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					The Salvation Army Greater Houston Area Command
            2010 Annual Report
                                Laying the foundation for
                                better days ahead
                                Through its daily service in the greater Houston area,
                                The Salvation Army is upholding its mission to meet
                                human needs without discrimination. 2010 was a
                                year of tremendous growth for The Salvation Army.
                                The need for social services increased and shelters
                                were at capacity. More families needed help and the
                                Army stepped forward to assist with immediate and
                                long-term needs. There were momentous objectives
                                achieved in the capital campaign which will allow for
                                expanded programs and for the Army to evolve and
                                meet the ever-changing needs of its clients. The Sal-
                                vation Army helps people to aspire and achieve sig-
                                nificant milestones in their personal development
                                while inspiring long-term progress in their unique,
                                individual journeys to triumph. Today’s donors and
Send me your light              volunteers make our future work possible.

and your faithful care,                                          Thank you.
let them lead me...
                   Psalm 43:3
Area Commander                                                                                                                                                               Board Chairman
Dear Friends,                                                                                                       Dear Army Friends:

Reflecting on The Salvation Army’s work in the greater Houston area in 2010, a quote from Chris Ault, head          It has been a tremendous honor to serve as Chairman of The Salvation Army’s Advisory Board during 2010. I
coach for the University of Nevada, comes to mind. “When you connect the past with the present, you illumi-         have been privileged to participate in the Army’s work in a year that saw important milestones in our $21.6 mil-
nate the future.”                                                                                                   lion Giving for Living Capital Campaign, and increased provision of services the Army provides to the neediest
                                                                                                                    among us. These milestones could not have been achieved without your support, and I thank you for enabling
I am grateful for the support this community has provided us in the past and for the resourceful volunteers         the Army to accomplish so much this year.
who have helped us to make so many visions reality. You have brought us to where we are now and it gives us
great hope for the future. We realize that the work that the Army is doing in Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend      The Giving for Living Capital Campaign was a focus of our efforts during the year and I am happy to report a num-
counties is laying a foundation for the future of this organization and the clients we so humbly serve each day.    ber of important developments that occurred:

We have had a tremendous response to our Giving for Living Capital Campaign that focuses on six key objec-                   • Ground was broken on a new Garden City Boys & Girls Club, a facility in the Acres Home section of
tives. As we lay the foundation for expanded service and programs, I am confident that we will look back at                  Houston that serves youth age 8 to 16 with such activities as tutoring, computer training, mentoring,
these days and know they are historic ones. A few notable milestones are:                                                    and sports.

The reopening of the Garden City Boys & Girls Club program in fall 2010: Our site was destroyed by Hurricane                 • Sally’s House, our home for troubled and addicted women, progressed in its plans to renovate
Ike, but we operated the afterschool program out of Caraway Middle School because the children we serve                      our existing structure and expand the number of women served. For the first time, we will provide
daily needed us. The groundbreaking of the new facility in the fall will allow us to open the doors just in time             overnight accommodations to transient women.
for summer 2011.                                                                                                             • Our International Corps developed detailed plans for a new facility in southwest Houston that will
                                                                                                                             meet the needs of indigent children, adults and seniors from two dozen different nationalities. The
A new beginning at Sally’s House: We have expanded our service at Sally’s House allowing us to address the
                                                                                                                             Corps has seen remarkable success in its mission, including the establishment of a church that is fre-
needs of Houston’s transient female population. Last year, we received funding for the new wing at the facility
                                                                                                                             quently the largest in the Army’s Southern Territory.
– construction will begin this year.
                                                                                                                             • These projects have been made possible by a very successful fundraising year, with an amount raised
Further development of plans for the International Corps that will address the needs of an underserved population            in 2010 that approaches half of our goal.
in southwest Houston: Our new facility promises to triple the number of people we currently assist. We hope
to complete funding for the project this year.                                                                      Work remains for the final three projects of the campaign, the Conroe Emergency Shelter, the Adult Rehabilita-
                                                                                                                    tion Center, and the Disaster Response, Social Services and Christmas Operating Center, but with the foundation
Expanded social services: The spike in emergency assistance this summer led to $1 million in spending com-          we laid in 2010 we are optimistic for 2011.
pared to roughly $250,000 the year before. We are especially grateful to the overwhelming response from the
community when they heard of our increased need for funds. Also, we are able to provide intensive, long-term        2010 saw great demand for our services, and the Army rose to the challenge. Mirroring national trends, Hous-
support to several working families through the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program.               ton experienced rising homelessness and more resources were needed to get households back on their feet. By
                                                                                                                    June 2010, the Army had already spent more than we did in all of 2009. Nonetheless, we had a 90% success rate
                                   We continue to expand our Christmas program, as well as provide scholar-         in keeping families housed for six months after entering our program and 80% of those we served experienced
                                   ships to the youth in our Boys & Girls Club programs. We are thankful for        increased income as a result.
                                   the opportunity to illuminate the future of better days for our community.
                                   Thank you for your support.                                                                                        Before I close, I must thank the remarkable staff and leadership of the Army
                                                                                                                                                      that makes all the good work possible. Army leaders perform their work out
                                   God bless each of you!                                                                                             of Christian faith for modest compensation, and enable the Army to devote
                                                                                                                                                      almost 90 cents of every dollar to programming. Their devotion is truly re-
                                                                                                                                                      markable and amounts to a subsidy to donors by allowing our donations to
                                                                                                                                                      go farther. I also must thank my predecessor as Chairman, Marcus Watts, who
                                   Major Chris Flanagan                                                                                               performed outstanding service and served until May 2010.
                                   Greater Houston Area Commander
                                                                                                                                                      Thank you for your generosity and kind support in 2010.


                                                                                                                                                      Charles L. Roff
                                                                                                                                                      Advisory Board Chariman
“On the first
day of school,
the kids teased
and bullied
                                            Esteli Nyampundu
me because I
smelled and
                                          I was born in Africa during a time of war. My skin was the color of
                                          charcoal; I was diseased, fatherless, and heartbroken. Unthinkable
talked different.                         events have caused me to see life differently and appreciate simple
                                          things. In my world, peace was nonexistent.
The Salvation                                    The soldiers in Rwanda preyed upon little children, inspiring
                                          them to hate, kill, and steal instead of loving and caring for them-
Army taught                               selves and others. When my family tried desperately to escape the

