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									SAP University Alliances

SAP® UniverSity AlliAnceS
SAP values the essential role of higher education in ad-                            The SAP University Alliances program
                                                                                    donates licenses to member universi-
vancing the future of information technology and business                           ties and fully outfits their professors
strategy. Since the company’s founding in 1972, SAP has                             to provide students in-depth, hands-on
                                                                                    experience with SAP software and
supported leading universities in reaching their goals in                           solutions. The SAP University Alliances
teaching and research. In 1988 SAP formalized its higher-                           community site, an online environment
                                                                                    utilizing the latest social media tools
education classroom initiatives under the umbrella of the                           and technologies, provides academic
SAP® University Alliances program. Today, SAP University                            resources to professors and students
                                                                                    worldwide, facilitating professional
Alliances provides a wide array of benefits and opportuni-                          opportunities. SAP customers and
ties to university professors and their students as well as                         partners are invited to build relation-
                                                                                    ships with participating universities
to SAP customers and partners.                                                      for recruiting interns and graduates,
                                                                                    enhancing the learning environment
                                                                                    and project opportunities for students,
                                                                                    and furthering professors’ research
                                                                                    and publication efforts.

SAP, the world’s leading provider of business software, delivers products and       SAP University Alliances enhances
services that help accelerate business innovation for our customers. We believe     the key academic and professional
that doing so will unleash growth and create significant new value – for our cus-   outcomes of higher-education degree
tomers, SAP, and ultimately, entire industries and the economy at large. Today,     programs worldwide, combining
customers in more than 120 countries run SAP® applications – from distinct          business process knowledge with
solutions addressing the needs of small businesses and midsize companies to         enterprise software expertise to
suite offerings for global organizations. SAP defines business software as com-     develop one of the most valuable
prising enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, and related applica-   skills portfolios in the market.
tions such as supply chain management, customer relationship management,
product lifecycle management, and supplier relationship management.                 Empowering Tomorrow’s
                                                                                    Workforce Through Education

                                                                                    SAP provides software licenses for
                                                                                    SAP products and services for aca-
                                                                                    demic use to more than 1,000 leading
                                                                                    institutions of higher education world-
“Incorporating SAP skills into our coursework and offering SAP certification        wide. SAP also provides free work-
has given our students an upper hand in the competitive African market. The         shops and conferences to thousands of
IT field is growing, and there’s a demand for talented and knowledgeable em-        professors, supplying them with course
ployees. Our graduates enter the job market ahead of their peers in terms of        materials and other instructional
their knowledge of ERP and business processes and have been able to take            resources. Every year, hundreds of
up positions as ERP consultants, business analysts, and functional leaders.”        thousands of students at participating
                                                                                    campuses experience firsthand how
Lisa Seymour, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Research Associate CITANDA (Centre              the fully integrated SAP enterprise
for IT and National Development in Africa) Information Systems Department,          information software systems operate.
University of Cape Town, South Africa
                                                                                       SAP BusinessObjects™ portfolio of so-
                                                                                       lutions – including business intelligence
   Providing access to SAP’s world-leading business                                    and analytical software tools – demon-
   software to enhance the academic and professional                                   strates how information is identified,
                                                                                       acquired, organized, and analyzed to
   outcomes for university students and professors.                                    support critical strategic and operational
                                                                                       management decisions. Students who
                                                                                       want to further develop their skills, par-
                                                                                       ticularly those interested in becoming
                                                                                       SAP professionals such as consultants,
They learn how these solutions support      Students at member universities use        developers, and business process
their future employers’ organizations in    the same software solutions as SAP         experts, successfully complete SAP
becoming more productive, profitable,       customers and partners. For example,       certification courses during their studies.
and sustainable. Graduates of member        they use SAP Business Suite software,
institutions thus have a measurable         which is powered by the SAP                For professors, participation in the
competitive advantage when entering         NetWeaver® technology platform, as         SAP University Alliances program
the job market, which stays with them       well as the SAP Business ByDesign™         does not mean sacrificing scholarship
for their careers. Professors regularly     solution. These strategic enterprise       in favor of becoming a software training
report that their students receive multi-   management environments deliver            organization. The offerings in SAP
ple job offers, including broader career    support for the key business processes     University Alliances are regularly
options in business and IT, more oppor-     and management reporting found in          updated in order that the latest SAP
tunities to lead teams within organiza-     virtually all functions across every       technology is used to reinforce the
tions, and higher starting salaries.        conceivable industry, government, and      academic concepts that are integral
                                            not-for-profit segment. In addition, the   to today’s most innovative degree
                                                                                       programs. Through traditional as well
                                                                                       as online delivery models – including
“The SAP University Alliances pro-          “Through our membership in SAP             demonstrations, simulations, exercises
gram is of great value to Chevron. It       University Alliances, we offer innova-     and problems, case studies, and
provides us with a pool of applicants       tive degree programs where many            research projects – students can put
who already have fundamental knowl-         colleagues have teamed to imple-           theory into practice. They can enhance
edge in areas where Chevron needs           ment various SAP products in their         their educational experience in areas
those skills. In the SAP software sup-      teaching and lab exercises. This has       such as enterprise resource planning,
port area, this has been very valuable      attracted several large international      accounting information systems, supply
in that it allows us to put new hires       SAP customers offering projects, in-       chain management, customer relation-
into meaningful roles much more             ternships, and careers to our stu-         ship management, systems integration,
quickly than they would if they start-      dents and donating financial support       programming, project management,
ed without the specific functional          for university advancement.”               and business intelligence.
knowledge that the SAP University
Alliances program brings.”                  Dr. Peter Lehmann, Professor of
                                            Business Intelligence and Business
Mike Reddy, General Manager,                Information Systems, Stuttgart
Enterprise Business Solutions,              Media University, Germany
Chevron Information Technology

