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I am a highly skilled ASP.NET C# Web developer and Windows Infrastructure specialist, with over 14 years Financial and
Banking experience and recent Digital Media industry experience. I was contracted for over 13 years consecutively to BNPParibas (4th
largest European bank), during that time I had been given technical lead roles and responsibilities. I have proudly produced highly
acclaimed, business critical enterprise websites and web solutions. I still provide AD-hoc consultancy for them.

Given any IT business design, solution or implementation, I can very effectively dissect and reverse-engineer all aspects of it, from the
infrastructure involved and traffic flows across a network, to the security and load implications, right down to the database schemas
and individual lines of code. I can then efficiently implement, support, enhance, review and develop this solution to meet the
business’s requirements.

I am a committed and determined individual who has pride in his work. I have a keen interest in all web related technologies and
techniques and am always keen to embrace news skills, knowledge and technology. I am a self-motivated and experienced self-
starter, with a “can-do” attitude. I am dedicated, fit, focused, and always improving.


Web Technology Skill Set:
  ASP.NET, C#, IIS, ASP, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP
  XHTML, CSS, XML, XSL, XPath, AJAX, WSH, WMI, ADSI, Javascript, VBScript, ActionScript
  VB, VBA, DOS, MSI, C++, Java, BCE, JIRA
  3rd Party ASP.NET / ASP components (CuteEditor, CuteFTP, Captcha, FileUpload)
  Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 – 6, Flash Professional, Visual Source Safe,
  Notepad, Fiddler, ASPDOTNETStoreFront, CMS, FTP, SmartFTP, Community Server
  FireFox, Opera, Safari, Mozilla, Internet Explorer
  Search Engine Optimisation, Web Analytics / Statistics, WebMail
  E-commerce, WorldPay, Prot-x, Verisign, PayPal, Certificates, SSL
  Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premier, Acrobat

Windows Technical Skill Set:
  Citrix Presentation Server, SMS, VMWare, ESX, MOM, Altiris, IIS
  Active Directory (AD), Group Policy (GPO), Domains, Security Templates, Registry
  Win2K3, Win2K, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 95, XPe, CE, ME, Windows 2000, Mac OS-X, DOS
  Networking, TCP/IP, WINS, DNS, DHCP, Firewalls, Switches, Cabling, Routers, Modems
  ICA, NetBios, Novell, LanManager, NAS, Lotus Notes, Domino
  ProcMon, Admin Stuido, Orca, Ghost
  Office 2003, 2002, XP – including Excel, Word and Access programming experience
  Winzip, Visio, Project, Acrobat, Distiller, FrontPage

Hardware Skill Set:
  DELL PowerEdge Servers, HP Proliant Servers, IBM x3600s & x3800s
  Workstations, PCs, Laptops, MFDs, Macs, WebCams, Scanners, Security Devices
  Thin Clients (HP T5735, T5730, T5530)


Business Experience:

   Proven ability to deal efficiently and effectively with all levels of professionals.
   Proficient documentation, presentation and communication skills.
   Team Management and Budget management skills.
   Change and Configuration Management. Use of Quality Assurance techniques.
   Ability to understand and meet business SLA’s.
   Strong ability to pass on acquired knowledge and skill set.
   Experience of working in an ITIL environment.

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BiteCP - ( WWW.A1GP.COM ) - Contract
Senior ASP.NET Web Developer – Infrastructure Consultant (Jan 2009-Present)

I started a contract with BiteCP in January 2009 to work on a project to create a completely new version of the
website. BiteCP are a Media agency with several top international clients (Hitachi, Tesco, Asda, Transport for London, John Lewis).
The A1GP website is actually a collection of 4 ASP.NET websites. The sites uses ASP.NET 2.0 (C#), IIS, 2 MS-SQL 2005 databases,
ADO.NET, XML, XHTML, CSS, Flash, Javascript, a proprietary CMS system, 3rd party ASP.NET components and a dedicated hardware
media caching solution. I had to design, build, support and manage a test environment for the development of the websites. Under
my guidance and experience, In-house web designers do design work for the new version of the sites (Photoshop / HTML / Flash). I
then convert these templates and ideas to actual working code (C#, TSQL / Stored Procedures, CSS, XML, Javascript / ActionScript) on
the test environment, before this is tested, approval by the client and then released.

