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									A.C. Newman - On the table
A.C. Newman - The battle for straight time
A.C. Newman - The heartbreak rides
A** Chic - House in my head
AA Bondy - American hearts
AA Bondy - I can see the pines are dancing
AA Bondy - Killed myself when I was young
AA Bondy - Mightiest of guns
AA Bondy - The coal hits the fire
AaRON - Angel dust
AaRON - Beautiful scar
AaRON - Little love
Abdoujaparov - Hit her with the pig
Abe Vigoda - Don't lie
Abecedarian - A day in the life
Abecedarian - One less
Aberdeen - 1972
Aberdeen - Cities and buses
Aberdeen - Emma's house
Aberdeen - Fran
Aberdeen - Late bloomr
Aberdeen - She never understood
Aberdeen - Sink or float
Aberdeen - Snapdragon
Aberdeen - Sunny in California
Aberdeen - The boy has gone away
Aberdeen - Thousand steps
Aberdeen City - Pretty pet
Able Tasmans - Evil barbeque
Able Tasmans - I see now where
Abominominous - Boarding call
Abominominous - Switch hitter
Absent Kid - 1 up
Absent Kid - Another year (same questions)
Absent Kid - Asleep at the wheel - Reflex action
Absent Kid - Confetti
Absent Kid - The recovery position
Absinthe Blind - Silent night
AC Acoustics - A bell of love ring out (session)
AC/DC - Love song
AC/DC - Ride on
AC/DC - Rock in peace
AC/DC - School days
Accent - Red sky at nightight
Accessory Twelve - Empty Wednesday
Acetate Zero - Bright delight flame
Acetate Zero - December sounds like that
Acetate Zero - Deception Island
Acetate Zero - Definition of fall
Acetate Zero - Desert fields on fire
Acetate Zero - Devastation and renunciation (faded out)
Acetate Zero - Dry
Acetate Zero - Festen
Acetate Zero - Gone
Acetate Zero - Heavy super twin
Acetate Zero - I defy anyone for anything
Acetate Zero - Icecap decline
Acetate Zero - Imperial climb
Acetate Zero - Nothing but the rain
Acetate Zero - Ode to admittance
Acetate Zero - South against North
Acetate Zero - Sure to vanish
Acetate Zero - The sad beautiful quintessence
Acetate Zero - Train cale
Acid Gallery - Dance around the maypole
Acid Gallery - Right toe blues
Acid Mothers Temple - So far away
Acid Mothers Temple - Third eye of the whole world
Acqua Fragile - Opening act
Act - The art of deception
Act of Creation - I've just seen you
Action - I'll keep holding on
Action - Shadows & reflections
Action Painting! - Mustard gas
Action painting! - These things happen
Acute - The city
Adam Adamant - Come down where you ought to be
Adam Dachis - Interesting times
Adam Green - Bluebirds
Adam Green - Dance with me
Adam Green - Jessica
Adam Green - Secret tongues
Adam Haworth Stephens - The cities that you've burned
Adam, Mike & Tim - A most peculiar
ADD - A friendly reminder
ADD - Criminal charges
ADD - Do it for captain
ADD - My darling ruin
ADD - So aggravating
ADD vs. blue - Dusty
Additional Moog - I'm not safe in this world
Admiral Freebee - Living for the weekend
Adolescents - Amoeba
Adolescents - California son
Adolescents - Do the Freddy
Adolescents - Find a way
Adolescents - Guns of September
Adolescents - House of the rising sun
Adolescents - Into the fire
Adolescents - Let it rain
Adolescents - Lockdown America
Adolescents - Monsanto hayride
Adolescents - Wrecking Crew
Adorable - A to fade in
Adorable - Breathless
Adorable - Crash sight
Adorable - Cut #2
Adorable - Glorious
Adorable - Sunburnt
Adorable - Sunshine smile
Adult Nights - California on my mind
Adverts - Gary Gilmore's eyes
Adverts - I will walk you home
Adverts - One chord wonders
Aereogramme - Inhalation blues
Aereogramme - Motion
Aereogramme - Trenches
Aero Wave - s2sg2
Aerobitch - Civilization's dying
Aerosmith - ?
Aerospace - The only things we share
Afghan Whigs - Her against me
Afghan Whigs - Here comes Jesus
Afghan Whigs - Let me lie to you
Afghan Whigs - Life in a day
Afghan Whigs - Nightime
Afghan Whigs - Push
Afghan Whigs - Revenge
Afghan Whigs - When we two parted
Afghan Whigs - Will you still love m tomorrow?
Afghan Whigs - You my flower
AFI - Beautiful thieves
AFI - Brownie bottom sundae
AFI - God called in sick today
AFI - Morningstar
AFI - The leaving song
AFI - The missing frame
Afraid Of Stairs - Not today
After-School Sports - Charlie's 18th birthday
After-school Sports - Dying for sushi
After-School Sports - Roe deers, cats and mice
After-school Sports - Wind up
Afternoon Naps - Argyle Spring
Afternoon Naps - Beach bums
Afternoon Naps - Plum City fight song
Afternoon Naps - The day we started
Afternoon Naps - The Fall companion
Afters - Beautiful love
Afters - Love lead me on
Afters - One moment away
Afters - Someday
Afters - The secret parade
Afters - Until the world
Against Me! - Animal
Against Me! - Borne on the FM waves of the heart
Against Me! - Don't lose touch
Against Me! - Even at our worst we're still better than most (The roller)
Against Me! - Justin
Against Me! - Miami
Against Me! - New wave
Against Me! - New wave (acoustic)
Against Me! - Problems
Against Me! - Thrash unreal
Against Me! - Turn those clapping hands into hangry balled fists
Against Me! - White people for peace
Agape Rose - Scars like medals
Age Of Jets - For the love of an eskimo
Agitation Free - In the silence of the morning sunrise
Agnostic Front - Gotta go
Agrotixoco - Ele nao quer crescer
Agrotixoco - Em nos a coracao
Agrotixoco - Intolerencia (part)
Ai Phoenix - The street I walk ?
Aimée Mann - Baby blue
Aimée Mann - Going through the motions
The Aimless Never Miss - The bright side
Ainigma - All things are fading
Air Castles - Quietly
Air Formation - Adrift
Air Formation - Caught upon the waves
Air Formation - Cold morning
Air Formation - Cut through the night
Air Formation - Distant silhouettes
Air Formation - Ends in light
Air Formation - Fallen leaves
Air Formation - Formation 2
Air Formation - Full flight
Air Formation - Ghosts
Air Formation - Here comes the rain
Air Formation - Hope
Air Formation - It falls away
Air Formation - Like I hold you
Air Formation - Long way out to me
Air Formation - Lunar
Air Formation - Meltdown
Air Formation - Seashine
Air Formation - Silence outside
Air Formation - Slow you down
Air Formation - Stars & knives
Air Formation - Still
Air Formation - Suzanne
Air Formation - Technicolor skies
Air Formation - Things that don't exist
Air Formation - Three years pass
Air Formation - Until today
Air Traffic - An end to all our problems
Air Traffic - An end to all our problems (live)
Air Traffic - Don't wake up
Air Traffic - Just abuse me
Air Traffic - Shooting star
Air Traffic - Your fractured life
Airborne Toxic Event - Does this mean you're moving on?
Airborne Toxic Event - Innocence
Airborne Toxic Event - Missy
Airborne Toxic Event - Papillon
Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime around midnight
Airborne Toxic Event - Wishing well
Airbourne - Runnin' wild
Airbourne - Too much too young
Airfields - Lonely halls
Airfields - Love tariffs
Airfields - Nowhere left to go
Airfields - The turning of the leaves
Airfields - Tracks in the snow
Airiel - Sugar crystals
Airport Girl - Between delta and Delaware
Airport Girl - Bullfighting
Airport Girl - Candy coated kisses
Airport Girl - Hold me through the night
Airport Girl - I've seen Mexico
Airport Girl - Power yr trip
Airport Girl - Shine like stars
Airport Girl - Tennis racket
Airport Girl - There's a crisis in your past
Airport Girl - This could be the start of something small
Airport Girl - Three sixty degrees
Aislers Set - Attraction action reaction
Aislers Set - California
Aislers Set - Christmas song
Aislers Set - Hit the snow
Aislers Set - Holiday gone well
Aislers Set - Jaime's song
Aislers Set - Languor in the balcony
Aislers Set - Last match
Aislers Set - Mission bells
Aislers Set - One half laughing
Aislers Set - The red door
Aislers Set - The way to Market Station
Aislers Set - Why baby
AJ Croce - Don't let me down
Akron Family - Phenomena
Akron Family - There's so many colors
Akron/Family - Shoes
Al ? Perry - ?
Alacron - Twenty one
Alain Bashung - La nuit je mens
Alain Bashung + Noir Désir - Solitaire
AlanDelon - Don't you want it
Alaska - She was a rockstar
Alaska! - Lost the gold
Alaska! - Real is your control
Alaska! - Resistance
Alaska! - SS Candycane
Alaska! - The Western shore
Alaska! - Through the years
Alastair Galbraith - 03
Alastair Galbraith - 08
Alastair Galbraith - Bravely bravely
Alastair Galbraith - Gentleman it's time
Alastair Galbraith - Mavis grind
Alastair Galbraith - Stalemate
Albert Hammond Jr. - 101
Albert Hammond Jr. - Back to the 101
Albert Hammond Jr. - Bargain of the century
Albert Hammond Jr. - Blue skies
Albert Hammond Jr. - Bright young thing
Albert Hammond Jr. - Cartoon music from superheroes
Albert Hammond Jr. - Everyone gets a star
Albert Hammond Jr. - Feed me Jack or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Peter Sellers
Albert Hammond Jr. - G up
Albert Hammond Jr. - Hard to live in the city
Albert Hammond Jr. - Holiday
Albert Hammond Jr. - In transit
Albert Hammond Jr. - Miss Myrtle
Albert Hammond Jr. - Rocket
Albert Hammond Jr. - You won't be fooled by this
Alberta Cross - The thief & the heartbreaker
Album Leaf - Always for you
Album Leaf - Christiansands
Album Leaf - Gust of...
Album Leaf - Hang over
Album Leaf - On your way
Album Leaf - Over the pond
Album Leaf - Wet the day
Alcest - Ciel errant
Alcoholic Faith Mission - Painting animals in watercolors
Alec Ounsworth - What fun.
Alejandro Escovedo - Anchor
Alejandro Escovedo - Break this time
Alejandro Escovedo - California blues
Alejandro Escovedo - Don't need you
Alejandro Escovedo - Everybody loves me
Alejandro Escovedo - Five hearts breaking
Alejandro Escovedo - I was drunk
Alejandro Escovedo - Notes on air
Alejandro Escovedo - Pale blue eyes
Alejandro Escovedo - Pyramid of tears
Alejandro Escovedo - Shelling rain
Alejandro Escovedo - Tender heart
Alejandro Escovedo - This bed is getting crowded
Alejandro Escovedo - Undesired
Alejandro Escovedo - Velvet guitar
Alexander Molodkov - Dad I'm changing
Alfie - All too heavy now
Alfie - Crying at teatime
Alfie - It's just about the weather
Alfie - Look at you now
Alfie - Til the end
Alfred E. Shrub - So aggravating
Alibi Tom - Sometimes I'm afraid
Alice Cooper - Beautiful flyaway
Alice Cooper - Desperado
Alice Cooper - Halo of flies
Alice Cooper - I'm eighteen
Alice Cooper - Laughing at me
Alice Cooper - Living
Alice Cooper - Second coming - Ballad of Dwight Gry
Alice Cooper - Sun arise (part)
Alice in Chains - Confusion
Alice in Chains - Don't follow
Alice in Chains - Down in a hole
Alice in Chains - Nutshell
Alice in Chains - Over now
Alice in Chains - Rooster
Alice in Chains - Rotten apple
Alice in Chains - Whale & wasp
Alien 101 - Ordinary world
Aliens - Alkostory
Aliens - Amen
Aliens - Blue mantle
Aliens - Boats
Aliens - Dove returning
Aliens - Nie chcę dorastać
Aliens - Setting sun
Aliens - Żyj i pozwól umrzeć
All Get out - Coach Connor
All Get Out - Water and God
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Canadian boyfriend
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Communication problems
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Cut your hair
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Cutie pie
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Grass skirt
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Later operator
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Lipsmacker kiss
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Looking into it
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Lost
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Million things
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Not the one for me
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Parallel park
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Plastic toy dream
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Rewind
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Theme song
All Girl Summer Fun Band - This will never end
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Trajectory
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Will I see you?
All New Adventures Of Us - The art of the high five
All Onion Diet - Oversleeping
All Smiles - I was never the one
All Smiles - Moth in a cloud of smoke
All The Day Holiday - Mountains
Allender Band - Riverrun
Allman Brothers Band - Blue sky
Allman Brothers Band - Dreams
Allman Brothers Band - Little Martha (1)
Allman Brothers Band - Little Martha (2)
Almedal - Det du gimy minns han som Iskar dig
Almedal - Och alla platserna
Almond Lettuce - To Henry with hope
Alrune Rod - Et menneske (extrait)
Alrune Rod - Forårsmorgen (extrait)
Alrune Rod - Ringene i sandet (extrait)
Altered Images - Beckoning strings
Altered Images - Idols
Altered images - Insects
Altered Images - Legionaire
Altered Images - Think that it might
Altspeak - 58
Altspeak - In your eyes
Altspeak - Let it out
Altspeak - Little things
Altspeak - Stars
AltSpeak - Summer times
Altspeak - Tonight
Altspeak - Young
Aluminium Dream - Strangers calling
Alvin Lee - Help me
Alvin Lee - Images shifting
Alvin Lee - Lost in love
Alvin Lee - Love the way you rock me
Alvin Lee - The bluest blues
Alvin Lee Band - City lights
Amadou & Mariam - Bozos
Amadou & Mariam - Ce n'est pas bon
Amadou & Mariam - Je te kiffe
Amadou & Mariam - Sabali
Amazing - Deportation day
Amazing Pilots - All my wasted days
Amazorblades ? - Common truth
Amboy Dukes - Colors
Amboy Dukes - Conclusion
Amboy Dukes - Death is life
Amboy Dukes - Down on Philips escalator
Amboy Dukes - Free flight
Amboy Dukes - Hibernation
Amboy Dukes - I feel free
Amboy Dukes - It's not true
Amboy Dukes - Ivory castles
Amboy Dukes - J.B. special
Amboy Dukes - Journey to the center of the mind
Amboy Dukes - Lady Luck
Amboy Dukes - Living in the woods
Amboy Dukes - Marriage pt.1 man, pt.2 woman, pt.3 music (part)
Amboy Dukes - Migration
Amboy Dukes - Sasha
Amboy Dukes - Scottish tea
Amboy Dukes - Sobbin' in my mug of beer
Amboy Dukes - The lovely lady
Amboy Dukes - Why is a carrot more orange than an orange
Ambulance Ltd. - Fearless (live)
Ambulance Ltd. - Heavy Lifting
Ambulance Ltd. - Helmsman
Ambulance Ltd. - Stay tuned
Ambulance Ltd. - Stay where you are
Ambulance Ltd. - Swim
Ambulance Ltd. - The ocean
American Blues - Say so
American Music Club - Outside this bar
Amida - Class of 2000
Amon Düül (with Robert Calvert) - Die Lösung
Amon Düül II - Burning sister
Amon Düül II - Chewinggum telegram
Amon Düül II - Dr. Stein
Amon Düül II - Eternal flow
Amon Düül II - Eye-shaking king
Amon Düül II - Fly United
Amon Düül II - Freak out requiem 1
Amon Düül II - Lemmingmania
Amon Düül II - Let's feel alive
Amon Düül II - Sandoz in the rain (improvisation)
Amon Düül II - She came through the chimney
Amon Düül II - Star eyed
Amon Düül II - Surrounded by the stars
Amon Düül II - Toxicological whispering
Amon Düül II - Yeti (improvisation)
Amplifier - ?
Amps - Breaking the split screen barrier
Amps - First revival
Amps - I am decided
Amps - Just like a briar
Amps - Mom's drunk
Amps - Pacer
Amps - Tipp City
Amsterdams - Apple
Amsterdams - Autobahn sleeping machine
Amsterdams - Lights out
aMute - Hit my country
Amy Annelle - Such as the earth (neveroff's fate)
Anaïs - Le 1er amour
Anaïs - Peut-être une angine
And The Hippos Were Boiled In Their Tanks - Henry afford
? And The Mysterians - Make you mine
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Bells of Creation
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Relative ways
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Wasted state of mind
Anders Parker - So it goes
Andre Was Here at Midnight - For the time being
Andre Was Here at Midnight - Hollywood fantasy (part)
Andre Was Here at Midnight - Massive intelligence failure
Andre Was Here at Midnight - Oh Britney
Andre Was Here at Midnight - Short life
Andre Was Here At Midnight - The last year
Andre Was Here At Midnight - We were not meant to be
Andrew Kenny - Angel sigh
Andrew Kenny - Hometown fantasy
Andrew Reist - Bitter orange
Andrew Reist - Clouds were touching the ground
Andrew Reist - Crack in my heart
Andrew Reist - Mediocre savior
Andrew Reist - Not exactly normal
Andy Balham - Boundaries
Andy Balham - Don't think that I don't miss you
Andy Balham - Hollywood fantasy (part)
Andy Balham - Jesus on the intercom
Andy Balham - Other places I have lived
Andy Balham - Pink skirt
Andy Balham - The wrong girl
Andy Balham featuring Kapitano - Piece of my heat
Andy Balham featuring Sarah Beanz - Everybody now
Andy Balham featuring Sarah Beanz - Tank top
Andy Stochansky - Here nor there
Andy Stochansky - Stutter
Ange - À colin-maillard
Ange - Au-delà du délire
Ange - Aujourd'hui c'est la fête...
Ange - Caricatures (1)
Ange - Caricatures (2)
Ange - Exode
Ange - Fils de lumière
Ange - Hyme à la vie
Ange - Hymne à la vie - cantique
Ange - Hymne à la vie - Procession
Ange - Le soleil est trop vert
Ange - Sur la trace des fées
Angelic Upstarts - Brighton bomb
Angelic Upstarts - We are the people
Angels - ?
Angels Of Light - The family god
Animal Collective - Did you see the words
Animal Collective - Flesh canoe
Animal Collective - Good lovin outside
Animal Collective - I remember learning how to dive
Animal Collective - The purple bottle
Animal Collective - Winter wonder land
Animal Kingdom - Tin man
Animals - Boom boom
Animals - Club A GoGo
Animals - Dimples
Animals - House of the rising sun
Animals - I'm crying
Animals - It's my life
Animals - Take it easy
Animals - The right time
Animals - Worried life blues
Animated Egg - Sippin' and trippin'
Animated Egg - Sock it my way
Animated Egg - Sure listic
Anita Lipnicka & John Porter - Stone cold morning
Anna Stadling - Nu år jag ung
Anne McCue - I want you back
Annemarie - The living model
Anni Alberts Quilts - Let's get bloody
Another Day On Earth - All around the sun
Another Day On Earth - I don't know myself
Another Day On Earth - I dunno
Another Day On Earth - I was alone
Another Day On Earth - It's you
Another Day On Earth - Latchkey kids of the world unite
Another Day On Earth - Messy love
Another Day On Earth - Zelda whistle
Another Sunny Day - Anorak City
Another Sunny Day - Can't you tell it's true?
Another Sunny Day - Green
Another Sunny Day - I'm In love with a girl who does'nt know I exist
Another Sunny Day - Impossible?
Another Sunny Day - New year's honours
Another Sunny Day - Rio
Another Sunny Day - The centre of my litle world
Another Sunny Day - The very beginning
Another Sunny Day - Things will be nice
Another Sunny Day - What's happened to you my dearest friend?
Another Sunny Day - You shoud all be murdered
Answering Machine - It's over! It's over! It's over!
Answering Machine - Light bulbs
Answering Machine - Obviously cold
Answering Machine - Oh Christina
Answering Machine - Tomorrow
Answers - Just a fear
Anti Nowhere League - Lets break the law
Antidote - My life
Antietam - New parade
Antler - Blood on the moon
Apartments - Help
Apers - Reanimate my heart
Aphrodite's Child - I want to live
Aphrodite's Child - It's five o'clock
Aphrodites's Child - Break
Apollo Ghosts - Library card amulet
Apparat - Dis (part)
Apparitions - God monkey robot
Apple Orchard - A hiding smile
Apple Orchard - Fall fast
Apple Orchard - Near-perfect
Apple Orchard - Summer's near
Apple Orchard - The way you brush your hair away from your face
Apple Sidecast - The clock and the storm
Apples In Stereo - 20 cases suggestive of...
Apples In Stereo - About your fame
Apples In Stereo - Baroque
Apples In Stereo - Beautiful machine parts 1-2-3-4
Apples In Stereo - Benefits of lying (with your friend)
Apples in Stereo - Everybody let.
Apples In Stereo - Find our way
Apples In Stereo - Get there fine
Apples In Stereo - Glowworm
Apples In Stereo - Green machine
Apples In Stereo - High tide
Apples In Stereo - Look away
Apples In Stereo - Lucky charm
Apples In Stereo - Open eyes
Apples In Stereo - Play tough
Apples In Stereo - Please
Apples In Stereo - Radiation
Apples In Stereo - Science faire
Apples In Stereo - Seems so
Apples In Stereo - She's just like me/Taking time
Apples In Stereo - Shine a light
Apples In Stereo - Show the world
Apples In Stereo - Signal in the sky
Apples In Stereo - Silver Chain
Apples In Stereo - Strawberryfire
Apples In Stereo - Submarine dream
Apples In Stereo - Sunndal song
Apples In Stereo - Thank you very much
Apples In Stereo - That's something I do
Apples In Stereo - The afternoon
Apples In Stereo - The shiney sea
Apples In Stereo - The silvery light of a dream (part II)
Apples In Stereo - Tin pan alley
Apples In Stereo - Where we meet
Apples In Stereo - Winter must be cold
Apples In Stereo - You said that last night
Appleseed Cast - 16 days
Appleseed Cast - A dream for us
Appleseed Cast - A place in line
Appleseed Cast - An orange and a blue
Appleseed Cast - Antihero
Appleseed Cast - As the little things go
Appleseed Cast - Blind man's arrow
Appleseed Cast - Convict
Appleseed Cast - E to W
Appleseed Cast - Fishing the sky
Appleseed Cast - Forever longing the golden sunsets
Appleseed Cast - How life can turn
Appleseed Cast - Marigold & patchwork
Appleseed Cast - Marigold and atchwork
Appleseed Cast - Novice
Appleseed Cast - On sidewalks
Appleseed Cast - Peril parts 1, 2, and 3
Appleseed Cast - Reaction
Appleseed Cast - Remedios the beautiful
Appleseed Cast - Ring out the warning bell
Appleseed Cast - Sentence
Appleseed Cast - Shaking hands
Appleseed Cast - Song 3
Appleseed Cast - Stars
Appleseed Cast - Strings
Appleseed Cast - The clock and the storm
Appleseed Cast - The immortal soul of Mundo Cani
Appleseed Cast - View of a burning city
April March & The Makers - Explosion
April March & The Makers - Sad little song
April March & The Makers - Sometimes sometimes
April March with Los Cincos - Some things just stick in your mind
April Skies - A lifetime in the sun
April Skies - Long way down
April Skies - Memories of Annabel
April Skies - Still
April Skies - Three minute singles
Aqualung - If I fall
Aqualung - Left behind
Aqualung - There's a place
Aqueduct - As you wish
Arab Strap - (If there's) No hope for us
Arab Strap - A cunt's trick
Arab Strap - I saw you
Arab Strap - Love songs
Arab Strap - Revolution
Arab Strap - Soaps (original version)
Arab Strap - Stink
Arab Strap - The night before the funeral
Arab Strap - There is no ending (central part)
Arbouretum - All that will be has become, all that has come isn't gone
Arbouretum - Early bird gets the worm
Arbouretum - People flock not to the good
Arbouretum - Song's a seed in my garden
Arbouretum & Pontiak - Tim doesn't lie (part)
Arc Lamps - Good Friday
Arcade Fire - Black mirror
Arcade Fire - Black wave / Bad vibrations
Arcade Fire - City with no children
Arcade Fire - Crown of love
Arcade Fire - Deep blue
Arcade Fire - Half light I
Arcade Fire - In the back seat
Arcade Fire - Intervention
Arcade Fire - My body is a cage
Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #3 (Power out)
Arcade Fire - Ready to start
Arcade Fire - Rebellion (lies)
Arcade Fire - Suburban war
Arcade Fire - Wasted hours
Arcade Fire - Windowsill
Archers Of Loaf - Floating friends
Archers Of Loaf - Freezing point
Archers Of Loaf - Rental sting
Archers Of Loaf - Revenge
Archers Of Loaf - Scenic pastures
Archers Of Loaf - South Carolina
Archers Of Loaf - Step into the light
Archers Of Loaf - Toast
Arches - Behind closed blinds
Archie Bronson Outfit - Cherry lips
Architecture In Helsinki - Wishbone
Archive - Friend
Archive - Get out
Archive - Hate
Archive - Numb
Archive - Red
Arctic Monkeys - 505
Argent - Dance in the smoke
Ariel Pink - Helen
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Alisa
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Butthouse blondies
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Untitled
Arizona Swamp Company - Train keeps rollin
Ark - Calleth you, cometh I
Armitage Shanks - Drowning, not waving
Army Navy - Ignite
Army Navy - My thin sides
Army Navy - Saints
Army Navy - Silvery sleds
Army of One - God hates penguins
Arrogants - Love sick
Arrow Hill - Breathe
Art Brut - Blame it on the trains
Art Brut - Formed a band
Art brut - Nag nag nag nag
Art Brut - People in love
Art Brut - Post soothing out
Art Brut - Pump up the volume
Art Brut - Rusted guns of Milan
Art Museums - Sculpture gardens
Arthur Lee - E-Z rider
Arthur Lee - Find somebody
Arthur Lee - Looking glass looking at me
Arthur Lee - You want change for your re-run
Artichoke - Holidays in the sun
Artisans - New territory
Artisans - Smashed bottles
Artistry - Chasing away he sorrow
AS Dragon - Morte
Ash - Angel Interceptor
Ash - Aphrodite
Ash - Arcadia
Ash - Burn out
Ash - Coming around again
Ash - Death trip 21
Ash - Do you feel it?
Ash - Dyonisian urge
Ash - End of the world
Ash - Folk song
Ash - Folk song (live acoustic)
Ash - Goldfinger
Ash - I'm gonna fall
Ash - Jesus says
Ash - Joy kicks darkness
Ash - Lost in you
Ash - Low ebb
Ash - Oh yeah
Ash - Petrol (1)
Ash - Petrol (2)
Ash - Shining light
Ash - Solace
Ash - The dead disciples
Ash - Tracers
Ash - Uncle Pat
Ash - Walking barefoot
Ash - Wild surf
Ash - Won't be saved
Ash (US) - 3-19
Ash (US) - G
Ash Ra Tempel - les fantômes rêvent aussi
Ash Ra Tempel - Bois de la lune
Ash Ra Tempel - Bois de soleil
Ash Ra Tempel - Day dream
Ash Ra Tempel - Hausafgabe
Ash Ra Tempel - Ivresse de soleil
Ash Ra Tempel - Quasarsphere
Ash Ra Tempel - Ultramarine
Ash Ra Tempel - Whoopee
Ashburns ? - Sad city blues
Ashra - Boomerang
Ashra - Ocean of tenderness
Asleep In The Sea - Dance on
Asobi Seksu - Breathe into glass
Asobi Seksu - Celeste
Asobi Seksu - End at the beginning
Asobi Seksu - Goodbye
Asobi Seksu - I'm hapy but you don't like me
Asobi Seksu - Sooner
Asobi Seksu - Stay
Asobi Seksu - Stay awake
Asobi Seksu - Strawberries
Asobi Seksu - Strings
Asobi Seksu - Sunshower
Asobi Seksu - Thursday
Asobi Seksu - Transparence (1)
Asobi Seksu - Transparence (2)
Asobi Seksu - Walk on the moon
Assistants - Buddha
Assistants - This time
Association - Never my love
Association - One too many mornings
Asteroid #4 - Here we go
Asteroid #4 - These flowers of ours
Aston - 2 Semanas
Aston - Hoy he tenido un mal año
Aston - Jamás
Aston - La casa pop
Aston - No volveré a caer
Aston - Podría aniquilarte
Aston Villa - À vendre
Aston Villa - Regarde-moi
Aston Villa - Soldier
Astonvilla - Un million de lézards
Astonvilla - Voiture française
Astrid - Distance
Astrolamb - Big success
Astrolamb - Die for me
Astrolamb - Jalopy
Astrolamb - Moon shine
Ataris - A beautiful mistake
Ataris - Angry nerd rock (1)
Ataris - Angry nerd rock (2)
Ataris - As we speak
Ataris - Bad case of broken heart
Ataris - If you really wannan hear about it
Ataris - Road signs and rock songs
Ataris - Song for a mix tape
Ataris - The saddest song
? - Atchoum ?
Athlete - Hurricane
Athlete - Shades on
Atlantics - Bombora
Atlantics - Come on
Atom Miksa Reservation - All the freaks are dead
Atom Miksa Reservation - Hearts like butterflies
Atomic Swing - Smile
Atomic Swing - Too late to exit
Attack - Colours of my mind
Attack In Black - Young leaves
AU - Ida walked away
Au Revoir Simone - ? (Black session) (5s gap)
Au Revoir Simone - ?? (Black session)
Au Revoir Simone - And sleep al mar
Au Revoir Simone - Another like history ? (Black session) (5s gap)
Au Revoir Simone - Back in time
Au Revoir Simone - I couldn't sleep
Au Revoir Simone - Shadows ? (Black session)
Au Revoir Simone - The way to go there
Audible - October song
Audio Karate - Halfway decent
Audio Karate - Rosemead
Audio Karate - Turtleneck coverup (part )
Audioslave - Doesnt remind me
Audrey - Box, and fights
Audrye Sessions - Julianna
Augustana - Boston (1)
Augustana - Boston (2)
Augustana - Brace
Augustana - Dust
Augustana - Feel fine
Augustana - Mayfield
Augustana - Midwest skies and sleepless mondays
Augustana - More than a love song
Auntie Christ - Not you
Australian Blonde - A beautiful friend
Australian Blonde - Almas de metal
Australian Blonde - Anything
Australian Blonde - Cosmic
Australian Blonde - I'll never be young again
Australian Blonde - Mary
Australian Blonde - Old broken dude (Mr. Jones)
Australian Blonde - Painted film
Australian Blonde - Perfect smile
Australian Blonde - Shopping
Australian Blonde - Thanks for a ride
Australian Blonde - The mayor
Australian Blonde - This road will never end
Australian Blonde - Valis
Australian Blonde - When I look back
Australian Blonde & Steve Wynn - Carnaval
Australian Blonde & Steve Wynn - King of Riverside Park
Autocollants - Another Thursday
Autocollants - Casa
Autocollants - Nothing a all
Autocollants - Polyensemble
Autour De Lucie - Ce que l'on tait
Autour De Lucie - Comme si de rien n'était
Autour De Lucie - Island
Autour De Lucie - L'accord parfait
Autour De Lucie - Le tournesol
Autour De Lucie - Les anomalies
Autour De Lucie - Simon
Autumn Cathedral - The sun also rises
Autumn Teen Sound - Telegraph
AV Club - Without you
Avant-Garde - Revelation's revolutions
Ave Rock - Let me follow
Avengers - Everyone's gonna wonder
Avengers (60s) - Strange faces
Avengers (70s) - Corpus Christi
Avengers (70s) - The end of the world
Avengers (70s) - White nigger (1)
Avengers (70s) - White nigger (2)
Avi Buffalo - Whats in it for?
Aviette - The way we met
Awkward Stage - Heaven is for easy girls
Axel Skolick Trio - Western sabbath stomp
Azure Ray - 4th of July
Azure Ray - Displaced
Azure Ray - Fever
Azure Ray - Rise
Azure Ray - Sleep
B Of The Bang - (We used to draw) treasure maps
B. Ellison - A scary thing
B. Ellison - Robot baby
B. Ellison - That's what she said
Babes In Toyland - Istigkeit
Babx - Electrochocs ladyland
Baby Lemonade - High life - Song for Epic (part)
Baby Lemonade - Luminosity
Baby Lemonade - Only one
Baby Lemonade - Open up
Baby Lemonade - Shake the shelter
Baby Woodrose - Baby blows your mind
Baby Woodrose - Caught in a whirl
Baby Woodrose - Changes everywhere
Baby Woodrose - Disconnected
Baby Woodrose - Everything's gonna be alright
Baby Woodrose - Flaminica
Baby Woodrose - Found my way out
Baby Woodrose - Growing younger
Baby Woodrose - Hippie chick
Baby Woodrose - I can't explain
Baby Woodrose - In your life
Baby Woodrose - Lights are changing
Baby Woodrose - Love comes down
Baby Woodrose - Maya
Baby Woodrose - Merry go round
Baby Woodrose - Mind and soul
Baby Woodrose - Money for soul
Baby Woodrose - Rollercoaster
Baby Woodrose - Someone to love
Baby Woodrose - Spinning wheels of fire
Baby Woodrose - Too far gone
Baby Woodrose - What a burn!
Baby Woodrose - Who's it gonna be
Baby Woodrose - You own it
Babyshambles - Deft left hand
Babyshambles - Delivery
Babyshambles - UnBiloTitled
Babysshambles - Albion
Bachdenkel - ? (LP Lemmings)
Bachman - Prairie town
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Gimme your money please
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Give it time
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Givin' it all
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Let it ride
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Roll on down the highway
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Sledgehammer
Backbeat Band - Long tall Sally
Backstreet Girls - Hey baby
Backstreet Girls - Loaded
Backstreet Girls - One for the road
Backstreet Girls - What a way to go
Backyard Babies - Painkiller
Backyard Babies - Star war
Bad Boys - Black olives
Bad Cash Quartet - Competition ain't nothing
Bad Cash Quartet - Dirty days
Bad Cash Quartet - Dragqueen
Bad Cash Quartet - Freeze out
Bad Cash Quartet - Heart attack
Bad Cash Quartet - Holiday in the sun
Bad Cash Quartet - I can take the world
Bad Cash Quartet - I can wait until spring
Bad Cash Quartet - I care about you all
Bad Cash Quartet - I don't hesitate to say who I hate
Bad Cash Quartet - Midnight prayer
Bad Cash Quartet - Monday morning
Bad Cash Quartet - Oh my heroes
Bad Cash Quartet - Outcast
Bad Cash Quartet - Searching is killing me
Bad Cash Quartet - Shy lips
Bad Cash Quartet - This night or next
Bad Cash Quartet - Too bored to die
Bad Cash Quartet - Twenty two
Bad Cash Quartet - Valentine
Bad Lieutenants - Tueurs nés
Bad News - Christine
Bad News - Cops are coming
Bad News - Ghost waltz
Bad News - Heartbreak state prison
Bad News - Nowhere train
Bad News - Parasites
Bad News - Trash the blues
Bad Sports - All The time
Bad Sports - And it goes
Bad Veins - Gold and warm
Baddies - Paint the city
Baddies - Pisces
Badfinger - Andy Norris
Badfinger - Apple of my eye
Badfinger - Baby blue
Badfinger - Believe me
Badfinger - Blind owl
Badfinger - Come down hard
Badfinger - Day after day
Badfinger - Flying
Badfinger - Get away
Badfinger - Got to get out of here
Badfinger - I can love you
Badfinger - I'll be the one
Badfinger - Island
Badfinger - It had to be
Badfinger - Lonely you
Badfinger - Love is gonna come at last
Badfinger - Love me do
Badfinger - Loving you
Badfinger - Money
Badfinger - My heat goes out
Badfinger - Perfection
Badfinger - Thanks to you all
Badfinger - Timeless
Badfinger - When I say
Badfinger - Why don't we talk?
Badfinger - You ask yourself why
Badfinger - You're so fine
Badly Drawn Boy - Camping next to water
Bags - Babylonian gorgon
Bailsterspace - D thing
Bailter Space - Begin
Bailter Space - Glass
Bailter Space - No 2
Bailter Space - One more reason
Bailter Space - Remain
Bailter Space - Robot world
Bailter Space - Shield
Bailter Space - Shine
Bailter Space - Skin
Bailter Space - Sola
Bailter Space - Tanker
Bailter Space - The today song
Bailter Space - U.H.F.
Bailter Space - X
Bailter Space - Your invisible life
Bailter Space - Zero return
Bailterspace - D thing
Bailterspace - Seperate circles
Balaam And The Angel - Burn me down
Ballboy - A man's a man like us (Peel session)
Ballboy - Avant garde music
Ballboy - Born in the USA
Ballboy - Building for the future
Ballboy - Empty throat
Ballboy - I don't have time to stand here with you fighting about the size of my dick
Ballboy - I gave up my eyes to a man who was blind
Ballboy - I've got pictures of you in your underwear
Ballboy - Let's fall in love and run away from here
Ballboy - Now you can be good to yourself at home
Ballboy - Sex is boring
Ballboy - Sex is boring (Peel session)
Ballboy - Shallow footprints in the snow
Ballboy - Something's going to happen soon (part)
Ballboy - Songs for Kylie
Ballboy - The art of kissing
Ballboy - The time out guide
Ballboy - There are only inches between us, but there might as well be mountains and trees
Ballboy - We are past our dancing days
Ballboy - We've all had better days (Peel session)
Ballboy - Where do the nights of sleep go (when they do not come to me)
Ballboy - You should fall in love with me (Peel session)
Ballet - In my head
Balls to Monte - Do the math
Balls to monte - Red robot
Balls to Monte - The blue signal
Banana Erectors - Fed up with high school days
Band From Planet X - Sunglasses after dark
Band of Horses - ?
Band Of Horses - Cigarettes, wedding bands
Band Of Horses - Compliments
Band Of Horses - Detlef Schrempf
Band Of Horses - Is there a ghost
Band Of Horses - Islands on the coast
Band Of Horses - Laredo
Band of Horses - Monsters
Band Of Horses - Na
Band Of Horses - NW apt.
Band Of Horses - Ode to LRC
Band Of Horses - On my way back home
Band Of Horses - Our swords
Band of Horses - The first song
Band Of Horses - The funeral
Band Of Horses - The great Salt Lake
Band of Horses - Weed party
Band of Horses - Wicked Gil
Band Of Light - Earthbound blues
Band of Susans - Ahead
Band of Susans - Bad timing
Band of Susans - Birthmark
Band of Susans - Blind
Band Of Susans - Child of the moon
Band Of Susans - Dirge
Band Of Susans - Elizabeth Stride (1843-1888)
Band of Susans - Estranged labor
Band of Susans - Guitar trio
Band Of Susans - Hope against hope
Band of Susans - Ice age
Band Of Susans - No God
Band Of Susans - Not even close
Band of Susans - Paint it black (instrumental)
Band Of Susans - Pardon my French
Band Of Susans - Pearls of wisdom
Band of Susans - Plot twist
Band of Susans - Sermon on competition, part 2
Band Of Susans - Stone like a heart
Band of Susans - Take the express
Band Of Susans - Too late
Band Of Susans - Tourniquet
Bang Operator - A friendly reminder
Bangles - Mary Street
Bangles - September gurls
Bangsters - Bermuda
Banned - C.P.G.J.'s
Barbara Manning - Don't rewind
Barbara Manning - Every pretty girl
Barbara Manning - Smoking her wings
Barbara Manning - Someone wants you dead
Barbara Manning - Something you've got (isn't good)
Barbara Manning - Somewhere soon
Barbarellas - Happy days
Barbarians - Are you a boy are you a girl
Barbel - (Safe in a) Bubble
Barbel - Shadow of a doubt
Barclay James Harvest - After the day
Barclay James Harvest - Breathless
Barclay James Harvest - Capricorn
Barclay James Harvest - For no one
Barclay James Harvest - Hymn
Barclay James Harvest - Hymn for the children
Barclay James Harvest - In my life (part)
Barclay James Harvest - May day
Barclay James Harvest - Moongirl
Barclay James Harvest - One hundred thousands smiles out
Barclay James Harvest - Rock'n'roll lady
Barclay James Harvest - She said
Barclay James Harvest - Song for dying
Barclay James Harvest - Titles
Barclay James Harvest - You need love
Barclay James Harvest (featuring Les Holroyd) - Quiero el sol
Bare Wires - Romantic girl
Barnaby Rudge - In the sunset
Baron Von Smith - One beautiful summer
Baroque Brothers - So glad was I
Barracudas - A little imagination
Barracudas - Bad news
Barracudas - Ballad of a liar
Barracudas - Be my friend again
Barracudas - California lament
Barracudas - Campus tramp
Barracudas - Codeine
Barracudas - Dead skin (1)
Barracudas - Dead skin (2)
Barracudas - Don't let that feeling go
Barracudas - Grammar of misery
Barracudas - His last summer
Barracudas - Hour of degradation
Barracudas - I ain't no miracle worker
Barracudas - I believe in everything
Barracudas - I can't pretend
Barracudas - I can't sleep
Barracudas - I saw my death in a dream last night
Barracudas - I want my woody back
Barracudas - I wish it could be 1965 again
Barracudas - Inside mind
Barracudas - Love is fun
Barracudas - Neighborhood girls
Barracudas - Not that kind
Barracudas - On a Sunday (1)
Barracudas - On a Sunday (2)
Barracudas - On the strip
Barracudas - Poor white trash (Pee-Wee full version)
Barracudas - Shades of today
Barracudas - Shipwrecked
Barracudas - Something new
Barracudas - Somewhere outside
Barracudas - Subway surfin'
Barracudas - Summer fun
Barracudas - Sunday
Barracudas - Surfers are back
Barracudas - The price you pay
Barracudas - Violent times
Barracudas - Violent times (demo)
Barracudas - We're living in violent times
Barracudas - What you want is what you get
Barracudas - When I'm gone
Barracudas - You were on my mind (demo)
Barracudas ? - ?
Barrier - Spot the lights
Barry Mann - Young electric... psychedelic band
Bart & Friends - Hounds of love
Bart and Freinds - So in love
Basia Bulat - I was a daughter
Basia Bulat - In the night
Basic Shape - White skin
Bastro - Nothing special
Bats - Afternoon in bed
Bats - Around you like snow
Bats - Bedlam
Bats - Before the day
Bats - Bells
Bats - Block of wood
Bats - Boogey man
Bats - Calm before the storm
Bats - Candidate
Bats - Chain home low
Bats - Cliff edge
Bats - Countersign
Bats - Courage
Bats - Crow song
Bats - Daddy's highway
Bats - Dancing as the boat goes down
Bats - Down to me
Bats - Drive me some boars
Bats - Empty head
Bats - For the ride
Bats - Give in to the sands
Bats - Had to be you
Bats - Half way to nowhere
Bats - I fall away
Bats - It's a lie
Bats - Its happening to you
Bats - Jetsam
Bats - Land 'o' lakes
Bats - Lost weekend
Bats - Love floats two
Bats - Made up in blue
Bats - Make it clear
Bats - Mastery
Bats - Mid city team
Bats - Miss these things
Bats - Never said goodbye
Bats - Nine days
Bats - No time for your kind
Bats - North by North
Bats - Other side of you
Bats - Out of bounds
Bats - Sighting the sound
Bats - Sir Queen
Bats - Smoking her wings
Bats - Smorgasboard
Bats - Spill the beans
Bats - Stay away
Bats - Straight on home
Bats - Supernova
Bats - Take it
Bats - The black and the blue
Bats - The looming past
Bats - The old ones
Bats - Time to get ready
Bats - Too much
Bats - Tragedy
Bats - Treason
Bats - Trouble in this town
Bats - Valley floor
Bats - Watch the walls
Bats - Yawn vibes
Battle - Paper Street
Battle Hymns - For Arlene
Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust
Bax - I hate you
Baxter Dury - ?
Bazooka Boppers - Cops took my baby
Bazooka Boppers - Take the pain away
BBM - Why does love (have to go wrong) ?
BC Camplight - Lord, I've been on fire
Be Your Own Pet - Take that walk
Beach Boys - ?.1
Beach Boys - ?.2
Beach Boys - A day in the life of a tree
Beach Boys - Add some music to your day
Beach Boys - All summer long
Beach Boys - Amusement parks U.S.A.
Beach Boys - Barbara Ann (45 version)
Beach Boys - Break away 2 (part)
Beach Boys - California girls
Beach Boys - Dishonest John
Beach Boys - Do it again
Beach Boys - Do you remember?
Beach Boys - Do you wanna dance
Beach Boys - Don't worry baby
Beach Boys - Farmer's daughter
Beach Boys - Feel flows
Beach Boys - Finders keepers
Beach Boys - Forever
Beach Boys - Fun, fun, fun
Beach Boys - God only knows
Beach Boys - Gonna hustle you
Beach Boys - Hard times
Beach Boys - Help me Rhonda
Beach Boys - Here today
Beach Boys - Heroes and villains (alternate take)
Beach Boys - Honky tonk
Beach Boys - Hushabye
Beach Boys - In my room
Beach Boys - Little deuce coupe
Beach Boys - Little deuce coupe (demo)
Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick
Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick (45 RPM)
Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick (alternate mix)
Beach Boys - Make it easy
Beach Boys - Marcella
Beach Boys - Merry Christmas, baby
Beach Boys - My Diane
Beach Boys - No-go showboat
Beach Boys - Our prayer
Beach Boys - Salt Lake City
Beach Boys - Santa's beard
Beach Boys - Santa's got an airplane
Beach Boys - Sloop John B
Beach Boys - Surfer girl
Beach Boys - Surfers rule
Beach Boys - Surfin' USA (demo 2)
Beach Boys - Tears in the morning
Beach Boys - The little girl I once knew
Beach Boys - Then I kissed her
Beach Boys - This car of mine
Beach Boys - Wendy
Beach Boys - Would'nt it be nice
Beach Boys - You're so good to me
Beach Boys - You're welcome
Beach Boys with Jan & Dean - Deadman's curve
Beach Fossils - Lazy day
Beach Fossils - Sometimes
Beach Fossils - The horse
Beach Fossils - Time
Beach Fossils - Twelve roses
Beach Fossils - Vacation
Beach Fossils - Window view
Beach Fossils - Youth
Beach House - Gila
Beach House - Lover of mine
Beach House - Master of none
Beach House - Norway
Beach House - Silver soul
Beach House - Used to be
Beach House - Walk in the park
Beach House - Wedding bell
Beach House - Zebra
Beachwood Sparks - Confusion is nothing new
Beachwood Sparks - Drinkswater
Beards - (I am always touched by your) Presence, dear
Beards - My pillow
Bearfoot Beware - Bernard's watch
Bearsuit - Minerals made me
Beasts Of Bourbon - Execution day
Beasts Of Bourbon - New day of the dead
Beasts Of Bourbon - The hate inside
Beasts Of Bourbon - Today I started loving you again
Beat - Save it for later
Beat Farmers - God is here tonight
Beat Farmers - Hollywood hills
Beat Farmers - Positively 4th Street
Beat Farmers - Powderfinger
Beat Farmers - Ridin'
Beat Farmers - Rosie
Beat Farmers - Texas
Beat Farmers - Where do they go?
Beat Happening - Angel gone
Beat Happening - Bury the hammer
Beat Happening - Cast a shadow
Beat Happening - Cry for a shadow
Beat Happening - Fortune cookie prize
Beat Happening - Hey day
Beat Happening - Knick knack
Beat Happening - Polly Pereguinn
Beat Happening - Ponytail
Beat Happening - Sea hunt
Beat Happening - Sleepy head
Beat Happening - T.V. girl
Beat Poets - Staring stars down
Beat The Devil - Shine in exile
Beatles - Across the universe
Beatles - And your bird can sing
Beatles - Ask me why
Beatles - Bar unoriginal
Beatles - Because
Beatles - Circles
Beatles - Dear Prudence
Beatles - Flying
Beatles - For no one
Beatles - Happiness is a warm gun
Beatles - Here, there and everywhere
Beatles - Hey, good lookin'
Beatles - I don't want to spoil the party
Beatles - I need you
Beatles - I saw her standing there
Beatles - I should have known better
Beatles - I want to tell you
Beatles - I'll follow the sun
Beatles - I'm looking through you
Beatles - I'm so tired
Beatles - I've got a feeling
Beatles - If I needed someone
Beatles - In my life
Beatles - India
Beatles - Inner light
Beatles - It's only love
Beatles - Norwegian wood
Beatles - Nowhere man
Beatles - Old brown shoe
Beatles - Only a Northern song
Beatles - Paperback writer
Beatles - Rain
Beatles - Revolution
Beatles - Roll over Beethoven
Beatles - Sexy sadie
Beatles - She said she said
Beatles - Strawberry fields forever (alternate take)
Beatles - Tell me what you see
Beatles - Thank you girl
Beatles - Two of us
Beatles - Wait
Beatles - We can work it out
Beatles - Words of love
Beatles - Yes it is
Beatles - You like me too much
Beatles - You've got to hide your love away
Beatles - Your mother should know
Beatnik Flies - Double six
Beatnik Turtle - It's just not right
Beatsteaks - Soothe me
Beau Brummels - Don't talk to strangers
Beau Brummels - Down on me
Beau Brummels - Gentle wanderin' ways
Beau Brummels - Let me in
Beau Brummels - Love can fall a long way down
Beau Brummels - One too many mornings
Beau Brummels - Sad little girl
Beau Brummels - She sends me
Beau Brummels - This is love
Beau Brummels - Till the day
Beau Brummels - You tell me why
Beauties - Wastin' time
Beautiful Daze - City jungle, pt.1
Beauvilles - Snow
Bedhead - Beheaded
Bedhead - Burned out
Bedhead - Extramundane
Bedhead - Felo de se
Bedhead - Foaming love
Bedhead - Lares and penates
Bedhead - Left behind
Bedhead - Liferaft
Bedhead - Living xell
Bedhead - More than ever
Bedhead - Parade
Bedhead - Psychosomatica
Bedhead - Smoke
Bedhead - The present
Bedhead - The rest of the day
Bedhead - The unpredictable landlord
Bedhead - To the ground
Bedhead - Unfinished
Bedhead - What's missing
Bedhead - Wind down
Bedhead - Withdraw
Bedroom Eyes - (Here's one for you) Underdog
Bedroom Eyes - Blueprint for departure
Bedroom Eyes - Dancing under influence
Bedroom Eyes - Hand-in-fand grenade
Bedroom Eyes - Motorcycle daydream
Bedroom Eyes - Stethoscope sounds
Bedroom Eyes - The skywriter
Bedroom Walls - Somewhere in Newhall
Bee Gees - Holiday
Bee Gees - New York mining disaster 1941
Beefeaters - Night flight
Beer Bellies - Boobarella
Beggars Opera - Nimbus
Beggars Opera - Requiem
Beki Bondage - Because the night
Bel Kanto - A kind of breakdown
Bell Notes - I've had it
Belladonna - Black swan
Belle & Sebastian - ?
Belle & Sebastian - Another sunny day
Belle & Sebastian - I could be dreaming
Belle & Sebastian - I don't love anyone
Belle & Sebastian - Rollercoaster ride
Belle And Sebastian - Stay loose
Bellevettes - Faster pussycat
Belly - Feed the tree
Belly - Full moon, empty heart
Belly - Gepetto
Belly - Red
Belly - Silverfish
Belly - Stay
Belly - The bees
Belly - Witch
Belmont Playboys - Ace of spades
Belmont Playboys - Bull by the horns
Belmont Playboys - Chapparal
Belmont Playboys - Don't bug me
Beloved Rogue - Capital sense
Ben Foxworthy - God hates penguins
Ben Gibbard - Choir vandals
Ben Jelen - Ex-sensitive
Benjamin Carry Ltd - Old man
Benoit Blue Boy - ?
Bent Backed Tulips - I don't know why
Beresfordians - Pieces of eight
Berkeley Social Scene - Calico Alley
Berkeley Social Scene - Cost of living
Berkeley Social Scene - Frostbite
Berkeley Social Scene - Mediocre savior
Berkeley Social Scene - Ring them bells
Berkeley Social Scene - Stomach for it
Berkeley Social Scene - Thinkin' about the old days
Bernard Butler - A change of heart
Bernard Butler - Autograph
Bernard Butler - Not alone
Bernard Butler - You just know
Bertignac - Audimat
Bertignac - Cendrillon (version 97) (live)
Bertignac - Ces idées-là
Bertignac - Ces idées-là (live 1)
Bertignac - Ces idées-là (live 2)
Bertignac - Cœur ouvert
Bertignac - Cœur ouvert (live)
Bertignac - Je joue
Bertignac - Je n'veux plus t'attendre (live)
Bertignac - Le vent viendra (1)
Bertignac - Le vent viendra (2)
Bertignac - Le vent viendra (live)
Bertignac - Les frôleuses
Bertignac - Maggy t'arrache pas (live)
Bertignac - Maguy t'arrache pas
Bertignac - Pluie de blues
Bertignac - Pluie de blues (live)
Bertignac - Rêver d'L
Bertignac - Sans toi
Bertignac - Sous la pluie
Bertignac - Sous la pluie (live)
Bertignac - Tant pis pour tout
Bertignac - Telle est ma vie
Bertignac - Vas-y guitare
Besnard Lakes - ?
Besnard Lakes - Albatross
Besnard Lakes - And you lied to me
Besnard Lakes - Casino Nanaimo
Besnard Lakes - Chicago train
Besnard Lakes - Devastation
Besnard Lakes - For agent 13
Besnard Lakes - Like the ocean, like the innocent pt. 2: the innocent
Besnard Lakes - On Bedford and Grand
Besnard Lakes - Thomasina
Besnard Lakes - You've got to want to be a star
Best Coast - Each and every day
Best Coast - Sun was high (so was I)
Best Coast - The end
Best Coast - When I'm with you
Best Coast - Wish he was you
Besties - 79 Lorimer
Besties - Julie Jane
Besties - Man vs. wild
Besties - Pirate song
Besties - Right band / Wrong song
Besties - Rod 'n' reel
Besties - St. Francis
Besties - Sweden song
Besties - The bone valley deposit
Besties - What would Tim Armstrong do?
