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					                                        Willis Eschenbach
                                        PO Box 867
                                        Honiara, Solomon Islands
                                        Ph: +677 21838 Cell: +677 95268
                                        Email willis@taunovobay.com

                                        Curriculum Vitæ
                                          Willis Eschenbach
                                  Languages: Spanish — Excellent
                                           French — Good
             Melanesian Pidgins (Tok Pisin, Bislama, Solomon Islands Pijin) — Excellent
              Date of Birth: February 17, 1947 Citizenship: USA Married, one child
                                   Avocation: Climate Researcher

Business Experience
       2007-2010 - Accounts/IT Senior Manager, South Pacific Oil. I ran accounts and IT for the
largest fuel importer and supplier in the Solomon Islands, gross sales ~ $40 million/yr.
       2003 - 2006 Construction Manager for Taunovo Bay Resort, a $100 million dollar resort being
constructed in Pacific Harbour, Fiji. In addition to overseeing a 40-man construction crew, I had a
variety of responsibilities for the Company:
      •      I kept all construction financial records and local accounts, tracked receivables, did
budgeting, and arranged for all payments.
      •      I set up sub-contracts and work with sub-contractors.
       •      I did all of the Computer Aided Design (CAD) work for the company, including 3-D
modeling of the construction and the site, cut-fill calculations, and production of working drawings
for the construction crew.
      •      I did quantity surveying, takeoffs, pricing, estimating, and purchasing for the project.
     •       I was responsible for maintaining a strong working relationship with the local
mataqalis, yavusas, villages, and settlements.
See the web site at www.taunovobay.com for more details on this project
       1991-92       Solomon Islands — Set up the accounts for, and was a partner in the formation
and development of two small businesses run by Solomon Islanders in Honiara. One was a catalogue
sales business called “FastForward," the other a computer sales and support business called
“Computer Clinic." Both businesses have since been sold. I also served as business advisor to the Gizo
Hotel, and to the Gizo Mobil Depot.
       1989 Solomon Islands — Started and ran a small business in Honiara, doing computer
consulting. I kept the accounts, imported and sold computers, trained people in their use, did
specialty spreadsheets, architectural drafting, business graphics and product design, page layout and
desktop publishing.
      1986-1988     Country Director, Foundation for the People of the South Pacific (FSP) in the
Solomons (see below) — I wrote the computer program which kept all the FSP accounts (over
US$1,000,000 per year) on my computer. I had to write the accounting program myself because we
had to present accounts in Deutsche Marks, Kroner, US Dollars, Solomon Dollars, Canadian Dollars,
or Australian Dollars depending on the funding agency.
     1977    Farallones Institute — Accountant for Farallones Institute, a non-profit corporation. 19
       1977 Beneficial Finance Co., Santa Rosa, CA — Tax Preparer. Prepared State and Federal Tax
forms for businesses and individuals. 4 months.
      1972 Honolulu Emergency Labor Pool — Office Manager in labor pool hiring office. Kept all
accounts, answered correspondence. 3 months.
Other International Work Experience
       1989-92     Solomon Islands — General Manager, Liapari Limited. Liapari Limited was a
multi-business company in the Solomon Islands. Liapari Limited owned Liapari Island, where I lived
and worked. The main businesses were the slipway and shipyard, where we built and repaired steel
and aluminum boats and repaired wooden boats, and the engineering works where we did general
engineering and manufactured aluminum water tanks, steel water towers, and other products. The
company had about forty employees.
       Everyone who lived on Liapari Island worked for the company, and so I ran other businesses
of a support nature. These were the trade store, the postal agency, and the banking agency. I was the
only expatriate working on the island.
        The island was about 100 hectares in size, with were 80 hectares of coconut plantation and 50
head of cattle. We sold the beef. There were three guest cabins on the island, which we rented to
tourists and visitors. We also bought and sold copra (dried coconut meat) and was responsible two
steel inter-island trading cargo ships, a 140 footer, and a 70 footer.
       I was responsible for keeping all of it running. However, my real job as General Manager was
to make a profit for the owners. I did so each year; not an enormous profit, but considering the state
of the Solomons’ (and the worlds’) economy at that time, it was a large success to have made a
moderate profit. Being Manager there called on a wide variety of my skills, from welding to
accounting, diving to union negotiation, engineering drawing to computer repair, and personnel
management to fixing generators.
       1999 Fiji — Construction Manager, Koro Sun Limited. I was the resident General Manager
for the rebuilding and reconstruction of a two million dollar resort. I hired, fired, and supervised a
crew of thirty men and women (both Fijian and Indo-Fijian), as well as overseeing construction of a
new restaurant and the rebuilding of 16 bures. 3 months
      1985 Liberia — Hydropower Consultant, evaluating the suitability of local streams for use as
hydropower sources for the small farmer. 2 weeks.
       1983 DTI, Inc. — Trainer, Pre-service Training for Peace Corps, in Micro-Hydropower.
Designed and conducted training in construction of micro-hydropower dams and systems, as well as
the introduction to feasibility and reconnaissance level studies. 31 trainees, 10 weeks.
Computer Experience
       1997-2000    Developed a series of special purpose 3-D graphics and visualization tools for
use in designing, quantity surveying, and bidding of construction projects.
       1995 Marine consultant. Wrote a program to draw the shapes for the frames and stringers of
a series of 5 identical fishing boats. Total construction contract was $8 million. I emailed the frame

