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									NDSU ReSeaRch + TechNology PaRk
      2009 AnnuAl report

       the edge
       &            teChnology pArk
                                                                                                                                                                                         EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE
    ndSu reSeArCh
                        The	NDSU	Research	&	Technology	Park,	Inc.,	(RTP)	is	a	501(c)
                        (3)	corporation	created	to	provide	university	researchers	and	
                        private	industry	a	central	location	to	combine	their	talents	to	
                        develop	new	technologies,	methods	and	systems.	It	covers	
                                                                                                               the poWer of plACe
                        55	acres	on	the	north	end	of	the	North	Dakota	State	University	      The NDSU Research & Technology Park           ■	 A software and services firm that is       U.S. Department of Commerce official
                        campus	in	Fargo,	N.D.	The	RTP,	a	member	of	the	Association	          (RTP) provides academic researchers and       capitalizing on breakthroughs in wireless     cited the RTP as a prime example of
                        of	University	Research	Parks,	is	led	by	an	executive	director	       private-sector partners a place to combine    devices, sensor networks, Radio Frequency     technology-based economic development.
                        and	a	10-person	board	of	directors.                                  talents to develop new technologies,          Identification and positioning technolo-
                                                                                             methods and systems.                          gies to advance tracking and automation       AURP estimates that 300,000 people
                        MISSIon                                                                                                            of business assets.                           in North America work in university
                        The	NDSU	Research	&	Technology	Park	operates	to	enhance	             It’s a simple statement, but one that is                                                    research parks and that every core job
                        the	investments	in	North	Dakota	State	University	by	the	citizens	    packed with potential. Since its inception,   ■	 A software firm that grew 500 percent      in a research park generates an average
                        of	 North	 Dakota.	 Through	 partnerships	 with	 international,	     the Park has gone to great lengths to         in closed sales revenue and 400 percent       of 2.57 jobs in the economy. The RTP
                        national	and	regional	centers	of	excellence,	high	technology-        develop it to its fullest.                    in its customer base during its time in the   employs more than 550 people with an
                        based	businesses	and	the	research	community	at	NDSU,	the	                                                          Technology Incubator, from October 2007       average salary of $51,000.
                        RTP	will	achieve	successful	technology-based	development	            Today, the RTP positions North Dakota         through February 2009. The company
                        and	broaden	the	economic	base	of	North	Dakota.	Scientific	    	      State University as a leader in the state,    did it with a product that helps health       As we move forward, we are focusing on
                        and	 technological	 advancement	 will	 be	 promoted	 through	        with technology-based economic devel-         care be more efficient with an all-in-one     five AURP policy recommendations:
                        the	development	of	facilities	and	research	centers	conducive	        opment strategies that provide real-world     system that serves as a wireless nurse
                        to	cutting	edge	research.	The	park	will	establish	an	innovation	     educational experiences for students          call, provides security and access control,   ■	 Establish American innovation zones
                        accelerator	unit,	which	offers	space,	facilities	and	services	to	    and high-technology career opportunities      prevents patients from wandering, offers      to modernize the U.S. approach to fostering
                        technology-based	entrepreneurs	and	businesses.                       for graduates.                                a wireless alert for staff or patients in     competitive research and development.
                                                                                                                                           duress, creates work orders for malfunc-                                                                  tony grindberg
                                                                                             The RTP’s short history is told through       tioning equipment and manages assets          ■	 Enact a Federal Innovation Zone
                    oBJeCtIveS                                                                                                                                                                                                         The NDSU Research & Technology Park
                                                                                             multiple success stories. Over its first      and inventory.                                Partnership Program to focus on areas of
                    ■	 	 o	operate	for	the	benefit	of	NDSU	by	assisting	the	university	
                       T                          	                                                                                                                                                                                    is proud to be leading the way. Clearly,
                                                                                             10 years, it has contributed to the quality                                                 high national needs, such as energy
                       with	its	teaching,	research	and	public	service	missions.                                                                                                                                                        this is a powerful place, one with the talent
                                                                                             of education at NDSU, diversified the         The hard work of our staff, our tenants       research, homeland security, food safety
                    ■	 	 o	achieve	successful,	technology-based	economic	
                       T                                                                                                                                                                                                               and drive necessary for discovering