Besties - Working title
Beta Band - Gone
Bettie Serveert - 1 off deal
Bettie Serveert - 21 days
Bettie Serveert - Balentine
Bettie Serveert - Beginning to see the light
Bettie Serveert - Brain-tag
Bettie Serveert - Calling (XL version)
Bettie Serveert - Cybor D
Bettie Serveert - D. Feathers
Bettie Serveert - Deny all
Bettie Serveert - Don't touch that dial
Bettie Serveert - Dreamaniacs
Bettie Serveert - Entire races
Bettie Serveert - Fallen foster
Bettie Serveert - Geek
Bettie Serveert - Hands off
Bettie Serveert - Healthy sick
Bettie Serveert - I can't stand itt
Bettie Serveert - Keepsake
Bettie Serveert - Leg
Bettie Serveert - Lover I don't have to love
Bettie Serveert - Misery galore
Bettie Serveert - Mossie
Bettie Serveert - Palomine
Bettie Serveert - Ray ray rain
Bettie Serveert - Rudder
Bettie Serveert - Souls travel
Bettie Serveert - Staying kind
Bettie Serveert - Story in a nutshell
Bettie Serveert - Tell me, sad
Bettie Serveert - The pharmacy
Bettie Serveert - This thing nowhere
Bettie Serveert - Tom boy
Bettie Serveert - Totally freaked out (part)
Bettie Serveert - Under the surface
Bettie Serveert - Venus in furs
Bettie Serveert - What friends?
Bettie Serveert - What goes on
Bettie Serveert - White dogs
Bettie Serveert - White tales
Beulah - A man like me
Beulah - Don't forget to breathe
Beulah - Silverado days
Beulah - Your mother loves you sonon
Bevis Frond - 29th September
Bevis Frond - 41 years
Bevis Frond - A sorry tale
Bevis Frond - Animal tracks
Bevis Frond - Beautiful sister
Bevis Frond - Begging bowl
Bevis Frond - Can't feel it
Bevis Frond - Cold rain & snow
Bevis Frond - Coming down on you
Bevis Frond - Could be
Bevis Frond - Day one
Bevis Frond - Dead man sitting on a train
Bevis Frond - Godsent
Bevis Frond - Hurt goes on
Bevis Frond - Hyperspace trance danse daze
Bevis Frond - I've been waiting for you
Bevis Frond - Into the cryptic mist
Bevis Frond - Let's live for today
Bevis frond - Lights are changing
Bevis Frond - Loveland
Bevis Frond - Old man blank
Bevis Frond - Once more (part)
Bevis Frond - Red hair
Bevis Frond - Requiem
Bevis Frond - Slave
Bevis Frond - Snow
Bevis Frond - Solid vimto
Bevis Frond - Song from room 13
Bevis frond - Stain on the sun
Bevis Frond - Stain on the sun (1)
Bevis Frond - Stain on the sun (2)
Bevis Frond - Still couldn't see her
Bevis Frond - The great mistake
Bevis Frond - Through and through
Bevis Frond - Time to change
Bevis Frond - Time-share heart
Bevis Frond - Walking in the lady's garden
Bevis Frond - Watch the sun
Bevis Frond - You got to unwind
BeWells - And counting
BeWells - Bioluminescence
BeWells - El Balazo (la introducción)
BeWells - Fell out of the sky
BeWells - Pencil me in
BeWells - Sleeper
BeWells - The pawnbroker's stepdaughter
Bibocks - Axelle VS the Bilbocks
Bicycle Thieves - Glimmer of hope
Biff Bang Pow! - Baby sister
Biff Bang Pow! - I see the sun
Biff Bang Pow! - In a mourning town
Biff Bang Pow! - Inside the mushroom
Biff Bang Pow! - It happens all the time
Biff Bang Pow! - Love and hate
Biff Bang Pow! - She haunts
Biff Bang Pow! - She never understood (alternate version)
Biff Bang Pow! - She's got diamond in her hair (demo)
Biff Bang Pow! - The chocolate elephant man
Biffy Clyro - As dust dances
Biffy Clyro - Bubbles
Biffy Clyro - Christopher's river
Biffy Clyro - Diary of always
Biffy Clyro - Machines
Biffy Clyro - Many of horror
Biffy Clyro - Pause it and turn it up
Big Crouton - Come down where you ought to be
Big Crouton - Night terrors
Big Dumb Jerks - Leaf blower
Big Fish Ensemble - Big mac daddy
Big Fish Ensemble - Box of liquor
Big Fish Ensemble - I am woman
Big Fish Ensemble - I hate parties
Big Fish Ensemble - Sinatra
Big Fish Ensemble - Stupid man
Big Fish Ensemble - Sunday morning
Big Fish Ensemble - Supernatural
Big in Japan - Don't bomb China now
Big Midnight - Push on you
Big Mistake - Bad attraction
Big Mountain Fudge Cake - God hates penguins
Big Pink - Count bavkwards from ten
Big Seed DNA - A friendly reminder
Big Sleep - Pinkies
Big Smokes - Courage
Big Spider's Back - Perfect machine
Big Star - A whole new thing
Big Star - Aria largo
Big Star - Don't lie to me
Big Star - Kanga roo
Big Star - Till the end of the day
Big Troubles - Freudian slips
BigL - Jingle
Bikini Kill - Rebel girl
Bil Callahan - Day
Bilbocks - Why do we fall
Bill Callahan - Sycamore
Bill Lloyd - Lonely you
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - God
Billy's Little Trip featuring Pavco - Livin on the corner of dude and catastrophe
Birdland - Paradise
Birdland - See no evil
Birds - Bad night at the Whiskey
Birds - No good without you
Birth Control - Together alone tonight
Bishops - (Lies and indictments) - Sun's going down
Bishops - For now
Bishops - Free to do what you want
Bishops - Higher now
Bishops - Hold on
Bishops - If you leave today
Bishops - Rain dance
Bishops - Wandering by
Bishops - Will you ever come back again?
Bishops 2 - Around the world in 5 minutes
Bishops 2 - Ghost house
Bishops 2 - Notorious sad song
Bishops 2 - Paz de hole
Bishops 2 - Silverreal
Bishops 2 - The end of the show
Bittersweet - She lied
Bjam - ABCD puppies
Bjam - Dead nose
Bjam - Peppermint Patty
Bjam - Switch hitter
Bjamaplatasaurus - In the van
Black - Little hits
Black Angels - 18 years
Black Angels - Black angel exit / Shine
Black Angels - Call to arms
Black Angels - Deer-ree-shee
Black Angels - Doves
Black Angels - Manipulation
Black Angels - Mission district
Black Angels - Never/ever
Black Angels - The return
Black Angels - You in color
Black Cat Music - Lost in the lights
Black Crows - Evergreen
Black Francis - Angels come to comfort you
Black Francis - Dead man's curve
Black Francis - Lolita
Black Hollies - Paisley pattern ground
Black Keys - 10 a.m. automatic
Black Keys - Have mercy on me
Black Keys - Just a litle heat
Black Kids - Hit the heartbreaks
Black Kids - I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you (1)
Black Kids - I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you (2)
Black Kids - I've underestimated my charm (again)
Black Kids - Love me already
Black Kids - Short fuse
Black Kids - Starting over
Black Lips - Ain't no deal
Black Lips - Big black baby Jesus of today
Black Lips - Cold hands
Black Lips - Dawn of the age of tomorrow
Black Lips - Dirty hands
Black Lips - Empassant
Black Lips - Fad
Black Lips - Gentle violence
Black Lips - I'll be with you
Black Lips - Leroy faster
Black Lips - Notown blues
Black Lips - Punk slime
Black Lips - Slime and oxygen
Black Lips - Stone cold
Black Lips - Transcendental light
Black Lips - Workin'
Black Moth Super Rainbow - 1 2 3 of me
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Boxphones
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion graves
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun organ
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Untitled
Black Mountain - Angels
Black Mountain - Bastards of light
Black Mountain - Black cat
Black Mountain - Bright lights
Black Mountain - Heart of snow
Black Mountain - Night walks
Black Mountain - No satisfaction
Black Mountain - Peak mountain top ?
Black Mountain - Set us free
Black Mountain - Stay free
Black Mountain - Thirteen walls
Black Mountain - Wild wind
Black Narcosis - Land of stone
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - All you do is talk
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Am I only
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - And I'm aching
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Awake
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Berlin
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Cold wind
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Gospel song
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Head up high
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - In like the rose
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Killing the light
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Not what you wanted
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Promise
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Red eyes and tears
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Rifles (part)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Salvation
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Spread your love
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Stop
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Suddenly
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Sympathetic noose
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The line (part)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Too real
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - We're all in love
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Weapon of choice
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Windows
Black Sabbath - Snow blind (ex…
Black Tambourine - Black car
Black Tambourine - By tomorrow
Black Tambourine - Dream baby dream
Black Tambourine - Drown
Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi off the bridge
Black Tambourine - Throw Aggi off the bridge (first demo)
Black Tambourine - We can't be friends
Black Them Boots - Don't look back
Black Tie Dynasty - Tender
Black Widow - I see you
Blackbud - Heartbeat
Blackhawks - Sunday morning
Blackstrap - Rough parade
Blackwater Park - Dirty face
Blair - Hello halo
Blair - Rampage
Blair 1523 - Fantasy of folk
Blake Xolton - Cool on my skin
Blam Blam Blam - There is no depression in New Zealand
Blanche - Little amber bottles
Bleach - Surround
Bleech - Is it true that boys don't cry
Bleu Mountain - Blue canoe
Blind King - Before then
Blind King - Her grey city
Blind King - Indie pop song
Blind King - Punk rock dream
Blind King - The blind king
Blind Mime Ensemble - As icons of my youth fall silent
Blind Mime Ensemble - From this day on
Blind Mime Ensemble - Hands up
Blind Mime Ensemble - Level best
Blind Mime Ensemble - Thanks for coming
Blind Mime Ensemble - Twelve monkeys
Blind Mime Ensemble - Unless I change my mind
Blinded Ages - Can't take our love away
Blindfold - Falleg depuro
Blink-182 - Carousel
Blink-182 - Dysentery Gary
Blink-182 - Emo
Blink-182 - Good times
Blink-182 - T.V.
Blink-182 - Wendy clear
Blink-182 - What's my age again?
Bliss 66 - Do it again
Bliss 66 - Paramont
Bliss 66 - Trip
Blisters - If only the sun
Blisters - So sad again
Blitzen - Fruset blod
Blitzen Trapper - Fire & fast bullets
Bloc Party - I still remember
Blonde On Blonde - Bargain
Blonde On Blonde - Castles in the sky
Blonde On Blonde - Chorale (Forever)
Blonde On Blonde - Goodbye
Blonde On Blonde - Mother earth
Blonde On Blonde - Time is passing
Blonde Redhead - (I am taking out my eurotrash) I still get rocks off
Blonde Redhead - Chi é e non é
Blonde Redhead - Doll is mine
Blonde Redhead - Down under
Blonde Redhead - Ego maniac kid
Blonde Redhead - Futurism vs. passeism part 2
Blonde Redhead - Hated because of great qualities
Blonde Redhead - Jewel
Blonde Redhead - Loved despite of great faults
Blonde Redhead - Odiata per le sue virtú
Blonde Redhead - Oh James
Blonde Redhead - Signs along the path
Blonde Redhead - Silently
Blonde Redhead - Slogan
Blonde Redhead - Spring and by Summer Fall
Blonde Redhead - Violent life
Blondie - Sunday girl
Blone Redhead - 23
Blood Feathers - Don't know you at all
Blood Lines - Modern science
Bloodsugars - Uh oh
Bloody Hams - A & A
Blue Aeroplanes - Adulthood
Blue Aeroplanes - Angel words
Blue Aeroplanes - Bad moon rising
Blue Aeroplanes - Beautiful is (as beautiful does)
Blue Aeroplanes - Big sky
Blue Aeroplanes - Colour me
Blue Aeroplanes - Disney head
Blue Aeroplanes - Free four
Blue Aeroplanes - Fun
Blue Aeroplanes - Growing up, growing down
Blue Aeroplanes - Hotel room
Blue Aeroplanes - It didn't work out
Blue Aeroplanes - Jacket hangs
Blue Aeroplanes - Lovething / Higherthing
Blue Aeroplanes - Mis-firing
Blue Aeroplanes - Outdoor miner
Blue Aeroplanes - Pony boy
Blue Aeroplanes - Pony boy (live)
Blue Aeroplanes - Shame
Blue Aeroplanes - Sixth continent
Blue Aeroplanes - Stars in your crown
Blue Aeroplanes - Talkin' on the other phone
Blue Aeroplanes - Tree full of starlings
Blue aeroplanes - Wahrol's fifteen
Blue Aeroplanes - Weightless
Blue Aeroplanes - What it is
Blue Aeroplanes - Wond'ring wild
Blue Aeroplanes - Worry beads (live)
Blue Aeroplanes - You're going to need somebody
Blue Aeroplanes - Your ages
Blue Aeroplanes - Yr own world
Blue Goose - Inside yourself
Blue Hollow - Stranger
Blue Lang - Foam Rubber
Blue Majorettes - La moiteur de nos sentiments
Blue Mountain Eagle - No regrets
Blue October - A quiet mind
Blue October - Breakfast after ten
Blue October - Calling you
Blue October - Congratulations
Blue October - Drop
Blue October - Sexual powertrip (one big lieie) bla bla
Blue October - Sweet and somber pigeon wings
Blue October - What if we could
Blue October - You make me smile
Blue Öyster Cult - E.T.I. (extra terraestrial intelligence)
Blue Öyster Cult - Harvester of eyes
Blue Öyster Cult - I'm on the lamb but it ain't no sheep
Blue Öyster Cult - Nosferatu
Blue Öyster Cult - O.D.'d on life itself
Blue Öyster Cult - The vigil
Blue Peter - Attraction
Blue Peter - Hesitate
Blue Peter - I walk alone
Blue Peter - Shell shocked
Blue Rock - Johnny B goode
Blue Rodeo & Friends - This town
Blue Things - Pennies
Blue Van - Put my name in the sand
Blue Van - Someone else
Blue Van - Trees that resemble
Bluebeats - She's coming home
Blueboy - Jennifer yeah!
Blueboy - Lazy thunderstorms
Blueboy - Miss U.K.
Blueboy - Try happiness
Blues Magoos - Chicken wire lady
Blues Magoos - One by one
Blues Magoos - So I'm wrong and you are right
Blues Magoos - Sybil Green (of the in Between)
Blues Magoos - There's a chance we can make i
Blues Magoos - Worried life blues
Bluetones - Bluetonic
Bluetones - Slight return
Blur - Badgeman brown
Blur - Badhead
Blur - Beetlebum
Blur - Birthday
Blur - Bustin' + dronin'
Blur - Garden central
Blur - Luminous
Blur - Maggie May
Blur - Movin' on
Blur - Peach
Blur - Polished stone
Blur - Resigned
Blur - She's so high
Blur - Sing
Blur - The man who left himself
Blur - This is a low
Blur - Threadneedle Street
Blur - Turn it up
Blur - Uncle love
Blur - Yuko and Hiro
Blurp - Allez chier sur la lune
Blutengel - No eternity
BMX Bandits - But tonight
BMX Bandits - Let mother nature be your guide
BMX Bandits - Right across the street
BMX Bandits - Whirlpool
Bo Kaspers Orkester - En helt annan värld
Bo Kaspers Orkester - En man du tyckte om
Boat People - Awkward orchid orchard
Bob Brozman - Moana chimes
Bob Dylan - ?
Bob Dylan - Absolutely sweet Marie
Bob Dylan - All I really want to do (1)
Bob Dylan - All I really want to do (2)
Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the wind
Bob Dylan - Born in time
Bob Dylan - Bunkhouse theme
Bob Dylan - Desolation row
Bob Dylan - Desolation row (alternate take)
Bob Dylan - Girl from the North country (with Johnny Cash)
Bob Dylan - Hard times
Bob Dylan - House of the rising sun
Bob Dylan - I dreamed I saw St. Augustine
Bob Dylan - I shall be free
Bob Dylan - I want you
Bob Dylan - Idiot wind
Bob Dylan - If not for you
Bob Dylan - If you see her, say hello
Bob Dylan - In the evening
Bob Dylan - Is your love in vain?
Bob Dylan - It's all over now, baby blue
Bob Dylan - Jack-a-roe
Bob Dylan - Just like a woman
Bob Dylan - Like a rolling stone
Bob Dylan - Love Henry
Bob Dylan - Love minus zero / No limit
Bob Dylan - Main title theme
Bob Dylan - Make you feel my love
Bob Dylan - Man of constant sorrow
Bob Dylan - Moonshiner
Bob Dylan - Mr. tambourine man
Bob Dylan - My back pages
Bob Dylan - Not dark yet
Bob Dylan - One of us must know (sooner or later)
Bob Dylan - One too many mornings
Bob Dylan - Pretty Peggy-O
Bob Dylan - Queen Jane approximately
Bob Dylan - Sad eyed lady of the lowlands
Bob Dylan - Series of dreams
Bob Dylan - Shelter from the storm
Bob Dylan - Simple twist of fate
Bob Dylan - Sittin' on top of the world
Bob Dylan - Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blue again (alternate take)
Bob Dylan - Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again
Bob Dylan - Suze (the cough song)
Bob Dylan - Sweetheart like you
Bob Dylan - Talkin' hava Negeilah blues
Bob Dylan - Tell me
Bob Dylan - The lonesome death of Hattie Carroll
Bob Dylan - The times they are a-changin' (alternate version)
Bob Dylan - To Ramona
Bob Dylan - Two soldiers
Bob Dylan - Walls of red wing
Bob Dylan - We better talk this over
Bob Dylan - Wedding song
Bob Dylan - Working man's blues #2
Bob Dylan - You're a big girl now
Bob Dylan (& the Dead) - Knockin' on heaven's door
Bob Dylan (& the Dead) - Queen Jane approximately
Bob Dylan & Friends - Knockin' on heaven's door
Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton & George Harrison - My back pages
Bob Florin - 120mph
Bob Hund - Allt på ett kort
Bob Hund - Det skulle vara lätt för mig...
Bob Hund - Jag rear ut min själ
Bob Hund - Min trampolin
Bob Hund - Rock n roll tar död på mig (igen)
Bob Hund - Tralala lilla molntuss, kom hit skall du få en puss
Bob Mould - Anymore time between
Bob Mould - Black sheets of rain
Bob Mould - Deep arma canyon
Bob Mould - Disappointed
Bob Mould - Egoverride
Bob Mould - Hear me calling
Bob Mould - I hate alternative rock
Bob Mould - Moving trucks
Bob Mould - New #1
Bob Mould - Next time that you leave
Bob Mould - Reflecting pool
Bob Mould - Return to dust
Bob Mould - Roll over and die
Bob Mould - See a little light
Bob Mould - Slay way
Bob Mould - Stupid now
Bob Mould - The receipt
Bob Seeger & Last Heard - Persecution Smith
Bobby Baby - But how?
Bobby Bare Jr. - The heart bionic
BoDeans - 617
BoDeans - All better days
BoDeans - Breathe
BoDeans - Dreams
BoDeans - Go slow down
BoDeans - Marianne
BoDeans - She's a runaway
BoDeans - Sleep
BoDeans - The other side
BoDeans - Waste a lifetime
BoDeans - Willing
Bodies Of Water - Doves circled the sky
Bodies Of Water - I Guess I'll forget the sound, I guess, I guess
Bodines - Skanking queens
Bodines - Untitled
A Bolha - Razao de existir
Boltoph - Die for me
Boltoph - Me the merciless
Boltoph - Ring them bells
Bomb Bassets - Girl of my dreams
Bomb Bassets - I can see your smile
Bomb Bassets - Just another magic moment
Bomb Bassets - Million dollars and a cadillac
Bomb Bassets - Please don't die
Bomb Bassets - Take a trip (Summer vacation version)
Bomb Bassets - Things I don't forget
Bombay Bicycle Club - Emergency contraception blues
Bombay Bicycle Club - How are we
Bombay Bicycle Club - Open house
Bombshell Rocks - The will the message
Bon Iver - Blood bank
Bon Iver - Flume
Bon Vivant - Carolina
Bonfire - Before we say goodbye
Bonfire - Desire
Bonfire - Wake up
Bonfire - Wild dixie
Bongwater - Mr. Soul
Bongwater - Ride my see-saw
Bonne Idée - Glassbåten
Bonnevilles - 96 tears
Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Matt Sweeney - Goat and ram
Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Matt Sweeney - My home is the sea
Bonnie & Clyde - GBG 123
Boo Radleys - ...And tomorrow the world
Boo Radleys - Aldous
Boo Radleys - Barney (...and me)
Boo Radleys - Bloke in a dress
Boo Radleys - Bluebird
Boo Radleys - Boo! forever
Boo Radleys - Catweazle
Boo Radleys - Don't take your gun to town
Boo Radleys - Everything falls away
Boo Radleys - Find the answer within
Boo Radleys - Firesky
Boo Radleys - I've lost the reason
Boo Radleys - If you want it, take it
Boo Radleys - It's Lulu
Boo Radleys - Leaves and sand
Boo Radleys - Naomi
Boo Radleys - One is for
Boo Radleys - Peachy keen
Boo Radleys - Reaching out from here
Boo Radleys - Ride the tiger
Boo Radleys - Skyscraper
Boo Radleys - Song for the morning to sing
Boo Radleys - Song for up!
Boo Radleys - Sparrow
Boo Radleys - Stuck on amber
Boo Radleys - Swansong
Boo Radleys - Take the time around
Boo Radleys - The finest kiss
Boo Radleys - The only word I can find
Boo Radleys - There she goes again
Boo Radleys - Towards the light
Boo Radleys - Upon 9th and Fairchild (part)
Boo Radleys - Very together
Boo Radleys - Wake up, Boo! (parts)
Boo Radleys - Wallpaper
Boo Radleys - Wish I was skinny
Boo Radleys - Zoom
Booby Baby - Lucky moments
Boomtown Rats - Someone's looking at you
Boots - Gaby
Booty Chesterfield Trio - VW
Booty Chesterfields - Interesting times
Born Ruffians - Barnacle goose
Born Ruffians - Merry little fancy things
Bosque Brown - This town
Boss-Todes - Sally the pollwog
Boticellis - Old home movies
Bottle rockets - Face to face
Boulevard - Every girl
Boulevard - Fortune of fame
Bouncing Souls - Born to lose
Bouncing Souls - For all the unheard
Bouncing Souls - Gone
Bouncing Souls - I'm from there
Bouncing Souls - Kids and heroes
Bouncing Souls - Moon over Asbury
Bouncing Souls - Night Train
Bouncing Souls - Sarah Saturday
Bouncing Souls - The messenger
Bouncing Souls - Todd's song
Bouncing Souls - True believers
Bouncing Souls - Whatever I want (whatever that is)
Bouquet Of Veal - It's Christmas
Bowling For Soup - Where to begin
Boxer Rebellion - Flashing red light means go
Boxer Rebellion - More time
Boxer Rebellion - Rise
Boxer Rebellion - Weight of the world
Boy - Same old song
Boy and Catarrh - Spring of teal
Boy Gebius - Eleanor
Boy Genius - Badlands
Boy Genius - Eureka
Boy Genius - Fair weather
Boy Genius - Great lakes
Bøyen Beng - Bourre
Boyfriends - I love you
Boyracer - A friend for life
Boyracer - Amateur traumatics
Boyracer - Every day is Christmas with you
Boyracer - Excuses
Boyracer - Flinch of the light
Boyracer - Friend for life
Boyracer - Geordie Lout
Boyracer - Hatemail
Boyracer - I don't want no trouble
Boyracer - I thought even more of you when you told me you wanted me dead
Boyracer - I was the drummer in Altered Images
Boyracer - I've got it and it's not worth having
Boyracer - Nothing left
Boyracer - ouise (re-recorded version)
Boyracer - Passionflower
Boyracer - Small consolation
Boyracer - So fucking Swedish
Boyracer - Tested
Boyracer - The heartbreaker
Boyracer - The last word
Boyracer - The sweetest half-trust
Boyracer - Vinegar evenings
Boyracer - Where to place your trust?
Boyracer - You assume
Boyracer - Yr silent years
Boyracer - Yr unspoken desires
Boys - Backstage pass
Boys - Bad day
Boys - Brickfield nights
Boys - First time
Boys - Gabrielle
Boys - Heroine
Boys - Independent girl
Boys - Kamikaze
Boys - Let it rain
Boys - Little white lifeline
Boys - Poor little rich girl
Boys - Sick on you
Boys - T.C.P.
Boys - Terminal love (single version)
Boys - U.S.I.
Boys - You better move on
Boys - You can't hurt a memory
Brad Jones - It's over
Brad Rice - Younger
Brad Sucks - Bad sign
Brad Sucks - Fixing my brain
Brad Sucks - Gasoline
Brad Sucks - I think I started a trend
Brad Sucks - Out of it
Brad Sucks - Overreacting
Brad Sucks - There's something wrong
Brad Sucks - Time to take out the trash
Brad Sucks - Total breakdown
Brad Sucks - Work out fine
Brad Sucks - You're not going anywhere
Braid - I'm afraid of everything
Braid - Radish white icicle
Brainpool - Everyday
Brakes - Ancient mysteries
Brakes - Crush on you
Brakes - Do you feel the same?
Brakes - Oh! Forever
Brakes - Ring a ding ding
Bram Tchaikovsky - Girl of my dreams
Brand New - Sowi
Brand New - Sowing season (yeah)
Brandi Carlile - Dreams
Brazos - Mary Jo
Break And Repair Method - You won't be able to be sad
Breaking Point - All messed up
Breaking Point - Goodbye to you
Breaking Point - Live for today
Breakup Society - 13th angry man
Breastfeeders - Et j'apprendrai que c'est l'hiver
Breastfeeders - Funny funiculaire
Breastfeeders - Où allez-vous si vite?
Breastfeeders - Pas sans saveur
Breastfeeders - Septembre sous la pluie
Breastfeeders - Tuer l'idole
Breeders - 900
Breeders - Buffy theme
Breeders - Day the bullhit started
Breeders - Divine hammer
Breeders - Do you love me now Jr?
Breeders - Do you love me now?
Breeders - Flipside
Breeders - Forced to drive (Ioho version)
Breeders - Hag
Breeders - Invisible man
Breeders - Iris
Breeders - Iris (live)
Breeders - Metal man
Breeders - New year
Breeders - No aloha
Breeders - Only in 3's (live)
Breeders - Roi (reprise)
Breeders - S.O.S.
Breeders - Safari
Breeders - Saints
Breeders - Sinister foxx
Breeders - So sad about us
Breeders - Son of three
Breeders - T and T
Breeders - We're gona rise
Brendan Benson - A whole lot better
Brendan Benson - Borrow
Brendan Benson - Folk singer
Brendan Benson - Good to me
Brendan Benson - I'm easy
Brendan Benson - Misery
Brendan Benson - Posied and ready
Brendan Benson - Spit it out
Brendan Benson - Tiny spark
Brendan Benson - What
Brendan Benson - What I'm looking for
Brett Anderson - Intimacy
Brian Eno - ?
Brian Eno - Cindy tells me
Brian Eno - Here come the warm jets
Brian Eno - I'll come running
Brian Eno - Needle in the camel's eye
Brian Eno - On some faraway beach
Brian Eno - Some of them are old
Brian Eno - Spider and I
Brian Jonestown Massacre - ?
Brian Jonestown Massacre - (David Bowie I love you) Since I was six
Brian Jonestown Massacre - (I love you) Always
Brian Jonestown Massacre - (You better love me) Before I am gone
Brian Jonestown Massacre - #1 hit jam
Brian Jonestown Massacre - A new low in getting high
Brian Jonestown Massacre - All around you (outro)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anemone
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Anenome
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Arkansas revisited
Brian Jonestown Massacre - B.S.A.
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Ballad of Jim Jones
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Cabin fever
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Cold to the touch
Brian Jonestown massacre - Convertible
Brian Jonestown Massacre - David Bowie
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Dawn
Brian Jonestown Massacre - End of the day
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Evergreen
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Evergreen (live)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Feel so good
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Geezers
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Going to hell
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Got my eye on you
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Here it comes (1)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Here it comes (2)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Here to go
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Hide and seek (live)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - I've been waiting
Brian Jonestown Massacre - If I love you?
Brian Jonestown Massacre - If love is the drug, then I want to O.D
Brian Jonestown Massacre - In my life
Brian Jonestown Massacre - It girl
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Jennifer (ps)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Jesus
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Just for today
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Kids garden
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Lantern
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Leave nothing for Sancho
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Let me stand next to your flower
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Love
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Mansion in the sky
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Mary, please
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Maybe tomorrow
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Methodrone
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Miss June 75
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Monster
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Never become emotionally attached to man woman or child
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Never become emotionally attached to man, woman, beast or child
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Never ever!
Brian Jonestown Massacre - New kind of sick (part)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Not if you were the last dandy on earth
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Oh Lord
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Our time
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Prozac vs heroin
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Reign on
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Sailor
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Satellite
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Seer
Brian Jonestown Massacre - She made me
Brian Jonestown Massacre - She's gone
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Some things go with saying
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Somewhere
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Sound of confusion
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Spun
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Stillborn
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Stolen
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Straight up and down
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Straight up and down (live)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Sue
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Swallowtail (live)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Tangles
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Telegram
Brian Jonestown Massacre - That girl suicide
Brian Jonestown Massacre - The be song
Brian Jonestown Massacre - This is the way you love me
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Thoughts of you
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Thoughts of you (live)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Too crazy to care
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Tschuss (ps)
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Tschusse
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Untitled
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Vacuum boots
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Wasting away
Brian Jonestown Massacre - When jokers attack
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who?
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Whoever you are
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Wisdom
Brian Jonestown Massacre - You have been disconnected
Brian Jonestown Massacre - You look great when I'm f**cked up
Brian Jonestown Massacre - You're fucking mad
Brian Olive - There is love
Brian Wilson - Awake
Brian Wilson - The waltz
Brick Pig - I needed you
Brideshead - Don't wait
Brideshead - Life is scheduled
Brideshead - No answer
Brideshead - Present time
Brideshead - Shampoo bubble
Brideshead - Shortsightedness
Brideshead - Sysiphos
Brideshead - The leaf H
Bridges And Powerlines - The golden age
Briefs - Sex objects
Briefs - Steal yer heart
Briggs - Back to higher ground
Bright Eyes - A line allows progress, a circle does not
Bright Eyes - At the bottom of everything
Bright Eyes - Blue Angels air show
Bright Eyes - Devil town
Bright Eyes - Feb. 15th
Bright Eyes - Happy birthday to me (Feb. 15)
Bright Eyes - Hot knives
Bright Eyes - I woke up with this song in my head
Bright Eyes - Reinvent the wheel
Bright Eyes - Road to joy
Bright Eyes - Road to joy (live)
Bright Eyes - Solid Jackson
Bright Eyes - Spring cleaning
Bright Eyes - Stray dog freedom
Bright Eyes - The invisible gardener
Bright Eyes - Trees get wheeled away
Brighter - Amy never knew
Brighter - Around the world in 80 days
Brighter - British summertime
Brighter - Christmas
Brighter - Does love last forever?
Brighter - Frostbite
Brighter - Half-hearted
Brighter - Hope springs eternal (part)
Brighter - I don't think it matters
Brighter - Inside out
Brighter - Journey's end
Brighter - Keris Howard
Brighter - Killjoy
Brighter - Maybe
Brighter - Noah's ark
Brighter - Ocean sky
Brighter - Out to sea
Brighter - Poppy day
Brighter - So you said
Brighter - Something to call my own
Brighter - Summer becomes Winter
Brighter - Things will get better
Brighter - Tinsel heart
Brighton, MA - Amateurs lovers
Brighton, MA - Ballad for cool hand
Brighton, MA - Bet ou never thought
Brighton, MA - Sunblinded
Brigitte Fontaine - Betty Boop en août
Brigitte Fontaine - Cul béni
Brigitte Fontaine - Délices et orgues
Brilliant Corners - Oh!
Bristols - Baby I got news for you
Bristols - Baby your phrasing is bad
Bristols - Come on back
Bristols - If you got trouble
Bristols - My Bonnie
Brit Daniel - You get yours
British India - Airport tags
British India - Avalanche
British India - Because of you
British India - Council flat
British India - Friends
British India - Houseparty
British India - I shoul've stayed at home tonight
British India - Run the red light
British India - The golden years
British India - Tie up my hands
British Sea Power - Carrion
British Sea Power - Down on the ground
British Sea Power - It comes back again
British Sea Power - Lately
British Sea Power - Men together today
British Sea Power - Please stand up
British Sea Power - The great skua
British Sea Power - Waving flags
Brittle Stars - Afloat
Brittle Stars - Disorderlies
Brittle Stars - Four words
Brittle Stars - No longer waiting
Brittle Stars - Rumpshaker
Brittle Stars - This trip
Broadcast - Black cat
Broadcast - Illumination
Broadcast - Minim
Broadcast - Ominous cloud
Broadcast - Valerie
Broadcast Radio - Healing words
Broadcast Radio - My last chance
Broadfield Marchers - Kingdom for lions
Broccoli - Blue
Broccoli - Constance
Broccoli - Relent
Brocken Social Scene - Shampoo suicide
Brocken Social Scene - Stars and sons
Broder Daniel - Army of dreamers
Broder Daniel - Cruel town
Broder Daniel - Dark heart
Broder Daniel - Dark star
Broder Daniel - Dream my days away
Broder Daniel - Dump for broken dreams
Broder Daniel - Go my own way
Broder Daniel - Happy people never fantasize
Broder Daniel - Hardened heart
Broder Daniel - I'll be gone
Broder Daniel - Life is a bubble
Broder Daniel - Love doesn't last
Broder Daniel - No time for us
Broder Daniel - Only life I know
Broder Daniel - Out of this town
Broder Daniel - Shoreline
Broder Daniel - Sorrow
Broder Daniel - Steel
Broder Daniel - The young and the old
Broder Daniel - Underground
Broder Daniel - Upside down and inside out
Broder Daniel - What clowns we are
Broder Daniel - When we were winning
Broder Daniel - Whirlwind
Broder Daniel - You bury me
Brody - We were not meant to be
Broken Box - En bloc
Broken Box - L'instantané
Broken Box - Où sont les milliards
Broken Box - Volta 1000
Broken Class - Birds of our own
Broken Class - Is it cold?
Broken Down Lorry - All I want for Christmas is a bit of peace and quiet
Broken Down Lorry - Cloak and dagger
Broken Down Lorry - Gannet rock
Broken Down Lorry - I'm not the man I used to be
Broken Down Lorry - Lie
Broken Down Lorry - Popular
Broken Down Lorry - TLLS
Broken Down Lorry - Uptown downbeat
Broken Family Band - At the back of the chapel
Broken Family Band - Borrowed time
Broken Family Band - Cinema vs house
Broken Family Band - Don't change your mind
Broken Family Band - Hey captain!
Broken Family Band - Little justice
Broken Family Band - Love your man, love your woman
Broken Family Band - Mimi
Broken Family Band - Old wounds
Broken Family Band - Salivating
Broken Family Band - Seven sisters
Broken Family Band - St. Albans
Broken Family Band - The king of carrot flowers part two & three
Broken Family Band - Walking back to Jesus
Broken Family Band - Walking back to Jesus part three
Broken Family Band - You get me
Broken Social Scene - Hallmark
Broken Social Scene - KC accidental
Broken West - Down in the valley
Bronco Busters - Hangover in Hamburg
Brother Kite - Get on, me
Brother Machine - Driving
Brother Machine - Happy machine ankle
Brother Machine and the Dirty Hippies - I don't believe you
Bruce Cameron - Born to lose
Bruce Cameron - Forever rebel girls
Bruce Cameron - Just like a spaceman
Bruce Cameron - Miles away
Bruce Cameron - Mind gardens
Bruce Cameron - Raining the Bbues
Bruce Cameron - She's so gone
Bruce Cameron - So, aliens have been here
Bruce Joyner - Melrose Avenue
Bruce Springsteen - All the way home
Bruce Springsteen - Devils & dust
Bruce Springsteen - No surrender
Bruce Springsteen - Open all night
Bruce Sprinsteen - Surprise, surprise
Bruce Sprinsteen - The last carnival
Bruce Sprinsteen - Working on a dream
Bruno & Mario - You are gonna make me lonesome when you go
Bubblegum Lemonade - Cuts like a dream
Bubblegum Lemonade - Holocaust
Bubblegum Lemonade - I'll never be yours
Bubblegum Lemonade - Last time I saw Andrew
Bubblegum Lemonade - Lost Summer days
Bubblegum Lemonade - Surfin' USB
Bubblegum Lemonade - Susan's in the sky
Bubblegum Lemonade - Ten years younger
Bubblegum Lemonade - That thing you do!
Bubblegum Lemonade - The tomorrow people
Bubblegum Lemonade - Tired of sleeping
Bubblegum Lemonade - Tyler
Bubblegum Splash - 18:10 to Yeovil junction
Buck Dharma - Cold wind
Buddy - Is it cold in Silverlake
Buddy - Silent treatment
Budgie - Alison
Budgie - Heaven knows our name
Budgie - Homicidal suicidal (part)
Budgie - I don't want to throw you
Budgie - I turned to stone
Budgie - Living on your own
Budgie - Make me happy
Budgie - Napoleon Bona-parts 1 & 2
Budgie - Parents
Budgie - Running from my soul
Budgie - She used me up
Budgie - Tell me tell me
Budgie - Young is the world
Buffalo Speedway - Cellar door
Buffalo Speedway - Fear is free
Buffalo Speedway featuring J and Odnarb) - Gin and ginseng
Buffalo Springfield - Broken arrow (live) (part)
Buffalo Springfield - Expecting to fly
Buffalo Springfield - Hung upside down
Buffalo Springfield - Mr Soul
Buffalo Tom - Baby
Buffalo Tom - Bleeding heart
Buffalo Tom - Crutch
Buffalo Tom - Darl
Buffalo Tom - Enemy
Buffalo Tom - Fortune teller
Buffalo Tom - Heaven
Buffalo Tom - I'm not there
Buffalo Tom - Kitchen door
Buffalo Tom - Larry
Buffalo Tom - Late at night
Buffalo Tom - Skeleton key
The - Bugle boy
Bugs Eat Books - Killers from the start
Built By Snow - Algometric touch
Built to Spill - Alarmed
Built to Spill - Bad light
Built to Spill - Broken chairs
Built to Spill - Car
Built to Spill - Carry the zero
Built to Spill - Cleo
Built to Spill - Conventional wisdom
Built to Spill - Distopian dream girl
Built to Spill - Don't try
Built To Spill - Done
Built to Spill - Else
Built to Spill - Fly around my pretty miss
Built to Spill - Forget remember when
Built to Spill - Girl
Built to Spill - Goin' against your mind
Built to Spill - Gone
Built To Spill - Good ol' boredom
Built To Spill - Hindsight
Built to Spill - Just a habit
Built to Spill - Kicked it in the sun
Built to Spill - Liar
Built to Spill - Lie for a lie
Built to Spill - Made up dreams
Built to Spill - Now & then
Built To Spill - Nowhere lullaby
Built to Spill - Nowhere nothin' fuckup
Built To Spill - Oh yeah
Built to Spill - Out of site
Built To Spill - Pat
Built To Spill - Planting seeds
Built to Spill - Randy described eternity
Built to Spill - Saturday
Built to Spill - Sidewalk
Built to Spill - Some
Built to Spill - Stab
Built to Spill - Strange
Built to Spill - Terrible perfect
Built to Spill - The host
Built to Spill - The plan
Built to Spill - The wait
Built to Spill - The weather
Built to Spill - Three years ago today
Built to Spill - Time trap
Built To Spill - Tomorrow
Built to Spill - Traces
Built to Spill - Trimmed and burning
Built to Spill - Velvet waltz
Built to Spill - Virginia Reel around the fountain
Built to Spill - Wherever you go
Built to Spill - You are
Built To Spill - You were right
Bulbulators - Aut punk aut nihil
Bulbulators - Mamo, mamo
Bulbulators - Mężczyźni wolą blondynki
Bulbulators - Nie jestem głupcem
Bulbulators - Sprawiedliwość
Bulbulators - Today your love, tomorrow the world
Bulbulators - Żywe trupy
Bullys - Bullys
Bullys - Egomanic
Bullys - I wanna be famous
Bullys - Lunch money
Bullys - New York City, man
Bullys - Shrink
Bullys - Watch what you say
Bumps - Shining
Bunco menGuided By Voices -
Bunnygrunt - 1000% nt creepy
Bunnygrunt - Big fake out
Bunnygrunt - Big head baby
Bunnygrunt - Carmelita
Bunnygrunt - Don't turn down the high
Bunnygrunt - Downbeat for danger
Bunnygrunt - Good tiger, bad tiger
Bunnygrunt - Here come the vampires
Bunnygrunt - Hometown rockstar
Bunnygrunt - Just loke suppertime
Bunnygrunt - More loves than stupids
Bunnygrunt - Names of trees
Bunnygrunt - Open up and say Oblina
Bunnygrunt - Private affair
Bunnygrunt - Southtown famous
Bunnygrunt - Superstar 666
Bunnygrunt - Tadpole
Bunnygrunt - Truly Vermont
Bunnygrunt - We got your money
Bunnygrunt - Wild Summer, wow!
Burning Brides - And I'm free
Burning Brides - Anhedonia
Burning Brides - Arctic snow
Burning Brides - At the levity ball
Burning Brides - Blood on the highway
Burning Brides - Fire escape
Burning Brides - Glass slipper
Burning Brides - Heart full of black
Burning Brides - Hurry up
Burning Brides - If I'm a man
Burning Brides - Lovesick
Burning Brides - Plank of fire
Burning Brides - Rainy days
Burning Brides - So what
Burning Brides - Stabbed in the back of the heart
Burning Brides - This is a wave
Burning Brides - Unglued
Buttercup - In Spain
Butterfly Explosion - The great game
Buttermilk Compleat - Adaptation
Butthole Surfers - Human cannonball
Buttons - Birds Iin my tree
Buzzcocks - Don't come back
Buzzcocks - E.S.P.
Buzzcocks - Get on your own
Buzzcocks - Harmony in my head
Buzzcocks - I believe
Buzzcocks - I don't mind
Buzzcocks - Late for the train
Buzzcocks - Lipstick
Buzzcocks - Sixteen again (Peel session)
Buzzcocks - You say you don't love me
By Genius - Radio silence
Byrds - All I really want to do
Byrds - Baby what you want me to do
Byrds - Bells of rhymney
Byrds - Born to follow
Byrds - Chimes of freedom
Byrds - Chimes of freedom (live)
Byrds - Draft morning
Byrds - Fifth dimension
Byrds - For me again (Preflyte)
Byrds - For me again (version 2)
Byrds - Goin' back
Byrds - Goin' back (version one)
Byrds - Have you seen her face
Byrds - I feel a whole lot better
Byrds - I knew I'd want you
Byrds - It's all over now baby blue (alternate take)
Byrds - John Riley
Byrds - Lady friend
Byrds - Lost my drivin' wheel
Byrds - Mobile
Byrds - Mr tambourine man (Preflyte)
Byrds - Mr. tambourine man (acoustic)
Byrds - My back pages
Byrds - Oh Susannah
Byrds - Old John Robertson
Byrds - Please let me love you
Byrds - She don't care about time
Byrds - She don't care about time (alternate take)
Byrds - She has a way (version 2)
Byrds - So you want to be a rock & roll star
Byrds - Spanish Harlem incident
Byrds - Stanley's song
Byrds - Stranger in a strange land (instrumental)
Byrds - The reason why (version 2)
Byrds - The times they are a-changin' (instrumental track)
Byrds - Thoughts and words
Byrds - Tiffany queen
Byrds - Times they are a'changing
Byrds - Times they are a'changing (alternate take)
Byrds - Tribal gathering
Byrds - Wait and see
Byrds - Wasn't born to follow
Byrds - We'll meet again
Byrds - What's happening
Byrds - You movin' (version 3)
C Hack - The past and pending
C. Layne - Devils live in a quiet pond
C. Layne - That's not what I need
Ca$ham - Back from Juvie
Cable (GB) - Ring of fire
Cable (GB) - Ultra violet
Cable (GB) - Whisper firing line
Cable (GB) - Widower
Cable (US) - Gemini
Cable (US) - Jim's dream
Cable (US) - Running out of roads to ride
Cable (US) - The failed convict
Cable (US) - Welcome to Dickson
Cactus World News - Years later
Caesars - Anything you want
Caesars - Good and gone
Caesars - In my mind
Caesars - In orbit
Caesars - Its not the fall that hurts
Caesars - Let's go parking baby
Caesars - May the rain
Caesars - My abduction love
Caesars - My heart is breaking down
Caesars - New breed
Caesars - Out there
Caesars - Solina
Caesars - Sort it out
Caesars - Spirit
Caesars - Throwaway
Caesars - Turn it off
Caesars - Up all night
Caesars - Waking up
Caesars - Winter song
Caesars - You nailed me
Caesars - Your time is near
Caesars Palace - Candy Kane
Caesars Palace - From the bughouse
Caesars Palace - Fun & games
Caesars Palace - Let my freak flag fly
Caesars Palace - Over 'fore it started
Caesars Palace - Spill your guts
Caherine Ribeiro - Un jour la mort ?
Cakekitchen - Bad bodied girl
Cakekitchen - Beautiful hidden lagoon
Cakekitchen - Even as we sleep
Cakekitchen - Harriett row
Cakekitchen - Hole in my shoe
Cakekitchen - How can you be so blind
Cakekitchen - Old grey coast (part)
Cakekitchen - The mad clarinet
Cakekitchen - This questionnaire
Cakekitchen - You know I really like your style
Calamités - Vélomoteur
Calc - Avalon by night
Calc - Clouds race away
Calc - I care about
Calc - Our secret key chest
Calc - Siamese brains
Calc - Starman
Calc - Suicide gurls
Calc - The secretive show
Calc - You stand outside
Caldor - Butterfly massacre
Caleb Engstrom - The happiest
Caledonia - We are America
Calexico - Black heart
Calexico - Cruel
Calexico - Tip down
Califone - Bottles and bones (Shades and sympathy)
Califone - Dime fangs
Califone - Fisherman's wife
Califone - Funeral singers
Califone - Polish girls
Califone - The eye you lost in the crusades
Califone - The orchids
California Snow Story - A new light to guide you
California Snow Story - Consolation song 5
California Snow Story - Lovestrange
California Snow Story - Snow in Summer
California Snow Story - Suddenly everything happens
California Snow Story - This trip
California, Howe, Krieger, Powell - All along the watchtower
Calla - Contra los vampiros
Calla - Fear of fireflies
Calla - Hover over nowhere
Calla - Initiate
Calla - Initiate (live)
Calla - It dawned on me
Calla - It dawned on me (live)
Calla - Malicious manner
Calla - Malo
Calla - Stumble (live)
Calla - Swagger
Camel - Never let go (extrait)
Camera Obscura - Anti-western
Camera Obscura - Eighties fan
Camera Obscura - Keep it clean
Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken
Camera Obscura - Pen and notebook
Camera Obscura - Shine like a new pin
Camera Obscura - Sun on his back
Camera Obscura - Suspended from class
Camera Obscura - Swans
A Camp - Boys keep swinging
Camper Van Beethoven - Eye of Fatima
Camper van Beethoven - Take the skinheads bowling
Can - Father annot yell
Can - In Tempel ?
Can ? - ?
Canadian Invasion - Pop magic fantastical masterpiece
Canadians - 15th of August
Canadians - Good news
Canadians - Last revenge of the nerds
Canadians - Leave no trace
Canadians - Out of order
Canadians - Summer teenage girl
Canadians - The North side of Summer
Cannanes - Cocaine
Cannanes - Defragmentation
Cannanes - Frightening thing
Cannanes - Fuzzy at the tip
Cannanes - In through the out door
Cannanes - Japanese train station
Cannanes - Nearly there
Cannanes - Overwhelmed
Cannanes - Perfect light
Cannanes - Population of two
Cannanes - Untitled
Cannanes - Western slowmotion
Cannanes - Winding down again
Canned Heat - Let's work together
Cannondastanya - Pickle juice
Canon Logic - Avenue of criminals
Canvas Kite - Wayside
Capes - Carly
Capitalist Youth - Half empty / half full
Capitol Years - Juicers
Capitol Years - You can stay there
Capstan Shafts - Fashionable quacks of the mesmer era
Capstan Shafts - Low ceilings for bedhoppers
Capstan Shafts - Northern me!
Capstan Shafts - One of us should be further away
Capstan Shafts - Right on the malthus
Capstan Shafts - The dig perpetual
Capstan Shafts - The origin of rain
Capstan Shafts - Trouble peddling
Capstan Shafts - Vegans and meteors
Capsula - Found & lost
Capsula - Run run run
Capsula - Voices underground
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Autumn's child
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Big eyed beans from Venus
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Further than we've gone
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - I got love on my mind
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Magic be
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Moody Liz
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Plastic factory
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - This is the day
Captain Beyond - Another sad story
Captain Beyond - Myopic void
Captain Sensible - Smash it up
Cara Beth Satalino - Shimmering thing
Caravan - And I wish I were stoned, don't worry
Caravan - Stuck in a hole
Caravan - The show of our lives
Caravan - Why? (And I wish I were stoned)
Caravanray - In the ditch
Caravanray - Moonshine
Caravanray - Ninja gang
Caravanray - Prayer for pancakes
Caravanray - Under the horse
Carbon Leaf - Cinnamindy
Carbon Leaf - Clockwork
Carbon Leaf - Directional
Carbon Leaf - Drops of rain
Carbon Leaf - Dusk
Carbon Leaf - Indecision
Carbon Leaf - Lake of silver bells
Carbon Leaf - Live like you
Carbon Leaf - Miss Hollywood
Carbon Leaf - November (makebelieve)
Carbon Leaf - Raise the poof
Carbon Leaf - Seed
Carbon/Silicon - ?
Carburetors - Burning rubber
Carburetors - Burnout
Carburetors - Fast forward rock'n'roll
Carburetors - Frontpage babe
Cardigans - Drip drop teardrop
Cardigans - Give me your eyes
Cardigans - Good morning Joan
Cardigans - Hanging around
Cardigans - I need some fine wine and you need to be nicer
Cardigans - Little black cloud
Cardigans - Overload
Cardigans - Slow
Cardinal - Her
Care Package - Vinegar man
Career criminal - City life
Caretakers Of Deception - X + Y = 13
Carissa's Wierd - Blessed arms that hold you tight, freezing
Carla Torgerson - Pelagic
Carla Torgerson - Temperature dream thinking bed revisited (part)
Carlis Star - Hereby no one
Carlis Star - The goodwill robot
Carlos - Fire bomb
Carmine - Where you go
Carol Cleveland Sings - Direct to helmet
Carolina Liar - Beautiful world
Carolina Liar - California bound
Carolina Liar - Done stealin
Carolina Liar - Something to die for
Carolyn Mark - All time low
Carpetburn - Rhymes with Lucia
Carpetburn - That's what she said
Cars - All mixed up
Cars Can Be Blue - (You're a) Bitch
Cars Can Be Blue - Bend that rod
Cars Can Be Blue - Dating Batman
Cars Can Be Blue - Flipped around
Cars Can Be Blue - I wish I
Cars Can Be Blue - Just because
Cars Can Be Blue - Merch song
Cars Can Be Blue - Perm guy
Cars Can Be Blue - Pretty special
Cars Can Be Blue - Seems w're breakin' up
Cars Can Be Blue - She needs it
Cars Can Be Blue - Sun blows up
Cartolas - Onde anda o rock em roll
Cash Brothers - From down the line
Cash Brothers - I know you lie awake
Cash Brothers - Maybe some day
Cashmere Cat - Lavender splendor
Casper Bang - The other half
Cat Power - Darling said Sir
Cat Power - Good woman
Cat Power - He war
Cat Power - Love & communication
Cat Power - Metal heart
Cat Power - Moonshiner
Cat Power - No sense
Cat Power - Speak for me
Cat Power - Symbols and maps
Cat Power - Willie
Cat-A-Tac - All I knew
Cat's Meow - Confusion
Cat's Miaow - A few words
Cat's Miaow - Aurora
Cat's Miaow - Autumn
Cat's Miaow - Baby I love you
Cat's Miaow - Barney & Me
Cat's Miaow - Brighter star
Cat's Miaow - Disappointed
Cat's Miaow - Don't worry, this isn't about you
Cat's Miaow - Faded
Cat's Miaow - Ferry No. 6
Cat's Miaow - Fire damage
Cat's Miaow - Firefly
Cat's Miaow - Halo
Cat's Miaow - Hollow inside
Cat's Miaow - I can't sleep thinking you hate me
Cat's Miaow - I hate myself more than you do
Cat's Miaow - I Really don't know
Cat's Miaow - Icecream
Cat's Miaow - If things had been different
Cat's Miaow - Light the beacon
Cat's Miaow - Make a wish
Cat's Miaow - Nothing can stop us
Cat's Miaow - Nothing new (1)
Cat's Miaow - Nothing new (2)
Cat's Miaow - Nothing's ever quite that simple
Cat's Miaow - Portland, Oregon
Cat's Miaow - Saviour for the hurrying man
Cat's Miaow - Seventeen
Cat's Miaow - Short sighted
Cat's Miaow - Talking to trees
Cat's Miaow - Tangle my shoes
Cat's Miaow - The others way
Catalysts - Thanks for some beautiful m
Catatonia - Bleed
Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes - Un regard clair (obscur)
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Aria populalre
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Paix (part)
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes - Un jour... la mort ? (part)
Catherine Wheel - [Outro]
Catherine Wheel - Backwards guitar
Catherine Wheel - Bill And Ben
Catherine Wheel - Black metallic
Catherine Wheel - Broken head
Catherine Wheel - Broken nose
Catherine Wheel - Car
Catherine Wheel - Crank
Catherine Wheel - Creme caramel
Catherine Wheel - Delicious
Catherine Wheel - Empty head
Catherine Wheel - Flower to hide
Catherine Wheel - For dreaming
Catherine Wheel - Fripp
Catherine Wheel - Future boy
Catherine Wheel - Goodbye
Catherine Wheel - Half life
Catherine Wheel - Harder than I am
Catherine Wheel - Heal
Catherine Wheel - Heal 2
Catherine Wheel - Here comes the fat controller
Catherine Wheel - I confess
Catherine Wheel - I want to touch you
Catherine Wheel - Indigo is blue
Catherine Wheel - Kill rhythm
Catherine Wheel - La la lala la
Catherine Wheel - Lifeline
Catherine Wheel - Love tips up
Catherine Wheel - Ma solituda
Catherine Wheel - Mad dog
Catherine Wheel - Mouthful of air
Catherine Wheel - Pain
Catherine Wheel - Salt
Catherine Wheel - Satellite
Catherine Wheel - She's my friend
Catherine Wheel - Texture
Catherine Wheel - The nude
Catherine Wheel - These four walls
Catherine Wheel - Tongue twisted
Catherine Wheel - Tumbledown
Catherine Wheel - Ursa Major space station
Catherine Wheel - What we want to believe in
Cathy Dennis - Waterloo sunset
Cats On Fire - Don't say it could be worse
Cats On Fire - Higher grounds
Cats On Fire - I am the white-mantled king
Cats On Fire - Never sell the house
Cats On Fire - Our days in the sun
Cats On Fire - Something happened
Cats On Fire - Tears in your cup
Cats On Fire - The steady pace
Cattle Bat and the Brian Fs - Hollywood Fantasy
Cay - Part of the show
Cay - Sun through the rain
Cedars - Don't know why
Celestial - Bluebell meadow
Celestial - Brighton girls
Celestial - Crystal heights
Celestial - Dream on
Celestial - Dream on (1)
Celestial - Forever whispers to me
Celestial - Fragile heart
Celestial - Hope, you know
Celestial - Horoscope
Celestial - How does it feel?
