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					 Issue 02 - February 2011

                                                                       Out and About
                                                                              in your estate!

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                                                                What’s Happening!
                                                                           Special focus on
         p Our latest exciting Industrial space: INNO CENTRE                    Chapters

                                                               p Mapletree Industrial is LISTED!

                            Win attractive         prizes on p12
Editor’s Note
Editor’s Note
                                               C O N T E N TS
Greetings readers!

2010 has been an astounding economic
story, with a strong recovery. 2010 was also
                                               3   New Product: INNO CENTRE
                                                   E-business spaces from 297 square feet!

an important milestone for us at Mapletree

We achieved a breakthrough with the                About Your Landlord
listing of the Mapletree Industrial Trust          We are Listed! Find out more.
(MIT) on the Main Board of the Singapore

Stock Exchange on 21 October 2010. MIT
is the largest Singapore Real Estate
Investment Trust (REIT) Initial Public
Offering (IPO) to date, raising some
                                                   Our Community
S$1.19 billion. Read more about it on
                                                   Discover the Mapletree Industrial community and Space
page 4.                                            Available for Lease.

We are proud to introduce our latest
industrial product to you - INNO•CENTRE.
Inno•Centre strives to cater to the needs
of small start-ups and entrepreneurs in the
                                               6   Out and About
                                                   Improvements to the properties; More food outlets to satisfy
IT-related industries by providing offices         your palette; Stylish black vests for our property management
and work spaces from as little as 297 sqft         and security staff; and Winner of the prestigious LEED Gold
onwards. Be the first to see the pictures of       Award!

this new kid on the block on page 3!

We have also received the LEED Gold
Certification Award for one of our                 What’s Happening?
properties - Tata Communications                   Check out the exciting activities we have done!
Exchange. We believe in contributing to

Singapore’s vision of an eco-friendly city.

                                                          Special Focus on Tenant
Congratulations to our winner of the
CITRUS Lucky Draw! Our winner walked
away with a iPad for his efforts. We also                  Chapters.
bring you the story and the pictures of our
CITRUS launch on 17 & 18 June 2010.
Take a look!

Find out more about what is happening in
your properties as we continue with our
upgrading and improvement works. Read
all about the interesting events that we
have organized for our tenants over the
past 6 months.

We also talk to Chapters, our tenant in our
Redhill 1 cluster and find out more about
the secrets to their success story.

And lastly, we have more prizes to give
away in our Quiz on page 12. Send in your

entries now!

May the Year of the Rabbit bring great joy                Learn how to look out for Potential Risks at Work!
and good luck to one and all! Gongxi Facai!

The Editor

                                               12         Last But Not Least
                                                          Important Numbers You Can Call and Win Attractive
                                                          Prizes In Our Quiz!
New Product: INNO CENTRE

  Brand New E-Business Space at Bukit Merah!
   Redhill 2 has a dramatic makeover for
   2011! We are converting the 7th floor of
   Block 1003 Bukit Merah Central from
   conventional flatted factory space into
   e-business spaces that are ideal for small
   start-ups and entrepreneurs in the IT,
   telecommunications and media businesses.

   Called Inno•Centre, the 7th floor will provide
   fitted spaces with move-in conditions that
   requires minimal or practically no
   renovations at all. Carpets, lightning and
   air-conditioning are provided. Tenants
   renting the space get to enjoy shared
   facilities like a huge reception area,
   broadband connectivity, meeting rooms,
   conference rooms, discussion areas and
   much more. The common corridor is also secured with access cards system and CCTV to ensure that security is top-notch.

   What’s more! The small office spaces starting from 297 square feet will not only suit the needs of e-businesses, but also
   guarantee that rental cost is affordable.

   Located at Bukit Merah Central, Inno•Centre is well-linked to the other parts of Singapore via the Ayer Rajah Expressway
   (AYE) and Central Expressway (CTE). Public transport facilities like the Redhill MRT station and Bukit Merah Bus Inter-
   change are also located nearby.