                                                                                             economy of the state and built an environ-    and Technology Incubator clients is being     and global climate change.
                       development.                                                                                                                                                                                                    tomorrow’s breakthrough technologies.
                                                                                             ment for discovery. New businesses have       noticed. In 2006, the RTP received a
                    ■	 	 o	create	a	technology	incubator	that	will	be	mutually	beneficial	   been established, developed and are           national award from the U.S. Department       ■	 Build sustainable communities of
                       to	NDSU	and	North	Dakota	by	assisting	entrepreneurs,	start-up	                                                                                                                                                  Thank you for your continuing support
                                                                                             thriving; great career opportunities have     of Commerce for “Best” in the nation for      innovation to encourage researchers and
                       businesses	and	existing	businesses	with	new	ventures.                                                                                                                                                           and partnership.
                                                                                             been created for talented, intelligent        Technology-Based Economic Development.        entrepreneurs to live where they work.
                    ■	 	 o	provide	RTP	occupants	access	to	research,	development	            people; and new families are flourishing
                       and	problem-solving	resources	at	NDSU.                                                                                                                                                                          Sincerely,
                                                                                             in North Dakota.                              We continue to push for greater success       ■	 Solidify tax benefits for research and
                    ■	 	 o	create	a	business	environment	dedicated	to	applied	                                                             for the people of our state, the region,      development to create an even playing
                       research	and	technological	discovery	for	the	benefit	of		             Businesses in the RTP and those that have     the nation and the world. The United          field with our global competitors.
                       NDSU	faculty,	staff	and	students.                                                                                                                                                                               Tony S. Grindberg
                                                                                             recently graduated from our Technology        States must reinvigorate its research and
                    ■	 	 o	provide	a	pool	of	professionals	as	a	resource	for	teaching	
                       T                                                                                                                                                                                                               Executive Director
                                                                                             Incubator are worldwide innovation leaders.   development efforts, and we are uniquely      ■	 Import innovation to recruit foreign
                       and	applied	research	and	development	at	NDSU.                                                                                                                                                                   NDSU Research & Technology Park
                                                                                             They include:                                 positioned not only to contribute, but to     technology companies.
                    ■	 	 o	facilitate	the	transfer	and	application	of	scientific	                                                          help lead the way.
                       research	to	the	global	economy.                                       ■	 A company that develops innovative                                                       America needs to focus on research and
                    ■	 	 o	promote	economic	development	in	Fargo	and	North	Dakota,	          flight data recorders and award-winning        The RTP is a member of the Association        development to maintain its leadership in
                       enhance	the	value	of	North	Dakota	citizens’	investment	in	            3-D software for flight analysis and train-    of University Research Parks (AURP), a        science and innovation. New ventures face
                       NDSU	and	enhance	the	state’s	economic	base.                           ing programs. The advanced technology         professional association that promotes        tremendous odds, and risk is a necessary
                    ■	 	 o	pay	out	and	distribute	funds	to	NDSU	for	scientific	  	           business designs, manufactures and sup-       and supports university research and          part of the equation. However, research
                       investigation,	research,	technological	advancement	and	               ports electronic, mechanical and software     science parks worldwide. AURP is in the       indicates that firms that graduate from
                       educational	opportunities.                                            products for aerospace, defense and           midst of a campaign called “The Power of      research park incubators are more likely
                                                                                             transportation applications worldwide.        Place,” a national strategy for building      to succeed and, overall, research parks
                                                                                                                                           America’s communities of innovation.          provide support in terms of research
                    vISIon                                                                   ■	 A software company that helps              At the association’s spring meeting,          and human capital that help minimize
                    The	NDSU	Research	&	Technology	Park	serves	as	a	catalyst	for	            change the way media advertising is           former NDSU President Joseph A. Chapman       the risks.
                    innovation	in	science	and	technology	leading	to	discoveries	that	        bought and sold.                              was an invited keynote speaker, and a
                    contribute	to	North	Dakota’s	economic	development.

