fortunate to have been able to coach a number of
                                       outstanding student-athletes over the years, and certainly they deserve a lot of credit.”

              “Four hundred is a nice number, but it’s the people
              you’re involved with and the ability to touch people’s
              lives as they come through the program that are the
              important things,” Corino said. “I appreciate the
              players, coaches and the administration more than
              anything. They put us in position to win, and the
              400 wins is a testament to them.”

                                                                           Mark Corino,
                                                         Executive Director of Athletics,
4                                                               Men’s Basketball Coach
                               “NOW ENTERING COUGAR COUNTRY”

                               At Caldwell College, athletic competition, physical fitness, student life and academics
                               combine to provide you with an enriched Caldwell College experience. We encourage
                               you to spend time at our George R. Newman Center which was designed with students
                               in mind. The Newman Center is home to our student life offices; a large gymnasium
                               with two practice basketball courts and a game court with retractable seating for
                               1,600 spectators; a running/walking track; fitness center; aerobics room; locker
                               rooms; athletic offices; game room; meeting and activity rooms; and our campus store.

                               Caldwell College is extremely proud of all of its intercollegiate teams. We have garnered
                               numerous championships in both our men’s and women’s programs. Caldwell College
                               is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Division II. All
                               of our programs currently participate in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference
                               (CACC) and make merit-based athletic scholarships available for all sports.

                               ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS

                               • Caldwell College athletes have earned          earned the NSCAA/ADIDAS award for
                                 18 All-American & multiple academic            academic excellence in 2003-2004,
                                 All-American awards.                           and set a school record for victories in
                               • Men’s basketball has captured seven            2004-2005.
                                 CACC titles, six CACC Tournament titles      • Cougar coaches have been honored
                                 and six National Tournament appearances        with the CACC Coach of the year award
                                 including the team’s first NCAA Tournament     11 times.
                                 appearance in 2007.                          • Women’s cross-country was named an
                               • Women’s basketball has won two CACC            All-Academic team by the U.S. Track
                                 titles, a CACC Tournament title and has        and Field and Cross Country Coaches
                                 three National Tournament appearances.         Association in 2005-2006 and 2006-2007.
                               • Softball won the Northeast regional          • Baseball won the 2003 CACC regular
ATHLETICS PROGRAMS               tournament to advance to the NCAA              season title and captured the 2004 CACC
                                 Division II College World Series in 2004,      tournament to advance to the NCAA
Men’s Baseball                   won consecutive CACC championships in          Northeast Regional Tournament.
Men’s and Women’s Basketball     2004, 2005 and 2006, and finished            • Women’s tennis player Oksana
                                 each of those seasons ranked in the top        Manoukian won the 2006 CACC Singles
Women’s Cross-Country
                                 25 in the final NCAA national rankings.        Tournament, becoming the first player to
Men’s Golf
                               • Men’s soccer has won a CACC                    the win an individual conference title at
Men’s and Women’s Soccer         conference title, set a school record for      Caldwell College.
Women’s Softball                 victories in 2004 and was ranked #1 in       • Women’s volleyball was added as an
Men’s and Women’s Tennis         the 2006 pre-season conference polls.          official NCAA intercollegiate sport for
Women’s Volleyball             • Women’s soccer was the #1 seed in the          the 2006-2007 academic year.
                                 2002 CACC conference tournament,
    i n s p i r a t i o n     :    i n c i t e m e n t           o f      t h e         m i n d         o r   e m o t i o n s

                                                      t    he faculty and staff at Caldwell College inspire our students to reach their
                                                           personal best. Caldwell students and graduates have been recognized in
                                                      numerous ways.

                                                      Inspiring students is deeper than providing guidance with academic projects or
                                                      helping students attain their dream job. Inspiring students includes providing lessons
                                                      in values, as we were reminded by a recent letter from a former student returning from
                                                      his military service in Iraq.

                            “I find myself side by side with some of the bravest people I have ever met. These men have been
                            trained by the military to live by a code. The military teaches duty, honor, selfless service,
                            integrity, loyalty and respect…Because of you (at Caldwell) I too have learned these tools…
                            and I know you are still teaching these values.”