   Construction works for this multi-million project commenced on 1 December 2010 and is expected to be completed by the
   end March 2011. We have started marketing the space and to-date, 12 units have been leased out.

                                          For leasing enquiries, please contact
                                          63778000 / 63777487 / 63776563

About Your Landlord

   We are Listed!

                                                                                                From the left to right:
                                                                                                Mr Hiew Yoon Khong (Group CEO, MIPL),
                                                                                                Mr Tham Kuo Wei (CEO, MITM), Mr Wong
                                                                                                Meng Meng (Chairman, MITM), Mr Magnus
                                                                                                Bocker (CEO, Singapore Exchange Ltd), Mr
                                                                                                Phua Kok Kim (CEO Industrial, MIPL), and Mr
                                                                                                Edmund Cheng (Chairman, MIPL)


   A Singapore REIT that invests in income-producing real estate and real estate-related assets, used primarily for
   industrial purposes. With an IPO portfolio of 70 properties strategically located across Singapore, the portfolio was
   valued at approximately S$2.1 billion as at 31 August 2010.

   MIT’s portfolio covers an extensive total gross floor area of approximately 1.5 million square metres, comprising
   business park buildings, flatted factories, stack-up and ramp-up buildings, as well as light industrial buildings. MIT
   seeks to add value and improve yields of its portfolio properties through identifying and undertaking opportunities for
   active asset management, asset enhancement and acquisitions.


   October was a record-setting month for the Mapletree Group. Mapletree achieved another breakthrough for the
   execution of its real estate capital management business strategy – with the listing of the Mapletree Industrial Trust
   (MIT) on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) on 21 October 2010. MIT is
   the largest Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Initial Public Offering (IPO) to date, raising gross proceeds
   of S$1.19 billion.

   The offering of the IPO units at the top end of the indicative price range at S$0.93 per unit, received overwhelming
   response with subscription rates of 27.7 times by retail investors (which excludes the reserved units) and 39.6 times
   by institutional investors (through the placement tranche). The aggregate subscription rate of approximately 38 times
   attested to investors’ confidence in the fundamentals and growth prospects of MIT. The successful listing of MIT also
   allowed third party investors in two of Mapletree’s private funds, namely the MIT Private Trust and the Mapletree
   Industrial Fund, which were the original owners of the assets in MIT, to exit at returns exceeding their investment
   targets well ahead of their respective end of fund life schedules.

   Immediately upon commencement of trading at 2.00 p.m. on 21 October 2010, MIT’s units soared to S$1.15 per unit,
   representing a 23.7% increase over its offering price of S$0.93 per unit. The units reached an all-day high of S$1.20
   per unit, some 29.0% above its offering price. At the close of trading, the units ended at S$1.16 per unit or 24.7%
   higher than its offering price with approximately 345.0 million units changing hands – making it the most actively
   traded counter on the SGX-ST despite having only three hours of trading.

   Managed by Mapletree Industrial Trust Management Ltd (MITM) and sponsored by Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd
   (MIPL), MIT aims to provide long-term, regular and sustainable distributions to its unitholders.

   MIT is the third REIT that Mapletree is either managing or co-managing. With the listing of MIT, Mapletree has further
   strengthened its REIT management capabilities to cover the industrial sector, in addition to the logistics and retail
   sectors. The outstanding IPO performance of MIT underscores Mapletree’s commitment to deliver quality product
   offerings to its investors. It also helps to position the Mapletree Group for greater success in managing both private
   funds as well as public REITs.

                     For more information on MIT, please visit
Our Community

   Mapletree Industrial has a range of real estate solutions to meet your business requirements. Here
   are some properties with space in Singapore available for leasing.