Celestial - Lonely boulevard
Celestial - Love always comes to those who waits
Celestial - Nothing happens; twice
Celestial - Pale blue eyes
Celestial - Preston Park
Celestial - Saving my presence
Celestial - Saving up her wishes (for another Christmas)
Celestial - Somedays we are
Celestial - Springtide day
Celestial - The boy who never says goodbye
Celestial - The sunshine of your smile
Celestial - Try to understand
Celestial - Warm against the cold
Celibate Rifles - God squad
Celibate Rifles - Ice blue
Celibate Rifles - Kent's theme
Celibate Rifles - Tick tock
Celibate rifles - Wild desire
Cellar - Think about now
Centaur - Placencia
Centaur - The same place
Centaur - Thimbles
Centaur - Wait for the sun
Central Nervous System - I'm still hung up on you
Cercueil - Claire lumière
Chad Fowler - Dana wears dresses
Chad Vangaalan - Surrounded in smoke
Chad VanGaalen - Rabid bits of time
Chameleons (UK) - A person isn't safe anywhere these days (part)
Chameleons (UK) - Caution
Chameleons (UK) - Denims and curls
Chameleons (UK) - Home is where the heart is
Chameleons (UK) - I'll remember
Chameleons (UK) - In answer
Chameleons (UK) - In shreds
Chameleons (UK) - Indian
Chameleons (UK) - Indiana
Chameleons (UK) - Inside out
Chameleons (UK) - Looking inwardly (part)
Chameleons (UK) - Lufthansa
Chameleons (UK) - Music in the womb
Chameleons (UK) - Nostalgia
Chameleons (UK) - On the beach
Chameleons (UK) - Return of the roughnecks
Chameleons (UK) - The healer
Chameleons (UK) - Up the down escalator
Chameleons UK - Looking inwardly (Peel session)
The Chances Are - Fragile child
Changin' Times - Thank you babe
Changin' Times - Young & innocent girl
Channel 3 - One more for all my true friends
Chapterhouse - April
Chapterhouse - If you want me
Chapterhouse - Pearl
Chapters - It's all too much
Charade - 140 bpm misery love song
Charade - Music makes me sick
Charade - My song to you
Charade - September
Charade - Springtime fever
Charade - The sadest stsory ever told
Charade - You don't wanna know
Charades - Aguaceros
Charades - El barco de Eric
Charades - El fin del mundo
Charades - En las batallas
Charades - En ningún lugar
Charades - Grito tu nombre
Charades - Hanna Arendt
Charades - Harold & Maude
Charades - La máquina del tiempo
Charades - Medio cielo de revolución
Charades - Revolución solar
Charades - Rozando la suerte
Charades - Veo al diablo
Charcoal - Goodbye monster
Charlatans - A house is not a home
Charlatans - Apples and oranges
Charlatans - Bird/Reprise
Charlatans - Blue for you
Charlatans - Codine
Charlatans - Crashin' in
Charlatans - Get on it
Charlatans - Here comes a soul saver
Charlatans - How high
Charlatans - I don't care where you live
Charlatans - Love is the key
Charlatans - North country boy
Charlatans - Oh! Vanity
Charlatans - One to another
Charlatans - See it through
Charlatans - Sproston green
Charlatans - Tellin' stories
Charlatans - The blind stagger
Charlatans - Up at the lake
Charlatans - Watching you
Charlatans - White shirt
Charlatans - You're not very well
Charlemagne - Death brings us together
Charlemagne - Your scars
Charlie Mars - Can you hear me now?
Charlie Mars - Coping
Charlie Mars - Filipino
Charlie Mars - Gather the horses
Charlie Mars - Nobody cries
Charlie Mars - Tell me twice
Charlie Mars - To love and be loved
Charlie Mars - Try so hard
Charlie Mars - When the sun goes down
Charlie Mars Band - Black dress
Charlie Mars Band - Sometimes
Charlie Mars Band - Winter heart
Charlotte Gainsbourg - The operation
Chatterbox - Forgotten heroes
Chatterbox - The visitor
Chatterton - Good place to start
Cheap Red - Let's start a riot
Cheap Trick - Ain't that a shame
Cheap Trick - In the street
Cheaters - All of the drugs
Cheaters - Bye bye Baltimore sky
Cheaters - Evan Williams
Cheaters - Lovin'
Cheaters - Peaches
Cheaters - Shana
Cheaters (2?) - Oh woman
Check 1-2 - I won't cry
Chefs - Love is such a pretty thing
Chefs - One fine day
Chelsea - Evacuate
Chelsea - Freemans
Chelsea - New era
Chelsea - Street fighting man
Chelsea - Verdant gaze
Cherry Corvette - Sitte
Cherry Slush - I cannot stop you
Cherry Twister - It had to be
Chest - Aniseed
Chesterfield Kings - Up and down
Chesterfields - Hangover Eve
Chevelle V - I'm sorry girl
Chevelles - Get it on
Chicken Bones - Drive
Chicken Bones - Factory girl
Chicken Bones - Feeling
Chicken Bones - On the road again
Chicken Bones - Return to the past
Chicken Bones - Stoned kids
Chicken Bones - The day is cold
Chicken Bones - Water
Chicken Shack - ?
Chicken Shack - He knows the rules
Chicken Shack - Shake your moneymaker
Chicken Shack - Telling your fortune
Child Of Institution - Gasolin
Children 26 ? - Mornings medley
Chili Walk ? - Rosy ?
Chills - Always time for Coke
Chills - As far as I can see
Chills - Background affair
Chills - Bee bah bee bah bee boe
Chills - Brave words (Peel session)
Chills - Christmas chimes
Chills - Christmas chimes (Peel session)
Chills - Doledrums
Chills - Double summer
Chills - Effloresce and deliquesce
Chills - February (1)
Chills - February (2)
Chills - Haunt me
Chills - Kaleidoscope world
Chills - Never never go
Chills - New millennium
Chills - Night of the chill blue (Peel session)
Chills - Part past past fiction
Chills - Part past, part fiction (Peel session)
Chills - Party in my h
Chills - Pink frost
Chills - Premonition
Chills - Purple girl
Chills - Raw shark
Chills - Rolling moon
Chills - Rolling moon (Peel session)
Chills - Singing in my sleep
Chills - Sleeping giants
Chills - Soft bomb
Chills - Starglow energy
Chills - Surrounded
Chills - Sweet times
Chills - The male monster from the Id
Chills - The other (live)
Chills - This Is the way
Chills - Tied up in chain
Chills - Torturing me
Chills - True romance
Chills - Vertigo bird
Chills - Wet blanket
Chills - Wet blanket (Peel session)
Chills - Whole weird world
Chills ? - ?
Chimes - #38
Chocolate Watchband - Baby Blue
Chocolate Watchband - Expo 2000
Chocolate Watchband - Flowers
Chocolate Watchband - I ain't no miravce worker
Chocolate Watchband - In the past
Chocolate Watchband - It's all over now baby blue
Chocolate Watchband - Let's go, let's go, let's go
Chocolate Watchband - Lets talk about girls
Chocolate Watchband - Since you broke my heart
Chocolate Watchband - Sitting there standing
Chocolate Watchband - Unknown legends
Chocomates - Surfer girl
Choir - I´m going home
Choir - It's cold outisde
Choir Invisible - Ballad of big nothing
Choir Invisible - Playing cards
Choir Invisible - Quiet life
Choir Practice - Red fox
Choirboys - Never gonna die
Chokebore - A taste for bitters
Chokebore - Cleaner
Chokebore - Days of nothing
Chokebore - Distress signals
Chokebore - Every move a picture
Chokebore - Geneva
Chokebore - I love waiting
Chokebore - Lives like satellites
Chokebore - Person you chose
Chokebore - Speed of sound
Chokebore - The sweetness
Chokebore - Thin as clouds
Chokebore - Valentine
Chonny - At the arcade
Chonny - Empty Wednesday
Chonny - Switcheroo
Choo Choo Train - Big blue buzz
Choo Choo Train - Every little knight
Choo Choo Train - Flower field
Choo Choo Train - Flowerfield
Choo Choo Train - High
Choo Choo Train - There before the dawn
Chords - Now it's gone
Chris & Carla - Black rope tied
Chris & Carla - Bordertown
Chris & Carla - Cortez the killer
Chris & Carla - Down where the drunkards roll
Chris & Carla - Famous last words
Chris & Carla - Fly high brave dreamers
Chris & Carla - Inauguration day
Chris & Carla - Lift your burdens up
Chris & Carla - Long slow river (1)
Chris & Carla - Long slow river (2)
Chris & Carla - Never fonna fall
Chris & Carla - Salad days
Chris & Carla - Slow red dawn
Chris & Carla - Storm crazy
Chris & Carla - The light will stay on
Chris & Carla - The silent crossing
Chris & Carla - The stopping-off place
Chris & Carla - The tower
Chris & Carla - Velvet fog (1)
Chris & Carla - Velvet fog (2)
Chris & Carla - Whatever it takes
Chris & Carla - Where the air is cool and dark
Chris & Carla - Will you miss me when I'm gone (1)
Chris & Carla - Will you miss me when I'm gone (2)
Chris & Craig - Isha
Chris Bailey - That's the way it goes
Chris Bailey - That's the way it goes (part)
Chris Bell - I am the cosmos
Chris Braniff - Mountain home
Chris Brokaw - May day (A day late and a dollar short)
Chris Cacavas & The Slivers Of Hope - Until lately
Chris Cusack - Thank God for Memphis
Chris Eckman - 20 minutes on a train
Chris Eckman - Crystalline
Chris Eckman - Eyes
Chris Eckman - Eyes (live)
Chris Eckman - Highway
Chris Eckman - Twang
Chris Eckmann & the Bambi Molesters - See it in the dark
Chris Eckmann & the Bambi Molesters - Tonight, I will say anything
Chris Eckmann & the Bambi Molesters - Villiers terrace
Chris Garneau - Raw and awake
Chris Spedding - Albatross
Chris Spedding - Bedsite girl
Chris Spedding - Boogie city
Chris Spedding - Get outa my pagoda
Chris Spedding - Hungry man
Chris Spedding - Jump in my car
Chris Spedding - Lone rider
Chris Spedding - Mother earth
Chris Spedding - No expectations
Chris Spedding - One step ahead of the blues
Chris Spedding - Plain song
Chris Spedding - Pogo dancing
Chris Spedding - Pogo dancing (with the Vibrators)
Chris Spedding - Road runner
Chris Spedding - Silver bullet
Chris Spedding - Snakes and swallotails
Chris Spedding - Stay dumb
Chris Spedding - The crying game
Chris Spedding - Wild wild women
Chris Spedding & the Vibrators - Pogo dancing
Chris Stamey - 14 shades of green
Chris Stamey - Plainest thing
Chris Voss - The gutter
Chris Wilson & His Shameless Pickups - All the action
Chris Zabriskie - We start the cure in Paris
Christines - Aquagirl
Christines - Babyface
Christines - Coming down
Christines - Crawl on radio
Christines - In between worlds
Christines - In my dead world
Christines - Just one more
Christines - Real gone
Christines - Secret song
Christines - Secretaries
Christines - The drunk driving song
Christopher Christopher - Fender jaguar
Christopher Cogott - She already knows
Chron Gen - Pretend
Chubbies - Dirty days dirty nights
Chubbies - Don't say
Chubbies - I wanna go home
Chubbies - I wanna go home (acoustic)
Chubbies - Johnny Breathe
Chubbies - Kid
Chubbies - Multi-millionaire
Chubbies - My rules
Chubbies - Play me
Chubbies - Pseudochrist
Chubbies - Sailor moon
Chubbies - Tightrope
Chubbies - Vegas song
Chubbies - You should go down (It gets me higher)
Chuck Berry - No particular place to go
Chuck Chuck Moose - One less
Chumbawumba - Timebomb
Church - All the young dudes
Church - Almost with you
Church - Anaesthesia
Church - Bel-Air
Church - Buffalo
Church - Business woman
Church - Comedown
Church - Cortez the killer
Church - Don't you fall
Church - Field of Mars
Church - Friction
Church - I kept everything
Church - Interlude
Church - Into my hands
Church - Is this were you live
Church - June
Church - Louisiana
Church - Maya
Church - Metropolis
Church - Monday morning
Church - My little problem
Church - Remote luxury
Church - Ripple
Church - Sealine
Church - Secret corners
Church - See your lights
Church - Silver machine
Church - Sisters
Church - Song in space
Church - Space saviour
Church - Summer
Church - Tear it all away
Church - Telepath
Church - The maven
Church - The porpoise song
Church - The unguarded moment
Church - Tranquility
Church - Under the milky way
Chuzzlewit - Verga
Cindy, The Next Door Neighbor - All things must pass
Cinerama - 146 degrees
Cinerama - Comedienne
Cinerama - Ears
Cinerama - Elenore
Cinerama - Maniac
Cinerama - Me next
Cinerama - Reel 2, dialogue 2
Cinerama - You turn me on
Cinerama - You turn me on (Peel session)
Circa Survive - In the morning and amazing
Citay - Careful with that hat
Citay - First fantasy
Cities - A theme
City Light - Apologies
City Lives - You gotta let go
Ciudadano - Sobrinito
Clamidia ? - Pellustelli ?
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Five easy pieces
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Let the cool goddess rust away
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Love song No. 7
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Yankee go home
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Cigarettes
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Details of the war
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Emily Jean stock
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Goodbye to the mother and the cove
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - In this home on ice
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Is this love?
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Mama, won't you keep those castles in the air and burning
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Say yeah
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Some loud thunder
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - The skin of my yellow country teeth
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Underwater (you and me)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Upon this tidal wave of young blood
Claps - Gruzzles
Clapton, Beck, Page - Tribute to Elmore
Clapton, Beck, Page ? - ?
Clara Luzia - Bleed
Clarence Castleroy - Soft orange glow
Clarence White & Nasville West - Ode to Billie Joe (instrumental)
Clark & Hillman McGuinn - Won't let you down
Clark-Hutchinson - Man's best friend
Clash - English civil war
A Classic Education - Stay, son
Clean - 2 reasons
Clean - Anything could happen
Clean - Anything could happen (live)
Clean - Big cat
Clean - Big soft punch
Clean - Bye bye
Clean - Clutch
Clean - Complications
Clean - Crazy
Clean - Draw(in)g ro a (w)hole
Clean - Drawing a hole
Clean - Dunes
Clean - E motel
Clean - Factory man
Clean - Fish
Clean - Getting older
Clean - Getting to you
Clean - I wait around
Clean - In the dreamlife you need a rubber soul
Clean - In the dreamline U need a rubber soul
Clean - Indigo blue
Clean - Jala
Clean - Late last night
Clean - Linger longer
Clean - Outside the cage
Clean - Poor boy
Clean - Safe in the rain
Clean - Safe in the rain (live)
Clean - Secret place
Clean - Slug song
Clean - Stars
Clean - Stars (live)
Clean - The Blue
Clean - Too much violence
Clean - Too much violence (live)
Clean - Trapped in amber
Clean - Twist top
Clean - Wipe me, I'm lucky
Cletus - Beer
Cletus - Granola head
Clicks - Animal farm
Clicks - Career suicide
Clicks - Dirty king
Clicks - Eyes in the back of my head
Clicks - Love gun
Clicks - Misery
Clicks - Not your boy
Clicks - Red and blue
Clicks - Soul back driver
Clicks - Whenever
Clientele - (I can't seem to) Make you mine
Clientele - (I want you) More than ever
Clientele - An hour before the light
Clientele - E.M.P.T.Y.
Clientele - Harvest time
Clientele - My own face inside the trees
Clientele - Policeman getting lost
Clientele - Since K got over me
Clientele - Six of spades
Clientele - The house always wins
Clientele - When you and I were young
Clinic - Cement mixer
Clinic - Distortions
Clinic - For the wars
Clinic - Hippy death suite
Clinic - I.P.C. subeditors dictate our youth
Clinic - Monkey on your back
Clinic - Pet eunuch
Clinic - The bridge
Clinic - W.D.Y.Y.B.
Clique - Splash 1
Clocks - Old valve radio
Clockwatchers - Hey it's summertime
Clockwork Oranges - Ready steady
Close Lobsters - A prophecy
Close Lobsters - From this day on
Close Lobsters - Got apprehension
Close Lobsters - Gutache
Close Lobsters - Hey hey, my my (into the black)
Close Lobsters - I kiss the flowers in bloom
Close Lobsters - Lovely little swan
Close Lobsters - Mother of God
Close Lobsters - Nature thing
Close Lobsters - Pimps
Close Lobsters - Sewer ippe dream
Close Lobsters - Violently pretty face
Cloud - Cool Jane
Cloud Cult - Chemicals collide
Cloud Room - 24 hr heartbreak
Clouds - Anthem
Clouds - Fear the moon
Clouds - Foxes wedding
Clouds - Immorta
Clouds - Tranquil
Club 8 - So tied up
Clutch - Basket of eggs
Clutch - Regulator
Clutch - When vegans attack
Coastliners - I see me
Coastliners - I'll be gone
Cobra V - Yesterday' numbe…
Cockeyed Ghost - Name of the game
Cockney Rejects - I wanna be a star
Cockney Rejects - I'm not a fool
Cockney Rejects - Oi! Oi! Oi!
Cockney Rejects - Police car
Cockroach Clan - Backstreet boogie
Coco - Ease your mind
Cocteau Twins - Bluebeard
Cocteau Twins - Calfskin smack
Cocteau Twins - I wear your ring
Cocteau Twins - Pur
Cocteau Twins - Rilkean heart
Cocteau Twins - The tinderbox (of a heart)
Coeur De Pirate - Fondu au noir
Cogs - David's mother
Cogs - Down on myself
Cogs - Get up & go
Cogs - Know nothing
Cogs - Making the grade
Cogs - The star
Cola Jet Set - El sueño de mi vida
Cold - Happens all the time
Cold War Kids - Red wine, success!
Colder in Moscow - It's graphite
Colder In Moscow - Titanic calawsys
Coldplay - 42
Coldplay - A message
Coldplay - A rush of blood to the head
Coldplay - A whisper
Coldplay - Clocks
Coldplay - Daylight
Coldplay - Death and all his friends
Coldplay - Don't panic
Coldplay - Fix you
Coldplay - God put a smile upon your face
Coldplay - In my place (new album version)
Coldplay - Moses (live)
Coldplay - No more keeping my feet on the ground
Coldplay - One I love
Coldplay - Politik
Coldplay - Reign of love
Coldplay - Talk
Coldplay - The scientist
Coldplay - Twisted logic
Coldplay - Warning sign
Coldplay - What if
Coldplay - Yellow (1)
Coldplay - Yellow (2)
Colin Clary - Blowin' off the sun
Colin Clary - Bricolage
Colin Clary - Donna
Colin Clary - How many times?
Colin Clary - Of the stars
Colin Clary - Phone me, phone me
Colin Clary - Thank you (for making me slow dance)
Colin Clary - The first of May
Colin Clary - The year of having fun
Colin Clary - Tiny teeth
Colin Clary - Unattainable
Collabos - Bouton d'or
Collabos - Ta soeur
Collin Cunningham - Golfpunk drives a Cadillac
Collin Herring - Aphorism
Collin Herring - The other side of kindness
Color - Are you with me?
Color Wheels - Pirate ship
Colour - Save yourself
Columbia - 10 out of 10
Come - Brand new vein
Come - I got the blues
Come On Gang! - Wheels
Come Ons - Promise me ?
Come Ons - The whore next door
Come-Ons - Dollar in my pocket
Comet Gain - A film by Kenneth Anger
Comet Gain - Baby's alright
Comet Gain - Beautiful despair
Comet Gain - Brothers of the block
Comet Gain - Carry on living
Comet Gain - Charlie (1)
Comet Gain - Charlie (2)
Comet Gain - Emotion pictures
Comet Gain - If I had a soul
Comet Gain - If you ever walk out of my life
Comet Gain - Jack Nance hair
Comet Gain - Just fourteen
Comet Gain - Last night
Comet Gain - Moments in the snow
Comet Gain - Music upstairs
Comet Gain - Orwell liberty dance
Comet Gain - She never understood
Comet Gain - Steps to the sea
Comet Gain - The kids at the club
Comet Gain - The shining path
Comet Gain - Why I try to look so bad
Comet Gain - You can hide your love forever
Comets - The last time
Comfies - Close to me
Compulsive Gamblers - I'm that guy
Compulsive Gamblers - My mind is in the gutter
Compulsive Gamblers - Stop & think it over
Compulsive Gamblers - The way I feel about you
Compulsive Gamblers - Two thieves
Compulsive Gamblers - Two wrongs don't make a right
Compulsive Gamblers - Walking the balustrade
Conchitas - Butterflies
Concretes - Warm night
Concretes - You can't hurry love
Condo fucks - Shut down
Coneheads - Boomer beach
Coneheads - Evil little Elmer
Coneheads - I don't care
Coneheads - Train
Connells - Scotty's lament
Conniptions - Set you free this time
Cooper - Canción de viernes
Cooper Temple Clause - Blind pilots
Copeland - Control freak
Copeland - Good morning fire eater
Copyright - Into the light
Copyrights - Button smasher
Copyrights - Easter Island
Copyrights - Four eyes
Copyrights - Full circle
Copyrights - Graveyards down the street
Copyrights - Our turn
Copyrights - Talkbomb
Copyrights - They say
Coral - 1000 years
Cord - Winter
Corn On The Cob - Rattlesnake
Corn on the cob - Stairway to the moon
Corn on the cob - Welcome to
Cornershop - Born disco; died heavy metal
Cornershop - Looking for a way in
Cornershop - Roof rack
Cornershop - Staging the plaguing of the raised platform
Cornershop - Waterlogged
Cornershop - Where d'u get your information?
Cornershop - Who fingered rock'n'roll
Cornershop - You always said my language would get me into trouble
Coroner - Intro-Nosferatu
Corpus - Creation of a child
Corpus - We can make it, luv
Correcto - Do it better
Correcto - Even though
Correcto - Here it comes
Correcto - Inuit
Correcto - Joni
Correcto - Something or nothing
Correcto - When you get away from me
Corruption Is King - Creeps are coming
Cortinas - Fascist dictator
Cortinas - Having it
Cortinas - Television families
Corvairs - Ready to burn
Cosmedic - Your secret
Cosmic Jokers - Cosmic couriers meet South Philly Willy
Cosmic Jokers - Der Herrscher
Cosmic Psychos - Dead roo
Cosmopolitan - Hands stereo disco
Cougars - Ultimate horseness
Count Bishops - Cry to me
Count Bishops - Don't start cryin' now
Count Bishops - Down the road apiece
Count Bishops - Reelin' and rockin'
Count Bishops - Stay free
Count Bishops - Teenage letter
Count bishops - Train train
Count Bishops - You're in my way
Counting Crows - A murder o fone
Counting Crows - Rain king
Country Joe McDonald & The Bevis Frond - Here I go again
Country Joe McDonald & The Bevis Frond - Who am I
Countryside - Summer is here
Court Jesters - Dance for me
Courteeners - Aftershow
Courteeners - Cavorting
Courteeners - Forget the weight of the world
Courteeners - Forget the weight of the world (part)
Courteeners - Good times are calling
Courteeners - Kings of the new road
Courteeners - Not nineteen forever
Courteeners - Please don't
Courteeners - Sycophant
Courteeners - The opener
Courteneers - What took you so long?
Cowboy Junkies - No more
Cowboy Junkies - Renmin Park (revisited)
Cowboy X - Gabbi
Cowsills - All I really wanta be is me
Cowsills - All my days
CPR Review - Do the math
Crab - Victim
Crabs - Lullabies lies (Peel session)
Crack - You kept me waiting
Craig - l must be mad
Craig Baker - Every grain of sand
Cramps - Bend over, I'll drive
Cramps - Cramp stomp
Cramps - Domino
Cramps - Goo goo muck
Cramps - I walked all night
Cramps - I wanna get in your pants
Cramps - Let's get f*cked up
Cramps - Like a bad girl should
Cramps - Mean machine
Cramps - Muleskinner blues
Cramps - Mystery plane
Cramps - No club lone wolf
Cramps - Queen of pain
Cramps - Red haired woman
Cramps - Route 66 (Get your kicks on)
Cramps - Sado county auto show
Cramps - Save it
Cramps - Sheena's in a goth gang
Cramps - Sinners
Cramps - Swing the big eyed rabbit
Cramps - Taboo
Cramps - The crusher
Cramps - The mad daddy
Cramps - Trapped love
Cramps - Voodoo idol
Cramps - Wet nightmare
Cramps - What's behind the mask
Cranberries - ?
Cranberries - Analyse
Cranberries - Daffodil lament
Cranberries - Dreams
Cranberries - Fee fi fo
Cranberries - Free to decide
Cranberries - I'm still remembering
Cranberries - Never grow old
Cranberries - Not sorry
Cranberries - Ode to my family
Cranberries - Promises
Cranberries - Saving grace
Cranberries - Stars
Cranberries - Time is ticking out
Cranberries - Twenty one
Cranberries - What's on my mind
Cranberries - When you're gone
Cranebuilders - So what could I do
Cranebuilders - Something familiar
Cranebuilders - Trains across the sea
Cranebuilders - Trouble is
Cranebuilders - You’re song
Cranky - David Bowie cries for no one
Crash - Empty
Crash - New York
Crash - Of hope and despair
Crash - Star
Crash Street Kids - Into you
Crash Street Kids - Mystery girl
Crash Street Kids - Shake it up
Crash Street Kids - Tickin' away
Crash Test Dummies - First Noel
Crawling Chaos - Sex machine
Crazy Elephant - Space Buggy
Crazy Horse - Dirty dirty
Cream - Deserted cities of the heart
Cream - Dreaming
Cream - I'm so glad
Cream - NSU
Cream - Passing the time
Cream - Those were the days
Creation - For all that I am
Creation - Ostrich man
Creation - Painter man
Credo - Plus peur d'être heureux
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Door to door
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Effigy
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate son
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Hey tonight
Creedence Clearwater Revival - It came out of the sky
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Ooby dooby
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Pagan baby
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Ramble tamble (part)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Rude awakening no. 2
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Side o' the road
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Sweet hitch-hiker
Creedence Clearwater Revival - The night time is the right time
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Travellin' band
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Up around the bend
Cretones - Empty heart
Crib45 - As I
Crib45 - Requiem
Crib45 - The ghosts among me
Cribs - Get yr hand out of my grave
Cribs - Hello? Oh...
Cribs - I'm a realist
Cribs - It happened so fast
Cribs - Last year's snow
Cribs - On the floor
Cribs - Save your secrets
Cribs - So hot now
Cribs - You and I
Cribs - You're gonna lose us
Crime - Frustration
Crimea - Baby boom
Crocodiles - I wanna kill
Crocodiles - Mirrors
Crocodiles - Screaming chrome
Crocodiles - Sleep forever
Crocodiles - Sleeping with the Lord
Crocodiles - Summer of hate
Crooked Fingers - Big darkness
Crooked Fingers - Broken man
Crooked Fingers - Disappear
Crooked Fingers - Pigeon kicker
Crooked Fingers - She spread her legs and flew away
Crooked Fingers - The rotting strip
Crosby & Nash - Immigration man
Crosby & Nash - Love work out
Crosby & Nash - Southbound train
Crosby & Nash - Taken at all
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Almost cut my hair
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Carry on (part)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Find the cost of freedom
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Pre-road downs
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Southern man
Crowd + 1 - Try
Crowded House - Don't strop now
Crowded House - Now we're getting somewhere
Crowded House - You can touch
Crumb - Follow me home
Crumbs - Dead boys too
Cry - What do you see in him
Cry Babies - Sunday in Stockholm
Crystal Antlers - Andrew
Crystal Chandelier - Suicidal flowers
Crystal Stilts - Love is a wave
Crystal Stilts - Prismatic room
Crystal Stilts - Shattered shine
Crystal Stilts - Sugar baby
Crystal Stilts - The city in the sea
CtrlAltDelete - Snow globe
Cub - ?
Cub - Backwoods
Cub - Cast a shadow
Cub - Electric chair
Cub - Everything's geometry
Cub - I'm your angel
Cub - Life of crime
Cub - Loaded
Cub - Magic 8 ball
Cub - Main and Broadway
Cub - Mom and Dad
Cub - New York City
Cub - Nicolas Bragg
Cub - Pillow queen
Cub - Riverside
Cub - S.G.
Cub - So far apart
Cub - Surfer girl
Cub - They don't
Cub - Through my hoop
Cub - Ticket to Spain
Cub - Tomorrow go away
Cub - Vacation
Cub - Way to go
Cub - Your bed
Cubword - Who I am
Cuckooland - (I don't know) Why
Cuckooland - Across the border
Cuckooland - Happathy
Cuckooland - here she comes
Cuckooland - Jericho
Cuckooland - Maundy maundy
Cuckooland - Oh boy!
Cuckooland - Pack up your troubles
Cuckooland - Painting the town red
Cuckooland - Say something!
Cuckooland - Silver bells
Cuckooland - Winter
Cuff The Duke - Listen to your heart
Cups - Good as gold
Curse Of - We were not meant to be
Curve - Horror head
Curve - Joy
Curve - No escape from heaven
Curve - Perish
Curve - Sinner
Curve - Star
Curve - Ten little girls
Curve - The colour hurts
Curved Air - Vivaldi
Cut Copy - Bright neon payphone
Cut Copy - Saturdays
Cut Copy - Where I'm going
Cutie Pies - I like to pretend
Cutie Pies - Sign my box
Cutie Pies - Tanker truck
Cyann & Ben - A dance with the devil
Cyann & Ben - Buick to the moon
Cyann & Ben - Gone to waste
Cyann & Ben - I can't pretend anymore
Cyann & Ben - Let it play
Cyann & Ben - Melody
Cyann & Ben - Moment nowhere
Cyann & Ben - Obsessing and screaming voice in a shell
Cyann & Ben - Siren song
Cyann & Ben - Sparks of love
Cyann & Ben - Sunny morning
Cyann & Ben - Sweet beliefs
Cyann & Ben - Words
Cylinders - Computerrock
Cynecide - Don't come crying to me
Cynics - ?
Cynics - All theses streets
Cynics - Baby what's wrong
Cynics - Dirty trick
Cynics - Girl, you're on my mind
Cynics - Hand in hand
Cynics - Here we are
Cynics - I want it all
Cynics - I want love
Cynics - I'll wait
Cynics - Lose your mind
Cynics - Me wanting her
Cynics - Private suicide
Cynics - She fell
Cynics - Slide over
Cynics - That's how I feel
Cynics - The warning
Cynics - Two rooms
Cynics - What she said
Cynics - You got the love
Cynthia Size - Walking the border
Cyrkle - The words
Cyrus Erie - Get the message
Czar - Dawning of a new day
Czar - Why don't we be a rock and roll band?
D-Generation - Wasted years
D.I. - Mr. Grinch
D4 - What I want
Da Monk Of Medmonk - Walking the border
Dadamah - Brian's children
Dadamah - Limbo swing
Dadamah - Prove
Daddy Cool - Eagle rock
Dagons - It flies out
Dalek - Ever somber
Dallas - Teenadelic
Damien - Confidants
Damien Dempsey - Go first
Damien Dempsey - Kilburn stroll
Damien Dempsey - Maasai
Damien Dempsey - Marching season siege
Damien Dempsey - Seize the day
Damien Jurado - I am the mountain
Damien Jurado - Independent
Damien Jurado - Rearview
Damien Jurado - Sheets
Damien Jurado - Texas to Ohio
Damien Jurado - The joke is over
Damien Jurado - Waters Ave. S.
Damien Jurado - Yuma, Az
Daminhão Experyénça - Gás
Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Death of a virgin
Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Everyone
Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Money tree
Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Morning dew
Damned - ?
Damned - I just can't be happy today
Damned - Is it a dream?
Damned - Looking at you
Damned - Smash it up
Damned - Thanks for the night
Damon & Baomi - Blue moon
Damon & Naomi - A second life
Damon & Naomi - Beautiful close double
Damon & Naomi - Blue thunder (live)
Damon & Naomi - Defibrillation
Damon & Naomi - E.T.A
Damon & Naomi - Eye of the storm (1)
Damon & Naomi - Eye of the storm (2)
Damon & Naomi - I dreamed of the Caucasus (1)
Damon & Naomi - I dreamed of the Caucasus (2)
Damon & Naomi - I'm yours
Damon & Naomi - In the morning
Damon & Naomi - In the sun
Damon & Naomi - New York City
Damon & Naomi - New York City (live)
Damon & Naomi - Pandora's box
Damon & Naomi - Stars never fade
Damon & Naomi - The great wall
Damon & Naomi - The mirror phase
Damon & Naomi - The new world
Damon & Naomi - The robot speaks
Damon & Naomi - The well
Damon & Naomi - This car climbed Mt Washington
Damon & Naomi - Tour of the world
Damon & Naomi - Translucent carriages
Damon & Naomi - Turn of the century
Damon & Naomi - We're not there
Dan Auerbach - Heartbroken, in disrepair
Dan Auerbach - My last mistake
Dan Bern - Feel like a man
Dan Colehour - Your secrets save with me
Dan Deacon - Slow with horns / Run for your life
Dan The Man Band - Jewel of India
Dana Falconberry - Crooked river
A Dancing Beggar - Daytrip to Glynde
A Dancing Beggar - How they grow
A Dancing Beggar - Sand between our toes
A Dancing Beggar - Storm at the undercliff
A Dancing Beggar - This must be the start
A Dancing Beggar - We could be anywhere
A Dancing Beggar - We flex over England's fields
Dandy Warhols - (Tony, this song is called) Lou Weed
Dandy Warhols - And then I dreamt of yes
Dandy Warhols - Arpeggio adaggio
Dandy Warhols - Be-in (part)
Dandy Warhols - Best friend
Dandy Warhols - Big indian
Dandy Warhols - Bohemian like you
Dandy Warhols - Boys
Dandy Warhols - Boys better
Dandy Warhols - Brian Jonestown Massacre
Dandy Warhols - Coffee and tea wrecks
Dandy Warhols - Crack cocaine rager
Dandy Warhols - Dick
Dandy Warhols - Dub song
Dandy Warhols - Genius
Dandy Warhols - Godless
Dandy Warhols - Good morning
Dandy Warhols - Good morning (2)
Dandy Warhols - Green
Dandy Warhols - Grunge Betty
Dandy Warhols - Head
Dandy Warhols - Heavenly
Dandy Warhols - Hell's bells
Dandy Warhols - Just try
Dandy Warhols - Love song
Dandy Warhols - Minnesoter
Dandy Warhols - Not if you were the last junkie on earth
Dandy Warhols - Not your bottle
Dandy Warhols - Nothin' to do
Dandy Warhols - Nothing
Dandy Warhols - Ohio
Dandy Warhols - Retarded
Dandy Warhols - Sleep
Dandy Warhols - Stars
Dandy Warhols - Talk radio
Dandy Warhols - The Dandy Warhols TV theme songong
Dandy Warhols - The wreck of the Edmund Fitzge
Dandy Warhols - Valerie yum
Dandy Warhols - Whipping tree
Danger Mouse ? - ?
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Angel's harp
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Daddy's gone
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Pain
Daniel Johnston - Girls
Daniel Johnston - Happy springfield
Daniel Johnston - Keep your feelings to yourself
Daniel Johnston - Laurie
Daniel Johnston - Light of day
Daniel Johnston - Living it for the moment
Daniel Johnston - Love not dead
Daniel Johnston - Mind movies
Daniel Johnston - Now
Daniel Johnston - Rock & Roll/Ega
Daniel Johnston - True love will find you in the end
Daniel Johnston - U.FO.
Daniel Johnston - Worried shoes
Daniel Jonhston - Catie
Daniel Jonhston - Mind contorted
Danielson - Five stars and two thumb up
Danks - Die young
Danks - Sold me out
Danks - Squealer
Danks - Treaty connector
Danks - Who knows?
Danny & Dusty - Baby, we all gotta go down
Danny & Dusty - Down to the bone
Danny & Dusty - Knockin' on heaven's door
Danny & Dusty - The king of the losers
Danny Lohner, Johnette Napolitano - The scientist
Dante LeChunk - Interesting times
Daran - J'en ai marre
Daran - Le petit peuple du bitume
Daran - Rien ne m'y oblige
Dare - Lies
Dark Liberty - Too far away
Dark Mean - Frankencottage
Darker My Love - A lovely game
Darker My Love - Add one to the other one
Darker My Love - All the hurry and wait
Darker My Love - Dear author
Darker My Love - Even in your lightest day
Darker My Love - New America
Darker My Love - Northern soul
Darker My Love - Pale sun
Darker My Love - Rain party
Darker My Love - She lives (in a time of her own)
Darker My Love - Split minute
Darker My Love - Trail the line
Darkness - Friday night
Darkness - Givin' up
Darkness - I believe in a thing called love
Darkness - Love is only a feeling
Darling Buds - Shame on you
Darren Hayman - The only kind of light I know (incomplete)
Darren Hayman And The Secondary Modern - Elizabeth Duke
Darynyck - Before the Summer goes away
Darynyck - Chaotic (under control)
Darynyck - December (I miss you)
Darynyck - Goodnight, my sweet love
Darynyck - I'm so sad
Darynyck - No time
Darynyck - People get together
Darynyck - Take me away (on a holiday)
Darynyck - This perfect Summer
Darynyck - Time alone
Dash Rip Rock - Isn't that enough
Dash Rip Rock - Locked inside a liquor store
Dash Rip Rock - Pussywhipped
Data - Park
Datsuns - Cherry Lane
Datsuns - For a love supreme
Datsuns - Girls best friend
Datsuns - MF from hell
Datsuns - Rebekah
Datsuns - Stuck here for days
Datsuns - Too little fire
Datsuns - What I've lost
Datsuns - What would I know
Dave Corun - Feathers
Dave DeCastro - Whatever you please
Dave Dee, Dozy, Bicky, Mick & Tich - Hideaway
Dave Dee, Dozy, Bicky, Mick & Tich - Last night in Soho
Dave Edmunds - Almost Saturday night
Dave Heenan Set - Alice in Wonderland
Dave Rave - Anne-Marie
David 'Over - All skate (You're on thin ice)
David 'Over - Mad city
David Bowie - All the madmen
David Bowie - Anyway anyhow anywhere
David Bowie - Black country rock
David Bowie - Cracked actor
David Bowie - Drive in Saturday
David Bowie - Here comes the night
David Bowie - Moonage daydream
David Bowie - Quicksand
David Bowie - Running gun blues
David Bowie - Saviour machines
David Bowie - See Emily play
David Bowie - Starman
David Bowie - The man who sold the world
David Bowie - Waiting for the man
David Bowie - Watch that man
David Bowie - Where have all the good times gone
David Crosby - Cowboy movie
David Crosby - Laughing
David Crosby - What are their names
David Gilmour - Terrapin
David Johansen - ?.1
David Johansen - ?.2
David Johansen - ?.3
David Johansen - Donna
David Johansen - Flamingo road
David Johansen - Frenchette
David Johansen - In style
David Johansen - Justine
David Johansen - Lonely tenement
David Johansen - Wreckless crazy
David Johansen - You touched me too
David Kilgour - A head full of rolling stones
David Kilgour - All the rest
David Kilgour - Backwards forwards
David Kilgour - BBC World
David Kilgour - I caught you
David Kilgour - I lost my train
David Kilgour - Living in space
David Kilgour - Sept. 98
David Kilgour - The perfect watch
David Kilgour - Uplift
David Surkamp & Touch - Lady of the universe
David Surkamp & Touch - Rainbow
David Vandervelde - Checkin' out my baby
David Vandervelde - Hit the road
David Vandervelde - Lyin' In bed
Davy Jones - You've got a habit of leaving
Dawn Kinnard - Island
Dawn Of The Replicants - Science fiction freak
Dawn Parade - The hole in my heart
Daylight's for the birds - Early summer
Daylight's for the birds - Happy Christmas, War is over (part)
Daylights For The Birds - Worlds away
Days - A part of the world
Days - Never came to last
Days - Simple thing
Daytona - Éclipse
Daytona - Freine
Daytona - Je tiendrai bon
Daytona - Sans toi(t)
La De Das - How is the air up there
De Novo Dahl - Shout
Dead 60s - Bolt of steel
Dead 60s - Dull towns
Dead Boys - ?.1
Dead Boys - ?.2
Dead Boys - ?.3
Dead Boys - ?.4
Dead Boys - Ain't it fun
Dead Boys - Ain't nothin' to do
Dead Boys - All this and more
Dead Boys - Calling on you
Dead Boys - Caught with the meat in your mouth
Dead Boys - Dead boy
Dead Boys - Down in flames
Dead Boys - High tension wire
Dead Boys - I need lunch
Dead Boys - I won't look back
Dead Boys - Not anymore
Dead Boys - Son of Sam
Dead Boys - Sonic reducer
Dead Boys - What love is
The Dead C - Envelopment
Dead Can Dance - In power we entrust the love advocated
Dead Can Dance - Ocean
Dead Famous People - Postcards from paradise
Dead Famous People - To be kind
Dead Fink - Home in a grave
Dead Heart Bloom - Don't worry for me
Dead Heart Bloom - Fall
Dead Heart Bloom - Flash in a bottle
Dead Heart Bloom - Who will you love
Dead Lover´s Twisted Heart - No more dramas
Dead Meadow - At her open door
Dead Meadow - At the edge of the wood
Dead Meadow - Down here
Dead Meadow - Dragonfly
Dead Meadow - Either way
Dead Meadow - Eyeless gaze all eye - Don't tell the riverman
Dead Meadow - Greensky greenlake
Dead Meadow - Heaven
Dead Meadow - I'm gone
Dead Meadow - The one I don't knownow
Dead Moon - 13 going on 21
Dead Moon - A fix on you
Dead Moon - A miss of you
Dead Moon - An occupation with you
Dead Moon - As teardrops break
Dead Moon - Bad case
Dead Moon - Can't do that
Dead Moon - Can't help falling in love
Dead Moon - Cast will change
Dead Moon - Castaways
Dead Moon - Crystal is falling
Dead Moon - Dagger moon
Dead Moon - Day after day
Dead Moon - Dead in the saddle
Dead Moon - Dead moon night
Dead Moon - Demona
Dead Moon - Don't burn the fires
Dead Moon - Don't look back
Dead Moon - Get on board
Dead Moon - Go my way
Dead Moon - Going South
Dead Moon - Hey Joe
Dead Moon - I hate the blues
Dead Moon - I tried
Dead Moon - I won't be the one
Dead Moon - I'm wise
Dead Moon - Ill of the dead
Dead Moon - In the altitudes
Dead Moon - In the waiting
Dead Moon - Jane
Dead Moon - Johnny's got a gun
Dead Moon - Last train
Dead Moon - My escape
Dead Moon - Never again
Dead Moon - On another plane
Dead Moon - Out in the blue
Dead Moon - Out on a wire
Dead Moon - Over the edge
Dead Moon - Play with fire
Dead Moon - Poor born
Dead Moon - Psychodelic nightmare
Dead Moon - Remember me
Dead Moon - Room 213
Dead Moon - Somewhere far away
Dead Moon - The times they are a-changin'
Dead Moon - These times with you
Dead Moon - Unknown passage (1)
Dead Moon - Unknown passage (2)
Dead Moon - Walking on my grave
Dead Moon - Where did I go wrong
Dead Moon - Windows of time
Dead or Alive - Run, hide, get away
Dead Red Sea - Bad man
Dead Red Sea - Somewhere in the universe
Dead Scouts - Blodig Jord
Dead Scouts - Det sista spelet
Dead Souls - Cognac and coffee
Dead Souls - Stars
Dead Trees - Shelter
Deadbeat Poets - Ernest T.
Deadly Snakes - Playboys
Deadly Snakes - There goes your corpse again
Deadly Syndrome - Eucalyptus
Deadly Syndrome - Wingwalker
Deadstring Brothers - Tennessee sure enough
Dean & Brita - Friday I'm in love
Dean & Britta - Crystal blue
Dean & Britta - Hear he wind blow
Dean & Britta - I deserve it
Dean & Britta - Indian summer
Dean & Britta - Singer sing
Dean & Britta - Threw it away
Dean & Britta - Words you used to say
Dean Deacon - Build voice
Dean Deacon - Get older
Dean Deacon - Pink Batman
Dean Deacon - The crystal cat
Dear Nora - 'Round and 'round
Dear Nora - A polar bear
Dear Nora - As vast as you
Dear Nora - Caribou, timberwolf
Dear Nora - Coda to 'Dreaming out loud'
Dear Nora - Come on inside
Dear Nora - Come on ionside (1999)
Dear Nora - Dreaming out loud
Dear Nora - Early to bed
Dear Nora - Everyone's the same
Dear Nora - Ghost in my head
Dear Nora - I get up, I get down
Dear Nora - I was born in Arizona
Dear Nora - My autobiography
Dear Nora - Number twelve
Dear Nora - One two three four
Dear Nora - Out to dry
Dear Nora - Rollercoaster
Dear Nora - Sarah, you're not for me
Dear Nora - Second guess
Dear Nora - Second hand
Dear Nora - Since you went away
Dear Nora - Solo wanderer
Dear Nora - Springtime fall
Dear Nora - The flats of irony
Dear Nora - The lonesome border , pt. 2
Dear Nora - The weight
Dear Nora - The worlod is falling down
Dear Nora - To be me
Dear Nora - When you write a bad song
Dears - Bandwagoneers
Dears - Berlin heart
Dears - Death or life we want you
Dears - Disclaimer
Dears - Hate the love
Dears - Hate then love
Dears - Heaven have mercy on us - Summer of protest
Dears - Jazz waltz No. 3 in B-flat
Dears - Lights off
Dears - Meltdown in A major
Dears - Missiles
Dears - Money babies
Dears - No cities left
Dears - Pinned together, failing apart
Dears - The second part
Dears - You and I are a gang of losers
Death Be Not Proud - Green eleven
Death Cab For Cutie - Marching bands of Manhattan
Death Cab For Cutie - Someday you will be loved
Death Cab For Cutie - Stable song
Death Cab For Cutie - Talking bird
Death In Vegas - 23 lies
Death In Vegas - Diving waters
Death In Vegas - Hands around my throat
Death Valley Sleepers - Seaside
Deathray Davies - I regret the day I tried to steal Daniel's ego
The - December sunight (cried out)
The - December sunlight
Decemberists - A bower scene
Decemberists - I'm sticking with you
Decemberists - Sixteen military wives
Decemberists - The crane wife 3
Decemberists - The wanting comes in waves
Decibelios - Putrefacto
Decibels - Times will change (E-types)
Decoration - I tried it, I liked it, I loved it
Decoration - Intercom
Dee dee Ramone - 38th & 8th
Dee Dee Ramone - Cretin hop
Dee dee Ramone - Disguises
Dee Dee Ramone - False alarm
Dee Dee Ramone - Fix yourself up (1)
Dee dee Ramone - Fix yourself up (2)
Dee dee Ramone - Get out of my room
Dee dee Ramone - Hop around
Dee dee Ramone - I'm seeing UFO's
Dee dee Ramone - It's so bizarre
Dee dee Ramone - Mental patient
Dee dee Ramone - Never never again
Dee dee Ramone - Nothin'
Dee dee Ramone - Runaway
Dee Dee Ramone - Shakin all over
Dee Dee Ramone - Sidewalk surfin
Dee Dee Ramone - Timebomb
Dee dee Ramone - Trust me
Dee Dee Ramone & Youth Gone Mad - Dee Dee deceased
Deep Purple - Speed king
Deep Sea Arcade - All the kids
Deer Hunter ? - ?
Deerhof - Offend Maggie
Deerhoof - Holy night fever
Deerhoof - Matchbook seeks maniac
Deerhoof - Milkman
Deerhoof - Odyssey
Deerhoof - The eyebright bugler
Deerhoof - Wrong time capsule
Deerhoof - You can see
Deerhunter - Agoraphobia
Deerhunter - Circulation
Deerhunter - Disappearing ink
Deerhunter - Famous last words
Deerhunter - Game of diamonds
Deerhunter - Hazel St.
Deerhunter - Little kids
Deerhunter - Never stops
Deerhunter - Nothing ever happened
Deerhunter - Rainwater cassete exchange
Deerhunter - Spring hall convert
Deerhunter - Strange lights
Deerhunter - Twilight at Carbon lake
Deetak - Green eleven
Del Shannon - Comin' back to me
Del Shannon - Keep searching
Delays - Hooray
Delgados - Accused of stealing
Delgados - Akumulator
Delgados - All you need is hate
Delgados - American trilogy
Delgados - Everybody come down
Delgados - Everybody come down (Peel session)
Delgados - Falling and landing
Delgados - I fought angels (Peel session)
Delgados - I fought the angels
Delgados - I've just started to breathe (Peel session)
Delgados - If this is a plan
Delgados - Is this all that I came for?
Delgados - Is this all that I came for? (Peel session)
Delgados - Lazarwalker (Peel session)
Delgados - Leaning on a cane
Delgados - Mauron chanson (Peel session)
Delgados - Mr Blue Sky
Delgados - No danger (kids choir)
Delgados - No danger (Peel session)
Delgados - Now and forever
Delgados - Repeat failure
Delgados - Sucrose
Delgados - Tempered; not tamed
Delgados - The actress
Delgados - The arcane model
Delgados - The arcane model (Peel session)
Delgados - The weaker argument defeats the stronger
Delgados - Under canvas under wraps
Delicate Balance - Night is almost gone
DeLillos - Album
DeLillos - Festrelegiøs
DeLillos - Mor
DeLillos - Neste sommer
DeLillos - Psykopat
DeLillos - Stakkars Oslo
DeLillos - Toddys tupe
DeLillos - Tv'n rasker over krisen
Delta Mirror - A room for waiting
Delta Mirror - A song about the end
Delta Mirror - Going to town (part)
Delta Mirror - He was worse than he needle he gave you
Delta Mirror - It was dark and I welcome the calm
Delta Spirit - Bleeding bells
Delta Spirit - Bushwick blues
Delta Spirit - Children
Delta Spirit - Parade
Delta Spirit - White table
Dennis Wilson - Holy Man (instrumental)
Dennis Wilson - River song
Dennis Wilson - Tug of love
Dentists - I had an excellent dream
Derek & The Dominos - Anyday (part)
Derek & The Dominos - Have you ever loved a woman
Derek & The Dominos - It's too late
Derek & The Dominos - Keep on growing
Derek & The Dominos - Little wing
La Dérive Des Incontinents - ses heures
Derrero - Radar intruder
Deshead - Brand new car
Deshead - Failure and regret
Deshead - I meant to remember
Deshead - Not exactly normal
Desolation Radio - Ellis island
Desperate Bicycles - A can of lemonade
Desperate Bicycles - Blasting radio
Desperate Bicycles - Skill
Destroyer - Foam hands
Detroit Cobras - - Bad girl
Detroit Cobras - - Village of love
Detroit Cobras - As long as I have you
Detroit Cobras - Baby help me
Detroit Cobras - C'mon over to my house
Detroit Cobras - Cha cha twist
Detroit Cobras - Heartbeat
Detroit Cobras - I wanna holler (But the town's too small)
Detroit Cobras - I'll keep on holding on
Detroit Cobras - Insane asylum
Detroit Cobras - Just can't please you
Detroit Cobras - Laughing at you
Detroit Cobras - Let's forget about the past
Detroit Cobras - Midnight blues
Detroit Cobras - Oh my lover
Detroit Cobras - Right around the corner
Detroit Cobras - Shout bama lama
Detroit Cobras - Stupidity
Detroit Cobras - The real thing
Detroit Cobras - Won't you dance with me
Detroit Cobras - Ya ya ya
dEUS - Instant street
dEUS - Is a robot
dEUS - Sun Ra
dEUS - The vanishing of Maria Schneider
Deviants - Broken biscuits
Deviants - Bun
Deviants - Death of a dream machine
Deviants - First line (seven the row)
Deviants - Jamie´s song
Deviants - Play with fire
Deviants - Police car (live)
Deviants - Sidney B. Goode
Deviants - Slum lord
Deviants - Twilight of the gods
Deviants - You got to hold on
Devil Dogs - 6th Ave. local
Devil Dogs - Higher the heel
Deviot - Deviot
Deviot - Flöyd
Deviot - My version
Deviot - Road to nowhere
Deviot - Syrocase
Deviot - Wait here
Devo - (Slap your mammy)
Diabologum - 365 jours ouvrables
Diabologum - Ding a dong (down down)
Diabologum - The ballad of boy wonder
Diabologum - Une histoire de flesh
Dick Wagner - I might as well be on Mars
Dick Wagner - Stagger Lee
Dickens - One of a kind woman
Dickies - Attack of the mole men
Dickies - Easy livin'
Dickies - Epistle to Dippy
Dickies - Fan mail
Dickies - Free Willy
Dickies - I'm stuck in a condo (with Marlon Brando)
Dickies - Killer klowns
Dickies - Pretty ballerina
Dickies - See my way
Dickies - She
Dickies - Silent night
Dickies - There's a place
Dickies - Toxic avenger
Dickies - Toxic avenger (different take)
Dickies - Unconscious power
Dickies - Waterslide
Dictators - ?
Dictators - Exposed
Dictators - Haircut and attitude
Dictators - Heartaches
Dictators - Hey boys
Dictators - I got you babe
Dictators - I stand tall
Dictators - I want you tonight
Dictators - No tomorrow
Dictators - Science gone too far!