                            “I have learned that it is how you deal with [tough]
                            situations, and more importantly, how you deal with the
                            aftermath that defines you as a person. All those times
                            hearing you say ‘Do the right thing’…apply in these
                            situations. I thought I knew what it meant then, but I
                            know that I know now. And for that, I thank you.”

                                                                               Deacon Gregory Quinn,
                                                                                      Campus Ministry

Each year our students earn many accomplishments and accolades based on their
academic, athletic and leadership skills as well as their involvement in community
activities. Some examples of recent accomplishments we are proud to share include:

• Recognition for three students at the November 2006 New Jersey Academy of
  Science annual meeting for their chemistry abstract entitled “The Synthesis of
  Ethyl and Propyl Ethers of Napthols.”

• Acceptance into the prestigious Johns Hopkins summer internship program at
  Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland in:
         The Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine;
         The Bloomberg School of Public Health.

• Completion of summer research projects at Cornell Medical School.

• Acceptance into the prominent Carnegie Mellon University Medical School
  summer research program, a leader in training undergraduates for careers in
  biomedical research.

• Selected as first team members of the Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars, based on
  academic performance, community service and athletic ability.

• Numerous NCAA Division II National players of the week honors.

• Broadway actress of “Beauty and The Beast” and “The Boy from Oz.”

• Forensic Scientist for the New Jersey State Police.

• 2007 Team USA member at International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports (IWAS)
  World Junior Championships.

• The Midnight Run experience.

• Soup Kitchen Ministry.

• Alternative Spring Break experience building homes for those in need.
                                                STUDY ABROAD AND SHORT-TERM TRAVEL

                                                What could be more inspiring than studying history while in Italy or studying art while
                                                in France? We offer you the opportunity to study abroad throughout the world while
                                                earning credits that transfer back and are applied toward your Caldwell degree.

                                                If an entire semester seems too long, we also provide unique short-term travel
                                                experience options. During winter or summer sessions your travel lasts from one to
                                                three weeks and you earn 3 credits for your experience.

                  WROXTON, ENGLAND
                  FANJEAUX, FRANCE
                  FLORENCE, ITALY
                  UNIVERSITY OF TURIN, ITALY
                  SEMESTER AT SEA
8                 MADRID, SPAIN
                  SEVILLE, SPAIN
                    CLUBS & ACTIVITIES

                    Our goal is to help you reach your full intellectual and personal potential. At Caldwell
                    College you will find numerous clubs and activities that will inspire you to be active,
                    meet new friends, and become a campus leader. And if you are interested in creating
                    your own club, no problem, our student life leaders are here to guide the way.

                            Accounting Club                              Homecoming
                            Adventure Club                               Honor Societies (10)
                            Association Estudiantes                      Human Unity Endeavors (HUE)
                               Latino-Americanos                         Ice Cream Social
                            BACCHUS                                      International Business
                            Backpack to                                  International Student
                               Briefcase Day                               Organization
                            Black Students                               Kettle (Newspaper)
                               Co-op Union                               Marketing Club
                            Borders Club                                 Martial Arts Club
                            Caldwell College                             Midnight Breakfast
                               Education Association                     Music Club
                            Carillon (Yearbook)                          Pool Club
                            Cheerleading                                 Psychology Club
                            Choir                                        Residence Council
                            Circle K                                     Reserve Officer
                            Commuter Council                               Training Corps
                            Diversity Day                                Step Club
                            Drama Club                                   Student Activities Board
                            Founders Day                                 Student Government
                            Hiking Club                                  Student Picnic
Diversity Day ‘07

 l i b e r a l
                    liberal arts
                 a r t s

                                                    w         hat makes a liberal arts education stand out against other types of
                                                              education? It provides you with general knowledge and intellectual skills,
                                                    rather than more specialized occupational, scientific or artistic skills.

                                                    It provides you with a perspective and an informed acquaintance with the major
                                                    branches of learning: the humanities; the physical and biological sciences and
                                                    mathematics; and the social sciences.