                       Curriculum Vitæ — Willis Eschenbach — Page 2
shapes as DXF computer files to the steel shop in Australia, where the DXF files were used to guide
quenched plasma arc cutters to make the frames and stringers. The precut pieces were shipped to
Tahiti and Suva for construction. 3 months, part time.
       1994-95       Fiji — Taught advanced computer graphics (Macintosh) and Excel for Windows
(PC) courses for the Fiji Institute Of Technology (FIT). 4 hrs/wk.
       1993-94      Fiji — Technical and Training Supervisor, MacPacific. I ran the Service
Department for this computer company, and did training and specialty programming for a variety of
projects. 1 year.
       1990-1992    Did all technical and shop drawings for use in the machine shop at Liapari
Island, Solomon Islands. Produced boat designs, sheet metal fabrication programs, and a number of
other special-purpose programs.
      1980-present Self employed part time — Wrote and sold programs in various languages on a
succession of computers, consulted and worked with businesses converting to computer, did
gambling simulations for professional gamblers, created computer graphics, diagnosed and repaired
both hardware and software problems, did architectural drafting, and conducted research on general-
purpose pattern recognition systems.
Construction Experience
      2007 - constructed high-end addition to house in Waimea, HI. 5 months
       1995 - 2003 Project Manager for Eschenbach Construction Company, in Freestone, California. I
did a variety of both management and computer work for the company.
On the management side, I was Project Manager for some of our larger jobs (over a million US$). We
did both commercial and residential work. I did the scheduling, management, and construction
supervision, including responsibility for all subcontractors. I was also responsible for the quality of
the construction, particularly the final finish quality of the buildings.
On the computer/office side, I drew building plans for clients and for submission for building
permits. I also did quantity surveying, bidding, wrote sub-contracts, did general computer support,
and did development of specialty spreadsheets for bidding, stress calculation, wind loading, and the
In addition, I also did occasional computer consulting, which generally involved database
management and the writing of interface and translation programs for sending information between
otherwise incompatible systems.
      1986 Richard Vacha Cabinets, Point Reyes Station, CA — Cabinetmaker. Built top quality
custom cabinets. 9 months.
      1977 Private home, Occidental, CA — Head Builder. Built solar heated home, planned and
supervised all phases of construction; concrete, wood, electric, plumbing, etc. Supervised 4 other
workers. 4 months.
      1973 Autogenic Systems Inc., Berkeley, CA — Construction Manager. Built office and
production line furniture and equipment for an engineering company. 8 months.

