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					Flexible IT Platform that provides high value at low cost

Budget Constraints   New Global      Compliance and    Right Information
                      Economy       Risk Management    At the Right Time

Game Changers: Technology Innovation

    Data Types       Form Factors    Data Explosion   Cloud Services
               Reporting          Integration

      Analysis                              Sync
                     RDBMS    OLAP
    Query                 XML                   Search

  Mobile and                                        Cloud
   Desktop             Datacenter                  Storage

“Enabling customers of all sizes to derive value
    from ALL data, birth through archival”
     Trusted                  Productive                Intelligent
Protect your information   Manage by policies      Integrate data
Ensure business            Simplify application    Deliver relevant
continuity                 development             information
Predictable response       Store any information   Drive actionable insights

     Reduce acquisition cost & lower TCO
       “The savings from moving from Oracle to                              “If you look at Microsoft today, it is an
           SQL Server were so significant:                                   enterprise vendor for mission-critical
      exceeding $500,000 a year and providing                                              workloads.
      an ROI in less than 12 months, that at first                       I know this because we’re running 10’s of
                                                                         millions of transactions through Microsoft
            the numbers weren’t believed.”
                                                                                infrastructure every single day. “

                        Ken Kemker                                                      Steve Schlonski
            Director of Enterprise Architecture                               Vice President of Global Technology

                                             “With the new Microsoft                     “From what we’ve seen, we think
“It is great to see performance                                                          our cost would have been two or
                                           Application Platform our SAP
  go up at the same time your                                                             three times as high if we hadn’t
                                          system performance is 3 times
 hardware and software costs                                                            created our own solution using the
         are going down.”
                                             faster than our previous
                                           Sun/Solaris/Oracle solution.”                  Microsoft Application Platform.”

          Adam Bunn                                                                                    Steve Excell
                                                   Ahmet Ihsan Ceylan
   Senior Technical Engineer                                                                   Assistant Secretary of State,
                                                  Chief Information Officer
                                                                                                   State of Washington
Self Service     Manage           Enterprise
 access &      Efficiently at   level security
  insight          Scale           & scale

interface &     Optimize         Predictable
 tools you     Resources        Performance
 own today
   Project “Gemini”                  Application & Multi-Server Management      Enterprise-level security, scalability
   Report Builder 3.0                Operations Dashboards                      Supports up to 256 Logical Processors
   SharePoint Publishing & Mgmt      Extract and Deploy Data-tier Apps          StreamInsight, complex event processing
   Master Data Services              SQL Server System Prep                     Enhanced Data Compression

                    Solid Foundation for Enterprise Workloads
                 Project “Madison”                             Better Together with Windows Server

MPP support for 100+ terabyte data                          Hyper-V™
                                                            Live Migration
Appliance-like data warehouse on industry
                                                            Support for largest Windows Server hardware
standard hardware
Enabling managed self-service BI

                                                                              and Managed

                                                                                          Self Service
                                     Data   Data   BI and  Portals and       Scalable
             IT Involvement in BI

                                                                                          Easy to use
                                    Sources Marts LOB Apps Dashboards        Up to date   On and Offline
                                                                             Backed Up    Collaborative

                                                                               Spreadsheets and

                                                                                 Desktop Apps

                                                      End User Context for BI
                                    Organizational                Team             Personal
                                      (Aligned)                (Connected)       (Empowered)
Managed Self Service BI
 Make better, faster decisions by empowering employees to create and share
       powerful analytical solutions using familiar and intuitive tools.

  Empower End                  Share &                   Increase IT
     Users                    Collaborate                 Efficiency
   Scalable access to                                  Central management
  heterogeneous data        SharePoint publishing
                                                         from SharePoint

   Powerful slicing &                                    Reports as data
    dicing in Excel           Automatic refresh             sources

    Rich analysis &              Workgroup              Ops dashboard to
   authoring in Excel           collaboration             track usage

                                                          Centrally define,
  Grab & Go reporting            Report &                deploy & manage
                            subcomponent sharing           master data
     Visibility & Control: discover instances, manage by
     Optimized Environment: identify consolidation
     opportunities, improve service levels
     Drive Efficiency: Accelerate development & deployment


                    Data-Tier Developer

Management Studio

                                Central management
  Database Administrator
Improve IT & Developer Efficiency
Give IT the control & efficiency they need while ensuring lines of
business have the speed they desire.

                               Resource               Administrative
 Visibility & Control
                              Optimization             Efficiencies

                                 Insights into           Single unit of
    Gain control over
                             utilization & policy       deployment for
    instance sprawl                                  database applications

                                                      Sysprep cloning for
  Wizards enable quick       Drill into detailed       automated, multi-
  multi-instance setup        capacity views          server deployment

    Define and adjust                                   Provision and
                           Identify consolidation
  policies & thresholds                              configure for Hyper-V
                               opportunities             deployments
    across instances
Our scalability strategy

                           “Madison” in Q4
Trusted & Scalable Platform
As demands increase, middle-office and back-office operations need to scale
as efficiently as needed.