1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2
    The	RTP	and	the	Technology	Incubator	         rtp tenAntS                                                                               teChnology InCuBAtor ClIentS
    are	home	to	fast-paced,	high-growth	
                                                                                                                                            Avenue right provides leading-edge advertising services utilizing robust Internet larada Sciences is a science-based

    companies	 that	 promote	 economic	           10•09 Appareo Systems, llC is a growing company with more than 100 years
                                                            of combined experience in electronics design and engineering. As a              and database technologies in order to boost productivity and streamline the current medical technology company dedicated
    development	in	North	Dakota.	Each	of	
                                                            leader in the burgeoning field of augmented reality, the company is focused     manual processes for planning, evaluating and buying advertising media.             to the elimination of human head lice
    them	has	the	potential	to	compete	            GRAD on creating advances in flight data recording and analysis. Appareo has                                                                                                   infestations. Headquartered in Salt
    globally	or	is	already	doing	so	effec-        53 full-time employees and several student interns.                                       Bolder thinking is developing advanced call center technology that leverages Lake City, the company develops and
    tively.	 To	 operate	 within	 the	 RTP,	 a	                                                                                             the current state-of-the-art in cloud computing to create a ‘hosted’ call center commercializes proprietary head lice
    company	 should	 be	 involved	 in	 the	       Bobcat®, an anchor tenant of the Technology Incubator, is a leader in the design and      telephony infrastructure.                                                           treatment technologies, including new
    advancement	and	development	of	new	           construction of compact equipment for the industrial, construction and agribusiness                                                                                           medical devices and related services,
                                                  industries. The company conducts research and development in the facility.                The fargo-Moorhead Angel Investment fund is a Regional Angel Investor that eradicate head lice without the use
    technology,	be	willing	to	establish	a	
                                                                                                                                            Network (RAIN) Fund for start-up ventures in Fargo-Moorhead established by a of chemicals or pesticides. (see story
    working	relationship	with	NDSU	and	                                                                                                     group of local investors working with RAIN Source Capital. RAIN Source Capital is page 9)
                                                  ndSu Candlewood Suites, operated by Sonmar Management Corp., is a $4 million
    work	in	one	or	more	of	the	following	         extended-stay hotel with 72 guest rooms intended primarily for visitors conducting        a multi-state network of RAIN funds that works with angel investors interested in
    technology	fields:
                	                                 business at the RTP or on the NDSU campus. The hotel employs students and                 supporting growing companies. It provides investment capital, a process for due My S dot touch is developing the “My S
                                                  includes a classroom for courses in Hospitality & Tourism Management.                     diligence, legal templates, management support, access to deal flow and other Dot Touch” netbook. The hybrid book-like
    ■	 Material	Sciences                                                                                                                    resources. The F-M RAIN Fund focuses on growth companies. Students working in laptop is an all-in-one technology
                                                  The ndSu Center for nanoscale Science & engineering (CNSE) conducts multi-                the Technology Incubator gain real-world experience and provide value to companies device with dual touch screens that
    ■	 	 iosciences	and	Life	Science	
       B                                          disciplinary research with partners in the governmental, private and university           by completing due diligence for fund investment requests.                           allow it to serve as an e-reader, laptop
       Technology                                 sectors. CNSE’s scientific capabilities include bioactive materials, combinatorial                                                                                            computer, cell phone, MP3 player, photo
                                                  science, corrosion protection, electronics miniaturization, flexible electronics and       feed Management Systems™, Inc. is an award-winning software company that album and much more.
    ■	 Information	Technology                     materials, hard coatings, wireless sensors and radio frequency identification             provides integrated business management technology for the global animal feed
                                                                                                                                            manufacturing industry. The company’s software solutions help ensure the safety, 10•09 pedigree technologies is a

                                                  (RFID). (see story page 5)
    ■	 Nanotechnology                                                                                                                       quality and affordability of the global feed supply by helping manufacturers manage           leader in the machine-to-
                                                  The ndSu department of Coatings & polymeric Materials is a national leader in             and report their nutrition, formulation and production data and processes.                    machine industry that designs
    ■	 	 dvanced	Manufacturing	and	
       A                                          developing new materials for NASA, the U.S. Department of Defense and private
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 GRAD and develops intelligent asset
       Sensors/Micro-Electronics                  industry. It includes the only Corrosion and Coatings Research Center in North America.   formulanow llC has designed an on-demand infant formula dispensing system management systems. The company’s
                                                                                                                                            which provides a safe, efficient and consistent method of preparing a bottle of “Oneview Platform,” an advanced soft-
                                                  The ndSu office of research, Creative Activities & technology transfer facilitates        infant formula with the push of a button. (see story page 10)                       ware and hardware system, unites sensor
                                                  and supports research and creative activities across campus. It assists faculty in                                                                                            networking technologies with the World
                                                  seeking and submitting proposals for research funding and protecting intellectual         genosys llC was incorporated in May 2009 by a group of investors with vested Wide Web. It enables organizations
                                                  property and fosters partnerships with government and private business. It includes the   interests in the global seed industry, particularly in the areas of hybrid sunflower to deliver remote, real-time inventory,
                                                  Office of Sponsored Programs Administration, the Office of Technology Transfer, the       seed breeding, production and distribution. With its first round of capitalization, product and performance information, as
                                                  Office of Federal Government Relations and the Center for High Performance Computing.     the company was able to acquire a 15-year-old sunflower breeding program. well as post-sale support and response
                                                                                                                                            Genosys’ business objective is to capture the explosive growth momentum and for replenishable assets, vehicles, machinery
                                                  The ndSu rfId and Wireless Sensor laboratory, housed in the Technology                    market potential of developing markets such as China, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. and equipment, and to do it from anywhere
                                                  Incubator, is part of the Center for Nanoscale Science & Engineering. The lab             Genosys aims to provide well-developed products that cater to country-specific in the world.
                                                  provides testing capabilities and support for research and development partnerships       farming practices and consumption behaviors. Genosys’ social objective is to
                                                  between NDSU, industry and government in RFID technology areas.                           elevate the living standards of the people in developing countries’ agrarian
                                                                                                                                            communities through shared knowledge and education that help increase crop
                                                  phoenix International, a John Deere® company, designs and manufactures highly             yield and profitability.
                                                  rugged, customized and integrated electronic components and systems.
                                                                                                                                            02•09 Intelligent InSites, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise visibility solutions

                                                                                                                                            TI       for the healthcare market. The InSites Enterprise Visibility Platform™
                                                                                                                                                     improves operational performance by providing health care organizations
                                                                                                                                             GRAD with a single system capable of locating patients, staff, equipment, and
                                                                                                                                            inventory via information derived through a variety of wireless locating technologies.
                                                                                                                                            The information is then leveraged to streamline and automate patient flow, asset
                                                                                                                                            management and inventory management activities.

