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									Information Technology

                         IT Briefing

                         March 2007
Information Technology

          IT Briefing March 15, 2007

   Announcements/Updates      Karen Jenkins
   OIT/AAIT Organization      Karen Jenkins
   VoIP Update                Paul Petersen
   Healthcare Exchange        Karen Jenkins
   Emory Exchange Design      James Reed
   University Exchange        Jay Flanagan

Information Technology

 Remedy v7.0 – working on bug with vendor (help.emory)
 Java TechTalk
       Tuesday April 3rd 1:30 – 2:30 NDB Room 225 - Kennesaw
 Security Conference
     March 28, 2007 8:30am – 1:30pm, 3rd Floor Ballroom, Cox Hall
     Registration deadline 3/21 (register online)
 LDAP-Auth
     Need to register use – will eventually limit access to registered
     Send list of host(s)/IP(s) to by
 Approved Governance Projects
     Google Search Appliance
     Desktop Management email to
Information Technology

      Office of Information Technology

                                              Office of Information
                                                  Richard Mendola

         Research and the                    University                 Emory Healthcare     Information Security
         Health Sciences                    Information               Information Services          Office
           Marc Overcash                                                   Dee Cantrell              TBD

                            Academic &
                           Administrative                  Network
                            Information                 Communications
                                                            Rhonda Fuss
                           Francene Mangham

Information Technology

          Academic & Administrative Information
                   Technology (AAIT)
                                                                     Richard Mendola
                                                                                                          Helen Starks
                                                                     Vice President for
                                                                 Information Technology &
                                               Linda Erhard
                                              IT Governance
                                                                    Francene Mangham
                                                                                                        Sebreana Williams
                                                                    Interim Assoc VP for
                                                                 Academic & Administrative
                                                                  Information Technology

  Karen Jenkins                   Alan Cattier                    Byron Nash                          John Ellis                      John Connerat
Client Technology             Academic Technology              Administrative &              Infrastructure Technology            Office of Finance and
 Services (CTS)                  Services (ATS)               Data Services (ADS)                  Services (ITS)                 Administration (OFA)
     Director                       Director                        Director                           Director                          Director

                                                                 PeopleSoft Student &
   Service Management              Library Services                                                 Systems Support                  Budget & Finance
                                                                 HR Systems

                                                                 Financial & Other
   Help Desk                       Classroom Technologies                                           Storage                          Contracts & Licensing
                                                                 Business Systems

                                                                 Data Warehousing,                  Infrastructure Applications
                                   Centers for Educational
   Configuration Management                                      Reporting & Database               (Email, Security, Identity       Human Resources
                                                                 Support                            Management)

                                                                 Development & University
   Web & Communications            Interactive Technologies                                         Data Center Operations
                                                                 Relations Systems                                                 Business Operations
Information Technology

            Infrastructure Technology Services (ITS)
                                                                                                                 Felicia Bianchi                     John Ellis
                                                                                                                Special Projects                                             Linda Richardson
                                                                                                                                            Infrastructure Technology
                                                                                                              Thomas Jackson
                                                                                                              Special Projects

                                      Chip Lawson                                                                                                    Jay Flanagan                                               Steve Siegelman
                                                                                             Russ Norman
                                      IT Technical                                                                                                       Manager                                                 IT Tech Leader
                                                                                           Enterprise Storage
                                         Leader                                                                                                  Security & Infrastructure                                      Systems Support
                                       Operations                                                                                                     Applications

    Rosa Weston            Shirley Maddox            James Fordham
                                                                                                                                                                                Identity        Windows Team           ERP Team              Unix Team
   Operations Shift        Operations Shift          Operations Shift                                                          Email                  Security
                                                                           MVS Team               Storage                                                                     Management
      Manager                 Manager                   Manager

                                                                                                                                                                               Peter Day             Brett Blake
                                                                           Bill Choate                                     Marcus Grier                  Andy Efting                                                      Michael Davidson     Amanda Gagnon
  Charles Allen                                         Harrison Miller                                                                                                         Identity              Systems
                                                                            Systems                                           Email                       Security                                                         ERP Admin. &           Systems
   Operations                                            Operations                           Jeffrey Lamothe                                                                 Management            Administration
                                                                          Administration                                    Exchange                                                                                          Support           Administration

                                                                           Len Butera                                                                                        Darrell Durggin        David Harrison                               Curt Tucker
 James Proctor                                             Tri Tran                                                        James Reed                     Alan White                                                        David Klinger
                                                                            Systems                                                                                             Identity              Systems                                     Systems
   Operations                                             Operations                                                          Email                        Security                                                         ERP Admin. &
                                                                          Administration          Jim Carr                                                                    Management            Administration                              Administration
                                                                                                                            Exchange                                                                                          Support