me to keep my
                                          impoverished area of Rwanda and the genocide, my father was ex-
                                          ecuted in front of us. At that moment, my life was forever changed.
head up.”                                 With fear in her heart, my mom was now left to raise six children
                                                 It was no longer safe for my family to remain in Rwanda; we
                                          had to find a better way of life. America loomed with its promise of
                                          safety and opportunity, both of which we so desperately needed. The
                                          journey to the United States was very hard. I remember one night
                                          we had traveled for forty days with me on my mom’s neck and my
                                          sister on her back walking without shoes, food, clothes or supplies.
                                          We were starving to death.
                                                 My life is not a story of a typical kid, but rather one of de-
                                          termination and perseverance. Arriving in a new world that spoke
                                          an unfamiliar language was frightening. I was afraid and wanted so
                                          badly to fit in. It was difficult for me starting out, coupled with my
                                          mother’s desire for us to succeed, the pressure was unbearable.
                                                 Obtaining an American education was the best thing to hap-
                                          pen to me. Although I appeared different from the other students, I
                                          was able to live the dream. When I entered high school it was time
                                          for me to focus on the next phase of my life. I was introduced to The
Boys & Girls Clubs                        Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Upward Bound Program. I fell in
                                          love with Upward Bound and how the staff took a genuine interest
The Salvation Army Boys & Girls           in me, a little girl from Rwanda. They would tell me that I was special
Clubs operates six programs in            and that my journey was a story that needed to be told.
the greater Houston area for youth
                                                 They inspired me to move forward and keep my head up no
ages 5 to 18. After-school pro-
                                          matter what obstacles I faced. They saw my potential and encour-
grams, summer day camps, sports
                                          aged me to go to school and get an education. Over the last four
activities and teen programming
                                          years, I have had the chance to visit colleges in various states. They
are available. Members are offered
tutoring, drug and alcohol preven-        encouraged me to look outside the box which offered a world of end-
tion programs, computer labs and          less possibilities. The support to stay strong and believe in myself is
indoor and outdoor recreational           only a portion of what The Salvation Army has given to me. The staff
activities - all within a fun, safe en-   has inspired me to want to teach children that are less fortunate and
vironment. Grand opening of the           to open their eyes to see a world they deem impossible.
new Garden City Boys & Girls Club
will be summer 2011.
                                                                           “I had nowhere
                                                                           else to go when
      Maria Walsh                                                          I went to Sally’s
                                                                           House. I learned
                                                                           about myself
                                                                           and how to
I was born and raised in Houston and was sexually molested by
my stepfather since I was six years old. He molested all of my sib-
lings but I tried my best to protect them. I told them they had to get
dressed in the closet and keep their doors locked at night, but he         overcome my
would still get to them. When I finally told my mom at age 15, she
didn’t believe me. I had to get out of that house so I married my first
boyfriend when I turned 17. There were signs that he was abusive           They were my
                                                                           guardian angels.”
but I was in a desperate situation. I stayed married for seven years
and had two daughters.
        My marriage was going downhill and I began drinking; he
abused me and almost beat me to death. By the time of our divorce,
I had become a full-blown alcoholic. From alcohol, I moved on to
marijuana and began partying all the time. I eventually became ad-
dicted to crack and my ex-husband took the children away from me.
I was going downhill fast when, one day, I had a spiritual experience
at church and managed to stay clean and sober for five years. I was
seeing my girls every other weekend and thought I was getting my
life together. I began going to happy hours with my colleagues after
work, but because I didn’t know enough about my addiction, this
put me back on the road I came from.
        Within six months, my life was spiraling out of control again.
I was in and out of jail and this pattern continued for several years.
My girls eventually had their kids but I never made time to see my
grandchildren because I didn’t want anything to do with them. At
one point, there was no one left who would bail me out of jail. Upon
release, I sat on the steps in front of the jail for hours. A police of-
ficer realized no one was coming to get me and she told me about
The Salvation Army Sally’s House. I had never been through a pro-                 Sally’s House
gram like Sally’s House before. I was emotionally unstable when I
entered that place and didn’t trust anyone. They taught me to take         Sally’s House is a transitional shelter
responsibility for my actions. I learned about my addiction and how        for single women who have already
to defeat it. They taught me how to make a resume and I secured the        completed an alcohol/drug detoxi-
accounting job I have now while I was at Sally’s House. Because the        fication program. It provides a safe
drug use had destroyed my teeth, they helped me get my teeth fixed         and compassionate environment
and I got the glasses that I so badly needed.                              for the next phase of their recovery.
        I stayed at Sally’s House for two years and have been clean        During a year’s stay, residents must
and sober since the day I walked into the program in 2008. I am            work or attend school and partici-
thankful to God that my family is a part of my life and that I am num-     pate in support services designed to
ber one on the babysitter list for my grandkids.                           restore mental and physical health,
                                                                           upgrade professional skills and en-
                                                                           courage independent living.
“I have learned
not to look
down at people
with problems.
                                                  Danny Grant
We all have
problems. Offer
                                      I started getting involved with the wrong crowd when I was in high
                                      school. When I started college, I was out partying every weekend and
them help and                         before I knew it, I was an alcoholic. I started living on the streets in
                                      my early twenties, and drugs and alcohol consumed me. My brother
a way out. If I                       found me one day and told me he had been through the recovery
                                      program at The Salvation Army Harbor Light Center and told me to
can do it, you                        go there for help. I had nothing to my name except the clothes on

