JOSEPH ELEAZAR M. RAMIREZ

  #8 Laborada Drive corner Marco Peter St., Vermont Royale Subd., Mayamot, Antipolo 1870
                                  Mobile: 0927-807-3227
                              eMail: ejmramirez@gmail.com


More than 14 years working in Information Technology, with experience spanning various
disciplines including; z/OS Mainframe Systems Programming, Windows Server Systems
Administration, Windows Personal Computer and Peripherals Troubleshooting and Repair, Data
and Voice (PBX) Communications Administration, and Sales Technical Support.


Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power / Information Technology Systems (2001 – 2008)

Systems Programmer II (2003 - 2008)
 Promotion opportunity. Duties and functions same as System Programmer I plus supervision
Systems Programmer I (2001 - 2003)
 Administers and maintains the Department’s Mainframe which includes the installation and
    customization of the Operating System (z/OS) and its subsystems JES2, TCPIP, VTAM,
    SMS, RACF, Unix Systems Services.
 Administers and maintains the Mainframe’s IMS and CICS systems where the Department’s
    billing system, customer and call center records, purchasing and payroll systems and
    databases are running from and used by its 5000+ employees.
 Provides technical support to the Application Programmers and other Technical Support
    personnel on any issues regarding the Mainframe.
 Administers and maintains the Windows-based Print Servers that provides Mainframe
    printing functions to desktop laser printers.
 Administers and maintains the Mainframe network, and ensure its availability for the users
    and other servers and systems that rely on it as the back-end primary system.
 Maintains the Mainframe Disaster Recovery center. Ensure that in the event of a disaster, the
    data and the systems could be recovered accurately and quickly in the emergency sites.
 Develops and maintains programs written in any suitable language (REXX, assembler,
    CLIST, JCL) that would enhance the performance and availability of the mainframe system.

Latest Career Highlights:

   July 2008                   - Upgrade to z/OS 1.9 (from z/OS 1.7)
   April 2007                  - Upgrade to z/OS 1.7 (from z/OS 1.4)
   December 2006               - Upgrade to IMS 9.1 (from IMS 7.1)
   September 2005              - Migrate TCPIP to OSA-Express Gigabit from Cisco
   June 2005                   - Migrate from Cisco CIP/TN3270 to IBM TCPIP/TN3270.
   March 2005                  - Upgrade to 64-bit z/OS 1.4 (from 31-bit OS/390 2.10)
                               - Upgrade to z/Series z890 (2086-340) from Multiprise 3000

    February 2003               - Upgrade to IMS 7.1 (from IMS 5.1)
    November 2002               - Migrate from SNA network to TCPIP network.
                                - Phase out FEP 3745
                                - Phase out 3174/3274 controllers and workstation.

Other Highlights:

    Feb 2008                    - z/Linux evaluation and testing
                                activate 3 LPARs and install z/Linux running native. 2 LPARs
                                with SUSE v9.2 used as DB2 Connect Gateways. 3rd LPAR with
                                SUSE v10 as FTP server where automation of incoming (to
                                mainframe) and outgoing files transfers are being done.
    2007-2008                   - setup Disaster Recovery Center with standby z/Series z900-101
                                on the remote site, Shark ESS-F20 with 10TB of data on both
                                sites sync PPRC’ed together, and IBM VTS with automated tape
                                libraries on both sides on a peer-to-peer setup.

Globe Telecom / Corporate Sales - Fixed Network Group (1999 – 2000)
Globe Telecom is one of the Philippines’ biggest Telecommunications Providers. Services
include Mobile and Land-Line Telephone, Internet Provider, and Data Communications
Provider offering Private Leased Lines, VSAT, Frame Relay, Private IP Network and Other
Value-Added Network Services for both International and Domestic requirements.

Specialist / Application Support Group (1999 –2000)
 Provides Technical Support to Sales and Marketing Personnel.
 Conducts Seminars, Product Presentations and/or Trainings for Clients.
 Provides Technical Assistance to Clients on the Design, Implementation and Maintenance of
   their Communications Networks. Research and provide innovative and out-of-the box
   solutions for specialized Client needs.
 Assists Marketing Personnel on the Design and Technical Evaluation of Requirements for
   New Services that may be conceptualized.
 Provides Technical Assistance to Globe Telecom Technical Personnel on troubleshooting of
   problem links.
 Conducts Seminar and Trainings for Globe Telecom Technical Personnel on the area of End-
   User Technologies and Requirements.
 Supervise teams for installation of customer orders.
 Evaluates new technologies and equipment.

Philippine Commercial and International Bank / PCI Automation Center (1994 – 1999)
Philippine Commercial and International Bank was among the top 5 largest banks in the
Philippines. It had more than 700 Online Branches, Onsite and Off-Site ATMs, and various
Services Offices all over the country ensuring anywhere access by the Clients of the Bank’s

Systems Programmer / Technical Support (1995 - 1999)
 Administers the Bank’s MVS and OS/390 Mainframe systems on the area of SNA
    networking from the host down to the workstation level. This includes the installation,
    customization and maintenance of mainframe software packages such as VTAM, NCP,

    TCPIP and NetMaster and mainframe network equipment such as FEPs (3745/3725), Cisco
    CIP/routers, IBM2216, OSA, and cluster controllers (3174/3274).
   Maintains the Bank’s various Midrange and Small-Systems Application Servers and their
    accompanying Data Network.
   Provides Technical Support to the Application Software Programmers and users of the SNA
    Mainframe and the Client/Server hosts and workstations on Networking concerns
   Administer the Bank’s Multi-Protocol Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network
    (WAN) and handles all Network related-issues, including the maintenance of Cisco, Nortel
    3Com routers, LAN hubs and switches.
   Designs and plans the Bank’s LAN and WAN. Includes the design of LAN and WAN
    requirements of new Bank buildings and branches and their Structured Cabling requirements.
   Researches on, evaluates and recommends new Network Technology and Software for the
    Bank’s use.
   Miscellaneous duties also include the development of application software and program
    modules in any programming language best suited that would enhance the performance of
    the Bank’s IT system.

Data Communications Analyst (1994 – 1995)
 Ensured the availability of the Bank’s on-line systems (ATMs, Checking and Savings
   Account systems, email, etc.). This includes resolving hardware and software problems at the
   Bank’s branches and clients.
 Configured various Data Communications equipment, test equipment, and other resources.
 Performed board level troubleshooting and repair of equipment such as PCs, printers, video
   monitors, modems, etc.
 Developed the Unit’s Line and Inventory Application System to help manage the Unit’s

Far East Bank and Trust Company / Computer Services Division (1992 – 1994)
Far East Bank and Trust Company was among the top 10 largest banks in the Philippines. It had
more than 500 Online Branches, Onsite and Off-Site ATMs, and various Services Offices all over
the country.

Technical Specialist
 Maintains the availability of the Bank’s Voice and Data Communication systems. This
   includes the planning, design and maintenance of the Voice, PBX and Data Network.


1) Philippines Electronics and Communications Engineer License Exams (Nov. 1991)
2) Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA 2.0) with a score of 956/1000 (July 2001)


1986 – 1991    BS Electronics and Communications Engineering
               University of Santo Tomas (Manila, Philippines)
1982 – 1986    High School
               Philippine Science High School (Quezon City, Philippines)


Available on request.



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