Roles and Responsibilities
   Responsible for the design, build, support, backup cycle and DR of a remotely accessible test environment
   Sole responsibility for all the infrastructure and coding on the websites, and 3rd line live site support

   I designed, purchased and built an in-house test environment that mirrored the live sites exactly
   I coded all the ASP.NET functionality changes, provided bug fixes (for existing code) and made database changes as required
   I recommended and implemented change control, testing procedures, and source control into the project
   I made the test environment secure and available to specific external clients
   I designed a load-balanced version of the current live infrastructure to replace the existing caching solution
   I spotted several bugs on the live site and recommended and implemented fixes for these

BNPParibas - ( WWW.BNPPARIBAS.COM ) - Contract
Project IT Resource / Architect / Liaison - (Sep 2007-Dec 2008)

Working for a small project team I was contracted to be the IT Technical resource for the project. The project was tasked with
incorporating specific business lines from the Royal Bank of Scotland International (based in the Channel Islands) into BNPParibas
Securities Services (Paris / London) by the end of 2008. This included the migration of over 300 staff, moving staff to new offices
(based in the Channel Islands) and the migration of over 80 applications (of all types) into the BNPParibas systems. For this project a
new Citrix server farm was designed and created, all applications were migrated to this environment and users were incorporated into
the existing AD infrastructure. This new environment was essentially Windows 2003 Server based, with Citrix Presentation Server 4.0,
Lotus Notes 6.5 and Active Directory. Clients were predominantly Thin Clients (both XPe and CE). Printing and scanning was initially
implemented with ThinPrint and ThinPrint gateways. The project required extensive network traffic flow work as the site was
traversing 2 corporate firewalls and working to very strict firewall rules.

Roles and Responsibilities
   I was sole dedicated IT Technical resource for the project and responsible for successful implementing of all IT related tasks
   Influential in all IT decisions for the project
   Responsible for all aspects of the build, installation, deployment, migration and support of the Citrix server Farm and infrastructure
   Responsible for the Thin client and laptop builds
   Responsible for liaising with and working directly with multiple IT teams from Paris, London, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Mann
   Responsible for the Implement of new support procedures for new environment into existing support processes and teams

   Project delivered ahead of schedule and under budget
   Created custom utilities, scripts and ASP.NET websites to aid in the smooth migration and Citrix farm administration
   Created ASP.NET 2.0 website for CEO (of Channel Islands Business) for monitoring / querying Citrix Farm use
   Successfully migrated all 300 staff into existing AD infrastructure with the brand new Citrix Desktop solution for the bank
   Migrated all applications to the Citrix Farm or VMWare solutions, and migrated to existing software where possible
   Translated all main technical project documentation to French for French staff
   Provided General Citrix and specific Citrix Farm administration training to Paris support staff in French

BNPParibas - ( WWW.BNPPARIBAS.COM ) - Contract
Infrastructure application and website Developer / Architect (Sep 2006 –July 2007)

Working within the “image Evolution” team: I was responsible for the Evolution of the bank’s software platform solution called “image”.
This highly technical team is responsible for implementing changes to the base OS builds (servers and workstations) and ALL
infrastructure utilities (custom apps, websites, SMS, IIS, Citrix, etc..). The business makes a recommendation, request or bug report,
for an existing part of the infrastructure and this is then discussed, approved. If approved, this is then planned, a solution proposed
and subject to more approval, created, tested and implemented. Typically the components, applications and websites use C#,

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ASP.NET, JAVA, C++, VB6, WSH or BCE (Internal XML scripting engine) and integrate with core Microsoft technologies like AD, Group
Policy and other 3rd party applications such as: Altiris, Lotus Notes. Citrix, SMS, JIRA and many others.

Roles and Responsibilities
   Senior voting IT board member for the Bank’s IT Infrastructure (representing European sites)
   Tasked with modifying infrastructure critical applications, components and websites as per global bank’s requirements
   Tasked with documenting the changes made to applications and updating their relevant user guides
   Liaise with business teams, IT Teams and non-technical people to gather requirements and plan / design software changes
   Implement changes to meet agreed functional specifications

   Completed all relevant / required changes to programs in preferred programming language on time
   Designed and improved several utilities beyond their original scope and within tight time frames

BNPParibas - ( WWW.BNPPARIBAS.COM ) - Contract
WINTEL Server Support Engineer / Developer (Sep 2003 –Sep 2006)

Working in a team dedicated to the running of London based Windows servers (over 3000) within the bank. My role in this team was
split between the server builds, the server support and the development of utilities and websites to aid with their management (3000+
servers). With Windows based servers (2K and 2K3) in an Active Directory enterprise environment, servers supported were both
infrastructure based and dedicated application servers. Servers were business critical and included both physical and virtual servers.
By reputation I was loaned to other departments to build their websites and utilities.