Matthew Merchant                                         Sean Deaver                                                                                                         Chris Alexander                                                    Bruce Anderson
                                                                                                                           Terry Markert                                                           Sheldon Anderson                                Systems
   Operations                                             Operations                                                                                                             Identity
                                                                                                                               Email                                                                   Systems                                   Administration
                                                                                                  Sergey                                                                      Management
                                                                                                                             Learnlink                                                               Administration
                                                         Rosey Neal                                                                                                                                                                              Bela Gazdy
                                                         Operations                                                       William Benson                                                                                                          Systems
           Sahadeo Sarju                                                                                                        Email                                                                                                           Administration
             Operations                                                                                                     Exchange

                                                       Dennis Dravland
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Kevin Kirwan
            Lula Walker                                                                                                  David Gottschalk                                                                                                       Administration
             Operations                                                                                                       Email
                                                       Robert Spencer
                                                         Operations                                                                                                                                                                              Mike Lewis
            Juanita Neal

                                                       Kenny Jemison
                                                         Operations                                                                                                                                                                              Vincent Tran
             Tim Marler                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Systems
             Operations                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Administration
                                                        Cecilia Peters                                                    *Denotes Contract Employee
Information Technology

       Client Technology Services (CTS)
                        Felicia Bianchi
                       Special Projects                       Karen Jenkins                  Sebreana Williams
                                                                 Director                     Administrative
                                                       Client Technology Services                Assistant

                       Thomas Jackson
                       Special Projects

                                                                                                                    Linda Ellis
                                                                                                                 Call Center Lead
                                                                                                                    Help Desk

                    Service               Client Config.              Web &
                                          Management                                      Clean Room
                  Management                                       Communications

                 Andrew Kincaid          Daniel Palmer
                                                                    Donna Price         Robert Rhodes                  Randy Walton
                    Service           Client Configuration
                                                                   Communications          Intern                       Help Desk
                  Management              Management

                   Al Shelton            John Maxwell
                                                                    Norman Hulme                                       Joseph Nash
                    Service           Client Configuration
                                                                     Web Design        Student Employees                Help Desk
                  Management              Management

                                                                                                                       Randy Phillips
                                                                    Lee Clontz
                                                                                                                        Help Desk
                                                                  Web Development

                                                                    Karla Fields                                     Marcus Rodriguez
                                                                  Web Infrastructure                                    Help Desk

                                                                    Mark Eisert
                                                                                                                    Student Employees
                                                                  Web Infrastructure

          *Denotes Contract Employee                                                                                                    6
Information Technology


Information Technology

                         VoIP at Emory

                         Paul Petersen
Information Technology


  VoIP at Emory
       Background
       Single Voice Platform Project
       Phase 1 Update
       VoIP & IP Telephony in use

  Other Updates
     Firewall Migration Status
     Questions
Information Technology

       VoIP at Emory - Background
    The Emory Clinic (TEC) Switch
       Platform – Avaya
       Location – TEC A Building
       Exchange(s) - 778
    Emory Crawford Long (ECLH) Switch
       Platform – Avaya
       Location – ECLH Peachtree Building
       Exchange(s) - 686
    University Switch (includes EUH)
       Platform – Nortel
       Location – Cox Hall Switch Room
       Exchange(s) – 727, 712, 784, 251
Information Technology

      VoIP at Emory – Background
 Issues:
     Some faculty, physicians, and staff have
      offices on different switches

     The complexity of maintaining three
      different switches

     Redundancy
Information Technology

               Single Voice Platform

  Single Voice Platform
     Name given to the project which
      consolidates Emory’s three phone switches
      to one
     This project also sets Emory’s direction for
      VoIP/IP Telephony
     Project began March 2006 with a formal
      RFQ process
     Avaya was selected
Information Technology

                  Single Voice Platform

  Phase 1 – Consolidate TEC & ECLH
        Upgrade to the latest Avaya switch
        Upgrade to IP Connect (provides redundancy)
        Consolidate the TEC & ECLH switch databases
        All new buildings will use this new platform
        Completely Funded and Approved
  Phase 2 –       Convert the rest of EHC to new
  Phase 3 –       Covert WHSC to new Platform
  Phase 4 –       Convert remainder of Nortel
   phones to       the
Information Technology

               Single Voice Platform

  Phase 1 – Update
     VoIP core has been created to separate Voice
      traffic from data traffic
     Converting all of the remote cabinet switches to
      IP Connect
     Switch database consolidation has begun
     Project Deadline - August
Information Technology

                 VoIP/IP Telephony

  Gateways & Trunks
     6 remote (with 9 more coming this month)
     IP Trunk lines between TEC & ECLH switches
  IP Phones
     IP Hard phones (NetCom, new SOM Bldg)
     IP Soft Phones (NetCom, Call Center Staff)
     Wireless IP Phones (EUH)
  Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
     Call Center Applications
     Billing System
Information Technology

