Sun Ray Technology at the University of Delaware by yaohongm


									“WinSun”: Deploying the Windows
     Desktop on a Sun Ray

          Anita Schwartz
           Carol Jarom

              About the
        University of Delaware

• One of the oldest land-grant institutions, as
  well as a sea-grant, space-grant and urban-
  grant institution.
• The University enrolls over 20,000 students.
• More than 7,000 students live on campus.
                   Why Sun Rays?
• We started evaluating Sun Rays to
  replace existing NCD X-Terminals.

• Sun introduced Sun Ray Connector
                                                                 Sun Ray 1G

• Allows Sun Rays to connect to Windows!

          WinSun Project
• We were supporting older PCs
  dedicated to providing limited
  services. “Express Station”
• Same level of support was
  needed                           Sun Ray 270

• Sun Connector software was a
  natural fit
                     WinSun Sites
• Smith Hall
   – Express terminals designed to provide quick
     access to Windows desktop functionality such
     as Office suite, web browsing and mail.
     This site also has full service desktop systems.
• Christiana
   – Full Windows desktop lab environment
     designed to provide Office suite, SPSS and
     Maple in addition to web browsing and mail.
     This site is in the commons area of a student
     dorm. Functions well as an unstaffed or
     minimally staff site.

In WinSun sites, all files are saved or edited from a USB key and
printed via VendPrint.                                         5
        Additional WinSun Sites

• Dickinson
  -The success of the Christiana site prompted
  User Services to convert another residence
  hall computing site to a WinSun site.
• Student Centers
  -At the request of the Student Government
  Association, two express stations complete
  with printing were deployed. One in the
  Perkins Student Center and one in the Trabant
  University Center.

                All-in-One Design

• Custom built cabinet
   – The University carpenter shop designed a
     cabinet for the station
• WinSun Terminal
   – For email, web browsing and to view and print
     documents, no editing
• VendPrint print release station
   – A Mac mini was used to minimize space

• HP 4240 LaserJet Printer

          WinSun Servers
       Hardware Configuration

• Sun Ultra 20 Workstation
• Dual Core 2.4 GHz AMD
  Opteron processor 180
• 2 GB Ram
• 250 GB mirrored SATA
  Hard drive
          WinSun Servers
       Hardware Configuration

• Sun Ultra 40 Workstation
• 2 x Dual Core 2.2 GHz AMD
  Opteron processor 2214
• 8 GB Ram
• 250 GB mirrored SATA
  Hard drive
            WinSun Servers
         Software Configuration

Windows 2003 Server   Solaris 10 x86
Terminal Services     SRSS and Sun Connector
Mandatory Roaming     Kiosk mode script
Windows Firewall      Host allow-deny

           Windows 2003 Server
• This server should not be a Domain Controller.
   – Use Local Group Policy Object (LGPO)

• Terminal Services configuration
   – Use Terminal Services Configuration tool to configure Terminal

• Terminal server computer accounts
   – Domain accounts that reside in an OU (organization unit)
   – Accounts use a mandatory profile
   – Group policies are set on the OU

• Enable the Windows Firewall
   – Allow only designated machines access
   – Unblock applications as needed
  Solaris x86 Server Configuration

• Choose Kiosk mode for the SRSS configuration
• Default number of predefined kiosk users is 25
• Kiosk scripts are split so direct calls on the Solaris
  server do not show username and password
• Additional script needed for USB keys to be seen on
  the windows server
• All systems are denied access to the Solaris server
  except 1 for remote administration

           Cost and Reliability
                Sun Ray           WinSun
                Terminals         Terminals
Low per unit    $675.00 for 80+   $604.00 for 53+
cost            seats             seats
Load balancing 3 Sun Fire V210s 3 Ultra 20s
and Failover   2 Sun Fire V240s 1 Ultra 40
                                  2 Unix & 2 Windows
                Yes               Yes
Hot desking     Yes               No
(Smart cards)                                       13

• Network is mission-critical.
• USB devices not all recognized.
• Graphics-intensive applications put high
  demand on the network.
• Applications that use video and audio
  together do not perform well.

•   Reduced staff.
•   Ease of configuration and maintenance.
•   Reduced security/virus administration.
•   Reduced hardware failure.
•   Reduced power costs.

• Implemented three WinSun terminal sites.
• Students accepted the new technology.
• Students requested additional terminals in
  Student Centers.
• We continue to learn and discover best
  practices for this environment.
• “Proof of concept” has sparked increased
  interest around campus.
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• Scripts:

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