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Menu Planning and Food Safety Assignment
Food Service Management
Semester 1 2008
NUTR4001 (Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics)/combined degree

This is a group assignment
All students in the same group will receive the same mark

Assessment 10 % of 1st semester

This project is equivalent to 2 weeks of your food service practical
placement time.
You have been allocated time on your timetable to work on this project
This project will be undertaken at a hospital site, child care centre, nursing home
,correctional facility other health care facility (EG MOW or rehab centre or aged care


      DUE DATE -all sections 1-5 of assignment including the final report
       executive summary: on or before Friday 6 June 5.00 pm

      Hand in to the Student Support office Level 4 School of Molecular and
       Microbial Biosciences. Email copies will not be accepted.

      You must attach a plagiarism compliance statement form and all
       members of the group must sign the form.

      You should receive a assignment receipt from the student support office
       when you hand in your assignment

Resource tools have been supplied for each group as a reference for your assignment
They are the property of the Human Nutrition Unit –these tools must be shared by student
groups- see Beth Rohrlach room 477 when you require the resource tool. These tools
must be returned to Beth when you are not using them so that other groups can also use

Please contact the site contact person to arrange a visit to the site-the visit should not
take more than 1 hour. You will need to obtain a copy of the menu from the site contact
person and discuss the value add the site would like you to complete and also complete a
food service site visit form . The menus are confidential and must be handed in with your
assignment. You are not to retain a copy of the menus.
SETTING OUT OF ASSIGNMENT-use 12 font, times new roman ,line spacing 1.5

Referencing-please ensure you reference your assignment appropriately .
This includes text, images and recipes-marks will be deducted if information is not
appropriately referenced.

Assignment Details
   1. Nutritional Analysis

   Using the menu provided students will comment on the existing menu with respect to:

               Nutritional adequacy. Provide a nutritional analysis of the menu. Ideally students
                should analyse at least 3 days of the menu and provide an average nutritional
                analysis from this data. Students will highlight the ‘at risk’ nutrients using a
                nutritional analysis with Food Works and comparing to the relevant Nutrient
                Reference Values for that group. Data will be provided in a table format as well
                as giving comments in a discussion. Students should indicate the methodology
                used to determine the nutritional analysis, indicating any estimations or
                assumptions made.

                Maximum: 2 pages

               Using the most relevant menu planning guidelines/tool for your group, comment
                on the nutritional adequacy of the menu. Discuss the strengths and limitations of
                the tool for your population.

                Maximum: 2 pages

               Menu fundamentals such as type (cycle, selective), variety, seasonality, texture,
                combinations (colour, taste), menu description (words easy to understand. EG
                Client knows what the menu item is). Comment on the appropriateness of the
                menu fundamentals for this group.

                Maximum: 2 pages

           Students are to use the tool appropriate for their industry sector:

               Hospitals and Nursing Homes: NSW Assessment Tool from NSW Health. MOW
               Nutrition Guidelines for Residential Aged Care Facilities, 2000. Alison Stewart
               Meals on Wheels: Menu planning sections in Destination Good Nutrition from
                NSW Meals On Wheels Association. 2002.
               Child Care Centres: Nutrition Australia Menu Planning Guidelines
2. Food Safety

Nominate the highest risk products/menu groups on the menu. Discuss why they are high
risk. Discuss possible control measures. Provide in a table format, giving comments as to
why they are high risk and suggesting practical strategies to minimize the risk of these foods.

Students are to consider specific menu items/component from a hot main course, a cold main
course and a dessert.

Maximum: 2 pages including tables

3. Site Specific Task

Provide the site with a ‘value add’ that gives the site some specific information that would
assist the site. In all cases give practical strategies such as menu and recipe ideas as well as
a rationale on how and why these suggestions should be implemented.

You will need to liaise with the site to determine the most appropriate ‘value-add’. The
following are some suggestions for the ‘value-add’:

Meals on Wheels

            Nominate menu items that are appropriate for a particular group that has been
             nominated by the site as an area of need EG Coeliac. Indicate alternate menu
             items on days when these items are not available OR
            Modify menu to provide a choice for soft, texture modified

Child Care

            Provide high nutrient snack options for child care. Include the nutritional impact of
             the suggestions and practical issues with implementation OR
            Adding more nutritional vegetarian selections OR
            Providing additional sandwich filling selections OR
            Creating a menu void of pork, ham or bacon products

Aged Care

            Nominate menu items that are appropriate for a particular group that has been
             nominated by the site as an area of need EG Coeliac. Indicate alternate menu
             items on days when these items are not available OR
            Modify menu to provide a choice for soft, texture modified
            Modify menu to meet needs of specific groups; oncology; rehab; frequent flyers –
             people who return to hospital frequent EG Oncology or rehabilitation.

Maximum: 2 pages
    4. Site Visit Form

    Complete a “Site visit form’ and attach to your report.
    5. The final report (Executive Summary)

    Provide the facility with a summary report that would include issues, results and
    recommendations. This report is to include all 3 sections of the project.

    Maximum: 2 pages plus attachments

Summary of ‘things to do’

Make an appointment to meet the Manager at the site and
complete a site tour, collect the menu and discuss any related
issues including the ‘value-add’ topic.

Complete “Site Visit” form.

Person to contact if you have any questions about this assignment

Carmel Lazarus Food Service Dietitian St Vincents Public and Private Hospitals
email: phone: 838 27 351` regarding the assignment itself

For the Meals on Wheels sites the dieititian to contact should you have any questions is Jacquie
Krassie Food service consultant Dietitian email

For General administrative questions about this assignment

Beth Rohrlach HNU room 477 phone 9351 6021 or
Expectations - Placement site responsibility
 1. Provide the menu – post, email, fax – to the university prior to April 29.

 2. Tour the student (1 hour). Students to organize the visit with the site. Students may
    complete a site profile form.

 3. Respond to questions – phone, email, fax, over the 4 week period and respond to
    student’s questions.

Expectation – University responsibility
 1. Student names (group of 5/site)

 2. Student placement project

 3. Provide information to the student

 4. Time commitment

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