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									                          MANDATORY DISCLOSURES

The following information is to be given in the Information Brochure besides being hosted on
the Institution's Official Website.

"The information has been provided by the concerned institution and the onus of authenticity
lies with the institution and not on AICTE."

I. NAME OF THE INSTITUTION                   : Dr.K.V.Subba Reddy College of Engineering

                                              for Women

(Address including                   Opp. Dupadu R.S., Laxmipuram Post, Kallur Mandal,

Telephone, Fax, e-mail)             Ph: 08518-287618     Fax: 08518-224499

e-mail                               :

II. NAME & ADDRESS OF THE PRINCIPAL:              Dr.G.Ravindranath

(Address including telephone,                7/1038, Balajinagar,

 Fax, e-mail.)                               Nandyal Road, Kurnool. Ph: 9703017686

                                             Fax: 08518 - 224499,
Email                                        :

III. Name Of The Affiliating University: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU),
Hyderabad (AP)


   1. Members of the Board and their brief background:

                                                                       Member of the
    1.       President           Dr. K.V. Subba Reddy

                 Vice-                                              Vice-President of the
    2.                              Mr. K. Ashok Raj
             President                                                       Society

    3.       Secretary          Principal of the Institute           Ex-Officio Member

            Joint                            Mrs. S.                   Secretary of the
4.        Secretary              Vijayalakshmamma                           Society

                                                                        Member of the
5.        Member                 Mrs. K. Padmalatha

6.        Member                   AICTE Nominee                     Ex-Officio Member

                                   AICTE Nominee

7.        Member                 Southern Regional                   Ex-Officio Member

                             Nominee of Govt. of A.P.
8.        Member                                                     Ex-Officio Member
                              (Director of Tech. Edn.)

                                Affiliating University
9.        Member                                                     Ex-Officio Member
                                  ( JNTU ) Nominee

2. Members of Academic Advisory Body:

          Dr.G.Ravindra Nath                          : Principal & Chairman
          Dr.G.Ramachandra Reddy                      : Member
           Principal, K.V.S.R.I.T, Kurnool
          Dr.B.N.D.Narasinga Rao                      : Member
           Principal, Kottam College of Engineering, Kurnool

          Prof. Y.Chakrapani                          : Member
           Professor of ECE, G.Pulla Reddy Engineering College, Kurnool

          Prof.L.Rajasekhara Goud                     : Member
           Professor of EEE, G.Pulla Reddy EngineeringCollege, Kurnool

          Prof.N.Kasiviswanath                        : Member
           Professor of CSE, G.Pulla Reddy Engineering College,Kurnool

3. Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic Advisory Body: Twice in a year.

                                                         GOVERNING BODY

                                                  SECRETARY & CORRESPONDENT


  PROJECT               HEADS OF                 PHYSICAL                 LIBRARIAN          ADMINISTRA-     Examination
  OFFICER             DEPARTMENTS               EDUCATION                                                      Section
                                                                                             TIVE OFFICER

Construction &           Academic Programmes
 Maintenance                                               Accounts               Academic   Establishment   WATCH &
                                & Research
                                                            Section                Section      Section       WARD

4 Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs/improvements:

   i)   They shall propose their ideas in the regularly convened Faculty Meetings or shall
           submit any time in writing to the Principal.
   ii) The faculty shall convene meetings Department wise and their proposals shall be
           submitted to the Principal through the respective HODs.
   iii) Faculty shall also forward the ideas and suggestions of the students freely to the

   i)     The students shall float and propose their suggestions and ideas for improvement of
              academics of the Institution by holding Class wise meetings convened once in a
              month by the respective elected class representative.
   ii)    They are also given an opportunity to submit their proposals on discussing in the all
              Class Representative Meetings being convened by the Principal once in every three
   a.     Mechanism/Norms & Procedure for democratic/good Governance:
                  Student counseling system is followed and each faculty member is attached
                     with 20 students and the problems and the needs are addressed with the
                     help of Principal and the management during these counseling meetings.
                  Complaint Register/Box is available with all departments and the students
                     shall forward his/her complaint/suggestion in writing without disclosing his/
                     her identity.
   iii)   Student Feedback on Institutional Governance/faculty performance:
                  Feedback is taken from each student on all maters including faculty
                     performance, Facilities, comforts, type of Governance twice in each semester
                     and the same would be consolidated and valid points are considered for
   iv)    Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students:
                  The College Grievance Redressal Core Committee is functioning with the
                     principal as Chairman, Registrar as Convener, Two HODs and one lady
                     Faculty and Two Students as members and the committee meets once in
                     three months or on demand by at least three members and address the
                     grievances in democratic lines.


