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									                 Event Scheduler Using Mobile Barcode


We became familiar with the original, linear barcodes (or 1D), from our supermarket
shopping in the 1980’s (although the technology was patented in the 1950’s). They
comprise a series of vertical black lines and white spaces of variable width, representing
numbers, which are read (or decoded) by a barcode reader to extract the information they

A new generation of barcodes was devised in the 2005’s, usually referred to as 2D or
matrix codes. They are formed by patterns of black and white squares arranged on a
(usually) square grid and can encode thousands of alphanumeric and other characters in
virtually any language. Immediately the size and capacity problem was solved, opening
the way for applications that had never been considered. The most common use of
mobile barcodes is to request information or a service or content from a Web site. It
might be details of a promotion, or a discount voucher via SMS or MMS, or to activate a
download such as a ring tone.

Another radical and exciting advancement in barcode reader technology allowed the
camera in a mobile phone to act as a reader. Mobile phones can now be enabled to read a
variety of 2D mobile barcodes.

        This barcode is printed and sticked on prominent areas. For example, you might
see a 2D barcode in a tourist spot. Mobile phone users will then just need to use their
phones to capture the 2D barcode. Their phones will then automatically decode the
barcode and use the event information to update your phone scheduler.
       This will save users a lot of time in keying in the contact. In a way with the
camera feature and 2D barcode, we now have a 'new mobile phone keyboard'.

Block Diagram:

Language, Technologies & Platform Requirement:
    Java (J2ME/J2SE)
    Mobile Barcode System
    GPRS Connectivity

Hardware and Software Requirement:
    Any Java Enabled Mobile Phone
    Jdk 6.0
    JCreator 4.5 (Java Editor)
    Sun Java Toolkit for mobile programming.

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