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       date Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 9:56 PM
    subject Official Written Response Requested: Violation of the Lawrence CIty Charter

Mssrs. Boddy & Maloney,

It has come to my attention that the "duly" elected mayor William Lantigua
failed to attend and address the Lawrence City Council this evening,
February 7, 2012 as required by the Lawrence City Charter, section 4.7 as
detailed below:

                  4.7 Communications to City Council.
                  The mayor, yearly, by a personal appearance for the purpose of
          a state of the city address to be given at the first city council meeting in
          February of each year, shall keep the city council informed as to the
          condition and needs of the city, and from time to time as in his
          judgment the needs of the city require, recommend to the city council
          for action by it such measures as may be necessary or desirable.

Therefore, please cite under what statute did Mr. Lantigua fail to attend the
council meeting and fulfill his statutorily legal obligation as mayor of the city
of Lawrence. As attorneys, you both should not find this question or reply
difficult in any fashion and as such, a reply should be forthcoming. In the
interest that we are human, did you, in your official capacities and in
particular the City Clerk, receive an official correspondence from the mayor
that he would not be in attendance and therefore not addressing the
council as required by section 4.7 and consequently provided a lawful
excuse for his absence?

Was there a written communication to the council to that effect?

If the reply to either of these questions is in the affirmative, please provide
said copy of any communication, regardless of method. If you are silent in
a response, I shall accept that as a "NO" to both questions. I understand
that Mr. Maloney, the city clerk, was in attendance for tonight's city council
meeting and there was a quorum.

We can agree or disagree, but this is not the venue to have that
discussion. Technically and legally, Lantigua's absence is a direct
dereliction of duty and warrants immediate action and/or investigation by
authorities who will be impartial and have no direct, indirect or political
connection to Mr. Lantigua. For our society to prosper, we must all
endeavor to keep elected officials honest and forthright.

If you fail to provide a response or cite a lawful statute or authority, I shall
reserve any right afforded by law or encourage any bona-fide voter or
citizen of Lawrence. Mass., to file suit in a court of competent
jurisdiction that has authority over Lawrence and the perceived violation of
the city charter and to compel a reply to this official inquiry. If you wish to
pursue this matter in a court of law, please advise so that the process may
commence without delay.

Please govern yourselves accordingly and I eagerly await your reply.


Eddie Garcia

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