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Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

       School Handbook

    Policies and Procedures
            Revised 2007 –

                                      Cathedral Basilica School

                                             Mission Statement

As a Catholic Elementary School, Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis School exists to carry on and build
upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and preserve the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church.
Our school welcomes students of diverse cultures, races, socio-economic backgrounds. We strive to
provide a safe and caring atmosphere conducive to achieving academic success, building self-esteem
and showing respect for others. We challenge our students to continue to learn and serve God,
family and community throughout their lives.

                                     Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis School
                                         Statement of Philosophy

Cathedral School is a Catholic elementary school concerned with and committed to Catholic values and
teachings as they are reflected in the Gospel. Children of all faiths and economic, racial and social
backgrounds are welcome at Cathedral School where they are affirmed, and where they share in the
unconditional love of Jesus Christ. Cathedral school strives to promote a sense of security, a healthy moral
life and an informed conscience. It encourages a respect for the dignity of the human person by instilling
the virtues of charity, peace and justice in the total Cathedral school experience. Spiritual, moral,
emotional, aesthetic, physical and intellectual growth are integrated and fostered here.

Cathedral School is fully aware of its responsibility that each child receives a quality Catholic education
where the needs of the individual child are met and where each child can reach his/her full potential. The
faculty strives to nurture personal Christian growth in attitudes, knowledge and skills. Cathedral
appreciates the importance of cultural awareness in the teaching and celebration of the Catholic faith. This
school also recognizes the integral role of the parent as primary educator in partnership with the school.

We encourage each student to fully participate in the educational program by teaching and nurturing the
values of personal gifts and talents, personal responsibility, academic self-motivation and service to others.
These are accomplished within a positive student-centered environment. Through a bond of respect and
trust we encourage our students to always be their best and develop their full potential.

Our goal is prepare the students for the future so that they will respond to the needs of society and be
successful in their continuing education. Cathedral School prepares each student to live the Gospel, model
Christ and be of service to others.


Cathedral Basilica School maintains the right to amend policies and implement or waive

                                     WITNESS STATEMENT

The following Witness Statement is included in the School Handbook in order to raise the parents’
awareness of their role as models of the faith for their children. When parents enroll their children in
Cathedral Basilica School they agree to the following statement.

          One of the supreme gifts of marriage is bringing forth new life. God entrusts children to parents
who have a primary right and duty to educate their children in the practice of their faith. Parents carry out
this responsibility by creating a home full of love, forgiveness, respect and fidelity. The family is the
community in which, from childhood, one honors God and learns moral values.

         In the rite of the sacrament of Baptism, parents receive the call from God to evangelize their
children, as here summarized:

          You have asked to have your child baptized. In doing so you are accepting the responsibility of
training him(her) in the practice of the faith. It will be your duty to bring him (her) up to keep God’s
commandments as Christ taught us, by loving God and our neighbor… You will be the first teachers of your
child in the ways of the faith. May you be also the best of teachers, bearing witness to the faith by what you
say and do, in Christ Jesus our Lord.

         No wonder, then, that the Church understands the home to be the domestic church. It is in the
intimate environment of the family that parents are, by word and example, the first heralds of the faith with
respect to their children. This environment is enhanced and deepened through the parish Eucharistic
community that is the heart of the spiritual life for Christian families.

         Catholic schools and parish religious education programs are in partnership with the family in
proclaiming and witnessing to the person and life of Jesus Christ. They assist parents in fulfilling their
responsibility as the primary religious educators of their children.

         Aware, then, of the dignity of this holy parental call, and with a reverent awe for that
responsibility which is mine, I commit myself to be, in word and deed, the first and best teacher of my
children in the faith. Practically, this means that I should:

        Regularly participate in the Sunday Eucharist (if not Catholic, regularly participate in
worship and prayer) with my family.

         Commit to speak more with my children about God and to include prayer in our daily home

         Participate in and cooperate with School programs that enable me as a partner to take an
active role in the religious education of my children, including sacramental preparation for Catholic

       Support the moral and social teachings of the Catholic Church to ensure consistency
between home and school.

         Teach my children by word and example to have a love and concern for the needs of others.

         Meet my financial responsibilities in supporting the Catholic School.


Cathedral School is fully accredited with the Catholic Education Office of the Archdiocese of St. Louis. It
is also accredited through the Missouri Chapter of the National Federation of Non-public School State
Accrediting Association.