3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          4
        CnSe: teChnology, people And InnovAtIon
                                                                 coatings being tested that could be
        North Dakota State University’s Center for Nanoscale Science
                                                                 used on military and commercial
        & Engineering (CNSE) conducts large-scale, multidisciplinary                                                                                          ndSu defines Materials and
                                                                 ships, wireless sensor research that
        research for government and industry. CNSE scientists combine
                                                                 contributed to product develop-
        their talents to discover, innovate and achieve technology                                                                                            nanotechnology research
        breakthroughs in a variety of areas.                     ment for a major corporation, and an
                                                                 agro-security project that uses RFID                                                        NDSU has established          is an essential response to the needs of
        CNSE is in the RTP along with the Center for Advanced to track cattle. CNSE’s research                                                              a new type of research         the state, region and nation.
        Electronics Design and Manufacturing, the Center for has been recognized in various                                                                 environment for students.
        Integrated Electronic Systems, the Center for Surface publications including Wired maga-                                                           The new Materials and           NDSU recently added an established
        Protection for Hard Coatings, the Center for Nanoscale zine and The Financial Times.                                                               Nanotechnology graduate         researcher and two junior experimentalists
        Energy-Related Materials and the NDSU Product Design                                                                                              program offers students          who will enhance the strengths of current
        Center. CNSE employs more than 120 people including full CNSE continues to build upon its                                                        a unique opportunity to           faculty. Faculty members from the College
                                                                                                          Dr.	Larry	Pederson
        time staff, part-time students and faculty researchers.  national and international reputation                                                   participate in nontraditional     of Science and Mathematics and the
                                                                  for research in microelectronics, coatings, nanotechnology,                           interdisciplinary research in      College of Engineering and Architecture in
                                                                  robotics and other areas. In mid-2009, Dr. Larry Pederson                            a shared facility.                  multiple disciplines, including chemistry,
                                                                  was named as director to lead CNSE into its next phase                                                                   civil engineering, coatings and polymeric
                                                                  of development.                                                                      Dr. Daniel Kroll, professor and     materials, mechanical engineering and
                                                                                                                                                       head of the NDSU Physics            physics, will contribute to the interdisci-
                                                                            Pederson most recently held the position of laboratory                    Department, says the facility        plinary program.
                                                                            fellow in the Energy and Environment Directorate at Pacific               will allow students to participate
                                                                            Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, Wash.                  in experiments, which was not         The program will be ideal for graduate
                                                                            He managed the High Temperature Electrochemistry                        previously possible. “The lab space    student researchers because materials and
                                                                            Center/Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance Coal-Based               is essential,” he said. “Students can   nanotechnology research incorporates
                                                                            Systems Core Research program. He has published approxi-              become introduced to a subject           multiple disciplines. Current research
                                                                            mately 140 journal articles and conference papers, holds five        through experimentation. They get         includes polymers, super hard coatings,
                                                                            U.S. patents and has three patents pending. He also holds            to work with materials before they        new materials for electronics, nanomaterials,
                                                                            16 foreign patents.                                                   truly understand what is going on,       nanofabrication, bio-nano systems, com-
                                                                                                                                                   and then they get excited about         putational materials science and engi-
                                                                                “I find the technical breadth and quality of research and           the field.”                            neering, and nanomedicine. Applications
                                                                                development activities being conducted at CNSE to be truly                                                 include protecting metals from corrosion
                                                                                impressive,” said Pederson. “I look forward to working with        Materials science and nanotech-         using coatings and other research into
                                                                                the talented staff and faculty to identify technical thrusts,      nology research is at the cutting       medical issues such as artificial tissue
                                                                                procure funding, establish strategic partnerships and build         edge of science and technology.        and medicine delivery.
                                                                                                                                                     Graduate students with a tech-
    The	Center	for	Nanoscale	Science	and	Engineering	conducts	multi- upon the opportunity to attract outstanding researchers and
    disciplinary	research.	CNSE’s	scientific	capabilities	include	electronics	 students while expanding research facilities and capabilities.”
                                                                                                                                                     nical background are vigorously       The Center for Materials and Nanoscience’s
    miniaturization,	flexible	electronics	and	materials,	wireless	sensors	and	                                                                        recruited by prospective             location, in half of the new 40,000-square-
    radio	frequency	identification	(RFID),	hard	coatings,	bioactive	materials,	 Pederson’s PNNL research team received an R&D 100 and                  employers. The demand in            foot Appareo Systems facility in the RTP,
    combinatorial	science	and	corrosion	protection.	                                                                                                   this area is due to growth in       will be ideal for research collaboration.
                                                                      Federal Laboratory Consortium Technology Transfer Award
                                                                      for developing a unique technology for producing ultrafine                        the field. One of the best         Typically, the materials and nanotech-
        Also known as Research 2, CNSE includes 77,000 square feet ceramic powders that improve manufacturing of solid oxide                             known estimates, published        nology discipline is made up of groups of
        of clean room, laboratory and engineering spaces and an RFID fuel cells and many other important products. The R&D 100                           by the National Science           researchers from different departments
        and wireless sensor lab within the RTP. CNSE scientists focus award from R&D Magazine honors inventors by identifying                             Foundation, estimates that       with no common space.
        on a variety of research areas, including:                    the 100 most technologically significant products and                               a world market for nano-
                                                                      advancements for each year and recognizing winning inno-                             technological products will  Materials and nanotechnology research-
        ■	 	 ioactive Materials
           B                                                          vators and their organizations.                                                       make up $1 trillion in 2015.ers also plan to collaborate with the
        ■	 	 ombinatorial Science
           C                                                                                                                                                                            NDSU Center for Nanoscale Science &
        ■	 	 orrosion Protection
           C                                                          “As CNSE continues to grow, Dr. Pederson’s leadership will                             As the first and only pro- Engineering, which conducts large-scale,
        ■	 	 lectronics Miniaturization
           E                                                          assist us in developing innovative technologies while building                         gram of its kind in North multi-disciplinary research for government
        ■	 	 lexible Electronics & Materials
           F                                                          partnerships and opportunities for researchers, faculty and                             Dakota, the graduate and private sectors.
        ■	 	 ard Coatings
           H                                                          students,” said Dr. Philip Boudjouk, NDSU’s vice president for                          program in materials
        ■	 	 ireless Sensors & Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) research, creative activities and technology transfer.
           W                                                                                                                                                   and nanotechnology

