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					                   ROTARY CLUB OF McLean, VA
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                                                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                 CONTACT:          Ed Shahin
                                   DATE: January 23, 2008

Dana Boente , 1st Assistant U.S. Attorney speaks to McLean Rotary Club

Dana Boente, is the 1st Assistant Attorney in the Office of the United States Attorney
for the Eastern District of Virginia. The Eastern District includes offices in
Alexandria, Newport News, Norfolk and Richmond. The District has 125 assistant
attorneys, 75 of whom are in the Alexandria office.
The attorneys work mostly in Federal Courts handling such cases as extortion, car
jacking, kidnapping and identify theft. Crimes committed on Federal property, which
includes military bases, are also prosecuted in the Eastern District. The narcotics
unit handles the most serious drug crimes.

Major spy cases are handled by the Eastern District, the most notable of which
were the Aldrich Ames (CIA) prosecution and the Robert Hanson (FBI) trial.

The civil docket includes victim claims for restitution. Mr. Boente stated that 25%
restitution for victims is actually good work, since most of the proceeds will have
been spent by the perpetrator.

A total of 2,000 cases will be prosecuted in Calendar Year 2008 by Eastern District
attorneys. The vast majority will be plead out rather than go to trial.

The McLean Rotary Club meets for lunch every Tuesday at 12 pm at:
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
Fellowship Hall
1545 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101

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