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									Las Vegas Top Garden Attractions

When going to Las Vegas, all you hear about is that it's the "city of sin". There's the gambling, the
women, and the booze. What people don't realize is that it's evolved into something much greater than
that. Competition amongst the giant hotel chains have forced them to become creative, and unique, so
that they're able to cater to everyone. Some of the more popular attractions created are the Fountains
of Bellagio, and the Volcanos of the Mirage, but many other spectacular attractions are there to be
discovered.There are two sublime garden attractions that are unknown to most, and are a must see
during anyone's visit to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Attractions

Walking through the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, visitors can look up and view magnificent
artwork on the ceiling, but if they venture a little further down, it transitions into glass panels, as they
enter the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.A refreshing change from the normal Las Vegas scene,
the indoor garden houses 1,200 exotic plants, and just enough sunlight creeps in for perfect photo
opportunities. The Bellagio alters this 13,500 square foot attraction according to the seasons and
holidays to make the attraction look different throughout the course of the year.

Las Vegas Attractions

Free of charge and open all day, the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is perfect for not just
the nature lovers, but to everyone else alike.Consistent with the tropical theme of the Mirage Hotel and
Casino, along with the Volcano and white tiger exhibit, the indoor rainforest inside is another aspect of
the hotel that draws visitors. Surrounded by a 10 story dome, the rainforest includes extensive tropical
native plants, a waterfall and several lagoons. Many gardeners work on a full time schedule to maintain
the endless orchid and bromeliad population.

Las Vegas Attractions

To increase it's authenticity, palm and bird's of paradise trees are placed amongst the rainforest as
well.This attraction is open 24 hours a day, which will give you ample time to take some beautiful
pictures.So remember, when visiting the "city of sin", remember to look for the other aspects of Las
Vegas you may be missing out.And save on your Las Vegas vacation, find hotel, airfare, car, and show
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