NDRRMC Update Sitrep 6 on Negros Earthquake by coolbuster

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									                           Binalbagan, Negros Occidental

                           Intensity IV – San Jose de Buenavista, Pandan, Anini-y, Patnungon,
                           Antique; Kalibo, Aklan; Sipalay, Negros Occidental; Dipolog City, Ormoc
                           Intensity III – Butuan City, Agusan del Norte; Legaspi City, Albay;
                           Carmen, Cagayan de Oro; Tacloban City; Catbalogan; Saint Bernard,
                           Southern Leyte; Masbate, Masbate; Cagayan de Oro City
                           Intensity II – Cabid-an, Sorsogon; Borongan, Eastern Samar;
                           Mambajao, Camiguin
                           Intensity I – Pagadian City
Expecting Damage           Yes                                            Yes
     • Tsunami Bulletin No. 02 as of 2:30 PM, 06 February 2012
              No further reports of unusual sea level changes were received after the two-hour
              extended observation period. Hence, tsunami alerts for the Philippines are cancelled.
     • Tsunami Bulletin No. 01 as of 12:31 PM, 06 February 2012
        o     People are advised to stay away from the shoreline. People should not go to the coast
              to watch the tsunami
        o     People whose houses are very near the coastal areas of Negros and Cebu Islands are
              strongly advised to be watchful
           TYPE OF INCIDENT                     LOCATION                   REMARK/S
       Recession of Water several                                 Evacuated residents of Brgys
                                           Mun. of Bindoy
       meters away from coastline                                 Tinaogan and Domolog
                                           La Libertad
       Landslides                          Sitio Moog, Brgy
                                           Planas, Guihulngan
                                           Comendador Beach
       Rise of water along                                        5 cottages along seashore were
                                           resort, Mun. of La
       shoreline                                                  wiped out
                                           La Libertad            20 residential houses damaged
                                         22 (12-Guihulngan; 4-Jimalalud; 3-Tayasan;
                                               1-Bindoy; 1-Bais; 1-Ayungon)
           Injured                          52 (12 – Jimalalud; 40 – Guihulngan)
                                             71 (29-Brgy. Planas, Guihulngan;
                                              42-Brgy. Solonggon, La libertad)
       •     20 houses were damaged in Bindoy, Negros Oriental: five (5) totally and 15 partially
       •     No classes in all public schools in Negros Oriental and Siquijor on 7 Feb 2012

 •   Municipality of Moalboal (Southwest of Cebu) initiated evacuation operations in Brgys
     Saavedra, Basdiot, Poblacion East and west, Tuble, Tomonoy and Balabagon. The
     displaced were taken to Barangay Bugho, Moalboal
 •   Municipality of Bindoy – evacuation of residents of Brgys Tinaogan and Domolog
                           TYPE/ SEVERITY OF
       REGION/ CITY                                                 STRUCTURE
     Region 6
                         Cracks on glass walls      San Carlos Unitop Building
                                                    City Halls of Sagay and Cadiz; some
                         Cracks                     schools; hospitals; gyms; malls; and
                                                    other structures
                         Cracks on joint portion    Talubangi Bridge
     Region 7
                         Collapsed                 Barangay Hall
                         Damaged bridge
                                                   Bateria Bridge (impassable)
                         Damaged, unpassable
                                                   Tayunan Bridge
                         to four wheel vehicles
                                                   Government and commercial buildings;
                                                   roads; several other structures
                         Slight damage             HQ 11 IB in Brgy Mckinley, Guihulgan
     Guihulngan City     Part of structure
                                                   St. Francis College
                         Totally damaged           Catholic Church
                         Partially damaged         Hall of Justice
                         Partially damaged         Public Market
                         Partially damaged         Caltex Gasoline Building
                         Partially damaged         Plaza Lodge
                         Partially damaged         Philippine Independence Church
                         Totally damaged           Seventh-Day Adventist Church
                                                   Matoog Bridge (passable only to light
     Mun. of Tayasan     Damaged
                         Damaged                   2 residential houses
                                                   Tanglawan Bridge (passable on to light
                         Damaged                   Pangaluan Bridge (impassable)
     Mun. of Jimalalud
                         Damaged                   Ayungon
                         Damaged                   Dayoyo
                         Presence of surface
                                                   Municipal Hall
                         cracks on walls
                                                   5 cottages in Comendador Beach Resort
                         Wiped out                 were wiped out due to sudden rise of
                         Damaged                   La Libertad Bridge (impassable)
                         Collapsed                 3-storey, Laturnas Bldg
     Mun. of La
                                                   20 residential houses (Sitio Block 2, Brgy
     Libertad            Damaged
                         Collapsed                 Aglipay Church
                         Damaged                   Martelo Bridge (unpassable)
                                                   Steel bridge (passable only to light
                                                   RSB Building, Abellana National School,
     Cebu City           Surface cracks
                                                   St. Vincent Gen. Hosp (old building)
     Pinamungahan        Cracks                    Mangoto Bridge (Pinamungahan-