                                                                       Johor                Woodlands
                                                                     Causeway                 East                    Woodlands
                                                                            Woodlands                                  Region            Address
                                                                             Central                                                     2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 Kaki Bukit Ave 1
                                                                                                                                         Available Units
                                                                                                                                         4,790 - 20,000 sq ft
           Address                                                                                                                       Contact Person

           2 International Business Park                                                                                                 Khriztopher Phay
           Available Units                                                                                                               (+65 8188 3355)
           1,313 - 4,230 sq ft
           Contact Person                                                                                                                                                        Tampines
           Khriztopher Phay
           (+65 8188 3355)

                                 Jurong East                                                                                                                                    Loyang
     Second                        Region                                                                               North
      Link                                                                                                                                                           Changi              Airport
                                                                                                         Toa Payoh
                                                                                                                       Kampong                                       North
                                                                   International                           North
                                                                   Business Park                                                                              Changi
                                                                                                                Kolam Ayer              Kaki               Business Park
                                                                                          Tanglin                       Kallang Basin
                                                            Seaport                          Redhill
                                                                                        Telok          Tiong
                                                                                       Blangah         Bahru                   CBD
                                                                            Seaport                                                                                   30 Loyang Way
                                                                                                                                                                      Available Units
                                                                                                                     Seaport                                          2,982 - 11,905 sq ft
                                                                                                                                                                      Contact Person

                                                                                                                                                                      Dillon Ng
    1080, 1090, 1091, 1091A, 1092 &        LEGEND                                                                                                                     (+65 8222 0693)
    1093 Lower Delta Road                      Business Park Buildings             Warehouse
    Available Units
                                               Flatted Factories                   Regional Centres
    972 - 2,929 sq ft
    Contact Person                             Stack-up / Ramp-up Buildings        Major Expressways           For more information,
    Wendy Ang
                                               Light Industrial Buildings                                      please visit or call +65 6377 8000
    (+65 9797 9132)
Out and About

    LEED Gold Certification Awarded to Tata Communications
    Singapore is moving towards being an eco-friendly city, and we are a
    part of it too. Situated at Tai Seng, our ‘Built-to-Suit’ project – Tata
    Communication Exchange (TCX) – has received the highly prestigious
    LEED Gold Award.

    LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is an
    inter-nationally recognized green building certification system, providing
    a third party verification that a building or community was designed and
    built using strategies aimed at improving performances in areas such
    as energy saving, water efficiency, carbon dioxide emissions reduction,
    improved indoor environment quality and stewardship of resources and
    sensitivity to their impacts.
                                                             Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED
                                                             intends to provide building owners and operators a concise
                                                             framework for identifying and implementing practical and
                                                             measureable green building design, construction, operations
                                                             and maintenance solutions. The USGBC is incepted in 1998
                                                             and has since encompassed more than 14,000 projects in the
                                                             U.S and over 30 countries covering more than a billion square
                                                             metres of real estate. A state-of-the-art building that houses one
                                                             of Singapore’s leading communications provider, Tata Commu-
                                                             nications, TCX is the first in the Mapletree portfolio to receive
                                                             the LEED Gold Award. It had earlier received the BCA Green
                                                             Mark Gold Award in 2010.

    New Food Outlets Opening Near You!
    Always patronizing the same stalls during mealtimes? Fret not!
    Tenants in our Loyang and Commonwealth clusters are now spoilt
    for choice with new food outlets opening in both clusters.
    Introducing the White Tangerine Café (30 Loyang Way) and
    Foodmore (Block 115B Commonwealth Drive)!

    The White Tangerine Café started their operations at Loyang
    in May 2010. They are an established F&B operator with three
    branches at other locations in Singapore. Located at a cozy corner
    in Lobby B of our building in 30 Loyang Way, the White Tangerine
    Café serves a sumptuous variety of Western, Japanese and local
    delights that will satisfy your mealtime cravings.                                  White Tangerine @ Loyang Way

                                                               Completing the transformation from a simple coffeeshop to
                                                               a brightly lit food court, Foodmore has certainly brought in
                                                               more excitement at Commonwealth Drive ever since their
                                                               operations began in October 2010. Owned by Sheng Shiong,
                                                               Foodmore boasts a huge variety of cuisines and the food is
                                                               sold at highly affordable prices. Tenants are spoilt for choice
                                                               with local delights ranging from goreng pisang and chicken
                                                               rice to the more exotic Japanese ramen, steamboat etc. If
                                                               you haven’t visited these popular mealtime venues, what are
                                                               you waiting for? Hurry down today!