        CNSE’s scientific achievements include work on microsensors For more information, go to
        used by the U.S. military on several continents, fouling-release

5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          6
                     The Technology Incubator is expanding
                     NDSU’s role in the development and
                     commercial application of technology            “The Technology Incubator has made it possible for Bobcat Company to be involved in the student scholarship
                     and helping lead the way to greater             program. This program allows us to work with top university talent from multiple disciplines. The students gain
                     diversification and growth in the local,        insight to office and laboratory working environments and witness the complete product development life cycle.”
                     regional and global economies. Since it         – Scott Rossow, Engineering Manager, Global Electronics Systems, Bobcat Company
                     opened in March 2007, the Incubator has
                     been promoting the development of
                      new technology-based companies by              Incubators improve the success rate of    “Our state-of-the-art facility helps our
                       providing access to financing, technical      early-stage technology ventures by        entrepreneurs project a professional
                         and business assistance, market             reducing start-up risks through an        image, but if someone is seeking office
                          research, management consulting            established process of support. Having    space, the Incubator is not for them,”
                           and shared services in a state-of-        access to a high level of expertise from  Wyland said. “We’re here to provide
                            the-art facility.                        successful entrepreneurs and a variety    value-added services and access to the
                                                                     of professional disciplines is critical totechnical assistance they need so they
                              “The overall goal of the               an entrepreneur’s success.                can focus on growing their businesses,
                               Technology Incubator is to pro-                                                 building their teams, getting to market
                                vide a wide range of programs        “We have established an incredible group and doing all of the things they need to
                                 and services that foster the        of serial entrepreneurs and business do to become profitable and successful.”
                                 formation of high-growth            executives who have graciously agreed
                                  technology ventures, accel-        to serve on our entrepreneurial coaching
                                   erate their time to market        team and share their time and talent with
                                   and ultimately increase their     our entrepreneurs,” Wyland said. “They
                                                                                                                    teChnology InCuBAtor eConoMIC dAtA
                                                                                                                                                     As of June 30, 2008      As of June 30, 2009

    teChnology InCuBAtor eXpAndS ndSu’S role                                                                          Tenants

