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					European Scam in One Paragraph

Michael Snyder has captured in one paragraph the scam that is being marketed as the “solution” to the
Greek and European problem (my emphasis):
Once the euphoria of the initial announcement faded and as people have begun to closely examine the
details of the European debt deal, they have started to realize that this “debt deal” is really just a
“managed” Greek debt default. Let’s be honest – this deal is not going to solve anything. All it does is
buy Greece a few months. Meanwhile, it is going to make the financial collapse of other nations in
Europe even more likely. Anyone that believes that the financial situation in Europe is better now than it
was last week simply does not understand what is going on. Bond yields are going to go through the roof
and investors are going to start to panic. The European Central Bank is going to have an extremely difficult
time trying to keep a lid on this thing. Instead of being a solution, the European debt deal has brought
us several steps closer to a complete financial meltdown in Europe.

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