Cathedral Basilica School is an Archdiocesan School and follows all the Archdiocesan policies and
guidelines. Cathedral School is an integral ministry of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis Parish.

Academic excellence and a disciplined formation is the desired goal of Cathedral Basilica School. Central
to the school is the understanding of the Catholic tradition and growth in faith. Parents wishing to enroll
their children in Cathedral School must understand and agree to the purposes of Cathedral School.

 Students from Catholic families registered in Cathedral Parish and in contiguous parishes where there is no
Catholic school receive priority in the admissions process. Students from Catholic families who reside
outside of the Cathedral Parish boundaries are admitted, provided space is available after students from the
Cathedral Parish are admitted. The school may admit students from non-Catholic families only if space is
available after Catholic students are admitted.

Admission to Cathedral School is contingent upon the families 1) understanding that Catholic teaching and
moral formation are an integral part of the school; 2) participation in the spiritual and social life of the
parish; 3) support of the concepts of the Witness Statement; 4) agreement to follow the policies and
procedures of the school; and 5) willingness to cooperate with the teachers and administration in the moral,
psychological, emotional, spiritual and academic development of their children. Parents must understand
that Cathedral school is a Catholic school where all students enroll in religious education and participate in
religious ceremonies and activities as appropriate.

Children entering pre-school, kindergarten and first grade must meet the age requirements for these grades
before August 1st. Children who do not meet the age requirement may be accepted if after adequate
examination are found to possess sufficient maturity to enter kindergarten or first grade. The following
criteria are determining factors:
          1. superior performance on readiness tests which indicate cognitive, affective and psychomotor
               maturity. These tests are to be determined by the principal and kindergarten teacher.
          2. observations of the student in a learning situation.
          3. recommendations of pre-school or kindergarten teacher.
          4. sufficient room in the school for this student.
          5. approval by the pastor to accept this student.

The selection of all students is at the discretion of the pastor and principal.

Students should come from families who respect Catholic values. Families should regularly attend,
actively participate and contribute financially to their church.

Parents should assume financial obligations by paying registration fees, by paying tuition in a timely
manner, by following the policies, and by being active volunteers.

The decision to admit a student from another school is made after a thorough review of the child’s previous
school records and all records relating to the child’s special needs, if any. Parents are required to sign the
“exchange of information” form to enable the school to obtain all necessary information. If the parents will
not provide complete information and/or will not cooperate in ensuring that professionals who provide
diagnostic, prescriptive or therapeutic services may need to postpone any further consideration of

Parents must be willing to accept the financial responsibilities of attending Cathedral Basilica School.

The principal after an interview with the family and an all day classroom visit by the student where the
teacher can observe and determine the student’s academic abilities and behaviors, and after reviewing the
child’s academic records and in consultation with the parents/guardians and teachers will place the student
in the grade level appropriate to the student’s maturity and academic and social abilities.

Registration process includes:
        Completion of registration form
        Verification of the date of birth by review of the birth certificate or baptismal certificate
        Verification of the dates of other sacramental celebrations
        Verification of custody arrangements in cases in which parents of the student are divorced.
         (A copy of the portion of the divorce decree, which verifies custody arrangements, must be
        A completed emergency form
        A registration form indicating special needs
        Immunization records.

Students who have transferred from another school are admitted on two probationary periods of the first six
weeks and then throughout the first year. An evaluation is made of the student’s academics and behaviors
in accordance to Cathedral School philosophy and policies.

Registration takes place in February. A non-refundable registration fee of $275 per child is due before
April 30th. This registration fee is the book fee and the technology fee.

Any student registered after April 30th is not guaranteed a place in the class for the next year.


Cathedral School has an after school care program. The After School Care program follows the
Archdiocesan Guidelines. Information regarding the after care program can be obtained from the school


Regular attendance is a prerequisite for academic achievement. Experience has proven that students
find it difficult to make up work, which they have missed because of absences from school. No amount of
subsequent personal study can adequately replace the teacher’s explanation, class discussion, group
interaction, etc. Only illness or family emergency should prevent attendance or cause tardiness.

Students not only learn academics at school but life long work habits and work ethics. Excessive
tardys and absences for other than serious illness or family emergencies undermine this objective.

Students who are not present at the appointed times are considered absent. This includes all scheduled
activities by the school including but not limited to field trips, music concerts, camp, liturgies, etc.