can do it too.”
                                      my back and the shoes on my feet. But, I was determined to get help,
                                      so I asked the guys at a crack house if I could use their shower to get
                                      cleaned up before turning my life around.
                                              I entered the Harbor Light Center in 1993 when I was 34
                                      years old. I was used to sleeping on concrete and waking up with
                                      mangy dogs by me, but they gave me a bunk with a mattress and a
                                      warm meal to eat. This place was like heaven and I was extremely
                                              The program changed my life. I wanted to be saved from
                                      the streets and was determined that when I went back out into the
                                      world, I was going to be a different man. I never felt alone here.
                                      When the men shared their stories, there was always someone who
                                      had already been through what I was going through so I knew there
                                      was hope.
                                              Being part of the Harbor Light Choir gave me opportunities
                                      to share my testimony with so many people. I learned that there are
                                      people out there who don’t drink or do drugs and still have prob-
                                      lems. Knowing what we had gone through gave them hope that bet-
                                      ter days were ahead.
                                              After completing the program, I was blessed with a job and
Harbor Light Center                   was able to save enough money to open my first bank account. I
                                      eventually moved out into my own apartment and was able to buy a
The Salvation Army Harbor Light       car. It had been my goal to be able to support myself and I had finally
Center and Red Shield Lodge pro-      done it. My future is bright – bright as a shining star. My life today is
vides a comprehensive response        focused on getting men off the street and letting them know there
to the increasing needs of Hous-      are ways out. When I see men under the bridge, I give them my card
ton’s homeless and addicted men.      and tell them to call me when they are ready for help and I’ll give
Each individual is offered access to   them a ride to Harbor Light.
immediate and long-term shelter,              My wife Mary and I are newlyweds, and seven of my grooms-
medical screening and referral, and   men were in the program with me. They have become my closest
a spiritual approach to recovery      friends, and we encourage and support each other. I am proud to
and self-sufficiency. Many men cel-   have come from the Harbor Light program, and this place will al-
ebrate their joy and restored faith   ways be a part of my life.
in God by performing in The Salva-
tion Army Harbor Light Choir.
                                                                          “My mother got
                                                                          me addicted
   Debbie Smiley                                                          to crack. I am
                                                                          grateful I went
                                                                          through this
                                                                          while I was
When my mom left us, my brothers were adopted by relatives and
my twin sister and I were placed in foster care at ten years old. For
this reason, I was distraught and had a very unstable childhood. I
graduated high school in 2002 and went to college to study criminal       young because I
justice. I stayed in school for only one semester before I quit and be-
gan searching for my mother. I was looking for answers and wanted
                                                                          have time to get
to know more about her. I found her in Florida and then things went       my life back.”
downhill from there.
       She was a dancer and was going from city to city to support
her drug addiction. When we were younger, she lost the rights to
my siblings and me because she was on crack and could no longer
care for us. I was curious about drugs and how they could possibly
be more important to her than her own children. My mother intro-
duced me to drugs and I immediately became addicted to crack. She
stole all my money and abandoned me again. I ended up getting
pregnant but continued my drug use anyway. I was turning tricks
to support my addiction, but dealers stopped selling to me because
they started to notice I was pregnant.
       I kept trying to push the knot in my stomach back in until I
realized I was killing the only person that may ever love me. I en-
tered a recovery program where I stayed clean until delivering my
son. I moved to Houston, found a job and was taking care of my son.
His father eventually found us and I allowed him to move in because
I needed the support. One day, he left with my son and never came
back. Over the course of the next three years, I began using again
and got four felonies and 13 misdemeanors. I was in and out of jail
– using drugs and prostituting. I found out I was pregnant by my
pimp. To avoid giving up my child to foster care, I had to stop using     Family Residence
drugs. I entered a nine-month recovery program and got clean.
       I needed help to transition back into society, so I went to The    The Salvation Army Family Resi-
Salvation Army Family Residence. In that program, I learned about         dence is much more than a shelter.
                                                                          In addition to meeting practical
career development, was able to attend AA meetings and parent-
                                                                          needs, such as food, clothing and
ing classes so I could raise my kids right. I proved that my life was
                                                                          toiletries, it offers sanctuary and a
getting back on track, and the courts granted me the rights to my
                                                                          life-changing program to homeless
son who I hadn’t seen since he was three years old. I had always
                                                                          single women and families. Adults
dreamed of having my own family and being a good mother to my             and children participate in a full
children. I now am able to do that. For so many years, I was running      schedule of classes and counseling
from reality but I don’t anymore because I am happy. I left Family        designed to address the underlying
Residence a year ago and am in my own apartment. I am enrolled in         causes of homelessness and facili-
school and things are looking good for me.                                tate healing, thereby providing the
                                                                          necessary tools to return to inde-
here gives us a
chance to
pursue our
                                           Raymond Slater
passions. It may
seem like the
                                        My family and I had been living down the street from The Salva-
                                        tion Army International Corps for four years before ever stopping
Church relies on                        by. One evening, someone knocked at our door and told us about
                                        the Corps. We had been visiting various churches and looking for a
us a lot, but the                       church home, so we decided to give it a try that week and have been
                                        coming every Sunday since.
Church saved                                    What we experienced there was different than anything we

our family.”
                                        had ever experienced before. There were so many different types
                                        of people – every color and walk of life – it was exactly the setting
                                        we had hoped for but were never able to find. We connected well
                                        with the Corps Officer, Captain Na, who asked during his sermon one
                                        week, “How much time are you spending at the Church?”
                                                We took that question as a personal charge to become more
                                        involved and began volunteering a year ago. After finally becom-
                                        ing involved with all aspects of the ministry, we felt that we were
                                        needed and belonged. Now, as a family, we spend almost every day
                                        of the week at the Corps. My daughter Kiya and I head up the after-
                                        school program Monday through Friday. My wife Benita and daugh-
                                        ter Maria are active in the music and arts programs on Saturday. We
                                        all come to church on Sunday and teach Sunday School. Kiya teaches
                                        for vacation Bible school and Maria goes to music camp at The Salva-
                                        tion Army’s facility near Dallas for three weeks each summer. She is
                                        also in the children’s choir called Jesus’ Little Notes. We are looking
                                        forward to the new facility so our programs can be expanded, and we
                                        can serve the various groups of people who need these programs.
                                                This was our first year volunteering with the Christmas pro-
                                        gram and we were blown away by the number of people that were
 International Corps                    assisted. We helped to register needy families, distribute items from
                                        the food pantry and we even volunteered at Red Kettles. I can see
The Salvation Army Corps Commu-
                                        first-hand where the donations go. I have put a food bag in some-
nity Centers, located throughout
                                        one’s hand to feed their hungry family and seen the gratefulness on
the greater Houston area, bring the
                                        their face. That’s where the money’s going – to help people that
organization’s ministry directly to
those who need it most. In addi-        need our help the most.
tion to social outreach, the ministry           My wife and I used to work in social services but more re-
is realized through Sunday wor-         cently having been working in sales and retail. Volunteering here
ship services, weekly Bible studies     gives us a chance to work with our passion. It may seem like the
and outreach to the sick and ailing.    Corps relies on us a lot, but the Corps saved our family. Before we
Through the Capital Campaign, the       joined, the kids were doing so-so at school and my wife and I argued
International Corps’ new facility       a lot. After we started coming here, everything started falling into
will expand services and replace        place. God has truly blessed my family.
the current 10,000 square foot
rental facility on a 10-acre site.
                                                                           “I had smoked
                                                                           weed, taken
  Shane Baughn                                                             crack and shot
                                                                           heroin, but it
                                                                           was finally time
                                                                           to get my life
        I come from a good family. I grew up in Houston and was
very involved in church and sports while growing up. In junior high
school, I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and became
very rebellious. I started drinking and using drugs and by the time I      back on track.
was a senior at Jersey Village High School, I was arrested for selling
drugs. My dad hired one of the best attorneys in town and I only had
                                                                           The Salvation
to stay in jail for ten days. I was placed immediately in a Christian      Army never
                                                                           gave up on me.”
boys home where I stayed for eight months. When I got out, I start-
ed using and selling again and began moving from state to state. At
age 25, I wound up in Virginia with a pregnant girlfriend. I was there
for the delivery of our twin sons, but she would not let me see them
again after that. I became very depressed because I love kids and
was not able to see my own. The depression led to more drug use
and I finally hit rock bottom with nowhere to go.
        I was homeless and living on the streets for three months
when I was hit in the head with a brick and had everything stolen
from me. I entered a detox program and stayed sober for six months
but started smoking weed again. When I returned to Houston to
be closer to my family, I got caught up with the old crowd and got
hooked on cocaine. I told my dad I was finally ready to change, and
he took me to The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center to
get help. I had previously entered detox programs to please family
members and girlfriends, but this time, I was doing it for myself.
        I learned about my addiction, took anger management class-
es, stopped smoking cigarettes, went through the recovery program
and now sponsor others who are going through the program. I have
been sober for 15 months – that’s the longest stretch since I started
using at 12 years old. I wake up in the mornings and I’m actually                        ARC
happy – I take each day at a time and thank God for what he has done
in my life.                                                                The Adult Rehabilitation Center
        I used to be a manipulator, a liar, a con-artist and a cheater.    (ARC) repairs broken lives of men
                                                                           who are addicted to alcohol and
I’m a new person, and God is leading me down the right path. I have
                                                                           drugs through a program that in-
restored the relationship with my family and have a full-time job. I
                                                                           cludes work therapy, recreation,
lead a recovery class, and I’m a sponsor to men who are currently
                                                                           worship, healthcare, education and
trying to get their lives free of addiction. I am praying for the oppor-
                                                                           counseling. Upon completion of
tunity to be reunited with my sons. They are 12 years old now and          the program, residents are ready to
I am ready to be a good father and role model to them. I really owe        move into ARC Transitional Hous-
The Salvation Army for giving me the chance to get my life together        ing. In this phase of recovery, the
– they never gave up on me.                                                men are preparing for return to
                                                                           family and community. The ARC
                                                                           operates six Salvation Army Family
                                                                           Stores in the area.
“People come
here for lunch
because they
know it’s a safe
                                                 Bonnie Busbee
place and we
don’t ask too
                                      I am a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Conroe and have
                                      been volunteering with The Salvation Army’s meal program here for
many questions.                       23 years. As part of a community partnership, a different church
                                      comes in each day to prepare and serve a warm meal to the needy
They can have                         people who come to The Salvation Army for lunch. Each Wednesday,
                                      we take over the kitchen and I lead a group of parishioners involved
a warm meal                           in outreach through the St. Vincent de Paul Society at our church.