Program Benefits and                       various courses. Students work most        SAP also sponsors collaboration-
Opportunities                              effectively hands-on with the GBI data     oriented academic events at various
                                           set because courses simulate the inter-    locations to further teaching and
Institutions of higher education that      national manufacturing, distribution,      research while assisting member
wish to offer their students the oppor-    and marketing of products familiar to      professors to build professional
tunity to get hands-on experience with     students, such as touring and off-road     networks and connections, such as:
SAP software become a member of            bicycles and accessories. Additional       • SAP Curriculum Congress in the
the SAP University Alliances program.      data sets developed by member                Americas
                                           professors and SAP experts are also        • SAP University Alliances User Group
Software licensing for academic            available to program members for use         Meeting in Europe, the Middle East,
purposes – SAP donates software            in teaching and research.                    and Africa
licenses to member institutions for                                                   • SAP Academic Conference in the
broad academic use in for-credit           Professional development opportuni-          Asia Pacific Japan region
degree and diploma programs and            ties for professors – SAP provides free
research projects.                         workshops for professors designed          Members meet at these and many
                                           specifically to present the course con-    other academic and industry events to
Curriculum content – SAP supports          tent of the SAP University Alliances       further their professional development
the development of high-quality course     program. Sessions are delivered by         in teaching, research, publications,
materials by highly qualified academics    experienced academics from member          curriculum development, and inter-
and makes these resources available for    campuses and by SAP employee and           campus exchanges.
download through the members-only          partner experts. The workshops pro-
area of the SAP University Alliances       vide participants with a thorough under-
community. Professors can easily inte-     standing of the educational strategies
grate SAP software–specific content        and opportunities provided by SAP
into their required and elective courses   products and the respective curriculum
in their existing degree programs.         resources.
These course materials are available in
a wide range of academic disciplines,
and content typically includes class-       “SAP is undoubtedly the market lead-      career. I am very excited to use this
room presentations, exercises, prob-        er when it comes to ERP systems.          knowledge in my future role as
lem sets, case studies, and instructor      Thus, studying at a school that is a      staff in the Information Technology
notes. Several courses also include         part of the SAP University Alliances      Advisory function of Ernst and
ready-to-use online demonstrations and      program definitely gave me an edge        Young.”
videos. Member professors are free to       over other candidates. Not only did I
employ their choice of resources from       get hands-on experience working on        Dheera Anand, MS Engineering
the program’s curriculum portfolio in       SAP software, working on data sets        Management Student, University of
order to support their individual educa-    like GBI gave me a better under-          Southern California, United States
tional objectives.                          standing of the immense capabilities
                                            of SAP software. It demonstrated
The SAP University Alliances team has       how SAP solutions can be used
partnered with member professors            to streamline and simplify many
and SAP experts from around the world       complex business processes and
to develop “Global Bike Inc.” (GBI), a      functions in many more ways than I
realistic company data set for use in       could imagine otherwise. I feel this
                                            understanding of different business
                                            processes and how SAP software
                                            works was a key factor in my recruit-
                                            ment and will help me throughout my

                                                                                      University Competence Center
                                                                                      locations are:
                                                                                      • California State University,
                                                                                        Chico, United States
                                                                                      • Otto-von-Guericke-Universität,
                                                                                        Magdeburg, Germany
                                                                                      • Queensland University of
                                                                                        Technology, Brisbane, Australia
                                                                                      • Technische Universität München,
                                                                                        Munich, Germany
                                                                                      • University of Wisconsin,
                                                                                        Milwaukee, United States

                                                                                      Academic Competence Center
                                                                                      locations are:
   Industry experts say that increased requirements for                               • Saint Petersburg Polytechnic
                                                                                        University, Russia
   a business- and IT-savvy workforce have created a                                  • Technische Universität Wien,
   critical skills shortage. More organizations are turn-                               Vienna, Austria
                                                                                      • Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz,
   ing to their higher education partners to address this                               Sierre, Switzerland
   challenge. By helping students develop the skills de-
   manded before entering the workforce, SAP Univer-
   sity Alliances fills the skills gap for employers while                          Student certification academies –
                                                                                    In global cooperation with the SAP
   increasing the chances for graduates to realize suc-                             Education organization, SAP University
   cess early in their careers.                                                     Alliances offers students the opportuni-
                                                                                    ty to earn an SAP Certified Business
                                                                                    Associate with SAP ERP certificate.

