African Gorup to fight poachers by sajid2134


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									Kenya, the Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia agreed
to create an international police agency that will fight against wildlife
crime in the region.

     A Map of Central Africa

Central Africa. Image Credit: CIA.
Currently, no such international organizations exist anywhere in the
world. The African group will be the first international agency with the
task of fighting poachers.

Located at the Kenya Wildlife Service in Nairobi, the Task Force will
fight against poaching and the international trade in illegal animal
products. The nations that formed the agreement hope to be able to
eliminate these illegal activities in the area.

Animals such as rhinos and elephants are being hunted heavily by poachers
in Africa for their ivory. Many other animals that command a high price
on illegal international markets are also threatened.

Tanzania was the first country to contribute to the new Task Force.
Other countries will also make their contributions, and each country will
supply police officers to the group.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna
and Flora was designed to protect endangered wildlife, and the new Task
Force will be instrumental in enforcing the regulations.

Officially, the Task Force was created under the Lusaka Agreement on
Cooperative Enforcement Operations.

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