                   Firewall Update

  Academic Firewall Migration – On-Hold
     Due to Resource Allocation issues

  Recent Steps:
     New Lab setup
     Juniper Engineers on-site last week
     Continued Discussion
Information Technology


Information Technology

                         Healthcare Exchange

                          Karen Jenkins
Information Technology

 Migrate all GroupWise users to Exchange
 Migrate SOM GroupWise users that also
  have Eagle mail into a single Exchange
 Automate migration at server level to
  minimize disruption to individual desktops
 Provide dedicated support center during

Information Technology

                     Initial specifics
 300MB high performance storage for all users, archiving
  available for all users
 Residents are in scope for the current rollout
 Email/calendaring options are Outlook on Windows or
  Entourage on Mac; Will also provide IMAP-S option for other
  email clients
 We are still investigating the best way to stage the rollout for
  Eagle mail users
 Units that provide their own email services will be
  encouraged to migrate to the Exchange offering in the future
 Learnlink will remain for now, but we are investigating
  alternatives for FY09

Information Technology

                  Email addresses
 All users, both faculty and staff, that have multiple
  Groupwise and Eagle accounts, will be migrated to
  one Exchange account
 Incoming email aliases for
  and will remain. Additional aliases
  will be added for firstname.lastname for both
 Only one outgoing email address is possible. For
  faculty & staff that have accounts in both as well as, the
  latter will be set as the default outbound address.

Information Technology

                  PDAs and Smartphones
 There will be a variety of mechanisms for syncing PDAs and
  Smartphones with Exchange, although the age of the device
  may limit what is possible. Faculty/staff will be able to take
  advantage of these options, but will be billed if they choose a
  premium service.
 Options will include:
     Cradle or WiFi sync using a product such as MS ActiveSync, MS Mobile
      Device Center or Palm HotSync Manager
     For those with a data plan on their SmartPhone, options will include:
           Native MS Active sync for Windows XP (no charge)
           Native MS Mobile Device Center sync for Windows Vista (no charge)
           Blackberry Enterprise Server (premium service with monthly charge)
           Motorola Good Mobile Messaging (premium service with monthly charge)

Information Technology

   Begin migration late May
   End migration early August
   Migrate users Monday - Friday
   Use (3) six hour migration windows per day
     Will not migrate during hospital and clinic shift
     Group and schedule each department
     Spread department users across migration

Information Technology

 Being discussed at executive leadership
 General announcement via email, newsletter
  articles, internal press release, news item on
  IT website
 Full feature Emory Report Article in March
 Postcard mailing will be sent to all GroupWise
 Posters will be displayed throughout EHC
 Frequent email reminders to each user
  regarding migration date

Information Technology

 Multiple open house seminars at various sites
  offered throughout the migration period
 Multiple advanced seminars for super users such
  as administrative assistants
 Distributed tip sheets, identifying differences
  between GroupWise and OutLook
 Online information, user guide, FAQs, tip sheets,
  training locations and schedule, migration
 Other Suggestions?

Information Technology

                 Migration Questions

 Website:
 Email:
     Project team member will respond to email within 2
      business days
 Phone: 8-INFO(4636)
     Leave voicemail message
     Project team member will return call return your call the
      next business day

Information Technology


                         James Reed
Information Technology

               General Specifications
  Exchange 2007
  Sized for the Emory Enterprise
      24,000 users
         13,000 Emory HealthCare accounts
         11,000 Emory University accounts
  Designed to handle potential Eagle mail migration and
   potential relay server migration to Exchange
  Sized for 300mb high performance storage within Exchange
  Sized for average user load of 80 messages received / 20
   messages sent per day / per user
  Sized for average message size of 60kb
  Archiving will be available – more info coming soon
Information Technology

            General Server Overview
  Total of 50 servers ordered for environment
  7 AD Controllers for new Resource Forest
      2 Dedicated for FSMO roles
      5 Dedicated Global Catalogs for Exchange traffic
  2 Mailbox Server Clusters (MS Exchange
      Each cluster contains 4 Active Mailbox servers
         Each Active server will have 3,000 users per server
         Each Active server will have a minimum of 12
         Maximum Database size will be 100GB each
      Each cluster contains 2 Passive Mailbox servers
Information Technology

     General Server Overview (cont’d)
  4 CAS servers
        OWA (Outlook Web Access)
        ActiveSync
        Outlook Anywhere (formerly RPC over HTTPS)
        IMAPS
  4 HUB servers
      MTA (Mail Transport)
      SMTPs (requiring authentication)
  4 EDGE servers
      Border Antivirus Hygiene servers
      Will be located in DMZ
Information Technology