       Bohol                 Assessment on-going
       Siquijor              Assessment on-going
       Dumaguete City        Assessment on-going      Commercial establishments
                             Collapsed                Pangaloan Bridge (impassable)
                             Cracks amplified/
       Mun. of Maribojoc                              St. Vincent Parish Church
                             Cracks amplified/
       Mun. of Loay                                   Conception Elem. School
       Iloilo City           Damaged                  Bridge connecting Calinog and Lumbano
       Mun. of Tinayunan     Damaged                  Bridge (impassable)
       Mun. of Bindoy        Minor cracks             Roads/Bindoy bridge
       Mun. of Mabinay       Minor damages            Roads
       Mun. of
                             Cracks                   PNP In-houses and Police Station
                                                      Ayungon bridge (not passable by a four
       Mun. of Ayungon
                                                      wheel vehicles)
                                                      Ludgoron bridge (not passable by a four
                                                      wheel vehicles)
                             Presence of surface
       Tanjay City                                    City Hall
                             cracks on walls
                             Presence of surface
       Jimalalud                                      Municipal Hall
                             cracks on walls
       Manhuyod              Partially damaged        Roman Catholic Church
     • Guihulngan City – water supply system was totally damaged; Electric facilities are
                          down, no Globe and Smart signal
     • La libertad, Negros Oriental – no Globe signal
     • Jimalalud, Guihulngan, and La Libertad – cannot be reached due to damage
                                                   to bridge (source: PIA)
     • Ayungon, Tayasan, Jimalalud, La Libertad and Guihulngan all in Negros Oriental –
                                                                   has no electricity and water
     • A total of ten (10) bridges in Negros Oriental were impassable due to following damages:
       collapsed span, damaged approached, collapsed abutment, collapsed center span, twisted
       bridge, mis-aligned spans and collapsed pier.
     • One (1) road in Dumaguete North road was impassable because of cracks and cuts
     • Two (2) roads in Badian, Cebu were impassable because of huge rocks fall, landslides and
       road slip.
     • A total of PhP 12,426,657.18 worth of relief assistance were provided by DSWD
       •   A total of 137 houses were damaged (Totally – 45 / Partially – 92)
              Negros Oriental            Totally              Partially
              Bindoy                       15                    52
              Jimalalud                     2                    20
              Tayasan                       5                    15
              La libertad                  20
              Guihulngan                    3                     5

