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OTM Rls 2.0 Presentation.ppt - Index of by yaosaigeng


									Optivity Telephony Manager
Release 2.0
OTM Architecture
• Client-server architecture; two kinds of clients
      –   OTM server (client server configuration)
           » Windows 2000 Server
           » Windows NT Server 4.0
      –   Windows client or standalone configuration
           » Windows 2000 Professional
           » Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
           » Windows 95 / 98
      –   Web browser client
           » Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer                                    Client
Succession CSE 1000
                           OTM Server

                                                                                      NMS Server

      Meridian 1


                                                                                  Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 1
                                                               Optivity NMS
      Integrated Management                                    HP Openview
                                Optivity Telephony Manager

    & VoIP Management
                Meridian 1                                           Access Point
                                                                     IP Gateways

                              CSE 1000       CallPilot
                                                                         Monitor Network
        i2004                                                                Health

                                                                        Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 2
Management Server
                       • Single point of connectivity when
                         utilized as a terminal server
     IP Gateways
                       • Reduces the number of access points
 CSE Element Manager   • Provides alarm collection & processing
                         for multiple telephony devices
      Call Pilot


    MIxx Portfolio                                   Serial
                              Telephony              Windows
        BCM                    Manager               Web
    Meridian Mail

    CSE 1000 Core

      X11 Core

                                                    Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 3
OTM Network View

                    CSE Element Manager

                     OTM System Window

  OTM provides an organized
network view of sites, systems,
and management access points

                                          Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 4
Windows Features
• Navigator
• Station Administration
• Call Tracking
• Traffic Analysis
• Maintenance Windows
• Alarm Management
• LDAP Synchronization
• ESN Analysis
• Telecom Billing System

                           Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 5
Web Features
• Web Navigator
• Web Alarm Browser
• Web Maintenance Pages
• Web Station Administration
   – View stations
   – Apply changes to keys
   – Online help & documentation
• Virtual System Terminal
• Web Billing Reports

                                   Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 6
Station Administration
• Windows Station
  –   General station information
  –   Customized reporting and graphical
  –   Station adds, moves, changes
  –   Set up and configure sets
  –   Station courtesy change

• Web Station Administration
  –   View station configuration and
      make changes to features or keys
  –   Changes can be scheduled
  –   Station courtesy change
  –   End users can also be given
      permissions to view, access online
      help or make changes to their own
                                           Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 7
Sample Help File
• Web based help files
• Can be customized by
• Examples of customization:
   – Add link to system speed call
   – Document access codes
   – Provide phone number of
     system administrator

                                     Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 8
Traffic Analysis
• Collects traffic from Meridian 1
   and Succession CSE 1000
• Maintains a database of
   collected traffic data
• Traffic collection using DBA or
   an external buffer box
• Traffic collection can be
• Many pre-defined reporting
• “What if?” scenarios

                                     Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 9
Call Tracking
• Call monitoring and detection of toll fraud
• Graphical trending and call pattern analysis
• Real-time monitoring of individual extensions
• Alarm notification

                                                  Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 10
Alarm Management
• View alarms via the OTM web browser or windows client
• Alarms received from Meridian, Succession CSE 1000,
  ITG, Call Pilot, Symposium Call Center Server (SCCS),
  Meridian Mail
• Notification provided via
  email, pagers or fax
• Trap forwarding to NMS
  or HP OpenView for
  voice/data network

                                                 Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 11
  Alarm Notification

             Meridian 1           Meridian 1                                   Browser

                                               ITG Cards      Etc.

                Maint TTY              SNMP Traps Over ELAN
 Serial to
 Scripting         Text                                  Alarm        SNMP Traps            Optivity
  utility         Handler                              Notification                          NMS
                     File                Manager

                            PC                                            Pager, email, fax notification
                            Log                                           Alarm Notification Conditions
                                                                           Definable via scripting utility.
                                                                           Example script and scripting
                                      OTM Server                              Wizard are available.

