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									             Henry Compton. 9425 Super Place, Waldorf MD.                       Phone 1.443.676.0771.

Dear Hiring Manager:

The position you have advertised is an excellent fit with my skill set, as the enclosed resume will attest. My background
includes over ten years of success implementing Windows networks, including work in an Active Directory
environment. I am a highly a motivated individual, a team player, and consider myself lucky to be working in a
profession that I truly enjoy. Satisfaction in a job well done is important me.

My work history dates to the days of DOS, LANMAN, and Win3x, which highlights my keen understanding of
Windows technology, even within the strictest of political environments, a most pertinent factor in the IT decision-
making process. I am also familiar with Linux server implementations. Below is a subset of the strengths I offer:

        SharePoint Administration and development
        SharePoint Deployment and Design
        Veritas Netbackup Versions 4.6 to 6.5
        Server Clustering (Including IIS, and SQL servers)
        Apache Web Servers
        Exchange deployment, and administration
        Document Imaging solutions (Lotus Domino.Doc)
        Development of desktop and server images for enterprise deployment
        System security, and server hardening (Patch Management).
        LAN, WAN Administration, and management
        EMC SAN and Brocade Zoning
        Workstation migration and management
        Server migration and management
        Remote access solutions using VPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC technologies
        All phase of hardware repair (Compaq, HP, IBM, ALR, Gateway, DELL, etc)

My experience in the previous mentioned areas is well founded. It includes solid training, which has produced
significant results, on extensive practical experience. This is backed up with excellent inter-personal communication,
reporting, and team management skills.

                  Henry Compton
          Henry Compton. 9425 Super Place, Waldorf MD.                Phone 1.443.676.0771.

Education &              A+
Certifications           MCP
Key Skills
                  Netbackup Data Center/Enterprise
                  Worked with all aspects of a large enterprise deployment of Netbackup Datacenter. With
                  three scalar 1000 and several DLT units. Backing up EMC, NDMP, Exchange, Oracle, IIS
                  and many other applications. All across the US. Including Atlanta, Dallas, NY and many
                  others. About 750 servers total in the organization.

                  SharePoint 2007 and WSS
                  SharePoint branding solutions. Developed C# applications for custom integration with
                  MOSS and WSS. C#, VB, and JQuery Scripting with SharePoint Designer and Visual
                  Studio. Code Behind and Batch Processing with C#. Document Library integration with
                  version control and item level permissions.

                  Design and Deployment of SharePoint infrastructure. Including Front end, Back end and
                  Database hardware/software. Backup and long term support solutions. Capable of simple
                  development and support task. Can quickly setup sites and portals. Also good with SQL
                  cluster management and front end load balancing.

                  Windows XP Migration
                  Worked on the Windows XP migration project while at IT Pros Inc. Migrated 300 users
                  from Windows 98. Developed and configured the standard image for the workstations
                  (Norton Ghost), and coordinated application compatibility testing for migrated and new
                  applications. Developed Migration plan using Microsoft tools to define, and migrated
                  user settings to the imaged machines so that front end configuration was minimized

                  Domino .doc
                  Document Imaging solutions. I have Implemented Lotus Notes Domino.doc document
                  imaging solutions for Department of Human Resources with the District of Columbia
                  Government. My task list included setting up and configuring Lotus Notes Servers and
                  clients. Was also tasked work closely with Government employees to produce a true
                  paperless document archival solution.

                  Windows 2000 Active Directory Implementation
                  Participated in Activated Directory migration project. Assisted in the migration of a
                  Windows NT 4.0 master domain model to Windows 2000 Active Directory. Two years
                  experience in implementing organizational unit (OU) structure. Implemented group
                  policies (GPO) for centralized management of user, and computer configurations.
                  Maintain GPO’s on a daily basis, and responsible for in depth GPO testing before

                  Exchange Server Administration
                  Five years experience administering Exchange 5.5 servers. Familiar with all phases of
                  Exchange Server administration including Backing up, and restoring Information stores
                  using Veritas Backup software. Excellent mail server trouble shooting skills including
                  trouble shooting public folders, and mail resolution problems. Also familiar with
                  supporting all versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook 2003.

                  IIS Server Administration
                  Five years configuration and administration on the Microsoft Internet Information Server
                  platform. This includes versions 3, 4, 5, and currently evaluating version 6 running on
                  Windows 2003. My experience with IIS includes, configuring web applications, setting up
                  Front Page web sites for clients, configuring access to websites, and maintaining the web
                  server farm on a daily basis. I also have experience configuring, and maintaining an E-
                  Commerce websites that are used for remote users to execute Bank transactions
          Henry Compton. 9425 Super Place, Waldorf MD.                          Phone 1.443.676.0771.