There are those occasions when weather or traffic may cause unexpected delays, but these should be rare.
Parents should plan on traffic conditions on their particular route to school for those days of inclement
weather or road construction. The student is considered tardy even under these circumstances.

The teacher is responsible for taking attendance each day.

Parents should call the school and leave a message as soon as they know the student will be absent.
PLEASE call before 8 a.m.

If a family schedules a vacation during the school year the teacher is not responsible for preparing
work in advance. When the student returns to school, the student should schedule a time to meet
with the teacher to find out what assignments were missed and a when they will be due.

Students who are absent due to illness will not be expected to have all the missed assignments and
homework completed the day the student returns. Arrangements are to be made by the student with the
teacher to make up tests or complete the assignments in a timely manner. The student is responsible for
making up the missed work.

If the student is absent for 5 consecutive days a doctor’s note is required. If a student is absent for 10 days
or more during a quarter, his or her report card is not given until the work for that period is completed.

A written excuse stating the date, reason for absence and parent
signature is required for all absences and each tardy.
Excessive absences or tardies could be defined as educational neglect. The student may not be
promoted to the next grade because of excessive absences.

Parents are encouraged to schedule doctors and dentists appointments outside of school hours. Students
who must be excused during the day for doctor’s or dentist’s appointments must bring a written note
from a parent stating the time and length of the absence and the name of the person picking up the
student. Parents are encouraged to make these appointments outside of school hours.

Written permission must be sent to school in order for the school to release a student early. This must state
the person picking up the student and the time the student will be picked up. The person picking up the
student must show proper identification. Students can only be picked up from the office and may not be
picked up from the classroom.

Parents/guardians are to report to the school office, and the student will be called from the classroom.

If a student becomes ill, or is injured, the parent, or those designated by the parent to be notified in these
cases, will be called immediately. An emergency information card is filled out at the time of registration.
This card is kept on file in the office. IT IS THE PARENTS OBLIGATION TO KEEP THE SCHOOL

School hours are from 7:50 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Students should enter school at 7:40 a.m. Classes begin immediately at 8 a.m.

Children entering school after 8 a.m. must stop at the office and obtain a tardy slip.

Truancy involves leaving school grounds without proper authorization, and/or staying away from class
without proper authorization. Truancy will result in suspension or expulsion.

In case of school cancellation due to inclement weather or other circumstances parents will be called
immediately using the automated phone service. It is very important that the home and work numbers be
kept up to date in order for the parents to receive notification of school cancellations.

Cathedral school will not dismiss early due to inclement weather. If parents wish to pick up their children
early on days of inclement weather (snow or ice) because their place of work has cancelled or they wish to
avoid traffic, they may do so.


“Norms of conduct are predicated on two premises;
       1. Every student has the rights to certain protections-
           a. protection of personal property,
           b. a safe and secure environment, free of physical, verbal or emotional harassment of
               any kind,
           c. an atmosphere conducive to personal growth and development.
       2. Every student has the duty to preserve those rights for others.

Since no list of norms can cover every situation, the administration presumes common sense, mature
judgment and Christian charity are the guides by which every student should measure his/her
actions." (from THE LAW AND CATHOLIC SCHOOLS by Sr. Schaugnessy)

“Students are expected to exhibit Christian behavior consistent with their age and maturity level.”
(from CONTINUING THE WORK OF THE LORD by the Catholic Education Office)
We cannot possibly write rules and regulations for every behavior that might occur. We do, however,
believe the statements above cover all the expectations we have for students.

The following are serious matters and will be dealt with in a serious manner that may result in suspension
or cause for withdrawal:
         1. the use, possession or distribution of drugs (this includes tobacco and alcohol)
         2. possessions of any weapon (gun, knife (including pocket knife, kitchen, etc), sling shot, pea
              shooter, etc.
         3. harassment or the physical, written, verbal, symbolic threat of physical harm to another
         4. an individual infraction of a major school rule
         5. disrespect of authority
         6. repeated truancy
         7. disruptions of the learning environment
         8. theft, vandalism and destruction of school or parish property or personal property of students,
              staff or others.

The above behaviors may result in probation (the continued enrollment of a student, but with specified
conditions), in or out of school suspension (the removal of a student from all classes for a specified period
of time, or withdrawal for cause.