  I.      Name of the Programmes approved by the AICTE: Four year B.Tech. with four branches
            i.e., CSE, CSIT, ECE & EEE.
 II.      Name of the Programmes accredited by the AICTE: NIL

III.   For each Programme the following details are to be given:
               B.Tech.   C.S.E Program:
          i.     Name: B.Tech - - - C.S.E Branch
         ii.     Number of seats: 90
        iii.     Duration: 4 Years
        iv.      Cut off rank for admission during the last three years: Admissions under
        v.       Fee: 30200/- PA
       vi.       Placement Facilities: N.A. (Admissions under Progress)
       vii.      Campus placement in last three years with minimum salary, maximum salary and
                 average salary: N.A. (Admissions under Progress)
                 B.Tech.    C.S.I.T. Program:
          i.     Name: B.Tech - - - C.S.I.T Branch
         ii.     Number of seats: 90
        iii.     Duration: 4 Years
        iv.      Cut off rank for admission during the last three years: Admissions under
        v.       Fee: 30200/- PA
       vi.       Placement Facilities: N.A. (Admissions under Progress)
       vii.      Campus placement in last three years with minimum salary, maximum salary and
       viii.     salary: N.A. (Admissions under Progress)
               B.Tech.   E.C.E.   Program:
          i.     Name: B.Tech - - - E.C.E Branch
         ii.     Number of seats: 60
        iii.     Duration: 4 Years
        iv.      Cut off rank for admission during the last three years: Admissions under
        v.       Fee: 30200/- PA
       vi.       Placement Facilities: N.A. (Admissions under Progress)
       vii.      Campus placement in last three years with minimum salary, maximum salary and
                 average salary: N.A. (Admissions under Progress)
               B.Tech.   E.E.E. Program:
          i.     Name: B.Tech - - - E.E.E Branch
         ii.     Number of seats: 60
        iii.     Duration: 4 Years
        iv.      Cut off rank for admission during the last three years: Admissions under
        v.       Fee: 30200/- PA
       vi.       Placement Facilities: N.A. (Admissions under Progress)
       vii.      Campus placement in last three years with minimum salary, maximum salary and
       viii.     salary: N.A. (Admissions under Progress)

Name and duration of programme(s) having affiliation/collaboration with
Foreign University(s)/Institution(s) and being run in the same Campus
along with status of their AICTE approval. If there is foreign collaboration,
give the following details.
     i.   Details of the Foreign Institution/University:       NIL
    ii.   Name of the University/Institution: N,A
   iii.   Address:
  iv.     Website:
    v.    Is the Institution/University Accredited in its Home Country:
  vi.     Ranking of the Institution/University in the Home Country:
  vii.    Whether the degree offered is equivalent to an Indian Degree? If yes, the name of the
          agency which
 viii.    has approved equivalence. If no, implications for students in terms of pursuit of higher
          studies in
  ix.     India and abroad and job both within and outside the country:
   x.     Nature of Collaboration:
  xi.     Conditions of Collaboration:
  xii.    Complete details of payment a student has to make to get the full benefit of
 xiii.    For each Collaborative/affiliated Programme give the following:
 xiv.     Programme Focus:
 xv.      Number of seats:
 xvi.     Admission Procedure:
xvii.     Fee:
xviii.    Placement Facility:
 xix.     Placement Records for last three years with minimum salary, maximum salary and
          average salary:
  xx.     Whether the Collaborative Programme is approved by AICTE? If not whether the
 xxi.     Institution has applied to AICTE for approval as required under notification no. 37-
          3/Legal/2005 dated 16th May, 2005:

    i.    :


i) Branch wise list faculty members

Name of
           S.No   Name of the Faculty        Designation       Experience

B.Tech -   1      T. Gokaramaiah        Lecturer                   2
           2      S. Abdul Waheed       Lecturer                   1

           3      S. Swarna Kumari      Lecturer                   3

           4      B. Madhuri            Lecturer                   1

           5      S. Lakshmikantha      Sys. Admn                  2

B.Tech -   1      B. Sudheer Kumar      Lecturer                   1
           2      S.S. Raja Kumari      Lecturer                   2

           3      P.V.N. Sunil Kumar    Lecturer                   1

           4      M. Naziya             Lecturer                   1

           5      B. Jogendra           Lecturer                   3

B.Tech -   1      M. Jaya Lakshmi       Asst. Professor            5
           2      K. Ayyanna            Lecturer                   3

           3      Md. Farida Begum      Lecturer                   2

B.Tech -   1      K. Suresh Kumar       Asst.Professor             4
           2      S. Anil Kumar         Lecturer                   1

           3      Y. Lakshmi Deepa      Lecturer                   3

Humaniti     1       Devaki Devi            Lecturer (Mech)             4
es &
Sciences     2       Sk. Javeed             Lecturer (Mech)             --

             3       Nagarjuna. P           Lecturer (English)          2

             4       Sreenivasulu. A        Lecturer (English)          1

             5       Padma. G               Lecturer (Maths)            3

             6       Ajay Kumar. S          Asst. Professor             5
             7       Harinath Sharma                                    6
                                            Asst. Professor

  ii.      Permanent Faculty:23
 iii.      Visiting Faculty: 04
 iv.       Adjunct Faculty: Nil
  v.       Guest Faculty: 02
 vi.       Permanent Faculty: 23
vii.       Student Ratio: 1: 13
viii.      Number of faculty employed and left during the last three years: N.A.