                                                    We have designed our liberal arts core curriculum so that you will develop your
                                                    critical thinking skills; learn and appreciate diverse cultures; and increase your moral
                                                    and civic awareness. The knowledge, intellectual skills, sensitivities, and creativity you
                                                    will learn transcend any major you study and any profession you enter. They are skills
                                                    that will never become obsolete.

                                                    In addition to this strong foundation in the liberal arts, we offer you many opportunities
                                                    to study in fields of your choosing. Take a moment to review our availability of majors
                                                    and special programs.

                           “Education should be the process of helping everyone to discover his
                           uniqueness, to teach him how to develop that uniqueness, and then
                           to show him how to share it because that’s the only reason for
                           having anything.”

                           — Leo Buscaglia

                                                                                                                                                          professional preparation
                                                               AFFILIATION PROGRAMS

                                                               MEDICINE AND                                OPTOMETRY, PODIATRY AND
                                                               VETERINARY MEDICINE                         CHIROPRACTIC MEDICINE
                                                               This 3 + 4 year program with St. George’s   These are each 3 + 4 year programs
                                                               University offers you the opportunity to    offered in partnership with the Pennsylvania
                                                               earn a Bachelor of Arts in biology from     College of Optometry, New York College
                                                               Caldwell College and a medical or vet-      of Podiatric Medicine and New York
                                                               erinary medicine degree from St.            Chiropractic School. You will earn a
                                                               George’s University.                        Bachelor of Arts degree from Caldwell
                                                                                                           College and the related medical degree
                                                               DENTISTRY                                   from the College offering your specialty.
                                                               Both 3 + 4 and 4 + 4 year programs are
                                                               offered to allow you the chance to          PHYSICAL THERAPY
                                                               accelerate your studies or work at a more   This unique program is a 4 + 3 year
                                                               traditional pace. Caldwell College offers   program leading to a doctoral degree
                                                               programs with New York University,          from New York Medical College in
                                                               Temple University and University of         Physical Therapy. You will earn a
                                                               Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey        Bachelor of Arts degree from Caldwell
                                                               (UMDNJ). You will earn a Bachelor of        College and a Doctor of Physical Therapy
                                                               Arts degree from Caldwell and a dental      degree from New York Medical College.
                                                               degree from the respective dental school.
Caldwell College’s unique affiliation and dual graduate                                                    SOCIAL WORK
programs offer you the opportunity for a strong liberal arts   OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY                        This unique five-year program with
education while preparing you for a rewarding career.          You can earn a master’s degree in           Rutgers University allows you the
Potential benefits of our affiliation programs include         Occupational Therapy in this five-year      opportunity to study three years at a
guaranteed placement and the opportunity to save tuition       program where you spend three years         private liberal arts college and two years
dollars and time by earning multiple degrees in fewer          studying at Caldwell College and two        at Rutgers University’s School of Social
semesters. Upon acceptance these programs are available        years at Columbia University’s College of   Work. You will earn a Bachelor of Arts
as a new freshmen and if you are transferring from             Physicians & Surgeons. You will earn a      degree in sociology and your Master of
another college, our advisors are available to discuss         Bachelor of Arts degree from Caldwell and   Social Work degree in five years instead
options with you.                                              master’s degree from Columbia University.   of the usual six years.
     liberal arts                                      DUAL UNDERGRADUATE/GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS

                                                       BUSINESS                                      in Pastoral Ministry combines this
                                                       Caldwell College’s dual Bachelor’s of         academic foundation in fundamental
                                                       Science (B.S.) and Master’s in Business       Catholic theology with practical
                                                       Administration (M.B.A.) program allows        approaches to pastoral care.
                                                       students to complete their Bachelor’s
                                                       degree in Business and an M.B.A. in only
                                                       five years. Our innovative program allows     Qualified Psychology majors may take
                                                       qualified students to overlap programs        advantage of the opportunity to pursue
                                                       and begin graduate course work before         their M.A. in Counseling Psychology in an
                                                       completing their bachelors. The number        accelerated manner through this combined
                                                       of credits required to complete an M.B.A.     degree program. It is available in three
                                                       after undergraduate graduation is reduced     different tracks – Generalist, Specialization
                                                       to as few as 30.                              in School Counseling, and Specialization
                                                                                                     in Art Therapy. Our innovative program
                                                       THEOLOGY/PASTORAL MINISTRY                    allows qualified students to overlap
                                                       This program provides a solid academic        programs and begin graduate course
                                                       foundation for ministry, whether as an        work before completing their bachelors.
                                                       active volunteer or as a career. The M.A.

