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The benefits of SEO in link building.

Let me tell your story on your behalf. I am a Webmaster who is building links for the benefits. I
know that there are thousands like me. Exactly what are the benefits one is looking for thru link
building? Those are detailed below.

- Rushing Traffic to one's own Website: Lots of visitors should be coming in. A theme that links
one with the other enriching the visitor also enriches the link partners with business. Somebody
comes to a website away from you. The reciprocal links come to work and can bring the visitor to
your website. The more your linkages are, the better your visibility will be.

- Your website will go up in ranking: The keywords and the number of links are essential for the
search engine to reach your website through direct or reciprocal links. So it is beneficial to get
linked to websites with similar themes.

- Rich content of Your Website: What is rich content? It is the ability to enrich the visitor with
information, new looks out and improved vision. It is quite possible that you and not provide all to
most of the visitors. So what to be done? One has to be cementing with other like minded websites
with clever positioning. One should take a stand from where the visitor knows exactly about what
he/she is looking for. Some visitors may be lost after ending up at your website, so it is better to
help them out into safety with better knowledge dissemination while traveling out of the site.

- The more linking one does; the more credible one becomes: When you place a link with others,
others put a reciprocal link to you. In that process, the reader realizes that your are referred by a
number of sites and hence the credibility of your site goes up. Don't think that you are the only one
with good source to everybody. By becoming one out of so many, you become important. Web
traffic is of course important, but your image also builds up in the process.

- Be reachable to all in the Internet Community: Link building is free advertising the website. With

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every link you reach a section of web audience. When you reach, you are traversing a path that it is
traffic which people follow to reach you. When people with similar interests interact through and
because of you, you are considered to be a serious component of the community which increases

- Website affiliation : the other road towards link building : Without your initiation, there will be
some websites that will link up to you, which means that some traffic will end up at your doorstep,
which gives an illusion of an affiliation to another website. It results in increasing credibility and
visibility and you will be better recognized.

Your site can be submitted to relevant directories that take link building started. It should be done
as early as possible. Time is money and you can immediately start benefiting as soon as you get

Linking Strategies for Newbies
One of the most crucial mistakes I made when I first started Internet Marketing was not completely
understand the importance of proper back linking, anchor tags, keywords and the title tag. The
most important things to search engines is providing relevancy to search results using keywords in
the anchor tags and back links. Back links to your website has become one of the most or if not
important aspects to better Search Engine Result Positioning (SERP) using your keywords in your
anchor tags.

  One of the most common mistakes that I personally made with my website was in the title was:

 Title: Succeed Online with ES-Solution

   The problem with that title was; What does that have to do with my website and keywords?
Search Engines base a lot of importance on the keywords and the anchor tag contained in the back
link. Additionally, I submitted my website to many directories and search engines using that title.
What I am telling the search engines? That my most important keyword or keyword phrase is
"Succeed Online with ES-Solution." How many possible searchs do you believe would have that
exact phrase or keywords? Zero.

  My rankings for my keyword phrase "Internet Marketing eBooks" were even more horrible!

  Steps to avoiding this same mistake:

  Step 1: Never using a descriptive title

  Step 2: Choose the most relevant Keywords for your Title

  Step 3: Create back links using the appropriate anchor tag.

  My actions:

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  1. I changed my title to "Internet Marketing eBooks". Another important idea behind your title
and keywords is that the search engines will shift around your keywords to make more phrases. I
only have 3 Keywords but using different combination, I have 3 good keyword pharses:

    (1) Internet Marketing eBooks
    (2) Marketing eBooks
    (3) Internet Marketing

  2. And I began re-submiting my website to directories and search engines with the proper title
(anchor tag): "Internet Marketing eBooks"

  My results:

    (1) I have several back links with the anchor text "Internet Marketing eBooks", but
unfortunately I still have some of the old back links with the anchor text "Succeed on with ES-
Solution" dropping my overall relevancy to 54% when it should be 100%.

       (2) I have managed to achieve the number one ranking as of 6 December 2005 for the
           keyword phrase "Internet Marketing eBooks" in MSN and the number two ranking in

Viral Link Building Through Link Baiting
Link building is one of the major keys in ranking effectively with the search engines. Many
techniques have evolved to capitalize on the hidden gold from attaining top rankings and getting
free search engine traffic. Of them all, link baiting has to be one of the best methods to build
incoming links.