  • NDRRMC Emergency Operations Center was activated and alert status was upgraded from
    WHITE to BLUE ALERT STATUS in view of the incident, and disseminated Tsunami
    Bulletins/Alerts to RDRRMCs/OCD Regional Centers concerned through SMS and facsimile
    for further dissemination to their respective local disaster risk reduction and management
    councils from the provincial down to the municipal levels, especially to the coastal areas and
    communities near Negros and Cebu Islands
  • Likewise, Operations Centers of RDRRMCs concerned were advised to take all the following
    appropriate precautionary measures:
          Alert all residents living in the coastal areas fronting the Pacific Ocean for possible
          Effect the dissemination of the tsunami bulletins/advisories to the Local Chief Executives,
          Civil Defense Coordinators and RDRRMC Members through SMS, fax and other means of
          Communicate with all local TV and Radio Stations to ensure widest public information
          dissemination of Tsunami Bulletins/Alerts
          Undertake continuous monitoring in their respective area of responsibility (AOR)
          Instruct to submit report on actions taken thereof
Philippine Information Agency (PIA)
      •   Continuously disseminates all news reports from NDRRMC to all PIA Regional/Provincial
          Offices nationwide and media organizations for further dissemination to the general public
          and uploaded situation reports in the PIA Facebook page, Weather Watch
      •   DOST-PHIVOLCS disseminated Earthquake and Tsunami bulletins and is closely
          monitoring the situation for any significant development
Office of Civil Defense Regional Centers (OCDRCs)
      •   OCDRC V
          Coordinated with PDRRMC Masbate and Sorsogon, MDRRMC Pio V. Corpus and
          Esperanza, Masbate re possible effects of the earthquake
          Disseminated warning bulletins and other information to RDRRMC member/ support
          agencies, LDRRMCs and media thru SMS/ e-mail/ fax and uploaded the same to their
          facebook account
          Continuous monitoring
      •   OCDRC VI
      o   Iloilo DRRMC convened for an emergency meeting and immediately dispatched a rapid
          damage assessment team
      o   CDRRMC Himamaylan City declared suspension of work in Himamaylan City Hall
      o   Gov. Marañon directed Capitol employees to stay in their posts so as to facilitate
          deployment if necessary
      o   LDRRMCs in coastal areas are advised to stay away from coastline
      o   Dissemination of PHIVOLCS advisory to members of the media and LDRRMCs
      •   OCDRC VII
          Disseminated warning bulletins and other information to all Chairmen, PDRRMCs of Bohol,
          Cebu, Negros Oriental and Siquijor, PNP 7, AFP-CC including all member agencies
          Alerted LDRRMCs particularly coastal communities of Negros Oriental and Cebu Islands
          for minor sea level changes and advised people living in coastal areas to be watchful
          Private operators of seacrafts voluntarily suspend their operations
          Emergency meeting attended by DILG, DSWD, NEDA, PNP, Central Command, PMS and
          PIA was conducted to assess the damages and needs requirements of affected families in
          Negros Oriental

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
   •   505th Airforce helicopters in Camp Hernandez were alerted and readied for immediate
   •   U3 CENCOM conducted relief and rescue operations; advised the public not to panic
   •   Advised all OPCOM units to alert their respective DRTU to provide assistance and conduct
       DRO as the need arises
   •   Two (2) helicopters are on standby and ready for dispatch in CENTCOM
   •   78th IB conducted public announcement to correct false information on tsunami
   •   302nd IB, 703rd CDC, 7th RCDG and ARESCOM conducted SAR Operations
Philippine National Police (PNP)
   •   PNP RHQ VII dispatched SAR Team composed of PPSC, 30 RMG, 48 RPS B VII and
       other Local Police Station personnel to conduct search and rescue operations in Negros
   •   PNP RO7 conducted public announcement to correct false information on tsunami
   •   PNP Guihulngan personnel were deployed to provide security against looting
   •   PNP PRO7 provided transport services for DSWD-VII relief goods
Department of Health (DOH)
   •   DOH-HEMS mobilized assorted drugs and medicines and cadaver bags for the victims of
       landslide in Tayasan, Negros Oriental
   •   CHD VII Medical Team conducted a rapid health assessment in Guihulngan, Negros
       Oriental last 6 February 2012
   •   DOH VII provided medicines and personnel to affected areas
Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
   •   The region has a standby funds of PhP 1,189,680.56 and stockpile of relief commodities
       composed of 3,344 family food packs (PhP 812,157.60), food (PhP 715,549.70) non-food
       (PhP 3,101,195.88) ready for augmentation to the local government units affected by any
       type of disasters
   •   Food and non-food items will be delivered to Guihulgan and La libertad thru Navy boat
       (NAVFORCEN) as of 4:00 PM today. Composed of 2,000 family food packs
       (PhP2,405,119.00), 160 boxes of can goods; 2,000 water bottles; 2,632 pieces of
       laundry soap; 318 blankets; 40 tents; 275 pieces of mosquito nets; 336 pieces of mats;
       200 pair of slippers; 2,264 pieces of toothpaste
   •   20 units of 220v generators, 11 tents, 2,500 mats, 2,500 blankets, 2,500 family size
       kalderos, 2,500 family size sandoks, 2,500 water jugs, 2,500 plastic plates and 2,500
       drinking glasses amounting to PhP2,030,470.20 will be sent by the DSWD Central
       Office to Dumaguete City via C130 plane of the Philippine Air Force
   •   DSWD-CO augmented the Field Office VII standby fund in the amount of PhP1M
   •   Repacking of relief goods is ongloing in Cebu City
   •   Cash for work were distributed to different areas: PhP 5.7M for the Provincial Government
       of Negros Oriental; PhP 3,300,862.00 for Guihulngan City and PhP 1,001,925.50 for the
       Municipality of La Libertad
   •   Coordinating with the DOH for the joint conduct of stress debriefing to the affected
       families who suffered trauma and emotional distress caused by the earthquake
Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)
   •   DILG 7
       Coordinated with NDRRMC re status of their AOR
       Initiated the evacuation of residents of Brgys Tinaogan and Domolog, Munipality of Bindoy
       PDRRMC Negros Oriental conducted an ocular inspection around Dumaguete City and
       neighboring town; Coordinated with local DRRMCs in areas with severe damage like
       Tayasan, Guihulngan, La Libertad and Jimalalud; Coordinated with PNP, Philippine Army
       and other National Government agencies to monitor, assess and provide support to
       affected areas and residents; Issued an Order suspending the work in government offices
       and encouraged NGAs to do the same; Vehicles, medical teams are on alert and ready to

