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               Welcome to In and Out of the Classroom with Microsoft Office 2000 Professional, a
               practical guide for educators. Microsoft Office 2000 Professional is a suite of
               programs that lets you create and manage written materials, publications, data
               bases, spreadsheets, and Web pages for use with your students or on your own.
               When you need to create a test, make a research presentation, help students collect
               data, or schedule resources, Office 2000 gives you tools to work more productively.
               The following are components of Office 2000 Professional:
                      Microsoft Word 2000 provides everything you and your students need to
                       produce professional-looking documents, communicate your ideas, and
                       share information with others.
                      Microsoft Excel 2000 makes it easy for you and your students to build
                       spreadsheets and then use, share, and analyze the data, as well as provide
                       reports and present the data graphically.
                      Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 allows you to organize, illustrate, and present
                       your ideas in a multimedia presentation. It gives you the tools to
                       communicate with impact, whether in the classroom, to parents, or to
                      Microsoft Outlook 2000 provides an integrated desktop for you and your
                       students to use to contact other students, parents, and colleagues and to
                       organize and manage your e-mail correspondence, calendar, contacts, and
                      Microsoft Access 2000 lets you develop and use databases to store,
                       manipulate, and share information.
                      Microsoft Publisher 2000 helps you create eye-catching newsletters, flyers,
                       brochures, programs, and Web sites. Publisher 2000 complements writing
                       and learning activities in your classroom and can help you expand the
                       visibility of school events and activities.
               Microsoft Office 2000 Professional is the exciting new productivity suite that makes
               the Web work for students and educators to enhance learning and increase
               productivity. In today's classrooms, doing research, collecting data, collaborating with
               peers, compiling results, and synthesizing information into interactive presentations
               are activities important to increasing critical thinking skills. With new tools to
               enhance collaboration and information access, Office 2000 is the right tool for the
               classroom and the administrative office.

Introduction                                         In and Out of the Classroom with Office 2000 Professional 1
                             What's in this book
                             In and Out of the Classroom with Microsoft Office 2000 Professional is written to
                             help educators use the Microsoft Office suite and offers tips and suggestions for how
                             Office works in different teaching and learning environments. The following pages
                             offer self-guided activities to help you use Microsoft Office 2000 as both a teaching
                             tool and a productivity tool.

                             Working with the activities
                             This guide assumes some basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating
                             system. If you are a new Windows user, you may want to refer to In and Out of the
                             Classroom with Windows 95 or In and Out of the Classroom with Windows 98. These
                             workbooks can be downloaded from the Microsoft Corporation education Web site at
                             the following address:

                             In each chapter of this book, you will find the following headings:

                                    What you will do lists objectives for each chapter.
                                    New for 2000 introduces users to the features added in this release of the
                                     Office Suite.
                                    Exploring shows you the desktop for each component of Office 2000.
                                    Putting it together includes ideas for using the features of Office 2000 in
                                     the classroom. These ideas build on the activities in each chapter.
                             If at any time you would like more information about a topic, you can ask the Office
                             Assistant in any Office 2000 program. For more information, see “Working Better in
                             Office 2000” in the Office 2000 Professional Overview chapter of this book.

                             The Accessibility icon highlights features of Office 2000 that make the computer
                             more accessible for people with disabilities.

                             The Work better icon features tips and tricks for using Office 2000.

                             The New for 2000 icon points out new features to users who have used previous
                             versions of Microsoft Office.

2 In and Out of the Classroom with Office 2000 Professional                                                          Introduction
               The procedures given in this book use the following conventions:

                      “Click” means to use the mouse to point to an area on the screen and press
                       the left (primary) mouse button, unless the right (secondary) mouse button is

                      Commands are in bold type. For example, “click Next“ means to place the
                       cursor over the “Next“ button and click.

                      Information you are to type is in italics.

                      Some activities use shortcut keys, which are keystroke combinations that
                       help you use the software more productively. The CTRL (for control) and the
                       TAB keys are examples of key names commonly used in shortcut keys. When
                       the directions specify CTRL+N, hold down the CTRL key, and then press the
                       N key.

               Before you begin
               Before you begin the activities in this book, make sure that Microsoft Office 2000
               Professional has been installed on your computer and is operating correctly. If you
               encounter problems during the activities or are unable to complete some activities as
               a result of network security, contact your technology coordinator or system
               administrator to assist you.

               To install Office 2000, you must have the following:
                           Personal or multimedia computer with a 90 MHz Pentium processor or

                           Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0

                           32 MB of RAM (minimum)

                           400 MB hard disk (minimum)

                           CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

                           VGA or higher-resolution video adapter (Super VGA, 256-color

                           Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse®, or compatible pointing device

                   Also required for some activities:
                           Network connection and modem

                           Access to the Internet through a service provider

                           A sound card with speakers or USB speakers

Introduction                                            In and Out of the Classroom with Office 2000 Professional 3
                             For more information
                                    In and Out of the Classroom is a series of free, self-paced, downloadable
                                     training guides designed for educators. Find workbooks for other Microsoft
                                     desktop programs, including Windows 98, FrontPage 2000, and Publisher
                                     2000 at:


                                    To learn more about Microsoft in Education, including current academic
                                     programs and pricing, contact Microsoft:

                                     Web              http://www.microsoft.com/education

                                     CompuServe       go microsoft (at any ! prompt)

                                     Phone            (800) 426-9400 (U.S.); (800) 536-9048 (Canada)

                                     Fax-back         (800) 727-3351

4 In and Out of the Classroom with Office 2000 Professional                                                       Introduction

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