                       Curriculum Vitæ — Willis Eschenbach — Page 3
     1972    A. D. Gibson Co., Makawao, HI — Cabinetmaker. Made cabinets and furniture. 7
     1970 Stone Mountain Farm, Lindreth, NM — Worked on construction of main farmhouse,
dynamited foundation, did woodwork and stonework. 2 months.
       1964 Private home, Point Richmond, CA — Worked on conversion of garage to 2 bedrooms
and a bathroom. 3 months.
      1963-65    Summer home, Marshall, CA — Worked on construction of my father's summer
home. Weekends and summers for 3 years.
Other International Experience
       1986-89        Solomon Islands — Country Director, Foundation for the Peoples of the South
Pacific. At the time I took over, the Foundation had a lot of good ideas, some of which were working,
many of which were not; and a most wonderful and imaginative man as my predecessor as Country
Director. It also had very little organization.
      In the programs that FSP Solomons developed and implemented while I was Director, I placed
emphasis on business development projects and business aspects of projects. Among the programs
which were implemented during my time as Director were:
      •       The integration of business training and disaster relief. We trained and employed teams
with portable sawmills to cut lumber in villages to rebuild houses destroyed Cyclone Namu. At the
end of the two-year project, these teams had the option of purchasing the machine and going into
business for themselves. Two of the three teams did so successfully.
       •     The setting up of a marketing and training business, “Black Gold Charcoal”, which both
trained people in charcoal making from coppiced trees, and bought the end product, packaged it, and
sold it in Honiara. This is still in existence long after the funding has stopped, and they recently
exported their first container of charcoal.
       •      The expansion and improvement of Cancare, a can crushing and recycling business
started by the previous FSP Director. Cancare is still in business.
        •      The creation of a business, “Village Equipment Supplies”, which imported portable
sawmills, trained people in their use, and provided parts and service. These mills allow the people in
the village to manage and harvest their own forest resources.
       •     The creation and development, as a Trustee, of “Soltrust”, a local charitable trust
created by FSP, which served as a partner organization of FSP’s, and which eventually took over and
ran some of FSP’s former programs.
       •      The creation of “Iumi Tugetha Holdings Limited”, a holding company which provided
the legal structure necessary for the creation and running of the various businesses. Profits from Iumi
Tugetha Holdings were split, with part being reinvested in the existing businesses and the creation of
new ones, and part going to Soltrust for further development work.

International development work, consultancies, evaluations, and trainings
      1994-95 Fiji — Regional Health Coordinator, FSP — I was one of two Regional Health
Coordinators for the Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific. We were responsible for

                       Curriculum Vitæ — Willis Eschenbach — Page 4
managing the health programs that the Foundation was running in Solomon Islands, Kiribati, and
Vanuatu. Half time, 1 year.
        1993-94 Fiji, Vanuatu — Evaluator, USAID. I was one of a two-man team doing an evaluation
of the country programs of a development organization. 6 weeks.
      1987 Fiji, Tonga — Evaluator, member of 2-man team, evaluating the South Pacific
Association for Family Health (SPAFH) for USAID. 2 weeks.
       1985 Tonga — Small Enterprise Development Consultant, recommending programs and
projects for Peace Corps Volunteer involvement with local business. 2 weeks.
      1985 Papua New Guinea — Small Enterprise Development Consultant, recommending
programs and projects for Peace Corps Volunteer involvement with local business. 3 weeks.
      1985 Lesotho — Water Systems Specialist, member of 2-person team advising Peace Corps
regarding the direction of Peace Corps Africa Food Systems Initiative in Lesotho. 3 weeks.
       1984 Morocco, Senegal, The Gambia, Togo — Evaluator, doing interviews (in French and
English) and collecting data for a joint USAID-Peace Corps evaluation of the Small Projects
Assistance Program. Member of 2-man team. 6 weeks.
       1983-84 Vessel “Askoy” — Refrigeration engineer, 60-foot fish processing vessel conversion.
Built and installed 1-ton blast freezer system for crayfish processing. 6 months.
      1983 Paraguay — Training Director, Peace Corps In-Service Training in Windmill Theory
and Construction. 25 participants, 2 assistant trainers. Training done in Spanish. 3 weeks
       1982 Ecuador, Paraguay, Jamaica — Programming and Training Consultant, for Peace Corps,
assessing programming and training needs. 6 weeks.
      1982 Costa Rica — Trainer, Peace Corps In-Service Training in Hydraulic Ram Theory and
Construction. 22 participants. Training done in Spanish. 3 weeks.
      1982 Ecuador — Training Director, Peace Corps In-Service Training in Windmill Theory and
Construction. 21 participants. Training done in Spanish. 3 weeks.
      1975   Mexico — Gemstone purchasing trip for fire agate and opal. 3 weeks.
     Other international travel: Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Mexico, Panama, Peru,
Ponape, St. Lucia, Switzerland, Tonga, Trinidad, Venezuela
Boatbuilding and Rigging Experience
      1981 F/V Coho, Bodega Bay, CA — Rebuilt 27-foot steel sailboat for commercial fishing. Did
arc welding, machinery installation, building fishing gear. 3 months.
      1979 F/V Tiara, Seattle, WA — Worked on construction of 32-foot aluminum boat. Did MIG
welding, electronics installation, interior finishing. 3 months.
        1978 S/V Estrella, Philippines — First Mate, 50-foot sailing vessel. Overhauled motor,
installed electronics, performed boat work, fit ship out. 5 months.
     1972    F/V Malihini, Makawao, HI — Built 22-foot wood and fiberglass sailing fishing boat. 5