              Foodmore @ Commonwealth Drive
Out and About

   Vests in our Estates                                           Lightings to Corridors

                                                                    A brighter and safer place to work in - new, better
                                                                    and brighter lights have been added and installed at
   Our Mapletree colleagues who are working onsite at
                                                                    the flatted factories of Kallang Basin 4, 6 and Redhill
   our properties have been given a makeover. Donning
                                                                    1 to light up the walkways. These new upgrades
   their distinctive and stylish Mapletree Industrial vests,
                                                                    at Block 25, 26, 28 and 30 of Kallang Basin 4 & 6,
   you can easily identify our property management and
                                                                    and Block 1001 and 1002 of Redhill 1 were done
   security colleagues.
                                                                    in September and October 2010 respectively. They
                                                                    have helped brighten up the space, making it safer
   Answering the call from our tenants to increase the
                                                                    for tenants and staff alike.
   visibility of Mapletree staff at our properties, we came
   up with the stylish vests you now see our colleagues
                                                                    In addition to this, the lights at the basement carpark
   walking around in. Do approach our friendly property
                                                                    of Clementi West were given a fresh makeover in
   management and security colleagues if you have any
                                                                    October 2010. Drivers can now drive in a brighter
   issues or just to chat!
                                                                    safer environment.

   Upgrading your Bin-Centre to                                   Leaky Roofs No More!

                                                                   As part of Mapletree Industrial’s initiatives to improve
                                                                   the quality of our buildings, we embarked on an im-
   We have installed new compactors to the bin centre at           provement works project for our buildings at Tanglin
   171 Kampong Ampat.                                              Halt (Block 115A), Kallang Basin 4 (Block 30) and
                                                                   Tiong Bahru 2 (Block 1091, 1092, and 1093)!
   Now disposed waste can be quickly compacted and
   tucked neatly away whist waiting for the daily garbage          Water proofing works commenced in September
   collection by NEA.                                              2010 and were officially completed in December
                                                                   2010. With proper waterproofing works in place, wa-
   It worked so well, you hardly notice that the trash is there    ter seepage can be easily prevented and the build-
   at all! No more unsightly piles.                                ings are now more durable!

   This is one of the upgrading projects that we have              Do keep a look out for more improvement works
   embarked on to make our properties better and more              coming your way! Synergy and Kallang Basin 6 are
   attractive.                                                     next in line with works currently in-progress.
What’s Happening?

   Launch of CiTRuS
   For those who may be new to CiTRuS, it is the Mapletree
   Industrial e-newsletter to help tenants and staff get to
   know one another better, creating opportunities for
   networking and business.

   Production and planning for the first issue began in April
   2010 as ideas for the articles were being generated by
   the team. With our tenants’ interest forming the core of
   CiTRuS, we came up with a host of articles aimed at up
   dating and enriching our tenants with relevant information
   happening around them - the CiTRuS experience. On 17
   and 18 June 2010, we stirred up a great deal of
   excitement at our properties with our enthusiastic and
   adorable mascots who gave out flyers about the launch
   of CiTRuS and encouraging our tenants to subscribe to                      Our mascot with our tenants
   CiTRuS. Subscribers of CiTRuS were eligible to take part
   in our lucky draw where the top prize was a top end iPad model (64GB 3G + WIFI)!

                                                                     The inaugural issue of CiTRuS was successfully launched
                                                                     on 01 July 2010 with an overwhelming 2,000 subscribers.
                                                                     The quiz was also well-participated by our tenants as an-
                                                                     swers came flooding in even before the quiz commenced!
                                                                     The lucky draw for CiTRuS took place on 28 July 2010 and
                                                                     we would like to congratulate our winner of the coveted iPad
                                                                     - Mr Kan Wing Wai from Everlead Co Pte Ltd! The success
                                                                     of CiTRuS would not have been possible without the active
                                                                     support of our tenants. We would like to take this opportu-
                                                                     nity to thank our tenants for supporting us and to everyone
                                                                     who made CiTRuS possible. Please continue to support us
                                                                     and look out for future issues of CiTRuS!

