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									Tips for Investing in a Lamp

If you'd like to buy a desk or table lamp, you probably have some questions about what kind to
get. Here, we’ll answer a few of those questions, as well as some others you might not have
thought of. Here are our answers and tips:

What kind of lamp is best to get a kid’s room?

If you’re getting a lamp for a child’s room, get one that isn’t breakable or hazardous. Don’t use
incandescent bulbs, because their high heat can burn kids and they are a fire hazard. LED bulbs
are not only safe to touch, but they’re nearly indestructible.

For my desk, do i need to acquire a stand-alone or acquire
the one which I can attach to the desk?

If you’re an architect, artist or someone else who requires good lighting for the entire globes
surface of your desk, you’ll probably need an attached lamp. Another good thing about
attached lamps is that they don’t use up space on the surface of the desk.

If you only want part of the desk surface to be lit, you might prefer to buy a stand-alone lamp.
They’re better than attached lamps for mood lighting, and they’re generally better-looking and
more flexible.

For a desk lamp, do i need to purchase one that’s

Adjustable lamps work well for people who use their desk for a wide variety of things that
require different types of light. Lamps with swing arms can swing around to any part of the desk
and can often be tilted to provide light from different angles. But the swing arm needs to be
stable enough to remain in the position it’s put in, or the table lamps won’t be very useful. Release 2011                                                             Page 1
The best system for swing arm lamps is the counterweight system, because it will last longer
than any other system. Lamps with a hydraulic system will start leaking someday. For lamps
that use tightening screws, the screws will start cracking. Lamps will springs or flexible arms will
also fail before long.

What reading lamps are best for my eyes?

To read, you'll need a bright light that's also a high-quality light. There's 2 primary indexes for
determining the caliber of the light bulb: the color rendering index (CRI) along with the
correlated colour temperature (CCT).

You should get a light bulb that has a CRI rating of 80-100, with 100 being the top. These high-
numbered bulbs make objects seem more vivid, than the faded and pale light given off by bulbs
rated under forty.

The best bulbs have a CCT rating between 5000 and 7300 K; they have a cool, clear blue-white
illumination that is similar to natural daylight. High CCT light makes words jump off the page
instead of slinking in the washed-out light that warm-coloured bulbs have.

Which kind of lampshade should I get for a lounge table

A lampshade should never extend past the perimeter of the table it’s resting upon. If the desk
lamp will be sitting near a television set, an opaque lampshade will reduce glare. If you'd like a
lampshade that imparts a warm glow, select one of fabric or semi-opaque paper. In general,
drum shades tend to look more current; conical ones will look more classic.

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