The following reasons may lead to the above serious consequences:
         Multiple infractions of school rules
         An individual infraction of a major school rule
         A single suspension for an infraction of a major school rule
         Multiple suspensions for infractions of school rules.
Any time during the period of probation, any major infraction of a school rule or series of minor infractions
may result in withdrawal for cause.

Notice of the above will be orally conveyed to parents and a written statement will follow oral

Harassment is defined as any unwanted or unwelcomed behavior that interferes with a student’s
performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning environment. Harassment includes
physical, visual, verbal, and sexual forms of behavior.

Sexual harassment is defined as instances of words (oral or written), gestures and/or touching directed
toward another person, which are sexual in content or connotation and which are uninvited and offensive.

The school has the right to discipline a student whose out of school conduct brings scandal to the
school or church community or which seriously detracts from the reputation of the school. This is a
serious matter which may impact students walking to and from school or attending an event wearing school
uniform or other means of identifying the student from Cathedral School.

Individual behaviors will be addressed using appropriate disciplinary consequences, detention, counseling
methods, parent/guardian contact and involvement in counseling, probation, suspension or withdrawal for

Violence is not tolerated at Cathedral School. Violence includes threats of injury, harassment, assault
possession, and/or use of a weapon and the theft or vandalism of property.

Fighting on school or parish property may result in a probation or a one day in-school suspension for the
first offense depending on the seriousness. Subsequent offenses will result in harsher consequences and
counseling may be required. Physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Consequences may result in
suspension or withdrawal for cause.

Each student will be responsible for his/her desk, books and other facilities used. Parents will be notified
of any willful or careless damage to school or parish property, and the student will be expected to restore or
pay for damage.

Use of profanity or disrespectful language to anyone will not be tolerated. Parents will be contacted and
will be notified of the consequences.

With good reason school officials could request that a student empty the contents of pockets, purse or
backpack. If the student refuses, disciplinary action such as suspension could be taken based on that

Chewing gum is not permitted in school, on school or parish property.

Non-compliance of the uniform code may result in a phone call to a parent to bring the appropriate

Students who do not follow the dress code for field trips, special performances, etc. will not be allowed to
participate in the event.

                  Cathedral Basilica School Parent Teacher Organization
Cathedral School PTO is a parent (home)/teacher(school) organization. Every parent belongs to the PTO
and are strongly encouraged to participate in meetings and events sponsored by the PTO.

The purpose of this organization is to build community among the families and faculty, to foster a
volunteer mentality among our parents and a commitment to volunteerism for Cathedral School, and
to provide parent education opportunities on topics that are of interest and importance to our
parents and faculty.

Activities of the PTO are to recruit volunteers for such committees as uniform exchange, room parent,
phone chain, etc.

The PTO supports the school by funding activities, etc. that benefit all the students. Since every child
benefits from the PTO activities; every family is expected to support the PTO by purchasing SCRIP.


Good communication between parents and school is essential. Mutual respect is also important for clear
and open communication regarding the student.

A special envelope with the child’s name on it will be sent home each Thursday afternoon. This envelope
will contain newsletters, assignments to be signed, notifications of field trips, class notices, progress
reports, etc. It is the teachers’ obligation to send home the envelope with the information, notices,
newsletters, etc., but it is the parent’s obligation to read, answer or sign the contents and see that the
envelope is returned the next day, Friday. It is imperative that the parents receive all information in
the envelope and return it signed by Friday of each week.

Homework assignment notebooks are part of the books purchased with the book fee. Students in grades 2
to 8 are required to use the specific assignment notebook. This notebook has specific areas for teacher and
parent notes; PLEASE check your child’s notebook daily for any notes from the teacher. The teacher
will check for parent notes.

If the Thursday envelope or homework assignment book is lost, they must be replaced by the student at the
cost of $3 each.

If an emergency arises at school the automated phone system will be initiated and parents will be
contacted immediately. It is imperative that the school be made aware of all changes in phone
numbers at home, at work or cell phones, as well as other emergency contacts.

Parents may contact faculty by sending a note, an e-mail message to school, or leaving a message in
the office by phone or note. Teachers should never be called at home. Please contact the principal or
school office and arrangements will be made for the teacher to contact the parents.

Parents are to make appointments with the teachers if they have any questions or concerns. No
parent should show up at a classroom door during the school day and expect a conference. This is
unfair and disrespectful to the students in the classroom who should have the teacher’s full attention.

Individual parent/teacher conferences are scheduled throughout the year. A conference at the mid-point of
each quarter is mandatory unless otherwise stated by the teacher.