                                    chance for long-term success,”   are very successful in their respective          Student employees                                14                         12
                                    said Brenda Wyland, RTP          industries and lend significant guidance to      NDSU graduates                                   32                         48
                                    Technology Incubator manager.    the start-up companies in the Incubator.”
                                                                                                                      Total Monthly Salaries                   $489,233                 $732,080
                                   From local and regional           Wyland notes that increasing student             annualized Salaries                     $5,870,802              $8,784,960
                                   perspectives, the Incubator       involvement in entrepreneurial activities
                                   serves as a catalyst for          is also important. The Incubator has
                                  economic development by            expanded its entrepreneurial scholarship          “The student scholarship program
                                  growing technology-based           program to engage scholarship recipients                                                         entrepreneurIAl
                                                                                                                       will give me real world experience
                                 companies. Over this past           with clients located in the facility. “We      only 10 minutes from campus where I
                                                                                                                                                                      CoAChIng teAM
                                year alone, the Incubator            provide students opportunities to work         can study and implement what I study
                               celebrated the graduations            for fast-paced, high-growth start-up                                                      Barry Batcheller Appareo Systems
                                                                                                                    at the same time. I am excited for the
                              of three client companies:             companies, and our clients benefit from          opportunity to work with experts in      Chris Byron Prairie Consulting Group
                             Appareo Systems, Intelligent            access to student talent and future                     the field that I am pursuing.”     neil doty N.C. Doty & Associates
                            InSites and Pedigree Technologies.       employees,” she said.                                               – Blaine Hartkopf,    dan fisher The Copper River Group
                           Meanwhile, it also brought sev-                                                           junior mechanical engineering major       rick kasper Global Electric Motorcars
                          eral new start-up companies into           Wyland also has implemented an industry                      from Howard Lake, Minn.
                         the program.                                best practice, a corporate sponsorship                                                    Chuck needham Phoenix International
                                                                     program. “Building a strong business
                       “The impact the Technology Incubator          requires access to quality service providers
                     has on the local economy is impressive,         such as legal and accounting services.
                     with 121 employees and a total annual pay-      This program provides our entrepreneurs
                     roll of more than $8 million,” said Wyland.     access to comprehensive resources that
                                                                     are critical for starting and growing their
                                                                     businesses,” she said.

7                                                                                                                                                                                                       8
    Incubator Company gets AheAd of an Itchy problem                                                                        Incubator Start-up
                                A company in the Technology        Dr. Dale Clayton from the University of Utah is the      eases nights for parents, Infants
                                Incubator has developed a          company’s lead scientist and technology inventor. He
                                 solution to an itchy problem      founded Larada Sciences with several seasoned entre-     Three o’clock in the morning, with
                                 that’s spreading across the       preneurs with numerous successful technology and         an impatient infant crying in the
                                 United States and around the      medical device start-up companies to their credit.       background, is no time to be fum-
                                world: head lice.                                                                           bling with the bottle. FormulaNow, a
                                                                  Rigby said North Dakota’s can-do attitude, the state’s    start-up venture in the Technology
                       Each year, 6-12 million Americans are firm commitment to economic development, the                   Incubator, has the formula for
                    infested with head lice, and American availability of great talent, access to NDSU facilities           making late-night feedings easier
                  children miss 12-24 million school days as a and students, the proximity of a top-notch manufactur-       on bleary-eyed parents and their
          result. Unfortunately, most popular treatments, such                                                              hungry babies.
          as chemical shampoos, louse combs and home
          remedies, are largely ineffective. And, like many                                                                 FormulaNow, a 2009 InnovateND
          crop insects, head lice are parasites that are rapidly                                                            Idea champion winner, is an on-de-
          evolving chemical resistance to many of the traditional                                                           mand infant formula dispensing
          pesticide-based treatments.                                                                                       system created by aaron lamb,
                                                                                                                            Nikki lamb and Douglas Snider.
          The LouseBuster™ device, the first patent-pending                                                                 The system alleviates steps such as
          product developed by Larada Sciences, is a break-                                                                 boiling water, measuring powdered
          through medical device that provides a safe, fast                                                                 formula and making sure the formula
          and highly effective way to eradicate all generations                                                             is the correct temperature. It allows
          of head lice without using chemicals. The LouseBuster                                                             parents or childcare providers to
          device kills lice and their eggs in a single 30-minute                                                            prepare perfectly reconstituted
          treatment by delivering a large amount of controlled,                                                             infant formula at the ideal temper-
          warm air to a person’s scalp and to the base of hair                                                              ature in just a few seconds with the    Nikki	Lamb,	President,	FormulaNow
          shafts where lice and their eggs are most frequently                                                              push of a button.
                                                                                  The	Lousebuster	Machine
          located. The new technology is safe, extremely
          effective, affordable and fast, according to Larada      ing partner and a solid base of early stage investment   “FormulaNow allows caregivers to create a safe, sanitary and consistent
          Sciences CEO Larry Rigby. And, since no chemicals        capital and development programs all contributed to      bottle of formula every time, whether at home or at daycare,” said Nikki
          are involved, it is safe even for individuals who have   the decision to locate Larada Sciences in the            lamb, the company’s president.
          asthma, allergies or other conditions that preclude      Technology Incubator.
          traditional chemical treatments.                                                                                  The system resulted from the lambs’ vision for an easier way to get a
                                                                   “The Technology Incubator is a very good fit for our     bottle of infant formula ready. Parents of five children, aaron has corporate
          The Food and Drug Administration has reviewed North Dakota operations, not just in terms of office                                    experience with on-demand beverage systems, and
          and cleared the LouseBuster for marketing, and space and shared services, but also for the programs                                      Nikki’s background is in sales and marketing. They
          Larada’s scientific data has been published in the and services it offers,” he said. “Being surrounded by                                  combined their talents with Snider, an architect
          peer-reviewed journal Pediatrics.                        other technology innovators in the Red River Valley                                 and designer in chicago who is responsible for
                                                                   is also an invaluable benefit.”                                                      the design and aesthetics of the FormulaNow
          “This new treatment can minimize or even eliminate                                                                                             dispensing system. all three are North Dakota
          school and workplace absenteeism due to head lice Larada Sciences will begin manufacturing the                                                  State University alumni.
          infestations,” said Rigby. “Further, it is very unlikely LouseBuster devices at ComDel Innovations in
          that lice will evolve resistance to the treatment, so Wahpeton in January 2010. They are being sold                                            “The Technology Incubator has provided
          health practitioners have a new primary treatment primarily to health care professionals for use in                                             FormulaNow invaluable resources such as
          that is highly effective for all infestations.”          schools, clinics and other places where lice are                                        coaches and mentors, corporate sponsors,
                                                                   commonly diagnosed or treated. The treatment also                                       a network of support and in-kind services that
                                                                   will be available through a network of company-run                                       have reduced our initial financial burden,”
                                                                   service providers and through certified lice treatment                                    said Nikki lamb. “Residing in this state-of-
                                                                   providers around the world who will provide the                                            the art facility adjacent to NDSU also
                                                                   treatment and other head lice services.                                                     gives us access to the resources we
                                                                                                                                                                need to further our research and grow
                                                                   For more information, go to                                          our business.”