Dictators - Sleepin' with the tv on
Dictators - Steppin' out
Dictators - Teengenerate
Dictators - The next big thing
Dictators - The party starts now
Dictators - Two tub man
Dictators - Young, fast, scientific
DidJits - Dear junie
Die Toten Hosen - Armeederverlierer
Die Toten Hosen - Seafever
Die Toten Hosen - Till to the bitter end
Died Pretty - Out of the unknown
Died Pretty - Slipaway
Died Pretty - Sweetheart
Died Pretty - Wonder
The - Diesel breeze (part)
A different monkey - She's on my mind
Different Parts - Hey
Different Parts - Why
Dinosaur Jr - Almost ready
Dinosaur Jr - Back to your heart
Dinosaur Jr - Crumble
Dinosaur Jr - Freak scene
Dinosaur Jr - Gotta know
Dinosaur Jr - Little fury things
Dinosaur Jr - Mick
Dinosaur Jr - Mind glow
Dinosaur Jr - No bones
Dinosaur Jr - Nothin's goin on
Dinosaur Jr - Out there
Dinosaur Jr - Pieces
Dinosaur Jr - Pond song
Dinosaur Jr - Quick sand
Dinosaur Jr - Said the people
Dinosaur Jr - Severed lips
Dinosaur Jr - Sludgefeast
Dinosaur Jr - The lung
Dinosaur Jr - They always come
Dinosaur Jr - This is all I came to do
Dinosaur Jr - Thumb
Dinosaur Jr - We're not alone
Dinosaur Jr - What if I knew
Diodes - Rock it
Diodes - That was the way it was
Dios Malos - You'll get yours
Dirge - Hollywood wax
Dirt Eaters ? - His name is alive
Dirtmusic - New Caledonia
Dirtmusic - The returning
Dirty dancing - Delicate chains
Dirty Laundry - Toronto Star
Dirty On Purpose - Mind blindness
Dirty One - Cellar door
Dirty Pretty Things - Doctors and dealers
Dirty Pretty Things - Tired of England
Dirty Tricks - High life
Dirty Wurds - Why
Disappears - Gone completely
Disappears - Magics
Disappears - Marigold
Disguise - Hey baby
Dismemberment Plan - Time bomb
Distant seconds - Akron bureau
Distant Seconds - Avondale
Distant Seconds - Between the brackets
Distant Seconds - Consumed
Distant Seconds - Radical superjectivity
Distillers - The hunger
DJ Doppleganger - Foam rubber
Django Django - WOR
DM Bob - Lou, short for loser
DM6 - Pink ribbon
DMZ - Barracuda
DMZ - Do not enter
DMZ - Guilty child
DMZ - Pretty girl
Do - Aha
Do - Coda
Do the Undo - Son of a gun
Doctor Worm - Can't take our love away
Doctor Worm - Come down where you ought to be
Doctor Worm - Funny enough for you
Doctor Worm - Glass eye
Doctor Worm - Please don't call me Ken
Doctor Worm - Romantic cheapskate
Doctor Worm - That's not what I need
Doctor Worm - Violet wants it her way
Dog Day - Lydia
Dogs - ?.1
Dogs - Algomania
Dogs - Be my lover
Dogs - Can't find my way
Dogs - Death Lane
Dogs - Dog walk
Dogs - Everything but love
Dogs - Evil heart
Dogs - Gone gone gone
Dogs - Hesitation
Dogs - Home is where I want to be
Dogs - I got somebody
Dogs - I'm just losing that girl
Dogs - Jenny Jenny ?
Dogs - Lonesome Angie
Dogs - Lost summer
Dogs - Never come back
Dogs - Poisoned town
Dogs - Shakin' with Linda
Dogs - Skin on skin
Dogs - The disfigured
Dogs - The most forgotten French boy
Dogs - Trouble fête
Dogs - Turned to a different station
Dogs - Underworld
Dogs - Walking shadow
Dogs - Wanderin' Robin
Dogs (UK) - Dirty little shop
Dogs (UK) - Tarred and feathered
Dogs (UK) - Tuned to a different station
Dogs d'Amour - ?.2
Dogs d'Amour - ?.3
Dogs d'Amour - ?.4
Dogs d'Amour - ?.5
Dogs d'Amour - ?.6
Dogs d'Amour - All or nothing
Dogs d'Amour - Cath
Dogs d'Amour - Ever do right
Dogs d'Amour - Everything I want
Dogs d'Amour - Get by
Dogs d'Amour - Gonna get it right
Dogs d'Amour - How come it never rains
Dogs d'Amour - How come it never rains (1)
Dogs d'Amour - I don't want you to go (1)
Dogs d'Amour - I don't want you to go (2)
Dogs d'Amour - Just one
Dogs d'Amour - Lady Nicotine
Dogs d'Amour - Medicine man
Dogs d'Amour - No one but you
Dogs d'Amour - Put it in her arm
Dogs d'Amour - Roll over
Dogs d'Amour - Sometimes
Dogs d'Amour - Spooks
Dogs d'Amour - Waiting for the next
Dogs d'Amour - Wired and wide awake
Dogs Don't Push - House in my head
The - Dogs of lust
Doktor Kosmos - Borgarsvin
Doktor Kosmos - Högstadiepersonerna
Doktor Kosmos - Jag älskar dej
Doktor Kosmos - Krig är mord
Dolly - 7
Dolly - Tout va bien
Dolly Rocker Movement - My friend
Dolorean - Violence in the snowy field
Dolores Riposte - Catéchisme
Dolores Riposte - J'ai pas envie de rentrer chez moi
Dolores Riposte - Les gens simples
Dom - Introitus
Dom Mariani - The byrds have flewn
Dom Mariani & the magic kelp - Music to chase cars by
Dominique A - Février
Dominique A - Les habitudes se perdent
Dominique A - Otto box
Don's Mobile Barbers - Constant
Don't No - Underground
? - Don't talk to strangers
Don't tell Betsy - Cost of living
Don't Tell Betsy - She already knows
Donald Reid - All the advice
Donald Reid - Loser
Donnas - I didn't like you anyway
Donovan - Atlantis
Donovan - Catch the wind
Donovan - Celeste
Donovan - Colours
Donovan - Curry land
Donovan - Epistle to Derrol
Donovan - Every man has his chain
Donovan - New tear's resolution
Donovan - Palais girl (demo)
Donovan - People used to
Donovan - Poke at the pope
Donovan - Sand and foam
Donovan - Season of farewell
Donovan - Season of the witch
Donovan - Song for John
Donovan - The ballad of Geraldine
Donovan - To sing for you
Donovan - To try for the sun
Donovan - Turquoise
Doobie Bros - Without you
Doobie Brothers - Neal's fandango
Doris Henson - Dark time for the light side of the earth
Doscientos - Friendly fire
Doscientos - Nicely toasted
Doscientos - Romantic cheapskate
Doug Burr - In the garden
Douglas Heart - Alison
Dover - Far
Dover - Four graves
Dover - Free kitten
Dover - Grey
Dover - Honest
Dover - Judas
Dover - King George
Dover - Late at night
Dover - Leave me alone
Dover - Let me out
Dover - Loly Jackson
Dover - Mi sombrero
Dover - Nightmare
Dover - Rain of the times
Dover - Salvation
Dover - Serenade
Dover - Shine on me
Dover - Sick girl
Dover - Soldier
Dover - Straight to jail
Dover - The weak hour of the rooster
Dover - Three cowboys
Dover - Winter song
Dovers - I cold be happy
Dovers - People ask me why
Dovers - The third eye
Dovers - What am I going to do
Dovers - Your love
Doves - Break me gently
Doves - Hit the ground running
Doves - House of mirrors
Doves - Jetstream
Doves - One of these days
Doves - Some cities
Doves - The cedar room
Doves - Words
Dow Jones & The Industrials - Indeterminism
Dow Jones & The Industrials - It ain't good enough
Downbeat 5 - Radiates that charm
Downdime - Any good reason
Downdime - Lessons
Downdime - Seeds of hopelessness
Downdime - Shine
Downdime -Time runs too slow
Downliners Sect - Why don't you smile now
Downtown Union - Bright idea
Doyle 1 The FourFathers - What else are we to do?
Dr. Awkward - What's in it for me
Dr. Dog - Ain't it strange
Dr. Dog - The old days
Dr. Feelgood - ?
Dr. Spectaculars' Circus - Adonai
Dr. Strangely Strange - Friends
Dr. Strangely Strange - Jove was at home
Dr. Strangely Strange - Roy Rogers
Dr. Strangely Strange - Sign on my mind
Dr. Strangely Strange - Strangely strange but oddly normal
Dr. Strangely Strange - When Adam delved
Dr. Zeke - Jag ska aldrig dö
Draconian - She dies
Draft - Trailblazin'
Drawn From Bees - All this time
Drawn From Bees - Awful mess
Drawn From Bees - Ready to explode
Drawn From Bees - They close the door
Drawn From Bees - Waiting for the end (part)
Draytones - Heart shaped line
Draytones - Keep loving me
Draytones - Turn it down
Dreadful Yawns - Get yourself back home
Dream Cop - Beach City / Carol I know
Dream Machine - Broken hearts
Dream Syndicate - Black
Dream Syndicate - Blood money
Dream Syndicate - Boston
Dream Syndicate - Bullet with my name on it
Dream Syndicate - Burn
Dream Syndicate - Dying embers
Dream Syndicate - Forest for the trees
Dream Syndicate - Halloween
Dream Syndicate - Halloween (live)
Dream Syndicate - I ain't living long like this
Dream Syndicate - It hits you again
Dream Syndicate - Let it rain
Dream Syndicate - Loving the sinner, hating the sin
Dream Syndicate - Lucky
Dream Syndicate - Merrittville
Dream Syndicate - Out of the grey
Dream Syndicate - Still holding on to you
Dream Syndicate - Tell me when it's over
Dream Syndicate - The best years of my life
Dream Syndicate - The days of wine and roses
Dream Syndicate - The medicine show
Dream Syndicate - Until lately
Dream Syndicate - Whatever you please
Dream Syndicate - When the curtain falls
Dream Syndicate - When you smile
Dream Theater - The spirit carries on
Dreamboy - You're so great
Dreamdate - Have I Told You?
Dreamdate - How low are you?
Dreamdate - Tables
Dreamend - Are you waking
Dressie Bessie - Do you whisper
Dressy Bessy - Hey May
Drew - Back to the airplanes
Drew Style & The Blue Velvet Band - Back from Juvie
Drew Style & The Blue Velvet Band - Spin the bottle
Drink Drank Drunk - I thought I loved you
Drink Up Buttercup - Even think
Drink Up Buttercup - Sosey and Dosey
Drive By Truckers - Lookout mountain
Drive-By Truckers - Birthday boy
Drive-By Truckers - Like a rolling stone
Drive-By Truckers - This fucking job
Driver Drive Faster - They may talk
Drivin' N' Cryin' - Dirty angels
Drivin' N' Cryin' - Honeysuckle blue
Drivin' N' Cryin' - Killer weed
Drones - You'll lose
Drongos - If you want to know
Drop Nineteens - Ease it Halen
Drop Nineteens - My aquarium (second time around)
Drop Nineteens - Nausea
Drop Nineteens - Nausea (1)
Dropkick Murphys - 10 years of service
Dropkick Murphys - 21 guitar salute
Dropkick Murphys - Amazing grace
Dropkick Murphys - As one
Dropkick Murphys - Bagpipes
Dropkick Murphys - Barroom hero
Dropkick Murphys - Black velvet band
Dropkick Murphys - Cadence to arms
Dropkick Murphys - Captain Kelly's kitchen
Dropkick Murphys - Caught in a jar
Dropkick Murphys - Do or die
Dropkick Murphys - Fields of athenry
Dropkick Murphys - For Boston
Dropkick Murphys - Forever
Dropkick Murphys - Front seat
Dropkick Murphys - Gonna be a blackout tonight
Dropkick Murphys - Good rats
Dropkick Murphys - Heroes from our past
Dropkick Murphys - Hey little rich boy
Dropkick Murphys - Homeward bound
Dropkick Murphys - Kiss me, I'm shitfaced
Dropkick Murphys - Nut rocker
Dropkick Murphys - Rude awakenings
Dropkick Murphys - Sunshine highway
Dropkick Murphys - Surrender
Dropkick Murphys - Tenant enemy #1
Dropkick Murphys - Tessie
Dropkick Murphys - The auld triangle
Dropkick Murphys - The gang's all here
Dropkick Murphys - The new american way
Dropkick Murphys - The nutrocker (nutty)
Dropkick Murphys - The only road
Dropkick Murphys - The state of Massachusetts
Dropkick Murphys - The warrior code
Dropkick Murphys - The wild rover
Dropkick Murphys - This is your life
Dropkick Murphys - Torch
Dropkick Murphys - Vices and virtues
Dropkick Murphys - Walk away
Dropkick Murphys - Wheel of misfortune
Dropkick Murphys - Which side are you on
Dropkick Murphys - Wicked sensitive crew
Dropkick Murphys - World full of hate
Dropkick Murphys - Your spirits alive
Drops - Eleanor
Drug Rug - Day I die
Druids - It's a day
Drummer - Feel good together
Drunk Todd - The stink
Drunken Boat - Blue X-Mas (to whom it may concern)
Dry Water ? - Trouble
Dschinn - Fortune
Dub Gabriel - Cheree
Dublin Duck Dispensary - How much will you give me?
Dublin Duck Dispensary - Rosetta
Ducks Deluxe - Boogaloo babe
Ducks Deluxe - Daddy put the bomp
Ducks Deluxe - Don't mind rockin' tonite
Ducks Deluxe - Heart's on my sleeve
Ducks Deluxe - I fought the law
Ducks Deluxe - It's all over now
Ducks Deluxe - Moonlight
Ducks Deluxe - Please, please, please
Ducks Deluxe - Something's going on
Duels - Potential futures
Duke - ?
Duke Spirit - Baby doll
Duke Spirit - Cuts across the land
Duke Spirit - My sunken treasure
Dumb Angel - Basement prayer
Dumb Angel - Moonshine
Dumb Angel - That I remember
Dumptruck - Alive
Dumptruck - Things go wrong (live)
Dupont Circles - Heaven holler
La Düsseldorf - Cha Cha 2000 - 2000
La Düsseldorf - Das Yvönnchen
La Düsseldorf - Rheinita
La Düsseldorf - Viva
La Düsseldorf - White overalls
Dutch Uncles - Out of the clouds
DuToVa - Thinkin' about the old days
Dwarves - Better be women
Dwarves - Come where the flavor is
Dwarves - Everybodies girl
Dwarves - How it's done
Dwarves - Johnny on the spot
Dwarves - Production value
Dwarves - Reputation
Dwight Twiley - I can't take it
Dwight Twilley - Sky blue
Dwight Twilley - That thing you do
Dwight Twilley - Walking on water
Dwight Twilley Band - Invasion (Noah Shark mix)
Dwight Twilley Band - Sincerely
Dwight Twilley Band - Trying to find my baby
Dwight Twilley Band - You wre so warm
Dylan Municipal - Totaux d'atomes
Dylan Nau - Back from Brazil
Dylan Nau - The gutter
Dylans - (Don't cut me down) Mary Quant in blue
Dynamite Boy - I want it that way
Dyrdin - Popp & co
Eagle-Seagull - Photograph
Earl Brutus - Don't die Jim
Earl Brutus - Midland red (part)
Earlies - Morning wonder
Earlies - Wayward song
Earlimart - Before it gets better
Earlimart - The hidden track
Early Hours - ?
Early Years - All ones & zeros
Earth - A plague of angels
Earth - Engine of ruin
Earth - Miami morning coming down II (Shine)
Earth - Omens and portents I: the driver
Earth - Ouroboros is broken
Earth - Rise to glory
Earth - The bees made honey in the lion's skull
Earth & Fire - 21th century land
Earth & Fire - Interlude
Earth & Fire - Invitation
Earth & Fire - Lost forever
Earth & Fire - Memories
Earth & Fire - Only time will tell
Earth & Fire - Song of the marching children
Earth & Fire - Storm And Thunder (part)
Earth & Fire - Vivid shady land
Earth & Fire - Wild and exciting
Earth & Fire - You know the way
East River Pipe - Stare the graveyard down
East River Pipe - The long black cloud
Easterly - Happiness
Eastern Bloc - Restless heart
Eastern Conference Champions - The box
Eastern Dark - Julie is a Junkie
Eastern Dark - Walking
Easy - Kiss kiss
Easybeats - For my woman
Easybeats - Heaven & hell
Easybeats - I'll make you happy
Easybeats - Lisa
Easybeats - Sad & lonely blue
Easybeats - Who'll be the one
Eater - Outside view
Ebba Grön - Beväpna er
Ebba Grön - Die mauer
Ebba Grön - Flyger
Ebba Grön - Staten & kapitalet
Ebba Grön - Tyst för fan
Ebeneezer & The Bludgeons - Gerti
Echo & the Bunnymen - ?
Echo & The Bunnymen - All because of you days
Echo & The Bunnymen - Altamont
Echo & The Bunnymen - Altamont (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Angels and devils
Echo & The Bunnymen - Baby rain
Echo & The Bunnymen - Bombers Bay
Echo & The Bunnymen - Buried alive
Echo & The Bunnymen - Click click
Echo & The Bunnymen - Do it clean
Echo & The Bunnymen - Do you know who I am
Echo & The Bunnymen - Don't let it get you down
Echo & The Bunnymen - Everybody knows
Echo & The Bunnymen - Everything kills you
Echo & The Bunnymen - Flowers
Echo & The Bunnymen - Flowers (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Gods will be gods
Echo & The Bunnymen - Hide and seek
Echo & The Bunnymen - I want to be there when you come
Echo & The Bunnymen - In the margins
Echo & The Bunnymen - Make me shine
Echo & The Bunnymen - Mirror in the bathroom
Echo & The Bunnymen - My kingdom
Echo & The Bunnymen - My kingdom (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Nothing lasts foreve (live)r
Echo & The Bunnymen - Nothing lasts forever
Echo & The Bunnymen - Of a life
Echo & The Bunnymen - Parthenon Drive
Echo & The Bunnymen - Pictures on my wall
Echo & The Bunnymen - Proxy
Echo & The Bunnymen - Rust
Echo & The Bunnymen - Seven seas
Echo & The Bunnymen - Seven seas (live)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Shroud of Turin
Echo & The Bunnymen - Stars are stars
Echo & The Bunnymen - Stormy weather
Echo & The Bunnymen - Supermellow man
Echo & The Bunnymen - The fountain
Echo & The Bunnymen - The game
Echo & The Bunnymen - The game (acoustic demo)
Echo & The Bunnymen - The idolness of gods
Echo & The Bunnymen - Think I need it too
Echo & The Bunnymen - Villiers Terrace
Echobelly - Great things
ECU Moses - Friendly fire
ECU Moses - Soft orange glow
ECU Moses - Tomorrow's almost over
ECU Moses feat. Bad Production Monster - Hands up
Ed James - Don't follow me
Ed Kuepper - By the way
Ed Kuepper - Everything I've got belongs to you (1)
Ed Kuepper - Everything I've got belongs to you (2)
Ed Kuepper - Honey steel's gold
Ed Kuepper - Messin' with the kid
Ed Kuepper - Sea air
Ed Kuepper - Take it by the hand
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Beginning of the end
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Circles
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Cruisin' (in the Lincoln)
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Do anything you wanna do (live)
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Flipside rock
Eddie & The Hot Rods - I got mine
Eddie & The Hot Rods - I might be lying
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Ignore them (always crashing in the same bar)
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Ignore them (still life)
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Life on the line
Eddie & The Hot Rods - On the run
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Pompeii lovers
Eddie & The Hot Rods - We sing... the cross
Eddie And The Subtitles - We gotta get out of this place
Eddiebangs - Better
Eddiebangs - Feathers
Eddiebangs - Gettin' all sweaty
Eddiebangs - Hollywood fantasy
Eddiebangs - Let it be
Eddiebangs - Violet wants it her way
Eddiebangs - What's in it for me?
Eddies - Come apart
Eddies - Every time
Eddies - Meg's still cool
Eddies - So in love
Edge of LA - Bite size
Edge of LA - Everybody knows
Edge of LA - Fell out of the sky
Edge of LA - Peppermint Patty
Edge of LA - Piece of my heat
Edge of LA - Run faster
Edith Nylon - Edith Nylon
Editors - Smokers outside the hospital doors
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Desert song
Eels - Dead flowers
Eels - Dog fced boy
Eels - Everything's gona be cool this Christmas
Eels - Eyes down
Eels - Flower
Eels - Friendly ghost
Eels - From which I came / A magic world
Eels - I write the b-sides
Eels - I'm a loser
Eels - In my younger days
Eels - Last stop: this town
Eels - Manchild
Eels - Mr E's beautiful blues
Eels - My timing is off
Eels - Paradise blues
Eels - Saturday morning
Eels - Strawberry blonde
Eels - The other shoe
Eels - Theme for a pretty girl that makes you believe God exists
Eels - Theme from Blinking lights
Eels - Things the grandchildren should know
Eels - Unhinged
Egg (the) - Nothing
Eiffel - Avec des si
Eiffel - Belle de jour
Eiffel - Bigger than the biggest
Eiffel - Dans le vague
Eiffel - Dispersés
Eiffel - Effrontée
Eiffel - Hype
Eiffel - Inverse-moi
Eiffel - L'affaire
Eiffel - Le cœur Australie
Eiffel - Le plat pays
Eiffel - Loony tune for the moon
Eiffel - Ma part d'ombre
Eiffel - Ne respire pas
Eiffel - Paris minuit
Eiffel - Qu'ai-je donc à donner?
Eiffel - Que jeunesse se passe
Eiffel - Rien n'est pour de vrai
Eiffel - Saoul
Eiffel - Shalom
Eiffel - Si demain
Eiffel - Sous ton aile
Eiffel - Tandoori
Eiffel - Te revoir
Eiffel - Tes vanités
Eiffel - Une à une
Eight legged Oedipus - Let's go boy
Eight legged Oedipus - The truth about aspartame
Eight Legs - I understand
Eighteenth Day of May - ?
Eighteenth Day of May - Did I do
Eighteenth Day of May - Eighteens days
Eighteenth Day of May - Waterman's song to his daughter
El Columpio asesino - Dolores tres pinos
El Columpio Asesino - El destacamento
El Goodo - Pay per sound
El Murmullo De Las Cucarachas - De grillos a cucarachas
El Perro Del Mar - Coming down the hill
El Perro Del Mar - Dog
El Perro Del Mar - Glory to the world
El Perro Del Mar - Happiness won me over
El Perro Del Mar - I can't talk about it
El Perro Del Mar - Party
El Perro Del Mar - Sad
Ela Guru - Park lake speakers
Elaine DiMasi - Shoelace soup
Elastica - Blue
Elastica - Stutter
Elastica - Waking up
Elastica - Waking up (2)
Elastik Band - Spazz
Elbow - Mexican standoff
Elderberries - Au bikini
Electras - Action woman
Electrelane - After the call
Electrelane - At sea
Electrelane - Bells
Electrelane - Cut and run
Electrelane - Gone darker
Electrelane - Gone under sea
Electrelane - In Berlin
Electrelane - More than this
Electrelane - Oh sombra!
Electrelane - Suitcase
Electrelane - Take the bit between your teeth
Electrelane - The greater times
Electrelane - The lighthouse
Electrelane - Those pockets are people - Partisan
Electrelane - To the East
Electrelane - Tram 21
Electrelane - Two for joy
Electric Bird Noise - Christmas with Reilly
Electric Bird Noise - Cubism
Electric Church - Where I go
Electric Pop Group - Alone
Electric Pop Group - Believers
Electric Pop Group - Come and see me
Electric Pop Group - Don't bring me out
Electric Pop Group - I could see the lights
Electric Pop Group - My inspiration
Electric Pop Group - One of us
Electric Pop Group - Popgirly
Electric Pop Group - She's playing with your heart
Electric Pop Group - Summer's day
Electric Pop Group - Sweeter than the rest
Electric Pop Group - This is the town
Electric pop Group - Turn me on
Electric Pop Group - Walk away
Electric Pop Group - Why can't you?
Electric Pop Group - You changed my life
Electric President - Ten thousands lines
Electric Prunes - Are you lovin' me more (but enjoying it less)
Electric Prunes - Big city
Electric Prunes - I had too much to dream last night
Electric Prunes - I happen to love you
Electric Prunes - Kyrie eleison
Electric Prunes - Long day's flight
Electric Prunes - The great banana hoax
Electric Sex Circus - Spanner badge
Electric Six - Bloodstream
Electric Six - I wish this song was louder
Electric Six - Night vision
Electric Six - Pink flamingos
Electric Soft Parade - Appropriate ending
Electric Soft Parade - Biting the soles of my feet
Electric Soft Parade - Bruxellisation
Electric Soft Parade - Chaos
Electric Soft Parade - Empty at the end
Electric Soft Parade - It's wasting me away
Electric Soft Parade - Lights out
Electric Soft Parade - Lose yr frown
Electric Soft Parade - Start again
Electric Soft Parade - Stupid mistake
Electric Soft Parade - The American adventure
Electro Hippies - Sheep
Electroflex - 8th Avenue
Electronic Hole - Love will find a way part I
Electronic Hole - The golden hour part III
Elektrik Frendz - Take a walk
Element 101 - I'm like a bird
Elephant Parade - Grand opening
Elephant Stone - Bombs bomb away
Elephone - The hemlock three
Elevadores - Combatendo gigantes
Elevator Music - When we were nocturnal
Eleventh Dream Day - ?
Eleventh Dream Day - ?.2
Eleventh Dream Day - ?.3
Eleventh Dream Day - ?.4
Eleventh Dream Day - After this time is gone
Eleventh Dream Day - Among the pines
Eleventh Dream Day - April
Eleventh Dream Day - Awake I lie
Eleventh Dream Day - Axle
Eleventh Dream Day - Bagdad's last ride
Eleventh Dream Day - Beach miner
Eleventh Dream Day - Bend bridge
Eleventh Dream Day - Between here and there
Eleventh Dream Day - Bomb the Mars hotel
Eleventh Dream Day - Coercion
Eleventh Dream Day - Daedalus (part)
Eleventh Dream Day - Death of Albert C. Sampson
Eleventh Dream Day - Dissolution
Eleventh Dream Day - Dream of a sleeping sheep
Eleventh Dream Day - Figure it out
Eleventh Dream Day - For everything
Eleventh Dream Day - From K to Z
Eleventh Dream Day - Frozen mile
Eleventh Dream Day - Go
Eleventh Dream Day - Ground point zero
Eleventh Dream Day - Honeyslide
Eleventh Dream Day - I could be lost
Eleventh Dream Day - In the style of...
Eleventh Dream Day - Insomnia
Eleventh Dream Day - It's all a game
Eleventh Dream Day - It's not my world
Eleventh Dream Day - Journey with no maps
Eleventh Dream Day - Love to hate to love
Eleventh Dream Day - Makin' like a rug
Eleventh Dream Day - Michael Dunne
Eleventh Dream Day - Motherland
Eleventh Dream Day - Motion sickness
Eleventh Dream Day - Murder
Eleventh Dream Day - New rules (part)
Eleventh Dream Day - North of Wasteland
Eleventh Dream Day - Orange moon
Eleventh Dream Day - Pinwheels
Eleventh Dream Day - Return of long shadow
Eleventh Dream Day - Road that never winds
Eleventh Dream Day - Rubberband
Eleventh Dream Day - Stalled parade
Eleventh Dream Day - Strung up and/or out
Eleventh Dream Day - Tarentula
Eleventh Dream Day - Tenage pin queen
Eleventh Dream Day - Tenth leaving train (part)
Eleventh Dream Day - Testify
Eleventh Dream Day - That's the point
Eleventh Dream Day - The blindside (part)
Eleventh Dream Day - The lure
Eleventh Dream Day - Through my mouth
Eleventh Dream Day - Watching the candles burn
Eleventh Dream Day - You know what it is
Eleventh Dream Day ? - ?
Elf - Dixie Lee Junction
Elf - First Avenue
Elf Power - 23rd dream
Elf Power - All the world is waiting
Elf Power - All your experiments
Elf Power - An old familiar scene
Elf Power - Boots of lead
Elf Power - Cotton crown
Elf Power - Drawing flies
Elf Power - Everlasting scream
Elf Power - Evil eye
Elf Power - Forming
Elf Power - Goldmine in the sun
Elf Power - High atop the silver branches
Elf Power - Hot love
Elf Power - I walked with the zombie
Elf Power - Into the everlasting time
Elf Power - It's been a million years
Elf Power - Let the serpent sleep
Elf Power - Little hand
Elf Power - Noble experiment
Elf Power - Nothing's going to happen
Elf Power - Paralyzed
Elf Power - Pay to cum
Elf Power - Pioneer mansion
Elf Power - Quiver and quake
Elf Power - Rising and falling in a little world
Elf Power - Softly through the void
Elf Power - Spectators
Elf Power - Spiral stairs
Elf Power - The creature
Elf Power - The demon's daughter
Elf Power - The frightened singers
Elf Power - The modern mind
Elf Power - The new mythology
Elf Power - The sun is forever
Elf Power - Things that should not be
Elf Power - Visions of the sea
Elf Power - Walking with the beggar boys
Elf Power - Weird on the avenue
Elf Power - When the red king comes
Elf Power - Will my feet still carry me home
Elf Power & Vic Chestnut - 02
Elf Power & Vic Chestnut - 11
Eli Young Band - When it rains
Elias And The Wizzkids - Young and hairy
Elias Hulk - Ain't got you
Elias Hulk - Free
Elie & Jacno - ?
Elli & Jacno - Nos allures sages
Elli & Jacno - T'oublier
Elliot Minor - Coming home
Elliot Minor - Electric high
Elliot Minor - Figuring out
Elliot Minor - Let's turn this back around
Elliot Minor - Lucky star
Elliot Minor - Parallel worlds
Elliot Minor - Tethered
Elliott Brood - 31 years
Elliott Brood - Chuckwagon
Elliott Brood - Edge of town
Elliott Brood - Fingers and tongues
Elliott Brood - Garden river
Elliott Brood - Johnny Rooke
Elliott Brood - Riding Iin time
Elliott Brood - Superior
Elliott Brood - The bridge
Elliott Brood - Twill
Elliott Brood - Woodward Avenue
Elliott Murphy - A touch of kindness
Elliott Murphy - All the ways from Tokyo
Elliott Murphy - Anastasia
Elliott Murphy - Baby, I've been thinking
Elliott Murphy - Big sky
Elliott Murphy - Calling on Cathleen
Elliott Murphy - Change will come
Elliott Murphy - Come on Louann
Elliott Murphy - Destiny
Elliott Murphy - Diamonds by the yard
Elliott Murphy - Dirty old man
Elliott Murphy - Dusty roses
Elliott Murphy - Euro tour
Elliott Murphy - Fix me a coffee
Elliott Murphy - Garden city
Elliott Murphy - Green river
Elliott Murphy - Greetings from Sydney
Elliott Murphy - Hard core
Elliott Murphy - La belle dame sans merci
Elliott Murphy - Long time coming
Elliott Murphy - Losing it
Elliott Murphy - Mick's dream
Elliott Murphy - Modern romance
Elliott Murphy - Never say never
Elliott Murphy - Not dark yet
Elliott Murphy - Pneumonia Alley
Elliott Murphy - Rock ballad
Elliott Murphy - The fall of Saigon
Elliott Murphy - The loser
Elliott Murphy - The prince of chaos
Elliott Murphy - You got it made
Elliott Murphy (and the Rainy Season Band) - Blind Willie Mctell
Elliott Murphy (and the Rainy Season Band) - Cortez the Killer
Elliott Murphy (and the Rainy Season Band) - Diamonds by the yard
Elliott Murphy (and the Rainy Season Band) - I wish I was Picasso
Elliott Murphy (and the Rainy Season Band) - Somebodies anniversary
Elliott Smith - Alameda
Elliott Smith - Amity
Elliott Smith - Bottle up and explode!
Elliott Smith - Cupid's trick
Elliott Smith - Distorted reality is now a necessity to be free
Elliott Smith - Don't go down
Elliott Smith - Kiwi maddog 20/20
Elliott Smith - Passing feeling
Elliott Smith - Pretty (ugly before)
Elliott Smith - Strung out again
Elliott Smith - Stupidity tries
Ellos - 83.0
Ellos - Berta
Ellos - El anillo
Ellos - Los dejas o lo tomas
Ellos - Nada mas puro
Ellos - Si me vas a dejar
Eloy - Ilot to paradise ? (part)
Eloy - Introduction
Eloy - Sunset
Eloy - Waves of intuition
Elsinore - Antonymity
Elsinore - Chemicals
Elsinore - In the sea & air
Elsinore - Lines
Elsinore - The General
Elvis Perkins - It's a sad world after all
Elvis Perkins - May day!
Elvis Perkins - The night & the liquor
Elysian fields - Set the grass on fire
Embers of Autumn - My darling ruin
Emergency Exit - Maybe too late
Emergency Music - Prodigal son
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Lucky man
Emute ? - Hit my country ?
Enchanted Forest - Suzanne
Enchanted Forest - The word is love
End Of The World - Last cast
Endochine - Secret
Enigma Code - Breakdown baby
Enigma Code - In apathy
Enigma Code - Know it all
Eno 1 The Winkies - Totalled
Envelopes - Sister in love
Enveloppes - What's the deal
Epidaurus - Actions and reactions
Episode Six - Love hate revenge
Epitaph - Reflexion
Epitaphs - Client No. 9
Epitath - Moving to the country
Epo-555 - Hyperschlieb
Epo-555 - Le beats on fire
Ergs! - Everything falls apart (and more)
Ergs! - Fishbulb
Ergs! - I feel better tonight
Ergs! - Ramones medley
Eric Burdon & the Animals - Help me girl
Eric Burdon & the Animals - Sky pilot
Eric Burdon & the Animals - When I was young
Eric Clapton & the Yardbirds - Choker
Eric Clapton & the Yardbirds - Draggin' my tail
Eric Clapton & the Yardbirds - Freight loader
Eric Hisaw - Every Sunday
Eric J - Look good in black
Eric J - Shreds
Eric J - So aggravating
Eric J - Why are you making me kick you out?
Erik Voeks - I'll be the one
Erlkoenig - Love is truth
Erlkoenig - The lad in the fen
Eskimo Joe - Turn up your stereo
Espers - Flaming telepaths
Espers - Flowery noontide
Espers - Mansfield and cyclops
Espers - Travel mountains
Espers - Widow's weed
Esprit de Corps - If
Est Hundred - Autopilot
État De Siège - Ceci cela
Eternal - Breathe
Eternal Summers - Able to
Ethan Death - ?
Etienne Daho - Bleu comme toi
Étienne Daho - Quatre hivers
Etiquette Mona - Jag vill ha en amazon
Eugenius - Breakfast
Eulogies - One man
Euro Childs - Horse riding
Eux Autres - Anne Boleyn
Eux Autres - Carolina!
Eux Autres - Ecoutez bien!
Eux Autres - Graceful exit
Eux Autres - Gratte-ciel
Eux Autres - Molly
Eux Autres - Other girls
Eux Autres - Park bench vacation
Eux Autres - Patrick Nil
Eux Autres - Salut les copains
Eux Autres - The city all to himself
Eux Autres - The deadball era
Eux Autres - The sundance kid
Eux Autres - The things they carried
Eux Autres - When I'm up
Eux Autres - Wind and windows
Evan Seleven - Pay to win
Evanescence - Imaginary
Evangelicals - How do you sleep?
Evangelicals - Skeleton man
Even as we speak - (All you find is) Air
Even As We Speak - Best kept secret
Even As We Speak - Falling down the stairs
Everyday Visual - Boom! Boom! Boom!
Everyothers - Surprise, surprise
Everything But The Girl - Don't you go
Everything's Coming up Moses - Dirty chucks
Evil Encorporated - All I really want to do
Evil-E - Bitter orange
Evil-E - Funeral director
Evil-E - Hit by a train
Ex Lovers - Just a silhouette
Excessories - In the flesh
Excessories - Punk rock boy
Excessories - See in me
Excessories - The earthquake song
Excessories - With you
Exchequers - Is there some girl
Exile to Elba - Happy life
Exlovers - Incomplete
Exlovers - You forget so easily
Exotics - Hymn to her
Exotics - I was alone
Exotics - Queen of shadows
Experiments Being Performed - Step up
Explino! - Massive intelligence failure
Exploding Boy - London
Exploding hearts - Modern kicks
Exploding white mice - Burning Red
Explosions In The Sky - The only moment we wera alone
Eyesight - It never rains in Southern California
F-Hole Merman - Motor psycho
F-Hole Merman - Paper cuts and spilling guts
Fab Four - I'm always doint something wrong
Fabien Martin. - Toute une vie
Fabulous four - Happy
Face To Face - Helpless
Faceless Werewolves - That beast
Facer - King of expectations
Facer - Show me having fun
Factory - Path through the forest
Fade To Bluegrass - Fade to black
Faintest Ideas - Dear Leibniz
Faintest Ideas - Decapitated
Faintest Ideas - Gun totin hooligans
Faintest Ideas - If I could xrite spiteful lyrics
Faintest Ideas - Nosebleeders on the track
Faintest Ideas - Try too hard
Fairfield Parlour - Aries
Fairfield Parlour - Drummer boy of Shiloh
Fairfield Parlour - Emily
Fairfield Parlour - I will always feel the same
Fairfield Parlour - In my box
Fairfield Parlour - Monkey
Fairport Convention - A sailor´s life
Fairport Convention - Bird on a wire
Fairport Convention - Bonny bunch of roses
Fairport Convention - Close the door lightly when you go
Fairport Convention - Closing time
Fairport Convention - Come all ye
Fairport Convention - Crazy Man Michael
Fairport Convention - Doctor of physick
Fairport Convention - Farewell, farewell
Fairport Convention - Flowers of the forrest
Fairport Convention - Fotheringay
Fairport Convention - How many times
Fairport Convention - I don't know where I stand (1)
Fairport Convention - I don't know where I stand (2)
Fairport Convention - I miss someone
Fairport Convention - I'll keep it with mine
Fairport Convention - Jack o'diamonds
Fairport Convention - Meet me on the ledge
Fairport Convention - Mr. Lacey
Fairport Convention - Nottamun Town
Fairport Convention - One more chance
Fairport Convention - One sure thing
Fairport Convention - Open the door Richard
Fairport Convention - Percys song
Fairport Convention - Reno, Nevada
Fairport Convention - Reynardine
Fairport Convention - Rising for the moon
Fairport Convention - She moves thru' the fair
Fairport Convention - Sloth
Fairport Convention - Suzanne
Fairport Convention - Tale in hard time
Fairport Convention - The Deserter
Fairport Convention - The last waltz
Fairport Convention - The poor ditching boy
Fairport Convention - Time will show the wiser
Fairport Convention - Turn, turn turn again
Fairport Convention - Who knows where the time goes
Fairways - Don't call me dear
Fairways - K-L-M line
Fairways - Let's go
Fairways - The back of her hand
Fairways - The rain fell down
Fairy Tale - Run & hide
Fake Fictions - Parallel world
Fake Id - All or nothing
Fake Problems - The dream team
Falcon - Credit cards
Falcon - The sandfighter
Fall - Blood outta stone
Fall - Ed's babe
Fall - Edinburgh man
Fall - Vixen
Family Tree - Keepin' a secret
Fanatics - For you
Fanatics - Good men
Fanfarlo - Drowning Men
Fanfarlo - Fire escape
Fanfarlo - In the trunk
Fanfarlo - Sand & ice
Fanfarlo - Talking backwards
Fanfarlo - You are one of the few outsiders who really understands us
Fantasy - Stoned cowboy
Fantasy Lights - Like yesterday
Faris Nourallah - Black car
Faris Nourallah - Far from the sun
Faris Nourallah - Gone (part)
Faris Nourallah - Why did I ever fall in love with you
Farmacia De Guardia - Cazadora de cuero
Farmenther Roundtable - Devils live in a quiet pond
Farrah - Dumb dumb ditty
Fast - Boys will be boys
Faster Pussycat - House of pain
Fat Steaming Bag - Spalding gray
Fat Steaming Bag - Will the martians eat us
Fat Tulips -
Fat Tulips - Catch me by surprise
Fat Tulips - Confessions of an English girl
Fat Tulips - Farewell...
Fat Tulips - Ferensway
Fat Tulips - Treason
Fatal Charm - Endangered species I
Fatal Charm - The power of the passion
Fatsy Wataire - Chimene Hovelicot
Fauns - Understand
Faust - A seventies event
Faust - BBC 1-3-73
Faust - Duo
Faust - It's a bit of a pain
Faux Sheezy - World of screens
Favez - Ace of spades
Favez - An expression of good taste
Favez - Coming home
Favez - Emmanuel hall
Favez - Good luck
Favez - Headed for the ocean
Favez - I've got everything I need
Favez - It started like this
Favez - It's hit ?
Favez - Old
Favez - Psychiatric interference
Favez - She wakes up every night
Favourite Sons - Hang on girl
Favours For Sailors - I dreamt that you loved me in your dreams
FAWMit - At the arcade
FAWMit - Half empty / half full
Fearless Iranians From Hell - Land of the free
Feathers - Old black hat with a dandelion flower
Feeder - 20th century trip
Feeder - Bitter glass
Feeder - Buck Rogers
Feeder - Change
Feeder - Feeling a moment
Feeder - Guided by a voice
Feeder - Hole in my head
Feeder - Itsumo
Feeder - Love pollution
Feeder - Oxygen
Feeder - Quick fade
Feeder - Radioman
Feeder - Suffocate
Feeder - Tracing lines
Feeder - Tumble and fall
Feeder - We are people
Feeder - Yesterday went to soon
Feel - Got your name on it
Feelers - Venus
Feelies - Away
Feelies - Barstool blues
Feelies - Dancing barefoot
Feelies - Decide
Feelies - Deep fascination
Feelies - Doin' it again
Feelies - Fa Ce La
Feelies - Final word
Feelies - Find a way
Feelies - For a while
Feelies - For now
Feelies - Forces at work
Feelies - Higher ground
Feelies - I wanna sleep in your arms
Feelies - Invitation
Feelies - It's only life
Feelies - Let's go
Feelies - Loveless love
Feelies - Moscow nights
Feelies - On the roof
Feelies - Original love
Feelies - Paint it black
Feelies - Raised eyebrows
Feelies - Real cool time
Feelies - Sedan delivery
Feelies - Slipping
Feelies - Slow down
Feelies - Sooner or later
Feelies - The good earth
Feelies - The high road
Feelies - Time for a witness
Feelies - Tomorrow today
Feelies - Too far gone
Feelies - Waiting
Feelies - What goes on
Feelies - What she said
Feelies - When company comes
Feelies - White light, white heat
Feeling - Video killed the radio star
Feldspar - Bad attraction
Feldspar - Birthdays and breakups
Feldspar - Bullseye girl
Feldspar - Fight the sea
Feldspar - The pawnbroker's stepdaughter
Felice Brotehsr - Frankie's gun
Felice Brothers - ?
Felius Andromeda - Cheadle heath delusions
Felius Andromeda - Meditations
Felt - All the people I like are like are those that are dead
Felt - Look at the sun
Felt - Rain of crystal spires
La Femme - Chelsea kids
Fendt - Several loves
Fenwyck - I cry
Fenwyck - Mindrocker
Fernando - Howard Hughes
Ferré Grignard - Ring a ring
Fever Ray - If I had a heart
Fevers - Alright
Fiction Plane - Everything will never be okay
Field Mice - A heart disease called love
Field Mice - A winter's dawn
Field Mice - Anoint
Field Mice - Anoint (Peel session)
Field Mice - Anyone else isn't you
Field Mice - Below the stars
Field Mice - By degrees (Peel session)
Field Mice - Canada
Field Mice - Clearer
Field Mice - Coach station reunion
Field Mice - Emma's house
Field Mice - End of the affair
Field Mice - Everything about you (alternate)
Field Mice - Five moments
Field mice - Freezing point
Field Mice - Fresh surroundings
Field Mice - I thought wrong
Field Mice - If you need someone
Field Mice - It isn't forever (part)
Field Mice - Landmark
Field Mice - Let's kiss and make up
Field Mice - Letting go
Field Mice - Of the perfect kind
Field Mice - Quicksilver
Field Mice - Right as rain
Field Mice - Sensitive
Field Mice - September's not so far away
Field Mice - Song six
Field Mice - Sundial
Field Mice - That's all this is
Field Mice - This is not here
Field Mice - Tilting at windmills
Field Mice - When morning comes to town
Field Mice - White
Field Mice - Willow
Field Mice - You're kidding aren't you
Field Mice ? - ?
Field Music - She can do what she wants
Fields - Charming the flames
Fieros - Songbird
Fiery Furnaces - Chris Michaels
Fiery Furnaces - Evergreen
Fiery Furnaces - Here comes the summer
Fiery Furnaces - I'm gonna run
Fiery Furnaces - Ray Bouvier
Fiery Furnaces - Rub alcohol blues
Fiery Furnaces - South is only a home
Fiery Furnaces - Spaniolated
Fiery Furnaces - Sweet spots
Fiery Furnaces - Tropical iceland
Fiery Furnaces - Two fat feet
Fiery Furnaces - Wolf Notes
Fighting Brothers McCarthy - Running in my sleep
Figurines - Ambush
Figurines - The air we breathe
Final Flas - Welcome to the house on fire
Finches - House uner the hill
Finders Keepers - On the beach
Finding Nemoy - Glutton
Finding Nemoy - Sufficiently intoxicated
Finger Eleven - Awake and dreaming
Fingerprintz - Houdini love
Fingerprintz - Radiation
Fire - Father's name was dad
Fireflies - Comme il vous plaira
Fireflies - Everything's hidden away
Fireflies - Flowers
Fireflies - Himitsu
Fireflies - I was a brontosaurus
Fireflies - Il neige un peu partout
Fireflies - Kaleidoscope eyes
Fireflies - Rain soaked shoes
Fireflies - Reaching for blizzards
Fireflies - Rearranged
Fireflies - Snowstorm
Fireflies - Stars falling down
Fireflies - Strange
Fireflies - Strawberries
Fireflies - Summer has gone
Fireflies - The breeze
Fireflies - The dunes
Fireflies - The sky turns black
Fireflies - We heard the fireworks
Fireflies - X-mas song
Fireflies - Your map
First Aid Kit - Ghost town
First Aid Kit - Hand crank transmitter
First Aid Kit - Hard believer
First Aid Kit - Tangerine
First Aid Kit - You're not coming home tonight
Fishboy - Accidents
Fishboy - Blackout / Flashback
Fishboy - Brick #2
Fishboy - Broken bones
Fishboy - Farewell albatross
Fishboy - Minus one
Fishboy - Minus two
Fishboy - Race car
Fishboy - Start again
Fishboy - Water works
Fists - Cockatoo
Five Americans - I see the light
Five Americans - I'm so glad
Five Americans - The train
Fivefifteen - We're rock & roll
Fjodor, Dogge & Diamond Dogs - Barn av vår tid
Flairz - Rock and roll ain't evil
Flake Music - Blast valve
Flake Music - Deluca
Flake Music - Mieke
Flake Music - Roziere
Flake Music - Structo
Flake Music - The Shins
Flake Music - Totto
Flake Music - Untitled #2
Flake Music - Untitled #3
Flakes - Cryin' shame
Flamin' Groovies - ?
Flamin' Groovies - All I wanted
Flamin' Groovies - Around the corner
Flamin' Groovies - At full speed (+2)
Flamin' Groovies - Between the lines
Flamin' Groovies - Blue turns to grey
Flamin' Groovies - Blues from Phyllis
Flamin' Groovies - Comin' after me
Flamin' Groovies - Don't put me on
Flamin' Groovies - First plane home
Flamin' Groovies - Gonna rock tonite
Flamin' Groovies - Good laugh mun
Flamin' Groovies - Good morning Mr Stone
Flamin' Groovies - Have you seen my baby?
Flamin' Groovies - Headin' for the Texas border
Flamin' Groovies - Him or me
Flamin' groovies - I can't hide
Flamin' Groovies - I can't hide (2)
Flamin' Groovies - I saw her
Flamin' Groovies - I'll cry alone
Flamin' Groovies - Let the boy rock 'n' roll
Flamin' Groovies - Little queenie
Flamin' Groovies - Louie Louie
Flamin' Groovies - Married woman
Flamin' Groovies - Please please girl
Flamin' Groovies - Road house
Flamin' Groovies - Scratch my back
Flamin' Groovies - Second cousin
Flamin' Groovies - Shake some action (demo)
Flamin' Groovies - She said yeah
Flamin' Groovies - She's falling apart
Flamin' Groovies - Sometimes
Flamin' Groovies - Sportin' life
Flamin' Groovies - Sweet roll me on down
Flamin' Groovies - Take me back
Flamin' Groovies - Teenage head
Flamin' Groovies - Teenage head (2)
Flamin' Groovies - Tell me again
Flamin' Groovies - The girl can't help it
Flamin' Groovies - There's a place
Flamin' Groovies - Way over my head
Flamin' Groovies - Werewolves of London
Flamin' Groovies - When I heard your name
Flamin' Groovies - Whiskey woman
Flamin' Groovies - Yeah my baby
Flamin' Groovies - Yes I am
Flamin' Groovies - Yes it's true
Flamin' Groovies - Yesterday's numbers
Flamin' Groovies - You tore me down
Flaming Lips - (What a) Wonderful world
Flaming Lips - After the gold rush
Flaming Lips - Brainville
Flaming Lips - Can't exist
Flaming Lips - Five stop mother superior rain
Flaming Lips - Guy who got a headache and accidentally saves the world
Flaming Lips - Hit me like you did the first time
Flaming Lips - Jesus shooting heroin
Flaming Lips - Jets pt. 2 (My 2 days as an ambulance driver)
Flaming Lips - Let me be it
Flaming Lips - Placebo headwound
Flaming Lips - Right now
Flaming Lips - She don't use jelly
Flaming Lips - She is death
Flaming Lips - Slow nerve action
Flaming Lips - Thanks to you
Flaming Lips - The spontaneous combustion of John
Flaming Lips - Translucent egg
Flaming Lips - Unconsciously screaming
Flaming Lips - With you
Flaming Lips - Yeah yeah yeah song
Flaming Sideburns - ?
Flaming Sideburns - Heavy tiger
Flaming Sideburns - Save rock´n roll
Flaming Sideburns - Slow down
Flaming Sideburns - Spanish blood
Flaming Sideburns - Stripped down
Flaming Sideburns - Up in flames
Flaming Sideburns - Worldwide evil reverse
Flaming Stars - 10 feet tall
Flannelmouth - Godlike
Flashy Python - Skin and bones
Flatmates - Don't say if
Flatmates - Love cuts
Flatmates - My empty head
Flatmates - Shimmer
Flatmates - So in love with you
Flatmates - This thing called love
Flatmates - Turning you blue
Flatmates - When I'm with you
Flatmates - You're gonna cry
Flavortron - It's a shame my binoculars don't work at night
Fledermaus - Hello my old heart
Fleet foxes - He doesn't know why
Fleet foxes - Red squirrel / Sun rises
Fleet foxes - So long to the headstrong
Fleet foxes - Sun it rises
Fleet foxes - White winter hymnal
Fleetwood Mac - ?
Fleetwood Mac - Although the sun is shining
Fleetwood Mac - Believe my time ain't long
Fleetwood Mac - Bleed to love her
Fleetwood Mac - Cold black night
Fleetwood Mac - Come a little bit closer
Fleetwood Mac - Coming home
Fleetwood Mac - Danny's chant
Fleetwood Mac - Did you ever love me + Night watch
Fleetwood Mac - Dust my broom
Fleetwood Mac - Evenin' boogie
Fleetwood Mac - Everyday I have the blues
Fleetwood Mac - Go your own way (live)
Fleetwood Mac - Hold me
Fleetwood Mac - I held my baby last night
Fleetwood Mac - I know I'm not wrong
Fleetwood Mac - I'm coming home to stay
Fleetwood Mac - I've lost my baby
Fleetwood Mac - Jewel eyed Judy
Fleetwood Mac - Lazy poker blues
Fleetwood Mac - Murrow turning over
Fleetwood Mac - My dream
Fleetwood Mac - My heart beat like a hammer
Fleetwood Mac - Mystery boogie
Fleetwood Mac - Not that funny
Fleetwood Mac - One sunny day
Fleetwood Mac - Peacekeeper
Fleetwood Mac - Remember me
Fleetwood Mac - Rockin' boogie
Fleetwood Mac - Rollin' man
Fleetwood Mac - Sands of time
Fleetwood Mac - Sandy Mary
Fleetwood Mac - Sara
Fleetwood Mac - Say you love me
Fleetwood Mac - Shake your moneymaker
Fleetwood Mac - Show-biz blues
Fleetwood Mac - Sisters of the moon
Fleetwood Mac - Spare me a little of your love
Fleetwood Mac - Steal your heart away
Fleetwood Mac - Storms
Fleetwood Mac - Sun is shining
Fleetwood Mac - That's enough for me
Fleetwood Mac - Thrown down
Fleetwood Mac - Walk a thin line
Flesh Lights - Crush on you
Fleur de Lis - After the settlement
Fleur de Lis - Circles
Fleur de Lis - Mood
Fleur de Lis - Mud in your eye
Fleur de Lis - Sympathetic attitude
Flied egg - Before you descend
Fling - Wanderingfoot
Floorian - Heavium
Florance + The Machine - Bird song
Florence + The Machine - Kiss with a fist
Flower Beds - You mean to me
Flowerpot Men - Let's go to San Francisco
Flowers Of Hell - Darklands
Flowers Of Hell - Excerpt from opt out
Fluffy Porcupine - Five minutes
Flvvxvm Florvm - Interesting times
Flvxxvm Florvm - 501
Flvxxvm Florvm - A friendly reminder
Flvxxvm Florvm - Butterfly massacre
Flvxxvm Florvm - Couldn't have been worse
Flvxxvm Florvm - Dana wears dresses
Flvxxvm Florvm - Double take
Flvxxvm Florvm - Down for a while
Flvxxvm Florvm - How much will you give me?
Flvxxvm Florvm - I'm outstanding
Flvxxvm Florvm - In the valley
Flvxxvm Florvm - Jewel of India
Flvxxvm Florvm - Please don't call me Ken
Flvxxvm Florvm - We do all the style
Flvxxvm Florvm - Your new dress
Flyin' Spiderz - City boy
Flying Blind - Smokescreen
Flying Color - Dear friend
Flys - Civilisation
Focus - Focus (instrumental)
Focus - Focus (vocal version)
Foghat - I'll be standing b
Foghat - It hurts me too
Foghat - It hurts me too (live)
Foghat - It's too late
Foghat - Maybellene
Foghat - Paradise Alley
Foghat - Sarah Lee
Foghat - Save your loving (for me)
Foghat - Trouble, trouble
Följer Ett Spår - Himlen lät mig ge
Follow The Train - Wake up
Fondas - I want my share
Fondas - Little bit
Fondas - That's all
Fondas - What
Foo Fighters - Ain't it the life
Foo Fighters - Aurora
Foo Fighters - Cheer up, boys (your make up is running)
Foo Fighters - Come alive
Foo Fighters - Come back
Foo Fighters - Disenchanted lullaby
Foo Fighters - February stars
Foo Fighters - Halo
Foo Fighters - Have it all
Foo Fighters - Hell
Foo Fighters - In your honor
Foo Fighters - Long road to ruin
Foo Fighters - M.I.A.
