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                                   Aim of work :
                                   After 15 years ago from my life in IT Career the aim of work is no longer as before.

          Sabra                    Now , The Aim of work become the focus to higher my experience , Job security ,
                                   Social stability , Promotion-level professional and financial .
                                   I want to gain myself and I want to gain the work which I hope it will be the final job.

                                   Work Experience
        0128362807 , 39111268        IT Manager
                                   From 7/2007 to 6/2009 ( Trade for Economic and Development )
           1 Hasan Mohamed st       As an IT Manager I get my job in TRADE FOR ECONOMIC AND DEVELOPMENT ,
                                      this company is a one of the huge companies in Egypt work in FINANCIAL
                  Ard Al-lewaa        LEASE CAREER Start , I recognized on my scope of work and then I begin the
                                      road of improving the IT Department evaluation . within 2 years the network
Altareek alabyad Moatamedeyah         increased more the the double and the work become more stability and
                                   In my CV I viewed this in my scope of work point and also I viewed my
                                   achievements in this position.
                                   IT Manager
                                   From Dec, 1998 To Apr, 2006 ( Al-Baiader National Group KSA Jeddah )

        MCSE                        I stayed in this position for 2 years, before this I worked as network engineer for
                                      2 years also at the same group.
                                    With this group I cached a lot of experiences within the work with multiple
                                      international network teams like SACOA network team , I pointed for this in my
                                    The monitoring cams like DVR, IP cams and Matrix systems all this and more
                                      were my idea and my Appling also.
                                    In my CV you will show and read more details about this.

                                    IT Instructor
                                    From July, 1995 To June, 1998
                                   (South Valley University – Computer Training Center )
                                   (Computer and decision making support center "CABINET")
                                    It was the best way to learn and Mastering the more and more of computer
                                       since and software
                                    In this period I finished the tanning course in computer since and Microsoft
                                       Programs for more than 1500 person .

                                   10/1988 – 6/1991 Asuit University , Sohage Branch
                                    Bachelor's Degree ( Good )
                                    B.S. Accounting

                                 On the reason of the lunge period in this career and working as instructor for longe
                                 time I had a lot of skills , in the following point I view the titles and let the details in my
                                 CV :
                                 Servers ,PCs and laptop maintenance / Network extending cabling and
                                 infrastructure building /,Pc's and Server operating systems / Database
                                 packages / Programming languages and Others like the following :
                                 DBIV, Fox Pro , Quarto Pro , Office 2000,2003,2007 , VB6 , VB.Net , Visio ,
                                 Photoshop , Dream waver , Front Page , Flash ,Windows server family 2000 ,
                                 2003 , ISA server 2004 , Exchange server 2003 , DC , DHCP , DNS ,VPN and

                                               * Curriculum vitae ***

o     Personal profile:
         Name                      : Mahmoud Ahmed Sabra
         Date of birth             : Jun 4, 1970
         Nationality               : Egyptian
         Social case               : Married
         Military Status           : Exempting
         Address                   :1 Hasan Mohamed St., Form Altareek Alabyad , Ard
                                   Allewaa ,Giza
          Phone no (1)             : 0128362807 Mobil
          Phone no (2)             : 02/39111268
          E-mail                   :

o     Qualification and Certifications :
         o Bsc in accounting (faculty of commerce – Asuit University)
              General degree is "Good" dated May, 1991

o     Last Job:
         o IT Manager in (TED Company ) From July 2007 till July 2009
             TED is Trade for Economic Development CO. and Branche (Technolease) – Cairo ( the company
             work in investment field and financial lease career)

o     Last Job Scope of work
         - Designing the department yearly plan
         - Supervising the Appling
         - Counting the divisions
         - Removing the causes of the divisions
         - Resuming the plan to gain the aim which include the following axes :

               Establish
                  Include PC’s, Lap Top, Servers maintenance, infrastructure availability, network resources
                  performance and reliability.

               Scalability
                  Interesting in the infrastructure expanding availability and the server’s serviceability

               Security
                  Focused in E-mails and Data backing up system like “Acronis “ and machine imaging also
                  Internet Security Accelerator ISA

               Productivity
                  Using On Line Support, remote assistance using Microsoft programs ( XP&Vista ) and others
                  which made clients support more easiest

               Paperless
                  Replacing most of paper manipulation with paperless usage within Exchange server and emailing
                  (implementing, administer, maintaining and backing up is our work)

               Cams and Monitoring systems
                  The monitoring systems like DVR systems , IP CAMs and Matrix are part of IT department
                  responsibility this include ( Planning , Implementing ,Monitoring , maintaining and developing
                  this systems )

o     Previous employment record:

       From – TO           Job title                         Job Description                              Job Place

