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					                                                       Holy Cross School
                               ~A Catholic School Committed to Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ~
                                                   The Falcon Flyer

                                                                                                   June 7, 2010
Monday, June 7        The school will attend the 9:00 a.m. mass with the parish.
                      Full Dress Uniform Required
                      8th Grade Graduation Breakfast
                      8th Grade Graduation at 7:00 p.m. in the Church
Tuesday, June 8       Grade 8 Field Trip to Cedar Point
                      Grade 2, Room 2 and Grade 5, Room 10 Field Trip to Dairy Queen
Wednesday, June 9     Compact Day -- 1:30 p.m. Dismissal
                      Full Dress Uniform Required
Thursday, June 10     School Closed for Meetings
Friday, June 11       School Summer Office Hours Begin -- 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon Monday, through
                      Friday in June and August. The school is closed in July.

Thank you Ms. Harig and Committee for Field Day!
         Thank you Ms. Harig and Committee for Field Day. Field Day was extended this year at the
instigation of the Holy Cross School Advisory Committee and specifically, Mr. Jim Grove. Mr. Grove
got the ball rolling making the initial contacts with Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School and Ms. Harig.
Ms. Harig and her committee including Mr. Grove, Mr. Jim Michals, Mrs. Rossman and Ms. Zbiegien
planned a great day of physical fun and competition for the entire school. Thanks to all the parents who
volunteered and spent the day running the games and chaperoning the students. Your time, dedication
and spirit of fun are appreciated by everyone. Thank you to our wonderful host VASJ and especially
Mrs. Nancy Naujoks, VASJ Athletic Director and Our Lady of the Lake parishioner who planned a great
day and cared for our every need all day long. Thanks to Coach Tony Redding who visited with us and
joined in the fun. Thanks to all the VASJ faculty and staff who stopped to visit including VASJ
President Brian Menard, Principal Janice Roccosalva, Guidance Counselor Regina Gorman, and Teacher
Bev Moore. Thank you to the wonderful maintenance staffs at Holy Cross and VASJ who helped us set
up, take down and clean up. Thank you to the VASJ bus drivers who chauffered our kindergarten and
first grade back and forth. Thank you to VASJ Admissions Director Terri Richards for the welcome and
refreshing ice cream treat at the end of the day. Thank you to the Holy Cross School student body for
your enthusiasm and great behavior. Everyone made Field Day a great event for all.

Thank you to the Holy Cross PTO and Faculty for the help for the 200th Street
       This past Saturday, Euclid once again celebrated the East 200th Street Stroll with Our Lady of the
Lake and Holy Cross School participating. Thanks to Mrs. Kay O’Donnell and all the PTO members
who volunteered on Saturday meeting visitors in the parish tent. Thanks to all the teachers who helped
with the open house in the school. Fun was had by all.

Congratulations to the 83rd Graduating Class of Holy Cross School!
        On Monday, June 7th, forty-six students will graduate at 7:00 p.m. in the church. A reception
will be held in the church hall immediately following graduation. Students will receive the actual
diplomas in the mail with report cards during the middle of June.
       On Tuesday, the 8th graders will enjoy their last field trip together to Cedar Point. Student will
need to meet in the parking lot at 8:00 a.m. and they will return from Cedar Point between 7:30 and 8:00
p.m. There will be no school for 8th graders on Wednesday.

Last Day of School
       The last day of school is Wednesday, June 9th. The last day is a compact day with dismissal at
1:30 p.m. Wednesday is a full dress uniform day. The final Falcon Flyer for the 2009-2010 school
year will be mailed with report cards during the middle of June.

School Office Hours for Summer
         The school office will be closed for meetings on Thursday, June 10th. The regular summer
school office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Monday through Friday in June and August. The
school will be closed in July. All full tuition payments due by August 1 can be dropped off in the school
office, the rectory office or mailed to the school office. The 3% tuition discount can only be applied to
tuition payments received no later than 12:00 noon on August 1st.

6th graders need a booster dose to return to school in August as a 7th grader.
       The Ohio Department of Health has revised the School Immunization Requirements to include a dose of
Td or Tdap. Please review carefully the letter from Mrs. Duffy, our school nurse regarding this regulation.

PTO News
         Attached to this Falcon Flyer is a list of PTO Activities we are hoping to have next year, and the names of
people who have offered to chair these events. There are a few events that still need a chairperson. Please take a moment
to look over the list and fill out the form at the bottom if you are interested in helping out. We look forward to working
with all of you next year.