Link baiting boosts the link popularity of a web site and has quickly become a very effective
method of promoting web sites, by increasing their traffic and raising their search engine rankings.
Due to the viral aspects of link baiting, inbound links increase very quickly without much additional
input after it has been setup. Despite the fact that some consider it to be a black hat technique, link
baiting is very popular these days and many top SEO experts recommend it highly.

What is link baiting? It is simply a means of creating content that spreads like a virus on the
internet. No, this isn't the kind of virus that infects your computer. Rather, viral content writing
involves material that is made freely available online such as tools, useful software, articles, news,
gossip, humor, or controversy. The goal of this original content is to attract the interest of other
web publishers or peers in the industry, who in return, will add links to their web pages because
they like or consider the posted material to be interesting, original, or useful for their site visitors.
The materials used in link baiting can provide a valuable information resource to their readers and
visitors or it may be just rumor or gossip posted on the web site for the sole purpose of "hooking" as
many links as possible.

This technique doesn't involve requesting any links actively from other webmasters. Webmasters
voluntarily link to your website. This is a safer technique when compared to reciprocal linking or

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purchasing off-topic links which can get a site owner in trouble. It represents the true value and
meaning of the Internet.

The first thing everyone needs if they are going to 'bait' a link is of course a good 'hook'. As
mentioned before, there are various types of hooks, such as tools, software, news, attacks, humor,
rumors, controversy, articles, stories and essays. There are "nice" hooks and "nasty" hooks. SEO
experts do not recommend the nasty hooks, as they may lead to unexpected consequences (such as

In order to prepare the bait with the highest probability of success, you have to know the current
trends, latest news and any rumors on the web. Find the hottest, most intriguing topics or fill a void
of a sufficiently large market that needs to be addressed.

After you decide on a theme and write the material, you must promote it. It's easy to promote
something if you are a well-known author or blogger. In case you aren't, try to contact a
professional and ask for his help. Never ask for a link because most people get annoyed by that. If
the material being promoted has good content, it will most likely be noticed, read and linked
automatically without having to "beg" anyone to link to your site. Something that "catches the eye"
will spread all over the Internet like wildfire and attract lots of quality visitors to your website.

Link baiting has been revived somewhat lately due to the increase in popularity of blogs and RSS
which provide people with an easy method of posting their material online.

The main disadvantage of utilizing link-bait methods is that they are usually time consuming and
can be quite difficult to develop. In order to write interesting and original material for link baiting, a
great deal of investment in time and effort on research and brainstorming are needed.

At first sight link baiting may seem like it's not worth the effort because of the time and effort
involved. Well-orchestrated link baiting, however enables any webmaster to generate a ton of free
links from well-known sites and even top industry authority sites that would otherwise be expensive
or otherwise impossible to obtain. It can save thousands of dollars in advertising costs to obtain
these links and can potentially generate a lot of sales by attracting high quality traffic to your web
site especially if your materials have good content. With many top SEO experts recommending it,
this phenomenon has grown into a more mainstream marketing vehicle for webmasters.

SEO Dos And Don’ts

You don't have to be a SEO expert to make a fortune on the web. Search engine optimization is not
complicated at all. It may be exhausting and annoying. You may get frustrated. But it is so easy if
you know the basic rules. Read the following SEO Dos and Don'ts and start making money.

SEO Dos :

1. Stay natural - Search engines like natural behavior. Remember it whenever you get a tempting
proposal to pay for software that will boost your search engine optimization and get you to the top
search engine ranks.

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2. Links, Links, Links - The online world equivalent to: "Location, location, location". Links are the
foundation stones of your SEO strategy. The quantity and quality of the links pointing to your site
are the main criteria that affect your search engine ranking. Never stop creating new links to your
site using techniques like links exchanging, articles submitting, affiliate marketing, link buying etc.

3. Page and site optimization - Remember, Search Engines like what human like. Optimize your site
according to valuable keywords, you have found on or overture. Make the
navigation on your site easy and clear.

4. Automate and delegate - Do not work on your own - use software to automate processes and
outsource some of the search engine optimization to others.

SEO Don'ts:

1. Do not shoot and forget - Search engine optimization is an ongoing task. You will not see results
in a day or in a month. Do not work on one site too much too fast. In other words, add links and
pages to your site gradually.