                      Curriculum Vitæ — Willis Eschenbach — Page 5
     1971 F/V Angelina, Tomales Bay, CA — Worked on complete rebuild of 27 foot wooden
"Monterey Style" salmon fishing boat. 3 months.
Commercial Fishing Experience
       2006 Sport salmon fishing guide, Kenai River, Alaska — Ran a small power boat taking four
guests sport fishing on the Kenai. 14 hours/day, 2 months.
     1994 and 1995 F/V Ketok, Bristol Bay, Bering Sea — Crewman, salmon gill net boat.
Responsible for fishing and all engine and boat systems. 3 months.
       1981-84 F/V Coho, Bodega Bay, CA — Operator/50% Owner, 27-foot steel commercial fishing
sailboat. Installation and maintenance of all boat systems — hydraulic, engine, water, electric,
electronic, etc., plus fishing the boat. 0-5 months per year, depending on how good the season was.
Kept all accounts.
       1980 F/V Olinka, Richmond, CA — Operator/50% Partner in lease, 50-foot steel salmon
fishing boat. Responsible for all boat systems plus fishing. 4 months
      1979   F/V Tigara, Togiak, Bering Sea — Crewman, herring seine boat. 1 month.
      1979   F/V Big Bear, San Francisco, CA — Crewman, herring gill net boat. 1 month.
        1971 F/V Native Sun, San Diego, CA — Crewman, 60 foot albacore fishing boat. Responsible
for fishing and engine maintenance. 1 month.
      1971   F/V Angelina, Tomales Bay, CA — Crewman, beach seining for perch. 4 months.
     1969 F/V Three Sisters, Moss Landing, CA — Crewman, lampara netting for anchovy. Net
mending. 5 months.
      1968   F/V Vita Marie, Santa Cruz, CA — Crewman, lampara netting for pompano. 4 months.
Ranch Experience
       1952-63 Whitmore, CA — I grew up on a remote 110-hectare (280 acre) ranch with beef cattle,
pigs, horses, chickens, hay production, and a vegetable garden. I am experienced in most aspects of
ranch work — animal husbandry, hay production and care, irrigation and ditch construction, work
with horses, etc. In addition to work on our own farm, I worked summers for 3 years on other farms.
US Trainings and Consultancies
       1992 ACR, Roslyn, VA — Evaluator, Team Leader for 3-person team evaluating a 3-year
A.I.D. grant to the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee. 1 month
       1986 agAccess Inc, Davis, CA — Business Writer, producing a business plan and a proposal
for a book and information supply contract. 1 week.
       1985 DTI, Inc., Evergreen, CO — Trainer, Pre-service Training for Peace Corps, in Windmill
Construction and Photovoltaic Systems. Conducted trainings in construction as well as theory; did
other core training sessions as well. 31 trainees, 10 weeks.
        1985 Benchmarks, Inc., Washington, DC — Evaluator, writing sections of the final report for
the joint AID-Peace Corps evaluation of the Small Projects Assistance Program. 6 weeks.