         dispatch; Damaged assessment are still being conducted and verified; Provided basic food
         commodities and medical personnel to affected areas
         CDRRMC Tanjay City were ready to dispatch their vehicles to all coastal barangay for
         community evacuation; Local Chief Executive conducted ocular inspections to evacuation
         area of Barangays Polo and Luca; Distributed sacks of rice, mineral waters and tents to
         CDRRMC Bais City identified evacuation areas for coastal residents; alarm systems were
         established; personnel were utilized to guide residents in evacuation centers; information
         drive was conducted to calm down residents using recorder and local radio station
         MDRRMC Vallehermoso conducted ocular inspection and coastal area residents are
         evacuated at a higher ground
         MDRRMC Ayungon conducted ocular inspection especially along coastal Barangays;
         evacuation centers were identified; all vehicles are ready for dispatched; PNP are on alert
         status; alarm systems are established
         MDRRMC Tayasan had the vehicles, fire truck patrol car are on standby alert and ready to
         dispatch; PNP dispersed to assist residents; evacuation was advised
         CDRRMC Guihulngan had evacuated residents from affected areas; transportation and
         rescue team are ready and on standby; PNP, BFP and PA on alert status and responded
         to affected residents; coordinated with NFA or rice allocation to victims
         MDRRMO La Libertad led the rescue operation at the landslide site in Barangay
         Solonggon together with PNP operatives and barangay officials
         MDRRMC Basay announced no work in the afternoon; monitoring is conducted in schools
         and other areas in the municipality
         MDRRMC Dauin advised all members of the DRRMC to be on call
         MDRRMC Amlan had an information drive advising coastal Barangays to be vigilant;
         informed residents re cancellation of tsunami alerts; LCE ordered DRRMC to be on call 24
         hours; assigned personnel to observe sea water level; inspection of infrastructure in AOR
         MDRRMC Pamplona monitored AOR for possible infrastructure damages; advised
         residents what to do during earthquakes; IEC and monitoring on updates was conducted
         MDRRMC San Jose had an information drive on coastal area residents; suspends all
         government offices; LCE has coordinated with PNP to be alert and other NGAs for warning
         and advisory
         MDRRMC Mabinay had a damage assessment; landslide advisory was disseminated to
         landslide prone areas; suspension of LGU office working hours; emergency responders are
         put on standby and alert status for any eventuality relative to aftershocks
         MDRRMC Sta. Catalina issued an evacuation order; Municipal Engineer instructed to
         conduct infrastructure audit
Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)
     •   PCG-CGAC cancelled all movements of commercial vessels and small crafts including
         fishing boats and bancas – temporary cancellation was lifted at 2:30 PM of the same day

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
     •   Extended water purifiers and a 15-man team to Negros Oriental

     •   APAS Emergency Response Team (AERT) conducted public announcement to correct
         false information on tsunami
O.       NEEDS
     •   Drinkable water, medicines, tents, pick and shovel for SAR, food supplies for victims and
         rescuer, field oxygen tanks


SitRep No. 6                                                                                                                             Tab A

                                       EFFECTS OF EARTHQUAKE IN NEGROS ORIENTAL
                                                    As of 08 February 2012, 08:00 AM