           CEO of Mapletree Industrial, Mr Phua Kok Kim and Mr Kan
                                                                             Check out page 12 for more exciting prizes!

    Mooncake Festival
    Mapletree Industrial brought much cheer to our tenants at
    the business parks by bringing in reputable merchants to
    set up shop and sell delicious delicacies during the
    Mooncake Festival. Big names such as Goodwood Park
    Hotel, Peony Jade Restaurant, Raffles Hotel, Fairmont
    Hotel and Mariott Hotel participated in the fair selling an
    assortment of mooncakes. Both Mooncake Festival Fairs
    were held from 2 to 3 September and 8 and 9 September
    at Strategy and Signature respectively.

                                                                                         Mooncakes Galore at Strategy!

                                                                     Our tenants were spoilt for choice as the merchants sold
                                                                     a variety of mooncakes, ranging from the traditional baked
                                                                     mooncakes to the mouth-watering snowskin flavoured
                                                                     mooncakes. Our tenants crowded the stalls tasting the sig-
                                                                     nature mooncakes. Once again, there was good response
                                                                     from our tenants and we thank our tenants for showing
                                                                     their support to the vendors. Look out for the next awe-
                                                                     some event!

                             Wide Variety of Mooncakes!

What’s Happening?

     Crime Prevention Exhibition
     As part of our corporate responsibility to promote a safe and
     secure working environment, Mapletree Industrial collaborated
     with neighbourhood police stations and centres to organise
     crime prevention exhibitions at our property clusters. Police
     officers were dispatched to each cluster with displays
     containing information about crime prevention. Extra steps
     were also taken by our friendly neighbourhood police officers
     to mingle with our tenants and educate them on the
     importance of crime prevention.

     It was a beneficial experience for our tenants as they were
     reminded on the importance of being vigilant and what courses
     of action to take when they notice suspicious characters
     lurking in the vicinity. More importantly, the point that everyone
     has a part to play in keeping our environment safe and secure
     was driven home. Let us keep the “kampung” spirit alive and
                                                                                                  Our Friendly Neighbourhood Offic
     look out for one another. As the saying goes, “Prevention is                                                                  ers at
                                                                                                               their Booths
     better than cure!” Together, we can fight crime!

                                                                               Make your money work for you -
                                                                               Talks to Manage Your Finances
                                                                               Once again, Mapletree Industrial collaborated with
                                                                               fin-exis Pte Ltd, an independent financial agency to
                                                                               bring to our tenants a series of financial talks. The
                                                                               lunchtime seminars were held at Synergy and
                                                                               Signature on 26 August & 29 October 2010. Not only
                                                                               were our tenants treated to a sumptuous lunch
                                                                               provided by fin-exis Pte Ltd, they were also wowed by
           Tenants Listening Attentively As Our
                                                  Speaker Delivers Her Talk!   a treasure trove of investment tips provided by fin-exis

     Successful strategies in investments were shared by the resident speaker, Ms Vidhya Logendran, and she
     continued to dazzle our tenants with performance charts and videos. The lunchtime talk was then concluded with
     a fruitful Q & A session where tenants asked probing questions about investment strategies.

    IE Roadshow
     At Mapletree Industrial, we believe that the key to achieving mutual success is
     through understanding each other and fostering a healthy business relationship
     with our tenants. Not only do we give business back to our tenants by engaging
     their services, we also bring business opportunities closer to them.

     Mapletree Industrial collaborated with International Enterprise (IE) Singapore to
     organise roadshows at our business parks. The roadshows were held from the
     02 to 04 August 2010 and 20 to 22 September at Signature and Strategy
     respectively. Tenants were able to learn about the suite of programmes and
     schemes that could assist them in overseas business expansion. The first 50
     early birds that registered for their free monthly IE Awareness Seminar received
     free gifts from IE Singapore.