Foo Fighters - My hero (live)
Foo Fighters - Next year
Foo Fighters - Next year (live)
Foo Fighters - Resolve
Foo Fighters - Summer's end
Foo Fighters - Times like these
Foo Fighters - Times like these (live)
Foo Fighters - Tired of you
Foo Fighters - Up in arms
Foo Fighters - Walking after you
Fooldoor - Solitary walk
Ford's Theater Disaster - Dirt nap
Ford's Theather Disaster - Diggin' out
Foreign born - Union hall
Foreign Legion - There ain't no punks
Forest Fire - I make windows
Forest Fire - Sunshine City
Forever People - Invisible
Forever People - Sometimes
Format - She doesn't get it
Fortunate Sons - You'd better learn
Forty Second Songs - A very unlikely occurence
Forty Second Songs - Don't forget to come to my house on Wednesday
Forty Second Songs - Snow for
Forty Second Songs - So kind Stacey
Forty Second Songs - Tank top
Fotheringay - Peace in the end
Fotheringay - The ballad of Ned Kelly
Fotheringay - The sea
Fotheringay - Too much of nothing
Fountain Of Youth - Sunshine on a cold morning
Fountains of Wayne - Radiation vibe
Four Below Zero - Don't send me away
Four Below Zero - It's Sally's birthday today
Four Rods ? - The rifee ?
Four Seasons - Rag doll
Four Speeds - Why did you leave me
Four Tops - If I were a carpenter
Fourmyula - Nature
Fox - Butterfly
Foxboro Hot Tubs - Broadway
Foxboro Hot Tubs - Red tide
Foxboro Hot Tubs - Sally
Foxboro Hot Tubs - The pedestrian
Foxtail Somersault - Motionland
Foxx - Into something real
Foxymorons - Harvard hands
Foxymorons - Hesitation eyes
Foxymorons - Terror on the tarmac
Foxymorons - This heart of mine
Fragile Lime - Angie
Frame - Winter
François Béranger - Tous ces mots terribles
Frank & Walters - Landslide
Frank And Walters - After all
Frank And Walters - City lights
Frank And Walters - Don't stop
Frank And Walters - Happy busman
Frank And Walters - Have you ever
Frank And Walters - Hold on
Frank And Walters - How can I exist
Frank And Walters - How can I exist (alternate version)
Frank And Walters - John and Sue
Frank And Walters - Last train home
Frank And Walters - Lately
Frank And Walters - Little dolls
Frank And Walters - Michael
Frank And Walters - Miles and miles
Frank And Walters - Never ending staircase
Frank And Walters - New York
Frank And Walters - Pathways
Frank And Walters - Saturday night
Frank And Walters - Simple times
Frank Black - Czar
Frank Black - Do what you want Gyaneshwar
Frank Black - Don't get me wrong
Frank Black - Don't ya rile 'em
Frank Black - Fazer eyes
Frank Black - Fu manchu
Frank Black - Hang on to your ego
Frank Black - Johnny Barleycorn
Frank Black - Massif Central
Frank Black - Planet of sound (part)
Frank Black - Radio lizards
Frank Black - The vanishing spies
Frank Black & Teenage Fanclub - Handyman
Frank Black & Teenage Fanclub - Sister Isabel
Frank Black & Teenage Fanclub - The man who was too loud
Frank Black And The Catholics - All my ghosts
Frank Black And The Catholics - At the end of the world
Frank Black And The Catholics - Back to Rome
Frank Black And The Catholics - Bad harmony
Frank Black And The Catholics - Black letter day
Frank Black And The Catholics - California round
Frank Black And The Catholics - Changing of the guards
Frank Black And The Catholics - Dog gone
Frank Black And The Catholics - Elijah
Frank Black And The Catholics - End of miles
Frank Black And The Catholics - Everything is new
Frank Black And The Catholics - Fields of Marigold
Frank Black And The Catholics - Hermaphroditos
Frank Black And The Catholics - I don't want to hurt you (every single time)
Frank Black And The Catholics - I love your brain
Frank Black And The Catholics - I need peace
Frank Black And The Catholics - I will run after you
Frank Black And The Catholics - I've seen your picture
Frank Black And The Catholics - Jane the queen of love
Frank Black And The Catholics - Le cigre volant
Frank Black And The Catholics - Man of steel
Frank Black And The Catholics - Men in black
Frank Black And The Catholics - Mosh, don't pass the guy
Frank Black And The Catholics - Nadine
Frank Black And The Catholics - Out of state
Frank Black And The Catholics - Pray a little faster
Frank Black And The Catholics - Punk rock city
Frank Black And The Catholics - Remake remodel
Frank Black And The Catholics - Robert Onion
Frank Black And The Catholics - Sister Isabel
Frank Black And The Catholics - Sister Isabelle (Peel session)
Frank Black And The Catholics - Smoke up
Frank Black And The Catholics - So hard to make things out
Frank Black And The Catholics - Solid gold
Frank Black And The Catholics - Suffering
Frank Black And The Catholics - Sunday sunny mill valley groove day
Frank Black And The Catholics - The last stand of Shazeb Andleeb
Frank Black And The Catholics - The man whoi was too loud
Frank Black And The Catholics - The scene
Frank Black And The Catholics - Tiny heart
Frank Black And The Catholics - Valentine and Garuda
Frank Black And The Catholics - Valley of your hope
Frank Black And The Catholics - You ain't me
Frank Black And The Catholics - You never heard about me
Frank Jordan - Fumble
Frankie and the Flames - On yer bike
Frankie Big Face - Oh Yoko
Frankie Big Face - Thunder Storm
Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Let's hang on
Fransisco The Man - Television father
Frantics - Relax your mind
Franz Ferdinand - All my friends
Franz Ferdinand - Darts of pleasure
Franz Ferdinand - Walk away
Fratellis - Babydoll
Fratellis - Dirty Barry stole the bluebird
Fratellis - Lupe Brown
Fratellis - My friend John
Fratellis - Nina
Fratellis - Shameless
Fratellis - Stragglers moon
Fratellis - Whistle for the choir
Fray - Over my head (cable car)
Fray - Say when
Fray - Where the story ends
Fred - The lights
Freddie Steady 5 - She has a way
Free - Broad daylight
Free - Don't say you love me
Free - Fire and water (extrait)
Free - I'm on the run
Free - Mouthful of grass
Free - Oh I wept
Free - Soldier boy
Free - Visions of hell
Free - What makes you
Free - Woman by the sea (alternative version)
Free Energy - All I know
Free Energy - Bad stuff
Free Energy - C'mon let's dance
Free Energy - Dream city
Free Energy - Free energy
Free Energy - Hope child
Free Energy - Light love
Free Energy - Wild winds
Free Loan Investments - If you leave
Free Loan Investments - Kick his balls out
Free Loan Investments - Rush hour
Freedom - In search of something
Freedom's Children - Boundsgreen fair
French Kicks - The trial of the century
French Kissing - Oh Suzanne
Frenzy - I see red
Friday bridge - Love and nostalgia
Fried - Let it be
Friends Of Lizzy - 10:1
Friends Of Sound - I don't want presents
Friggs - Bad word for a good thing
Friggs - Cheatin' song (1)
Friggs - Cheatin' song (2)
Friggs - Drag around
Friggs - Friggs theme
Friggs - Got your letter
Friggs - I thought you said that you were gonna kill yourself
Friggs - Mama, look at me now
Friggs - Not in love
Friggs - Shake
Frightened Rabbit - Behave!
Frightened Rabbit - Floating in the forth
Frightened Rabbit - Foot shooter
Frightened Rabbit - Head rolls off
Frightened Rabbit - It's Christmas so we'll stop
Frightened Rabbit - It's Christmas so we'll stop (2008 version)
Frightened Rabbit - Living in colour
Frightened Rabbit - Swim until you can't see land
Frightened Rabbit - The first incident
Frightened Rabbit - The loneliness
Frightened Rabbit - The modern leper
Frightened Rabbit - The second incident
Frightened Rabbit - The twist
Frightened Rabbit - The twist (live)
Frightened Rabbit - Things
Fringe - Plastic people
Frisco Mint - Which end is up
Friska Viljor - Four points
Friska Viljor - If I die now
Friska Viljor - Oh no
Friska Viljor - Oh oh
Friska Viljor - Old man
Friska Viljor - On and on
Friska Viljor - Taste of her lips
Frog Eyes - Idle songs
Fromheadtotoe - Colours
Fromheadtotoe - Day dream
Fromheadtotoe - New diversion
Fromheadtotoe - Thousand miles
Fromheadtotoe - Without
Fruit Bats - A bit of wind
Fruit Bats - Born in the '70s
Fruit Bats - Buffalo and deer
Fruit Bats - Dragon ships
Fruit Bats - Need it just a little
Fruit Bats - Rainbow sign
Fruit Bats - The ruminant band
Fruit Bats - The wind that blew my heart away
Fruit Bats - Track rabbits
Fruit Bats - When U love somebody
Fruupp - Future legends
Fucked Up - Crooked head
Fucked Up - Looking for God
Fucked Up - No epiphany
Fugazi - Arpeggiator
Fugazi - Arpeggiator (2)
Fugazi - Instrument
Fugazi - Joe #1
Fugazi - Life and limb
Fugazi - Nightshop
Fugazi - Slo Crostic
Fugazi - Strangelight
Fuked Up - Year of the pig
Fulton Lights - Healing waters
Fun - All the pretty girls
Fun Things - Savage
Function - The red hook overview
Funday Mornings - Titter
Funeral Dress - Leaving on a jetplane
Furasxa - Alone in the dark wood
Furious Planet - Mr. Perez
Further - Day to day
Further Seems Forever - Bye bye bye
Future Boy - Left/Right
Future Boy - One less
Future Boy And the 40 Caliber Freaks - Bullseye girl
Futureheads - Broke up the time
Futureheads - Carnival kids
Futureheads - I can do that
Futureheads - Struck dumb
Fuzzman - Love & laugh
Fuzzy - Miss the mark
Fuzzy Duck - Afternoon out
Fuzzy Duck - Just look around you
Fyfe Dangerfield - When you walk in the room
G reen Go - Brains for breakfast
G.E. Smith - Heart frozen up
Gäa - Tabbert
Gabriel The Marine - Twilight in the sun
Galactic Heroes - 4306 SE 34th Ave
Galactic Heroes - Brisk shower
Galactic Heroes - Bus stop
Galactic Heroes - Get up
Galactic Heroes - Heroes and villains
Galactic Heroes - Rain
Galactic Heroes - Sum of your parts
Galactic Heroes - Tennessee
Galactic Heroes - The Summer project
Galactic Heroes - Today won't Be the same
Galaxie 500 - ?
Galaxie 500 - Another day
Galaxie 500 - Blue thunder
Galaxie 500 - Blue thunder (Peel session)
Galaxie 500 - Ceremony
Galaxie 500 - Cheese and onions
Galaxie 500 - Cold night
Galaxie 500 - Crazy
Galaxie 500 - Decomposing trees
Galaxie 500 - Don't let our youth go to waste
Galaxie 500 - Don't let our youth go to waste (Peel session)
Galaxie 500 - Final day
Galaxie 500 - Final day (Peel session)
Galaxie 500 - Flowers
Galaxie 500 - Fourth of July
Galaxie 500 - Hearing voices
Galaxie 500 - Here she comes now
Galaxie 500 - I can't believe it's me
Galaxie 500 - Instrumental
Galaxie 500 - Isn't it a pity
Galaxie 500 - It's getting late
Galaxie 500 - Jerome
Galaxie 500 - King of Spain, part two
Galaxie 500 - Leave the planet
Galaxie 500 - Listen, the snow is falling
Galaxie 500 - Maracas song
Galaxie 500 - Melt away
Galaxie 500 - Moonshot
Galaxie 500 - Oblivious
Galaxie 500 - On the floor
Galaxie 500 - Open road
Galaxie 500 - Parking lot
Galaxie 500 - Pictures
Galaxie 500 - Plastic bird
Galaxie 500 - Snowstorm
Galaxie 500 - Song in 3
Galaxie 500 - Sorry
Galaxie 500 - Spook
Galaxie 500 - Strange
Galaxie 500 - Submission
Galaxie 500 - Summertime
Galaxie 500 - Tell me
Galaxie 500 - Temperature's rising
Galaxie 500 - The other side
Galaxie 500 - Them
Galaxie 500 - Tugboat
Galaxie 500 - Victory garden
Galaxie 500 - Walking song
Galaxie 500 - Way up high
Galaxie 500 - When will you come home
Galaxie 500 ? - ?
Galleries - Underground overground
Game - Gotta wait
Gamine - Sans effets
Ganjas - Sonic redemption
Gants - I wonder
Garbage - Vow
Garbage - Why do you love me
Gareth Duncan - Hope you're okay
Gareth Duncan - Piece of my heat
Gargoyles - California stars
Gargoyles - Coke whore
Gargoyles - Devil devil
Gargoyles - Final ascent
Gargoyles - The goat
Gary Floyd - ?
Gaslight Anthem - Blue jeans & white t-shirts
Gaslight Anthem - Bring it on
Gaslight Anthem - Casanova, baby!
Gaslight Anthem - Drive
Gaslight Anthem - Even cowgirls het the blues
Gaslight Anthem - High lonesome
Gaslight Anthem - I'da called you Woody, Joe
Gaslight Anthem - Miles Davis & the cool
Gaslight Anthem - Old haunts
GAT - Turn! Turn! Turn!
Gatechien - I
Gatsbys American Dream - Just like heaven
Gavin - Galaxies floating on a dark matter stream
Gavin St. Ours - Soft orange glow
Gay Dad - Oh Jim
Gaze - Any way
Gaze - Bob again
Gaze - Eric idol
Gaze - He makes all the girls smile (with his smile)
Gaze - Seed-less
Gaze - Shady
Gaze - X-reel
Geeks - Get back
Gem - Good to know you
Gem - The subterranean parade
Gemma Hayes - Hanging around
Gemma Ray - Metal in the morning
Gemma Ray - New life...
Gemma Ray - Pick up truck
Gemma Ray - Rise of the runts
Gene - For the dead
Gene - The British disease
Gene October - I fought the law
Gentle Despite - If I touch
Gentle Despite - Torment to me
Gentle Good - Amser
Gentle Soul - Tell me love
Gentleman Jack Grisham - Someone to love
Gentlemen - It's a cryin' shame
Gentrys - Everybody to their own kick
Gentrys - Keep on dancing
Geoff Reacher - Bent by you
George - Bandstand
George - Tip-top song
George Alexander ? - Dust my broom
George Harrison - Absolutely sweet Marie
George Harrison - All things must pass
George Harrison - Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let it roll)
George Harrison - I live for you
George Harrison - If not for you
George Harrison - Isn't it a pity
George Harrison - Try some buy some
George Harrison - Wah-wah
George Harrison - While my guitar gently weeps (live)
George Thorogood - ? boogie
George Usher Group - Christmas in the lion's den
Gérard Manset - Attends que le temps te vide
Gérard Manset - Dans un jardin que je sais
Gérard Manset - Filles des jardins
Gérard Manset - Finir pêcheur
Gérard Manset - Il faut toujours se dire adieu
Gérard Manset - Il voyage en solitaire
Gérard Manset - Jardin des délices
Gérard Manset - La neige est blanche
Gérard Manset - Le pays de la liberté
Gérard Manset - Ô amazonie
Gérard Manset - Paradis
Gérard Manset - Quand on perd un ami
Gérard Manset - Rien à raconter
Gérard Manset - Territoire de l'Inini.
Gerbils - Grin
German Oak - Swastika rising
Gert - Crack in my heart
Gestures - Run, run, run
Get Set Go - Please destroy me
Get Well Soon - Christmas in adventure parks
Get Well Soon - I sold my hands for food, so please feed me
Get Well Soon - Listen! Those lost at sea sing a song on Christmas day
Get Well Soon - People magazine front cover
Get Well Soon - Prelude
Get Well Soon - Tick tack! goes my automatic heart
The Ghost Is Dancing - Organ
The Ghost Is Dancing - Shuttles and planes
The Ghost Is Dancing - Wait another day
The Ghost Is Dancing - Wall of snow
The Ghost Is Dancing - We'll make it
The Ghost Is Dancing - Without friends
Giant Drag - Cordial invitation
Giant Drag - High friends in places
Giant Drag - Kevin is gay
Giant Drag - Stuff to live for
Giant Drag - Swan song
Giant Drag - This isn't it
Giant Drag - Tired yet
Giant Drag - White baby
Giant Drag - Wicked game
Giant Drag - Yflmd
Giant Drag - You are full of shit (Check out my sweet riffs)
Giant Jellybean Copout - Awake in a dream
Giant Sunflower - More sunshine
Gibson Bros. - Barbara
Gigolo Aunts - Ask
Gigolo Aunts - Bloom
Gigolo Aunts - Figurine
Gigolo Aunts - Flippin' out
Gigolo Aunts - Gun
Gigolo Aunts - Lullaby
Gigolo Aunts - Pin cushion
Gigolo Aunts - Ride on baby ride on
Gigolo Aunts - Serious drugs
Gigolo Aunts - Star 69
Gigolo Aunts - That's O.K.
Gigolo Aunts - Weird sister
Gil Sans - Snow globe
Gila - Kollektivität
Gila - Sundance chant
Gileah & The Ghost Train - The emergency
Gimp Juice - Punk bartender
Gin Club ? - Old hat
Ginger - Solid ground
Girl Alliance - Frances and the dancing fairies
? - The girl can't help it
Girl Trouble - Gonna find a cave
Girlfrendo - Happy days
Girls - Hellhole ratrace
Girls - Laura
Girls - Lust for life
Girls - Morning light
Girls - Solitude
Girls - Summertime
Girls At Our Best - Getting nowhere fast
Girls At Our Best - Pleasure
Girls At Our Best - This train
Girls At Our Best - Warm girls
Girls In Hawaii - 9.00 am
Girls In Hawaii - Bees and butterflies
Girls In Hawaii - Bored
Girls In Hawaii - Colors
Girls In Hawaii - Flavor
Girls In Hawaii - Fontanelle
Girls In Hawaii - Found in the ground
Girls In Hawaii - Grasshopper
Girls In Hawaii - Organeum
Girls In Hawaii - Ride
Girls In Hawaii - Shapedbeebed
Girls In Hawaii - Short song for a short mind
Girls In Hawaii - Summer storm
Girls In Hawaii - Sun of the sons
Girls In Hawaii - The ship on the sea
Girls In Hawaii - This farm will end up in fire
Girls In Hawaii - Time to forgive the winter
Girlschool - Emergency
Girlschool - Nothing to lose
Give It Ups - Dinosaur song
Gizo And the Explicit Lyric - I think it's killing me
Gladeyes - Your address
Glass Menagerie - She's a rainbow
Glasvegas - A snowflake fell (and it felt like a kiss)
Glasvegas - Careful what you wish for
Glasvegas - Colin the copper
Glasvegas - Flowers & football tops
Glasvegas - Geraldine
Glasvegas - It's my own cheating heart that makes me cry
Glasvegas - Lonesome swan
Glasvegas - Silent night (Noapte de vis)
Glen Reynolds - Wonderland
Glitterati - Do you love yourself?
Glitterati - Don't do romance
Glo-Worm - Beyond the sea
Glo-Worm - Crazy town
Glo-Worm - Downtown
Glo-Worm - Friday I'm in love
? - Gloria
Gluecifer - Exite at gate zero
Gluecifer - Red noses, shit poses
Gluecifer - Ripp-off strasse
Gluecifer - The general says hell yeah
Gluecipher - Automatic thrill
Glutamato Ye-Ye - Todos los negritos tienen hambre
Go Beetweens - ?
Go Betty Go - C'mon
Go To Blazes - Bad cup of coffee
Go-Betweens - A bad debt follows you
Go-Betweens - Ashes on the lawn
Go-Betweens - Bachelor kisses (live)
Go-Betweens - Black mule (live)
Go-Betweens - Boundary rider (live)
Go-Betweens - Bow down
Go-Betweens - Bye bye pride
Go-Betweens - Cattle and cane
Go-Betweens - Clouds (live)
Go-Betweens - Cracked wheat
Go-Betweens - Dive for your memory
Go-Betweens - Don't let him get back
Go-Betweens - Dusty in here
Go-Betweens - Finding you
Go-Betweens - Finding you (7th version)
Go-Betweens - Finding you (live)
Go-Betweens - He lives my life
Go-Betweens - He lives my life (live)
Go-Betweens - Hold your horses
Go-Betweens - Hope then strife
Go-Betweens - I'm all right
Go-Betweens - If one thing can
Go-Betweens - In her diary
Go-Betweens - Magic in here
Go-Betweens - Magic in here (live)
Go-Betweens - Make her day
Go-Betweens - Mrs. Morgan
Go-Betweens - One thing can hold us
Go-Betweens - Part company
Go-Betweens - People say
Go-Betweens - Poison in the walls
Go-Betweens - Quiet heart
Go-Betweens - Serenade sound
Go-Betweens - Something for myself
Go-Betweens - Spirit
Go-Betweens - Spring rain
Go-Betweens - Spring rain (live)
Go-Betweens - Surfing magazines
Go-Betweens - That way
Go-Betweens - The clock
Go-Betweens - The devil's eye
Go-Betweens - The devil's eye (live)
Go-Betweens - The mountains near Dellray
Go-Betweens - The sound of rain
Go-Betweens - The statue
Go-Betweens - The wrong road
Go-Betweens - This night's for you
Go-Betweens - Too much of one thing
Go-Betweens - Two steps, step out
Go-Betweens - When people are dead
Go-Betweens - When she sangs about angels
Go-Nuts - Snackin' Sandra
Gob - Banshee song
Gob - Low self esteem
Gob - Still feel nothing
Gob - What to do
Gob Squad - I could never take place of your man
God Bullies - Long way home
Godfathers - Another you
Godfathers - Believe in yourself
Godfathers - Birth, school, work, death
Godfathers - Can't leave her alone
Godfathers - Drag me down again
Godfathers - Drag me down again (live)
Godfathers - Halfway paralyzed
Godfathers - I don't believe in you
Godfathers - I love what's happening to me
Godfathers - I love what's happening to me (live)
Godfathers - I want everything
Godfathers - I want you
Godfathers - If I only had time
Godfathers - It's so hard
Godfathers - John Barry
Godfathers - Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean to say they're not going to get you!
Godfathers - Just like you
Godfathers - Love is dead
Godfathers - Obsession
Godfathers - Pretty girl
Godfathers - S.T.B.
Godfathers - Something good about you
Godfathers - This is war (live)
Godfathers - When am I coming down
Gogogo Airheart - So good
Gold Motel - Perfect in my mind
Goldblade feat. Poly Styrene - City of Christmas ghosts
Golden dawn - This way please
Golden Earring - Daddy buy me a girl
Golden Earring - Eight miles high (part)
Golden Earring - I'm going to send my pigeons to the sky
Golden Earring - Song oof a devil's servant
Golden Earring - When people talk
Golden Smog - 5-22-02
Golden Smog - Beautiful mind
Golden Smog - Can't event tie your own shoes
Golden Smog - Corvette
Golden Smog - Cure for this
Golden Smog - Friend
Golden Smog - Frying pan eyes
Golden Smog - Glad & sorry
Golden Smog - He's a dick
Golden Smog - Hurricane
Golden Smog - If I only had a car
Golden Smog - Ill fated
Golden Smog - Pecan pie
Golden Smog - Red headed stepchild
Golden Smog - Scotch on ice
Golden Smog - Starman
Golden Smog - Stay golden
Golden Smog - To call my own
Golden Smog - Until you came along
Golden Smog - Won't be coming home
Golden Smog - You make it easy
Golden State - All roads lead home
Golden Virgins - Renaissance kids
Golden Virgins - Staying sober
Golden Virgins - Staying sober (Peel session)
Golden Virgins - The light in her window
Goldenboy - Summer of the evening
Goldfrapp - Caravan girl
Goldheart Assembly - Anvil
Goldheart Assembly - Boulevards
Goldheart Assembly - Engraver's daughter
Golem - The returning
Golliwogs - ?
Golliwogs - Brown eyed girl
Golliwogs - Fight fire
Golliwogs - Fragile child
Golliwogs - I only met you just an hour ago
Golliwogs - She was mine
Golliwogs - Try try try
Golliwogs - Walking on the water
Golliwogs - You better be careful
Gomez - Moon and sun
Good Charlotte - A new beginning
Good Charlotte - Don't walk away
Good Charlotte - East Coast anthem
Good Charlotte - First day
Good Charlotte - Ghost of you
Good Charlotte - Hold on
Good Charlotte - It wasn't enough
Good Charlotte - Little things
Good Charlotte - Movin' on
Good Charlotte - Say anything
Good Charlotte - Screamer
Good Charlotte - The chronicles of life and death
Good Charlotte - The click
Good Charlotte - The day that I die
Good Charlotte - The motivation proclamation
Good Charlotte - Walk by
Good Shoes - Small town girl
Goodnight Loving - Dead fish on the banks
Goodnight loving - Fireworks
Goodnight loving - Girl
Goodnight loving - Movin' on
Goodnight loving - Seeds and stems
Goodnight loving - Smoke and mirrors
Goodnight loving - Sordid borders
Goodnight Loving - The pan
Goodnight loving - You won't change
Gooey Caramel Centaur - Cost of living
Gorch Fock - First we must meet the elders
Gorevette - Lustfully yours
Gorillas - She's my gal
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Face like Sue
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Hush the warmth
Gosling - One hand two hand
Got To Get Got - Gettin' dirty in the afterlife
Grace Valhalla - Roselyn
Grace Valhalla - The garden of birds and waters
Gracious - Once on a windy day
Gracious - Super nova - Prepare to meet that maker
Graham Coxon - Don't be a stranger
Graham Coxon - Don't believe anything I say
Graham Coxon - Flights in the sea (Lovely rain)
Graham Coxon - Just a state of mind
Graham Coxon - Look Iinto the light
Graham Coxon - Min Trampolin
Graham Coxon - November
Graham Coxon - See a better day
Graham Coxon - Standing on my own again
Graham Coxon - Tell it like it is
Graham Coxon - Tripping over
Graham Coxon - What's he got?
Graham Coxson - Freakin out
Graham Coxson - You & I
Graham Day And The Goalers - Wanna smoke
Grand Archives - Sleepdriving
Grand Café - Ignorance is bliss
Grand Café - Sputnik
Grand Champeen - One and only
Grandaddy - ?
Grandaddy - 12-pak-599
Grandaddy - Alan Parsons in a winter wonderland
Grandaddy - Campershell dreams
Grandaddy - Chartsengrafs
Grandaddy - Cinderland
Grandaddy - Collective dreamwish of upperclass elegance
Grandaddy - Disconnecty
Grandaddy - Firts movement, message fade
Grandaddy - Go progress chrome
Grandaddy - Guide down denied
Grandaddy - I'm in love with no one
Grandaddy - I'm on standby
Grandaddy - Jeez Louise
Grandaddy - Laughing stock
Grandaddy - Lost on your merry way
Grandaddy - MGM Grand
Grandaddy - My small love
Grandaddy - Now it's on
Grandaddy - OK with my decay
Grandaddy - Our dying brains
Grandaddy - Pre merced
Grandaddy - Protected from the rain
Grandaddy - Pull the curtains
Grandaddy - Rear view mirror
Grandaddy - Saddest vacant lot in all the world
Grandaddy - Shangri-La (outro)
Grandaddy - Skateboarding saves me twice
Grandaddy - Spitting up blood
Grandaddy - Summer here kids
Grandaddy - Summer it's gone
Grandaddy - The crystal lake
Grandaddy - The final push to the sum
Grandaddy - The go in for the go-for-it
Grandaddy - The nature anthem
Grandaddy - The warming sun
Grandaddy - This is how it always starts
Grandaddy - Why took your advice
Grandaddy - Wives of farmers
Grandaddy - Wretched songs
Grandaddy - Yeah is what we want
Grant McLennan - All her songs
Grant McLennan - All them pretty angels
Grant McLennan - Cave in
Grant McLennan - Comet scar
Grant McLennan - Coming up for air
Grant McLennan - Dream about tomorrow
Grant McLennan - Dropping you
Grant McLennan - Easy come easy go
Grant McLennan - Horsebreaker star
Grant McLennan - Ice in heaven
Grant McLennan - In your bright ray
Grant McLennan - Lamp by lamp
Grant McLennan - Malibu 69
Grant McLennan - One plus one
Grant McLennan - Put you down
Grant McLennan - Room for skin
Grant McLennan - Stones for you
Grant McLennan - The parade of shadows
Grant McLennan - Things will change
Grant McLennan - Who said love was dead
Grantura - Waves
Grape Storms - For myself
Grass Roots - Come on and say it
Grass Roots - Eve of destruction
Grass Roots - Here's where you belong
Grass Roots - I've got no more to say
Grass Roots - Lollipop train (You never had it so good)
Grass Roots - Only when you're lonely
Grass Roots - Out of touch
Grass Roots - Tell me (You're coming back)
Grass Roots - Where were you when I needed you
Grass Roots - You didn't have to be so nice
Grass Roots - You've got to hide your love away
Gravedigger 5 - Stoneage tomp
Gravenhurst - ?
Gravenhurst - Animals
Gravenhurst - Hollow man
Gravenhurst - See my friends
Gravenhurst - Song from under the arches
Gravenhurst - The collector
Gravenhurst - The velvet cell reprise
Gravenhurst - The Western lands
Gravenhurst - Trust
Gravenhurst - Velvet cell
Graylock Mansion - Over my shoulder
GRD - ?
Great Lake Swimmers - Pulling on a line
Great Lake Swimmers - Various stages
Great Northern - Home
Great Northern - Houses
Great Northern - Snakes
Great Spy Experiment - Class 'A' love affair
Great Unwashed - Born in the wrong time
Great Unwashed - Hold onto the rail
Great Unwashed - Small girl
Great Unwashed - What happened Ray?
Great Unwashed - What U should be now (#1)
Great Unwashed - What you're thinkin' now
Greedies - A merry jongle
Green on Red - Gravity talks
Green Oyster Group - Sunny again
Green Pajamas - (Chamber music XXI)
Green Pajamas - Addiction
Green Pajamas - Angles of passion
Green Pajamas - Dreams of Rhonda
Green Pajamas - Emily Grace
Green Pajamas - End of love
Green Pajamas - Ginny
Green Pajamas - Holy night
Green Pajamas - In a lonely way
Green Pajamas - Just a breath away
Green Pajamas - Looking for heaven
Green Pajamas - Missing Miss Maccol
Green Pajamas - She's still bewitching me
Green Pajamas - Song for the maid
Green Pajamas - Surfacing
Green Pajamas - Walking in the rain
Green River - Baby takes
Greenhorns - Shelter of your arms
Greg Ashley - Deep deep down
Greg Ashley - Medication Nr.5
Greg Ashley - Medicine fuck dream
Greg Ashley - She
Greg Graffin - Cold as the clay
Greg Graffin - Don't be afraid to run (cold as the clay
Greg Graffin - Opinion
Greg Graffin - Rebel's goodbye
Greg Graffin ? - Don't be afraid to run
Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops - Watching my baby get ready
Gregory Webster - Promised land
Gregory Webster - Untidy towns
Gregory Webster - Won't you sometimes think of me
Greham Flyers - Berry buck mills stipe
Gresham Flyers - Blackwall tunnel
Gresham Flyers - Falling down
Gresham Flyers - Magic
Gresham Flyers - Red nose day
Grin - Outlaw
Grin - We all sung together
Gris Gris - For the season
Gris Gris - Medication Nr.4
Gris Gris - Year zero
Grizzly Bear - Blackcurrant jam
Grizzly Bear - Fragments
Grizzly Bear - This song
Grizzly Bear - Two weeks
Grobschnitt - Dream and reality
Grobschnitt - Raintime
Groep 1850 - Mother no-head
Groove Farm - (Out of my mind) Over you
Groove Farm - Empty heart
Groove Farm - Sad for you
Groovie ghoulies - 50,000 spaceships (watching over me)
Groovie Ghoulies - Pet sematary
Groovie Ghoulies - The blob
Groovie Ghoulies - The King Kong stomp
Groovie Ghoulies - The lizard king
Groovy Ghoulies - Don't go out in the rain (You're going to melt)
Groucho Marxists - Burger King queen
Groundhogs - ?
Groundhogs - A year in the life
Groundhogs - Amazing grace
Groundhogs - BDD
Groundhogs - Eleventh hour
Groundhogs - Love you Miss Ogyny
Groundhogs - My life
Groundhogs - Pastoral future
Groundhogs - Rich man
Groundhogs - Ship on the ocean
Groundhogs - Split part 4 (part)
Groundhogs - Status people
Groundhogs - Tiger in your tank
Groundhogs - You had a lesson
Groundhogs - Your love keeps me alive
Groundswell - The concept
A Group Called Eve - Within a world of you
Grown-Ups - Scarz
Gschu - Some might say
? - Guatemala ?
Gudibrallan - Uti vår hage
Guess Who - 969 (The oldest man)
Guess Who - Bus rider
Guess Who - Do you miss me darlin'
Guess Who - Hand me down world
Guess Who - Humpty's Blues
Guess Who - No sugar tonight + New mother nature
Guess Who - No time
Guess Who - No time (live)
Guess Who - Pain train (live)
Guess Who - Rain dance
Guided By Voices - #2 in the model home series
Guided By Voices - A good flying bird
Guided By Voices - A salty salute
Guided By Voices - Alright
Guided By Voices - An earful o'wax
Guided By Voices - Are you faster?
Guided   By   Voices   -   Asia minor
Guided   By   Voices   -   Asphyxiated circle
Guided   By   Voices   -   At odds withe Dr Genesis
Guided   By   Voices   -   At the farms
Guided   By   Voices   -   Atom eyes
Guided   By   Voices   -   Back to Saturn X
Guided   By   Voices   -   Back to the lake
Guided   By   Voices   -   Big boring wedding
Guided   By   Voices   -   Big school
Guided   By   Voices   -   Bite
Guided   By   Voices   -   Blatant doom trip
Guided   By   Voices   -   Blue Gil
Guided   By   Voices   -   Bright paper werewolves
Guided   By   Voices   -   Bright paper werewolves (live)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Burning flag birthday suit
Guided   By   Voices   -   Can't stop
Guided   By   Voices   -   Canteen plums
Guided   By   Voices   -   Catfood on the earwig
Guided   By   Voices   -   Chasing Heather Crazy
Guided   By   Voices   -   Cheyenne
Guided   By   Voices   -   Chicken blows
Guided   By   Voices   -   Choking Tara
Guided   By   Voices   -   Christian animation torch carriers
Guided   By   Voices   -   Circus world
Guided   By   Voices   -   Closer you are
Guided   By   Voices   -   Cocksoldiers and their postwar stubble
Guided   By   Voices   -   Cody's antler
Guided   By   Voices   -   Color coat drawing
Guided   By   Voices   -   Color of my blade
Guided   By   Voices   -   Common rebels (part)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Crunch pillow
Guided   By   Voices   -   Crux
Guided   By   Voices   -   Cut-out witch
Guided   By   Voices   -   Cyclops
Guided   By   Voices   -   Damn good Mr. Jam
Guided   By   Voices   -   Dayton, Ohio - 19 something and 5
Guided   By   Voices   -   Dig through my window
Guided   By   Voices   -   Dirty water
Guided   By   Voices   -   Do the collapse
Guided   By   Voices   -   Dodging Iinvisible rays
Guided   By   Voices   -   Don't stop now
Guided   By   Voices   -   Downed
Guided   By   Voices   -   Drag days
Guided   By   Voices   -   Dusted
Guided   By   Voices   -   Dusted (2)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Echos Myron
Guided   By   Voices   -   Echos Myron (live)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Ester's day
Guided   By   Voices   -   Eureka signs
Guided   By   Voices   -   Everybody thinks I'm a raincloud (When I'm not looking)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Everyday
Guided   By   Voices   -   Ex-supermodel
Guided   By   Voices   -   Fair touching
Guided   By   Voices   -   Fine to see you
Guided   By   Voices   -   Fire 'em up, Abner
Guided   By   Voices   -   Fly Iinto ashes
Guided   By   Voices   -   For liberty
Guided   By   Voices   -   Free of this world
Guided   By   Voices   -   Game of pricks
Guided   By   Voices   -   Game of pricks (2)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Ghosts of a different dream
Guided   By   Voices   -   Girls of wild strawberries
Guided   By   Voices   -   Glad girls
Guided   By   Voices   -   Gleemer (The deeds of fertile Jim)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Hank's little fingers
Guided   By   Voices   -   Hardcore ufos
Guided   By   Voices   -   He's the uncle
Guided   By   Voices   -   Heavy metal country
Guided   By   Voices   -   Hold on hope
Guided   By   Voices   -   Hot freaks
Guided   By   Voices   -   Hot freaks (live)
Guided   By   Voices   -   How loft I am?
Guided   By   Voices   -   How's my drinking?
Guided   By   Voices   -   Huffman prairie flying field
Guided   By   Voices   -   I am a scientist
Guided   By   Voices   -   I am decided
Guided   By   Voices   -   I am produced
Guided   By   Voices   -   I can't help but noticing
Guided   By   Voices   -   I invented the moonwalk (and the pencil sharpener)
Guided   By   Voices   -   In stitches
Guided   By   Voices   -   Interest position
Guided   By   Voices   -   It's like soul man
Guided   By   Voices   -   Jabberstroker
Guided   By   Voices   -   James riot
Guided   By   Voices   -   Jane of the waking universe
Guided   By   Voices   -   Jar of cardinals
Guided   By   Voices   -   Land of danger
Guided   By   Voices   -   Let's go Vike
Guided   By   Voices   -   Let's ride
Guided   By   Voices   -   Little whirl
Guided   By   Voices   -   Local mix-up / Murder charge
Guided   By   Voices   -   Lonely town
Guided   By   Voices   -   Look at them
Guided   By   Voices   -   Look at them (live)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Lord of overstock
Guided   By   Voices   -   Lord of overstock (live)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Love hurts
Guided   By   Voices   -   Madroom assistance
Guided   By   Voices   -   Mammoth cave
Guided   By   Voices   -   Mannequin's complaint
Guided   By   Voices   -   Maxwell jump
Guided   By   Voices   -   Melted Pat
Guided   By   Voices   -   Metal mothers
Guided   By   Voices   -   Mice feel nice (in my room)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Motor away
Guided   By   Voices   -   Motor away (2)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Motor away (live)
Guided   By   Voices   -   Much better Mr. Buckles
Guided   By   Voices   -   My impression now
Guided   By   Voices   -   My kind of soldier
Guided   By   Voices   -   My son cool (live)
Guided   By   Voices   -   My valuable hunting knife
Guided   By   Voices   -   Navigating flood regions
Guided   By   Voices   -   No sky
Guided   By   Voices   -   Non-absorbing
Guided   By   Voices   -   North American vampires
Guided   By   Voices   -   Now to war
Guided   By   Voices   -   Office of hearts
Guided   By   Voices   -   Office of hearts (lve)
Guided By Voices - Oh, Blinky
Guided By Voices - On the tundra
Guided By Voices - On with the show
Guided By Voices - Optical hopscotch
Guided By Voices - Optional bases opposed
Guided By Voices - Order for the new slave trade
Guided By Voices - Pantherz
Guided By Voices - Perfect this time
Guided By Voices - Picture me big time (demo)
Guided By Voices - Pink drink
Guided By Voices - Pivotal film
Guided By Voices - Postal blowfish
Guided By Voices - Pretty bombs
Guided By Voices - Privately
Guided By Voices - Quality of armor
Guided By Voices - Queen of cans and jars
Guided By Voices - Redmen and their wives
Guided By Voices - Rhine jive click
Guided By Voices - Running of with the fun city girls
Guided By Voices - Sad if you lost it
Guided By Voices - Scalding creek
Guided By Voices - Scissors
Guided By Voices - She goes of at night
Guided By Voices - She wants to know
Guided By Voices - Sheetkickers
Guided By Voices - Short on posters
Guided By Voices - Sing for your meat
Guided By Voices - Sister I need wine
Guided By Voices - Skills Like This
Guided By Voices - Slopes of big ugly
Guided By Voices - Smothered in hugs
Guided By Voices - Some drilling implied
Guided By Voices - Sometimes I cry
Guided By Voices - Sopor Joe
Guided By Voices - Sot
Guided By Voices - Soul barn
Guided By Voices - Spring tigers
Guided By Voices - Stabbing a star
Guided By Voices - Storm vibrations
Guided By Voices - Striped white jets
Guided By Voices - Striped white jets (live)
Guided By Voices - Subtle gear shifting
Guided By Voices - Surgical focus
Guided By Voices - Taco, buffalo, birddog and Jesus
Guided By Voices - Tear it out
Guided By Voices - Teenage FBI
Guided By Voices - Teenage FBI (original version)
Guided By Voices - The closets of Henry
Guided By Voices - The drinking Jim Crow
Guided By Voices - The great blake St. Canoe race
Guided By Voices - The Iids are alright
Guided By Voices - The kissing life
Guided By Voices - The kite surfer
Guided By Voices - The official ironmen rally song
Guided By Voices - The other place
Guided By Voices - The qualifying remainder
Guided By Voices - The stir crazy pornographer
Guided By Voices - The terrible two
Guided By Voices - The Tumblers
Guided By Voices - The various vaults of convenience
Guided By Voices - The wheel hits the path (quite soon)
Guided By Voices - The Who Vs. Porky Pig
Guided By Voices - The worryin' song
Guided By Voices - Things I will keep
Guided By Voices - Tin can laughter
Guided By Voices - To remake the young flyer
Guided By Voices - Top chick silver chord
Guided By Voices - Tour guide at the Winston Churchill memorial
Guided By Voices - Town of mirrors
Guided By Voices - Tractor rape chain (Clean it up)
Guided By Voices - Trampoline
Guided By Voices - Trap soul door
Guided By Voices - Trendspotter acrobat
Guided By Voices - Turbo boy
Guided By Voices - Twig
Guided By Voices - Twilight campfighter
Guided By Voices - Unbaited vicar of scorched earth
Guided By Voices - Underground initiations
Guided By Voices - Underwater explosions
Guided By Voices - Unleashed! The large-hearted boy
Guided By Voices - Unstable journey
Guided By Voices - Watch me jumpstart
Guided By Voices - Weed king (live)
Guided By Voices - Weedking
Guided By Voices - White whale
Guided By Voices - Wished I was a giant
Guided By Voices - Wormhole
Guided By Voices - Wrecking now
Guided By Voices - Your charming proposal
Guided By Voices - Your name is wild
Guided By Voices - Your name is wild (live)
Guided By Voices - Zoo pie
Guild League - 17 Summer
Guillemots - If the world ends
Guilty Horse - ?
Guinea Worms - Box of records
Gun - Drives you mad
Gun - Rat race
Gun - Rupert's travels
Gun - Sunshine
Gun - The sad saga of the boy and the bee
Gun - Yellow cab man
Gun Club - A house is not a home
Gun Club - Bad America
Gun Club - Death party
Gun Club - Eternally is here
Gun Club - Give up the sum
Gun Club - Hearts
Gun Club - I hear your heart singing
Gun Club - Lucky Jim
Gun Club - My dreams
Gun Club - Sex beat
Gun Club - The fire of love
Gun Club - The great divide
Gun Club - The house on Highland Avenue
Gun Club - The light of the world
Gun Club - The master plan
Gun Club - The stranger in our town
Gun Outfit - Work experience
Gun Outfit - Your will
Gun Outfits - Troubles like mine
Gun Shys - Madly Iin action
Gunn And Fames - Birds of our own
Gunn And Fames - Highway
Gunn And Fames - Is it cold?
Gunn And Fames - Snow globe
Gunn And Fames - That's the spirit
Guns N' Roses - Sweet child o' mine
Guru Guru - Baby cake walk
Gus - Just foolin'
Gus Black - Certain kind of light
Guster - One man wrecking machine
Gutter Twins - God's children
Gutter Twins - Idle hands
Gwyn Ashton - The road is my religion
Gyllene Tider - Solsken
Gyre - Five minutes
Gyroscope - Doctor doctor
Ha Ha Tonka - Giant strides
Ha Ha Tonka - Hold my feet in the fire
Ha Ha Tonka - St. Nick on the fourth in a fervor
Ha Ha Tonka - The horse in motion
Ha Ha Tonka - The outpouring
Ha Ha Tonka - Walking on the devil's backbone
Ha Ha Tonka - Word climbing
La Habitación Roja - Pon tu mente al sol
Hacienda - Degree of murder
Hacienda - I keep waiting
Hadès - Frayeurs (part)
Hair - Supermouth
Haircuts - Life in a minor key.3
Hal - Play the hits
Haley Bonar - Big star
Half Man Half Biscuit - 4AD3DCD
Half Man Half Biscuit - 13 Eurogoths floating in the Dead Sea
Half Man Half Biscuit - 27 yards of dental floss
Half Man Half Biscuit - A lilac Harry Quinn
Half Man Half Biscuit - Asparagus next left
Half Man Half Biscuit - Asparagus next left (Peel session)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Bad review
Half Man Half Biscuit - Bob Wilson - anchorman
Half Man Half Biscuit - Bottleneck at Capel Curig
Half Man Half Biscuit - Children of apocalyptic techstep
Half Man Half Biscuit - Corgi registered friends
Half Man Half Biscuit - Dead men don't need season tickets
Half Man Half Biscuit - Deep house victims minibus appeal
Half Man Half Biscuit - Dickie Davis eyes
Half Man Half Biscuit - Ecclesiastical perks
Half Man Half Biscuit - Emerging from gorse
Half Man Half Biscuit - Eno collaboration
Half Man Half Biscuit - Fear my wraith
Half Man Half Biscuit - Floreat inertia
Half Man Half Biscuit - Floreat inertia (Peel session)
Half Man Half Biscuit - For what is Chatteris...
Half Man Half Biscuit - Fretwork homework
Half Man Half Biscuit - Get Kramer
Half Man Half Biscuit - God gave us life
Half Man Half Biscuit - Gubba look-a-likes
Half Man Half Biscuit - I hate Nerys Hughes (from the heart)
Half Man Half Biscuit - I love you because (you look like Jim Reeves)
Half Man Half Biscuit - If I had possession over Pancake day
Half Man Half Biscuit - Irk the purists
Half Man Half Biscuit - It makes the room look bigger
Half Man Half Biscuit - It's clichéd to be cynical at Christmas
Half Man Half Biscuit - Joy Division oven gloves
Half Man Half Biscuit - Lark descending
Half Man Half Biscuit - Legend in my time
Half Man Half Biscuit - Letters sent
Half Man Half Biscuit - Look dad no tunes
Half Man Half Biscuit - Malayan jelutong
Half Man Half Biscuit - Mate of the bloke
Half Man Half Biscuit - Monmore, hare's running
Half Man Half Biscuit - Multitude
Half Man Half Biscuit - National shie day
Half Man Half Biscuit - No regrets (long version)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Numanoid hang-glide
Half Man Half Biscuit - Ordinary to Enschede
Half Man Half Biscuit - Our tune
Half Man Half Biscuit - Outbreak of Vitas Gerulatis
Half Man Half Biscuit - P R S yearbook - Quick the drawbridge
Half Man Half Biscuit - Paradise lost (You're the reason why)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Prag Vec at the Melkweg
Half Man Half Biscuit - Ready steady Goa
Half Man Half Biscuit - Restless legs
Half Man Half Biscuit - San Antonio foam party
Half Man Half Biscuit - Secret gig
Half Man Half Biscuit - See that my bike's kept clean
Half Man Half Biscuit - She's Iin broadstairs
Half Man Half Biscuit - Shit arm, bad tattoo
Half Man Half Biscuit - Slight reprise
Half Man Half Biscuit - Song for Europe
Half Man Half Biscuit - Song to the siren - Vatican broadside
Half Man Half Biscuit - Split single with Happy Lounge labelmates
Half Man Half Biscuit - Sponsoring the Moshpits
Half Man Half Biscuit - Surging out of convalescence
Half Man Half Biscuit - Tending the wrong grave for 23 years
Half Man Half Biscuit - The Len Ganley stance
Half Man Half Biscuit - The light at the end of the tunnel (is the light of an oncoming
Half Man Half Biscuit - There stands the glass
Half Man Half Biscuit - Third track main camera four minutes
Half Man Half Biscuit - This laden pall
Half Man Half Biscuit - Tonight Matthew I'm going to be with Jesus
Half Man Half Biscuit - Turned up clocked on laid off
Half Man Half Biscuit - Upon Westminster bridge
Half Man Half Biscuit - Whiteness thy name is melotonian
Half Man Half Biscuit - With Goth on our side
Half Man Half Biscuit - Yipps (My baby got the)
Half Man Half Biscuit - You're hard
Half Man Half Biscuit - You're hard (Peel session)
Hallelujah The Hills - Blank passports
Halo Benders - Your asterisk
Ham No Burger - Evil April
Ham No Burger - We were not meant to be
Ham Sandwich - Animals
Ham Sandwich - Ashes
Ham Sandwich - Broken glass
Ham Sandwich - In December
Ham Sandwich - Keepsake
Ham Sandwich - Long distance
Ham Sandwich - Never talk
Ham Sandwich - Sad songs
Ham Sandwich - Sleep
Ham Sandwich - St Christopher
Ham Sandwich - The naturist
Ham Sandwich - Thru the glass
Ham Sandwich - White fox
Ham Sandwich - Words
Hammersmith Gorillas - Thy will be done
Hammersmith Gorillas - You really got me
Hand Puppets - It belongs to me
Handclaps - Cacti are delicious fruit
Handsome Family - A shadow underneath
Handsome Furs - All we want, baby, is everything
Handsome Furs - Cannot get started
Handsome Furs - Dead + rural
Handsome Furs - Hearts of iron
Handsome Furs - Talking hotel Arbat blues
Handsome Furs - What we had
Hangman's - Love is blue
Hank - Other places I have lived
Hank IV - Dirty poncho
Hanky Panky - Ha ha ha ha!
Hanna Trance - Happy in my mind
Hans Gruber Ultimate Villain - Saving throw
Happy Birthday - Girls FM
Happy Birthday - Too shy
Happy Hollows - Big bad wolf
Happy Hollows - Colors
Happy Hollows - Death to Vivek Kemp
Happy Hollows - Faces
Happy Hollows - Monster room
Happy Hollows - Silver
Happy Hollows - Tambourine
Happy Particles - Infinite jet
Happydeadmen - Saints' everlasting rest
Happydeadmen - Silent sight city
Happydeadmen - Whatever happens
Happyendings - Miracle
Hard Lessons - See and be scene
Hard Times - They said no
Hard-Ons - Cool hand Luke
Hard-Ons - Fade away
Hard-Ons - Jaye's song
Hard-Ons - Knowing my luck
Hard-Ons - Lost
Hard-Ons - On and on
Hard-Ons - Shoot shoot
Hard-Ons - Sri Lanka
Hard-Ons - Stop crying
Hard-Ons - The ballad of Katrin Cartlidge
Hard-Ons - Throw it in
Hardcore Superstar - Liberation
Hardcore Superstar - Shame
Hardcore Superstar - Someone special
Hari And Aino - A considerate kind of home
Hari And Aino - Lousy day
Hari And Aino - Maple
Hari And Aino - Second song
Hari And Aino - Thank you for my sisters
Harmonics - Soley Road
Harper Lee - Bad Christmas
Harper Lee - Brooklyn bridge
Harper Lee - Bug
Harper Lee - City Station
Harper Lee - Clifton Street passage
Harper Lee - Come rest your weary head
Harper Lee - Deep dark ocean
Harper Lee - Doing nothing
Harper Lee - Fine bones
Harper Lee - He holds a flame
Harper Lee - He holds a flame, longer
Harper Lee - I could be wrong
Harper Lee - Left-handed
Harper Lee - Low
Harper Lee - Miserable town
Harper Lee - Only connect
Harper Lee - Seem so right
Harper Lee - The forest alone
Harper Lee - The sea gently lifting
Harper Lee - The thought of you and him
Harper Lee - There is a light in me that's gone (part)
Harper Lee - This better life
Harper Lee - Train not stopping
Harper Lee - William Blake
Hartfield - Soon
Haruko - Autumn, golden trees
Harvest Ministers - 6 o'clock is rosary
Harvey Danger - Big wide empty
Harvey Danger - Cream and bastards rise
Harvey Danger - Defrocked
Harvey Danger - Diminishing returns (1)
Harvey Danger - Diminishing returns (2)
Harvey Danger - Flagpole sitta
Harvey Danger - Little round mirrors
Harvey Danger - Mainland
Harvey Danger - Problems and bigger ones
Harvey Danger - Radio silence
Harvey Danger - Sad sweetheart of the rodeo
Harvey Danger - War buddies
Haunted - 125
Haven - All for a reason
Haven - Change direction
Haven - Is the bliss
Haven - Last dance
Haven - Let it live
Haven - Outside
Haven - Say something
Haven - Something moved me
Haven - Still tonight
Haven - Where is the love
Haven - Wouldn't change a thing
Hawaians - ?
Hawks - It's all right, it's O.K.