Summer Fun at the “Keys”
        Please see attached flyer if your child would be interested in learning to play the piano or keyboard.

Summer Math Tutoring - Students entering grades 5, 6, 7, or 8
        Please see attached flyer.

Market Day
        The last Market Day sale of the school year is June 14th from 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. in the church hall. It's time to
stock up on all your favorite Market Day items for the summer. Get a free grilling sauce with a $40.00 purchase. Please
see page 3 of the order form for details. Orders are due online by 11:00 p.m. on June 9th or to the office by June 8th.
Please order online if possible. You can also pre-pay for your order online for quicker checkout at the sale.
        If you can help with Market Day, please come to the church hall between 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. on June 14th.
Market Day sales will continue in September. Profits from Market help keep tuition costs low so please help us to
continue to have a successful sale by volunteering. Thanks for supporting Market Day and Holy Cross School.

Thankful Thursday
            I am thankful for Mrs.Gentile, M. Michals, M. Shea, B. Garin, A. Hribar, R. McDonald, T. Beuck, J. and D.
            Michals and S. Smith for helping us raise money at the Chick-Fil-A fundraiser last week. We couldn’t have
            done it without you! Mrs. Hribar
            I am thankful for all the teachers. They’ve been the best this year. R. Holzheimer and D. McGarry Grade 5
            Room 12
            We are thankful for Ms. Harig planning our Field Day at VASJ. Grade 5 Room 10
            I am thankful for “Crazy Week”; it was awesome. Grade 5 Room 12
            I am thankful to fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Patterson, for her thoughtfulness in opening up my windows and
            turning on my fans every morning! Mrs. Duffy
            We are thankful for Officer Bonchak for teaching us about DARE! Eileen and Erin, Grade 5 Room 12
            I am thankful to the Band Program and Mr. Litman for the wonderful concert last week. Well done! Mrs.
            Thank you to Ms. Pokorny for all of her efforts with the Polymer Program. Your time is appreciated. Mrs.
            I am thankful for everything! J. Findura, Grade 5 Room 12

Classroom Notes
Grade 2
         The second graders did a tremendous job this year working on many different skills. It is important to keep these
skills sharp throughout the summer. Students are encouraged to practice flashcards (addition, subtraction, and
multiplication) everyday. Students should also continue to practice their cursive handwriting. Finally, the Euclid Public
Library has a great reading program which should help to keep your second grader motivated to read.

Grade 4
        In math class, the fourth graders have been expanding their knowledge of fractions. They are preparing for fifth
grade math. Students are adding and subtracting fractions, naming equivalent fractions, and reducing fractions to lowest
        In science class, the students completed a Scitt Lab "Images and Reflections.” Each student made a kaleidoscope
and learned how light is reflected to make beautiful patterns and designs. Students also learned that light is a form of
energy and can be used to work for us. Ask your child about the experiment using a TV, a remote control, and a mirror.
Good job, fourth grade physicists!

Grade 5
        All of the students presented their D.A.R.E. essays. Officer Bonchak enjoyed them. Congratulations to the DARE
essay winners: Maggie Carroll, Christopher Rusnak, Curstyn Alexander, Gabrielle Fitzgerald, Nikkia Schady, and Ronnie
        Thank you to all of the students that sent money in. Officer Bonchak received a gift card to Cala's Pizza.
A big thanks to all of the wonderful and supportive parents. Thank you for helping us give your child a successful school
year! Have a great summer!

Visual Art
        As the school year comes to an end, I encourage you to continue drawing, painting and creating this summer!
Take advantage of the many wonderful art camps available. The Holy Cross Art Camp will be held from June 21 - June
25 and is open to students entering grades 1 - 6 for the 2010/11 school year. Please see the attached flyer for information
and to register. Form and payment due by June 11th. The camp is open to the community, so please tell your friends
and neighbors!
        Other art camps that may be of interest are Arts Collinwood (, The Cleveland Institute
of Art (, The Cleveland Museum of Art ( and The Fine Arts
Association in Willoughby ( ).
                            OUR LADY OF THE LAKE PTO

ACTIVITY             CHAIRPERSON DUTIES                                        CHAIRPERSON(S)

Ice Cream Social     Coordinate & get volunteers to help set-up & serve        Jennifer Adams/Lynett Savanick
1st week of school   ice-cream to students/parents at this after-school
                     activity. Event occurs on 2 consecutive days.