Parent support is needed to preserve the union of authority that makes the teacher in the classroom an
extension of his/herself. Unless this happens the child is certain to become confused; eventually the child
will learn to play one person against the other, making chaos out of what should be their education.

When a child brings home a complaint, investigate before you act or react by calling the teacher or the
principal. They will be more acquainted with the facts than the parents of other children.

Both parents and teachers must encourage children to grow freely and to express their independence within
the framework of authority wisely administered. No school or teacher, home or parent is perfect.
Together, we can work to make the educational experience at Cathedral School great.

We encourage parents to make sure that the students have everything they need for school before leaving
home in the morning. Students will not be allowed to use the office phone to call parents to bring in
forgotten assignments, supplies, books, etc.

Arrangements for rides home, etc. should be clearly communicated before leaving home.


The Development and Marketing Committees are chaired by members of the School Board, but whose
membership includes CSO members, parishioners, former parents, etc. The purpose of these committees is
to raise funds for the scholarship fund to help with tuition assistance to students at Cathedral School, to
develop fundraising events to subsidize school finances, to develop programs that foster good public
relations within the parish and community and to promote Cathedral School’s recruitment program.

                                               FIELD TRIPS

Field trips are an integral part of the learning process. They are an exciting extension of the curriculum.
Motivation, preparation, evaluation activities should surround each field trip.

Because of safety and liability concerns parent or teacher drivers to these events are not an option.

Field trip permission slips must be turned in the day the permission slip states. Students who do not return
the permission slip on the required date will not be allowed to attend the field trip.

Verbal, faxed, hand written or other than the official form for permission is not acceptable, and the student
will not be allowed to go on the field trip.

A teacher may refuse to take a student on a field trip as a consequence to any inappropriate behavior. A
field trip is a privilege.

                                     FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE

All requests for financial tuition assistance are made through the school office and financial aid committee
and are held in strictest confidence. Financial assistance forms can be obtained from the principal or office.
A financial assistance form should be filled out and turned into the principal. The information on this form
is also held in strictest confidence.

Along with the Financial Aid form, a copy of the recent Federal Income Tax return, pay stubs, and other
pertinent information must be enclosed.

Notification of either acceptance or rejection for financial assistance will be made as soon as possible. In
order for a family to receive financial tuition assistance:
          the student must have attended Cathedral School for one year.
          the student must be cooperative and show effort in academics and behavior.
          the parents must be cooperative with the school faculty and administration and must be active in
                    the CSO or as volunteers in the school.
          the parents must have a record of paying tuition in a timely manner. (Chronically late tuition is
grounds for denying financial aid.)

                  GRADING SCALES - HOMEWORK

Preschool:        A written narrative of child’s progress and conference with parents

Primary Grades: Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades

                  M         Mastered           Understands and uses the skill consistently
                  D         Developing         Understands and uses the skill some of the time
                  E         Emerging           Beginning to understand and use the skill
                  N         Not yet            Has not yet demonstrated understanding of the skill

Upper Grades:     100 – 98 A+        Outstanding        Consistently does outstanding work
                  97 - 95 A
                  94 – 93 A-
                  92 – 90 B+         VG                 Consistently does above average work
                  89 – 87 B
                  86 – 85 B-
                  84 – 82 C+         S                  Consistently does average work
                  81 – 79 C
                  78 – 76 C-
                  75 – 74 D+         U                  Consistently does below average work
                  73 – 72 D
                  71 – 70 D-
                  69 and below                          Consistently does unsatisfactory work

Parent/Teachers conferences are held every mid-quarter.

Parents will be notified by March (mid third quarter) of the school year if their child is in danger of failing.
A conference with the teacher, parents, student and principal will be scheduled.

Homework is assigned within the following time allotments:
      Kindergarten                         occasional homework
      Grades 1 & 2                         15 to 20 minutes
      Grades 3 & 4                         30 to 45 minutes
      Grades 5 & 6                         45 to 60 minutes
      Grades 7 & 8                         60 to 120 minutes

Parents should check the homework assignment book each evening.

                                     LUNCH PROGRAM

Cathedral School provides a hot lunch program. Every family must participate in the lunch program unless
for extreme dietary restrictions that cannot be met by the lunch program. Then a written doctor’s
explanation of the restrictions must be presented to the school. In most cases the lunch program can meet
most requirements.