                    HONORS PROGRAM

                    Enhance your education with our Honors program, the Caldwell Scholars. This
                    program is designed to challenge academically motivated students interested in
                    both interdisciplinary and directed independent work. Our Scholars Program is a
                    nationally recognized program that provides intellectual enrichment and an academic
                    environment that encourages students to develop critical thinking in the application of
                    knowledge. The program is meant to foster leadership, self-confidence and a greater
                    respect for humanity. Interested freshmen or transfer candidates can request an
                    application for the Scholars Program through the Office of Admissions.

                                                                                  PROGRAMS OF STUDY

                                                                                  Accounting                                   English
                                                                                  Art:                                         Financial Economics
                                                                                       Art History                             French
                                                                                       Art Therapy                             History
                                                                                       Graphic Design                          Individualized Majors
                                                                                       Studio Art                              International Business
                                                                                       Visual Communications                   Management
                                                                                  Biology                                      Marketing
                                                                                  Business Administration                      Mathematics
                                                                                  Chemistry                                    Medical Technology
                                                                                  Communication Arts:                          Music
                                                                                       Broadcast Journalism                    Philosophy
                                                                                       Radio/TV Performance                    Political Science
                                                                                  Computer Information Systems:                Psychology
                                                                                       Computer Forensics                      Social Studies
                                                                                       Networking Security                     Sociology
                                                                                       Web Design                              Spanish
                                                                                  Criminal Justice                             Theology
                                                                                  Education:                                   Women’s Studies
                                                                                       Early Childhood                         Undeclared
                                                              Dr. Rosann Bar,          Elementary
                                                 Associate Professor, Sociology
                                                                                       Special Education
Students in the health profession have been accepted to                           Pre-Professional Interests:                  Dual Undergraduate/
or participated in summer internship programs at:                                 Pre-Dental, Pre-Law, Pre-Medical,            Graduate Programs:
Albert Einstein Medical School New York   New Jersey Dental School                Pre-Optometry, Pre-Veterinary                Business – B.S. Business/M.B.A.
American University of Antigua College    New York Chiropractic College
  of Medicine                             New York Osteopathic Medicine           Affiliation Programs:                        Psychology – B.A. Psychology/M.A.
Carnegie-Mellon Medical School            New York Podiatric Medicine             Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry,    Counseling Psychology
Cornell Medical School                    NYU Dental School                       Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Podiatry,
Cornell University, Veterinary Medicine   Pennsylvania College of Optometry
                                                                                                                               Theology – B.A.Theology/M.A.
                                                                                  Chiropractic Medicine, Physical Therapy,     Pastoral Ministry
George Washington University, Medical     Ross University School of Medicine
  School                                  St. George University, School of        Osteopathic Medicine, Social Work
                                                                                                                               If you are interested in any of these
Harvard University, Medical School           Medicine, Grenada
                                                                                  Special Academic Programs:                   special academic programs, indicate
Johns Hopkins University, Medical         SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine
  School                                  UMDNJ-SOM                               Honors (Scholars), Gateway, Education        your interest on our Caldwell College
MCP Hahnemann University, School of       UMDNJ-Dental School                     Opportunity Fund (EOF)                       admission application.
  Medicine                                UMDNJ-SHRP                                                                                                                        13
     s u p p o r t     :   t o k e e p f r o m                  w e a k e n i n g              o r      f a i l i n g ;
                           s t r e n g t h e n

                                                PUT STRESS TO REST…

                                                While college is fun and exciting, we know that you will face challenges and you
                                                may a need a little support from your friends: We’ll be there.

