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Top 10 Action Movies


Top 10 Action Movies

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									Top 10 Action Movies

Action movies are essentially movies with storylines involving fast-paced activity and adventure. 2011
produced a number of standout films in the genre and in fact several I would have included here if I hadn't
restricted this list to a top 10. I am sure most of you would agree there were perhaps better films released
in 2011 but for me this list reflects the movies I found to be most entertaining.


A Chimpanzee (Caesar) develops heightened intelligence and human emotions after being administered
with an experimental drug. Caesar is saved from extermination by the drugs creator and secretly raised
like a child in suburbia. Following an incident outside his home, Caesar is declared dangerous and finds
himself imprisoned in a primate sanctuary in San Bruno. After receiving cruel treatment from handlers at
the sanctuary Caesar administers the same drug he was treated with to his fellow inmates. He then
assembles a simian army and the primates escape the sanctuary on mass. The ramifications of the break
out are set to change the course of the planets future.


Ethan Hunt and his team from Impossible Mission Force are in a race against time in this fourth
instalment of the MI Franchise. A dangerous terrorist has obtained a set of Russian nuclear launch codes
and plans to strike the United States. A failed attempt by the team to stop the attack ends in tragedy when
a bomb explodes at the Kremlin and the IMF team are implicated. The president invokes the 'Ghost
Protocol' impugning the IMF and sending its members into hiding. Steadfast in their belief, Hunt and his
team follow the terrorist to the Middle East and India in an effort to clear their names and thwart disaster.


Faced with the demise of his long time partnership with Dr. Watson who is about to be married, a
dejected Holmes absorbs himself into the investigation of long-time nemesis Professor Moriarty. When
Sherlock learns that the Watsons are a genuine target in retaliation against him, he must save them and
lure Watson back for one last case. To combat Moriarty they join forces with a gypsy named Sim who
may hold the key to defeating him. Together, the trio become embroiled in an international conspiracy
that may well affect the future of Europe.


Based on a true story set in the early 1980's. Two elite killers for hire, one a British ex-special ops soldier
(Bryce) and the other (his mentor) an ex-CIA operative (Hunter) find themselves entangled in a
dangerous cat and mouse game. After failing to accomplish a job Hunter is held captive in Oman while
Bryce is forced to complete his mission. He must eliminate three former SAS soldiers, making them
appear victims of accidents and tape their confessions to an alleged crime. After the plot is discovered by
a secret society of former SAS operatives (The Feathermen) their head enforcer, Logan, is sent to
investigate. Bryce must complete the mission with Logan hot on his tail in order to save his captive friend.


A female freelance covert operative (Kane) is engaged by a number of international organizations to
complete assigned missions that government agencies can't authorize. Following a mission to rescue a
hostage in Barcelona, Kane is promptly dispatched to Ireland with instructions to complete a stealth
assignment. When the operation fails, Kane soon discovers she has been double-crossed. On the run,
she must use all her skills to avoid capture as the target of a global manhunt. Kane must find her way to
the United States to protect her family and take revenge on the parties that betrayed her.

The Autobots return to complete the Transformer trilogy. Led by Optimus Prime they must once again
defeat the evil Decepticons who are determined to avenge their recent loss. The Autobots learn of a
spacecraft from Cybertron that is hidden on the dark side of the moon and must race the Decepticons and
reach the craft first to control its secrets. Once again the Autobots human ally, Sam Whitkey must support
his mechanical friends. New Decepticon (and ruler of the planet Cybertron), Shockwave, leads his forces
to Earth for the continued battle with the Autobots.


A struggling writer (Eddie Morra) takes an experimental drug that enables 100% use of his mind. As he
transforms into a perfect version of himself Morra unknowingly emerges as a target for assassination by
corrupt forces linked to the designer stimulant. His pharmaceutical metamorphosis brings Morra to the
attention of corporate mogul Carl Van Loon who realizes Morra's abilities are an opportunity to make
billions. Things start to unravel for Morra when strange side effects threaten his spectacular rise.


A teenage girl (Hanna) is raised and trained by her farther, an ex-CIA operative, in the remote wilds of
Finland. Amazingly, she has the strength, stamina and intelligence of a highly trained, elite soldier. Living
in complete isolation her life has been geared toward producing the perfect assassin. Nearing completion
of her training as a young adolescent Hanna is forced out into the world by her father to complete a
mission she has trained for her entire life. In a journey across Europe she must elude agents dispatched
to eliminate her in order to achieve her mission goal. As she nears her target Hanna is confronted by
startling revelations about her own existence and humanity.


Ultra tough and violent cop Sgt Tom Brant is assigned with the task of finding and bringing to justice a
serial killer hell-bent on assassinating members of the police force, one by one. The neurotic killer
proclaims himself "The Blitz" in reference to the German WWII operation, 'Blitzkrieg'. Blitz manages to
avoid capture in a series of attempts made by Brant. With each failed attempt another of Brant's
colleagues is executed. After learning the identity of the killer, Brant fails to find enough evidence to link
him to the crimes. Now under surveillance, Brant waits for the Blitz to slip up in order to execute his own
form of justice.


Ex-con Dom Teretto reunites with ex-cop Brian O'Conner and find themselves on the wrong side of the
law and on the run. Trapped in Rio de Janeiro they must do one last job to ensure their freedom. In
compiling an elite team of drivers they realize to achieve complete freedom they must confront a corrupt
businessman who wants them dead. Teretto and O'Conner's problems are compounded when they
discover federal agent Luke Hobbs is also on their tails. Hobbs and his strike team launch an all-out
assault to capture the pair and a chase through Brazil ensues.

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