Lunch is billed on the monthly tuition statement. This must be paid by the 10th of the month or the
student will not receive a hot lunch.

An application for free or reduced lunch is sent at the request of parents. Parents are asked to fill out the
application for free or reduced lunch as soon as possible.

A monthly calendar listing the lunch menu will be sent home in the Thursday packet

                            MEDICATION/MEDICAL POLICY

The school requires immunization reports for every student to comply with the Missouri Division of Health
standards. When booster shots are given to your child please send the record of the date and type of
immunization to the office.

Students should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. If your child is feeling ill with
vomiting or diarrhea please do not send your child to school. It is common courtesy not to expose other
children to the germ or virus, and it is especially contrary to good health practices.

If a student becomes ill at school, parents will be notified. Emergency data is kept on file, but it is up to the
parent to keep the school abreast of any changes.

Cathedral School follows the medical policies and guidelines issued by the Catholic Education Office.
School personnel may not dispense medication to a student unless acting under the direct order,
signed and properly filed, of a licensed physician and with written permission of the parent.

All prescription medicine must be in the licensed pharmacy’s original container, labeled with the
patient’s name, the doctor’s name, the name of the drug, the amount and frequency of dosage, the
method of administration. The parent or guardian also will provide written and signed permission
with the request to administer any prescription drug. At the same time, the parent or guardian will
provide to the school personnel concerning the duration of the need for prescription medication and
the date when medication will be discontinued.

The school discourages the use of non-prescription medicine in school, especially in cases where the
medicine only masks symptoms that indicate the need for rest and confinement. If a parent feels that non-
prescription medication is necessary, the school still requires the written permission of the parent, a
physician’s order for the medication and that medicine must be in its original container. A parent
request to administer any non-prescription drug and clear instructions for administration must be
sent to school.

Cathedral School personnel may never administer any medication without
       Written parental consent for that particular medication
       A physician’s written order for that particular medication
       Medication must be in the original container.

School Policy for Head Lice
The head louse is a parasitic insect that lays eggs in the human hair and scalp. Head lice infestations are
endemic in the school population. While lice infestations are not life-threatening, the bites can cause
severe itching and in extreme cases may cause secondary infections. When a number of head lice cases
occur in a school it takes a significant amount of time away from the educational program. If children are
not properly treated, including complete removal of nits, reinfestation may occur. This results in repeated
exposure to the pesticidal shampoo/cream rinse and a great deal of anger and frustration. In order to protect
our classroom time, we are adopting the following “no nit” policy.

All students found to have evidence of a head lice infestation (lice or nits) will be excluded from school
attendance until treated and all nits have been removed. Parents will be given written materials that explain
the reasons for exclusion, methods to treat the infestation on the hair and in the home. There are several
products on the market for treating head lice. As long as children are treated and return to school without
evidence of nits, they will not be required to see a physician. There are some head lice treatments that
require a physician’s prescription but that will be the parent’s choice. The child will be examined on return
to school. Any evidence of nits will require exclusion. A log will be kept and those children who have
been excluded and returned to school will be re-examined in ten days to ensure that they remain free of

Physical Exams are required upon entrance to kindergarten, third grade, sixth grade and ninth grade.

                            PARENTS AS PARTNERS IN EDUCATION

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis School is a Catholic elementary school in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. We
are an integral part of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis parish’s education and evangelization mission.
Our priorities are to further our student’s knowledge and practice of their Catholic faith and to offer a
challenging curriculum where all the students can reach their full potential.

Our philosophy statement says that we recognize the integral role of the parent as primary educator in
partnership with the school. Our expectations for our parents are that they have an appropriate, respectful
and cooperative relationship with the principal, faculty and staff.

We expect our parents to be our partners in making sure that each child can reach their full potential while
meeting the needs of the individual; this may require that the parents agree to counseling, educational
testing or evaluation and/or other special requests.

The children of Cathedral Basilica School are our priority. Our aim is to work together so that each child
can “grow in wisdom and age and grace before God and man.” (Luke 3:52)


Classroom parties are scheduled by the school for holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and St.
Valentine’s Day. Any other parties must be with the permission of the classroom teacher and/or the
principal. Room parents plan the party with the classroom teacher.

All food at parties and other functions must be commercially prepared and individually wrapped. The
distribution and handling of the food should be limited to the teachers and staff.

