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									Valentine's Day Treasure
   In this Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt,
  youth must find a series of valentine's by
  following a set of clues. When they reach
 the final Valentine the youth will also find a
          very special Valentine Gift.

Buy a packet of inexpensive Valentines.
These usually include a variety of simple
valentines for youth and children to share
with their school friends. If you want to
have more than one hunt, you can
different Valentine's day cards in different
themes or different colored envelopes
and hide more than one set of cards. (i.e.
great for more than one youth or teams of
1. If you have more than one set of
   Valentine's cards be sure the different
   themes are easily distinguishable from
   each other or indicate different teams
   with a different colored envelopes.
2. Write a different love note on each
   valentine card (ten to 15 cards). You
   can also write one word per card and
   number them to form a single message
   of love.
3. Hide the Valentine cards throughout
   the house or in other suitable places.
   As you hide each card, write a clue on
   the outside of the card to direct the
   youth to the next hidden card. These
   can be simple clues or riddles.
4. Along with the last Valentine, include a
   small love gift like a box of chocolates,
            An important Rule
  If you are hiding more than one set of
 Valentine's day card, be sure to tell the
youth that they may only touch their own
    cards. They may not take cards that
belong to another team if they happen to
                 find them.
What to do

1.   Divide everyone into two or more
     groups and give them a time limit
     with which to find the Valentine's Day
What to do

2.   Give the kids the clue to the first
     valentine and let them search until
     they have found all of them.
     Remember to tell them there is
     something special hidden with the
     last Valentine.
What to do

3.   The first group that returns with the
     all the cards AND the final gift within
     the limited time wins.
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