whenever they
                                              The menu changes weekly and we average 150 people for
                                      lunch on Wednesdays. We start preparing at 9 a.m. and there’s a
want.”                                line of people waiting to get in at 11 a.m. We usually see the same
                                      faces each week – homeless men and women who need a meal and
                                      social interaction – but there are occasionally new faces as well. Dur-
                                      ing Spring Break and summer time, we see their hungry children. At
                                      times, it’s heartbreaking to see but we look forward to the opportu-
                                      nity to provide food to them each week. This is a safe place for them
                                      to come share a meal with neighbors and feel welcome. We know that
                                      our time and effort is needed and appreciated.
                                              Most of the women in my group have been volunteering here
                                      for several years, and we return each week because we enjoy what
                                      we’re doing and seeing the fruits of our labor. I used to bring my chil-
                                      dren to volunteer with me at The Salvation Army. They are grown
                                      now and have their own families, but they teach my grandchildren
                                      the importance of volunteerism as well.
                                              The capital campaign will allow for a new building and a ren-
                                      ovated kitchen. We are looking forward to being involved in the ex-
                                      pansion and giving our feedback on how the kitchen and dining area
                                      can be improved in order to serve people more effectively. With a
      Conroe C
      C      Corps                    better facility and continued volunteer support, I’m sure that the
                                      outreach here can be increased.
The Salvation Army’s emergency
shelter in Conroe - the Red Shield    Lunch program partnering churches:
Lodge - is the only facility in the   Conroe First Assembly of God             Sacred Heart Catholic Church:
area that provides temporary,         Christ Church United Methodist              St. Vincent Depaul Society
emergency housing for men, wom-       First Baptist Church                     St. James the Apostle Episcopal Church
en and families. The Capital Cam-     First Presbyterian Church                Tree of Life Lutheran Church
paign will add a new 11,000 square    First United Methodist Church - Conroe   Trinity Episcopal Church
                                      Klein United Methodist Church            Union Center AME Church
foot facility across the street. It
                                      Lone Star Cowboy Church                  United Methodist Church
will include cafeteria, residential
                                      Magnolia United Methodist Church         West Conroe Baptist Church
and multi-use space and double its    Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church              Woodlands United Methodist Church
day and night service capacity to     S.A.I. Church                            Yahweh Street Ministries
facilitate the growing demand for
transitional shelter.
                                                                                                                                       The Salvation Army
Facilities & Programs                                                                                                            Greater Houston Area Command
                                                                                                                                  Serving Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend Counties
1. Area Command Administrative Office                           9.   Aldine Westfield Corps Community Center/Boys & Girls Club                        since 1889
   1500 Austin Street                                                2600 Aldine Westfield Road
   Houston, TX 77002                                                 Houston, TX 77093
   713-752-0677                                                      713-694-5688
       Major Chris Flanagan, Area Commander                              Majors Robert and Shannon Winters, Corps Officers
       Major Sandy Flanagan, Coordinator of Women’s Ministries           Doug Smith, Boys & Girls Club Executive Director
       Caesar Grantham, Director of Development                          Donnie Cook, Boys & Girls Club Branch Manager
       Joe Scharnberg, Controller
       Mary V. Rodriguez, Director of Finance                  10.   Garden City Boys & Girls Club**
                                                                     9601 W. Montgomery
                                                                     Houston, TX 77088
2. Social Services
   2208 Main St.                                                     281-447-2733
   Houston, TX 77002                                                 ** Future site - Opening summer 2011
        Gerald Eckert, Social Services Manager                11. Upward Bound Program @ Lee High School
                                                                  6529 Beverly Hill Lane
3. Sally’s House+                                                 Houston, TX 77057
   1717 Congress
   Houston, TX 77002                                                 Trissi Johnson, Director
        Gay McCurdy, Director                                 12. International Corps Community Center
                                                                  5757 Ranchester Dr., Suite 1900
4. Harbor Light Center & Corps and Red Shield Lodge     +         Houston, TX 77036
   2407 North Main
   Houston, TX 77009                                                  Captains Stephen and Sujung Na, Corps Officers
        Majors Richard and Barbara Branscum, Corps Officers 13. Northwest Corps Community Center/Boys & Girls Club
        Fred Smith, Director                                    12507 Windfern Road
                                                                Houston, TX 77064
5. Irvington Corps Community Center/Boys & Girls Club           832-200-4620
   4516 Irvington Boulevard                                        Majors Stan and Debi Carr, Corps Officers
   Houston, TX 77009                                               Lieutenant Sarah Gottlich, Assistant Corps Officer
   713-692-0522                                                    Alesia Anderson, Boys & Girls Club Branch Manager
        Captains Roman and Lois Leal, Corps Officers
        Debbie Mitchell, Boys & Girls Club Branch Manager   14. Conroe Corps Community Center
                                                                304 Avenue E
6. William Booth Garden Apartments                              Conroe, TX 77301
   808 Frawley                                                  936-760-2440
   Houston, TX 77009                                               Lieutenants Robert & Glenis Viera, Corps Officers