                      Curriculum Vitæ — Willis Eschenbach — Page 6
      1985 Creative Associates, Washington, DC — Writer, initiating work by writing team to
produce a proposal for a training contract. 1 week.
     1984 Creative Associates — Worked with team designing survey instruments for the joint
AID-Peace Corps evaluation of the Small Projects Assistance Program. 1 week.
     1983-5 Self-employed — Trainer. Gave a series of half-day workshops on Business
Management Systems. 45 participants total.
     1983 DTI, Inc. — Training consultant. Wrote Peace Corps Manual T-25, Wind Systems for
Pumping Water. 3 weeks.
      1982 Farallones Institute — Trainer, Pre-service Training for Peace Corps, in Pedal and
Treadle Powered Machinery. Conducted training in machinery theory and construction. 25 trainees, 1
       1982 Farallones Institute — Training Consultant, designed 2-week Peace Corps Pilot In-
service Training in Windmill Theory and Construction. 2 weeks.
      1981 Farallones Institute — Trainer, Pre-service Training for Peace Corps, in Pedal and
Treadle Powered Machinery. Conducted training in machinery theory and construction. 26 trainees, 3
      1981 Farallones Institute — Training Consultant. Revised training and rewrote manual for 3-
week Peace Corps Pedal and Treadle Power Training. 2 weeks.
      1977 Farallones Institute — Trainer. Did a series of short workshops in Basic Construction
Techniques (carpentry, tool use and care, plumbing, electricity, etc.) 10-20 participants, 2 weeks total.
Well Drilling and Water Use Experience
       1975-76 Mirror Mountain Enterprises, St. Helena, CA — Assistant Driller. Ran percussion rig,
bailer, hard-faced tools, maintained rig, ran horizontal rig, learned to build well rigs. Installed
domestic water systems, including solar water heaters. 15 months part-time.
      1971 Black Bear Farm, Sawyers Bar, CA — Surveyed and worked on installation of irrigation
system for 70 acre farm. 2 months
     1970 Stone Mountain Farm, Lindreth, NM — Built digging tools, hand-dug a well. 2
months … no water …
Psychotherapy Experience
       1974-75 Kairos Community Center, Cotati, CA — I was one of three people who started and
ran a free service that provided counseling for people living in the area. 6 months.
       1972-73 Neuropsyche Analytic Group, Honolulu, HI — Trainee psychotherapist. Conducted
individual and group psychotherapy sessions under the direction of Dr. Charles Hawkins, PhD, and
served as Business Manager for the organization as well, handling all aspects of the business. 1 year.
Metal Mining, Refining, and Fine Metalwork Experience
      1981 Self-employed, Alameda, CA — Silver Refiner. Designed and built a small-scale refining
apparatus which produced 99.999% pure silver from scrap. I (and the Hunt Bros., for those old
enough to remember) took a bath when the silver market crashed. Ooops. 5 months.

                       Curriculum Vitæ — Willis Eschenbach — Page 7
       1975-77      Self-employed, St. Helena, CA — Jewelry Maker. Made and sold sterling silver
rings, pendants, and jewelry with precious and semi-precious gems. Part time, 2 years.
       1968 Self-employed, Placerville, CA — Gold miner. I was a diver for a partnership using a
12-inch (30 cm.) hydraulic dredge. Did maintenance on machinery, dry separation, magnetic
separation, sluicing. Found … 1 tablespoonful of gold … and it was $30 an ounce at that time … 2
Automobile Mechanics Experience
       1969-70 People's Garage, Santa Cruz CA — I was 1 of 4 partners in the formation and running
of an automobile garage. Did rebuilding and general repair on all types of cars. Part time, 2 years.
Musical and Artistic Experience
      1989 Solomon Islands — Designed package for “Solomon’s Choice” coffee, did logos,
business graphics, letterheads, cartoons, etc.
       1987-88 Solomon Islands — Played keyboards with “Unisound," selected as official band for
the S. I. Government 10th Independence Anniversary celebrations, recorded in the studio. 2 years,
part time
     1977-78 Freestone, CA — Played guitar and bass with "Wild Bill and the Righteous Mothers," a
3 woman, 1 man dance band. 2 years, part time.
         1973   Oakland, CA — Made and sold stained glass lighted sculptures
         1967-78 Santa Cruz, CA — Guitarist with "Sunburst," a 4-man dance band. 2 years, part time.
         1967   Santa Cruz, CA — Made and sold metal sculpture
        1965-66 Alaska, Florida, New York, California, and points between — Played guitar as a solo
act in nightclubs around the US. 2 years, part time.
Other Short-Term Jobs
        These were jobs lasting from one day to one month, and have included: short order cook,
professional blackjack player, commercial diver, tree topper, butchers assistant, lumper, cannery
worker, longshoreman, refrigeration repairman, truck driver, art class model, market survey field
worker, blacktopper, crab unloader, union laborer, massage teacher, night attendant for a paralyzed
man … and probably a few others as well.
Educational Experience
         1964-5     University of California, Berkeley, CA.
         1968-9     University of California, Santa Cruz, CA.
         1973-4     Laney College, Oakland, CA.
         1974       California Massage Certificate — Aames School of Massage, Oakland, CA.
         1975       BA, Psychology — Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA.
         1978 Passed US Federal Internal Revenue Service examination to qualify as Enrolled Tax
         1978   Farallones Institute — training in solar heating, wind power, and development issues.
         1993   Fiji Recompression Chamber — trained as dive chamber operator.

