CAPITOL AREA YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION
                       MINUTES OF THE GOVERNING BOARD
                                           February 21, 2005

       The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by CAYSA President Joe Payton.
       The following member organizations were in attendance and comprised a quorum:
       Bastrop           CC United            Cedar Creek      Centex Storm      Dripping Springs
       East Austin       Elgin                Exodus           Georgetown        Granite Country
       Hays              Lake Country         Lockhart         North Austin      Offsides
       Pflugerville      Round Rock           Tri-County       Westlake

       Lockhart & Pflugerville each petitioned for reinstatement. Each motion for reinstatement was approved
       unaminously by the member organizations.

III.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES, January 4, 2005, Governing Board Meeting.

       A.    Nominating Committee - Listed the positions up for re-election and those who have expressed
             interest for re-election or submitted their interest anew.
       B.    New Club Application - Bastrop Arsenal. Jim Mills, Director, spoke to name of the club. They
             are removing Bastrop from name and will officially be FC Arsenal. Motion - Tri-County, 2nd
             East Austin. Question called. Motion carried to admit FC Arsenal into CAYSA.
       C.    CAYSA Classic Invitational - March. Early recreational part did not pan out. We are still
             having the 19th & 20th of March for D1/SII.
       D.    STYSA Governing Board Meeting - February 11-13, Austin, TX. Blake Krass submitted a
             summary of the meeting and covered the important points of the meeting. Fees are going up due
             to USYS fee increases and insurance increases. The rules were approved in a mixed manner.
             Academy and Rec-Plus rules failed. Some rules to be re-worked and re-submitted in the
             summer. Referee rules regarding age of referees passed. Rules regarding South Texas Cup
             clarification were withdrawn or failed.

       A.    Executive Vice-President (Elaine Loyd) - No Report
       B.    Vice-President—Division I & Super II Boys (Chuck Jeffords) - Next year, in WDDOA Div. I
             U11-U13, there will be a North Zone and a South Zone. For the Super II fozen rosters, no
             changes can be made after the listed dates, but they don't have to submit them to registers or
             STYSA until the normal time. The policy to accept only two division 2 teams was appealed and
             moved for the plaintiff. WD is appealing the grievance. This Friday, rosters are being frozen for
             the younger teams and must be received by the 25 th and before. For the older teams, they must
             be received by April 1st. New roster transfer limitations are in effect. See written report.
       C.    Vice-President--Division I and Super II Girls (Ron Davis) - Very similar in the girls side. The
             grievance was filed on the girls side. More difficult to get a spot in the north w/Austin & San
             Antonio while in the South, less team, but covering Corpus Christi and the Valley.
       D.    Vice-President--Division II Girls (Ray Don Tilley) - Report in your folder. With STYSA's
             playoffs rule change regarding referees, VPs attempted to bring South Texas Cup into agreement
             with STYSA playoffs. We would need to submit a rule change for CAYSA to do that properly,
             though, so we have reverted to the CAYSA rules. We may want to change the rule for fall to
             match the STYSA rule. (Side Discussion regarding referee ages: CAYSA competition rules
             apply; WD rules supercede CAYSA and apply; at state playoffs, STYSA rules apply.)
       E.    Vice-President—Division II Junior Boys U11-U14 (Cliff Crouch) - Report in Book. Attempted
             to schedule a fair season for the teams. Not always possible and some extra weekend games
             may need to scheduled.
       F.    Vice-President-- Division II Senior Boys U-15-U19 Boys (Ellie Warmington) - Deadline is not
             until March 4th for Senior Boys and only a handful of applications recieved. Everything will be

                  done via email instead of a live meeting, and the Boys U16 Recreational bracket will follow the
                  South Texas cup rules.
         G.       Vice-President—Division III Boys (Karla Ayers) - Scheduling meeting Sunday. Has some
                  packets for teams. 3 U11 teams and will be playing in the weakest bracket of U12. First games
                  will be 3/5.
         H.       Vice-President—Division III Girls (Bob Fallis) - Starting 3/5-6 also. In U12, 3 8-team brackets.
                  14 U14 teams/2 brackets. At end of bracket play, will do some crossover play, matching similar
                  abilities to provide even competition.
         I.       Vice-President Division IV Boys & Girls (Leslie Inman) - Not in Attendance, no report.
         J.       Vice-President - Facilities (James Borders) - Little to report. Has come across a good supplier
                  for fertilizer, fire ant control, etc. Also found a piece of equipment: a top dresser, expensive but
                  can be used by all CAYSA associations. Does a good job.
         K.       Soccer Start & Top Soccer (David Buckler) - Not in Attendance.
         L.       Secretary (René Medina) - Attended US Youth Soccer Adidas Workshop & Coaches
                  Convention, Salt Lake City, Utah. Discussed rule changes regarding new 22 player team roster
                  but only 18 player game roster. Many workshops/seminars regarding
                  coaching/administrative/referee issues. Opportunity next year when it will be in Houston, Feb.
                  23-25, 2006.
         M.       Treasurer (Lois McEvoy) - STYSA Fees up due mainly to insurance increase.
         N.       Registrar (Blake Krass) - S.Tx Cup rosters don’t get frozen before the season starts. April 1 st is
                  deadline for transfers adds, S. Tx Cup and Rec. President’s cup deadline is approaching. Friday
                  is deadline for everything for younger President’s Cup teams. Everything else is due April 1 st.
         O.       Referee Advisor (Janice Taylor) - Updating the assignor’s list but incomplete. Verified
                  assignor’s for some associations. Passed out the Referee Administrative Handbook. Will
                  compile the referee assignment rules for the different competition.
         P.       CAYSA Administrator (Retta Davis) - No Report.
         Q.       President (Joe Payton) - Recognized Ar Brown for attendance at USYS Workshop. Art Brown:
                  Training DVD for U6 - U10 coaches. It has age group appropriate training activities/sessions
                  for each age group. Much better than the books we’ve had in the past. $3.00 for the DVD.
                  Available for next fall. Next year the USYS workshop will be held in conjunction with the
                  STYSA February 23-25th, with the STYSA AGM on February 26th. In Invitational tournaments
                  sanctioned by STYSA, U10's must play small sided and not 11 aside.



         A.    Austin Convention Center & Visitors Bureau - Craig Jenkins, Sport Marketing Manager, Austin
               Convention & Visitors Bureau, 301 Congress, Ste. 200, Austin, TX 78701, 800.926.2282
               /512.583.7212 /fax 512.583.7312,, Deals with
               sporting events coming to Austin, either directly or indirectly. Willing to assist with hotel
               accommodations and facilities acquisition. Also, assist with collecting moneys due through use
               of hotel accommodations. In general, it will be at no cost; funding comes through the bed tax
               apportionment it receives. Here to explain what they do and to offer their services. Passed out
               his business cards to interested associations.

         A.    Next Meeting - Dealing with elections and budget
               The next meeting of the CAYSA Governing Board was set for March 31 st, Thursday, 7:00 p.m..
         B.    For the Good of the Game - James Borders: Felix Volk, through his Beeville office donated the
               refrigerator in the back, a 2 large door size one, in need of repairs. MLS, Colorado Rapids and
               FC Dallas, will play at Nelson Field on March 26 th.
         C.    Adjournment
               The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Minutes recorded by and respectfully submitted by René Medina, CAYSA Secretary.


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