9                                                                                                                                                                                                           10
                                                    the tAlent portfolIo

     In	today’s	highly	competitive	and	global	      the pluS eXperIenCe                                                                    reCruItIng ServICeS                                                                       talent Workshops
     marketplace,	 it’s	 not	 enough	 to	 help	                                                                                                                                            neXt StepS                                The goals of these sessions will be to
     entrepreneurial	companies	get	started.	 The Plus Experience is a class offered in        “The program provided the students a         Miller also implements recruiting initiatives                                             educate students and connect them with
                                                                                                                                                                                           The Technology Incubator has to move targeted employers through assessments
     To	be	viable,	both	in	the	short	and	long	 conjunction with North Dakota Experimental     glimpse into the real world of business      to assist the RTP’s tenant companies with
                                                  Program to Stimulate Competitive Research   as well as a foundation of strong            talent acquisition.                             forward with the same spirit of the and coaching opportunities that enhance
     term,	 they	 need	 to	 attract	 and	 retain	                                                                                                                                          entrepreneurial companies it helps get and assist with career aspirations.
                                                  (EPSCoR). It is a two-credit Distance and   communication, professionalism and
     talented	and	innovative	employees.	          Continuing Education (DCE) program for      accountability,” said Miller. “To achieve    “Entrepreneurial companies typically            started, with innovation and creativity Potential partners are the Center of
                                                  students in preferred disciplines such as   long-term success in an ever-changing        don’t need a full-time HR resource, yet it      in exploring new ideas and methods, Innovation at the University of North
     That’s	 where	 Sharon	 Miller,	 RTP	 talent	 software development, engineering and       workforce, how students conduct them-        is critical to recruit high performers who      Miller said. The following programs are Dakota and EPSCoR.
     specialist,	 comes	 in	 with	 The	 Talent	 biotechnology.                                selves is as important as what they know.”   are adaptable and committed,” Miller            in development:
                                                                                                                                           said. “My role is to assist in the quest to                                               green Jobs/hot Skills
     Portfolio.	 It	 consists	 of	 programs	 and	
                                                Thirteen students participated in the                                                      attract and retain talented people who          open Mike                                 The program will be an opportunity to
     initiatives	that	help	companies	initiate	                                                        2009 reCruItIng                                                                      These initiatives provide innovative ways build awareness of alternative employment
                                                course in 2009. They were assessed for                                                     push the business goals forward.”
     and	manage	human	resource	functions,	 fundamental top performer traits, they               ■	 63 new hires                                                                            to attract talent to tenant companies. sectors and transferable skill sets that
     recruit	 talent	 from	 outside	 the	 area	 received hands-on training in specific                                                     In facilitating structured recruitment          The program will be a targeted approach can directly impact communities, the
                                                                                                ■	 	 ombination of interns, entry level,
     and	develop	talent	from	within.	           areas such as product life cycles, and they                                                processes, she develops job descriptions,       to clearly identified business segments, region and the state.
                                                                                                   mid-level and executive roles
                                                benefited from mentoring and coaching                                                      monitors candidate flow, interviews              developed through partnerships with
                                                related to “soft skills” that address           ■	 	 verage annual salary
                                                                                                   A                                       candidates, coordinates interview loops,        the North Dakota Department of
                                                communication, teamwork, emotional                 of $50,000                              facilitates recap meetings, checks refer-       Commerce, the Greater Fargo Moorhead
                                                intelligence and customer service.              ■	 	 2 hires at annual salaries
                                                                                                   1                                       ences, communicates with candidates             Economic Development Corporation and
                                                                                                   of $100,000+                            and provides offer recommendations.   