                                                Imagine you’re in the midst of final exam week, the tension, the stress…

                                                Now imagine a massage therapist working the stress out of your body, relaxing
                                                and quiet music playing in the background, herbal tea and fruit smoothies to
                                                soothe you further.

                                                Or perhaps you need to be more active, imagine the boxing gloves strapped on and
                                                you’re spending some time working over a punching bag while you’re thinking about
                                                your favorite…uh, professor?

                                                Well the Caldwell College Student Development Center has your health and well-
                                                being in mind. The above services are a few of the events that are provided
                                                throughout the year to support your mind, body and spirit.

                     Whether you are meeting the staff at Counseling Services
                     Day, learning how to deal with your feelings during
                     National Depression Screening Day, learning about your
                     relationships at “He said…She said” or learning about
                     a healthy body during Body Pride Week, our Student
                     Development Center, like all of us at Caldwell College,
                     are here to support you.

                                                                                                                                                personal development
                                                       ACADEMIC SUPPORT PROGRAMS

                                                       ORIENTATION, TOTAL STUDENT                   Through these weekly goal-oriented
                                                       DEVELOPMENT AND STUDENT                      sessions, you will learn how to take
                                                       OUTREACH PROGRAMS
                                                                                                    charge of your education by learning
                                                       At Caldwell College, we have designed        strategies for time management,
                                                       a meaningful orientation program that        organizational skills, note taking, and
                                                       familiarizes you with your classmates,       accessing the many resources available
                                                       current students, faculty and staff. We      to you at Caldwell College.
                                                       include a parent/guardian component
                                                       specifically to acquaint them with the       After getting you ready for college life,
                                                       services available at Caldwell College.      if you are having any troubles, we stay
                                                                                                    in touch through our student outreach
                                                       Next, your transition into the rigors of     system (SOS). This program is designed
                                                       college academics begins with our Total      for those students having difficulties
                                                       Student Development (TSD) program.           in any given class. Our faculty are
                                                       TSD is a 1-credit course designed to         committed to your academic well-being.
                                                       assist you with your transition to college   As they become aware of any issues
                                                       and to enable you to grow intellectually     related to quality of work, lateness or
                                                       and personally. A unique aspect of the       absences, they will work along with your
                                                       TSD program is that the weekly sessions      advisor, early in the semester, to use
                                                       are conducted by your academic advisor,      intervention techniques so that you can
                                                       allowing them to better understand your      successfully complete your coursework.
Our goal is to provide you with the resources and
                                                       strengths, your needs, your goals.
tools you need to be successful. In order for you to
reach your goals, we provide support whether it’s
academically, financially, or emotionally.

                                            EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING

                                            We provide you with a rich learning experience to supplement your classroom
                                            education by integrating both technology and real world experiences into your
                                            learning environment.

                                            With our Experiential Learning opportunities, we provide reality to classroom
                                            learning. Through our network of a wide range of employers, and our faculty, we
                                            have developed Cooperative Education and Internship programs so that you may
                                            explore potential careers, gain work experience, and earn academic credit. Some
                                            of our partnerships are listed below.

               • Abbott Labs                • Kraft, Inc.                 • N J Nets Basketball
               • Bradley Pharmaceuticals    • Merck & Company             • N J State Police
               • CBS Sports                 • Metropolitan Museum of      • N J Business magazine
               • Accounting                   Modern Art                  • Novartis
               • Ernst & Young              • Morgan Stanley Dean         • Price Waterhouse Coopers
               • Hackensack Medical           Witter                      • Shadow Broadcast
                 Center                     • Metro/Shadow traffic          Services
               • Hoffmann-LaRoche           • MTV Networks                • UBS/Paine Webber
               • Internal Revenue Service   • News 12 New Jersey          • U.S. Immigration
               • Kessler Institute          • N J Division of Youth &     • U.S. Probation Services
               • Kids Corp.                   Family Services             • Valley National Bank
16             • K-Rock Radio               • N J Department of Law       • WPL J Radio
                                              and Safety
                                                                                         personal potential