         General Server Overview (cont’d)
  2 Mobile Device Servers
        GoodLink
        Blackberry
        Will be eventually using VMWare ESX
        ActiveSync will be provided via CAS servers
  6 Servers GroupWise migration
      Repurposed post migration for dedicated Exchange testlab
      2 Windows 2003 co-existence servers
         Will help provide Free/Busy data flow
         Will help replicate Public Folder data
  3 Archiving Servers
     Vendor TBD
  2 Monitoring Servers
      MOM
      HP Insight Manager
Information Technology

      General Server Overview (cont’d)
  Storage Requirements
      Core exchange databases
         3,000GB per server (8 active servers) for DB’s and Logs
             223GB per Store (DB)
             28GB for logs per Store
         Public Folders – 30 GB total (mostly replicated between
         EDGE and HUB storage
      Archiving
         Estimated for 24,000 users, averaging 1GB each = 24TB
      Backups
         Exchange databases
             Using mirror clones
                 14 days = up to 56TB for Exchange database data
                 Snapshots (TBD)
Information Technology

                    High Availability
  Mailbox servers will user MS Exchange Clustering
      Two 6 node Clusters
         4 Active nodes, 2 Passive nodes in each
  F5 Big IP Network Load Balancers (redundant)
        Application traffic hygiene
        SSL offloading
        Caching
        Will be used for:
           CAS servers for OWA and IMAPS
           HUB servers for SMTPS
  Redundant SAN connections
  Redundant Network connections
  Redundant Power
Information Technology
Information Technology
Information Technology

                         AD Design
 Will use Resource Forest model
     Existing EU and EHC AD forests remain as is
     Provides best approach and potential for other
      shared applications / services

 Will require existing Exchange environment
  to migrate as well
Information Technology
Information Technology

                   Network Layout
 Because of security requirements and
  needs, will have most servers in HIPAA
     Will be server only core
     Will be restricted access
Information Technology
Information Technology

  Weigh Security vs Usability
  Emory HealthCare (currently using
      Provide solution for EHC to have a secure end to
       end email environment
      HIPAA data
         For existing email
         For new email
  Emory University
      Provide groupware functionality
         Shared Calendaring and Collaboration
      FERPA data
Information Technology


  End to End encryption
      Exchange server to Exchange server connects
       with TLS connections by default
      Client to server encryption
         Outlook Anywhere for Outlook clients
            No MAPI / RPC calls from Clients to servers
            Formerly called RPC over HTTPS
            Only supports Outlook 2003, and Outlook 2007
         Macintosh connectivity
            Entourage uses DAV protocol (HTTPS)
            Next version of Entourage supposed to use pure
Information Technology
 Security (continued)
         IMAPS connectivity
             SSL Required
             SMTPS w/ Authentication required
             Limited functionality compared to Outlook or
              Entourage connectivity
                 No server side rules
                 Contacts will not be saved on server
                 Calendaring will not be functional
                 User will always show as Free when calendar
                  viewed by others
         Outlook Web Access
             SSL only connections
             Full functionality with Internet Explorer
             Light Mode functionality with other browsers

      Message level encryption supported
         Supported at least in Outlook
         Configured per client basis, only supported by local
Information Technology

                 Security (continued)

  Hygiene
    Postini
       EU and now EHC
      Edge Role servers
         Placed in border environment to protect
         Only has very limited access to any AD and Exchange data
         Potential AntiSpam options

      Antivirus
            Will be running Antivirus on ALL servers for Email and
                Symantec Antivirus for OS protection
            Will be running Symantec Mail Security or MS
                ForeFront was formerly known as Sabari
                ForeFront will be running multiple scan engines
Information Technology

                       IDM and ACM
 Identity Management and Account
     Parallel project working with Emory University and
      Emory HealthCare for Account provisioning
     Will have a Phase 0 for Exchange project to
      automate core functions
          Account Creation
          Account Disablement
          Name Changes
          NetID Changes (maybe)
          GAL (Global Address List – like LDAP directory) data
              Phone Number
              Department
Information Technology

     Mail Routing (University Only)
 Used to be known as Eagle Mail Forwarding
     will forward to netid@Exchange
 From Addresses will be default (least common
  denominator for campus)
 (working on automation)

 Clinical Faculty – TBD
Information Technology

                     How it works
 Outlook Anywhere
 Mobile devices
 Mail Flow (documentation coming soon)
Information Technology
Information Technology
Information Technology

                  Exchange Design


Information Technology

                         University Exchange

                         Jay Flanagan
Information Technology

    University Exchange Migration Update

   Proposal to IT Governance for approval
   Begin migrations in late May / early June
   Schools and Departments are already queued up
   Check web pages for updates

Information Technology

               University Exchange



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