        Mary McElhannon, Director                           15. Pasadena Corps Community Center/Boys & Girls Club
                                                                2732 Cherrybrook Lane
7. Family Residence   +                                         Pasadena, TX 77502
   1603 McGowen
   Houston, TX 77004                                               Majors Edward and Delia Alonzo, Corps Officers
   713-650-6530                                                    Teresa Moore, Boys & Girls Club Branch Manager
        Charmaine Smith, Director
                                                            16. Evangeline Booth Garden Apartments
8. Adult Rehabilitation Center   +                              2627 Cherrybrook Lane
                                                                Pasadena, TX 77502
   2118 Washington Avenue
   Houston, TX 77007                                            713-920-1844
   713-869-3551                                                    Eleanor Westbrook, Director
        Majors Larry and Paulette DeBerry, Administrators
                                                            17. Social Services - Fort Bend
                                                                10435 Greenbough Dr.
                                                                Stafford, TX 77477
     Worship Center                                             281-207-2500
                                                                   Vickie Bernal, Social Worker
*   Financial Assistance
+   Shelter
A & C Plastics                              Capital Bank                                   Deltek Houston                             Halff Associates, Inc.                        KBXX 97.9 FM                                  Montgomery County Food Bank                      Seoul Baptist Church
A3IM, Inc.                                  Capital One Bank                               DeMontrond Automotive Group                Halliburton                                  Keais Records Service, Inc.                   Moody National Companies                         Severn Trent De Nora, LLC
Abby Office Centers                         Capstar Commercial Real Estate Services        DePelchin Children’s Center                Haltermann Custom Processing                 Keller Williams                               Morgan Stanley                                   SGS North America, Inc
Accenture                                   Caring Angel Home Health                       Devon Energy Corporation                   Hanbit Church of Houston                     Kelman Technologies, Inc.                     Motiva Enterprises, LLC                          Sharps Compliance Inc.
Acergy                                      Carnegie High School                           DHL                                        Harris County Hospital District              Key Energy Services                           Mount Carmel Academy Sport Program               Sharpstown High School
Alamo Tamale Factory                        Catherine’s Plus Sizes                         Direct Energy                              Harris County Senior Program                 KGLK 107.5 The Eagle                          Mt. Olive Lutheran Church                        Shaw Group
Alley Theater                               CB & I                                         Doubletree Downtown                        HCC American Society of Interior Designers   KHCW Channel 39                               NAI Houston                                      Shell Oil Company                           The Westbury Mademoiselles
Alphi Chi Omega                             CB Richard Ellis                               Dow Chemical Company                       HCCS Corporation                             KHMX 96.5 FM                                  National Business Services Alliance              Sherlock’s/Baker Street Pub & Grill         The Woodlands Mall
Amegy Bank of Texas                         CDM                                            Dow Halterman Custom Processing            Health & Human Services                      KHOU Channel 11                               National Oilwell Varco                           Shipley Do-Nuts                             The Woodlands Parks and Recreation Department
American Eagle Airlines, Inc.               CECO                                           Dress for Success                          H-E-B                                        KIAH Channel 39                               National Youth Leadership Forum                  Shorenstein Realty                          The Woodlands United Methodist Church
American Express                            Celebration Foods                              Dresser, Inc                               Heritage Baptist Church                      Kinder Morgan                                 Navigant                                         Siemens Corporation                         The Working Connection
American General Life Companies             Center at River Oaks                           Du Pont Powder Coatings                    Heritage Student Council                     King & Spalding                               Neal Hamil Modeling Agency                       Sienna Plantation Residential Association   Thomas and Betts Corporation
American International Group                CenterPoint Energy                             Dulles High School                         Hess Corporation                             Kinsmen Lutheran Church                       Neighborhood Centers, Inc.                       SMC Technologies                            Thomas Properties Group, Inc.
American Red Cross                          Century 21 Stockwell & Associates              Dynegy, Inc.                               Hewlett Packard                              Kiwanis Club of East Fort Bend County         New Direction Fellowship Church                  Snappy Printing                             Tiffany & Co.
Americas Styrenics, LLC                     Chase Bank                                     East Fort Bend Human Ministries, Inc.      Highland Resources Inc                       KKBQ 93Q                                      New Hope Church                                  Solomon Temple COGIC                        Tomball United Methodist Church
AmeriCorps                                  Chavez High School                             El Shaddai Church Ministries               Highmount Exploration & Production LLC       KKHH Hot 95-7                                 New Life Church                                  Solvay America                              Total Dance Ministries
AMLI Residential                            Chevron                                        Eli Henry Consulting                       Hilton Americas - Houston                    KKHT 100.7 FM                                 New Life Fitness                                 Southern Petroleum Laboratories, Inc.       Transwestern
APPH                                        Chik-Fil-A                                     Elsik High School LEO Club                 Hitachi Consulting                           KKRW 93.7 FM                                  NHSC                                             Southern Union Energy                       Trelleborg Offshore US, Inc.
APX Alarms                                  Chili’s Grill & Bar                            Emergency Health Centre at Willowbrook     Hobby Lobby                                  Klein Collins High School                     Noble Energy, Inc.                               Southmore International - 21st              Trinity Episcopal Church
Arcodoro                                    Christ Evangelical Church                      Emmanuel CSIU                              Hoffman Middle School                         Klein United Methodist Church                 Northbrooke Apartments                              Century Club Students                    Triten Corporation
Archon Hospitality                          Christians In Action                           Enbridge Energy Partners                   Home Depot                                   KLOL 101.1 FM                                 Northshore High School Band                      Space Center Houston                        Triyar Cannon Group
Arena Energy, LLC                           Church at the Bridgelands                      Enventure Global Technology                Horizon Wind Energy                          Knust SBO                                     Oceaneering Space Systems, Inc.                  Spark Energy                                TSC Empowerment Outreach Center
Asbury United Methodist Church              Church’s Chicken                               Episcopal High School                      Hospitality USA                              KPMG                                          Off the Field - NFL Player’s Wives Association   Spindletop                                  TXU Energy
Ascension Episcopal Church                  CITGO                                          Ernst & Young                              House of Blues                               KPRC 950 AM                                   Office Pavilion                                  Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church               U.S. Public Health
Ascension Episcopal School                  City of Deer Park                              Esperson Buildings, LLC.                   Houston Area Hyundai Dealers                 KPRC Channel 2                                Oil & Gas Solutions                              SportsTalk 790                              United Methodist Church of Sugar Land
Atlas Copco Compressors LLC                 City of Houston                                ExxonMobil                                 Houston Area Urban League                    KPTY 104.9 FM                                 Optimist Club                                    SPT, Inc                                    United States Army Reserve