     Tenants who wish to find out more about the IE roadshow can email us via Let us work towards maintaining a mutually
     beneficial business relationship!

Missed out on our exciting events? Want to see other Events?
Contact us at                                                                                                       9
Special Focus

   Interview with Chapters
    Many of us are so immersed in our own world that we
    hardly ever know who our neighbours are. In Special
    Focus this issue, we speak to a veteran in the corporate
    gift industry - Janice from Chapters.

    Q: Give us a brief introduction of your company:

    Chapters: We first started our operations in 1994 with a
              staff strength of only two. Over the years,
              we have built our reputation through word-of-
              mouth and have since grown into a premier
              supplier of custom and corporate gifts.

    Q: What products do you sell? Who are your major

    Chapters: Chapters helps you create your ideal
              corporate gift. From conceptualization to
              creation, at every step, we ensure that our      Q: What are your company strategies? What motivates
              products suit your various corporate functions      you?
              and needs. From custom-made carrier bags,
              notebooks and reusable bags to trendy and        Chapters: In Chapters, we believe in being innovative
              classy choices such as thumb drives, leather               and in listening to our customers’ needs.
              products, and even hand held wine aerators.                Delighting our customers by meeting and
              You name it, we have it all.                               exceeding their expectation is what drives
                                                                         us. In 2009, we have ventured overseas.
              We have worked with multinational                          We have also set-up an e-shop showcasing
              corporations such as MTV and Sony, and                     some of our readily available off-the-shelf
              local companies such as Singtel and Ya Kun                 products. Our e-platform will be in full
              Kaya Toast.                                                operation shortly this year.

                                                               Q: Anything else you would like to comment or add?

                                                               Chapters: It has been a pleasant experience working
                                                                         with Mapletree Industrial. They have been
                                                                         supportive of tenants like us by providing
                                                                         business opportunities to work with them.

                                                                           To find out more about Chapters,

Want to be featured on Special Focus?!
Contact us at                                                                               10

            Article contributed by the Workplace Safety and Health Council

Last But Not Least

    Here are some important numbers that you should know.

     Essential Service Hotline (24-hour basis) .................................................................................. 1800-377-6688
     Property management matters
     - Lift breakdown
     - Toilet cleanlines
     - Car park matters

     Cutomer Service Hotline (Mon to Fri 8:30am - 6:30pm) .................................................................... 6377-6000
     All other queries
     - Lease management matter
     - Billing enquiries
     - Marketing opportunities

     Quizzes & Prizes!
                                                                                              Who won wha
     For the next quiz, we have 10 goodie bags consisting                                     We would like to thank everyone who have
                                                                                              participated in our first newsletter quiz. Here
     of an umbrella, a name card holder and a letter-opener
                                                                                              are some of our winners for the previous quiz:
     to give away! The first 10 all-correct entries will each win
     a goodie bag.

                                                                                                     Winners of our first CiTRuS quiz!

     To win, please answer the following questions:

     1. How much is Mapletree Industrial Trust’s portfolio valued as at 31 August 2010?

     2. When was the inaugural issue of CiTRus launched?
                                                                                                                              Quiz starts:

     3. Where is Inno•Centre located?                                                                                      9 Feb 2011
                                                                                                                               Quiz ends:
     Please send your answers, together with your name, NRIC, company name,
     contact & email address to:
                                                                                                                           9 Mar 2011

     Terms and Conditions:
     Only Singapore citizens and permanent residents in Singapore except for employees of Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd, its subsidiaries and their
     immediate families are eligible. Winners will be chosen from among contestants with correct entries on a first-com-first-serve basis. Participants
     may only send in one entry per quiz. Multiple entries will not be accepted. Winners will be contacted via email. Mapletree Industrial reserves the
     right to amend these terms and conditions.Our decision shall be final, binding and conclusive and no correspondence will be entertained.

Look out for the next issue of CiTRuS for more interesting news and to win
exciting prizes.
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