Private party invitations for individual students may not be distributed at school unless the whole class is

                            PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN

“Protecting God’s Children” is an educational child sexual abuse prevention program initiated by the St.
Louis Archdiocese. All employees and all parent volunteers in Cathedral Basilica School are
mandated to attend this program. All volunteers must be screened for child abuse and read and sign
the Code of Ethical Conduct for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers Working with Minors.

                               RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION

A Catholic atmosphere and religious instruction are the primary reasons for Cathedral School.

The sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion are received in the second grade.

Confirmation is scheduled through the Archdiocese on alternate years for the seventh and eighth grades.

Parents are expected to prepare their children for reception of the sacraments with the help of sacramental
preparation meetings prior to each initial sacrament. Parents whose children are receiving the sacraments
are expected to attend these sacramental meetings

All students will actively participate in Catholic liturgy and religious instruction.


Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter. Kindergarten report cards are issued beginning
with the 2nd quarter.

Progress reports are sent home as needed to those parents whose children are failing or are in serious
danger of failing, or whose grades have significantly dropped since the last report card. Discipline or
behavior problems are also reported on the progress reports.

                                     SCHOOL BOARD

The purpose of the school board is to advise the pastor and principal in making policies for the school.
(See Cathedral Basilica School Board Constitution and Bylaws included at the end of the handbook.
Meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month. There are no meetings held in the month of July.

                            TUITION & FUNDRAISING

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis School policy states that tuition and all other fees must be paid on time.

Tuition payments are to be made on a 10 month basis. Tuition statements will be mailed on the 1st of each
month from August to May. The tuition is due the 10th of each month. Tuition must be paid on time.

For eighth grade students all tuition and other fees must be paid by April 30th.

Tuition payments may be made in several different forms. As always cash and checks are acceptable. In
addition, you can authorize direct debit from your checking account on a monthly basis. We also offer
Master Card and Visa charge cards as a means of making payments.

If a tuition check is returned because of insufficient funds, that tuition payment and all other tuition
payments must be paid with cash or money order. A $25 service charge is required for any check returned
for insufficient funds.

Families whose account is 6 weeks in arrears and who have not made special arrangements with the
principal will receive a notice, which requests that they become current within two weeks. If after two
weeks, those families who have not contacted the principal will receive notice that their child/children will
not be allowed to return to school. Report cards, permanent records, health records, etc. will not be
released or transferred until the full tuition has been paid. All delinquent accounts will be sent to a
collection agency.

In order to receive the parish-discounted tuition, the families must be registered and contributing
parishioners. These families are expected to contribute at least the amount of the tuition that is being

Since tuition does not cover the total cost of each child’s education, each family is required to raise a total
of $200 per year in fundraising.

A family may opt to pay the $200 up front; therefore, they do not have to participate in the fundraising

Each family is expected to purchase $750 per year in SCRIP from Cathedral School Organization (CSO).


Cathedral students are expected to wear the uniform as specified below. If the student is out of uniform, a parent
will be called to bring the correct uniform to school, or a fine of $1 will be charged for uniforms being improperly
worn (rolled skirts, skirts or shorts that are too short, socks that do not cover the ankle or are worn below the edge of
the shoe, etc.)

Skirts and shorts worn by both boys and girls must be knee length, Bermuda style walking shorts.
Cathedral students are to be modestly dressed at all times and for events that do not require the students to be in the
specified uniform. This policy is for out of uniform days or other school events that a student may be out of uniform.
No short shorts, spaghetti straps, bare backs, no belly shirts, shirts with advertisements, band or rock groups, clothes
worn inappropriately (no sagging or over sized clothing, etc

Students who fail to dress modestly will not be able to participate in the event. Their parents will be called to take them
home and they will be considered absent.


1.   burgundy/gray plaid jumper (kindergarten through 3rd grade)
2.   burgundy/gray plaid skirt (4th through 8th grades)
3.   white or burgundy polo style knit short-sleeved shirts or long-sleeved turtleneck shirts – shirts must be tucked in
     to pants or skirts
4. sweatshirts: Cathedral logo burgundy or gray
                 Plain burgundy or gray
5. sweaters:      Cathedral logo burgundy or gray
                  Plain burgundy or gray (no cable or fancy knit)
6. white socks that are worn over the ankle or white tights in winter months
7. shoes: black or white tennis shoe or a rubber sole shoe (no flashing lights, open toes, open heels, high heels, or
     high tops)
8. khaki pants – dress or uniform style no cargo pants
9. khaki knee length walking dress uniform shorts may be worn during the first and fourth quarters
no cargo shorts, no Capri, no cutoffs, no bell bottoms, etc.
10. no make-up, no fingernail polish, no false nails may be worn