For each Faculty give a page covering

           Name                                                              : Dr.G.Ravindranath

           Date of Birth                                                     : 31-07-1957

           (a) Academic qualifications (with field of specialization)        : M.Tech., PhD, E.E.E.

 S.No.           Qualification          Name of the institute/Board/             Specialization         Year of
                                                University                                              passing

    1                SSC               Board of Secondary Education.                   ----              1972

                                           Board of Intermediate
    2            Intermediate                                                        M.P.C               1974

                                       J.N.T. College of Engineering,
    3              B.Tech                                                    Electrical & Electronics    1981

    4              M.Tech              Kakatiya University, Warangal.           Power Systems            1983

                                Sri Venkateshwara College of
     5            Ph.D                                           Electrical Engineering       2007
                                     Engineering, Tirupati.

(b) Details of Experience (Academic / Industrial)    :

S.N              Name of the College                     Place        Designation         Experience

 1       M.V.S.R Engineering College                Hyderabad          Principal           2 Years

 2       Vasavi College of Engineering              Hyderabad      Professor of EEE        3 Years

                                                                   System Analyst &
 3       Metamor IT Solutions                   Portland, USA                              3 years
                                                                 Module Project Leader

 4       Satyabama College of Engineering            Chennai      Professor & H.O.D        2 Years

 5       K.S.R.M Engineering College                 Kadapa             Reader            12 Years

(c). Date of the appointment in the present institution          : 24-06-2008

7 Industry: 3 Years

8. Others: Nil

15. Patents: Nil

16. Technology Transfer: Nil

17. Research Publications: 11

18. No. of Books published with details: Nil

19. Photograph:

20. Signature:


        Details of fee, as approved by State fee Committee, for the Institution: Rs.30200/-pa
        Time schedule for payment of fee for the entire Programme: One Month from the date of
         Commencement of Class work every year
        No. of Fee waivers granted with amount and name of students :Admissions under
        Number of scholarship offered by the institute, duration and amount : Nil
        Criteria for fee waivers/scholarship : Admissions under progress
        Estimated cost of boarding and Lodging in Hostels:Rs.15000/- pa


     Number of seats sanctioned with the year of approval: 90 * 2 programs= 180
                                                             60 * 2 programs= 120
                                                                        Total= 300
     Number of students admitted under various categories each year in the last three years:
                                                                   Admissions under progress
    Number of applications received during last two years for admission under Management
      Quota and number admitted: NA

X. Admission Procedure

Mention the admission test being followed, name and address of the Test Agency and its URL

      Number of seats allotted to different Test Qualified candidates separately [AIEEE/CET
       (State Conducted test/University tests)/Association conducted test]:225 --- eamcet-08
      Calendar for admission against management/vacant seats: As stipulated by AP State
      Last date for request for applications: As stipulated by AP State Govt.
      Last date for submission of application: As stipulated by AP State Govt.
      Dates for announcing final results: As stipulated by AP State Govt.
      Release of admission list (main list and waiting list should be announced on the same
       day): As stipulated by AP State Govt.
      Date for acceptance by the candidate (time given should in no case be less than 15
       days): As stipulated by AP State Govt.
      Last date for closing of admission: As stipulated by AP State Govt.
      Starting of the Academic session: As decided by affiliating University.
      The waiting list should be activated only on the expiry of date of main list: NA
      The policy of refund of the fee, in case of withdrawal, should be clearly notified: Yes

XI. Criteria and Weightages for Admission

      Describe each criteria with its respective weight ages i.e. Admission Test, marks in
       qualifying Examination etc.: Admission test
      Mention the minimum level of acceptance, if any: Qualified Rank
      Mention the cut-off levels of percentage & percentile scores of the candidates in the
       admission test for the last three years: As per the State Govt.
      Display marks scored in Test etc. and in aggregate for all candidates who were
       admitted: N.A.

Note: Item No I - XI must be given in information brochure and must be hosted as fixed content
in the website of the Institution.

The Website must be dynamically updated with regard to XII-XV.

XII. Application Form

      Downloadable application form, with online submission possibilities.