Hawks - Spend this evening
Hawkwind - ?.1
Hawkwind - ?.2
Hawkwind - Cymbaline
Hawkwind - D-rider
Hawkwind - Down through the night
Hawkwind - Dust of time
Hawkwind - Ejection
Hawkwind - Fable of a failed race
Hawkwind - Gimme shelter
Hawkwind - High rise
Hawkwind - Hippy
Hawkwind - It's so easy (live)
Hawkwind - Kings of speed
Hawkwind - Mirror of illusion
Hawkwind - Motorway City
Hawkwind - Orgone accumulator
Hawkwind - Paradox
Hawkwind - Prairie
Hawkwind - Psi power
Hawkwind - Space is deep
Hawkwind - Spirit of the age (1)
Hawkwind - Spirit of the age (2)
Hawkwind - The demented man
Hawkwind - We took the wrong step years ago
Hawkwind - World of tiers
Hawkwind - You'd better believe it
Hayden Wood - The house beside the mine
Hayes Carll - Wish I hadn't stayed so long
Hazey Janes - After all
Head Like A Hole - I'm on fire
Head Of Femur - Curve that byrd
Headcoatees - Ça plane pour moi
Headcoatees - Come into my mouth
Headcoatees - Dirty old man
Headcoatees - Gotta get inside that boys mind
Headcoatees - Hurt me
Headcoatees - I need loving
Headcoatees - I want it
Headcoatees - Melvin
Headcoatees - Never to go back
Headcoatees - Pretend
Headcoatees - Road runner
Headcoatees - You say that you love me
Headcoatees - You'll be sorry now
Headcoatees - You're right I'm wrong
Headcotees - Pedophile
Headdress - Among the swinging stars
Headdress - The lost white brother
Headless Chickens - Cipher
Headless Chickens - Day of the locust
Headless Chickens - Electricity
Headless Chickens - Magnet
Headless Chickens - Stalk of a cherry
Headless Heroes - Nobody's baby now
Headless Heroes - See my love
Headless Heroes - The North wind blew South
Headless Heroes - To you
Headless Heroes - True love will find you in the end
Headlights - Cherry tulips
Headlights - Dead ends
Headlights - Get going
Headlights - Get your head around it
Headlights - Telephones
Headlights - Tokyo
Headlights - Towers
Headlights - TV
Headlights - We're all animals
Headlights - You and eye
Headstones - And
Headstones - Blonde and blue
Headstones - Burning
Headstones - Come on
Headstones - Cubically contained
Headstones - Cut
Headstones - Fuck you
Headstones - Hearts, love and honour
Headstones - Judy
Headstones - Little lies
Headstones - Nothing changes
Headstones - Oh my God!
Headstones - Reframed (Every single failure)
Headstones - Settle
Headstones - Tiny Teddy
Headstones - Vanished
Headstones - Whatchagonnado
Headstones - Where does it go?
Heart - Alone (how do I get you alone)
Heartless Bastards - All this time
Heartless Bastards - Blue day
Heartless Bastards - Brazen
Heartless Bastards - Finding solutions
Heartless Bastards - Gray
Heartless Bastards - Hold your head high
Heartless Bastards - I swallowed a dragonfly
Heartless Bastards - Into the open
Heartless Bastards - Into the open (live)
Heartless Bastards - Lazy
Heartless Bastards - Runnin
Heartless Bastards - Searching for the ghost
Heartless Bastards - Searching for the ghost (live)
Heartless Bastards - Sway
Heartless Bastards - The mountain
Heartless Bastards - Witchypoo
Hearts & Flowers - Road to nowhere
Hearts & Flowers - She sang hymns out of tune
Heavenly - Atta girl
Heavenly - I fell in love last night
Heavenly - Itchy chin
Heavenly - Miracle
Heavenly - Nous ne sommes pas des anges
Heavenly States - Lost in the light
Heavenly States - The story of
Heavens - Dead end girl
Heavens - Patent pending
Heavens - Second day blues
Hedgehoppers Anonymous - Remember
Hedrons - I need you
Hefner - A better friend
Hefner - Hello kitten (live)
Hefner - Love inside the stud farm (live)
Hefner - Oblivious
Hefner - Painting and kissing
Hefner - Painting and kissing (live)
Hefner - Somebody's got to love you (part)
Hefner - Stole a bride
Hefner - The greedy ugly people
Hefner - The hymn for Lisa and me
Hefner - The hymn for the cigarettes
Hefner - The hymn for the coffee (boxing version)
Hefner - The hymn for Thomas Courtney Warner
Hefner - The librarian
Hefner - The sad witch (live)
Hefner - We love the city
Hefner - Wicker girl
Heideroosjes - Watch me play
Heimat-Los - Soldier
Heine - Rattlesnake
Hell Is For Heroes - You've got hopes
Hell on Heels - Ain't so cool
Hell Yeahs - Rattlesnake
Hellacopters - (It's not a) Long way down
Hellacopters - 455 SD
Hellacopters - Cold night for alligators
Hellacopters - Darling darling
Hellacopters - It's good but it just ain't right
Hellacopters - No angel to lay me away
Hellacopters - No salvation
Hellacopters - On time
Hellacopters - Rainy days revisited
Hellacopters - Sent en lördags kväll
Hellacopters - Slow down (take a look)
Hellacopters - Straight until morning
Hellacopters - Welcome to hell
Hello Saferide - 2008
Hello Saferide - Anna
Henrietta And the Hostage - The puppet's dream (mix 1)
Henry Clay People - Something in the water
Henry Clay People - Working part time
Henry's Dress - Sally wants
Henry's Dress - Self starter
Henry's Dress - Winter '94
Hentai Kitty Death - Angry all over
Hentai Kitty Death - Driving
Hentai Kitty Death - Start over
Hentai Kitty Death - Wrath of God
Her majesty - Funeral
Herb Eimerman - A whisper is enough
Herb Eimerman - Be home tonight
Herb Eimerman - Be with you
Herb Eimerman - Because of you
Herb Eimerman - Bonus track 2
Herb Eimerman - Consuela
Herb Eimerman - I felt clean
Herb Eimerman - I hope you find
Herb Eimerman - If we're quiet
Herb Eimerman - Just one touch
Herb Eimerman - Let me in
Herb Eimerman - Our fate was signed
Herb Eimerman - Puttin' my things in a suitcase
Herb Eimerman - Tell me where
Herb Eimerman - The attraction
Herb Eimerman - Til tomorrow
Herb Eimerman - Vanished shadows
Herb Eimerman - Wish you enough
Herbie's People - Semi-detached suburban Mr. Jones
Herd - From the underworld
Herman Dune - Big bad man
Herman Dune - Everglades
Herman Dune - Expect the unexpected
Herman Dune - Little architect
Herman Dune - Pet rabbit
Herman Dune - Run like crazy
Herman Dune - Sheer wonder baby
Herman Dune - The backyard berries
Herman Dune - Will you still love me tomorrow
Herman's Hermits - A must to avoid
Herman's Hermits - Sleepy Joe
Hermit Crabs - I don't know how
Heroes & Villains - The phantom ones
Herostratos - Slumber
Hey Hey My My - I need some time
Hey Hey My My - Into the blue
Hey Paulette - Pebbledash
Hey Paulette - Smalltown reel
Hi-Life Companion - In your heart, a cathedral
Hi-Life Companion - King and country
Hi-Life Companion - Night comes down
Hi-Life Companion - One man team
Hi-Life Companion - Pilot light
Hi-Life Companion - The girl in the gorilla suit
Hi-Life Companion - Times table
Hidden Cameras - Awoo
Hidden Cameras - Ban marriage
Hidden Cameras - Breathe on it
Hidden Cameras - Day is dawning
Hidden Cameras - Death of a tune
Hidden Cameras - For fun
Hidden Cameras - Golden streams
Hidden Cameras - In the NA
Hidden Cameras - Learning the lie
Hidden Cameras - Lollipop
Hidden Cameras - Music is my boyfriend
Hidden Cameras - Shame
Hidden Cameras - Smells like happiness
Hidden Cameras - The animals of prey
Hidden in Plain View - And I ran
High Dials - Book of the dead
High Dials - Cartoon breakup
High Dials - Clare
High Dials - Invisible choirs
High Dials - My heart is pinned to your sleeve
High Dials - Open up the gates
High Dials - Seagull blues
High Dials - These days mean nothing to me
High Violets - Sun baby
High Water Marks - Polar
High Water Marks - The leaves
High Wire - Bound to follow
High Wire - It's no secret
High Wire - Letting in the light
High Wire - Odds and events
High Wire - Pump your little heart
High Wire - Rope walking
High Wire - Saint bees
High Wire - Sleep tape
Higher Elevation - Summer skies
Highschool Rockers - Fun tonight
Highschool Rockers - Let's kill the Reekys tonight
Highschool Rockers - She's my girl
Highspire - Glacier
Highspire - It disappears
Hilensick ? - I'm not a yoyo
Hillbilly - Piece of my heat
Hillbilly - Rattle
Hillfields - I'm in love with a girl
Hillfields - Lolife
Hillfields - Postcard from home
Hillfields - Spoon
HIM - Join me in death
HIM - Killing loneliness
HIM - Poison girl
HIM - Rip out he wings of a butterfly
His Bame Is Alive - Don't glue the world
His Name Is Alive - Answer to rainbow at midnight
His Name Is Alive - Baby fish mouth
His Name Is Alive - Her eyes were huge things
His Name Is Alive - Here eyes are huge
His Name Is Alive - In every Ford
His Name Is Alive - Jack Rabbits
His Name Is Alive - Sick
His Name Is Alive - The dirt eaters
His Name Is Alive - The dirt eaters (1)
His Name Is Alive - The torso
His Name Is Alive - This world is not my home
His Name Is Alive - Universal frequencies
His Name Is Alive - We hold the land in great esteem
Hisghspire - Dead by dawn
Hisghspire - Joke's on you
Hisghspire - Just begun
Hisghspire - Satellite
Hisghspire - Standing on an empire
Hisghspire - What lies before
Historyman - Brown boxes
Historyman - Dizzy spells
Historyman - Soft orange glow
Hit Parade - Come and get me girl
Hit Parade - Ode to a footballer's wife
Hitmen - Didn't tell the man
Hives - Hate to say I told you so
Hoa Hoa's - Fantasy
Hoa Hoa's - Happiness
Hoa Hoa's - I saw you
Hoa Hoa's - The list
Hoa Hoa's - Touched
Hoa Hoa's - Yellow jacket
Hoblins Choice - Daydream believer
Hoblit - Bad dreams
Hoblit - Birthdays and breakups
Hoblit - Floating bridge
Hoblit - Hollywood fantasy
Hoblit - Honeymoon in Polynesia
Hoblit - Left at the mortuary
Hoewell - Afterglow
Hoglen & Wages - When did you know
Hogs - Loose lip sync ship
Hold Steady - Arms and hearts
Hold Steady - Banging camp
Hold Steady - Certain songs
Hold Steady - Chicago seemed tired last night
Hold Steady - Constructive Summer
Hold Steady - Hornets! Hornets!
Hold Steady - Hot soft light
Hold Steady - How a resurrection really feels
Hold Steady - Knuckles
Hold Steady - Lord, I'm discouraged
Hold Steady - Magazines
Hold Steady - Most people are DJs
Hold Steady - Multitude of casualties
Hold Steady - Southtown girls
Hold Steady - Stevie Nix
Hold Steady - Stuck between stations
Hold Steady - Your little hoodrat friend
Hole - Gold dust woman
Hole - Letter to God
Holiday Flyer - Answer
Holiday Flyer - Every once and a while
Holiday Flyer - Green envy
Holiday Flyer - Guts
Holiday Flyer - I lost my heart
Holiday Flyer - I'll keep to myself
Holiday Flyer - Sweet and sour
Holiday Flyer - Talking in my sleep
Holiday Flyer - Trains
Holiday Flyr - Invincible
Hollies - A better place
Hollies - Carrie Anne
Hollies - Don´t you even care
Hollies - Gasoline alley bred
Hollies - Goodbye tomorrow
Hollies - Hard, hard year
Hollies - Have you ever loved somebody
Hollies - He ain't heavy, he's my brother
Hollies - I am a rock
Hollies - I can't let go
Hollies - I'm alive
Hollies - I'm down
Hollies - If it wasn't for the reason that I love you
Hollies - Isn't it nice
Hollies - King Midas in reverse
Hollies - Please let me please
Hollies - Slow down
Hollies - So lonely
Hollies - Step inside
Hollies - Take your time
Hollies - The air that I breeze
Hollies - Then the heartaches begin
Hollies - When your light´s turned on
Hollies - Yes I will (1)
Hollies - Yes I will (2)
Holly And The Italians - Chapel of love
Holly And The Italians - Tell that girl to shut up
Holly curse ? - ?
Holly curse ? - Long gone
Holly Golightly - I thought wrong
Holly Golightly - A lenght of pipe
Holly Golightly - Anyway you like it
Holly Golightly - Card table 1
Holly Golightly - Dearly departed
Holly Golightly - Every word
Holly Golightly - Expert
Holly Golightly - Give back time
Holly Golightly - Grandstand
Holly Golightly - I can't be trusted
Holly Golightly - Just once
Holly Golightly - Listen
Holly Golightly - One more fact
Holly Golightly - Serial girlfriend
Holly Golightly - The better of me
Holly Golightly - The last time
Holly Golightly - Virtually happy
Holly Golightly - Waiting room
Holly Golightly - Without you
Holly Golightly - You've got too much going for you
Hollywood Killers - No joke
Holopaw - The art teacher and the little stallion
Home - Mother
Homescience - Goodbye
Homie - Sheila can do (it)
Homiepie - Color blind
Honeydogs - Your blue door
Honeyrider - Sweeter than sunshine
Honorary Title - Untouched and intact
Hoobastank - The reason
Hood - Diesel pioneers
Hood - Fashion mitake of the dec
Hood - I've forgotten how to live
Hoodoo Gurus - Arthur
Hoodoo Gurus - Dead sea
Hoodoo Gurus - Down on me
Hoodoo Gurus - I think you know
Hoodoo Gurus - I want you back
Hoodoo Gurus - I was a kamikaze pilot
Hoodoo Gurus - I was the one
Hoodoo Gurus - In the echo chamber
Hoodoo Gurus - Judgement day
Hoodoo gurus - Like wow - Wipeout!
Hoodoo Gurus - Night must fall
Hoodoo Gurus - Nobody
Hoodoo Gurus - Nothing changed in my lLife
Hoodoo Gurus - Please yourself
Hoodoo Gurus - Something's coming
Hoodoo Gurus - The good son
Hoodoo Gurus - The mighty have fallen
Hoodoo Gurus - The other side of paradise
Hoodoo Gurus - This one's for the ladies
Hoodoo Gurus - Tojo
Hoodoo Gurus - You open my eyes
Hoods - You keep on lyin'
Hooray For Earth - Surrounded by your friends
Hope of States - The red the white and the blue
Hope Sandoval - ?
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - Around my smile
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Blue bird
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - Drop
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - Suzanne
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Trouble
Hopeful - 6 o'clock news (America the beautiful)
Hopewell - Stranger
Hopewell - Synthetic symphony
Hormones In Abundance - Enough reason
Hormones In Abundance - Everything to win
Hormones In Abundance - Lina's 20th birthday
Hormones In Abundance - Silent obligations
Horowitz - Popkids of the world unite!
Horror comics - I'm all hung up on pierpoint
Horrors - Sea within a sea
Horton Parks - Friday night
Horton Parks - Gunboat policies
Horton Parks - Hand in hand
Horton Parks - Sleepers
Horton Parks - The road
Horton Parks - To make love with the light on
Hostess Mostes - I was only joking
Hostess Mostes - Unless I change my mind
Hot banana -Do my stuff
Hot Boogie Chillum - ?
Hot Boogie Chillum - Oh well
Hot Hot Heat - Elevator
Hot Hot Heat - Let me in
Hot IQs - Firecracker
Hot Puppies - Green eye liner
Hot Snakes - This mystic decade
Hot Toddies - Wet dream
Hot Tuna - Corners without exits
Hotpants Romance - Wild bikini
Hounds Below - Crawling back to you
Hour Hands - Save me from the sun
Hourglass - Three time loser
House Of Love - Burn down the world
House Of Love - Cruel
House Of Love - Destroy the heart
House Of Love - Feel
House Of Love - Girl with the loneliest eyes
House Of Love - Hope (Peel session)
House Of Love - In a room
House Of Love - Love in a car (1)
House Of Love - Love in a car (2)
House Of Love - Philly Phile
House Of Love - Plastic
House Of Love - Sulphur (Peel session)
Housewife - Channel noir
Howling Bells - Across the avenue
Howling Bells - Blessed night
Howling Bells - Digital hearts
Howling Bells - In the woods
Howling Bells - Ms. Bell's song
Howling Bells - Setting sun
Howling Bells - The bell hit
Howling Bells - The night is young
Howling Bells - Velvet girl
hpourh - Hirondelle
Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine - Sweet amanite phalloide dueen
Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine - When Maurice meets Alice
Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine & Charlélie Couture - C'est extra
Hugo Race And The True Spirit - Before the flood
Hum - The very old man
Human Beings - Because I love her
Human Expression - Optical sound
Human Switchboard - (Say no to) Saturday's girl
Human Switchboard - Don't follow me home
Human Switchboard - I can walk alone
Human Switchboard - In this town
Humble Pie - ?
Humble Pie - Bang
Humble Pie - Every mother's son
Humble Pie - What you will
Humble Pie - Zeptoe through the tulips
Humpers - Apocalypse girl
Humpers - Cops and robbers
Humpers - Don't wanna be your pal
Humpers - For lovers only
Humpers - Fucking secretaries
Humpers - Ghetto in the sky
Humpers - Here comes nothing
Humpers - Loser's club
Humpers - Loser's club (live)
Humpers - Mutate with me
Humpers - No you don't
Humpers - Peggy Sue got buried
Humpers - Plastic valentine
Humpers - Say goodbye
Humpers - Steel-toed sneakers
Humpers - Ten inches higher
Humpers - Wake up & lose
Humpers - With a wimp
Humpers - You dirty rat
Hunters & Collectors - Back in the hole
Hunters & Collectors - Happy birthday Helen
Hunters & Collectors - Running water
Hunters & Collectors - Throw your arms around me
Hunters & Collectors - Throw your arms around me (live)
Hunters & Collectors - Wasted in the sun
Hurts To Purr - Fall apart
Hush - Boney Maronie '75
Hush Arbors - Broken bones
Hush Arbors - Fast asleep
Hush Arbors - Lisbon
Hüsker Dü - Books about UFOs
Hüsker Dü - Charity, chastity, prudence, and hope
Hüsker Dü - Could you be the one?
Hüsker Dü - Dead set o destruction
Hüsker Dü - Friend, you've got to fall
Hüsker Dü - Girl who lives on Heaven Hill
Hüsker Dü - Green eyes
Hüsker Dü - Hare Krsna
Hüsker Dü - Ice cold ice
Hüsker Dü - Pink turns to blue
Hüsker Dü - Terms of psychic warfare
Hüsker Dü - Turn on the news
Hüsker Dü - What's going on
Hymans - Gimmie gimmie shock treatment
Hypernova - Fairytales that don't have happy endings
Hypnotics - Coast to coast (remix)
Hypnotics - Resurrection Joe
I Am Your Autopilot - Smokescreens
I Break Horses - Goodbye sweet dreams
The - I can't escape from you
? - I can't wait
I Love UFO - Like in the movies
I Ludicrous - Preposterous tales
I Was Totally Destroying It - Come out, come out
I.E.M. - Headphone dust
I.E.M. - Untitled 06
i.p. - Cryptic comment
i.p. - That's what she said
I'm From Barcelona - Collection of stamps
I'm From Barcelona - Music killed me
I'm From Barcelona - We're from Barcelona
Iain Archer - Boy boy boy
Ian Anderson - Aqualung
Ian Hunter - 3.000 miles from here
Ian Hunter - Good girls
Ian Hunter - It ain't easy when you fall - Shades off
Ian Hunter - Old records never die
Ian Hunter - Red letter day
Ian Hunter - The outsider
Ian McCulloch - Damnation
Ian McCulloch - High wires
Ian McCulloch - Honeydrip
Ian McCulloch - Seasons
Ian McCulloch - Sliding
Ian McCulloch - Stake your claim
Ian McCulloch - The flickering wall
Ian McNabb - Pushing too hard
Ian McNabb - Salt of the earth
Ian Whitcomb - You turn me on
Ice - Anniversary of love
Ice Weasels - A spring of teal
Ice Weasels - Brown boxes
Ice Weasels - Pass/Fail
Ice Weasels - Red zero
Ice Weasels - Spalding gray is missing
Ice Weasels - The last year
Ici Paris - Allo le monde
Icicle Works - I still want you
Icicle Works - Melanie still hurts
Icicle Works - Starry blue eyed wonder
Icicle Works - Understanding Jane
Ida - 599
Ida - Don't wreck it
Ida - Dream date
Ida - Georgia
Ida - Golden hours
Ida - Laurel blues
Ida - My fair, my dark
Ida - Past the past
Ida - Purely coincidental
Ida - See the stars
Ida - Worried mind blues
Ida Maria - Going to hell
Ida Maria - In the end
Ida Maria - In the end (demo)
Ida Maria - Keep me warm
Ida Maria - Morning light
Ida Maria - Oh my God
Ida Maria - Queen of the world
Ida Maria - Stella
Idaho ? - ?
Idiot Kings - 1 000 words
Idiot Kings - Gift with purchase
Idiot Kings - Gonna be your man
Idiot Kings - Paperback writer
Idiot Kings - The chair we share
Idiot Kings - Tri-state area
Idiot Kings - Waiting takes time
Idiot prayer - Gerin ?
Idle race - Days of the broken arrows
The - If you'll be a baby to me
Iggy & the Stooges - Gimme danger
Iguanas - If you should ever fall on hard times
Ihre Kinder - Komm, wir fahr'n auf's Land
Imaad Wasif - Priestess
Imigrants - Holding on to this somehow
Immanu El - Astral days
Impatient Youth - Business man
Impatient Youth - Definition empty
Impatient Youth - Praise the Lord and pas the ammunition
Impatient Youth - Take me back
Improved Sound Limited - Pink Hawthorn
In Endeavors - Private eye
In Harbour - Scapegoat
In Harbour - Storm clouds break
In Triplicate - Untitled whispy song
In-Flight Safety - Surround
Incka - Apelsiner
Indelicates - Sixteen
IndiAdamJones - Green eleven (part)
Indochine - ?
Indochine - Le baiser
Infadels - A million pieces
Infadels - Make mistakes
[Ingenting] - En bättre dag (single mix)
[Ingenting] - Här Kommer Solen
Inger Lorre & The Motel Shootout - Burn
Injections - Lies
Innsmen - I don't know
Inspiral Carpets - Beast inside
Inspiral Carpets - Gimme shelter
Inspiral Carpets - Keep the circle around
Inspiral Carpets - Move
Inspiral Carpets - Please be cruel
Inspiral Carpets - Sun don't shine (Peel session)
Inspiral Carpets - This is how it feels (7" version)
Inspiral Carpets - Weakness
Inspral Carpets - Sleep well tonight
Instrumental Quarter - A beautiful shopping day
Interchangeables - Crush
International Exiles - Let's be sophisticated
International Language - Christmas will be magic again
International Language - The wild side of life
International Submarine Band - Sum up broke
Interpol - A time to be so small
Interpol - C'mere
Interpol - Evil
Interpol - Hands away
Interpol - Hands away (Peel session)
Interpol - Leif Erikson
Interpol - Length of love
Interpol - Mammoth
Interpol - Next exit
Interpol - No I in threesome
Interpol - Not even jail
Interpol - NYC
Interpol - NYC (live)
Interpol - Obstacle 1
Interpol - PDA
Interpol - Roland
Interpol - The new
Interpol - The new (live)
Interpol - Untitled
Interpol - Wrecking ball
Interstate Leisure Kings - Best liquor store
Intimate Stranger - Under
Iron & Wine - Flightless bird, American mouth
Iron & Wine - Lovesong of the buzzard
Iron & Wine - Waiting for a Superman
Iron Butterfly - Am I down
Iron Butterfly - Before you go
Iron Butterfly - Free
Iron Butterfly - Get it out
Iron Butterfly - Hard miseree
Iron Butterfly - High on a mountain top
Iron Butterfly - Lonely hearts
Iron Butterfly - Possession
Iron Butterfly - Searchin' circles
Iron Butterfly - Sun and steel
Iron Horse - Jump back in the light
Iron Horse - One and only
Iron Horse - Sweet Lui-Louise
Ironhorse - What's your hurry darlin'?
Irsih Coffee - The beginning of the end
Irsih Coffee - When winter comes
Isbells - As long as it takes
Ishkay - Au centre commercial
Islands - Abominable snow
Islands - EOL
Islands - Heartbeat
Islands - Kids don't know shit
Islands - Swans (Life after death)
Islands - Volcanoes
Ism - New World
It Hugs Back - Now and again
It's A Beautiful Day - Waiting for the song
It's A Buffalo - Marbles
It's A Musical! - Pain song
IV Thieves - Higher
IV Thieves - The day is a downer
J Church - Dood judge of character
J Mascis - The Bboy with the horn in his side
J. Mascis - Alone
J. Mascis - Waistin'
Jach S - 501
Jach S - Just to be difficult
Jach S feat. Iona - The last year
Jack And The Rippers - Don't pretend
Jack And The Rippers - Safe and secure
Jack Frost - Angela Carter
Jack Frost - Aviatrix
Jack Frost - Cousin/Angel
Jack Frost - Empire
Jack Frost - For ages
Jack Frost - In misery
Jack Frost - Jack Frost blues
Jack Frost - Leaving on a jet plane
Jack Frost - Leaving song
Jack Frost - Little song
Jack Frost - My private hell
Jack Frost - Red roses day
Jack Frost - Shakedown
Jack Frost - Still
Jack Frost - Weightless and wild
Jack Frost (band) - Civil war lament
Jack Frost (band) - Didn't know were I was
Jack Frost (band) - Even as we speak
Jack Frost (band) - Every hour God sends
Jack Frost (band) - Thought that I was over you
Jack Kech - ?
Jack Lions - Green eleven
Jack Oblivian And The Tennessee Tearjerkers - Flash cube
Jack Rose - St. Louis blues
Jackbeats - I'm ready
Jackie Greene - Honey I been thinking about you
Jackie Shark And The Beach Butchers - Mary Lou
Jackson Souvenirs - El jefe de las tortugas
Jacno - Anne cherchait l'amour
Jacno - Baiser empoisonné
Jacno - Le sport (c'est d'la merde)
Jacno - Rectangle
Jacno - Tant de temps
Jacno - Tous ces mots-là
Jacob Golden - Out come the wolves
Jacobites - 100 miles from here
Jacobites - Ambulance station
Jacobites - Angels in my arms
Jacobites - Basement blues
Jacobites - Big store
Jacobites - Big store (2)
Jacobites - Blonde angel
Jacobites - Château carpets
Jacobites - Chelsea springtime
Jacobites - Cramping my own style
Jacobites - Don't you ever leave me
Jacobites - Down on my own
Jacobites - Elizabethan balladeer
Jacobites - Hanging out the banners
Jacobites - Heartbreaks
Jacobites - Hearts are like flowers
Jacobites - Hurt me more
Jacobites - I believe in you
Jacobites - I miss you
Jacobites - I'll care for you
Jacobites - It'll all end up in tears
Jacobites - Kings & queens
Jacobites - Liquor, guns and ammo
Jacobites - Love's cascade
Jacobites - Margaritta
Jacobites - Never apart
Jacobites - Older woman
Jacobites - Second time around
Jacobites - She belongs to you
Jacobites - She never believes
Jacobites - Silken sheets
Jacobites - Silver Street
Jacobites - Silver Street (2)
Jacobites - Snow white
Jacobites - Some people
Jacobites - Son of a French nobleman
Jacobites - Tattered scarves
Jacobites - Teenage Christmas
Jacobites - Tell me
Jacobites - That girl
Jacobites - The wishing well
Jacobites - Too many girls
Jacobites - Where the rivers end
Jacqueline Taïeb - 7 heures du matin
Jacques Higelin - I love the queen (part)
Jacques Higelin - Je suis mort, qui dit mieux
Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston - Chords of fame
Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston - Memphis, Tennessee
Jad Fair & Teenage Fan Club - ?
Jag Mustafa - Akustisk
James - Assassin
James - Billy's shirts
James - Born of frustration
James - Bubbles
James - Chunny pops
James - Crash (live)
James - Dream thrum
James - Getting away with it (All messed up)
James - Homeboy
James - Honest pleasure
James - I wanna go home
James - Johnny Yen
James - Just Like Fred Astaire
James - Laid
James - Lullaby
James - Next lover
James - Pleased to meet you
James - Pressure's on
James - Really hard
James - Ring the bells
James - Runaground
James - Say something
James - Seven
James - She's a star
James - Shining
James - Sit down
James - Sit down (live) (2)
James - So many ways
James - Someone's got it in for me
James - Sometimes (Lester Piggott)
James - Sound
James - Sound (live)
James - Sunday morning
James - Tomorrow
James - Tomorrow (1)
James - Tomorrow (2)
James - Vervaceous
James - Waltzing along
James - Waterfall
James - What for
James - What for (live)
James - What is it good for
James Gang - Midnight man
James Harries - Best intent
Jameson Parker - Everyone wants to rule the world
Jamie Barnes - Snow angel
Jamie Long - Pool house
Jamie Lyons - Little black egg
Jamie Lyons - Stay by my side
Jamie Wyatt - Light switch
Jan & Dean - Amusement park USA
Jan & Dean - Dead man's curve
Jan & Dean - Drag city
Jan & Dean - Little deuce coupe
Jan & Dean - Move out little mustang
Jan & Dean - Norwegian wood
Jan & Dean - One-piece topless bathing suit
Jan & Dean - Skateboarding part II
Jan & Dean - Surf City
Jan & Dean - The little old lady from Pasadena
Jan & Dean - The new girl In school
Jan & Dean - Waimea bay
Jan O's Buurman - Forever young
Jana Hunter - Angels all cry the same
Jana Hunter - Have you got my money
Jane - Age of madness (part II)
Jane - Bad game
Jane - Daytime
Jane - Daytime (single version)
Jane - Expectation (live)
Jane - Hangman
Jane - Henry goes married
Jane - I need you
Jane - King of Thule
Jane - Letter to Mariann
Jane - Like a queen
Jane - Lord love
Jane - Love song
Jane - Memory symphony
Jane - Moonstone
Jane - Moving
Jane - No. 9
Jane - Out in the rain
Jane - River
Jane - So, so long
Jane - Spain
Jane - That's the way
Jane - Together
Jane - Try to find
Jane - Wind
Jane's Addiction - Classic girl
Jane's Addiction - Up the beach
Japan Air - Crack of dawn
Japan Air - Sept.
Japan Air - Stars
Japan Air - Stationen by night
Jarvis Cocker - Further complications
Jasmine Minks - Cold heart.
Jasmine Minks - Cut me deep
Jason & the Scorchers - Golden ball and chain
Jason & the Scorchers - I really don't want to know
Jason & the Scorchers - Shop it around
Jason Collett - I'll bring the sun
Jason Collett - Roll on oblivion
Jason Crest - Black mass
Jason Crest - Turquoise tandem cycle
Jason Lytle - Brand new sun
Jason Lytle - Ghost of my old dog
Jason Lytle - It's the weekend
Jason Lytle - Yours truly, the commuter
Jason Ross - Willow
Java - Laisse béton
Jawbox - Low
Jay Church - Bomb
Jay Farrar - All of your might
Jay Farrar - Cahokian
Jay Farrar - Clear day thunder
Jay Farrar - Doesn't have to be this way
Jay Farrar - Feed kill chain
Jay Farrar - Feel free
Jay Farrar - Greenwich time
Jay Farrar - Heart on the ground
Jay Farrar - Vitamins
Jay Reatard - Always wanting more
Jay Reatard - An ugly death
Jay Reatard - Before I was caught
Jay Reatard - Dead on arrival
Jay Reatard - Haunting you
Jay Reatard - I'm watching you
Jay Reatard - It ain't gonna save me
Jay Reatard - My reality
Jay Reatard - Nothing now
Jay Reatard - Oh it's such a shame
Jay Reatard - Rotten mind
 Jay Reatard - Telephone network voltage
Jay Reatard - There is no sun
Jay Reatard - You mean nothing to me
Jayhawks - (I'm not in) Prison
Jayhawks - Ain't no end
Jayhawks - Angelyne
Jayhawks - Baby baby baby
Jayhawks - Blue
Jayhawks - Clouds
Jayhawks - Come to the river
Jayhawks - Don't let the world get in your way
Jayhawks - Five cupsof c offee
Jayhawks - I'd run away
Jayhawks - I'm gonna make you love
Jayhawks - Life floats by
Jayhawks - Misery tavern
Jayhawks - Miss Williams' guitar
Jayhawks - Nevada, California
Jayhawks - Over my shoulder
Jayhawks - Pretty thing
Jayhawks - Real light
Jayhawks - Red firecracker
Jayhawks - Sioux City
Jayhawks - Somewhere in Ohio
Jayhawks - Tailspin
Jayhawks - Take me with you (when you go)
Jayhawks - Ten little kids
Jayhawks - Think about it
Jayhawks - Trouble
Jayhawks - Waiting for the sun
Jayhawks - What led me to this town
Jaymay - Gray or blue
Jayne Dreams of Thornfield - Let's get bloody
Jazz Butcher - Chickentown
Jazz Butcher - Girl go
Jazz Butcher - Lot 49
Jazz Butcher - Pineapple Tuesday
Jazz Butcher - Rain
Jazz Butcher - She's a yo-yo
Jazz Butcher - Sister death
Jazz Butcher - Sweetwater
JB - Sunny again
JBB - Funny stereo
JC & Co. - Wonder
Je Suis Animal - ?
Jean Paul Sartre Experience - Elemental
Jebediah - Nothing
Jeff Beck - Beck's bolero
Jeff Beck - Definitely maybe
Jeff Beck - Hi-ho silver lining
Jeff Beck - I ain't done wrong
Jeff Beck - I'm not talking
Jeff Beck - Mister, you're a better man than I (live)
Jeff Beck - New ways train train
Jeff Beck - Superstition
Jeff Beck - Tallyman
Jeff Beck - The train kept a rollin'
Jeff Beck - Too much monkey business (live)
Jeff Beck - Trouble in mind
Jeff Beck - Where were you
Jeff Coll Five - Mordecai
Jeff Dahl - ?.1
Jeff Dahl - ?.2
Jeff Dahl - ?.3
Jeff Dahl - Be my baby ?
Jeff Dahl - Better days
Jeff Dahl - Damaged goods
Jeff Dahl - Deathrattle shake
Jeff Dahl - Glitter and tears
Jeff Dahl - Halo moon
Jeff Dahl - I beg your pardon
Jeff Dahl - I wouldn't change a thing
Jeff Dahl - Kill my buzz
Jeff Dahl - Lost faith
Jeff Dahl - No matter what
Jeff Dahl - Outta luck
Jeff Dahl - Radio Babylon ?
Jeff Dahl - Road to Madrid
Jeff Dahl - Sweet silence
Jeff Dahl - Two headed dog
Jeff Dahl - Vaguely Picasso
Jeff Dahl - Weak as a kitten
Jeff Dahl - Wicked trail of sin
Jeff Robertson - Beauty is a burden
Jeff Robertson - Outside paradise
Jeff Robertson - Stone palace
Jeff Robertson & The Neo-Candylanders - In the tank
Jeff Robertson and the Neo-Candylanders - A scary thing
Jeff Robertson And The Neo-Candylanders - Cost of living
Jeff Robertson And The Neo-Candylanders - Ease your storm
Jeff Robertson And The Neo-Candylanders - Empty Wednesday
Jeff Robertson's 3-Chord Cloud of Sound - That's what she said
Jeff Travis Henderson - Baby be quiet
Jeff Travis Henderson - City in fog
Jefferson Airplane - Aerie (gang of eagles)
Jefferson Airplane - Good sheperd
Jefferson Airplane - Law man
Jefferson Airplane - Let's get together (live) (part)
Jefferson Airplane - Long John Silver
Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to love
Jefferson Airplane - The son of Jesus
Jefferson Airplane - Twilight double leader
Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers
Jefferson Airplane - When the earth moves again
Jefferson Airplane - White rabbit
Jefferson Starship - (Song to the sun / Ozymandias) - Don't let it rain
Jefferson Starship - Al Garimasû
Jefferson Starship - Awakening
Jefferson Starship - Be young you
Jefferson Starship - Dance with the dragon
Jefferson Starship - Hyperdrive
Jefferson Starship - St. Charles
Jefferson Starship - Sweeter than honey
Jefferson Starship - Switchblade
Jefferson Starship - That's for sure
Jefferson Starship (Paul Kantner & the) - A child is coming
Jefferson Starship (Paul Kantner & the) - Starship
Jeffrey Lee Pierce - From tempation to you
Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Goin' down
Jeffrey Lewis - Arrow (version three)
Jeffrey Lewis - Poster
Jeffrey Lewis - The modern age
Jeffrey Lewis - Zaster
Jen Foster - Closer to nowhere
Jennifer O'Connor - Hole in the road
Jenniferever - Nangijala
Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - Handle with care
Jeremiah Freed - Rain
Jeremy - You're the one
Jeremy Dean Band - What kind of love are you looking for
Jeremy Enigk - Been here before
Jeremy Martin - Left/Right
Jeremy Martin and Bob McRae - From this day on
Jerry & the Peacemakers ? - Shake, rattle and roll ?
Jerusalem - Ajöss med dej värld
Jerusalem - Du är
Jerusalem - Face in the crowd
Jesse Sykes - Spectral beings
Jesus And Mary Chain - About you
Jesus and Mary chain - Almost gold
Jesus and Mary Chain - April skies
Jesus And Mary Chain - Black
Jesus And Mary Chain - Bullet lovers
Jesus And Mary Chain - Cherry came too
Jesus And Mary Chain - Coast to coast (Peel session)
Jesus and Mary Chain - Come on
Jesus and Mary Chain - Cut dead
Jesus And Mary Chain - Darklands
Jesus And Mary Chain - Deep one perfect morning
Jesus And Mary Chain - Degenerate
Jesus And Mary Chain - Dirty water
Jesus And Mary Chain - Don't come down
Jesus and Mary Chain - Don't ever change
Jesus And Mary Chain - Down on me
Jesus and Mary Chain - Everything's alright when you're down
Jesus And Mary Chain - Feeling lucky
Jesus And Mary Chain - Fizzy
Jesus and Mary Chain - Good for my soul
Jesus and Mary Chain - Happy place
Jesus And Mary Chain - Happy place (Peel session)
Jesus And Mary Chain - Happy when it rains
Jesus and Mary Chain - Head on
Jesus And Mary Chain - Here comes Alice (Peel session)
Jesus and Mary Chain - I can't get enough
Jesus and Mary Chain - I hate rock n roll
Jesus and Mary Chain - I love rock n roll
Jesus And Mary Chain - In the rain (Peel session)
Jesus and Mary Chain - Just like honey
Jesus And Mary Chain - Never saw it coming
Jesus And Mary Chain - Never understood
Jesus and Mary Chain - Psycho Candy
Jesus And Mary Chain - Shimmer
Jesus And Mary Chain - Snakedriver
Jesus and Mary Chain - Some Candy talking
Jesus And Mary Chain - Something I can't have
Jesus and Mary Chain - Sometimes always
Jesus and Mary Chain - Sowing seeds
Jesus And Mary Chain - Stardust remedy
Jesus and Mary Chain - Sundown
Jesus and Mary Chain - Swing
Jesus and Mary Chain - Teenage lust
Jesus and Mary Chain - The hardest walk
Jesus And Mary Chain - These days
Jesus And Mary Chain - Till it shines
Jesus And Mary Chain - You've ben a friend
Jet - All you have to do
Jet - Bruises (demo)
Jet - Cold hard bitch (live) (part)
Jet - Cold hard bitch (lLive)
Jet - Come around again
Jet - Eleanor
Jet - Eleanor (2)
Jet - Goodbye Hollywood
Jet - Hold on
Jet - L'Esprit d'escalier
Jet - Lazy gun
Jet - Let me out
Jet - Move on (live)
Jet - Radio song
Jet - She holds a grudge
Jet - Where are all my good friends
Jet - You don't look the same (demo)
Jet Black Berries - All is lost
Jet Black Berries - Childhood's end
Jet Black Berries - Double cross
Jet Black Berries - Fatherly advice
Jet Black Berries - Kid Alaska
Jet Black Berries - Lonesome code
Jet Black Berries - Long distance
Jet Black Berries - So hard to leave
Jet Black Berries - Tomb of love
Jet Boys - Merry Chhristmas, fuck you
Jethro Tull - Broadsword
Jethro Tull - For a thousand mothers
Jethro Tull - Hard liner
Jethro Tull - Inside
Jethro Tull - We used to know
Jethro Tull - With you there to help me
Jets Overhead - Seems so far
Jetsurfers - Fireworks
Jetsurfers - Skeleton horses
Jetsurfers - Wake up and smell the diesel
Jetsurfers -Country soul #5 (part)
Jhenne d'Archflower - Fade away and radiate
Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg - Blaming it all on you
Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg - Corner of the world
Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg - How many dead?
Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg - It was a pretty dream
Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg - Love is gone
Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg - Needle in my vein
Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg - That ain't all
Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg - You're so cool
Jim Jones Revue - Bag o' demons
Jim Jones Revue - Righteous wrong
Jim O' Rourke - All downhill from here
Jim Reid - And your bird can sing
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Radio One jingle
Jimmy Eat World - (Splash) Turn twist
Jimmy Eat World - Call it in the air
Jimmy Eat World - Caveman
Jimmy Eat World - Firefight
Jimmy Eat World - Game of pricks
Jimmy Eat World - Hate the bliss
Jimmy Eat World - Hear you me
Jimmy Eat World - Let it happen
Jimmy Eat World - Over (part)
Jimmy Eat World - Polaris
Jimmy Eat World - Rockstar
Jimmy Eat World - Roller queen
Jimmy Eat World - Seventeen
Jimmy Eat World - Shame
Jimmy Eat World - Shame (demo version)
Jimmy Eat World - Sparkle
Jimmy Eat World - Speed read
Jimmy Eat World - Splat out of luck
Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness
Jimmy Eat World - Table for glasses
Jimmy Eat World - The most beautiful things
Jimmy Eat World - The world you love (1)
Jimmy Eat World - The world you love (2)
Jimmy Eat World - Usery
Jimmy Eat World - Work
Jimmy Eat World - Your new aesthetic
JJ72 - Astoria
JJ72 - Brother sleep
JJ72 - Bumble bee
JJ72 - Coming home
JJ72 - Desertion
JJ72 - Earthly delights
JJ72 - Everything
JJ72 - Gherkin
JJ72 - Glimmer
JJ72 - I saw a prayer
JJ72 - Long way South
JJ72 - October swimmer
JJ72 - Oiche mhaith
JJ72 - Oxygen
JJ72 - Radio
JJ72 - Serpent sky
JJ72 - Shes gone
JJ72 - Snow
JJ72 - Take from me
JJ72 - Undercover angel
Jk Chrvt - Half a million nerds
Jo Byrd - Delt by darkness
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - Contact
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - Desire
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - Fun, fun, fun
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - Good music
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - Play that song again
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - This means war
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - Tulane
Jody Grind - Night today
Joe Algeri - Computer Xmas
Joe Pernice - Chevy van
Joe Pernice - Soul and fire
Joe Pernice - Tell me when it's over
Joe Strummer - ?
Joey Molland - All caught up
Joey Molland - No one likes the rain
Joey Molland - Your eyes
Joey Ramone - Don't worry about me
Joey Ramone - I got knocked down (but I'll get up)
Joey Ramone - Searching for something
Joey Ramone - Stop thinking about it
Joey Ramone - What a wonderful world
Johan - She's got a way with men
Johan Asherton & Nikki Sudden - Expectation
Johan Johansson - Skit
John Benjamin Band - Systematic panic
John Cale - Andalucia
John Cale - Baby what you want me to do
John Cale - Child's Christmas in Wales
John Cale - Fairweather friend
John Cale - Gravel drive
John Cale - Gun
John Cale - Half past France
John Cale - Hanky panky nohow (1)
John Cale - Hanky panky nohow (2)
John Cale - Perfect
John Cale - Wall
John Cale - Woman
John Cale & Brian Eno - The soul of Patrick Lee
John Campbell - Ain't afraid of midnight
John Campbell - Person to person
John Campbell - When the levee breaks
John Doe Thing - Criminal
John Entwistle - Apron strings
John Entwistle - My size
John Fae - ?
John Fahey - Sail away ladies
John Felice & The Lowdowns - I'll never sing that song again
John Frusciante - #6
John Frusciante - As can be
John Frusciante - Away & anywhere
John Frusciante - Goals
John Frusciante - Going inside
John Frusciante - Interior two
John Frusciante - Leaving you
John Frusciante - My smile is a rifle
John Frusciante - Poppy man
John Frusciante - Ramparts
John Frusciante - Running away into you
John Frusciante - Ten to butter blood voodoo
John Grant - Sigourney Weaver
John Holm - Maria Många mil och år
John Holm - Sommaräng
John Lenin - Vi kommer aldrig fram
John Lennon - Bring on the Lucie (Freda peeple)
John Lennon - Gimme some truth
John Lennon - God
John Lennon - New York City
John Lennon - Remember
John Nolt and Jeff Fal - Look good in black
John Otway - Green green grass of home
Johnette Napolitano - The scientist
Johnny Cochran's LoFi Blues Experience - When it snowed
Johnny Dowd - Mothers little helper
Johnny Grippo - Shower scene
Johnny In The Corner - We all need love
Johnny Thunders - Alone in a crowd
Johnny Thunders & The Chesterfield Kings - Critics choice
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - All by myself
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Baby talk
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Born to lose
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Can't keep my eyes on you
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Dead or alive
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Downtown
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Get off the phone
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - I wanna be loved
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - It's not enough
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Let go
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - London boys
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - One track mind
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Pirate love
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Take a chance
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Too much junkie business
Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers & Richard Hell - Flight
Johnnys - (There's gonna be a) Showdown
Johnnys - The edge of death
Johnossi - The show tonight
Joie De Vivre - Magnet
Jolly Goods - Girl move away from here
Jolly Roger - Blank stare
Jolly Roger - Stairway to the moon
Jolly Roger - You get the wiser
Jon Eric - Mobile home house party
Jon Eric - Violet wants it her way
Jon Eric & Friends - When did you know
Jon Eric ft. Manhatton Glutton - Hardly a moment
Jon Langford And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Girls at the end of the bar
Jon Mayor - All we could see at the window
Jonathan Fire Eater - Impatient talent show
Jordan Seavers - Clouds were touching the ground
Jordan Seavers - Influential film
Jordan Seavers - Plastic rose
Jose Gonzalez - The nest butt
Josephine Foster - An die Musik
Josh Joplin - A hard year
Josh Joplin - Mister New year's day
Josh Joplin - Pilgrim's progress
Josh Joplin - Stay
Josh Joplin Band - Better days
Josh Joplin Band - Drove
Josh Joplin Band/Group - Gravity
Josh Joplin Band/Group - Human
Josh Joplin Band/Group - I've changed
Josh Joplin Group - Camera one
Josh Joplin Group - Must be you
Josh Joplin Group - Wonderful ones
Josh Millard - The middle part
Josh Rouse - Rise
Josh Woodward - Big disco
Josh Woodward - Effortless
Josh Woodward - Flypaper
Josh Woodward - Go
Josh Woodward - Inertia
Josh Woodward - Left/Right
Josh Woodward - Motor psycho
Josh Woodward - River went dry
Josh Woodward - Saturday
Josh Woodward - Snooter
Josh Woodward - Stomach for it
Josh Woodward - Symmetry and the pocket ofangels
Josh Woodward - Texas
Josie Cotton - Johnny are you queer
Joy Division - 24 hours
Joy Division - Atmosphere
Joy Division - Chance (Pennine Sound Studios)
Joy Division - Day of the lords
Joy Division - Dead souls
Joy Division - Insight (Eden Studios)
Joy Division - No love lost
Joy Division - Shadowplay (Arrow studios)
Joy Division - The only mistake (Pennine Sound Studios)
Joy Formidable - Cradle
Joy Formidable - Greyhounds in the slips
Joy Formidable - The greatest light is the greatest shade
Joy Formidable - The last drop
Joy Formidable - While the flies
Joy Formidable - Whirring
Joy Zipper - Just like heaven
JPS Experience - Bleeding star
Juana Molina - ?Quien?
Juana Molina - Los hongos de Marosa
Juana molina - Martin Fierro
Juana Molina - Vive solo
Juana Molina oo Alejandro Franov - La marca
Juana Molina oo Alejandro Franov - La mas grande
Jud's Gallery - Friends
Judah Bauer / 20 Miles - Clover
Jukebox The Ghost - Good day
Julian Casablancas - 4 chords of the apocalypse
Julian Casablancas - I wish it was Christmas today
Julian Casablancas - Out of the blue
Julian Casablancas - River of brakelights
Julian Cope - Born to breed
Julian Cope - Christmas mourning
Julian Cope - Hanging out & hung up to dry
Julian Cope - Head hang low
Julian Cope - If you loved me at all
Julian Cope - Las Vegas basement
Julian Cope - Louis 14th
Julian Cope - Poppins
Julian Cope - Promised land
Julian Cope - Pulsar
Julian Cope - Road of dreams (part)
Julian Cope - Safesurfer
Julian Cope - The glam dicenn (parts 1 & 2)
Julian Cope - The Indians worship him, but he hurries on
Julian Cope - Try, try, try
Julian Plenti - Unwind
Julie Doiron - Borrowed minivans
Julie Doiron - Spill yer lungs
Julien Deguines - ?.1
Julien Deguines - ?.2
Julien Deguines - Je veux être
Juliette & The Licks - Sticky honey
June Brides - Comfort
June Brides - I fall
June Brides - One day
June Brides - The instrumental
June Brides - Waiting for a change
June Brides - We belong
Jung Hyun And The Men - Korean A2
Junip - Chugga-chugga
Junip - Official
Junip - Turn to the assassin
Junkyard Dogs - Breakin' the law
Junkyard Dogs - Gates of steel
Junkyard Dogs - I wanna be your boyfriend
Junkyard Dogs - Lightning bar blues
Just Say No - Radio Free Europe
Justin Hayward - Doin' time
Justin Hayward - Raised on love
Justin Hayward & John Lodge - When you wake up
Justin Heathcliff - You all should think more
Justin T. Arthur - 1 000 words
Justin T. Arthur - otw ?
Kaiser Chiefs - Born to be a dancer
Kaiser Chiefs - Caroline, yes
Kaiser Chiefs - Everything is average nowadays
Kaiser Chiefs - Heat dies down
Kaiser Chiefs - I can do it without you
Kaiser Chiefs - I can do it without you (live)
Kaiser Chiefs - I predict a riot
Kaiser Chiefs - Na na na na naa
Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
Kaiser Chiefs - The angry mob
Kaiser Chiefs - Try your best
Kaiser Chiefs - You can have it all
Kaleidoscope - Dream for Julie
Kaleidoscope - Flight from Ashiya
Kaleidoscope (US) - I found out
Kaleidoscope (US) - Life will pass you by
Kaleidoscope (US) - Lulu Arfin nanny
Kaleidoscope (US) - New blue ooze (part)
Kaleidoscope (US) - Pulsating dream
Kaleidoscope (US) - Why try
Kaleidoscope (US) - You don't love me
Kamakura - Sleeper
Kaolin - (Plage cachée)
Kaolin - Beach party
Kaolin - Belle évidence
Kaolin - Calme
Kaolin - Cherche des poux
Kaolin - Devant ce site
Kaolin - Fais semblant
Kaolin - Histoire de dire
Kaolin - J'insiste
Kaolin - J'irai mélanger les couleurs
Kaolin - Je reviens
Kaolin - Laisse
Kaolin - Le haut est essentiel
Kaolin - Les nageuses
Kaolin - Partons vite
Kaolin - Pour le peu
Kaolin - Quand Laeticia C...!
Kaolin - Que tout se fasse
Kaolin - Sous ce pli
Karbala 4.13 - Putain de mort
Karen Dalton - Something on your mind
Karen O and the Kids - Igloo
Karl Salbacka - Maki
Kasabian - Fire
Kasabian - Pictures of matchstick men
Kasabian - West ryder silver bullet
Kasey Chambers - Them ?
Kashmir - Big fresh
Kashmir - Bodmin pill
Kashmir - Graceland
Kashmir - Kalifornia
Kashmir - Kiss me goodbye
Kashmir - Ophelia
Kashmir - Ramparts
Kashmir - Rocket brothers
Kashmir - Ruby over diamonds
Kashmir - She's made of chalk
Kashmir - Small poem of an old friend
Kashmir - Snowman
Kashmir - The aftermath
Kashmir - The cynic
Kashmir - The new gold
Kashmir - The push
Kask - Summer is here
Kasper - She already knows
Kasper - Your new dress
Katonoma - Radio activity
KB Brten - History of my broken heart
Keane - A bad dream
Keane - Rubbernecking
Keane - Somewhere only we know
Keane - Under pressure
Kebnekaise - Tänk på livet
Keepsake - The way you love me
Kelley Stoltz - Heaven up here
Kelley Stoltz - I don't get that
Kelley Stoltz - Mother nature
Kelley Stoltz - Put my troubles to sleep
Kelley Stoltz - The Birmingham eccentric
Kelley Stoltz - Wave goodbye
Kelley Stoltz - You alone
Kelly Slusher - 55 dollars
Ken - Don't go to...
Ken - El Balazo
Ken - Pencil me in
Ken Andrews - Up or down
Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff - Crush
Kenny and the Kasuals - Journey to Tyme
Kent - 10 minuter
Kent - Avtryck
Kent - Den döda vinkeln
Kent - Den osynlige mannen
Kent - Du är ånga
Kent - Du var min armé
Kent - En timme en minut
Kent - Gravitation
Kent - Halka
Kent - Istället för Ljud
Kent - Klåparen
Kent - Livräddaren
Kent - Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare)
Kent - Now & again
Kent - Om du var här
Kent - Önskar att någon...