 Desired Position: Systems Administrator, Exchange Administrator, Backup Administration, Desktop Engineer.

                                                        Lockheed Martin IS&GS
(6-09 to Present) SharePoint Developer
                    Administrate, Install and configure SharePoint 2007 and 2003 server farm. Develop C# application for
                    user interaction and administration. Visual Studio 2008 WSP packages for Web Parts, code behind and
                    feature installation.

                              C# and VB Code Behind for helpdesk applications
                              Designer workflows and C# Workflows
                              Master Page Development with VS, Designer
                              JQuery Scripting and CSS and custom themes.
                              MOSS Branding Custom Menus, Web Parts and Master Pages
                              WSS and MOSS administration.
                              Customize Look and Feel of SharePoint Sites and workspaces
                              SQL administration and Installation

                                             NSF National Science Foundation
(5-06 to 03-09)     Senior Backup Administrator

                    Oversee the Day to Day Backup operations of the National Science Foundation. Windows,
                    Unix, Linux and EMC backup/restore. With Sun SL500 LTO library with Quantum DX100
                    VTL’s for online restores and exchange database backups. Also configured and setup new
                    Netbackup servers to 6.5.

                              Administering Unix and Windows Netbackup servers and clients
                              Extensive work with Vers 5.0 , 5.1, 6.0 and 6.5
                              Disaster Recovery testing twice a year offsite with First Federal
                              Responsible for Solaris, Linux and windows clients.
                              Applications including Sybase and MsSql and custom applications.
                              Database backups including scripted dumps and Netbackup DB clients.
                              Responsible for offsite scheduling and storage
                              Setting up Netbackup at the cold site and restoring services
                              Setting up an managing Virtual tape services
                              Setting up Encrypted backups and offsite duplications
                              Document and upgrade 5.1 and 6.0 systems to NB 6.5.1

                                              U.S. Department of Education
(12-04 To 3-06)     Senior Backup Administrator

                    This is a large federal organization consisting of several remote, Coupe and independent
                    sights. Administer Scalar 1000, Compaq DLT and other small robots.

                              Administering Unix and Windows Netbackup servers and clients
                              Perform installs of the Netbackup clients on all servers
                              Responsible for all restores and backups
                              Responsible for off site storage and recalling tapes for restore
                              Responsible for duplicating tapes to Coupe sites
            Henry Compton. 9425 Super Place, Waldorf MD.                    Phone 1.443.676.0771.

                                  Information Technology Professionals Inc. Waldorf, MD
(3-02) To (11-     Senior Systems Engineer
                   On assignment at the corporate headquarters of IT Pros Inc. I was the team lead for
                   Migration and deployment of Windows 2003 to servers. My day-to-day duties include
                   developing, stress testing Windows 2003 in an Active Directory 2003 environment.

                   Server Duties
                        Implementing Active Directory Roll out (2003)
                        Exchange 2000 Deployment in active Directory environment
                        Software deployment using Active Directory Policies
                                              Intellidata Inc. Reston VA
(9-99) To (3-02)   Systems Engineer

                   Application Service Provider services for outsourced web based banking operations,
                   providing Internet banking for home customers. Restored, Integrated monitored and
                   supported server farm. Including SQL, Exchange, SNA, IIS, MS message Queue and
                   Microsoft OFX solution.

                            In charge of disaster recovery (SQL, Exchange, IIS)
                            SQL Clustering with Microsoft Cluster server
                            Manage 51 IIS servers in 10 Clustered data streams (SQL, IIS, Exchange, SNA)
                            Load balanced and Round Robin Data streams Management
                            Cisco and Foundry networks hardware load balancing solutions

(8-97) To (9-99)   Management Solution and Systems Inc. Landover MD
                   LAN Administrator

                   Oversaw the day-to-day operation of a Multi departmental computer network. Mixed
                   Microsoft, Novell, OS/2 environment. Planning implementation and support WAN/LAN
                   applications including Lotus notes (Domino.Doc document imaging system), Exchange e-
                   mail solution across multiple locations. Outstanding in delegating prioritized responsibilities
                   and coordinating projects in a timely fashion.

                          Deployment of new server equipment
                          Windows NT/2000, Novell and OS/2 Mixed server environment
                          Insuring all servers backed on a daily basis
                          Day to day operations of large multi sight network
                        Document imaging with Domino.Doc
(6-96) To (7-97)   Catholic University Columbus School of Law
                   Hardware Technician

                   Install and upgrade all hardware and software on the desktop clients. Large hardware upgrade
                   to all desktops for use with PeopleSoft applications.

                           Deployment of New Desktop systems and ghost imaging
                           Building ghost images and software deployment
                           Novel user accounts and permissions
                           Propritary apps including Lexus Nexus and PeopleSoft

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