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									                      ADVANCED CLOTHING SYLLABUS

Course Name: Advanced Clothing
Department: Family and Consumer Education
Grade Level: 9-12
Teacher: A. Almli

      Course Purpose Statement: Open to students who have passed Personal Clothing.
      Students will develop advanced sewing skills in this class. As a part of this course,
      students will complete at least 3 sewing projects. Students will investigate pattern
      design and alteration, fashion and textile-related occupations, and the importance of
      recycling clothing. Students will also develop new sewing skills such as inserting a
      zipper, making multiple buttonholes, putting a collar on a garment and using interface-
      ing in the construction of a garment.

      Course Level Outcomes and Assessments:

      Course Level Outcome 1: Students will complete projects that include: a zipper, multiple
                              buttonholes, a collar, interfacing and facing.

          Assessments: Sewn samples, sewn projects, demonstration

      Course Level Outcome 2: Students will alter an existing pattern.

          Assessments: Pattern Alteration Assignment, demonstration

      Course Level Outcome 3: Students will research a career in the fashion or textiles
                              industries and present their research to the class.

          Assessments: Rubric

      Course Level Outcome 4: Students will “recycle” a piece of clothing.

          Assessments: Project demonstration and evaluation

      Course Level Outcome 5: Students will become familiar with terms related to sewing and

         Assessment: Weekly vocabulary quizzes
Outline of Major Units, Topics, and/or Activities Covered:

I. Sewing Samples
   a. Hand sewn hem sample
   b. Dart sample
   c. Trim sample
   c. Zipper sample

II. Sewing Projects
   a. Decorator Pillow (zipper)
   b. Shirt Sample (collar, facing, interfacing, buttons, buttonholes)
   c. Hooded Sweatshirt (knit fabric, zipper)
   d. Redesign / Recycle Project

III. Pattern Alteration Assignment

IV. Origami Clothing

V. Careers in Fashion or Textiles

VI. Fashion and Fabric Terminology
  a. Weekly presentation of terms
  b. Weekly quiz

VII. Career Exploration
 a. Textbook chapter on careers
 b. Web Quest research & presentations

Text(s) and Materials:

Grading Policy:
Assignments                 20%
Daily Sewing                20%
Projects                    40%
Quizzes                     20%

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