What Is Engineering by Asdaqfarid



Engineering is been declared as the most difficult degree by the gunnies book of records compared to all
other degrees. At first instant it may be a matter of surprise by an individual who is not into stuff of
engineering. But not for the one who have graduated in any of the engineering fields. Many of the
reasons can be stated in favor of this comment .but let us make this dialogue a simple and straight so
that it could be understood in lay man’s language.

The first and the foremost important point in the favor of engineering is that one has to be much
updated with a world of engineering, if one is a person relating directly to it. It’s not that once you are
done with the graduation or masters degree and you can coupe up with every problem relating your
field because on average about a year and half, the world transforms to a newer invention and you got
to learn it if you want to be in business. This could also be the case in medicine field that changes do
occur in it also. But let me tell you that it’s a comparative slower field of changes. Medical people come
with a new stuff say after 5 years with a new problem and it takes them years to solve that particular
issue. On the contrary to this the field of engineering is all about the competition and race. Let’s only
take the example of IT industry where different big giants like Hewlett Packard, Apple and Samsung etc
are competing to take the leading market share. Apple comes up with a new architectural or software
change in the market and gives a challenge to thousands of engineering working under the flag of IBM,
HP, and LENOVO etc to come with a better thing to gain the costumers’ attention. The one who will
come up with this thing in a lesser time span will win the race. So the thing is if you have graduated in
some field of engineering, actually you have not completed it. The work is not done here you got to be
constantly learning for this. Because when you come up with the real world problems you actually have
to get out of engineering domain (your major subjects in engineering).let’s say you have a specialization
in electronics field, but you come with a project that is a blend of electronics IT and civil engineering. In
this case you need to learn about same main important stuff of IT and civil engineering too. Even if you
are working with in your own field of electronics, it has got so many blends in it and it’s difficult for one
really to master one’s own field completely. Another more interesting part of this field is that let’s say
you have come up with a market product that you have launched as a solution of some auto motive’s
industry. If it is good solution then you will be paid well for it. But the story does not end here alone. You
got to be improving your product more and more with the passage of time. This is so because a product
launched in the market needs to be constantly upgraded to meet the costumers’ new problems.

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