Diversify Your Holdings Against Predatory Government by dara1111


									Diversify Your Holdings Against Predatory Government

The economic times we have been through and will continue to experience are unlike anything this
country has faced since the 1930s. All signs suggest that these conditions are still worsening and may
exceed the conditions experienced eight decades ago. The economic risks are comparable, but the
political risks today are much greater.

The dangers today are greater than they were then because government has broken from the chains
that bind it. Terry Coxon expresses his concern of an unconstrained government as
… the sense that from here on, anything goes. The politicians will do whatever they find convenient, because
there is no longer anything to stop them – not an electorate that is jealous of its freedoms and certainly not
the Constitution, which is now just a playhouse for judicial imagineering. No one can know what’s coming
next from the government and the financial system it has fostered, but for many of us there is an awful
suspicion that we are not going to like it.

Mr. Coxon presents a simple program to keep your assets safe from out-of-control government. Even
non-sophisticated investors can implement parts (or all) of his plan and reduce the risks ahead.

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