                             High-scale data              Low latency,
                               warehouse                 Complex Event
Security & Scalability
                               (“Madison”)                Processing
  Unlimited virtualization       Massive scale           Process continuous
   & Windows Server                (100TB+)             event streams as they
         Hyper-V                 with low TCO                  happen

                                                         Correlate events from
   Hardware flexibility      Scale-out, predictable
                                                         multiple sources with
      and choice             performance with MPP
                                                          near zero latency

                                                          Combine historical
     Enhanced data              Integrated with
                                                          data with real time
      compression                 Microsoft BI
Higher performance and Scale        •   Higher VM performance with enhanced networking and virtual IO
                                    •   Support for 256 logical processors
                                    •   Support for 64 logical processors with Hyper-v
                                    •   Closer integration with .NET framework
                                    •   Higher IO performance with support for SSDs
                                    •   Higher performance and scalability with IIS 7.5
Realize higher availability         • Support for live migration
                                    • Support for guest clustering
                                    • Support for hot-add VM storage
Benefit from higher IT efficiency   •   Support for live migration
                                    •   Support for Sysprep
                                    •   PowerShell improvements
                                    •   Reduced power consumption and core parking
                                    •   PowerShell 2.0 – remote management
Dynamic provisioning, increased     • Live migration
agility                             • Sysprep
                                    • Powershell 2.0
Complete web stack                  • Full support for ASP.Net and PHP on Windows server core
                                    • High scalable and performing IIS 7.5
                                    • SQL Server Web tailored for your web workload

Drive premium mix
   Enterprise, Datacenter, Advanced Data Warehouse Editions
   Drive feature differentiation for value (e.g. “Gemini”, MDS)
   Closer parity to Windows Server SKU strategy

Redefine BI & monetize the opportunity
   Sell Server/CAL as the best choice for customers embracing our Pervasive BI vision
   Drive Office & SharePoint upgrades & EA renewals by positioning SSBI roadmap

                            Field call to action now?
          Ensure EE readiness for field and partners today
              Sell SA based on our fantastic roadmap

• H1 Business Launch
  Better together

                                    Managed                                    IT & Developer                              Trusted & Scalable
                                  Self Service BI                                 Efficiency                                    Platform
                             Project “Gemini” (Invitation Only)        Application and Multi-server Management            Support for up to 256 logical
                             Report Builder 3.0 support for              •     Set up a SQL Server Control Point            processors
        CTP                   maps/geospatial                             •     Enroll servers into central                 Unicode Compression
                                                                                management                                  Remote Blob Store
                                                                          •     Extract and deploy a Data-tier              StreamInsight - Core engine
                                                                          •     At-a-glance utilization data
                                                                       SQL Server System Preparation (sysprep)
                             Project “Gemini”                         Application and Multi-server Management            StreamInsight Management
                                •    Excel Client Add-in                 •     API support                                     •   Troubleshooting &
        CTP                     •    SharePoint Publishing               •     Upgrade a Data-tier Application                     Tuning
        (TBD)                   •    IT Operations Dashboard             •     Enhancements to Data-tier Application
                             Report Builder 3.0                               extraction
                                •    “Grab and Go” with Shared
                                     Component Library
                                •    RS Reports as Data Feeds
                            Master Data Services (MDS)
                                •    Master Data Hub
                                •    Stewardship Portal

                             Project “Gemini”                         Application and Multi-server Management             StreamInsight
                             Report Builder 3.0                       SQL Server System Preparation (sysprep)             Support for up to 256 logical
        (TBD)                StreamInsight                                                                                  processors
                             Master Data Services                                                                          Unicode Compression
                                                                                                                            Remote Blob Store

Microsoft Confidential: Preliminary Information Subject to Change
       Accelerating delivery of incremental value and innovation
           Available Now
                          SQL Server 2008
                          Fast Track Data Warehouse Reference Architectures
                          SQL Server 2008 R2 August CTP

                 Immediate SA Value in Calendar Year 2010
                          SQL Server 2008 R2
                                  Self Service Analysis (Gemini) & Reporting (Report Builder 3.0)
                                  Application & Multi-Server Management
                                  Master Data Services
                                  StreamInsight - low latency, complex event processing
                                  Support for up to 256 logical processors
                                  SQL Server System Preparation (sysprep)
                          Project “Madison” (DATAllegro)
                                  Upgrade option from SQL Server Enterprise

                 24-36 months from SQL Server 2008
                          Next major release of SQL Server

Preliminary Information Subject to Change                                                           22
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