Kent - Pärlor
Kent - Revolt III
Kent - Rosor & palmblad
Kent - Saker som man ser
Kent - Soemnen
Kent - Thinner
Kent - Verkligen
Kentucky Express - Memphis, Tennessee
Keren Ann - It ain't no crime
Kestrels - Seaside
Keutsh - Fuir
Keutsh - I don't care
Keutsh - Lucky sun
Keutsh - Ningun problema
Keutsh - Whatever
Kevin Ayers - A view from the mountain
Kevin Ayers - Blue
Kevin Ayers - Decadence (1)
Kevin Ayers - Decadence (2)
Kevin Ayers - Didn't feel lonely till I thought of you
Kevin Ayers - Everybody's sometime and some people's all the time blues - It begins with a blessing - Once I awakened but it ends with a curse
Kevin Ayers - Gemini child
Kevin Ayers - Lady Rachel
Kevin Ayers - Lady Rachel (BBC session)
Kevin Ayers - Lunatics lament
Kevin Ayers - Observations
Kevin Ayers - Oleh oleh bandu bandong
Kevin Ayers - Song from the bottom of a well
Kevin Ayers - Stars
Kevin Ayers - Take me to Tahiti
Kevin Ayers - The lady Rachel
Kevin Devine - Just stay
Kevin Drew - Cocaine skin
Kevin Drew - Lucky ones
Kevin McGrother - A week of Wednesdays
Keys - Strength of strings
Khottal - Woo song
Kick Joneses - Glass of champagne
Kicking Giant - She's real
Kickstand - All tied up
Kickstand - Bag of shame
Kickstand - Cosmic kid
Kickstand - New year's day
Kilians - Dizzy
Kilians - Fight the start
Kilians - Jealous lover
Kilians - Sunday
Kill Whitey - A dall I see
Killers - A crippling blow
Killers - A dustland fairytale
Killers - All these things that I've done
Killers - Andy, you're a star
Killers - Change your mind
Killers - Desperate
Killers - For reasons unknown
Killers - Glamourous indie rock & roll
Killers - Jenny was a friend of mine
Killers - My list
Killers - Neon tiger
Killers - Read my mind
Killers - Ruby, don't take your lve to town
Killers - Sam's town
Killers - Shadowplay
Killers - Show you how
Killers - Smile like you mean it
Killers - Somebody told me
Killers - The ballad of Michael Valentine
Killers - This river is wild
Killers - Uncle Jonny
Killers - When you were young
Killers - Why do I keep counting?
Killians - When will I ever get home
Killing Heidi - Weir
Killjoys - At night
Killjoys - Soaked
Kills - Wait (Peel session)
Kimya Dawson - Anthranx (powerballad version)
Kimya Dawson - Eleventeen
Kimya Dawson - Everything's alright
Kimya Dawson - Fire
Kimya Dawson - I'm fine
Kimya Dawson - My bike
Kimya Dawson - My heroes
Kimya Dawson - Reminders of then
Kimya Dawson - So nice so smart
Kimya Dawson - Time to think
Kimya Dawson - Velvet rabbit
Kimya Dawson - Wandering daughter
The King And The Thief - Clocks are grinning
King Arthur - And counting
King Crimson - In the wake of Poseidon
King Crimson - Ladies of the road
King Crimson - Starless
King Loser - Misirlou
King Of Prussia - Misadventures of the campaign kids
King Size - ?
Kingdom - I am constellation
Kingdom of suicide lovers - Hoboken snow
Kings Of Leon - Black thumbnail
Kings Of Leon - California waiting
Kings Of Leon - Cold desert
Kings Of Leon - Genius
Kings Of Leon - Spiral staircase
Kings Of Leon - The bucket
Kings Of Leon - The runner
Kings Of Leon - True love way
Kinks - 20th century man
Kinks - A rock 'n' roll fantasy
Kinks - Afternoon tea (stereo)
Kinks - Autumn almanac
Kinks - Babies
Kinks - Celluloid heroes
Kinks - Complicated life
Kinks - Creepin' Jean
Kinks - Days
Kinks - Days (stereo mix)
Kinks - Dead end street
Kinks - Dedicated follower of fashion [alternate take]
Kinks - Did you see his name
Kinks - Don't
Kinks - Don't forget to dance (original extended edit)
Kinks - Don't you fret (alternate take)
Kinks - Drivin'
Kinks - Ducks on the wall
Kinks - Fancy (mono)
Kinks - Funny face (stereo)
Kinks - Get back in line
Kinks - God's children
Kinks - How are you
Kinks - I don't need you any more
Kinks - I need you (alternate take)
Kinks - I'm In disgrace
Kinks - I'm not like everybody else
Kinks - Juke box music
Kinks - Lavender hill
Kinks - Little women
Kinks - Live life
Kinks - Living on a thin line
Kinks - Long distance
Kinks - Mirror of love
Kinks - Misfits
Kinks - Morning song
Kinks - Most exclusive residence for S. (incomplete)
Kinks - Mr Pleasant
Kinks - Mr reporter
Kinks - Now and then
Kinks - Ring the bell
Kinks - See my friends (alternate take)
Kinks - See my friends (BBB session)
Kinks - Session man [mono]
Kinks - Set me free (alternate take)
Kinks - Strangers
Kinks - Susannah's still alive
Kinks - This man he weeps tonight
Kinks - This time tomorrow
Kinks - Tired of waiting for you
Kinks - Two sisters
Kinks - Village green (stereo mix)
Kinks - Waterloo sunset (1)
Kinks - Waterloo sunset (2)
Kinks - Where are they now
Kinks - Where have all the good times gone
Kinks - Wonder where my baby is tonight
Kinks - Wonderboy
Kinks - Yo-yo
Kinks - You can't stop the music
Kinks - You do something to me
Kinks - You still want me
Kinks - Young and innocent days
Kirby Grips - Bill's house
Kirby Grips - Fireman
Kirby Grips - Needless
Kirby Grips - Tie it into a knot
Kirby Grips - Water & the glass
Kirk Brandon - Psychowoman
Kirsty MacColl - They don't know
Kissaway Trail - Favourite dream
Kisschazy - She belongs to me - Glaspane
Kissing Spells - Yellow moon
Kissinger - Vicario
Kitchens Of Distinction - 3rd time we pened the capsule
Kitchens Of Distinction - 4 men
Kitchens Of Distinction - Airshifting
Kitchens Of Distinction - Goodbye voyager
Kitchens Of Distinction - Jesus Nevada
Kitchens Of Distinction - Polaroids
Kitchens Of Distinction - Prince of Mars
Kitchens Of Distinction - Sand on fire
Kkeith - Helicopters
Klaxons - It's not over yet
Klee - This is for everyone
Knack - No matter what
Knickerbockers - Lies
Knock Knock Ginger - (The tragic love affair of) Kasey and Jaime
Knopfler & Edmunds - ?
Knots - Heartbreaker
Ko & The Knockouts - Go-getter
Kommisarie Roy - Leva utan pengar
Kommisarie Roy - Se, han lever!
Kommunity FK - Noob
Koobas - Barricades
Kooks - Stormy weather
Kosmonaut - 12-34
Kosmonaut - Gravity (safe and sound)
Kosmonaut - The deepest sea
Kosmonaut - Was it you?
Kreeg - For your love
Kreeg - I'm over you
Kristin Hersh - Aching for you
Kristin Hersh - Faith
Kristin Hersh - Gazebo tree
Kristin Hersh - Home
Kristin Hersh - Houdini blues
Kristofer Åström - It's the way
KT Tunstall - Little favours
Kubla Khan - Revolution II
Kula Shaker - Another life
Kula Shaker - Dance in your shadow
Kula Shaker - Die for love
Kula Shaker - Drop in the sea
Kula Shaker - Fool that I am
Kula Shaker - Golden avatar
Kula Shaker - Goodbye tin terriers
Kula Shaker - Govinda ?
Kula Shaker - Govinda '97 Hari & St.George
Kula Shaker - Hurry on sundown (Hari om sundown)
Kula Shaker - Into the deep
Kula Shaker - Into the deep (live at BBC)
Kula Shaker - Knight on the town
Kula Shaker - Magic theatre
Kula Shaker - Mystical machine gun
Kula Shaker - Raagy one (waiting for tomorrow)
Kula Shaker - Red balloon (Vishnu's eyes)
Kula Shaker - Second sight
Kula Shaker - Shower your love
Kula Shaker - Smile
Kula Shaker - Sound of drums
Kula Shaker - Start all over
Kula Shaker - Strange folk
Kula Shaker - Tattva
Kula Shaker - Troubadour
Kula Shaker - Troubled mind
Kung Fu Monkeys - American beach party U.S.A.
Kursaal Flyers - Girls that don't exist
Kuwait Sheet Set - Double life / Half life
Kyte - Eyes lose their fire
L.A. Guns - The ballad of Jayne
L7 - She has eyes
La- Düsseldorf - Silver cloud
La- Düsseldorf - Time
La's - Failure
La's - Timeless melody
Lab Partners - Love don't care
Lacrimosa - Alleine zu Zweit
Lacross - We are kids
Lacuna Coil - Without a reason
Lacuna Coil - Without fear
Ladybird LALA Band - Grave born to be alive
Ladybird LALA Band - Life sweet disease
Ladybird LALA Band - Welcoming song
Ladybug Transistor - Like a summer rain
Ladz - HoJe e nunca
Laghonia - Someday
Laghonia - Trouble child
Lambchop - National talk like a pirate day
Lambretta - Livet är en fest
Lance Smith - Pack your bags
Land Of Nod - Temporal
Land Of Talk - Better and closer
Land Of Talk - Corner phone
Land Of Talk - Got a call
Land Of Talk - May you never
Land Of Talk - Playita
Land Of Talk - Sea foam
Land Of Talk - Some are lakes
Land Of Talk - Swift coin
Landfills - Sunny again
Lanedolis - Our lives will be orange like sky in the evening
Language Of Flowers - I don't care at all
Language Of Flowers - Leaving
Language Of Flowers - Summer's been and gone
Language Of Flowers - Who you're with
Language Of Flowers - You're the one
Language Of Kings - Heavy hands
Lanterns On The Lake - A kingdom
Larry Knox - Green eleven
Larry Wallis - Police car
Larry's Rebels - Let's think of something
Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards - Six foot five
Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards - Skunx
Lars Winnerbäck - Nån annan
Lars Winnerbäck - Om tiden vill ifatt
Lasse Tennander - Blå himmel över Hammarby sjö
Last - Looking at you
Last - She don't know why I'm here
Last ? - ?
Last Resort - Violence in our minds
The Last Words - Animal world
Latebirds - Among the survivors
Lau Nau - Ruususuu
Laughing Sky - Here we come
Laughing Sky - Tomorrow never knows
Laughing Soup Dish - Teenage Lima bean
Lauheric - Espace sensible
Lauheric - Relations intimistes
Launderettes - Can't bring me down
Launderettes - No good
Launderettes - Regular
Laura - Every light
Laura Marling - Darkness descends
Laura Marling - I speak because I can
Laura Marling - Rambling man
Laura Watling - My fondest wish
Laura Watling - Secret
Laura Watling - So responsible
Laura Watling - Sunday came and went
Laura Watling - World falls into place
Law - Milk and honey
Lawds - Alright by me
Lawrence Arabia - Fine old friend
Lawrence Arabia - Fine old friends
Lawrence Arabia - I've smoked too much
Lawrence Arabia - Look like a fool
Lawrence Arabia - The undesirables
Lazy Smoke - Underskys
Lê Almeida - Nunca nunca
Leather Nun - Bright lights
Leather Nun - Desolation Avenue
Leather Nun - Gimme gimme gimme
Leather Nun - I can smell your thoughts
Leather Nun - Just a hustler
Leather Nun - She said
Leather Nun - These eyes cannot lie
Leather Pages - The news is out
Leaves - Too many people
Leaves - With none shoes
Leaves Of Grass - All this is right
Led Zeppelin - Bring it on home
Led Zeppelin - Tangerine
Led Zeppelin - Thank you
Led Zeppelin - That's the way
Led Zeppelin - The battle of Evermore
Led Zeppelin - When the levee breaks
Lee Ann Womack - Something worth leaving behind
Lee Hazlewood - ?
Lee Mallory - That's the way it's gonna be
Left Hand Drive - Seas on fire
Left Hand Drive - Summer memories
Left outsides - Leaving the frozen butterflies behind
Legends - High towers)
Lemon drops - I live in the springtime
Lemon Drops - I live in the Springtime (unreleased version)
Lemon Drops - It happens everyday
Lemon Drops - Sometime ago
Lemon Fog - Lemon fog
Lemon Fog - Summer
Lemon Pipers - Danger
Lemonhaeds - Green fuz
Lemonhaeds - Layin' up with Linda
Lemonheads - 3-9-4
Lemonheads - Amazing grace
Lemonheads - Belt
Lemonheads - Big gay heart
Lemonheads - Break me
Lemonheads - Come to the window
Lemonheads - Confetti
Lemonheads - Down about it
Lemonheads - Hate your friends
Lemonheads - Hospital
Lemonheads - If I could talk I'd tell you
Lemonheads - In passing
Lemonheads - Into your arms
Lemonheads - It's about time
Lemonheads - It's all true
Lemonheads - Knoxville girl
Lemonheads - Losing your mind
Lemonheads - Luka
Lemonheads - No backbone
Lemonheads - Out
Lemonheads - Paid to smile
Lemonheads - Rest assured
Lemonheads - Rick James style
Lemonheads - Ride with me
Lemonheads - Rule of three
Lemonheads - Secular rockulidge
Lemonheads - Something's missing
Lemonheads - The great big NO
Lemonheads - The turnpike down
Lemuria - Keep quiet
Lemuria - Length away
Lemuria - Ozzy
Lemuria - Piranha
Lemuria - Wardrobe
Lemurs - Blackspot
Len Price 3 - Australia
Len Price 3 - Doctor Gee
Len Price 3 - Girl like you
Len Price 3 - I don't believe you
Len Price 3 - If I ain't got you
Len Price 3 - Jack in the greens
Len Price 3 - Julia Jones
Len Price 3 - Keep your eyes on me
Len Price 3 - Nothing like you
Len Price 3 - Rentacrowd
Len Price 3 - She's lost control
Len Price 3 - The girls who became a machine
Len Price 3 - The last hotel
Len Price 3 - Viva viva
Len Price 3 - With your love
Len Price 3 - You tell lies
Leo Kottke - Ojo
Leonard Cohen - Bunch of lonesome heroes
Leopold Skin - Wild flowers
Leslie West - Crawlin' kingsnake
Leslie West - Dream lover
Leslie West - House of the rising sun
Leslie West - If heartaches were nickels
Leslie West - Waiting for the F change
Leslie West - Whiskey
Leslies - Dear friend
Let's Go Sailing - Heart condition
Let's Wrestle - I'm in love with destruction
Let's Wrestle - Tanks
Levy - Rotten love
Lew Lewis - Win or lose
Leyton Buzzards - 19 & mad
Li'l Cap'n Travis - Cherry chapstick
Liars - Drum gets a glimpse
Libertines - Albion1
Libertines - Campaign of hate
Libertines - Do you know me
Libertines - Narcissist
Libertines - Tell the king
Libertines - The boy looked at Johnny
Liberty Bell - For what you lack
Liberty Bell - Something for me
Liberty Ship - Don't react
Liberty Ship - Finer feelings
Liberty Ship - I'll try
Liberty Ship - Photograph
Librarians - Peace and quiet
Librarians - Victoria
Licks - Losing time
Liechstenstein - Apathy
Liechtenstein - All at once
Liechtenstein - By staying here
Liechtenstein - By staying here (we will slowly disappear)
Liechtenstein - Everything's for sale
Liechtenstein - Postcard
Liechtenstein - Roses in the park
Liechtenstein - This must be heaven
Liechtenstein - Wallpaper stripes
Liechty - Gin or ginseng
Liechty - In the ditch
Lieutenant Pigeon - Mouldy old dough
Life 'n' Soul - Peacefully asleep
Life Without Buildings - New town
Lifehouse - Bridges
Lifehouse - Come back down
Lifehouse - Disarray
Lifehouse - Everybody is someone
Lifehouse - Sky is falling
Lifehouse - The end has only begun
Lightning Beat-Man - Baby fuck off
Lightning Beat-Man - Baby what's going on
Lightning Beat-Man - It's never too late
Lightning Dust - Breathe
Lightning Dust - I knew
Lightning Dust - Take me back
Lightning Dust - When you go
Lightning Seeds - Change
Lightning Seeds - Fingers and thumbs
Lightning Seeds - Fishes on the line
Lightning Seeds - Fishes on the line
Lightning Seeds - Ghosts
Lightning Seeds - God help them
Lightning Seeds - I still feel the same
Lightning Seeds - Pure
Lightning Seeds - The life of Riley
Lightning Seeds - The story goes
Lightning Seeds - Thinking up lookin gown
Lightning Seeds - Thinking up looking down
Lights on - Listen to the radio
Lights on - This is my time
Lights on - Wild at heart
Lights On The Highway - A little bit of everything
Lightspeed Champion - Tell me what its worth
Liitle My - All but the beeps meep
Like a Stuntman - Stan places
Like Honey - Like a song
Likely Lads - Massive intelligence failure
Likely Lads - Red skates
Liket Lever - Hjartats slag
Liket Lever - Levande begravd
Lillingtons - Caveman
Lillingtons - Codename: peabrain
Lillingtons - Danny's problems
Lillingtons - Hooked on you
Lillingtons - I got screwed again
Lillingtons - Lillington high
Lillingtons - Mars vs. Hollywood
Lillingtons - Oh boy
Lillingtons - Phantom maggot
Lillingtons - Pom pom girl
Lillingtons - Ramble on
Lillingtons - Stay tuned
Lillingtons - The augur's tale
Lillingtons - Tonight
Lillingtons - War of the worlds
Limbeck - Big drag
Limbeck - People don't change
Lime Spiders - 25th hour
Lime Spiders - Jagged edge
Lime Spiders - Jessica
Lime Spiders - My main attraction
Lime Spiders - Slave girl
Lime Spiders - Test pattern
Linda Perhacs - Chimacum rain
Lindisfarne - Clear white light - part 2
Lindisfarne - Dingly dell
Lindisfarne - Golden apples
Lindisfarne - Lady Eleanor
Lindisfarne - Mandolin king
Lindisfarne - Mandolin king (Peel session)
Lindisfarne - Nothing but the marvellous is beautiful
Lindisfarne - The things I should have said
Lindisfarne - Turn A deaf ear
Link vs. Music - Clip art
Link Wray - ?.1
Link Wray - ?.2
Link Wray - ?.3
Link Wray - ?.4
Link Wray - Deuces wild
Link Wray - Fallin' rain
Link Wray - Fat back
Link Wray - Four gray walls
Link Wray - God out West
Link Wray - Good god lovin'
Link Wray - I'm branded
Link Wray - I'm so glad, I'm so proud
Link Wray - It's all over now, baby blue
Link Wray - Ramble
Link Wray - Rumble
Link Wray - Rumble (2)
Link Wray - Some kind of nut
Link Wray - Street fighter
Link Wray - Take me home Jesus
Link Wray - The earth is crying
Link Wray - The rumble man
Link Wray & The Raymen - Dinosaur
Link Wray & The Raymen - Heartbreak hotel
Link Wray & The Raymen - My Alberta
Link Wray & The Raymen - Run boy run
Links vs. Music - Pieces of eight
Lisa Germano - A guy like you
Lisa Germano - Geek the girl
Lisa Germano - If I think of love
Lisa Germano - Into oblivion
Lisa Germano - Reptile
Lisa Germano - Trouble
Lisa Germano - Way below the radio
Lisa Marr Experiment - Little red bird
Lisa Miskovsky - Driving one of your cars
Lisa Miskovsky & Christian Kjellvander - Hanna från Arlöv
Lisy Trullie - Self-taught learner
Litter - I'm so glad
Litter - Soul searchin'
Little Birdy - Relapse
Little Birdy - Too late
Little Black Dress - End film
Little Black dress - No hope
Little Black Dress - Robin
Little Black Dress - Your side
Little Bob Story - ? (part)
Little Bob Story - All or nothing
Little Bob Story - Come on home
Little Bob Story - Don't let me be misunderstood
Little Bob Story - I'm crying
Little Bob Story - It's all over now baby blue
Little Bob Story - Mister Tap
Little Bob Story - Motorcycle boy
Little Bob Story - Play with fire
Little Bob Story - Riot in Toulouse
Little Bob Story - Sad song
Little Bob Story - Sheila and Willy
Little Bob Story - So bad
Little Bob Story - The devil caught my woman
Little Bob Story - Tobacco road
Little Bob Story - You don't need to know
Little Brazil - Brighton beach
Little Brazil - Gold
Little Brazil - Separated
Little Brazil - Son
Little Brazil - Wasting time
Little Brazil - What's the problem
Little Comets - Figures
Little Man Tate - Boy in the anorak
Little Man tate - Man I hate your band
Little Name - Orienteering
Little Name - Tracy & I
Little Name - You tear my love apart
Little Ones - Oh, MJ!
Little Smokes & Steve Durand - Galaxies floating on a dark matter stream
Little Teth - Japanese candy
Live - All I need
Live - Mystery
Live - Show
Live - The merry-go-round
Live - Where do we go from here
Live - Wings
Live On Release - I'm afraid of Britney Spears
Liverpool 5 - She's mine
Livin' End - Friends
Livin' End - Move me
Living end - All torn down
Living End - Hellbound
Living end - One said to the other
Living Things - I owe
Living Things - Keep it 'til you fold
Living Things - Let it rain
Living Things - New year
Living Things - Oxygen
Liz Phair - Girls! Girls! Girls!
Liz Phair - Shatter
Lizard train - Explosion in a room
LKWRM - Throwing back the apple
Loafin' Hyenes - Boot in the toilet
Local Heroes - Hands in the air
Local Natives - Airplanes
Location, Location, Location - Leaf blower
Locksley - All over again
Locksley - It won't be for long
Locksley - My kind of lover
Locksley - She does
Locus - Ethyl
Lodger - The back of my mind
Lofiman - The music's there to...o...
Loft - Why does the rain
Log Lady Train - Repression
Log Lady Train - The story of your life
Lolitas - ?.1
Lolitas - ?.2
Lolitas - Bouche baiser
Lolitas - Dans le jardin
Lolitas - Dans le train
Lolitas - J'ai tué tout ce que j'aimais
Lolitas - Joli Johnny
Lolitas - La fille qui se promène sur les rails
Lolitas - Le cadeau
Lolitas - Le chat noir
Lolitas - Mon robot
Lolitas - Mummy
Lolitas - Ne me regarde pas comme ça
Lolitas - Pas de chance
Lolitas - Prends-moi
Lolitas - Sylvester Stallone
Lolitas - Ton cheval
Lolitas - Toute la nuit
Lolitas - Tu me plais
Lollipop Shoppe - It's only a reflection
Lollipop Shoppe - Sin
Lollipop Shoppe - You must be a witch
LoneLady - Fear no more
Loney, Dear - A band
Loney, Dear - Citadel
Loney, Dear - I am John
Loney, Dear - Ignorant boy, beautiful girl
Loney, Dear - Lower your head
Loney, Dear - Now, let it go
Loney, Dear - Over the mountain
Loney, Dear - Saturday waits
Loney, Dear - Sinister in a state of hope
Loney, Dear - Untitled
Loney, Dear - Where are go go going to?
Loney, Dear - Your time's to come
Long Ryders - (Sweet) Mental revenge
Long Ryders - A stitch in time
Long Ryders - And she rides
Long Ryders - Baby's in toyland
Long Ryders - Basic black
Long Ryders - Flak jacket
Long Ryders - I had a dream
Long Ryders - I want you bad
Long Ryders - Ivory tower
Long Ryders - Lights of downtown
Long Ryders - Prisoners of rock n roll
Long Ryders - Pushin' uphill
Long Ryders - Run dusty run
Long Ryders - Spectacular fall
Long Ryders - State of my union
Long Ryders - State of my Union (part)
Long Ryders - Years long ago
Long Ryers - Born to believe in you
Long Winters - Pushover
Longcut - A tried and tested method
Loop - Burning prisma
Loop - Carry me
Loop - Pulse (Peel session)
Loop - Soundhead
Lord Cut-Glass - Even Jesus couldn't love you
Lord Mandrake - Se me subió el muerto
Lord of Oats - Thank God for Memphis
Lords of Altamont - Knock knock
Lords of Altamont - Time has come
Lordz - Outlaw
Los 3 Dinners - Can't stop... gotta rock!
Los Abandoned - Van Nuys (es very nice)
Los Bife - Grape juice
Los Buges - Meyba
Los Campesinos - 2007, the year punk broke (my heart)
Los Canadienses - Balancia
Los Canadienses - Beachboy
Los Canadienses - Benny Hill
Los Canadienses - El agua entre los dedos
Los Canadienses - El francés
Los Fresones Rebeldes - Algo hay
Los Fresones Rebeldes - Bola de cristal
Los Fresones Rebeldes - Cansado
Los Fresones Rebeldes - Déjame en paz
Los Fresones Rebeldes - El hombre que confundía los sentidos
Los Fresones Rebeldes - Polifemo otra vez
Los Mac's - El evangelio de la gente sola
Los Vegetales - Sol de California
Los Vegetales - Tiburón XIII
Los Vegetales - Voy a cabar mi tumba
Los Vegetales - Zona negativa
Lost And Found - Don't fall down
Lost Homeboys - Don't say you don't know
Lost Souls - This life of mine
Lostprophets - 4:AM forever
Lostprophets - Always all ways (apologies, glances and messed up chances)
Lostprophets - Heaven for the weather, hell for the company
Lostprophets - Rooftops (a liberation broadcast)
Lou Barlow - Confused
Lou Barlow - Don't apologize
Lou Barlow - Goodnight unknown
Lou Barlow - Holding back the year
Lou Barlow - Mary
Lou Barlow - My surrender
Lou Barlow - Too much freedrom
Lou Barlow & His Sentridoh - I am not mocking you
Lou Reed - Big sky
Lou Reed - Coney Island baby
Lou Reed - Cremation
Lou Reed - Dirty blvd
Lou Reed - Dorita
Lou Reed - Endless cycle
Lou Reed - Ennui
Lou Reed - Good taste
Lou Reed - Hop frog
Lou Reed - Ladies pay
Lou Reed - Like a possum
Lou Reed - Ride into the sun
Lou reed - Set the twilight reeling (live)
Lou Reed - Strawman
Lou Reed - The bed
Lou Reed - The blue mask
Lou Reed - There is no tme
Lou Reed - Trade in
Lou Reed - Waltzing Matilda - Street Hassle - Slipaway
Lou Reed - Waves of fear
Lou Reed - Xmas in February
Loudon Wainright III - April fool's day morn
Loudon Wainright III - Bein' a dad
Loudon Wainright III - Central Square song
Loudon Wainright III - Cook that dinner, Dora
Loudon Wainright III - Human cannonball
Loudon Wainright III - Last man on earth
Loudon Wainright III - Man's world
Loudon Wainright III - Men
Loudon Wainright III - Movies are a mother to me
Loudon Wainright III - Mr. Ambivalent
Loudon Wainright III - My biggest fan
Loudon Wainright III - New paint
Loudon Wainright III - Out of reach
Loudon Wainright III - Primrose Hill
Loudon Wainright III - Reader and advisor
Loudon Wainright III - School days
Loudon Wainright III - Talking new Bob Dylan
Loudon Wainright III - The end has begun
Loudon Wainright III - The home stretch
Loudon Wainright III - Thick & thin
Loudon Wainright III - Things
Loudon Wainwright III - Over the hill
Loudon Wainwright the 3rd. - ?
Louis Bertignac & Les Visiteurs - Ces idées-là
Louise Féron - Si tu savais
Loungs - Googly moogly
Le Loup - Look to the West
Le Loup - We are gods! we are wolves!
Love - 7 And 7 Is
Love - Always see your face
Love - And more
Love - Can't explain
Love - Gather round
Love - Gazing
Love - Live and let live
Love - No matter what you do
Love - Robert Montgomery
Love - Signed D C
Love - The everlasting first
Love - You I'll be following
Love As Laughter - Cleaning man
Love As Laughter - Crosseyed beautiful youngunz
Love As Laughter - Demon contacts
Love As Laughter - Holy
Love As Laughter - I won't hurt you
Love As Laughter - In amber
Love As Laughter - Konny and Jim
Love As Laughter - On the run
Love As Laughter - Peace
Love As Laughter - Survivors
Love As Laughter - Wedding song
Love bizarre - Paris sur Mer
Love Collector - First 48
Love connection - All over
Love Dance - Unsympathetic ways
Love Dance - When you're with him
Love Exchange - Swallow the sun
Love Experts - Cuba Street
Love Ins - That's all she wrote
Love Is All - Never now
Love Like Fire - From a tower
Love Of Diagrams - Lookout
Love Of Diagrams - The pyramid
love Positions - Into your arms
Love Sculpture - 3 o'clock blues
Love Sculpture - Blues helping
Love Sculpture - Brand new woman
Love Sculpture - In the land of the few
Love Sculpture - People people
Love Sculpture - Why (how now)
Love Spit Love - Am I wrong
Love Spit Love - Half a life
Love Spit Love - Please
Love Spit Love - Wake up
Loved Ones - The loved one
Lovejoy - Baby
Lovejoy - I dream of angels
Lovejoy - In the rain
Lovejoy - Sha na na na naa (On my way back home)
Lovejoy - The other side
LoveLikeFire - William
Lovely Eggs - It's spooky
Lovely Eggs - Mices
Lovely Feathers - Breakfast cake
Lovely Feathers - Finders fee
Lovely Feathers - Gifted Donald
Lovely Feathers - I really like you
Lovely Feathers - Loading dock
Lovely Feathers - Long walks
Lovely Feathers - Lowiza
Lovely Feathers - Mildly decorated
Lovely Feathers - Pope John Paul
Lovely Feathers - Wrong choice
Loveninjas - I wanna be like Johnny C
Lover - Booger in my asshole
Lovetones - Journeyman
Lovetones - Mantra
Lovetones - What am I to do
Lovin' - All I've got
Lovin' Spoonful - Do you believe in magic?
Lovin' Spoonful - Wild about my woman
Lovin' Spoonful - You baby
Lovin' Spoonful - You didn't have to be so nice
Lovvers - 1-2-3-4 count
Lovvers - Ad lib
Lovvers - Creepy crawl
Lovvers - Golden bars blue
Lovvers - Human hair
Lovvers - No romantics
Lovvers - Society jam
Low - Anon
Low - Back home again
Low - Blowin' in the wind (part)
Low - Breaker
Low - Bright
Low - Broadway (so many people)
Low - Coattails
Low - Fearless
Low - I started a joke
Low - If you were born today
Low - InMetal (Peel session)
Low - Last snowstorm of the year (Peel session)
Low - Lift
Low - Lion-lamb (demo)
Low - Lullaby (part)
Low - On the edge of
Low - Open arms
Low - Over the ocean
Low - Pissing
Low - Pretty people
Low - Prisoner
Low - Same
Low - Shame
Low - Silver rider
Low - Standby
Low - Starfire
Low - Stars gone out
Low - Stay
Low - Sunflower
Low - Surf
Low - Swingin'
Low - Take
Low - Those girls (song for Nico)
Low - Throw out the line
Low - Tomorrow one
Low - Turning over
Low - Violence
Low - Violent past
Low - Walk into the sea
Low - When you walked
Low - Whore
Low - Words
Low Anthem - Cage the songbird
Low Anthem - Champion angel
Low Anthem - To Ohio
Low Flying Owls - Thieves for hire
Low Lows - Modern romance
Low Vs Diamond - Life after love
Low-Fi - Where you are
Lower Heaven - Fire engine
Loyalty Day - A promise is a promise
Loyalty Day - Get me back
Lucero - I can get us out of there tonight
Lucero - The mountain
Lucero - What else would you have be me?
Luchs Brothers - Kill me I'm rotten
Lucksmiths - Can't believe my eyes
Lucksmiths - Get-to-bed birds
Lucksmiths - Now I'm even further away
Lucksmiths - Spond
Lucksmiths - Take this lying down
Lucksmiths - The great dividing range
Lucksmiths - The great dividing range (demo)
Lucky Soul - Whoa Billy
Ludella Black And The Masonics - From this witness stand
Ludella Black And The Masonics - Push button Geoff
Ludo - Laundry girl
Ludo - Saturday night thunderbolt
Ludo - The broken bride
Luke - Comme un homme
Luke - Seveso
Luke - Soledad
Luke Doucet - Blood's too rich
Luke Doucet - First day (in the new home town)
Luke Doucet - Take you home
Luke Doucet - The comandante
Luke Temple - In the end
Lukestar - The clouds tell
Lukestar - The shade you hide
Lukestar - White shade
Lula - Alta mar
Lula - Besos pequeños
Lula - Cosas extrañas en la radio
Lula - Habitación 503
Lula - No digas que te estás muriendo
Lula - Playa de China
Lullwater - One more time
Lumberjack Feedback - Spring brakes
Luna - 4th of July (live)
Luna - Anesthesia
Luna - Anesthesia (live)
Luna - Beautiful view
Luna - Black postcards
Luna - Bobby Peru
Luna - Bonnie and Clyde (Clyde Barrow version)
Luna - Buffa ? boots
Luna - Buffalo boots
Luna - California (all the way)
Luna - Chinatown
Luna - Cindy tastes of barbecue
Luna - Crazy people
Luna - Drunken whistler
Luna - Egg nog
Luna - Freakin' and peakin'
Luna - Friendly advice
Luna - Friendly advice (live)
Luna - Fuzzy wuzzy
Luna - Going home
Luna - Goodbye
Luna - Great Jones Street
Luna - Hedgehog
Luna - Hello, little one
Luna - Hey sister
Luna - I know you tried
Luna - In the flesh
Luna - Indian summer
Luna - It's bringing you down
Luna - Jealous guy
Luna - Kalamazoo
Luna - La poupee qui fait non
Luna - Lovedust
Luna - Malibu love nest
Luna - Math wiz
Luna - Moon palace
Luna - Moon palace (live)
Luna - Neon lights
Luna - No regrets
Luna - Outdoor miner
Luna - Rainbow babe
Luna - Ride into the sun
Luna - Season of the witch
Luna - Seven steps to Satan
Luna - Sideshow by the seashore
Luna - Sideshow by the seashore (live)
Luna - Slash your tires
Luna - Slide
Luna - Slide ? (Peel session ?)
Luna - Speedbumps
Luna - Star-spangled man
Luna - Still at home
Luna - Sucking ice cubes
Luna - Superfreaky memories
Luna - Swedish fish
Luna - Sweet child o' mine
Luna - Sweet child of mine
Luna - Teenage lightning
Luna - Thank you for sending me an angel
Luna - That's what you always say
Luna - The alibi
Luna - The enabler
Luna - Tiger Lily
Luna - Tiger Lily (live)
Luna - Time
Luna - Time to quit
Luna - Tracy I love you
Luna - U.S. out of my pants!
Luna - Weird and woozy
Luna - Words without wrinkles
Luna (with Lou Reed) - Ride into the sun
Luna Halo - Kings & queens
Luna Halo - Medicate
Luna Halo - On my way
Luna Halo - On your side
Luna Halo - World on fire
Lunch Money - I love my library
Lundberg & Dellamorte - Bra TV
Lunkhead - Control yourself
Lunkhead - Feathers
Lurkers - Ain't got a clue
Lurkers - Can't stand my room
Lurkers - Frankenstein again
Lurkers - Go ahead punk, make my day
Lurkers - God's lonely men (Peel session)
Lurkers - Here comes the bad times
Lurkers - I'm on heat
Lurkers - Jenny
Lurkers - Just thirteen
Lurkers - Little ole wine drinker me
Lurkers - Move on
Lurkers - New guitar in town
Lurkers - One man's meat
Lurkers - Out in the dark
Lurkers - Pills
Lurkers - Schoolgirls
Lurkers - See the world (Peel session)
Lurkers - Shadow
Lurkers - Whatever happened to Mary
Lush - Blackout
Lush - Breeze
Lush - Breeze (Peel session)
Lush - Cat's chorus
Lush - Childcatcher
Lush - Covert
Lush - Covert-Deluxe
Lush - Deluxe
Lush - Desire lines
Lush - Downer
Lush - Etheriel
Lush - For love
Lush - Hey Hey Helen
Lush - Hypocrite
Lush - Kiss Chase
Lush - Ladykillers
Lush - Leaves me cold
Lush - Lit up
Lush - Ocean
Lush - Scarlet
Lush - Second sight
Lush - Single girl
Lush - Stray
Lush - Sunbathing
Lush - Sweetness and lght
Lush - The unit
Lush - Thoughtforms
Lush - Tiny smiles
Lush - Tralala
Lush - Undertow
Lush - Untogether
Lush - Whatever
Lust - Sex is accident
Lyme and Cybelle - Follow me
Lyres - 100cc
Lyres - Buried alive
Lyres - But if you're happy
Lyres - I confess
Lyres - I love her still, I always will
Lyres - I really want you right now
Lyres - If you want my love
Lyres - Never met a girl like you before
Lyres - No reason to complain
Lyres - Nobody but me (1)
Lyres - Nobody but me (2)
Lyres - Not like the other one
Lyres - Not looking back
Lyres - Now I've got a witness
Lyres - Soapy
Lyres - The way I feel about you
Lyres - Tired of waiting
Lyte - I don't believe you
M - Semisonic - Sugar Sugar
M. Bison - Elves sing la la la
M. Ward - A voice at the end of the line
M. Ward - Helicopter
M. Ward - To go home
M. Ward - To save me
M. Ward - Vincent O'Brien
M's - Future women
M's - Plan of the man
M83 - Can't stop
M83 - Don't save us from the flames
M83 - Graveyard girl
M83 - I guess I'm floating
M83 - In church
M83 - Run into flowers
M83 - Staring at me
M83 - Violet tree
Mac Rybell - The lantern
Maccabees - About your dress
Maccabees - Bag of bones
Maccabees - Seventeen hands
Machiavel - After the crop
Machines - Dave
Machines - Time
Mad Hatters - A pebble in my sand
Mad Hatters - Go fight alone
Mad Lads - Everything is blue
Mad River - They brought sadness
Mad Scene - Birthday party
Mad Scene - goes nothing
Mad Scene - Hoping
Mad Scene - Spilled oranges
Mad Scene - Transatlantic telephone conversation
Mad Scene - Watertanks
Madd - Ce soir je vais boire
Madd - Come on
Madd - Going all the way
Madd - Good evening girl
Madd - Her big man
Madd - I saw Abba
Madd - Je suis parti
Madd - Jump now!
Madd - Roughy
Madd - So much
Madd - Tortoise
Madd - Try
Madd - War or hands of time
Madd - You can't be my baby
Madd - You treated me bad
Madd (feat. Spike) - We're pretty quick
Madder Rose - (Living a) Daydream
Madder Rose - Beautiful John
Madder Rose - Black eye town
Madder Rose - Bring it down
Madder Rose - Car song
Madder Rose - Day in, day out
Madder Rose - Drop a bomb
Madder Rose - Foolish ways
Madder Rose - Lay down now
Madder Rose - Lights go down
Madder Rose - Margaret
Madder Rose - Panic on
Madder Rose - Pocket fulla medicine
Madder Rose - Razor plot
Madder Rose - Sleep, forever
Madder Rose - Swim
Madder Rose - Ultra anxiety (Teenage Sstyle)
Madder Rose - Waiting for engines
Madder Rose - When you smile
Madder Rose - While away
Made In Germany - Leisure
Madrugada - Beautyproof
Madrugada - Electric
Madrugada - Elektro vakuum
Madrugada - Hard to come back
Madrugada - Higher
Madrugada - Highway of light
Madrugada - Hold on to you
Madrugada - I don't fit
Madrugada - I'm in love
Madrugada - Into heartbeats
Madrugada - Life in the city
Madrugada - Look away Lucifer
Madrugada - On your side
Madrugada - Proxy
Madrugada - Running out of time
Madrugada - Salt
Madrugada - Shine
Madrugada - Sirens
Madrugada - Strange colour blue
Madrugada - Subterranean sunlight
Madrugada - The frontman
Madrugada - The hour of the wolf
Madrugada - The kids are on High Street
Madrugada - This old house
Madrugada - Valley of deception
Madrugada - Vocal
Madrugada - Whatever happened to you?
Mae Shi - Leech and locust
Mae Shi - Run to your grave
Mae Shi - The lamb and the lion
Magazine - Big dummy
Magazine - Burst (Peel session)
Magazine - My mind ain't so open (Peel session)
Magazine - Rhythm of cruelty
Magazine - Shot by both sides
Maggots - King of the freaks
Maggots - Make me fly
Maggots - Nothing but a heartache
Maggots - Now I have to go
Maggots - Temptation
Maggots - The sideshow
Maggots - Till the end of time
Maggots - You don't want me
Magic Christians - Come and get it
Magic Kids - Candy
Magic Man - Monster
Magic Mixture - moonbeams
Magic Numbers - Forever lost
Magic Numbers - Love me like you
Magic Numbers - Morning's eleven
Magic Numbers - Take a chance
Magic Numbers - The mule
Magic Numbers - This is a song
Magic Numbers - You never had it
Magic Plants - I'm Aa nothing
Magic Ring - Little Mary sunshine
Magic Ring - Yellow horses
Magick Heads - Better left unsaid
Magick Heads - Particularly nasty weather
Magick Heads - Some time to go
Magick Heads - Take it on down
Magick Heads - Who' watchin' out for you
Magik Markers - Ohio R. live hoosier
Magik Markers - Risperdal
Magnetbox - Hollywood fantasy
Magnetbox - It belongs to me
Magnetic Fields - Abigail, belle of Kilronan
Magnetic Fields - Absolutely cuckoo
Magnetic Fields - California girls
Magnetic Fields - Come back from San Francisco
Magnetic Fields - Drive on, driver
Magnetic Fields - Epitaph for my heart
Magnetic Fields - How to say goodbye
Magnetic Fields - I don't want to get over you
Magnetic Fields - I have the moon
Magnetic Fields - Jeremy
Magnetic Fields - Lonely highway
Magnetic Fields - Love is lighter than air
Magnetic Fields - Lovers from the moon
Magnetic Fields - One April day
Magnetic Fields - She belongs to me
Magnetic Fields - Smoke signals
Magnetic Fields - Sugar world
Magnetic Fields - Swinging London
Magnetic Fields - The dreaming moon
Magnetic Fields - The trouble I've been looking for
Magnetic Fields - Two characters in search of a country song
Magnetic Fields - Washington, D.C
Magnetic Fields - When my boy walks down the street
Magnetic Fields - When you're old and lonely
Magnetic Fields - Why I cry
Magnetic Fields - Yeah! Oh, yeah!
Magnetic Fields - You must be out of your mind
Magnolia Electric Co - Dark don't hide it
Magnolia Electric Co. - ?
Magnolia Electric Co. - Almost was god enough
Magnolia Electric Co. - Almost was good enough (2)
Magnolia Electric Co. - Blackbird
Magnolia Electric Co. - Dark don't hide it
Magnolia Electric Co. - Don't fade on me
Magnolia Electric Co. - Don't this look like the dark
Magnolia Electric Co. - Give soemthing else away every day
Magnolia Electric Co. - Hammer down
Magnolia Electric Co. - I've been riding with the ghost
Magnolia Electric Co. - John Henry split my heart
Magnolia Electric Co. - Josephine
Magnolia Electric Co. - Knoxville girl
Magnolia Electric Co. - Memphis moon
Magnolia Electric Co. - Montgomery
Magnolia Electric Co. - North star
Magnolia Electric Co. - Peoria lunch box blues
Magnolia Electric Co. - Ring the bell
Magnolia Electric Co. - Shenandoah
Magnolia Electric Co. - Shiloh
Magnolia Electric Co. - The black ram
Magnolia Electric Co. - The dark don't hide it
Magnolia Electric Co. - The handing down
Magnolia Electric Co. - The night shift lullaby
Magnolia Electric Co. - What comes after the blues
Magnolia Electric Co. - What's broken becomes better
Magnolia Summer - Habitrail
Magnolia Summer - Once in awhile
Magnolia Summer - To better days
Magnum Bonum - Skateboard
Magnus Carlson - Det värsta av vllt
Magnus Carlson - Håll om mig
Magnus Carlson - Nollgradig
Magnus Carlson - Sagoland
Magnus Carlson - Va med mig
Magnus Carlson - Vacker värld
Magnus Lindberg - I en hnad
Magnus Lindberg - Tårar över city
Magnus Uggla - Vår tid 1977
Magoo - Peace love and blood
Magoo - Pinkdust
Mahogany - The mystique of the locomotive
Mai 68s - Ask Gary G
Mai 68s - Ask the dust
Mai 68s - I'm Javanese
Mai 68s - Lead me to a quiet cell
Mai 68s - Paper and sticks
Mai 68s - Sheperd song
Mai 68s - To have an island
Mailbox - We were not meant to be
Main Street Gospel - All your love is gone
Mainliners - Is this satisfying
Majic Ship - Night time music
Majority - One Third
Make A Rising - Expired planet
Malahora - El chico de la noria hecha con pelos de colores
Malajube - Casse-cou
Malajube - La Valérie
Malajube - Le métronome
Malajube - Porté disparu
Malajube - Ursuline
Malcolm Middleton - A brighter beat
Malcolm Middleton - Fight like the night
Malcom Midleton - Red travellin' socks
Malibu Stacy - Los Angeles
Malibus - I've gotta go
Mama's Pride - Long time
Mamut - Amanece en PekÍn
Mamut - Cerca
Mamut - Retrato di familia
Mamut - Tus vicios
Mamy Carter - Mamy Carter
Le Man Avec Les Lunettes - Aging again
Le Man Avec Les Lunettes - Apples
Le Man Avec Les Lunettes - The happy birth of you and me
Man Or Astroman? - _____ , myopia
Man Or Astroman? - 9 volt
Man Or Astroman? - Destination Venus
Man Or Astroman? - Man made of CO2
Man Or Astroman? - Put your finger in the socket
Man Or Astroman? - The shadow knows
Manchester Orchestra - Wolves at night
Mando Diao - Clean town
Mando Diao - God knows
Mando Diao - Mr Moon
Mando Diao - The wildfire (if it was true)
Mando Diao - Welcome home, Luc Robitaille
Mando Diao - With or without love
Mando Diao - You don't understand me
Manfred Mann - Fox on the run
Manfred Mann - Just like a woman
Manfred Mann - Ragamuffin man
Manfred Mann - Semi-detached suburban Mr James
Manfred Mann Earth Band - Earth hymn
Manfred Mann Earth Band - Singing the dolphin through
Manhattan Glutton - A scary thing
Manhattan Glutton - Back from Juvie
Manhattan Glutton - Back to the well
Manhattan Glutton - Monkeys on my back
Manhattan Glutton - Peace is rest
Manhattan Love Suicides - (The guy on the) 14th floor
Manhattan Love Suicides - Autumn fades in
Manhattan Love Suicides - Cracked open
Manhattan Love Suicides - Crush whatever
Manhattan Love Suicides - Don't leave me dying
Manhattan Love Suicides - Extra medication
Manhattan Love Suicides - Home
Manhattan Love Suicides - Indian Summer
Manhattan Love Suicides - Keep it coming
Manhattan Love Suicides - Kick it back
Manhattan Love Suicides - Kick it back (7" version)
Manhattan Love Suicides - Skulls
Manhattan Love Suicides - Way out of reach
Manhatten Love Suicides - ?
Manic Street Preachers - (It's not war) Just the end of love
Manic Street Preachers - Autumnsong
Manic Street Preachers - Jackie Collins existential question time
Manishevitz - Private lines
Mannequin Men - Boys (they don't mind)
Manta Ray - God forced me to rape you
Manta Ray - Monotonia
Manta Ray - Rosa parks
Manta Ray - Wicked game
Mantles - Burden
Maps - Lost my soul
Maps - To the sky
Maps - You don't know your name
Marc Gartman - For the loss
March Violets - Snake dance
Marcus - 1983
Marcy Playground - Blackbird
Mardi Gras - Girl I've got news for you
Maria Timm - Every little girl
Marianne Faithfull - Hanky panky nohow
Mariee Sioux - Flowers and blood
Mariee Sioux - Two tongues
Mariee Sioux - Wild eyes
Mariee Sioux - Wizard flurry home
Marine Research - Parallel horizon
Marine Research - Y.Y.U.B.
Marionetz - Wir sind die...
Marissa Nadler - ?
Marit Bergman - Adios amigos
Maritime - Calm
Mark 700 - Catchy monkey
Mark 700 - Space country
Mark 700 - Stick around
Mark 700 - Summer
Mark Burgess & the Sons of God - Up on the hill
Mark Four - Hurt me if you will
Mark Lanegan - Bell black ocean
Mark Lanegan - Blues for D
Mark Lanegan - Borracho
Mark Lanegan - Dead on you
Mark Lanegan - Don't forget me
Mark Lanegan - El sol
Mark Lanegan - Field song
Mark Lanegan - Hospital roll call
Mark Lanegan - Kimiko's dream house
Mark Lanegan - Kingdoms of rain
Mark Lanegan - Last one in the world
Mark Lanegan - No easy action
Mark Lanegan - She done too much
Mark Lanegan - Shooting gallery
Mark Lanegan - Stay
Mark Lanegan - The river rise
Mark Lanegan - The winding sheet
Mark Lanegan - Together again
Mark Lanegan Band - Hit the city
Mark Lanegan Band - Morning glory wine
Mark Lanegan Band - Out of nowhere
Mark Lanegan Band - Sideways in reverse
Mark Mulcahy - 900 yards away
Mark Mulcahy - I woke up in the Mayflower
Mark Mulcahy - Jason
Mark Mulcahy - Micon the icon
Marksmen - But why
Marmalade - I see the rain
Marnie Stern - Roads, where we're going we don't need roads
Marnie Stern - Steely
Marnie Stern - Transformer
Marquis De Sade ? - ?
Marshmellows - Knot tier
Marvin Hood - Fading into blue
Marvin Hood - Love
Mary Lou Lord - The wind blew all around me
Mary Maiden - The Scarlet letter
Maryland Cookies - Dead and gone
Maryland Cookies - First impression
Maryland Cookies - Put you in the picture
Mascots - Words enough to tell you
Mass - Raining sorrow
Master Plan - Find something beautiful
Master Plan - Just because
Master Plan - Kickin´ it old school
Master Plan - Picketts charge
Master Plan - Walking
Master Plan - What´s up with that
Master Plan - You´re mine
Masters Apprentices - War or hands to time
Masters of Grip - Quentin Tarantino
Masters Of Grip - She's on my mind
Matching Mole - O Caroline
Mates Of State - Beautiful dreamer
Mates Of State - Blue and gold print
Mates Of State - For the actor
Mates Of State - Get better
Mates Of State - Open book
Mates Of State - Running out
Mates Of State - So many ways
Mates Of State - Starman
Mates Of State - The re-arranger
Mates Of State - These days
Mates Of States - Punchlines
Math And Physics Club - Baby I'm yours
Math And Physics Club - Do you keep a diary
Math And Physics Club - True romance
Math And Physics Club - You're so good to me
Matt Costa - Cold December
Matt Mays - On the hood
Matt Mays & El Torpedo - Cocaine cowgirl
Matt Pond P.A. - Last light
Matthan Minster - Angry all over
Matthan Minster - One beautiful summer
Matthew Good - Apparitions (live)
Matthew Good - Big city life
Matthew Good - Blue skies over bad lands
Matthew Good - Giant (live)
Matthew Good - Go fly blind
Matthew Good - I'm a window
Matthew Good - I'm a window (live)
Matthew Good - Odette (live)
Matthew Good - Oh be joyful
Matthew Good - Pledge of allegiance
Matthew Good - Poor man's grey
Matthew Good - The devil's in your details
Matthew Good - US remains impossible
Matthew Good Band - Alabama motel room
Matthew Good Band - Apparitions
Matthew Good Band - Change of season
Matthew Good Band - Everything is automatic
Matthew Sweet - & Susanna Hoffs - All the young dudes
Matthew Sweet - & Susanna Hoffs - Bell bottom blues
Matthew Sweet - & Susanna Hoffs - Cinnamon girl
Matthew Sweet - & Susanna Hoffs - Gimme some truth
Matthew Sweet - & Susanna Hoffs - The kids are alright
Matthew Sweet - All over my head
Matthew Sweet - Back to you
Matthew Sweet - Beware my love
Matthew Sweet - Day for night
Matthew Sweet - Dead smile
Matthew Sweet - Devil with the green eyes
Matthew Sweet - Divine intervention
Matthew Sweet - Do it again
Matthew Sweet - Does she talk?
Matthew Sweet - Don't go
Matthew Sweet - Everything changes
Matthew Sweet - Faith in you
Matthew Sweet - Falling
Matthew Sweet - Flying
Matthew Sweet - Future shock
Matthew Sweet - Get older
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend (demo)
Matthew Sweet - Giving it back
Matthew Sweet - Heaven and earth
Matthew Sweet - Holy war
Matthew Sweet - I should never have let you know
Matthew Sweet - I've been waiting
Matthew Sweet - If it's happening you'll know
Matthew Sweet - If time permits
Matthew Sweet - Keep you in the middle
Matthew Sweet - Life without you
Matthew Sweet - Lost my mind
Matthew Sweet - Love is gone
Matthew Sweet - Missing time
Matthew Sweet - Not when I need it
Matthew Sweet - Nothing lasts
Matthew Sweet - Quiet her
Matthew Sweet - Reaching out
Matthew Sweet - Sense of adventure
Matthew Sweet - Sick of myself
Matthew Sweet - Slowly
Matthew Sweet - Smog moon
Matthew Sweet - Someone to pull the trigger
Matthew Sweet - Someone to pull the trigger (live)
Matthew Sweet - Sunlight
Matthew Sweet - The ugly truth
Matthew Sweet - Time capsule
Matthew Sweet - We're the same
Matthew Sweet - What do you know?
Matthew Sweet - Winona
Matthew Sweet - Worse to live
Matthew Sweet - Write your own song
Matthew Sweet - You don't love me
Matthew Sweet - Your sweet voice
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - And your bird can sing
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - Everybody knows this is nowhere
Mauracher - Nostalgia
Mauracher - Rosary girls
Maurice & The Cliches - It's all talk
Maximo Park - Karaoke plays
Maximo Park - Wraithlike
Maybellines - Sally
Maybellines - Sleep over
Mazzy Star - ?.2
Mazzy Star - Be my angel
Mazzy Star - Before I sleep
Mazzy Star - Bells ring (acoustic version)
Mazzy Star - Bells ring (electric)
Mazzy Star - Blue flower
Mazzy Star - Blue light
Mazzy Star - Blue light (live)
Mazzy Star - Cry, cry
Mazzy Star - Disappear
Mazzy Star - Fade into you
Mazzy Star - Flowers in December
Mazzy Star - Give you my lovin'
Mazzy Star - Hair and skin
Mazzy Star - Halah
Mazzy Star - Happy
Mazzy Star - I've been let down
Mazzy Star - Into dust
Mazzy Star - Look on down from the bridge
Mazzy Star - Rhymes of an hour
Mazzy Star - Roseblood
Mazzy Star - She's my baby
Mazzy Star - So tonight that I might see
Mazzy Star - Still cold
Mazzy Star - Take everything
Mazzy Star - Tell me now
Mazzy Star - Umbilical
Mazzy Star - Unreflected
Mazzy Star - Wasted
Mazzy Star & Chemical Brothers - Asleep from day
MC Rackins - Talk dirty to me
MC2 - Friends of the night
MC5 - Baby won't ya
MC5 - Back in the U.S.A.