1. khaki pants – dress or uniform style, no cargo style pants, etc.
2. khaki dress or uniform knee length walking shorts may be worn during the first and fourth quarters
no cargo style shorts, etc.
3. white or burgundy polo style knit short-sleeved shirts or long-sleeved turtleneck shirts
Shirts must be worn tucked in to pants or shorts
4. sweatshirts: Cathedral logo burgundy or gray
                 Plain burgundy or gray
5. sweaters:      Cathedral logo burgundy or gray
                 Plain burgundy or gray (no cable or fancy knit)
6. white socks that are worn over the ankle
7. shoes: black or white tennis shoes or rubber sole shoe (no flashing lights, etc.)

JEWELRY for both boys and girls
1. 1 small sacred medal or cross
2. 1 watch
3. earrings no larger in diameter than a dime, hoop earrings should not be worn during P.E. or recess
this is a safety issue

Shirts worn as undershirts should be plain white. Sweat pants are not part of the school uniform.

 Both boys and girls may wear any color gym shorts and their uniform white knit shirt. Being properly dressed for
gym is part of the physical education criteria.

                     CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF ST. LOUIS
                            SCHOOL BOARD
                       CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS

Article I – Title:

The name of this body shall be the Cathedral Basilica School Board.

Article II – Nature and Function:

Section 1.   The purpose of this body is to advise the pastor and principal in
making policies for the parish school

Section 2.    The following are functions of the Board:
       Establishing the philosophy and goals for the Cathedral Basilica School
       Interpreting and implementing the policies of the Archdiocesan Board of
       Formulating additional policies which may be necessary
       Evaluating the implementation of policies
       Approving the budget to be recommended to the Parish Finance Committee
              and the pastor
       Recommending to the pastor the employment of the principal
       Undertaking public relations on behalf of the school.

Article III – Membership:

Section 1.    There shall be nine voting members of the Board of which six shall be
elected and three shall be appointed by the pastor (in a normal voting year,
therefore, two will be elected and one appointed.)

               The School Board shall have a single executive officer, the school
principal, responsible to the Board for carrying out policies. The officer shall be
considered a non-voting member.

               The pastor or his designate shall be a non-voting member of the

Section 2.    The term of Board members is three years. Should a vacancy occur
on the board, the president of the Board along with the pastor or his designate shall
appoint a person to serve the unexpired term. No board member shall serve more
than two consecutive terms.

Section 3.     Following are qualities of a Board Member at the time of the
       a.      21 years of age or older
       b.      a member of the parish or parent of a child in the school

       c.     supportive of the school educational program
       d.     willing and able to spend the time for meetings
       e.     willing to be loyal to Board decisions even though personally opposed
              to the final recommendations.

To be eligible to vote a person must be:
       a.      21 years of age or older
       b.      a member of the parish or a parent of a child in school.

Elected members:
       The elected and appointed new members of the Board must attend the June
School Board meeting as observers
       The newly elected/appointed members will become working members of the
Board at the August meeting.
       The new Board members will attend the Archdiocesan Catholic Education
Office training session for School Board members.

Article IV – Officers:

The officers of the Cathedral Basilica School Board shall consist of President, Vice-
President, Secretary, all of whom shall be elected annually by the Board
membership at the first regular meeting.

Article V – Meetings:

Section 1.     A written record of all acts of the Board, maintained by the Secretary,
shall be preserved in the archives.

Section 2.     All members are required to attend the regularly scheduled monthly
meetings. Members absent from three meetings in one school year will be
automatically disqualified to serve further as a Board member for the duration of
the term. Disqualified individuals will be replaced by an appointment of the pastor
to fill the remainder of the term.

Article VI – Conduct of Meetings:

Section 1.    The rule of parliamentary procedures as contained in Robert’s Rules
of Order shall govern meetings of the Board.

Section 2.    The ordinary order of meeting shall be:
              1.     Call to order
              2.     Prayer
              3.     Approval of minutes
              4.     Committee reports: Pastor, Principal, Committees
              5.     Correspondence
              6.     Old business
              7.     New business
              8.     Closing prayer
              9.     Adjournment

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