; People for Animals Haryana became OIPA member league - Sukanya Kadyan
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People for Animals Haryana became OIPA member league - Sukanya Kadyan


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									    Organisation Internationale pour la Protection des Animaux
               Organizzazione Internazionale per la Protezione degli Animali
                     International Organization for Animal Protection
                         Internationale Organisation für Tierschutz
     Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) affiliated to the UN Department of Public Information
 Organizzazione Non Governativa (ONG) affiliata al Dipartimento della Pubblica Informazione dell’ONU
                            C.F.: 97310380155
                            Operating Center: Via Passerini 18
                            I-20162 Milano MI (Italy)
                            Tel./Fax: +39 02 642.78.82            To:
                            E-Mail: presidency@oipa.org

                                                                  PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS HARYANA


Milan, february 7, 2012

Subject : Admission

      Dear friends,
We are glad to confirm you that your admission request to OIPA has been agreed.

      Since the date of the present your association is "OIPA member league" and you’ll be able to
use in all the public and private acts (web-site, letters, documents, information news,
communications, etc.) the following denomination:

                       “Name of the Association” OIPA Member League
             (OIPA is an NGO Non Governamental Organization associated to the
                           UN Department of Public Information)

      Enclosed at present you'll find the OIPA charter.

      We’ll be able to wait for your communications about your activities through our
International Relation Office: international@oipa.org.

      Good work, we'll be hearing from you soon,

      Best regards.

                                                                       Massimo Pradella
                                                                  OIPA International Chairman

                      International Center: Via Vittorio Barzoni 4 I-20139 Milano MI (Italy)

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