List of candidates whose applications have been received along with percentile/percentage
score for each of the qualifying examination in separate categories for open seats. List of
candidates who have applied along with percentage and percentile score for Management
quota seats: Annexures I & II

XIV. Results of Admission under Management Seats/Vacant Seats

      Composition of selection team for admission under Management Quota with the brief
       profiles of Members (This information be made available in the public domain after the
       admission process is over): As Per AP State Govt. Score of the individual candidates
       admitted arranged in order of merit.
      List of candidates who have been offered admission: Admissions under progress
      Waiting list of the candidates in order of merit to be operative from the last date of joining
       of the first list candidates: NA(2008-09)
      List of the candidates who joined within the date, vacancy position in each category
       before operation of waiting list: Admissions under progress

   Xv. Information on Infrastructure and Other Resources Available


Number of Library books/Titles/Journals available (programme-wise):

       S.No. Program                      Books           Titles           Journals
       1     B.Tech- CSE                  1012            258              8+ *4

       2       B.Tech- CSIT               1006            236              8+ *4

       3       B.Tech- ECE                1046            265              8+ *4

       4       B.Tech- EEE                1005            256              8+ *4

       5       Science & Humanities       1036            250              8+ *4

      List of online National/International Journals subscribed: Will be provided shortly
      E-Library facilities: Will be provided shortly


For each Laboratory

LAB: E.D.C: List of Major Equipment/Facilities

      30 MHz Oscilloscope :5 Nos
      20 MHz Oscilloscope :5 Nos
      Bred Board Trainer System: 6 Nos.
      Regulated Dc Power Supply; 7 Nos.
      Digital Multi meters: 8 Nos.
      Function Generators (1 MHz): 8 Nos.
      Decade Resistance Box: 18 Nos.
      Decade Induction Boxes: 15 Nos
      Digital Display Volt Meters & Ammeters: 8 Nos.

Elec. Engg. Lab.: List of Major Equipment/Facilities
      DC Shunt Motors: 1 No
      DC Shunt Motor Coupled to 5 HP, 220V, 1500 RPM DC Shunt generator: 1 No
      DC Shunt Motor Coupled to 3 Phase 415 V ,
       1500 RPM 5 KVA Alternator: 1 N0DC Shunt generator: 1 No
      Squirrel Cage Induction Motor: 1 No
      DOL Starter: 1 No.
      3-Phase Air Cooled Type Rectifier Unit:1 No
      1-Phase Step down Transformers: 2 Nos.
      Moving Iron AC Voltmeters: 10 Nos.
      Moving Iron AC Ammeters: 12 Nos.
      1-Phase LPF Watt t Meters: 4 Nos
      Rheostats: 20 Nos.
      Auto transformers: 3 Nos.

Work Shop: List of Major Equipment/Facilities
      CARPENTRY                 : Wises: 12Nos. & Tool Sets: 12 Nos.
      FITTING Wises             : 12Nos. & Tool Sets: 12 Nos
      HOUSE WIRING              : Stands with tool sets: 12 Nos.
      PLUMBING                  : Wises with Tools: 4 Sets
      3-Phase Welding Transformer: 1No. & Power Hacksaw: 1 No.

   List of Experimental Setup: As Stipulated by the University.


     Number and Configuration of Systems : 105 & All are P-4s
     Total number of systems connected by LAN: 70
     Total number of systems connected to WAN :30
     Server- Net Manager 2700OS ( SATA ) – 1 No
     Internet bandwidth: 2 Mbps
     Major software packages available: Operating Systems,
     Special purpose facilities available: C, C++, JAVA, COBOL, Oracle, MS Net server.


     Games and Sports Facilities: Both indoor and outdoor games.
     Extra Curriculum Activities: Games and Sports, Yoga, etc.,
     Soft Skill Development Facilities: Available
     Number of Classrooms and size of each: 4 & 72 Sq.M. each
     Number of Tutorial rooms and size of each: 6 & 48 Sq.M each
     Number of laboratories and size of each: 3 Nos, 144 Sq.M. each
     Number of drawing halls and size of each: One, 182 Sq.M.
     Number of Computer Centers with capacity of each: Two, 85 Nos.
     Central Examination Facility, Number of rooms and capacity of each: 4& 72 Sq.M.
     Teaching Learning process: Face to Face
     Curricula and syllabi for each of the programmes as approved by the University:
      Enclosed as Annexure- III
     Academic Calendar of the University: Enclosed as Annexure- IV
     Academic Time Table: Enclosed as Annexure- V
     Teaching Load of each Faculty : 18 Hrs per week
     Internal Continuous Evaluation System and place: Yes, As per Affiliating University
     Students' assessment of Faculty, System in place: Yes, Student Feed back & Results.


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