                                            Implementing and Administer the       ( Active
                                                                                                     K.S.A – Jeddah
                                           Directory , DNS and DHCP ) windows 2000
                                           server Family and server 2003
                                                                                                     National Group.
    From                                    Administer the Mail server (MS Exchange
    Dec, 1998            IT Manager        Server 2003)                                               The company
                                                                                                          work in
    To Apr, 2006                            Implementing and Administer the ISA server
                                            Designing and Managing       Monitoring CAMs
                                                                                                         field and
                                           Systems ( IP CAM – DVR systems – Matrix
                                           Systems – Multiplexer systems )
                                                                                                      Egypt - Sohag
                                            Computer sciences instructor and network                  South Valley
    July, 1995           IT Instructor
                                           administrator                                               University -
    To June, 1998
                                                                                                     Training Center
                                                                                                      Egypt - Sohag
    From                                                                                             Technology and
                                            Software instructor and Network administrator
    April 1995           IT Instructor                                                               Decision Making
                                           "Microsoft applications trainer"
    To June 1998                                                                                         Support
 From                                                                                                 Egypt - Sohag
 Jan, 1990                                 Computer trainer "Microsoft applications trainer"           Computer
 To 1994                                                                                             Services Society
 N.B : Albaiader National Group – ksa "Jeddah" (The Head Office of Mersal Village , Jungle Land Park )

 Previous Experiences
     Network Designing and administrating ( LAN – WAN)
           Building Server ( Active Directory , DNS ) windows 2000 server Family and 2003
           Designing and managing BACKUP Systems ( NT backup - Acronis – Norton Backup System )
           LAN and WAN Firewall (ISA Server 2004)
           Setting the network usage and security levels.
           Designing and administrating Mail server (MS Exchange Server 2003)
           Designing and Managing a Monitoring CAM Systems ( IP CAM – DVR systems – Matrix Systems –
            Multiplexer systems )
           Laptop and PCs Maintenance
           Training, Supporting and improving computer's skills.
           Upgrade the Systems and Programs to the last versions.
           Analyzing the work needs of computers and software.
           Transfer the manual works to computerizing works.
           Provide the employees with the technical support directly and online anytime and anywhere using (
            Internet – telephone)
           Coordinate with the finance, store, and human resources programs providers.
           Coordinate with the website services provider.
           Coordinate with SACOA "Network and systems company – Argentina" according the park systems and
            the spear parts and problems solutions.
           Presentation and Web sites Designer ( –

      Computer Skills :
         Hardware Skills:

                   PCs Field
                   Maintenance, assemblage and Notebook Maintaining
                   Network field:
                   Infrastructure Planning , Cabling Extending and racking building ,administer (LAN and WAN) using
                    Windows NT, Server family 2000 and Windows Server 2003
                    Installer and Administrator for Microsoft Active Directory
                      Installer and Administrator for Microsoft Outlook Exchange Server
                      Installer and Administrator for ISA Server and Proxy Server
                      Building and maintaining the Servers ( Array – Raid )

          Software skills:
                 Pc's operating systems:
                  DOS – All MS Windows Operating System for PC’s till Vista
                 Server operating systems:
                    Windows NT (version 4 ) – MS Windows 2000 server family – MS Windows 2003 Server
                 Database packages:
                    administrator using (DB3, 4, 5 and FoxPro , Fox plus and Access )
                  SQL 2008                                             Current Study
                 Programing languages:
                 Good knowledge in the following programming Languages :
                  Visual FoxPro programmer                     (Good)
                      Microsoft Access programmer                 (Very Good)
                      VB6 Programmer                              (Good)
                      VB.Net Interface Designer                   (Good)
                      C & C++ Language                            ( Fair )
                   Other sofware:
                    Excellent in Microsoft Office Package (Word, Excel, Power Point , Outlook and Access) – till
                       office 2007 .
                      Excellent in Remote PCs programs (PC anywhere and Net support Package)
                      Adobe Photoshop.                            (Very Good )
                      MS Visio.                                   (Very Good )
                      Crystal Report Package.                     (Very Good )
                      Online Solution finder .                    (Good)
o     Soft Skills :
                   I have a Training in the Following Skills :
                      Communication Skills
                      Presentation Skills
                      Work Under Pressure
                      Team Work Skills
                      Management Skills
                      Supervisory Skills
                      Problem Solving & Decision Skills
                      Business technology solutions

New Training Courses:
                              ( MCSA ) upgrading to (MCSE)
                              (VISTA 5115 – 5116 exam 70- 620 )
Old Training Courses
                              FoxPro                              ( Database and programmer )
                              Developing training skills          (ITI institute "Cabinet") 60H
                              PCs Hardware & maintenance          (ITI institute "Cabinet") 40H
                              Programming Language concept        (ITI institute "Cabinet") 10H
                              C Programming Language              (ITI institute "Cabinet") 45H
                              Object Oriented Programming         (ITI institute "Cabinet") 30H
                              C++ Programming Language            (ITI institute "Cabinet") 45H
                              Project                                                     30H

o     Lingual efficiency:
                   Arabic is the mother tong
                    Good in English Speaking and Writing.
o     Miscellaneous:
                  Laptop                           (Available)
                    Car                            (Available)
                    Driving License                (Available)


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