• 80% of our classes have                     Caldwell provides scholarship and grant
  20 students or less;                        support to many students with different
                                              talents and needs. Scholarships and
• 12:1 Student Faculty Ratio;
                                              grants are available for academics,
• 83% of our faculty have earned              leadership and community service, art,
  the highest degree in their field;          music, athletics, youth ministry and
                                              family need.
• All classes taught by faculty,
  not teaching assistants.                    With almost 50% of our undergraduates
                                              living on campus, we provide many clubs
Your experience in the classroom allows       and services for your benefit;
for interaction and dialog with faculty and
classmates. By maintaining small class        • More than 40 clubs and organizations;
sizes you’re engaged in discussion and
                                              • Academic Support Center;
exposed to differing viewpoints not
available at larger institutions.             • Writing Lab;

• 85% students receive financial aid;         • Student Development Center.

• Caldwell College provides scholarships      Getting involved and staying involved is
  and grants of almost $9,000,000.            at the core of our mission and we want
                                              you involved too.

                             CAMPUS LIVING

                             You’ve already seen a list of clubs and activities on campus. We also provide you
                             the opportunity to attend cultural enrichment events on campus with speakers like
                             Lorraine Bracco from the “Soprano’s” or the entertaining Moskow circus.

                             If you are considering living on campus, we provide three residential living
                             arrangements on campus. Two traditional dormitory style accommodations and
                             our brand new apartment style complex which includes over 90 apartments, some
                             equipped with full-kitchens or half-kitchens, private bathrooms and an individual
                             climate control in each apartment.

               A New Dorm Dawning…


A private college education is more          FINANCIAL AID PROGRAMS
affordable than you might imagine.           Caldwell College Scholarships and Grants
Caldwell College provides scholarships       • Presidential, Trustee, Dean and High
and grants to students based on strong         School Achievement awards
academics, musical and artistic talent,      • Phi Theta Kappa
leadership and community service,            • Recognition awards
athletic talents and need.                   • Art and Music scholarships
                                             • Athletic grants
When you combine the aid Caldwell
                                             • Caldwell College grants
College provides with the aid made
                                             • New Jersey Stars scholarships
available from the Federal and State
                                             • Youth Ministry grants
governments, our students receive on
average over $17,000 in total assistance
                                             Federal and State Programs
in the forms of scholarships and grants,
                                             • Federal Pell, Supplemental Education
loans and work opportunities.
                                               Opportunity (SEOG), and Academic
Soon you will receive a financial aid          Competitiveness grants (ACG)
brochure that provides you with details      • New Jersey Tuition Aid Grants (TAG)
about the different financial aid programs   • Educational Opportunity Fund Grants
and financial aid process.                     (EOF)
                                             • Stafford Loan Program
                                             • Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate
                                               Students (PLUS)
                                             • Federal Work Study program (FWS)

     t r a d i t i o n     :   t h e h a n d i n g d o w n o f b e l i e f s ,
                               f r o m g e n e r a t i o n t o g e n e r a t i o n


                                                  As one of the youngest of the many Dominican colleges and universities throughout
                                                  the world, Caldwell College is intimately linked to the 800-year history and spirit of
                                                  the Dominican Order, a worldwide community of preachers, scholars and educators
                                                  which traces its origins to the thirteenth century. This Order had its beginnings in an
                                                  age not unlike the present day, a time of unrest and transition in the social, economic,
                                                  moral and intellectual sphere. Dedicated to the pursuit of truth, the Order has found
                                                  itself since its inception at the heart of higher education and its climate of study and
                                                  prayer has produced such scholars as Thomas Aquinas, social reformers like
                                                  Catherine of Siena, artists like Fra Angelico, and scientists like Albert the Great.

                         This inherited integration of the arts, humanities and sciences, with the deepest expression of
                         the contemplative and creative spirit of men and women forms the basis of the educational
                         philosophy of Caldwell College. We celebrate our origins
                         by Liturgy and through convocations, a campus-wide
                         commitment to religious belief, and by witness to the
                         College motto: “Sapientia et Scientia.”

