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									          Mulberry foggy grey alexa leather bags review

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I am quite new here and here's my very first review for the Mulberry foggy grey alexa
shoulder bags (after being a silent reader/member. for a while :P)

I just had a chance to welcome my first ever Mulberry to my              small leather
shoulder bags collection, which is The Mulberry Alexa, regular size, in Foggy
grey color, the newest season.

Owning this Mulberry alexa leather bag for a week, now I’m so fall in love with
everything about her. The first time I saw her on the website, next day I went to the
shop and made a move.

This mulberry alexa purse is very interesting, especially in term of color. Even if it's
described as "Grey" color, the actual color from the same bag can be viewed in
different shade depended on type of lighting. At first I was not very impressed with
the purple-ish fresh-from-the-box-shade, but by the time goes by, this became my
favorite habit liking to see how the color turn every place I go -- ranging from dark
grey to blue-purple , just for fun :)

In short, to me everything about this Mulberry foggy grey alexa sholulder bag now is
just perfect; size, color, and function that fits my lifestyle very well. Minus the
difficulty if you tends to be a person who always open your shoulder bag frequently,
can be a little bothering somehow.

As you know, the bag with foggy grey color could be paired with the clothes very
easily, especially for the cold winter, wearing a light grey scarf, a beige hat, that will
not only keep warm, but also have the sense of beauty.

So here's my mini picture mulberry alexa review for you guys who may currently
consider or being on the fence about her. Also, Please don't hesitate to leave any
comment/question that you might have and I’ll be more than happy to answer.
Of course, you can find out some other colors of Mulberry Alexa bags, such as the
shiny orange color, let’s look at the picture.
PS: Genuine Leather shoulder bags that 90% similar to Mulberry foggy grey

When wandered on the internet, I also came across some shoulder bags which look like 90%
similar to Mulberry foggy grey Alexa, with high quality, genuine leather material and
customized logo, what’s more, the price is almost only 10% of Mulberry Alexa. I don’t
know if it deserves the price, maybe I will try one of them next time.

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