Atlas Engineering, Inc.                     City of Pasadena - Clean Streets               Fairview United Methodist Church           Houston Association of Black Journalists     Kraftsmen Baking                              Order of the Easter Star, Loyalty #5             St. Edwards Alumni                          United Way of Greater Houston
Austin High School National Honor Society   City of Sugar Land                             Faithbridge United Methodist Church        Houston Baptist University                   Kraton Polymers                               O’Reilly Auto Parts                              St. James Episcopal - Woodlands             Unity Church of Christianity
AutoTrader                                  Clear Channel Radio                            Faith Tabernacle Church                    Houston Chinese Church                       KRIV Channel 26                               P & N Machine Co.                                St. Luke’s United Methodist Church          Unity Fellowship
Avondale House                              Club GEC                                       Faith West                                 Houston Christian Assembly                   Kroger                                        P&N Machine                                      St. Michael’s High School                   Universal Ensco, Inc.
Axys Industrial Solutions                   Coalition for the Homeless                     Family, Career and Community               Houston Chronicle                            KSBJ 89.3 FM                                  Parkway Properties                               St. Thomas High School                      University Baptist Church
Baker Concrete Construction, Inc.           Coalition of Labor Union Women                    Leaders of America, Inc.                Houston Clearlake Civitan Club               KTBU Channel 55                               Parkway Realty Services                          St. Thomas University                       University of Houston - APICS
Baker Hughes                                Comfort Systems USA                            Faust Distributing Company                 Houston Community College                    KTBZ 94.5 FM                                  Pasadena Bretheren Church                        Stafford High School Junior ROTC             University of Houston - Clear Lake
Banana Republic Factory Store #6267         Comsys                                         FCCLA Organization                         Houston Community Newspapers                 KTRH 740 AM                                   Pasadena High School                             Stage Stores, Inc.                          University of Houston - Clear Lake
Bank of New York Mellon                     Connect One Security                           FDC Houston (Federal Detention Center)     Houston Elvis Meetup                         KTRK Channel 13                               Pasadena Independent School District             Stargel Office Solutions                      Intercultural & International Student Services
Barbara Jordan High School Key Club         ConocoPhillips                                 FedEX                                      Houston Food Bank                            KXLN Channel 45                               Pasadena Kiwanis                                 Sterling Bank                               University of Houston - Main Campus
Baylor Alumni Association                   Conroe First Assembly of God                   Fidelity Investments                       Houston Independent School District          La Porte Rotary Club                          Pasadena Memorial High School - FCCLA            Stewart & Stevenson                         University of Houston Conrad Hilton School
Bayou Bend Towers                           Conroe Regional Medical Center                 First Baptist Church                       Houston Modern Luxury                        LabCorp                                       Pasadena Memorial High School - TAFE             Stone’s Fitness Center                      University of Houston Downtown
Bayshore Medical Center                     Constellation Energy                           First Christian Church                     Houston Police Department                    Lady Deer Basketball Team                     Pasadena Memorial Student Council                Stor-A-Way Storage                          University of Houston Finance Association
Bear Creek Baptist                          Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.                  First Colony Christian Church              Houston Public Library                       Lakewood Church                               Pasadena Retired School Employees                Stotts/Lee Wayne                            University of Texas Health Science Center
Behringer Harvard - Briarlake Plaza         Continental Airlines                           First Presbyterian Church                  Houston Symphony                             Lazard Frered & Co. LLC                       Pasadena Rotary Club                             Strake Jesuit College Preparatory              Houston / Dept. of Pediatric Surgery
BG Group                                    Cool Smiles Dental                             First Service Credit Union                 Houston Wire and Cable Company               LCC Student Ambassadors                       Pasadena Town Square Mall                        Strawberry Family Drug & Pharmacy           Univision
BHP Billiton Petroleum                      Cracker Barrel                                 First United Methodist Church              Huffman High School                           LEAD (Letting Everyone Achieve Dreams)        Payless Shoesource                               Stream Realty Partner, LP                   Utex Industries
BHP Joint Venture Group                     Credit Suiss Private Banking USA               First United Methodist Church - La Porte   Hyatt Regency Houston                        Lee High School                               Peterson & Peterson                              Sunny 99.1 FM                               V & M Tube Alloy LLC
Bicycle World of Houston                    Crescent Properties                            Fiserv, Inc                                IAAP Greenspoint Area Chapter                Lee Wayne Corporation                         Petrolink Services, Inc.                         Sunset United Methodist Church              Valvtechnologies, Inc.
Bilingual Education Student Association     Cricket Communications, Inc.                   Five Post Oak Park                         IBC Bank                                     Legacy Support Houston                        Phi Beta Lambda                                  Suntron Corporation                         Van Kampen Investments
Booker T. Washington High School JROTC      Crimson Exploration                            FMC Technologies                           I-CERV                                       Legends Storage                               Pi Kappa Alpha                                   Taco Cabana                                 Varel International
Boy Scouts of America                       CSM (Center for Student Missions)              Fountain of Faith Baptist Church           IHOP                                         Leo Club                                      Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church           Tagan Executive Suites                      Vativ Recovery
BP                                          CultureMap Houston                             Friendswood Community Church               Ikon - Customer Care Center                  Liberty International Underwriters            PM Realty Group                                  Target                                      Vestas Technology R&D
Briar Grove Pharmacy                        CyFair College Ambassadors                     Frost Bank                                 Ikon Office Solutions                        LifePoint Fellowship Church                   Poolsin                                          Taylor Morrison Homes                       Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse
Brookfield Properties                       Cypress High School National Honor Society     Fulcrum Power                              Imagine Arts Studio                          Lloyd’s Register Americas                     Post Office Women for Equal Rights               TechTrans International, Inc.               Vincent DePaul Catholic Church
Brookshire Brothers                         Cy-Ridge High School National Honor Society    Gap Outlet #7938                           IMS Insurance Market Solutions               Lockheed Martin Corporation                   Prarie View A&M                                  Texas Agricultural Extension Agency         Vinmar International
Brown & Associates                          Cy-Woods High School Interact Club             GC Services L.P.                           Infovine Printing                            Lone Star College                             Premier Pipe, LLC                                Texas Army National Guard                   Visible Changes
Brown & Gay Engineers                       Dance Praise of Houston                        GE Gasification                            Innovative Senior Care                       Lopez Negrete Communications                  PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP                      Texas Barber College                        Volunteer Houston
Burnett & Company, Inc.                     DataCert                                       GEMSA Loan Services, LP                    Inspectorate America Corporation             Loyalty #5, Order of the Eastern Star         Primrose School of Lake Houston                  Texas Bookkeepers                           Wainwright Dental & Associates
Burnett Staffing                            Daughters of Divine Promise                    Genesis Energy, Inc.                       Interfaith Manor                             LR Americas                                   Progressive County Mutual Insurance              Texas Buddhist Association, Inc.            Waldemar S. Nelson and Company, Inc.