                                                                  Sister Patrice Werner, O.P., Ph.D.,
                                                                      President talks with students
                                                                HISTORY AND ACCREDITATION

                                                                FOUNDERS                                       1979 Began offering a unique
                                                                Caldwell College was founded as a              external degree program for adult
                                                                Catholic liberal arts college by the Sisters   undergraduate students.
                                                                of Saint Dominic under the leadership of       1986 Welcomed our first full-time
                                                                Mother M. Joseph Dunn, O.P. Since July         male students.
                                                                of 1994, Sister Patrice Werner, O.P., has
                                                                                                               1992 New Jersey Board of Higher
                                                                been Caldwell College’s seventh and
                                                                                                               Education granted approval for the
                                                                current president.
                                                                                                               College to offer a M.A. in Curriculum
                                                                Caldwell College was incorporated on           and Instruction.
                                                                August 10, 1939, as an institution of
                                                                                                               2000 First college in New Jersey to offer
                                                                higher learning for women. Dominican
                                                                                                               a specialization in Art Therapy within the
                                                                Sisters first came to Caldwell, New Jersey
                                                                                                               Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.
                                                                in the nineteenth century and began
                                                                using education to preach the gospel.          2001 Post-Baccalaureate Teacher
                                                                The Sisters founded Caldwell College           Certification Program in Special
                                                                “to offer a quality liberal arts education     Education and a dual Certification
                                                                to young Catholic women of modest              Program in Early Childhood and
                                                                means.” In 1986, the College began             Elementary Education introduced.
                                                                admitting men as well, and now shares          2003 M.B.A. program introduced in the
THE TRADITION                                                   its Catholic heritage with students of         Business Department.
In the tradition of Saint Dominic, Caldwell College offers      various faiths.
                                                                                                               2005 Accreditation was most recently
a value-centered philosophy of scholarship, committed
                                                                ACCREDITATION                                  reaffirmed when the Commission accepted
teaching and professional development. With almost 80% of
                                                                                                               the College’s Periodic Review Report.
our undergraduate class sizes 20 or less, and a 12:1 student/   1952 Accreditation from the Commission
faculty ratio, we provide personal attention and support to     on Higher Education of the Middle States       In addition to undergraduate offerings,
empower our students for success. Through scholarships          Association of Colleges and Schools.           the College offers nine graduate
and grants, students from all economic backgrounds are                                                         programs or degrees, along with a
                                                                1974 First college in New Jersey to
provided with the opportunity to receive an exceptional                                                        number of post-baccalaureate and
                                                                award the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
educational experience.                                                                                        post-masters programs.                         21
9 Ryerson Avenue, Caldwell, NJ 07006
                                                 CALDWELL, NEW JERSEY

                                                 Caldwell has seen many changes since 1939. The center of town, with a variety of
                                                 shops and restaurants, is a close walk from campus. Area attractions include theaters,
                                                 museums, parks, ski resorts, malls, the Meadowlands Sports Complex, the New Jersey
                                                 Performing Arts Center, and the beautiful beaches of the New Jersey shore.

                                                 Many corporate headquarters are readily accessible from Caldwell and provide a
                                                 variety of internship and job placement opportunities. With our location only 20 miles
                                                 west of New York City, 80 miles from Philadelphia and less than 200 miles from
                                                 Washington, D.C., you have access to the greatest cities in the world.


                 WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE:                    WITHIN 30 MINUTES TO AN HOUR:              AN HOUR OR SO AWAY:
                 • Clearview Caldwell Cinema 4               • New York City                            • The beaches of the New Jersey Shore
                 • Caldwell Post Office                      • Willowbrook Mall                         • Skiing and Snowboarding in the
                 • 14 Eateries                               • Short Hills Mall                           Pocono Mountains
                 • DeCamp Bus Service (direct to NYC)        • Garden State Plaza                       • Woodbury Commons Outlets
                 • Local Banks                               • Medieval Times
                 • Caldwell Recreation Center                • Meadowlands Sports Complex
                 • Verona Park                               • Yankee and Shea Stadium
                 • Grover Cleveland Historic Home            • Newark International Airport
                 • Religious Houses of Worship               • Broadway Plays and Musicals
                 • Convenient access to Caldwell             • Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park
22                 Business District                         • Mountainside Hospital
                                                             • New Jersey Performing Arts Center
                                    RECOGNITIONS AND DEVELOPMENTS