All Around Town                                                                Lydia Rogers
Book Sale

Fall Bake Sale       Coordinate volunteers to bake and sell items
                     throughout the day.

Dads & Donuts        Coordinate volunteers to set-up & help serve donuts       Chris Mahaffey
October              & drinks to dads & students at this morning event.

Cookie Dough Sale    Coordinate this sale which usually takes place in the     Marilyn Hahn

Box Tops for         Label collection bag for each classroom. Collect bags     Kristen Barth
Education            monthly.
                     Coordinate volunteers to count box tops.

Campbell’s Soup      Label collection bag for each classroom. Collect bags     Jasmine Carlsen/Katie Butauski
Labels               ¼-ly & coordinate volunteers to count labels.

Uniform Exchange     Coordinate volunteers to work at the event, which is      Traci Flowers/Christin Carroll
                     usually held during Meet-the-Teacher Night.

Family Fun Night     Coordinate this Halloween-themed event. Get               Karen McGarry
                     volunteers to bake, set up simple games & activities,
                     and clean up.

Santa Workshop       Coordinate workshop. Get volunteers to assist             Vicky Trickett
                     students with shopping.

Birthday Bulletin    Write names of students celebrating monthly b-days        Leah McSween/Laurie Koeth
Boards               on pre-cut papers. Hang on 3 school bulletin boards.      Lauren Zbiegien

Shoppers             Be available for occasional shopping for supplies for     Bev Franczyk/Laurie Koeth
                     various events. You will be given a list and at least a
                     week’s notice.

Graduation Brunch    Coordinate & get volunteers to help serve this brunch     Leah McSween/Anne Petters
                     to the 8th grade graduates on the morning of
                     graduation. (Traditionally done by 7th grd. parents)

Graduation           Coordinate & get volunteers to set-up a simple cake &
Reception            punch reception for the 8th grade graduates.

Skating Parties      Be the contact with United Skates of America for our      Sharon Furlan
                      ¼-ly skating parties.

Moms & Muffins        Coordinate & get volunteers to help with purchasing           Lynett Savanick/Jen Adams
(Spring)              & serving donuts & coffee to students & moms before           Laura DiFrancesco
                      the start of the school day.

Spring Uniform        Organize collection of uniforms & get volunteers to
Exchange              work at this event. Date is flexible – has been done
                      after masses (possibly combine w/Spring bake sale).

Bike Rodeo            Coordinate and get volunteers to assist in running and        Lisa Brazytis
                      judging this spring event.

OLL Spirit Days       One day (eg. last Friday) a month, provide a small            Megan Roland
                      treat or morale booster to teachers & students.

Restaurant of         Solicit local restaurants to participate in a fundraiser      Sharon & Tony Furlan
the Month             during which OLL receives a percentage of the sales
                      of that night.

Used Book             Coordinate collection of books to donate to a needy           Peg Osborne
Collection            school in the Cleveland area at Christmastime.

Spring Bake Sale      Coordinate & get volunteers to bake & sell items
                      throughout the school day, or possibly after masses.

OLL Bag Sale          Coordinate sale of drawstring backpack and “green”            Sally Holzheimer
                      shopping bags with new OLL logo on them.

If you would like more information before committing to an event, please give Kay O’Donnell a call at
216/486-4115 or email
If you are not able to chair an event, but would like to be contacted as a volunteer, please return this form to
Kay O’Donnell/PTO c/o the School Office.

Name:__________________________________________ Phone #: __________________

Email: __________________________________________

Events or Activity:_______________________________________________________

May we include your email address on a master volunteer list that will go to all event chairs? ______
                     Summer Fun at the “Keys”

Is your piano or keyboard just collecting dust? Why not get some real use out of
it? Instead of just listening to family members plunking on it, enjoy the sounds of
classic and modern melodies right in your own home! If your child would be
interested in learning to play that piano or keyboard, feel free to contact Mrs.
Seidel at 216-481-1740 or email me at

                          Private Half-Hour Lessons
                       Summer and/or During School Year
                        Beginner to Intermediate Level
                             $10.00 per half hour

****Research confirms that playing an instrument enhances brain development,
strengthens eye-hand coordination, encourages critical thinking and problem
solving, and provides an avenue for creativity and self-expression. These
advantages last a lifetime.

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