2. Do not optimize only for the best search engine - Google is not the only search engine and all
search engine change their ranking algorithms every once in a while. Do your best to get your site
in a high place in at least three of the best search engines.

Now that you have read the SEO Dos and Don'ts, all there is to do is work on your sites' search
engine optimization. It may take time but it sure worth it - You can have fun and lots of money.
Good luck.

Three Basic Link Building Strategies
Relevant links from other websites are the foundation of any decent ranking in the search engines.
Finding those links, however, can be a daunting task at first. These three strategies are the basic
stuff for helping newer web sites gain one way links.

If you're not quite sure how to go about beginning to build up relevant one way links for your web
site here are my three starting strategies. If you put a decent amount of effort into them and your
web site approaches a decent level of quality you will see some very good results.

Writing and submitting articles for links
This one is obvious. It is also one of the very most effective ways to gain decent one way links.
There are hundreds of free article directories out there. By writing articles with good, solid, useable
content and submitting them to these directories it is very possible that you will find many sites
using your articles and linking back to your page.

The key to this though is that you want good, useful articles. You don't want to go around
submitting articles that are just ads for your product or even articles containing a ton of links to your
site and affiliate links. Write about something people want to know. You can even write for pure

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Most article directories usually allow you to include a resource box and/or author bio. This is where
you will add a bit about yourself and what you do along with a couple of links to your site or sites.
The terms of the directory usually specify that any body using the article for their site or ezine must
use the unaltered article, including bio and resource box, leaving all the links live.

The ultimate test of your articles usefulness will be measured by its spread to other sites or use in
ezines. Of course this does depend alot on how many article directories you submitted to. I can
usually find my articles on other sites within three days of submission. To check and see how far
your articles have spread type your articles title into the Google search bar in quotation marks. You
should see most of the sites using your article.

To maximize the potential of this strategy you will have to write and submit articles consistently.
People will begin looking for your name in the directories and your articles and one way links will
spread. Submit to as many article directories as is possible and maybe consider investing in some
article submission software if you want to get really serious.

Submit to the many different web directories
There is a limitless quantity of directories that you can submit your url to for free. Large ones like
DMOZ and Yahoo will get some major recognition from search engines for your site. Smaller ones
are good for a free backlink and maybe a trickle of traffic. When you put it all together it adds up
eventually. This strategy is usually the very start for people.

It's important to realize that most of the big directories are incredibly picky however. A listing in
DMOZ, for instance, will turn Google's head and also get you in the Google directory and several
other large directories and hundreds of web sites. DMOZ has seen everything though. Every listing
is carefully reviewed by a human editor. If your site isn't quite finished or just isn't really all that
special then you're asking for rejection by submitting the URL to DMOZ. If you're going to try to
submit your site to the big directories then make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

You may be able to tell that I consider DMOZ the most important directory listing to add to your
collection. DMOZ aside though, it's a good idea to make sure your web site is in good shape before
submitting to anything. This would even include search engines.

Discussion boards and other online communities
If you're involved in any chatroom communities, forums, video game clans or anything of the
nature make sure to use the tools provided effectively. Obviously don't spam people with your URL
or affiliate links or whatever but if there is a place to add your profile then do it. If you can link to
your web site in your signature then do it. If you email back and forth alot or forward all of those
stupid email jokes to several hundred people add your signature to your emails with a link to your

This is just basic common sense. Don't spam people or act like a walking advertisement. If you're a
respected member of an online community people will check out your profile and then your web
site. If your signature has a link to your site then every post becomes a one way link to your web
site. If the community ranks decently in the search engines this can definately be worth something.
When people become aware of your web site there is always the chance of forming partnerships
with like minded individuals that benefit your site and

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Give these strategies a trial run. With time you will find out what works best for you and come up
with even better ways of tracking down the all important links. I hope you found this article helpful.
Good luck.

How To Get Multiple Backlinks From Article

One of the keys to ranking well in the major search engines Google, Yahoo!, and MSN is having
lots of links to your website. But sometimes it's challenging to get those links - while once trading
links was the way to do it, today it's hard to get those links with quality websites. This is partly
because there's not a lot of room on those websites anymore, but it's also because reciprocal links,
the way backlinks used to be arranged, aren't as attractive to the good sites. You get much more out
of a link to a more popular site than they get out of a link from yours.