                         Curriculum Vitæ — Willis Eschenbach — Page 8
Publications, Patent, and Papers
      2006 “Problems with publishing scientific information on the web: how unusual were
temperatures in Svalbard, Norway?”, Energy and Environment magazine, 1/2007.
      2004 “Global Warming Not the Cause of Lake Tanganyika Decline”, Nature magazine,
      2004 “Tuvalu Not Experiencing Increased Sea Level Rise”, Energy and Environment
magazine, Vol. 15, No. 3, 2004.
      1994 Co-inventor, "Pneudraulic Pump," US patent issued 1996.
      1991 Published “Willis’ 1992 Tide Calendar for Honiara," since the official Solomons
Government tide tables are published yearly ... but usually not until about September of that year ...
      1990 Peace Corps Training Manual for Water Safety, done for Peace Corps Ponape
      1982 Peace Corps Training Manual T-25, “Wind Systems for Pumping Water”
      1981 Section on Human-Powered Machinery, in Peace Corps Training Manual for Integrated
             Training Program in Renewable Energy / Appropriate Community Technology

References available upon request

                       Curriculum Vitæ — Willis Eschenbach — Page 9
Skills with machinery and tools
Woodworking machinery
        Jointer           Lathe               Table Saw         Planer
        Boring machine    Alaska mill         Shaper            Bandsaw
Construction machinery
        Backhoe           Tractor             Dozer             Cement mixer
        Dump truck        Pumps               Jackhammer        Dynamite
        Wacker            Star drill
Electrical tools
        Oscilloscope      Signal generator    Multimeter        VSWR meter
Metalworking machinery
        Gas welder        Arc welder          Bending brake     Milling machine
        Metal lathe       Hyd. bending press Shears             Punch press
        MIG welder        TIG welder          Shaper            Sheet roller
Marine machinery
        Powerboats        Sailboats           Sonar             Radar
        VHF radio         Loran               Hydraulics        Scuba compressor
        Hookah            Underwater arc cutter (Broco rig)
Computer Hardware
        Macintosh         PC (Windows)        Tandy             Modems
        Scanners          Graphics tablets    MIDI systems      Networks
Computer Languages
        C/C++             Mathematica         Basic             R
        Hypertalk         VectorScript        Pascal            Visual Basic for Applications
Automotive machinery
        Impact wrench     Air compressor      Dwell meter       Vacuum meter
Well drilling machinery
        Percussion rig    Horizontal rig      Hand rig
Plumbing tools
        Propane torch     Pipe threader       Trenching machine
Jewelry machinery
        Tumbler           Electroplater       Buffer            Ultrasonic cleaner
        Jewelry torch     Casting centrifuge Flexshaft tool     Laser gemprinter
Farm machinery
        Farm tractor      Hay baler           Buck rake         Side delivery rake
        Tractor mower     Hydraulic wood splitter               Seed drill
Prime movers
        Windmill          Waterwheel          Photovoltaics     Hydroelectric plant
        Hydraulic ram     Infernal combustion engine
Other miscellaneous
        Photolathe        Fairchild photoengraver               Hydraulic dredge

                     Curriculum Vitæ — Willis Eschenbach — Page 10

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