Praveen Narra                                                                                 Resume
                                      PRAVEEN K NARRA
                          No. 909. South 70th Plaza. Apt 9. Omaha, NE 68106.
                        Phone 402-321-2951 E-Mail:

To obtain an challenging position in an organization that will promote my professional growth and
help me apply the skills gained from my computer science education.

MS in Computer Science              University of Nebraska, Omaha      May 2004 (expected completion)
Bachelor of Technology              V.R.Siddhartha Engg College, India 1997 – 2001(GPA – 3.9)

Programming Languages          C, C++ and Java
Technologies                   J2SE, JDBC, J2EE (conceptual).
Tools                          Rational Rose, Dream weaver, JCreator, Adobe Photoshop, Flash,
                               AutoCAD 2000, Apache TOMCAT
Database                       Oracle, MySQL and MS Access.
Operating Systems              Windows NT, Linux and UNIX.
Others                         JSP, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, CGI, Configuration of Cisco
                               routers, Catalyst Switches and Hubs.


Programming in C++            Operating Systems               Computer Architecture
Data Structures               Advanced Operating Systems      Advanced Computer Architecture
Communication Networks        Advanced Communication Networks Telecommunications Management


    Web developer/designer, Department of Computer Science, UNOmaha.
     Contribution: Development of web site named Nebraska TeamNet.
     TeamNet is capable of storing and retrieving research results generated by the business community
     and the educational institutions within the state of Nebraska.
     Tools and Technologies: HTML, DHTML, Perl, CGI, MySQL.

    Web developer/designer, Department of Chemistry, UNOmaha
     Contribution: Development of a new web site for Chemistry department. Also handled
     troubleshooting and maintenance of hardware and other peripheral devices in the Lab.
     Tools and Technologies: Dream weaver, Flash, DHTML and CSS.

    Teaching Assistant, College of Information Science & Technology, UNOmaha
     Contribution: Taught HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Audio and Video Editing to students during
     summer camp. Assign projects to them; help them develop their websites, and Audio and Video
     programs with Macromedia Director.

    Teaching Assistant, Department of Computer Science, UNOmaha
     Teaching assistant under Dr. Azad Azadmanesh for Computer Architecture. Handle student queries,
     guide them in class projects and make slides for class presentation.

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Praveen Narra                                                                                    Resume

    Web Development, Narasimha Engg Works, Software Development Division,Hyderabad, INDIA.
     Contribution: Complete design and development of a web interface for internal engineering product
     management. All the engineering components and services are listed online for the internal
     monitoring. The application was Java based, with JSPs in the front end and Oracle 7.3 as backend.
     Tools and Technologies: Rational Rose, JCreator, Apache TOMCAT and Oracle 7.3


    Optical Switching
                Discussed in detail the all-optical technology in switching. The OEO (Optical-Electrical-
       Optical) and OOO(Optical-Optical-Optical) switching technologies with their implementations and
       switching products developed are analyzed and compared .The implementation and viability of
       emerging technologies such as OMO (Optical-Microwave-Optical) ,which has features of both the
       available technologies is also dealt in extent.

    Meals Expense Validation System
               Emulated a software development life cycle for the creation of ‘Special Meals Expense
     Validation System’ by an airline company, which prides itself for providing high quality air and food
     service, which includes special meals and is looking to obtain reliable data concerning the success or
     failure of the special meals program, making it a reason to cut expenses. The linear sequential life
     cycle model is used, which provides systematic approach to software development by beginning at
     the system level and progressing through analysis, design, coding, testing and maintenance.

    Course Management Tool
                Developed a java-database application called ‘Course Manager Tool’ that can be used by
     instructors to manage coursework and student information, as well as grades for all of the courses
     being taught each semester. Java applets provide the necessary GUI’s for the tool. Embedded SQL
     statements in the java code interact with the database through JDBC-ODBC driver to achieve the
     much needed result.

    Design of a Cache
             The goal of the project is to obtain cache configuration with acceptable cost. All the
     configuration parameters were tested and optimized for cost effectiveness.

    Post-fix converter and Infix calculator in C++
               The post-fix converter takes the infix math infix and output the postfix for it. The infix
    calculator can read in a postfix expression and output the result. The program is implemented using
    template stacks in C++.

    OPNETs ( Network simulation)
                 Performed traffic analysis on PPP WANs, Frame Relay and ATM networks. Studied
    effect of Random traffic distributions on queuing delays, congestion in 802.3 hubs and switches and
    effect of routing algorithms on routing traffic.

        Design and development of Website for annual conferences and technical seminars held at
     Siddhartha Engineering College for the years 2000 and 2001.

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Praveen Narra                                                                                 Resume


    Recipient of Merit Scholarship (1999-2001). Awarded to the top 3 students in undergraduate class.
    National Talent Search Scholarship (1995). This award provided the tuition for entire duration of
     undergraduate study

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