                                        Name              Age                    Address                       Cause / Date / Remarks

GRAND TOTAL             26 DEAD
    REGION VII          26
                        1    Balansag, Domingo                    Brgy Kagawasan, Guihulngan            landslide victim

                             Barillo, Esmerolda Baloron           Brgy Kagawasan, Guihulngan            landslide victim
                                                                                                        hit by concrete wall of Magsaysay
                             Benigay, Eric                  7     Brgy. Magsaysay, Guihulngan City
                        1                                                                               Elem School
                                                                                                        hit by concrete wall of Magsaysay
                             Evardo, Gilbert               13     Brgy. Magsaysay, Guihulngan City
                        1                                                                               Elem School
                        1    Jinsis, Marina Deverola              Brgy Kagawasan, Guihulngan City       landslide victim

   Guihulngan City,     1    Manzano, Betty Yap            62     Guihulngan City                       hit by debris of her house
   Negros Oriental      1    Naraco, Maricar               37     Brgy. Mckinley, Guihulngan City       hit by debris of her house
                        1    Narcisco, Milagros                   Brgy. P. Zamora, Guihulngan City      landslide victim
                        1    Pagao, Cherry                 23     Guihulngan City                       hit by debris of Manzano's house
                                                                                                        hit by concrete wall of St Francis High
                             Sabando, Aljun                14     Brgy. Poblacion, Guihulngan City
                        1                                                                               School
                        1    "Kabang" a cetain                    Brgy. P. Zamora, Guihulngan City      landslide victim
                        1    "Montebon" a certain                 Brgy. P. Zamora, Guihulngan City      landslide victim
                        1    "Baby Boy"                   11-12

                        1    Beto, Bandoy                  70     Jimalalud                             hit by falling rocks
      Jimalalud,        1    Corceiga, Manolita            10     Brgy Mompong, Jimalalud
    Negros Oriental          Estrabella, Anafe             12     Brgy Mompong, Jimalalud               hit by hard object
                        1    Gerodiaz, Anastacia           60     Jimalalud                             hit by falling rocks
                             Vailoces, Marito Amorganda           Bindoy, Negros Oriental               due to collapse fence
    Negros Oriental     1
                                                                  Grade II pupil of Matuog Elementary   pinned down by collapsed concrete
                        1    Raydan, Bernadeth              9
      Tayasan,                                                    School, Tayasan                       wall/fence
    Negros Oriental     1    Ganti, Ramon                         Brgy Suguib, Tayasan                  landslide victim
                        1    Lastio, Maggi                 53     Brgy Maglihi, Tayasan                 landslide victim
Bais, Negros Oriental   1    Palumar, Acebes Florencia            Bais City                             heart attack
                        1    Abestano, Aurora              78     Brgy Awaan, Ayungon                   hit by concrete fence that collapsed
    Negros Oriental
                        1    Awon, Angela                         Brgy San Jose, La Libertad            landslide victim
     La Libertad,
                        1    Laturnas, Edsel                      La, Libertad                          landslide victim
    Negros Oriental
                        1    "Cindy" a certain                    La, Libertad                          landslide victim

GRAND TOTAL             52 INJURED
    REGION VII          52
                        12   Unidentified                         Jimalalud                             To be Confirmed
   Negros Oriental
                        40   Unidentified                         Guihulngan                            Treated at Guihulngan Hospital

GRAND TOTAL             71 MISSING
    REGION VII          71
                        1    Benes, Menat
                        1    dela Peña, Vicente
  Negros Oriental                                                         Brgy. Planas, Guihulngan                 Landslide victims
                        1    Isuki, Beverly
                        1    Isuki, Rosebel