Academic peer hosting services –           classrooms and labs with support from    This hands-on course provides stu-
SAP partnered with institutions of high-   like-minded academic colleagues who      dents with a broader and deeper under-
er education to establish University       are also SAP University Alliances pro-   standing of the key functional areas
Competence Center (UCC) and Aca-           gram members and SAP software ex-        of the SAP ERP application. It allows
demic Competence Center (ACC)              perts. Members pay a fee that is only    students to fully appreciate the power
locations around the world. These cen-     a small fraction of the cost of each     of SAP solutions through the use of
ters provide highly reliable and eco-      center. Connections to SAP software      best-practice processes inherently sup-
nomical peer hosting and professional      are made through industry-standard       ported by SAP ERP. The combination
support services to member campuses        Web browsers or through SAP user         of an academic degree, SAP software
on a not-for-profit basis. Peer hosting    inter faces with easy access through     expertise developed in the classroom,
gives professors the opportunity to use    a standard Internet connection.          and an official SAP certification gives
state-of-the-art technology in their                                                students a uniquely competitive set of
                                                                                    qualifications for their future careers.

                                                                                    SAP encourages and supports profes-
                                                                                    sors to become certified instructors in
                                                                                    order to lead this academy on their own
                                                                                    campuses. By doing so, SAP makes
                                                                                    this highly valuable certification more
                                                                                    easily accessible and affordable to

                                                                                    An Interactive Social Network

                                                                                    The SAP University Alliances
                                                                                    community is an advanced interactive
                                                                                    Web portal that is freely available to all
                                                                                    professors, students, and professionals
                                                                                    with academic interests around the
                                                                                    world. The community is a multifaceted
                                                                                    online environment that delivers the
                                                                                    latest academic resources, bringing
                                                                                    real-life knowledge and skills in using
Professors at member institutions regularly report that                             SAP software to higher-education
their students receive multiple job offers, including broader                       campuses. These resources include
                                                                                    prerecorded demonstrations, Webinars,
career options in business and IT, more opportunities to                            articles, white papers, exercises, and
lead teams within organizations, and higher starting salaries.                      handouts to use in teaching, research,
                                                                                    publications, and other education and
                                                                                    training activities. A number of valuable
                                                                                    SAP desktop software products can be
 “We are pleased to launch the             “The SAP solutions have recently         licensed at no cost for academic use
 student certification academy at          been introduced to undergraduate         during a typical term. Blogs, forums,
 universities in India. This is a highly   students, and the feedback was           wikis, and other innovative components
 valued professional qualification         extremely positive. The students         allow for interaction and engagement
 that provides students with an            understand the relevance of these        with professors and students worldwide
 opportunity to strengthen their uni-      skills in today’s competitive market     (see Figure).
 versity degree or diploma with an of-     and nurture the will to develop their
 ficially recognized SAP certification –   careers in the ever-fast-growing
 a winning combination in today’s          software industry. I am able to pro-
 demanding job-search environment.”        vide my students with basic knowl-
                                           edge about the corporate reality from
 S. Vijayakumar Bharathi, Associate        the integrated systems perspective
 Professor, Symbiosis Centre for           and develop their skills through prac-
 Information Technology, India             tical exercises. Partnering with SAP
                                           University Alliances has provided a
                                           wealth of resources not only for me
                                           but also for my students.”

                                           Ing. Damian Rabinovich, Professor,
                                           Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
                                           de Buenos Aires (UTN), Argentina
SAP University Alliances contributes actively in leading
social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
and XING, providing even greater opportunity and global
reach for participants of the community to connect and
collaborate to further their careers and professional

The SAP University Alliances community          The community is built on the advanced
delivers the comfortable feel of a tradi-       technology of SAP Community                For More Information
tional college campus, complete with a          Network, which also comprises the
career resource center, faculty club,           SAP Developer Network, Business            SAP University Alliances has team
student union, library, classrooms, and         Process Expert, and SAP                    members positioned in many countries
other similar facilities in a virtual com-      BusinessObjects software communi-          around the globe who are dedicated
munity setting. Each area presents              ties, as well as SAP EcoHub solution       to assisting campuses in achieving
higher-education content supplied by            marketplace. These communities offer       educational excellence with resources
SAP and community participants. The             active online collaboration and co-        donated by SAP.
site facilitates faculty and student col-       innovation opportunities to participants
laboration and contribution, as well as         in the SAP University Alliances commu-     For information on membership in the
graduate job posting and search in the          nity through networking access to          SAP University Alliances program,
global SAP ecosystem. Skills acquisi-           millions of SAP customers, partners,       please contact
tion and career development opportuni-          and employees. Professors in the SAP
ties for university students, professors,       University Alliances program access        Join the SAP University Alliances
and other community participants are            exclusive content through a members-       community – one site for contacts,
the central focus of the site.                  only collaboration workspace.              collaboration, curriculum, and careers
                                                                                           for professors and students around
                                                                                           the world:

                                                                                           Follow us on:





Figure: The SAP® University Alliances Community – A Snapshot
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