Roles and Responsibilities
   Server builds, installation, auditing and support (24-7, Business critical systems)
   Server decommissioning, Server consolidation, Server build scripts, Server patching, Server monitoring, Cabling / Patching
   Meeting Server support SLAs and keeping record of all server changes within an ITIL environment

   Designed and created a server management website in ASP.NET (C#, XML, .NET 2.0, integrated with AD, DNS, SMS, Email)
   Creation of the banks, advanced “server repository and management website”
   Solely designed and implemented a new and highly complex Web site version of the “Application Repository” for the bank’s
   software, used globally by all IT staff, as the single point of reference for all software and application packages used within the

BNPParibas - ( WWW.BNPPARIBAS.COM ) - Contract
European Support Engineer and Developer (Sep 2001 –Sep 2003)

Working in a small team of 4. I was responsible for migrating the Bank’s European sites from the existing NT4 domains to a
completely new Active Directory Forest / Domain environment. This involved making a highly detailed review of each site and their
requirements. With this information I would create a technical deployment document listing these requirements, the recommended
migration infrastructure, the budget, the logistics and all the implementation steps and tasks required to fully integrate the site into the
Forest. Once this document was approved and budget provided, I then arranged the purchase and installation of the hardware in the
relevant data centers and visited the sites to complete the builds and AD integration and migration work. Typically sites would need a
number of infrastructure servers (domain controllers, SMS, WINS, Altiris) and a number of file, application and print servers
implemented and anything from 20-500 users migrated.

Roles and Responsibilities
   Collate requirements for European sites and create detailed deployment documentation plans for complete site integration
   Visit sites and implement new Windows 2000 / Active directory infrastructure and into the main European Active Directory
   Aid sites with their migration work and support sites once they were deployed

   I deployed entire sites successfully in Italy, Belgium, Holland, Spain and Germany
   Several deployments were completed entirely in French.
   Designed and created an ASP website for the management of all the European sites, enabling sites to report issues
   I created numerous scripts to aid in the integration and implementation of the new environments
   I provided on-site training to local IT teams at each new site on the new infrastructure and its management


SEP1998 – SEP 2001          Paribas                                                 -        SMS Support Analyst
JUL 1995 – SEP 1998         Paribas                                                 -        Trading Floor Support Analyst
PRE 1995                    Lehman Brothers Global Asset Management                 -        Support Analyst
                            Aflac Insurance LTD                                     -        PC Support

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Website Programmer / Designer (Sep 2001 –Present)

I came up with the concept, design, business model, and all code. The site has an online secure subscription system, per user
tracking, user customisation, videogame-like progress system, in depth statistics and uses extensive media files. Currently the site is
ASP 2.0, JavaScript, MP3 files and an MSSQL database. I have designed and been working exclusively on a new version of the site.
This is in development and uses ASP.NET 2.0, Web Services, C#, AJAX, XML, XSD, XPath, JavaScript, MSSQL 2005 and Flash.

Roles and Responsibilities
   Everything

  Site has been awarded online educational awards and magazine awards
  Site has over 250,000 subscribers and regular users
  Turned my own idea into a profit making website

Website Programmer / Designer (Summer 2007 – 6 Weeks)

Leisure Heating contracted me to produce a new website to better enable them to sell their product range of heaters and outdoor /
patio equipment. This website was to replace their existing website. This work had to be completed within 6 weeks. With the
timescales involved I advised them to invest in ASPDOTNETStoreFront software to enable them to do everything they wished to
achieve. I produced a detailed plan of action meet the business requirements and after budgets were agreed, then proceeded to
implement this plan. The product uses ASP.NET 2.0 (C#), XHTML, CSS, XML, XSD, MSSQL 2005, SSL and e-commerce. I enhanced
and extended this product to enable Leisure Heating staff to fully integrate their ideas and requirements into the website.

Roles and Responsibilities
   Design and produce a live website to meet specific business requirements
   Integrate the new website with their existing e-commerce providers (Prot-x & PayPal)

  Completed the design, build, testing and publishing (full project lifecycle) of the live site in 6 weeks
  Purchased, setup and installed Verisign SSL certificate on live site
  Live site was published with company’s entire product range (including multiple product photos)

* Site has since been decommissioned.


2004              DELF French DEGRE Level A2 (Official French exam qualification)
2004              Official Microsoft C# 5 day training course
2000              MCP in SQL & SMS
1985-92           2 A-Level & 7 GCSE passes: Peter Symonds College / Henry Beaufort School


   Full UK driving license.
   Fluent in French and with some Gujarati speaking / reading / writing and understanding (on-going improvement).
   References from all current and previous employers available on request.
   Personal interests: Motor Racing, Fitness Training, Karate and Video Games.
   Examples from some of my web work can be found on my own website at:

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