                                                                                             Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 12
• Support for Optivity Network Management System (NMS)
   – Telephony folder and icon in Optivity NMS InfoCenter
   – Management via Web-based functionality
   – Server co-residency on Windows NT
   – Alarm integration and correlation
• Support for HP OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM)
   – OTM alarm forwarding
   – Access from NNM to OTM web pages
   – Requires NNM release 6.x running on a Windows NT platform
   – NNM and OTM are NOT supported on the same PC
   – Requires OTM premium package for Alarm Notification

                                                            Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 13
    ESN Analysis Tool
•   Data retrieval
•   Data installation
•   Data modification
•   Data reporting
•   Data export
•   ESN global change
     •   Digit Manipulation Index (DMI)
     •   Free Special Number
         Screening Index (FSNI)
     •   Incoming Trunk Exclusion
         Indexes (ITEI)
     •   Route List Index (RLI)

                                          Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 14
LDAP Synchronization
            LDAP                 Help Desk,
           Directory            Service Order
            Server               System(s)           Web Browser

                             IP Backbone
      Optivity Telephony Mgr Gateway
                                            HR        Inventory
       Web Based and                       System      System
         Windows             LDAP
        Applications         Client

              OTM Services

            MAT Databases                       OTM Clients

                                                    Web Browser
         M1 PBXs
                                            IP Backbone
                                                                   Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 15
LDAP Synchronization
•   Eliminate redundant tasks
     –   Common data is shared
         between OTM & the LDAP
•   Improve accuracy
     –   Incorrect shared data only
         needs to be corrected in one
         system vs. many
•   Faster adds, moves and
     –   Common data does not have
         to be re-entered when setting
         up a station in OTM
•   Save time!
     –   Fewer people entering the
         same data multiple times

                                         Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 16
Telecom Billing System
• Comprehensive call
   accounting application
• Easy to use interface
• Over 50 pre-defined reporting
• Filtering capability
• Alternate currencies
• Collect Call Data Records
   (CDR) real-time or buffered

                                  Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 17
  OTM Billing Packages

                             Telecom Billing System
                                 • Billing General
                                    • Billing Enhanced

Billing General                                      Billing Enhanced
• Complete call costing & billing                    Includes all of the functionality of
• Over 50 pre-defined reports                        Billing General……..
• Multiple costing scenarios                         • Web Billing Reports
• Data is shared with station                        • General Cost Allocation System
  administration                                     • Consolidated Reporting System
                                                     • Consolidated Call Costing Reports

                                                                             Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 18
    OTM Billing Enhanced

•   Web Billing Reports
     –   15 pre-defined reports
     –   User access to web reports can be defined

•   General Cost Allocation System
     –   Allows costed data (cellular calls, calling card
         calls, etc.) to be imported or manually
         entered into the Telecom Billing System

•   Consolidated Reporting System
     –   Consolidates data from GCAS and TBS for

•   Consolidated Call Costing Reports
     –   Collect and cost CDR for each system
     –   Generate consolidated reports across
         multiple systems