                                    neW eduCAtIonAl progrAM enCourAgeS youth entrepreneurShIp
     The RTP, in partnership with Fargo and with area business leaders.                       they have school-based experiences           to identify entrepreneurial characteristics  of society,” said Tefft. “Without strong much earlier stage in the process so they
     West Fargo public schools, has created                                                   which enable them to dream big and           in youth, to establish a task force that     entrepreneurial education, our society can compete in today’s knowledge-
     a two-year pilot program to advance ■	 Develop an annual innovation com-                 take risks,” said Dr. Dana Diesel Wallace,   would recommend initiatives for devel-       will not have the tools necessary to based economy.”
     youth entrepreneurial education.         petition to promote technology-based            superintendent of West Fargo Public          oping youth entrepreneurial education        compete in the global economy.”
                                              career opportunities.                           Schools. “When we are able to develop        in the three communities and to provide                                               aspects of the program were imple-
     The program will expand the Distributive                                                 such a cadre of youth, we will serve         support for future entrepreneurial           RTP executive Director Tony grindberg mented in the fall of 2009 with corporate,
     education clubs of america (Deca) ■	 create a virtual entrepreneurial                    them, their local community and our          development in the region.                   said that, as a former West Fargo high school and entrepreneurial sources
     program to:                              challenge to help engage students as            world well.”                                                                              School teacher, Tefft brings a unique providing funding. The program may
                                              they learn about business and market-                                                        Paul Tefft joined the RTP in September perspective to the initiative. “he has a be expanded to include Moorhead at a
     ■	 Include entrepreneurship opportu- ing strategies.                                     The program resulted from a youth            2008 to facilitate and manage the overall strong understanding of the education later date.
     nities for eighth and ninth graders.                                                     entrepreneurship feasibility study           process. “entrepreneurship is not just system, a network of educators, and a
                                              “Preparing our students to be players           initiated by the RTP. The goals of the       business, it is economics, politics, history belief in the need to engage students
     ■	 create a youth mentorship network on the world stage will require that                study were to determine if it is possible    and geography. It is the building block with entrepreneurial education at a

11                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               12
                                                                                                                                             rtp StAff
                                                                                                                                             Tony	Grindberg
     grIndBerg eleCted to                                                                            Barry	Batcheller                        Executive Director
                                                                                                     President & CEO
     ASSoCIAtIon of unIverSIty                                                                       Appareo Systems                         Sharon	Miller
     reSeArCh pArkS BoArd                                                                            Dr.	Philip	Boudjouk
                                                                                                                                             Talent Specialist

                                                              rtp BoArd                              Vice President for Research, Creative   Jan	Sobolik
                                                                                                     Activities and Technology Transfer      Operations Specialist
     RTP Executive Director Tony Grindberg has
                                                              Dr.	Richard	Hanson                     North Dakota State University
     been elected to the Board of Directors of the
                                                              President                              Co-Chair                                Brenda	Wyland
     Association of University Research Parks (AURP).
                                                              North Dakota State University          North Dakota Experimental Program       Incubator Manager
                                                                                                     to Stimulate Competitive Research
     Grindberg has been the executive director of the
     RTP since 2002. His term on the AURP board               Barry	Martin,	Vice	President                                                   Paul	Tefft
                                                              Division President                     Larry	Ellingson                         Youth Entrepreneurship Coordinator
     runs through 2012, and he will be eligible for a
                                                              US Bank                                Retired Executive
     second two-year term.
                                                                                                     Eli Lilly & Company

     “We’re pleased that the NDSU Research &                  Chuck	Hoge,	Secretary/Treasurer
     Technology Park has earned a seat at the table           Vice President                         Dr.	Craig	Schnell                       Student eMployeeS
                                                              Otter Tail Corporation                 Provost and Vice President
     where the future of research park collaboration
                                                                                                     for Academic Affairs                    James	Dravitz
     and technology innovation research is being
                                                              Bradley	Swenson,	Assistant	Secretary   North Dakota State University           Business Development Assistant/
     shaped,” said Grindberg. “This is an excellent
     opportunity to strengthen our leadership                 Chief Operating Officer                                                        RAIN® Fund Investment Analyst
                                                              Ulteig Engineers                       Paul	Steffes
     position while raising the profiles of our park, North
                                                                                                     Chief Executive Officer                 Hannah	Kusler
     Dakota State University and our state overall.”
                                                              Mike	Chambers                          Steffes Corporation                     Business Operations Assistant
     The AURP, a professional association of university       President & CEO
     related research and science parks, promotes the         Aldevron, LLC                                                                  Michael	Olson
     development and operation of research parks                                                                                             Business Operations Assistant
     that foster innovation, commercialization and
     economic competitiveness in a global economy
     through collaboration among universities.

     For more information, go to

13                                                                                                                                                                                14
         1854 NDSU Research circle North • Fargo, ND 58102
701-499-3600 (phone) • 701-499-3610 (fax) •

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