Burns BBQ & Catering                        Davis Petroleum Corp.                          Girl Scout Troop #12635                    InterMoor, Inc.                              LR Americas, Inc.                             Quilt Guild of Houston                           Texas Children’s Hospital                   Walden Country Club
Cambridge Court Apartments                  Deer Park High School                          Global Force USA                           International Facility Management            Luby’s, Inc.                                  Rain CII Carbon                                  Texas Chiropractic College                  Walgreens
Canyon Gate Communities                     Delta Phi Epsilon at Prairie View University   Golden Acres United Methodist Church          Association (IFMA)                        Lutheran South Academy                        Randalls Food Markets                            Texas Christian University                  Wal-Mart
                                                                                           Goldman, Sachs & Co.                       Invesco Aim Management Group, Inc.           Mac Haik Ford                                 Ranger American                                  Texas Direct Auto                           Way Holding LTD
                                                                                           Good Tidings                               J. Haltermann                                Macy’s                                        REFLEX Gymnastics                                Texas Litho                                 Weaver & Tidwell, L.L.P.
                                                                                           Grace Episcopal Church                     Jackson & Ryan Architects                    Mademoiselles at Barbara Jordan High School   Ranch Hand                                       The Ark Family Church                       Wells Fargo
                                                                                           Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church   Jacobs Technology                            Mahoney & Associates                          Reggae Hut                                       The Art Institute of Houston                Wells Fargo Advisors
                                                                                           Grand Lux Café                             JC Penney                                    Malcolm Pirnie, Inc                           Reliant Energy                                   The Bank of New York Mellon Trust           Wells Fargo Plaza
                                                                                             Gravitas                                 Johann Haltermann                            Margolis Phipps & Wright                      Residence Inn by Marriott                           Corporation                              Wells Real Estate
                                                                                                 Gray Properties                      JPMorgan Chase                               Market Street                                 Rice University - Facilities Engineering         The Breakfast Klub                          West Conroe Baptist Church
                                                                                                    Graybar Electric                  Katy Mills Mall                              Marsh, Inc.                                      and Planning                                  The Bridge at Second Baptist Church         West Houston Chinese Church
                                                                                                      Grubb & Ellis Company           KBME 790 AM                                  Martin Diagnostic Clinic                      Rice University - Public Affairs                  The Cheesecake Factory                      Westbury Mademoiselles
                                                                                                                                                                                   Mary Kay                                      Richfield Investments Corporation                The Foundry Methodist Church Youth          Willie’s Restaurant
                                                                                                                                                                                   Matrix Structural Engineers, Inc.             Rotary Club of Cypress Fairbanks                 The Galleria Mall                           Willowbrook Mall
                                                                                                                        The Salvation Army would like to thank and                 Maxim Health Care                             Rotary Club of Highlands                         The Hobby Center                            W-Industries, Inc.
                                                                                                              recognize the 2010 community partners for their invalu-              Maxwell Adult Center                          Royal Beauty Career                              The Houston Aeros                           Windwood Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                                                                                                   MBCI                                          Ryan, Inc                                        The Houston Astros                          Womack Machine Supply Co.
                                                                                                              able contributions of service and in-kind gifts. The Army            McCoy Solutions                               SABGC Keystone Club                              The Houston Ballet                          Women Empowering Others
                                                                                                              depends on the compassionate support of partners like                McDonalds                                     SAIC                                             The Houston Dynamo                          Women of Peace Lutheran Church
                                                                                                              these to fulfill its mission in the greater Houston area.            McMoran Oil & Gas                             Saint Clare of Assisi Catholic Church            The Houston Rockets                         Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance
                                                                                                                                                                                   Meader Staffing Services Inc.                 Saint Laurence Catholic Church                   The Island of Hope Singles Ministry         Woodridge Baptist Church
                                                                                                                        Put your creative and physical resources to                Medical Bridges                               Saint Timothy’s Episcopal Church                 The Junior League                           Woodway Square Apartments
                                                                                                              work and become a community partner! For the latest                  Memorial Hermann                              Safelite Auto Glass                              The Lighthouse at Willowbrook Apartments    Work Force Solutions
                                                                                                              volunteer opportunities, please call 713-752-0677 or                 Memorial High School                          Sam Rayburn High School Success Program          The Men’s Warehouse                         YAG
                                                                                                                                                                                   Men of Distinction                            Sam’s Club                                       The Methodist Hospital                      Yahweh Streets Ministries
                                                                                                              visit                                  Men’s Warehouse                               Sasol North America, Inc.                        The Monarch School                          YES Prep Public Schools
                                                                                                                                                                                   Mercer, LLC                                   Schwann’s Home Service                           The Shaw Group                              YMCA Houston
                                                                                                                                                                                   Metro                                         SEARCH Homeless Services                         The Source for Women                        YPO-EA
                                                                                                                                                                                   MMOB (Memorial Mustang Outreach Bunch)        Second Baptist High Altitude Youth               The Sunshine Band                           YWAM (Youth With a Mission)
                                                                                                                                                                                   Montgomery County Emergency Assistance        Seniors on Service                               The Vaccine Clinic
                                                                                                                                               Board & Councils