                                                                  Page 1 of 3
                                   Name         Age                    Address                Cause / Date / Remarks
                   1    Luciano, Palil
                   1    Lusiano, Jerry
                   1    Lusiano, Josie
                   1    Mahinay, Asor
                   1    Mahinay, Insel
                   1    Nemeño, Sherly
                   1    Nemeño, Susan
                   1    Nocus, Marites
                   1    Ramas, Mandy
                   1    Sarsa, Coning
                   1    Soreño, Analie
                   1    Soreño, Dandy
                   1    Soreño, Jolly                           Brgy. Planas, Guihulngan         Landslide victims
                   1    Toting, Albert
                   1    Toting, Danny
                   1    Toting, Dariong
                   1    Toting, Dewe
                   1    Toting, Dexter
                   1    Toting, Jolly
                   1    Toting, Larry
                   1    Toting, Marino
                   1    Toting, Pepe
                   1    Toting, Sonia
                   1    Toting, Soriño
                   1    Aka "Plangkaw"
                   1    Alum, Angelica           19
 Negros Oriental   1    Amaro, Angie             3
                   1    Amaro, Jovie             20
                   1    Batuto, Dyna             21
                   1    Batuto, Wensebel         2
                   1    Bolo, Jolica             7
                   1    Calaga, Elizabeth        80
                   1    Callora, Harry           60
                   1    Cruz, John Llyod         5
                   1    Dinulan, Maria Fe        40
                   1    Dinulan, Modesto         79
                   1    Lisondra, Anaclito       52
                   1    Lisondra, Cecil          21
                   1    Lisondra, Charita        52          Sitio Bloke 2, Brgy Solonggon,
                                                                                                 Landslide victims
                   1    Lisondra, Jason Jr       3                     La Libertad
                   1    Lisondra, Jason Sr       24
                   1    Lisondra, John Lee       1
                   1    Lisondra, Lorita         29
                   1    Lisondra, Reban          4
                   1    Lisondra, Rezel          2
                   1    Lisondra, Rolly          31
                   1    Lisondra, Ronelyn        9
                   1    Lisondra, Shendy         22
                   1    Magalso, Charity Joy    8 mos
                   1    Magalso, Cristil Jane    10
                   1    Magalso, Jerra Mae       6
                   1    Magalso, John Mark       8
                   1    Magalso, Jolie           60

                                                        Page 2 of 3
                                  Name           Age                  Address                Cause / Date / Remarks
                   1    Magalso, Lorna           32
                   1    Magalso, Sheila Mae      16
                   1    Pabol, Charmayne Grace   17
                   1    Pabol, Lory              45
                   1    Pocong, Dyan              5
                   1    Pocong, Estelita         61
                   1    Pocong, George           49         Sitio Bloke 2, Brgy Solonggon,
 Negros Oriental                                                                                Landslide victims
                   1    Pocong, Jeofrrey          7                   La Libertad
                   1    Pocong, Presel           26
                   1    Pocong, Susan            49
                   1    Sanoy, Argie             14
                   1    Sanoy, Jeca              19
                   1    Sanoy, Lorna             40
                   1    Vergara, Jarale          17

                                                       Page 3 of 3
Sitrep No. 6                                                                                              Tab B

                             STATUS OF ROADS AND BRIDGES
                                            as of 08 February 2012, 8:00 AM

                                                                       DESCRIPTION OF          Estimate of
                    LOCATION                           SITUATION
                                                                          DAMAGE                Damage
                                                                                                (PhP M)

Region VII
Negros Oriental
La Libertad

      Martilo RCDG Bridge, km 64+800                  Not passable    One (1) span collapsed      7.500

     La Libertad Bridge, RCDG                         Not passable    Damaged approach            5.000
     Malaiba Bridge, RCDG                             Not passable    Abutment collapsed          3.800
      Pangaloan Bridge, RCDG                          Not passable    Center span collapsed       31.675

                                                                      Twisted bridge, mis-
      San Jose SPG Bridge km 101+669                  Not passable                                50.835
                                                                      aligned spans
    Jimalalud Bridge, RCDG                            Not passable    Abutment collapsed          20.175
    Bateria SPG Bridge, RCDG                          Not passable    Collapsed approach           5.000
    Tinayunan Bridge, RCDG                            Not passable    Pier collapsed              12.400
    P. Zamora Bridge, RCDG                            Not passable    Abutment collapsed           7.800
    Habag Bridge, RCDG                                Not passable    Abutment collapsed           7.500
                                                                      Heavily damaged;
Dumaguete North Road (DNR) km 109.00                  Not passable                                90.575
                                                                      cracks and cuts
      Dalaguete-Manlalongan-Badian Rd                                 Huge rocks fall,
                                                      Not passable
      (DBMR), km 112.300 -KM 112.400                                  landslides, road slip
                                                                      Huge rocks fall,
      DBMR, km 111.300                                Not passable
                                                                      landslides, road slip

Source: DPWH-BOM Manila as of 3 PM 7 Feb 2012

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