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									                               DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY
                                  700 ROBBINS AVENUE, BLDG 2B
                                   PHILADELPHIA, PA 19111-5083
                                                                                  IN REPLY REFER TO:



    1. Contracting Activity: The requiring activity is the United States Naval Academy,
       Annapolis, MD; the contracting activity is the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center
       Norfolk, Philadelphia Office.

    2. Description of the Action Being Approved: The use of other than full and open
       competition to award a contract to PaeTec Communications (PaeTec) to provide services
       required by the United States Naval Academy (USNA), Annapolis , MD for phone
       services for the midshipmen. The placement of a firm, fixed price purchase order is

    3. Description of Supplies/Services: The United States Naval Academy (USNA) is the
       designated service provider of telephone service to Annapolis Area Complex, faculty,
       staff and midshipmen. USNA currently provides telephone service using an Avaya
       S8700 primary/expansion port network over a mixed fiber/copper cable infrastructure
       through and including end-user desktop devices. Connectivity to the local public
       switched telephone network outside the Annapolis Area Complex is through six (6)
       primary rate interface (PRI) circuits provided by a commercial local exchange access
       carrier. These six primary rate interface (PRI) circuits will provide dial tone service
       which as a minimum shall include the following:

       Dial Tone
       Direct Inward Dialing
       Direct Outward Dialing
       Dual Outward Dialing
       Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF)
       Local Exchange and Long Distance accesses
       Equal Access
       Call blocking for numbering plan area (NPA)900, 700 and NPA-976
       Directory Listing
       E911/911 Services where available
       Block Directory Assistance
       Block Third Party Billing
       Toll Free Access

       The vendor will ensure all end-user common line (EUCL) fees incurred for connection of
       long distance calls over the six (6) PRI circuits are paid to the appropriate authority.
       Vendor will provide continued access to and availability of USNA’s existing direct-
       inward-dial (DID) numbers serviced by the six (6) PRI circuits all tied to one trunk.
   The period of performance for this action is 1 Oct 2010 through 30 Sept 2011 and will
   include up to four one year options. The total estimated dollar vale of this acquisition is
   $274,315.00 (inclusive of options) and will be funded by O&MN appropriation funds.

4. Statutory Authority Permitting Other than Full and Open Competition: The statutory
   authority permitting other than full and open competition is section 4202 of the Clinger-
   Cohen Act of 1996, as implemented by FAR 13.501(a), a Sole Source acquisition under
   the authority of the test program for certain commercial items.

5. Rationale Justifying Use of Cited Statutory Authority: PaeTec is the sole contractor that
   has worked with this system over the past seven and a half years by providing 720 direct
   inward dialing (DID) phone blocks and local dial tone for the midshipmen at the USNA.
   PaeTec Communications provides the necessary local exchange block of number (14,500
   phone numbers) as required. The phone numbers correspond with the midshipmen room
   numbers and match the numbering series established by the USNA Information
   Technology Services Division.

   Only PaeTec is able to provide those specific exchanged block of numbers, and procuring
   these services from another provider would cause unacceptable delays in fulfilling the
   agency’s requirements due to a reconfiguration of the numbering scheme. Additional
   costs would also be incurred by the Navy to cover un-installation, re-installation and
   other costs including administrative type services to facilitate call monitoring, switch
   provisioning systems and full featured call accounting. Some of these additional costs
   that must be factored into a new installation are:

   - Work involved in a Cut Over Plan (both USNA employees and the new vendor would
                   be involved with this plan).
   - Installation Costs for new PRI circuits.
   - Provisioning and number porting of USNA’s DID number blocks
   - Circuit testing (labor)
   - Cut Over (labor costs involved for after hours cutover)

   Some of the risks associated with a new installation are possible outages and downtime
   for USNA during the circuit installation, burn in time, provisioning and unsuccessful
   porting over of all DID ( direct Dial numbers) from the incumbent carrier to a new
   carrier. A substantial schedule risk also exists as contract provider transistor would occur
   during the Fall semester when call volume usage is at peak levels.

   USNA has received PaeTec’s services in a timely manner and the services have been
   acceptable. PaeTec has demonstrated the necessary organization, experience, accounting,
   operational controls and technical skills to provide the local dial tone service to USNA.
   PaeTec has the necessary production, construction, technical equipment and facilities to
   provide the local dial tone service to USNA. Thus minimizing cost, technical, and
   schedule risks associated with an alternative source.
6. Description of Efforts Made to Solicit Offers from as Many Offerors as Practicable: This
   acquisition was synopsized in FEDBIZOPS on May 11, 2010 as a sole source acquisition.

   Three companies submitted challenges:

   Corey Campbell from Sotel Services offered a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
   solution as a solution to the requirements needs. Ms. Jahns from USNA advised that the
   VOIP system cannot be used as a replacement to the PRI Circuits. She indicated that the
   costs associated with a VOIP conversion cannot be funded. These costs include hiring
   and training additional staff to manage a VOIP network, network routing, provisioning,
   and the increase in bandwidth allocation, software, and routing equipment. Sotel Services
   was advised of this network on 25 May and has not responded.

   Additionally, we received an inquiry by Melanie Lelesque of TCS of America about
   being able to submit a bid for the requirement. An e-mail on May 26th was sent to her
   requesting to please provide in detail your capabilities to provide these services in order
   for us to go full and open. We will review and determine if your capabilities for this
   service will meet the requirement. No response was received by the contractor.

   A third contractor, New Horizon, a PRI wholesaler, provided a quote for these services.
   After reviewing the quote, Ms. Jahns explained that New Horizon is not capable of
   meeting the requirements that are imperative for USNA’s dial tone needs. New
   Horizon cannot provide direct access to the carrier’s Network Operations Center (NOC)
   for troubleshooting, managing the process of trouble tickets and the dependence on them
   for updates and resolution. Furthermore, New Horizon cannot provide the direct
   connectivity to the carrier’s switches, PSTN connections and backbone and Move Adds
   & Change (MAC) Orders that are placed directly to the carrier. Therefore, New Horizon
   cannot meet the requirement.

7. Determination of Fair and Reasonable Cost: The Contracting Officer has determined the
   anticipated cost to the Government of the supplies/services covered by this J&A will be
   fair and reasonable.

8. Actions to Remove Barriers to Future Competition: For the reasons set forth in Paragraph
   5, FISC Norfolk Contracting Department Philadelphia Office has no plans at this time to
   compete future contracts. All future requirements will be handled on a case by case basis.
                                                J&A Number 10-015



I certify that the facts and representations under my cognizance which are
included in this Justification and its supporting acquisition planning
documents, except as noted herein, are complete and accurate to the best of
my knowledge and belief.

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