                                                                                                 Women’s Auxiliary         Adult Rehabilitation Center       Boys & Girls Club
                                                                                                Executive Committee             Advisory Council             Advisory Council

                                                                                                Brenda DeVore, President        J. Hugh Roff Jr., Chair       Forrest Henson, Chair
                                                                                                  Lilly Kucera Andress                Jack Abercia             Kristin Anderson
                                                                                                       Ann Bookout                 H. Kirby Atwood                 Tim Bates
                                                                                                       Diana Brown                   Kirk Blackard                Sharon Bush
                                                                                                       Penny Butler                 Mike Blackburn               Theresa Casas
                                                                                                     Betty Chandler                Jack S. Blanton Jr.          Kelly J. Coghlan
                                                                                                   Kathryn Coleman                  Richard Brown                Chuck Finnell
                                                                                                      Suzie Conway                    Scott Dozier               Adrian Garcia
                                                                                                      Marcy Cooper                    Mike Grimes                  Brad Greer
                                                                                                      Joann Crassas                    Henry Hill                Dan Gualtieri
                                                                                                      Jessie S. Davis            Robert A. Longmire               Christy Lara
                                                                                                     Leslie Devillier                 Mary Milloy                 Ellie Malavis
                                                                                                   Deborah Dunkum                    George Rizzo            Christopher P. McConn
                                                                                                         Gayle Eury                  Bill Sherwood               Judi A. McGee
                                                                        Robert E. Conklin             Eleanor Evans               William T. Slick Jr.             Bud Scherr
                                                                            Phil Conway                 Sidney Faust               Robert C. Watson         Roland B. Smith Jr., ED.D.
                                                                      Marilyn DeMontrond              Jeannie Grady                                                Roy Smith
                                                                          Jeffrey B. Early           Maureen Higdon                                             Brian H. Teichman
                                                                      James A. Elkins III †            Susan Howie          Conroe Advisory Council               Jorge Vargas
                                                                            Sidney Faust                Betty Hrncir
                                                                                                       Rhonda Jones              Alice Coker, Chair
                                                                            Don L. Fitch
                                           Greater Houston             D. V. “Sonny” Flores
                                                                                                          Lilly King                 Peggy Apple
                                           Advisory Board                                               Kathryn Lee               Chris Baughman         Pasadena Advisory Council
                                                                           Dan Gualtieri             Debby Leighton               Steve Bergstrom
                                                                           Micheal Helm                  Lucy Lewis              Wayne Bergstrom             James Guthrie, Chair
                                             Charles L. Roff                   Terry Hill              Cora Sue Mach                                                Jim Barker
                                                                                                                                   Betty Chandler
                                                Chairman                Margaret Love **              Carolyn Mann                                            Virgil Cammack Jr.
     Giving for Living                     William A. Van Wie              Judi A. McGee                Mary Maxey
                                                                                                                                     Sam Damico
                                                                                                                                      Gale Eason                 Theresa Casas
     Capital Campaign                        Vice Chairman             Linda McReynolds                Judi A. McGee                Jim Freeman                Melvin E. Cowart
                                           Robert F. Bland Jr.        Dorothy T. Nicholson         Linda McReynolds                   Tara Garcia               Helen Crowder
Giving for Living is Area Command’s             Secretary                                         Dorothy T. Nicholson                                       State Rep. John Davis
                                                                         George A. Rizzo                                              Gene Geyer
largest building effort to date—a             Judy G. Chong                                         Mary Jane Pizzitola              Dan Gualtieri                 Mark Fifield
$21.6 million capital campaign that                                       J. Hugh Roff Jr.
                                                Treasurer                                            Cathy Rentfrow            Hon. Martha Gustavsen             James Godbe
addresses the needs of today and                                             Tom Ryan
                                            Marcus A. Watts                                                Ann Roff                    Rick Hamm                  Rick Guerrero
tomorrow. Concentrating on the                                             Lisa Shumate
                                         Immediate Past Chairman                                      Debbie Rogers                   Leo Hewett                  Pam Guthrie
greatest opportunities to positively                                        David Taylor             Jeanne Ruberti                                             Darla Haygood
                                                                                                                                      Bill Jackson
impact the “living” fabric of our com-                                William T. Slick Jr. **            Billie Selke           Judge Claudia Laird                 Pat Jones
munity, it allows the development           William W. Akers        C. Richard Stasney, M.D.            Carol Sharpe                                           Jeffrey S. Kerner
                                                                                                                                       Joe Mixon
and upgraded services of six vital              Lori Allen                Elissa P. Sterry            Kathryn Smith                                          State Rep. Ken Legler
                                                                                                                                 Alan Moore, D.D.S.
centers: Garden City Boys & Girls         Lilly Kucera Andress     Margaret Vaughan Robinson          Cindy Sprague                 Janna Patrick               Horace Leopard
Club; Sally’s House; International            Kirby Atwood                   Vicki West               Joyce Standish                 John Pfeiffer                 Trixie Spires
Corps Community Center; Conroe              Jack S. Blanton Jr.            Jim P. Wise **            Carolyn Stubbs                Susie Pokorski              Bill Stapelfeldt III
Emergency Shelter; Social Services,          James G. Bogues           Ronald W. Woliver            Leslie Ann Taylor              Marla J. Porter                Ken Unfried
Disaster Response and Christmas                Ann Bookout             Merele Yarborough                 Vicki West               Marisa Rummell                  Jackie Welch
Operations Center; and the Adult            Neil Mallon Bush                                              Jane Wise            Walter Wilkerson, M.D.
Rehabilitation Center. To learn more       Penny Hess Butler                                       Merele Yarborough
                                                                          **Life Member
and help, please call 832-201-8016.         Terence S. Cheng            † Lone Star Legend
Financial Report
October 1, 2009 - September 30, 2010
                                                                                                        Our Mission
                                                                                                   The Salvation Army, an international
                                                                                                    movement, is an evangelical part of
                                                                                                       the universal Christian church.
                                                                                                     Its message is based on the Bible.
                                                                                                   Its ministry is motivated by the love
                                                                                                    of God. Its mission is to preach the
                                                                                                     Gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet
               EXPENSES                                            REVENUE                          human needs in His name without
Program/Services       $24,883,423     88.6%       Donor Contributions       $14,526,787   52.2%
Management              $1,439,708      5.1%       ARC/Family Store           $8,745,401   31.4%
Fundraising             $1,768,586      6.3%       Government Grants/Fees     $2,882,140   10.4%
TOTAL                  $28,091,717     100%        United Way                 $1,689,182    6.1%
                                                   TOTAL                     $27,843,510   100%

Calendar Year 2010
                                                      Total Individuals Served
                         Centers of Operation                               16
                         Family Stores                                       6
                         Residential Services
                         Total Nights Lodging                      290,116
                         Total Meals Served                        815,681
                         Social Services
                         Families Receiving Financial Assistance     12,202

                         Corps Programs
                         Total Attendance for Corps Spiritual
                           and Character-Building Programs         198,627
                         Youth Programs
                         The Salvation Army Boys & Girls
                           Club Programs                                 6
                         Boys & Girls Club Members                   4,352
                         Boys & Girls Club Attendance              278,129
                         Total Individuals Assisted                 34,472
                         Gifts Distributed                         112,624
                         Families Receiving Food Vouchers              760
                         Total Volunteer Hours                      91,420
The Salvation Army Greater Houston Area Command
Serving Harris, Montgomery and Fort Bend Counties
1500 Austin Street • Houston, TX 77002
713-752-0677/phone • 713-752-0688/fax • 1-800-725-2769/donation line

A United Way Agency

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