But if you offer something in exchange, your odds of getting that link go up a lot. The currency of
exchange on the Internet is knowledge - quality website content. That's why many webmasters are
turning to article submission services to promote their websites.

Using Articles to Get Links

Original articles placed on other websites are a fantastic way to get links back to your site. Not only
do original articles showcase your knowledge and skills, they also include something called a
"resource box" at the end. This box contains your name with two or three lines of information about
you and your business, and a link back to your website formatted in any way you wish.

Services like use original articles to place your one-way links. With specialized
submission software, they can get your articles, containing your resource box, out to hundreds of
websites. Once your article is posted, each of these websites will send out a one-way link to your
site from that resource box; even better, the sites your article is placed on have good rankings on
Google themselves.

Whatever Happened to Reciprocal Links?

Once upon a time, something like a year or two ago in the fast-moving world of the Internet,
reciprocal links in which you agree to link to someone if they link to you were a great way to make
your site look popular. But the techs at Google and other search engines figured this out. Their
search engines have been cataloguing who links to whom for a while, and it wasn't hard to figure
out which pages linked to one another for no discernable reason except to spam links, and exclude
those links.

This makes one-way links incredibly valuable. They're the primary link type you can be certain will

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count for you in the search engine races.

Reciprocal Links: Not Dead Yet

Despite the controls the search engines place on reciprocal links to prevent artificial inflation of
your site ranking, there is still a place for reciprocal linking.

Sites that link to one another and that have some similarity in content are the ones that search
engines still use to add to your rankings. But you can't do this with an automated submitter, though
many online companies would like you to think you can.

Instead, you need to research manually and individually each potential link partner. You'll need to
identify the partner, determine the site's suitability and compatibility for yours, and contact the
webmaster to propose an exchange of links. This is amazingly time-consuming, but over time
trading links can help you build your site ranking.

The best way to get your website jump-started in the rankings is through article submission. In the
beginning, you need the web equivalent of a nitric oxide boost, not incremental steps. Trading
reciprocal links can come later, when you have more time to devote to climbing in the ranks.

Building Solid Traffic With Backlinks

Many coaches put up web sites with the hope of getting clients from the Web. What usually happens
is they get nothing.

Here's the reason.

A web site isn't an ad. No one "peruses" web sites in some "web site newspaper." In fact, no one
will go to your site unless you specifically invite them. A web site actually needs advertising.

You need to build traffic to your site.

There are a lot of great ways to do this and one terrific way is with backlinks.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link FROM another site TO your site.

For example, if you are a member of Coachville, and someone is looking for a coach, then it is
possible that this person sees your listing in the "Find a Coach" section and clicks a link to your
web site.

This is a backlink from Coachville to your site.

Backlinks are also referred to as "in-bound links" and sometimes can be called "reciprocal links."

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Many of the links that coaches have on their web site are designed to take visitors from the coach's
web site to other web sites. These are usually located in a link section or a resources section. These
are also called "forward links" or "outbound links."

The important thing to note is that a backlinks bring visitors TO your site. Once visitors come to
your web site, you can turn them into clients, product sales, newsletter subscribers, commissions
and more.

So why are backlinks totally awesome?

Firstly, the obvious, is direct traffic to your site. This traffic can be cashed in for clients or sales.

Secondly, when done right, "backlinking" can sky-rocket your search engine rankings and thus
result in even more traffic.


From the eyes of search engines, your "site's worth" increases when the number of backlinks
increases. Each backlink raises the popularity of your web site.

It's like being the popular kid in school. The more kids who know you, the more popular you are.

What does this lead to?

When people put the phrase "life coach" into a search engine, for the most part, the sites with higher
popularity will come up first.

Thirdly, backlinks can create consistent traffic.

Sending out newsletters and giving talks often bring you immediate "bursts" of traffic.
Bursts of traffic are great, but require you to make those additional efforts in order to continue to get
that traffic.

Backlinking builds a steady, consistent, and predictable stream of traffic that keeps coming without
additional work. You can confidently expect the same number of visitors each month.

Fourthly is the snowball-effect.

Creative backlinking strategies can create a situation where your web site is attracting backlinks
without you doing any work at all. It's like a snowball going down-hill that continues to grow.

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Now that you have some of the basics of building your backlinks to get higher rankings on the serps
for your website and your chosen keywords that you are targeting – Do you want to Supercharge
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