                                    Caldwell College is committed to its         and other health related programs. In the
                                    students and community and continues to      fall of 2005, Caldwell College reached
                                    be a highly recognized college of choice.    an agreement with St. Georges University
                                    U.S. News and World Report ranked            to provide students with opportunities to
                                    Caldwell College as one of the top 25        earn a Doctor of Medicine or Veterinarian
                                    comprehensive colleges in the north in       Medicine degree. In the fall of 2006,
                                    2004, 2005 and 2006. Other colleges          an agreement with Columbia University
                                    and universities such as New York            School of Physicians and Surgeons was
                                    University, Temple University, New York      finalized which provides for an affiliation
                                    Medical College, New York Chiropractic       program in occupational therapy. Also,
                                    School, Pennsylvania College of              in June of 2005, the Commission on
                                    Optometry and UMDNJ have affiliated          Higher Education of the Middle States
                                    with Caldwell College to provide             Association of Colleges and Schools
                                    combined degree programs for our             reaffirmed its full accreditation of
                                    students in dentistry, optometry,            the College.
                                    chiropractic medicine, physical therapy
Town center, Caldwell, New Jersey

                                           Ranked among the top 25 best
                                           comprehensive colleges in the North
                                           by U.S. News & World Report.

         a d m i s s i o n s

                                                                   What you need to apply:
     Student Body                                                  FRESHMEN
         Traditional Undergraduate                  986            • A completed application for admission;
         Adult Undergraduate                        705            • An official secondary school transcript;
         Graduate                                   600
                                                                   • Official scores from an entrance examination (SAT or ACT) with essay score;

     Average Verbal and Math SAT Scores             900-1100       • A non-refundable $40 application fee;
     Average High School GPA                        3.0            • Letters of recommendation and a personal essay.
     Student/Faculty Ratio                          12:1
     NCAA Intercollegiate Sports                    11             TRANSFER STUDENTS
                                                                   If you have attended and completed 12 or more credits at another
     Median Wage Earned                                            college or university:
     One Year After Program Completion*
                                                                   • A completed application for admission;
         Overall                                    $36,000
         Education                                  $49,000        • Official college transcripts from all colleges and universities attended;
         Business                                   $46,500        • A completed essay;
         Sciences                                   $40,250
                                                                   • A non-refundable $40 application fee.
         Criminal Justice                           $33,000
         Human Services                             $27,000        If you have completed less than 30 credits, you must also include:

     *Source: John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development,   • Official high school transcript and scores from an entrance examination (SAT or ACT).
      Fall, 2006.
                                                                   NJ TRANSFER
                                                                   We encourage students transferring from New Jersey Community
                                                                   Colleges to Caldwell College to use the services provided by NJ Transfer.

                                     FILING DATES

                                     DECEMBER 1
                                     Freshmen interested in Early Action simply means that if you submit a completed
                                     application to Caldwell College by this date, you will receive a non-binding
                                     admissions decision by December 31. We provide this service for you because
                                     we know you want a decision as quickly as possible.

                                     FEBRUARY 15
                                     Freshmen interested in being considered for regular admissions will receive a decision
                                     by April 1. Applications received after February 15 are considered on a case-by-case,
                                     space availability basis and are notified on a rolling basis.

                                     MAY 1
                                     Recommended deposit date.

                                     JULY 15
                                     Recommended filing date for transfer students interested in the fall semester. Decisions
                                     are made on a rolling basis.
                                     NOVEMBER 1
• Online application for admission
                                     Recommended filing date for freshmen and transfers interested in applying for the
• Open house event dates             spring semester. Decisions are made on a rolling basis through January.

• Virtual tour of campus

• Live Web cam

• Question Connection


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