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Mssrs. Boddy & Maloney:

It has come to my attention that mayor William Lantigua has posted, used and
communicated with the public using a Facebook, Twitter, YOUTUBE, MYSPACE
and possibly other social media accounts. These actions are arguably the actions
of a public official to post items related to his official position as an elected

Pursuant to M.G.L. related to public records, this is an official request to permit
and/or provide those records, which I contend and will file suit if denied access,
as they are public records. If you want to battle this in court as a matter of access
to public records and whether an elected official is required to maintain said
records and make them available to the public, please advise accordingly and we
shall seek the court's intervention. If I prevail, I shall seek attorney's fees, costs,
discretionary costs as well as punitive damages, as a matter of public interest.

Please advise when the records will be available for inspection, review, or
copying. As you have previously written, in an attempt to dissuade, impede or
hinder a lawful public records' request, I expect you to exert an extraordinary
amount of money and time to comply with this official request. Regardless, the
laws, I believe, cover these social media tools and transparency is warranted,
considering all the negative press related to Mr. Lantigua.
If I need to engage the Center for Public Interests, the Freedom Foundation,
Common Sense or the Public Interest Research Group and other attorneys
dedicated to ensure the public has access to public records, then we shall take
that road.

In my opinion, the Massachusetts Legislature has greatly failed the citizens of
Massachusetts in enacting meaningful access to these records as well as
imposing serious penalties to lawmakers who exploit loopholes related to
financial disclosures (SFIs), deter or impede access to public records and other
related matters or documents that are an integral part of the people's business.

Per Massachusetts' law, you have (10) ten days to comply with this request.


Eddie Garcia

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