                                                            Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 19
Common Services
Scheduler; Version Control; Windows
Navigator; Site Assignment; Import/Export;
Watchdog; Database Compact and Repair;            ENHANCED PACKAGE
Web Navigator; PDT Password; SIPE Support                                            PREMIUM PACKAGE
                                                  Includes all General Package
Fault Management                                  Functionality
                                                                                     Includes all Enhanced
Alarm Capturing and Logging; PC Event Log
and Viewer, Alarm Viewer (Windows); Alarm         PLUS...                            Package Functionality
Banner (Web)
                                                  Common Services                    PLUS...
Configuration Management                          Web Station (End-user read only)
System Window; List Manager; Directory                                               Fault Management
Editor; Station Administration; Web Station       Fault Management                   Alarm Notification
Administration; ITG Configuration; IP services;   Web Alarm Browser
DBA Database Backup and Restore for X11                                              Configuration Management
database                                          Configuration Management           ESN Analysis; Web Station (end-user
                                                  Maintenance Windows;               read-write)
Accounting Management                             Web Maintenance Pages; Inventory
Unparsed DBA CDR & DBA Traffic                    Management                         Applications
                                                                                     LDAP Synchronization
Security Management                               Performance Management
OTM User Admin; Standard WinNT Security;          Traffic Analysis                     UNBUNDLED
Web Station Access; Group Set-up
                                                                                       Accounting Management
System Access                                                                          Telecom Billing System
Windows System Terminal; Web Virtual                                                   (includes Call Tracking)
Systems Terminal                                                                       • Billing General
                                                                                       • Billing Enhanced (Web reports,
Applications                                                                           GCAS, CRS & CCCR)
M3900 Corporate Directory; Directory                                                   System Access
Reporting; Optivity NMS & HPOV integration                                             Access Server Telephony Manager 2.0- 20
•   Simplified management of
    traditional and VoIP networks
•   End-user self management
•   Single access point for multiple
•   Security solution for usage abuse
    and toll fraud detection
•   Consolidated view of network
•   Unified alarm management
•   Management solution for
    distributed networks
•   Powerful reporting capabilities
•   Scalable solution

                                        Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 30
2.01 Localisation Program
 • Localise OTM 2.0 Windows features into French and German
    • OTM Windows Navigator Screens
    • OTM Windows Applications – e.g. Station Admin, TBS, ESN Analysis etc.
    • Windows Help

 • Localise OTM 2.0 Web features into French and German
    • OTM Administrator Web Screens
    • OTM End User Web Screens
    • OTM Web Help (Administrator & End User)

 • Installation parts of Server & Client software not Localised
 • No new OTM functionality introduced with 2.01

 • Beta Trials Begin Wk IV Jan; GA Wk I April

                                                             Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 31
OTM 2.1 Feature Summary
• Rls 26 Concurrency - OTM will support the functionality
introduced with this program

• USB Dongle support

• Improved License/TN reporting (used sets report)

• Support for English MS Windows XP Professional - dropping
support for Windows 98 and Windows NT Workstation

• CDR Limits to be incresed on TBS (4 times current limit)

• Bug Fixes

                                                         Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 32
Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 33
Back-up Slides

                 Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 34
Fixed Software Limits

• DBA connection maximum of 256 M1’s
• Corporate directory limit of 20 organizational levels
• Maximum of 2.5 million call records per costing
• Circular alarm queue can hold 1,360 traps

              No other fixed limits

                                              Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 35
• Full functionality with WinNT or 2000 Server
   – Two NIC cards
      - one to Embedded LAN (Meridian 1 LAN)
      - one to Customer LAN

                                  C-LAN            End-user
           E-LAN                                      client
                                                     Win or
                   OTM server                         client

                                                 Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 36
OTM 1.1 Training
• #H316           OTM Overview - VHS and Guide
• # 316           OTM Fundamentals - CD-ROM
• # 317           OTM Basic Functionality and Web Services
• # 318           OTM Telecom Billing Services
• # 319           OTM Installation and Troubleshooting
•   Other required skill sets
    –   Windows NT, Windows 2000 (require intermediate/advanced skill level)
    –   PC Hardware
    –   Internet Browsers
    –   Network Management
    –   Data Communications and LAN Skills
    –   TCP/IP Networking

                                                                    Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 37
    OTM    Optivity Telephony Manager for Meridian 1
    MAT    Meridian Administration Tools
    IP     Internet Protocol
    LAN    Local Area Network
    Mbps   Megabits per second
    LDAP   Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    CLI    Command Line Interface
    RAS    Remote Access Service
    PBX    Private Branch EXchange
    CDR    Call Data/ Detail Record
    DBA    Data Buffering and Access
    ESN    Electronic Switched Network
    PSTN   Public Switched Telephone Network
    NMS    Network Management System
    TTY    Teletype (Command Line Interface)
    NDS    Novell Directory Services
    TBS    Telecom Billing System
                                                       Optivity Telephony Manager 2.0- 38

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