MC5 - Let me try
MC5 - Sister Anne
MC5 - Teenage lust
MC5 - Tonight
McCarthy - A child soon in chains
McCarthy - All your questions answered
McCarthy - An address to the better-offff
McCarthy - And tomorrow the stock exchange will be the human race
McCarthy - Bird in flight
McCarthy - Boy meets grils so whathat
McCarthy - Can the haves use their brains
McCarthy - Change
McCarthy - Comrade Era
McCarthy - Franz Hals
McCarthy - From the damned
McCarthy - Got faith
McCarthy - Governing takes brains
McCarthy - Hands off or die
McCarthy - I worked myself up from nothing
McCarthy - In the dark times
McCarthy - Kill kill kill kill
McCarthy - Monetaries
McCarthy - Nobody could care less about your private lives
McCarthy - Red sleeping beauty
McCarthy - Should the bible be banned
McCarthy - St Francis amongst the mortals
McCarthy - The drinking song of the merchant bankers
McCarthy - The enemy is at home (for the fat lady)
McCarthy - The Fall
McCarthy - The only one
McCarthy - The procession of popular capitalism
McCarthy - The vision of peregrine Worsthorne
McCarthy - The well-fed point of view
McCarthy - Throw him out he's breaking my heart
McCarthy - We are all bourgeois now
McCarthy - With one eye on getting their pay
McCarthy - Write to your M.P. today
McCarthy - You'll have to put an end on them
McCarthy - You're alive
McEnroe - El mar vivo
McEnroe - Montreal
McEnroe - Que queda de mi (part)
McEnroe - Relojero
McFly - Do ya
Meat Puppets - Flaming heart
Meat Puppets - I quit
Meat Puppets - Lost
Meat Puppets - Maiden's milk
Meat Puppets - Oh me
Meat Puppets - Why?
Medalist - Less is more but I'm not sure
Meddy's People - Fantasy world
Medi And The Medicine Show - Excuse my French
Medusa Snare - Monster
Medusa Snare - This is not a war
Meeting Places - Love like the movies
Mega City Four - Awkward kid
Mega City Four - Clear blue sky (Peel session)
Mega City Four - No such place as home
Mega City Four - Slow down (Peel session)
Mega Super Ultra - Live without her love
Mega Super Ultra - What a way to go
Mekons - Echo
Mekons - Flitcraft
Mekons - Memphis, Egypt
Mekons - Ring o' roses
Mekons - When darkness falls
Mekons - Where were you?
Mel - Read your mind
Mel Rogers & The Night Hawkes Show Band - China doll
Melanie - Mr tambourine man
Melanie - Pebbles in the sand
Melanie - Ruby Tuesday
Melanie C - Better alone
Melanie C - Next best superstar
Mélanie Pain - La cigarette
Melatonine - Cette fois encore
Melatonine - Hurkst
Melatonine - Noircissez
Melatonine - Seltseman
Melodie Group - Bathtub full of water
Melodie Group - Butterfly-tart
Melodie Group - Callow fellow
Melodie Group - Hairdresser in the sky - Inner space 1971
Melodie Group - Raincoat
Melodie Group - Skin dive
Melodie Group - Summerness
Melodie Group - Swimming pool
Melodie Group - Xiao
Melody Generator - Space cadet
Melody Nelson - I am the morning
Melody Nelson - Lost again
Melody Nelson - The other side
Melody Nelson - Would you miss me?
Melody Storia - C'est pas pour moi
Melody Storia - La mémoire des condamnés
Melody Unit - Jill Pole
Melody Unit - Miracle in G
Melody Unit - Nutation
Melody Unit - Soviet disco
Melody Unit - The plea before the scream
Melody Unit - Western green
Melons - A hard days rut
Melons - Eskimo
Melons - Little red tugboat
Melons - Strictly melonhead
Melons - Throw your arms around me
Melvin - 501
Melvin - All tan ?
Melvin - Applesauce baptism
Melvin - Bad cat
Melvin - Big yankee fan
Melvin - Brimming with tears
Melvin - Calico Alley
Melvin - Convalescence
Melvin - Cryptic comment
Melvin - Empty Wednesday
Melvin - How much will you give me?
Melvin - In the valley
Melvin - Just to be difficult
Melvin - Late to a funeral
Melvin - Livin' at the corner of dude and catastrophe
Melvin - My darling ruin
Melvin - Robot baby
Melvin - So weird
Melvin - The shelton with sunspots
Melvin - We are perfect in our dreams
Melys - Chinese whispers
Même - Virtual devices
Memories Attack - Love in the time of hate
Menace - Last years youth
Menaces - Till I met you
Mental as Anything - The nips are getting bigger
Mercromina - Angel
Mercromina - Aniversario
Mercromina - Cacharros de cocina
Mercromina - Ceremonia
Mercromina - Desde la montaña más alta der mundo
Mercromina - El cometa
Mercromina - En un mundo tan pequeño (demo version)
Mercromina - Encadenados
Mercromina - Espuma
Mercromina - Evolution
Mercromina - Filosofía oriental
Mercromina - Fotos en la niebla
Mercromina - Frágil
Mercromina - Hulahop
Mercromina - Huracán
Mercromina - Interferencias
Mercromina - La gran aventura
Mercromina - Lapislázuli
Mercromina - Llamas
Mercromina - Lo que dicta el corazón
Mercromina - Ninguna parte IV
Mercromina - Raspas de pez
Mercromina - Rayos UVA
Mercromina - Sacacorchos
Mercromina - Temblando
Mercromina - Una tarde
Mercromina - Vas de ballenas
Mercury Rev - A drop in time
Mercury Rev - Blue and black
Mercury Rev - Car wash hair
Mercury Rev - Chasing a bee
Mercury Rev - Coney Island cyclone
Mercury Rev - Goddess on a highway
Mercury Rev - Hercules
Mercury Rev - My love
Mercury Rev - Racing the tide
Mercury Rev - Something for Joey
Mercury Rev - Syringe mouth
Merisan - Control yourself
Merisan - I don't want to be your friend
Merisan - Love
Merkin Manor - Maybe someday
Mess - Cindy tells me
Meteors - (If you don't wanna fuck me baby) Fuck off
Meteors - My kinda rockin'
Meteors - Oxygen dog
Methusalah - High in the tower of Coombe
Metric - Blindness
Metric - Collect call
Metric - Dead disco
Metric - Eclipse (all yours)
Metric - IOU
Metric - Love is a place
Metric - Monster hospital
Metric - On the sky
Metric - Sick muse
Metric - Soft rock star (Jimmy vs Joe remix)
Metric - The list
Metric - Waves
Mew - Safe as houses
MGMT - Pieces of what
Miaow - When it all comes down
Miasmatics - I am tempted
Micah B. Hinson - Beneath the rose
Micah P. Hinson - As you can see
Micah P. Hinson - Don't you forget (part one and two)
Micah P. Hinson - Jackeyed
Micah P. Hinson - On my way
Micah P. Hinson - Sunrise over Olympus month
Micah P. Hinson - Tell me it ain't so
Micah P. Hinson - The day Texas sank at the bottom of the sea
Micah P. Hinson - We won't have to be lonesome
Micah P. Hinson - You lost sight on me
Micah P. Hinson - Yourself asleep again
Michael Carpenter - She don't care about time
Michael Gira - Forcing Mary
Michael Gira - Un real
Michael Gum - In bed
Michael Haaga - If and when
Michael Knight - Waves to the shore
Michael Penn - Macy day parade
Michael Pitt - That day
Michael Rother - Erlkönig
Michael Rother - Fernwärme
Michael Rother - Flammende Herzen
Michael Rother - Gloria
Michael Rother - Karussell
Michael Rother - Katzenmusik 2
Michael Rother - Katzenmusik 4
Michael Rother - Katzenmusik 9
Michael Rother - Katzenmusik 11
Michael Rother - Silberstreif
Michael Rother - Sonnenrad
Michael Rother - Sterntaler
Michael Rother - Stromlinien
Michael Rother - Süßherz
Michelle - 40 grados
Michelle - Bala perdida
Michelle - Te vas
Michelle Anthony - Don't deny
Mick Est Tout Seul - Au bois d'Aline
Mick Est Tout Seul - Des oiseaux dans mon ventre
Mick Est Tout Seul - L'océan
Mick est tout seul - La clé des chants
Mick Est Tout Seul - Les hommes se cachent pour pleurer
Mick Harvey - Mother of earth
Mickey 3D - Il faut toujours viser la tête
Mickey 3D - Matador
Mickey Buckins and the New Breed - Reflection
Micragirls - Summer's gone
Micronite Filters - Fake in the lake
Microphones - My roots are strong and deep
Microphones - The moon
Middle East - Blood
Middlemarch - Not like that
Midlake - Balloon maker
Midlake - Bring down
Midlake - Roscoe
Midlake - Simple
Midlake - The horn
Midlake - The reprimand
Midnight choir - Heavy rain
Midnight Choir - Jeff Bridges
Midnight choir - Long time ago
Midnight choir - Snow in Berlin
Midnight Juggernauts - Battlescars (part)
Midnight Juggernauts - Dynasty
Midnight Juggernauts - Dystopia
Midnight Juggernauts - This new technology
Midnight Movies - Ribbons
Mighty Lemon Drops - Inside out (live)
Mighty Lemon Drops - Like an angel
Mighty Lemon Drops - My biggest thrill
Mighty Mighty - Night after night
Mighty Roars - Captains ship
Mighty Whispers - Love my wife
Mighty Whispers - Love revolution
Miguel Mendez - You got me all wrong
Mije ? - Grock martian love cull ?
Mikabomb - Armageddon
Mikabomb - Heart attack
Mike Lamb - A woman on paper
Mike Lamb - It belongs to me
Mike Lamb - Ran away to Paris
Mike Ness - I fought the law
Mike Oldfield - ?-1
Mike Oldfield - ?-2
Mike Scott - Building the city of light
Mike Scott - Long way to the light
Mike Scott - My dark side
Mike Scott - Personal
Mike Scott - Strawberry man
Mike Stuart Span - Children of tomorrow
Milk Solids - Twenty one
Milky Wimpshake - I'm saving myself for you
Milky Wimpshake - Lemonade
Milky Wimpshake - Needed: heart handbook
Milky Wimpshake - Spidey
Milky Wimpshake - Too much, too drunk
Milky Wimpshake - True love/youth
Millionaire Magicians - Gang of lions
Millionaire Magicians - Start anew
Milltown Brothers - It's all over now baby blue
Milton Tapes - When the earth's last picture is painted
Mind Spiders - World's destroyed
Mindbenders - The morning after
Minders - Big machine
Minders - Build
Minders - Paper plane
Minimum Chips - Baruberri
Minimum Chips - Bunnysan
Minimum Chips - Cold afternoon
Minimum Chips - Eating out
Minimum Chips - Wrapped
Minipop - Ask me a question
Minipop - Fingerprints
Minipop - Like I do
Minipop - Precious
Minipop - Someone to love
Minisnap - ?
Minisnap - A walk in the dark
Minisnap - Big blue sky
Minisnap - Coppice
Minisnap - Crooked mile
Minisnap - Fred's song
Minisnap - In a dream
Minisnap - In the morning
Minisnap - Innocent
Minisnap - Leave it to you
Minisnap - New broom
Minisnap - Rehash
Minisnap - Wintersweet
Mink DeVille - Cadillac moon
Mink DeVille - Let me dream if I want to
Mink DeVille - Venus ff Avenue D
Minor Deviant - Less of you
Minor Threat - Cashing in
Minutemen - Cohesion
Minutemen - No exchange
Minutemen - Take 5, D. (extrait)
Minutemen - The price of paradise
Miracle Fortress - Beach baby
Miracle Fortress - Blasphemy
Miracle Fortress - Five roses
Miracle Fortress - Fortune
Miracle Fortress - Have you seen in your dreams
Miracle Fortress - Hold your secrets to your heart
Miracle Fortress - Little trees
Miracle Fortress - Maybe lately
Miracle Fortress - Next train
Miracle Fortress - Whirrs
Miracle Legion - A heart disease called love
Miracle Legion - All for the best
Miracle Legion - All the Things
Miracle Legion - And then?
Miracle Legion - Gigantic transatlantic trunk call
Miracle Legion - Gone to bed at 21
Miracle Legion - Homer
Miracle Legion - If she could cry
Miracle Legion - Mr. Mingo
Miracle Legion - Mr. Spaceman
Miracle Legion - Pull the wagon
Miracle Legion - Storyteller
Miracle Legion - The backyard
Miracle Legion - The heart is attached
Miracle Legion - Truly
Miracle Legion - Wonderment
Miracle Workers - You'll know why
Mirrors - Hands in my pocket
Misfits - Attitude
Misfits - Braineaters
Misfits - I turned into a Martian
Misfits - Night of the living dead
Misha - Summersend
Miss - Shreds
Miss Ludella Black - A matter of the heart
Miss Ludella Black - Why?
Miss Ludella Black - Without my love
Missing Links - You make me feel good
Missing Links - You're driving me insane
Mission Of Burma - All world cowboy romance
Mission Of Burma - Dead pool
Mission Of Burma - The mute speaks out
Misunderstood - Children of the sun
Misunderstood - I can take you to the sun
Mittens On Strings - Big brother
Mixed Emotions - I lied
Mobile - Daylight breaks
Mobile - Dusting down the stars
Moby Grape - Hey grandma
Moby Grape - Sitting by the window
Mock Orange - Smile on
Modest Mouse - Bankrupt on selling
Modest Mouse - Birds vs worms
Modest Mouse - Blue cadet-3, do you connect
Modest Mouse - Breakthrough
Modest Mouse - Broke
Modest Mouse - Broke (Peel session?)
Modest Mouse - Custom concern
Modest Mouse - Dramamine
Modest Mouse - Dukes up
Modest Mouse - Edit the sad parts
Modest Mouse - From point A to point B (infinity)
Modest Mouse - Gravity rides everything
Modest Mouse - It always rain on a picnic
Modest Mouse - Make everyone happy
Modest Mouse - Mice eat cheese
Modest Mouse - Satellite skin
Modest Mouse - The good times are killing me
Modest Mouse - The world at large
Modest Mouse - Think long
Modest Mouse - Trailer trash
Modest Mouse - Workin' on leavin' the livin'
Moe Tucker - (And) Then he kissed me
Moe Tucker - Andy
Moe Tucker - Crackin up
Moe Tucker - Danny Boy
Moe Tucker - Do it right
Moe Tucker - Fired up
Moe Tucker - Hey Mersh!
Moe Tucker - I'm not
Moe Tucker - I'm sticking with you
Moe Tucker - I've seen into your soul
Moe Tucker - Pale blue eyes
Mofagang - Dragostea diu tei
Moffs - A million years past
Moffs - Another day in the sun
Moffs - Clarodomineaux
Moffs - The traveller
Mogollar - Katip arzvhalim yaz zare boyle
Mogwai - Acid food
Mogwai - Cody
Mogwai - Cody (BBC session)
Mogwai - Dracula family
Mogwai - Emergency trap
Mogwai - Folk death 95
Mogwai - Glasgow mega-snake
Mogwai - Golden Porsche
Mogwai - Honey
Mogwai - Hunted by a freak
Mogwai - Kappa
Mogwai - Katrien
Mogwai - Kids will be skeletons
Mogwai - Killing all the flies
Mogwai - New paths to helicon, part I
Mogwai - Quiet stereo Dee
Mogwai - Scotland's shame
Mogwai - Summer (priority) (Peel session)
Mogwai - The precipice
Mogwai - The sun smells too loud
Mogwai - Travel is dangerous
Mogwai - You don't know Jesus
Mojave 3 - Breaking the ice
Moke - Last chance
Molasses - Fingers in my eyes
Moldy Peaches - Anyone else but you
Moldy Peaches - Jorge Regula
Moldy Peaches - Lazy confessions
Moldy Peaches - Lucky #9 (video version)
Moldy Peaches - Lucky number nine
Moldy Peaches - Nothing came outut
Moldy Peaches - NYC's like a graveyard
Moldy Peaches - Secret tongues
Moles - Bury me happy
Moles - This is a happy garden
Moles - What's the new Mary Jane
Molly Hatchet - Angel in dixie
Molly Hatchet - Boogie no more
Molly Hatchet - Cheating woman
Molly Hatchet - Dreams of life
Molly Hatchet - Fall of the peacemakers (1)
Molly Hatchet - Fall of the peacemakers (2)
Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' with disaster
Molly Hatchet - Free bird
Molly Hatchet - Gator country
Molly Hatchet - Get her back
Molly Hatchet - Gipsy trail
Molly Hatchet - Good rockin'
Molly Hatchet - Just remember (you're the only one)
Molly Hatchet - Kinda like love
Molly Hatchet - Lady luck
Molly Hatchet - Let the good times roll
Molly Hatchet - Poison pen
Molly Hatchet - Rainbow bridge
Molly Hatchet - Silent reign of heroes
Molly Hatchet - The journey
Molly Hatchet - The rambler
Mommyheads - Corky
Mommyheads - I'm in awe
Mon Frere - Hello
Monkees - (I'm not your) Steppin' stone
Monkees - 99 pounds
Monkees - As we go along
Monkees - Auntie's municipal court
Monkees - Christmas is my time of the year
Monkees - I don't think you know me
Monkees - I wanna be free
Monkees - I'm not a stepping stone
Monkees - Last train to Clarksville
Monkees - Look out (here comes tomorrow)
Monkees - Looking for the good times
Monkees - Love to love
Monkees - Me without you
Monkees - Mr Webster
Monkees - Nine times blue
Monkees - Of you
Monkees - Pleasant valley Sunday
Monkees - Porpoise song
Monkees - Randy scouse git
Monkees - She
Monkees - Six-string improvisation
Monkees - Sometime in the morning
Monkees - Sunny girlfriend
Monkees - Swami plus strings etc
Monkees - This just doesn't seem to be my day
Monkees - Through the looking glass
Monkees - Where has it all gone
Monkees - While I cry
Monkees - You and I
Monkees - You just may be the one
Monkees - You're so good to me
Monkey Steals The Drum - Mars Moss (Peel session)
Mono Men - Behind bars
Mono Men - Hate your way
Mono Men - Watch outside
Monochrome Set - ?
Monochrome Set - Goodbye Joe
Monochrome Set - In love, cancer?
Monochrome Set - Karma suture
Monochrome Set - Letter from Viola
Monochrome Set - The Puerto Rican fence climber
Monogatari - Heart betronik
Monomen - Switch blade ?
Monster Movie - Vanishing act
Monsters Of Folk - Say please
Monta - Good morning stranger
Moody Blues - A simple game
Moody Blues - Gimme' a little somethin'
Moody Blues - Higher and higher (part)
Moody Blues - House of four doors (part 2)
Moody Blues - It's up to you
Moody Blues - Lovely to see you
Moody Blues - Night owl blues
Moody Blues - Procession (part)
Moody Blues - Sorry
Moody Blues - The day we meet again
Moody Blues - The story in your eyes
Moody Blues - To share our love
Moody Blues - Watching and waiting
Moody Blues - When you wake up
Moody Blues - You and me (part)
Moon Duo - Motorcycle I love you
Moonbabies - Fieldtrip USA
Moonbabies - I'm insane but so are you
Moonbabies - War on sound
Moondoggies - 1
Moondoggies - 4
Moondoggies - 5
Moondoggies - 6
Moondoggies - 7
Moondoggies - 8
Moondoggies - 9
Moondoggies - Ain't no Lord
Moondoggies - Black shoe (1)
Moondoggies - Black shoe (2)
Moondoggies - Changing
Moondoggies - I want you to know
Moondoggies - It's a shame, it's a pity
Moondoggies - Long time coming
Moondoggies - Make it easy
Moondoggies - Night & day
Moondoggies - The hardest part
Moondogs - Dream girl
Moondogs - Home is where the heart is
Moondogs - Talking in the canteen
Moondogs - Who's gonna tell Mary?
Mooney Suzuki - A little bit of love
Mooney Suzuki - Electrocuted blues
Mooney Suzuki - I woke up this mornin'
Mooney Suzuki - In a young man's mind
Mooney Suzuki - Make my way
Mooney Suzuki - Natural fact
Mooney Suzuki - Singin' a song about today
Mooney Suzuki - The broken heart
Moonspell - Luna
Moontrees - Broken toys
Moontrees - Those who made me dream
Moontrees - Unwanted
Moose - Boy
Moose - Butterfly collector
Moose - Call it what you want, anything
Moose - Do you remember
Moose - Don't bring me down
Moose - I'll take tomorrow
Moose - Suzanne
Moose - Suzanne (Peel session)
Moose - This river is nearly dry (live)
Moral - The wedding
Moral - Trees in November
Mörbyligan - Världen tillhör dom vackra
Morning After Girls - Always mine
Morning Dew - Be a friend
Morning Dew - Go away
Morning Dew - Look at me now
Morning Dew - Sing out
Morning Dew - Someday
Morning Glory - Need someone
Morning Sun - Let's take a walk in the woods
Morningstar - If I didn't want to see you anymore
Morningwood - Nth degree
Morrissey - I knew I was next
Morrissey - National front disco
Morrissey - On the streets I run
Morrissey - The more you ignore me, the closer I get
Mortals - I'm branded
Moscow Olympics - Cut the world
Moscow Olympics - No winter, no autumn
Most Serene Republic - In places, empty spaces
Most Serene Republic - Relative's eyes
Motifs - Envelopes
Motifs - Hours & days
Motifs - Tell me more
Motifs - Whistle
Motion City Soundtrack - Pop song 89
Motion Sick - Dead-letter officer
Motion Sick - Satellite
Motion Sick - Winged bicycle
Motions - For another man
Motorcycle Boy - Big rock candy mountain
Motörhead - 1916
Motörhead - Bite the bullet
Motörhead - Damage case
Motörhead - Dead and gone
Motörhead - Devils
Motörhead - Emergency
Motörhead - English rose
Motörhead - Fire, fire
Motörhead - Fun on the farm
Motörhead - God was never on your side
Motörhead - Heroes
Motörhead - I ain't no nice guy
Motörhead - Joy of labour
Motörhead - Keep us on the road
Motörhead - Keys to the kingdom
Motörhead - Kingdom of the worm
Motörhead - Limb from limb
Motörhead - Loser
Motörhead - Love me forever
Motörhead - Metropolis
Motörhead - On parole
Motörhead - Out of the sun
Motörhead - R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
Motörhead - Stand
Motörhead - Stone dead forever
Motörhead - The chase is better than the catch
Motörhead - The train kept a-rollin'
Motorhomes - I wanna make you sing
Motors - You beat the hell outta me
Mott The Hoople - After lights
Mott The Hoople - All the young dudes
Mott The Hoople - Half moon bay
Mott The Hoople - Laugh at me
Mott The Hoople - No wheels to ride
Mott The Hoople - Roll away the stone
Mott The Hoople - Threads of iron
Mott The Hoople - Thunderbuck ram
Mott The Hoople - Violence
Mountain - Boys Iin the band
Mountain - Theme from an imaginary western
Mountain - Travellin' in the dark (To E.M.P.)
Mountain Goats - Lovecraft in Brooklyn
Mountain Man - Animal tracks
Mourning Dayze - Fly my paper airplane
Mouse & the Traps - A public execution
Moustache Of Insanity - Cheese and freckles
Moustache Of Insanity - Email
Moustache Of Insanity - Living room picnic
Moustache Of Insanity - No bills club
Move - Brontosaurus (part)
Move - Curly
Move - Curly where's your girlie
Move - Do ya
Move - Lightning never strikes twice
Move - Message from the country
Move - No time
Move - Omnibus
Move - Tonight
Move - Wild tiger woman
Movers - Back in time
Moving Mountains - Grown on, grow up, grow out
Mr. Airplane Man - How long
Mr. Airplane Man - Jesus on the mainline
Mr. Airplane Man - Red light
Mr. Airplane Man - Red light (live)
Mr. Airplane Man - Round and round
Mr. Airplane Man - Sun sinking low
Mr. Chesterfield - Client No. 9
Mr. Man & Dr. Funk - Onomatopoeia
Muck And The Mires - Doreen
Mudcrutch - Bootleg flyer
Mudcrutch - Scare easy
Mudcrutch - Topanga cowgirl
Mudhonet - Sonic infusion
Mudhoney - Come to mind
Mudhoney - Dissolve
Mudhoney - Endless yesterday
Mudhoney - I will fight no more forever
Mudhoney - If I think
Mudhoney - In my finest suit
Mudhoney - Inside out over you
Mudhoney - Orange ball-peen hammer
Mudhoney - Piece of cake
Mudhoney - Running loaded
Mudhoney - Tonight I think I'm gonna go downtown
Mudville Project - The tea
Muffs - All blue baby
Muffs - Big mouth
Muffs - Clown
Muffs - Dear liar love me
Muffs - Don't waste another day
Muffs - End it all
Muffs - Every single thing
Muffs - Everywhere I go
Muffs - Eye to eye
Muffs - Fancy girl
Muffs - Freak out
Muffs - Funny face
Muffs - Happening
Muffs - Honeymoon
Muffs - I don't like you
Muffs - I wish that i could be you
Muffs - I'm confused
Muffs - I'm here I'm not
Muffs - In
Muffs - Jack champagne
Muffs - Just a game
Muffs - Keep holding me
Muffs - Kids in America
Muffs - My mind's eye
Muffs - New love
Muffs - Not your girl
Muffs - Numb
Muffs - Oh poor you
Muffs - Pacer
Muffs - Prettier than me
Muffs - Really really happy
Muffs - Sad tomorrow
Muffs - Saying goodbye
Muffs - Slow
Muffs - Something inside
Muffs - The best time around
Muffs - The story of me
Muffs - Won't come out to play
Muffs - You and your parrot
Muffs - You lie
Mull Historical Society - How bout I love you more
Mullens - Esmerelda
Múm - Ladies of the new century
Mumm-Ra - She's got you high
Mumm-Ra - Starlight
Mumm-Ra - There she is
Mummies - Baba diddy baby.
Mummies - The ballad of iron eyes cody
Murder City Devils - 364 days
Murder City Devils - Dear hearts
Murder City Devils - I'll come running
Murder City Devils - Midnight service at the Mütter Museum
Murder City Devils - Press gang
Murder City Devils - Somebody else's baby
Muse - Escape
Muse - Falling down
Muse - Hate this and I'll love you
Muse - Host
Muse - Invincible
Muse - Showbiz
Muse - Take a bow
Muse - Unintended
Musée Mécanique - Like home
Musée Mécanique - Nothing glorious
Musée Mécanique - Sleeping in our clothes
Mushroom - Standing alone
Mushroom - Tenpenny piece
Mushroom - Unborn child
Music Asylum - Yesterday's children
Music Box - Man-sewer
Music Go Music - Light of love
Mutt Ramon - Silver moon boots
MxPx - Bad hair day
MxPx - Circumstance
MxPx - Don't walk away
MxPx - Everything sucks
MxPx - False fiction
MxPx - Kings of Hollywood
MxPx - No brain
MxPx - Oh Donna
MxPx - Punk rawk celebrity
MxPx - Running out of time
MxPx - Take on me
MxPx - The final slowdance
MxPx - Top of the charts
MxPx - What's mine is yours
MxPx - Wrecking hotel rooms
MxPx - You found me
My Bloody Valentine - Blown a wish
My Bloody Valentine - Can I touch you
My Bloody valentine - Cupid come
My Bloody Valentine - Don't ask why
My Bloody Valentine - Emptiness inside
My Bloody Valentine - I can see it
My Bloody Valentine - I can see it (but I can't feel it) (Peel session)
My Bloody Valentine - I need no trust
My Bloody Valentine - I only said
My Bloody valentine - Lose my breath
My Bloody Valentine - Off your face
My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
My Bloody Valentine - Swallow
My Bloody Valentine - When you sleep
My Dad Is Dead - My safe place
My Favorite - Burning hearts
My Favorite - The happiest days of my life
The - My heart would know
My Latest Novel - Argument against the man
My Latest Novel - I declare a ceasefire
My Lily Of The Valley - Precious moments
My Lily Of The Valley - the Summers first kiss
My Morning Jacket - Downtown
My Morning Jacket - Evelyn
My Morning Jacket - Evelyn is not real
My Morning Jacket - Heartbreakin man
My Morning Jacket - Honest man
My Morning Jacket - I just wanted to be your friend
My Morning Jacket - I won't cry
My Morning Jacket - I'm amazed
My Morning Jacket - If all else fails
My Morning Jacket - It's abut twilight now
My Morning Jacket - Josta dreams and bitter ends
My Morning Jacket - Just because I do
My Morning Jacket - One big holiday
My Morning Jacket - Santa Claus is back in town
My Morning Jacket - See these bones
My Morning Jacket - The way that he sings
My Morning Jacket - They ran (1)
My Morning Jacket - They ran (2)
My Morning Jacket - Xmas curtain (1)
My Morning Jacket - Xmas curtain (2)
My Sad Captains - Bad decisions
My Sad Captains - Great expectations
My Solid Ground - Melancholie
My Solid Ground - That's you
My Solid Ground - The executioner
Myassa - À personne
Myassa - Fanfare de mensonges
Myriads - The ascent
Myriads - The sanctum of my soul
Myslovitz - Chlopcy
Mystery machine - Valley song
Mystery Trend - Johnny was a good boy
Mystic serpent - Blood of he demon
Mystic serpent - Foolish pride
Naast - La fille que j'aime
Naast - Tu te trompes
Nada Surf - 80 windows
Nada Surf - All is a game
Nada Surf - Are you lightning
Nada Surf - Bacardi
Nada Surf - Bad best friend
Nada Surf - Beautiful beat
Nada Surf - Blankest year
Nada Surf - Blizzard of '77
Nada Surf - Bright side
Nada Surf - Comes a time
Nada Surf - Deeper well
Nada Surf - Do it again
Nada Surf - Electrocution (Bill Fox)
Nada Surf - End credits
Nada Surf - Enjoy the silence
Nada Surf - Firecracker
Nada Surf - From now on
Nada Surf - Happy kid
Nada Surf - Hi-speed soul
Nada Surf - I like what you say
Nada Surf - I wanna take you home
Nada Surf - Ice on the wing
Nada Surf - Icebox
Nada Surf - Imaginary friends
Nada Surf - In the mirror
Nada Surf - Inside of love
Nada Surf - Killian's red
Nada Surf - No quick fix
Nada Surf - Question
Nada Surf - Robot
Nada Surf - Run
Nada Surf - Slow down
Nada Surf - The way you wear your head
Nada Surf - Treehouse
Nada Surf - Troublemaker
Nada Surf - Weightless
Nada Surf - What is your secret
Nada Surf - Whose authority
Nada Surf - You were so warm
Nada Surf - Your legs grow
Nada Surf - Zen brain
Nagg - Sniff
Naked Philosophy - Come down where you ought to be
Naked Philosophy - Ring them bells
Naked Philosophy - Sorry to inform you
Naked Philosophy - The Rumor Lives Strong
Naked Philosophy - We keep them alive
Naked Prey - Come on down
Naked Prey - Fly away
Naked Prey - Voodoo godhead
Naked Prey - What price for freedom
Name Taken - Write back
Nan Turner - ?
Napoleon IIIrd - Hit schmooze for me
Narwhal - Fannie
Nash The Slash - 19th nervous breakdown
Nash The Slash - Crab waltz
Nash The Slash - Fever dream
Nash The Slash - Lost Lenore
Nash The Slash - Masquerade
Nash The Slash - R.S.V.P.
Nash The Slash - Wolf (live)
Nashville Pussy - Age of pamparius
Nashville Pussy - Can't get rid of it
Nashville Pussy - Drive
Nashville Pussy - Eat my dust
Nashville Pussy - Fried chicken and coffee
Nashville Pussy - Give me a hit before I go
Nashville Pussy - Go to hell
Nashville Pussy - I'm so high
Nashville Pussy - I'm the man
Nashville Pussy - Keep on fuckin'
Nashville Pussy - Outro
Nashville Pussy - She's got the drugs
Nashville Pussy - Why why why
Nathaniel Tann - We were not meant to be
National - About today (live)
National - All the wine
National - Apartment story
National - Mistaken for strangers
National - Start a war
National Gallery - Long hair soulful
Nationalteatern - Barn av vår tid
Nationalteatern - Det finns så många som inte...
Nationalteatern - Ge mig mitt liv nu
Nationalteatern - Ingelas sång
Nationalteatern - Japp Coco (Kleta & spill)
Nationalteatern - Livet är en fest
Nationalteatern - Vad är det för fel på mej
Nationalteatern - Veronika
Nazareth - A veterans song
Nazareth - All the king's horses
Nazareth - Beggars day - Rose in heather
Nazareth - Broken down angel
Nazareth - Busted
Nazareth - Child in the sun
Nazareth - Gone dead train
Nazareth - Holiday
Nazareth - Homesick again
Nazareth - In my time
Nazareth - Lift the lid
Nazareth - Local still
Nazareth - Love leads to madness
Nazareth - Madelaine
Nazareth - Morning dew (part)
Nazareth - Place in your heart
Nazareth - Please don't judas me
Nazareth - Road to nowhere
Nazareth - Shanghai'd in Shanghai
Nazareth - Shot me down
Nazareth - Star
Nazareth - Sunshine
Nazareth - Sweetheart tree
Nazareth - The rowan tree
Nazareth - Vancouver shakedown
Nazareth - Vicki
Nazareth - What's in it for me
Nazareth - Whatever you want babe
Nazareth - Woke up this morning
Neal Schon - Time again
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Def con one
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Happy
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Leg end in his own boots
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Nothing like
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Your complex
Neighb'rhood Children - I need love
Neil Forth & the Fanatics - Shame on you
Neil Nathan - California run
Neil Young - ?
Neil Young - Act of love
Neil Young - Alabama
Neil Young - Albuquerque
Neil Young - All along the watchtower
Neil Young - Ambulance blues
Neil Young - Angry world
Neil Young - Bandit
Neil Young - Barstool blues
Neil Young - Be the rain
Neil Young - Big green country
Neil Young - Big time
Neil Young - Bite the bullet
Neil Young - Bringin' down dinner
Neil Young - Change your mind
Neil Young - Cinnamon girl
Neil Young - Come on baby let's go downtown
Neil Young - Cortez the killer
Neil Young - Country home
Neil Young - Cowgirl in the sand
Neil Young - Danger bird
Neil Young - Days that used to be
Neil Young - Devil's sidewalk
Neil Young - Dirty old man
Neil Young - Don't be denied
Neil Young - Down by the river
Neil Young - Everybody knows this is nowhere
Neil Young - Falling from above
Neil Young - Families
Neil Young - Flags of freedom
Neil Young - Fontainebleau
Neil Young - Fuckin' up
Neil Young - Goin' home
Neil Young - Hitchhiker
Neil Young - Homegrown
Neil Young - I believe in you
Neil Young - I've been waiting for you
Neil Young - If I could have her tonight
Neil Young - Johnny Magic
Neil Young - Just like Tom Thumb's blues
Neil Young - Just singing a song
Neil Young - Last dance
Neil Young - Let it shine
Neil Young - Living with war
Neil Young - Lookin' for a love
Neil Young - Lookout Joe
Neil Young - Loose change
Neil Young - Love and only love
Neil Young - Mansion on the hill
Neil Young - Mother earth (natural anthem)
Neil Young - No hidden path
Neil Young - No more
Neil Young - Oh, lonesome me
Neil Young - Only love can break your heart
Neil Young - Ordinary people
Neil Young - Over and over
Neil Young - Peace and love
Neil Young - Peace of mind
Neil Young - Piece of crap
Neil Young - Powderfinger
Neil Young - Prisoners of rock 'n' roll
Neil Young - Prisoners of rock 'n' roll (live)
Neil Young - River of pride (White line)
Neil Young - Roger and out
Neil Young - Rumblin'
Neil Young - Running dry
Neil Young - Scattered (Let's think about livin')
Neil Young - Scenery
Neil Young - Sedan delivery
Neil Young - Singing a song
Neil Young - Slip away
Neil Young - Someday
Neil Young - Someone's gonna rescue you
Neil Young - Song X
Neil Young - Southern Pacific
Neil Young - Spirit road
Neil Young - Stupid girl
Neil Young - Sugar mountain
Neil Young - Sun green
Neil Young - Tell me why
Neil Young - The loner
Neil Young - This town
Neil Young - Tired eyes
Neil Young - Trans Am
Neil Young - Truth be known
Neil Young - Two old friends
Neil Young - Welfare mother
Neil Young - When worlds collide
Neil Young - When you dance you can really love
Neil Young - White line
Neil Young - Words (Between the lines of age)
Neil Young - World on a string
Neko Case - Ghost wiring
Neko Case - Hold on, hold on
Neko Case - Lady pilot
Neko Case And Her Boyfriends - Twist the knife
Nekromantix - Nekrofelia
Neon Boys - Don't die
Neon Boys - That's all I know (right now)
Neperud - Kom igjen
Neptunes - Shame girl
Nerves - Paper dolls
Nerves - Walking out on love
Netherfriends - Friends with lofts
Neu! - Hero
Neu! - Isi
Neu! - See Land
Neutral Milk Hotel - Arm so real
Neutral Milk Hotel - Gardenhead
Neutral Milk Hotel - Gardenhead / Leave me alone
Neutral Milk Hotel - Ghost
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the aeroplane over the sea
Neutral Milk Hotel - King of carrot flowers, Pt 1, 2 & 3
Neutral Milk Hotel - Sinking ship
Neutral Milk Hotel - Someone is waiting (1)
Neutral Milk Hotel - Someone is waiting (2)
Neutral Milk Hotel - Tea time
Neutral Milk Hotel - Three peaches
Neutral Milk Hotel - Untitled
Neutral Milk Hotel - Untitled 6
Neutral Milk Hotel - Wood guitar
Neutral Milk Hotel - You've passed
Nevertheless - Rest
Nevertheless - Sleeping in
New Atlantic - Wire & stone
New Bomb Turks - Bolan's crash
New Bomb Turks - Instrumental
New Chautauquans - It's raining, it's pouring
New Christs - Afterburn
New Christs - Coming apart
New Christs - Disconnected
New Christs - Face a new god
New Christs - Love's underground
New Christs - My existence
New Christs - Spit it out
New Dawn - Listen to the music
New Lows - Cold shivers
New Order - Atmosphere (Peel Session)
New Order - Bizarre love triangle
New Order - Brutal
New Order - Ceremony
New Order - Dreams never end
New Order - I.C.B (Peel session)
New Order - Leave me alone
New Order - Paradise (Peel Session)
New Order - Regret
New Order - Run 2
New Pornographers - All the old showstoppers
New Pornographers - Ballad of a comeback kid
New Pornographers - Chump change
New Pornographers - Falling through your clothes
New Pornographers - From blown speakers
New Pornographers - Go places
New Pornographers - Hey, snow white
New Pornographers - It's only divine right
New Pornographers - Letter from an occupant
New Pornographers - Mass romantic
New Pornographers - Miss teen wordpower
New Pornographers - Mutiny, I promise you
New Pornographers - My rights versus yours
New Pornographers - Myriad harbour
New Pornographers - Testament to youth in verse
New Pornographers - The bleeding heart show
New Pornographers - The end of medicine
New Pornographers - The fake headlines
New Pornographers - The laws have changed
New Pornographers - The Mary Martin show
New Pornographers - The slow descent into alcoholism
New Pornographers - Your hands (together)
New Pornographers ? - ?
New Race - Looking at you
New Rhodes - 254
New Roman Times - Smoke in your disguise
New Tweedy Bros! - I can see it
New Weaver - Monday morning's alright
New Year - 18
New Year - Age of conceit
New Year - Alter ego
New Year - Carne levare
New Year - Folios
New Year - Gasoline
New Year - Great expectations
New Year - Half a day
New Year - Newness ends
New Year - One plus one minus one equals one
New Year - Plan B
New Year - Reconstruction
New Year - Seven days and seven nights
New Year - Simple life
New Year - Start
New Year - The block that doesn't exist
The New Year - The company I can get
New Year - The end's not near
New Year - The idea of you
New Year - Wages of sleep
New Year - X off days
New York Dolls - ?
New York Dolls - Chatterbox
New York Dolls - Dancing on the lip of a volcano
New York Dolls - Fishnets & cigarettes
New York Dolls - Frankenstein (orig.)
New York Dolls - I am confronted (live)
New York Dolls - I'm a boy, I'm a girl (live)
New York Dolls - Lonely planet boy (live)
New York Dolls - Oh dot (take 2) (live)
New York Dolls - Penty of music
New York Dolls - Pills
New York Dolls - Puss 'n' boots
New York Dolls - Stranded in the jungle
New York Dolls - Subway train (1)
New York Dolls - Subway train (2)
New York Dolls - Take a good look at my good looks
New York Dolls - That's poison (live)
New York Dolls - Trash
New York Dolls - Vietnamese baby
New York Dolls - Vietnamese baby (live)
New York Dolls - We are all in love
New York Dolls - We have been through this before (live)
New York Dolls - We're all in love
Newtown Neurotics - Get up and fight
Niccokick - Turn 27
Nice - The thoughts of Emerlist Davjack
Nice Ones - Birthdays
Nick Drake - Place to be
Nick Lowe - ?
Nick Lowe - Mary Provost
Nico - ?
Nico - Chelsea girls
Nico - I'll keep it with mine
Nico - It was a pleasure then
Nico - Janitor of lunacy
Nico - Little sister
Nico - Somewhere there's a feather
Nico - These days
Nicotine - Baby one more time
Nigel Clements - Come down where you ought to be
Night Control - CS
Night Elf Mohawk - Back from Juvie
Nightcrawlers - The little black egg
Nightlands - 300 clouds
Nike & Gurra - Kom och håll om mej
Nikka Costa - Master blaster
Nikki Sudden - ?.1
Nikki Sudden - ?.2
Nikki Sudden - ?.3
Nikki Sudden - ?.4
Nikki Sudden - ?.5
Nikki Sudden - ?.7
Nikki Sudden - ?.8
Nikki Sudden - Act together
Nikki Sudden - Aeroplane blues
Nikki Sudden - All the gold
Nikki Sudden - Back to the coast (1)
Nikki Sudden - Back to the coast (2)
Nikki Sudden - Back to the start
Nikki Sudden - Basement blues
Nikki Sudden - Before I leave you
Nikki Sudden - Beyond hope
Nikki Sudden - Black tar
Nikki Sudden - Broken glove
Nikki Sudden - Broken tooth
Nikki Sudden - Burgundy
Nikki Sudden - Butterfly
Nikki Sudden - Captain Kennedy
Nikki Sudden - Captain Kennedy (live)
Nikki Sudden - Chelsea embankment
Nikki Sudden - Cheyne walk
Nikki Sudden - Cupful of change
Nikki Sudden - Death is hanging over me
Nikki Sudden - Death is hanging over me (2)
Nikki Sudden - Don't break my soul
Nikki Sudden - Empire blues
Nikki Sudden - Evangeline / Silver dollar
Nikki Sudden - Gin palace (Jordan's dragoons)
Nikki Sudden - Glass eye
Nikki Sudden - Gold painted nails
Nikki Sudden - Gold painted nails (2)
Nikki Sudden - Great pharaoh
Nikki Sudden - Green shield stamps
Nikki Sudden - High & lonesome (1, acoustic))
Nikki Sudden - High and lonesome (2)
Nikki Sudden - Highway girl
Nikki Sudden - House of cards
Nikki Sudden - How many lies
Nikki Sudden - I'd much rather be with the boys
Nikki Sudden - If I could write poetry
Nikki Sudden - In your room
Nikki Sudden - Independant girl / Coda
Nikki Sudden - Jangle town
Nikki Sudden - Jet star groove
Nikki Sudden - Johnny smiled slowly
Nikki Sudden - Jungle town
Nikki Sudden - Kiss at dawn
Nikki Sudden - Kiss at dawn (live)
Nikki Sudden - Knife in my heart
Nikki Sudden - Looking for a friend
Nikki Sudden - Love nest
Nikki Sudden - Mess with me (live)
Nikki Sudden - New York
Nikki Sudden - Nothing left
Nikki Sudden - Pockets full of silver
Nikki Sudden - Sanctified
Nikki Sudden - Sea dog blues
Nikki Sudden - Seven miles
Nikki Sudden - Something about you (live)
Nikki Sudden - Stay bruised
Nikki Sudden - Still full of shocks
Nikki Sudden - Such a little girl
Nikki Sudden - Talking to the wrong guy
Nikki Sudden - Tell me (live)
Nikki Sudden - The angel are calling
Nikki Sudden - The angels are calling (2)
Nikki Sudden - The ballad of Johnny and Marianne
Nikki Sudden - The bible belt ?
Nikki Sudden - The last bandit
Nikki Sudden - The price of nails
Nikki Sudden - The ragged school
Nikki Sudden - The road goes on forever
Nikki Sudden - The road of broken dreams
Nikki Sudden - Tie you up
Nikki Sudden - Too bad for you
Nikki Sudden - Treasure island
Nikki Sudden - Wedding dress
Nikki Sudden - Wedding hotel
Nikki Sudden - Wedding hotel (2)
Nikki Sudden - When I cross the line
Nikki Sudden - When I left you
Nikki Sudden - When she smiles
Nikki Sudden - Wild cathedral
Nikki Sudden (& Jacobites) - The wishing well
Nikki Sudden (& Southern bitch) - Family bible
Nikki Sudden & Jeff Tweedy - Farewell, my darling
Nikki Sudden & Phil Shoenfelt - Hanoi Jane
Nikki Sudden & RSH - Wedding hotel
Nils Lofgren - Back it up
Nils Lofgren - Black books
Nils Lofgren - Misery
Nine Black Alps - Unsatisfied
Nips - Gabrielle
Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night
Nixon - Anorak Christmas
Nixon - Ashamed
Nixon - Barry Jones
Nixon - Cushions
Nixon - If upon a circuit (part)
Nixon - Kirsty says
Nixon - Lead poisoning
Nixon - Louise Louise
Nixon - Together in electric dreams
No Age - Eraser
No Age - Teen creeps
No Age - Things I did when I was dead
No Fun At all - Celestial Q&A
No Midnight - 'Cause you can
No No No Hopes - Nobody's fool
Noah Chevalier - Soft orange glow
Noah MacLaughlin - Cryptic comment
Nobody's Children - Good times
NOFX - Getting high on the down low
NOFX - The brews
NOFX - Vanilla sex
Noir Désir - A ton étoile
Noir Désir - Alice
Noir Désir - Comme elle vient
Noir Désir - Elle va ou elle veut
Noir Désir - Ernestine
Noir Désir - Hoo doo
Noir Désir - Ici Paris
Noir Désir - It spurts
Noir Désir - Lazy
Noir Désir - Les persiennes
Noir Désir - Lolita nie en bloc (1)
Noir Désir - Lolita nie en bloc (2)
Noir Désir - No no no
Noir Désir - Oublie
Noir Désir - Prayer for a wanker
Noir Désir - Sober song
Noir Désir - The holy economic war
Noir Désir - Tu m'donnes le mal
Noir Désir - Un Jour en France
Noise Ratchet - Crush
Nomads - 16 forever
Nomads - Better off dead
Nomads - Beyond the valley of the dolls
Nomads - Blind spot
Nomads - Call off your dogs
Nomads - Come on
Nomads - Dig up the hatchet
Nomads - Don't you fret
Nomads - Driving sideways (on a one way street)
Nomads - Get away from it all
Nomads - Glad to be in your past
Nomads - Just lost
Nomads - Kinda crime
Nomads - Long goodbye
Nomads - Low down shakin' chills
Nomads - Milk cow blues
Nomads - My deadly game
Nomads - Nothing
Nomads - Pair of deuces
Nomads - Rat fink a boo-boo
Nomads - Sacred
Nomads - Smooth
Nomads - Swamp girl
Nomads - Thats my girl
Nomads - The next big thing
Nomads - The way (you touch my hand)
Nomads - Wasn't born to work
Nomads - Where the wolf bane blooms
Nomads - Who dat
Nomads - Wimp
Nomads (60s) - Oh Jennie
Nomber 5s - Dancing on the Oslo beat
Nono Futur - j'encule la ville de Rouen et tous ces fils de pute de Normands
North Atlantic - Scientist girl
Northern Lights - No time
Northern Lights - Time to move along
Northern Picture Library - Ammonia train
Northern Picture Library - Breaking
Northern Picture Library - Dear faraway friend (part)
Northern Picture Library - Insecure
Northern Picture Library - Last September's farewell kiss
Northern Picture Library - Norfolk windmills
Northern Picture Library - Skylight
Northern Picture Library - Truly madly deeply
Northern Picture Library - Untitled #1
Northern Picture Library - Untitled #2
Northern Portrait - Crazy
Northern Portrait - Criminal art lovers
Northern Portrait - Give you two seconds to entertain me
Northern Portrait - In an empty hotel
Northern Portrait - Murder weapon
Northern Portrait - New favourite moment
Northern Portrait - Our lambrusco days
Northern Portrait - Sporting a scar
Northern Portrait - Stirling Moss
Northern Portrait - That's when my headaches begin
Northern Portrait - The fallen aristocracy
Northern Portrait - The münchhausen in me
Northern Portrait - The operation worked but the patient died
Northern Portrait - Waiting for a chance
Northwest Company - Get away from it all
Not Sensibles - (I'm in love withith) Margaret Thatcher
Novaks - I'll give you a ring
Novocaines - Businessman blues
Now, Now Every Children - Not one, but two
Nowist - Good lies
Nude Pube Banglers - I believe in miracles
Numbers - Mind hole
Numbers like promises - Lallaby
Nurse & Soldier - Capture the flag
Nurses - He gots
Nutwalls - Mad city
NY Loose - Cheap tragedies
NY Rel-X - No hope
O! - Outskirts
O. Benton BsB - Have you se…
Oasis - Going nowhere
Oasis - Hey now!
Oasis - Hung in a bad place
Oasis - Little by little
Oasis - Little James
Oasis - Lord don't slow me down
Oasis - Lyla
Oasis - Magic pie
Oasis - Mucky fingers
Oasis - Put your money where yer mouth is
Oasis - Rock'n'roll star
Oasis - Roll it over
Oasis - She's electric
Oasis - Slide away
Oasis - Some might say
Oasis - Street fighting man
Oasis - Sunday morning call
Oasis - The Hindu Times
Oasis - The nature of reality
Oasis - Who feels love?
Oberkampf - La Marseillaise
Oberkampf - Poupée de cire
Occasional Flickers - Rain until Monday
Occasional Flickers - Rucksack
Occasional Flickers - When the skies look so gray
Ocean City Defender - We were not meant to be
Ocean Colour Scene - Go to sea
Octothorpe - Floating bridge
Octothorpe - Like a villain
Odd Horns ? - Fallow field…
Odds - I'll make you sorry
ODG - Angry, sad and torn apart
Odoriferous Valley - Ten lies
Odyssey - Everything will be alright (part II - vocal)
Of Cycles And Engines - Finn's Motel
Of Montreal - The miniature philosopher
Of Montreal - We were born the mutants again with leafing
Of Science And Numbers - The red door
Oh Laura - It ain't enough
Oh No! Oh My! - Jane is fat
Oh No! Oh My! - Reeks and seeks
Oh No! Oh My! - Skip the foreplay
Oh No! Oh My! - The backseat
Oh Tomasio - Mean to me
Oh! Custer - October
Ohio Express - Down at Lulus
Ohio Express - Yummy yummy yummy
Oï PoloÏ - ?
Okay - ?.1
Okay - ?.2
Okay - ?.3
Okay - ?.4
Okay - Natural
Okay - Nightmare
Okay - O
Okay - Panda
Okay - Tragedy
Okkervil River - No key, no plan
Okkervil River - Our live is not a movie or maybe
Oktober People - Blue collar butterfly
Ol' Yeller - If you're gone
Ola Podrida - Cindy
Old 97's - Smokers
Old Ceremony - Plate tectonics
Old haunts - ?
Old Haunts - Hurricane eyes
Old Haunts - Not hopeless
Old Haunts - Outside of divided time
Old Haunts - Ruined view
Old Haunts - Sunshine
Old Haunts - Volatile
Old Soul - River of daughters
Oliver Future - Signing off
Olivia Tremor Control - A place we have been to
Olivia Tremor Control - A sleepy company
Olivia Tremor Control - Beneath the climb
Olivia Tremor Control - Green typewriters
Olivia Tremor Control - Hideaway
Olivia Tremor Control - Hilltop procession (momentum gaining)
Olivia Tremor Control - I won this dog at the Driftwoo
Olivia Tremor Control - Jumping fences
Olivia Tremor Control - King of the claws
Olivia Tremor Control - Love Athena
Olivia Tremor Control - Marking time
Olivia Tremor Control - NYC-25
Olivia Tremor Control - Peculiar noise called train director
Olivia Tremor Control - Suite one
Olivia Tremor Control - The princess turns the key to cubic castle (curtain call pt. 1&2) (part 1)
Olle Ljungström - Vatten sol och ängar
OMD - Messages
OMD - Of all the things we've made (Peel session)
On and oRoger McGuinn - n
On trial - I have always been here before
One Eyed Jacks - Somewhere they can't find me
One Of Hours - Feel the pain
One Two Three Cheers And A Tiger - Drink your heart
One Umbrella - Eintrocinc
Ones - Mr. you're a better man than I
Only Ones - In betweens
Only Ones - Miles from nowhere (Peel session)
Only Ones - No peace for the wicked
Only Ones - Peter and the pets
Only Ones - The big sleep (Peel session)
Only Ones - The happy pilgrim (Peel session)
Only Ones - Why don't you kill yourself (Peel session)
Onyx - Tamaris Khan
Oohlas - Small parts
Open Mind - Cast a spell
Open Mind - Magic potion
Open Mind - The magic potion
Operator - Black cloud
Operator - Good enough
Operator - Nothing to lose
Opshop - Low tide
Opshop - Being
Opshop - Breathing space
Opshop - Days to come
Opshop - Helpless
Opshop - Nexus
Opshop - Nothing can wait
Opshop - Oxygen
Opshop - Up behind the sun
Orange Collective - Jewel of India
Orange Juice - Blue boy
Orange Lights - Let the love back in
Oranges Band - OK apartment
Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark - Maid of Orleans
Orchids - Caveman
Orchids - Coloured stone
Orchids - Defy the law
Orchids - Dirty clothing
Orchids - Farewell dear Bonnie
Orchids - Frank de Salvo
Orchids - Give me some peppermint freedom
Orchids - It's only obvious
Orchids - Me and the black white dream
Orchids - On a Sunday
Orchids - Pelican blonde
Orchids - The sadness of sex (part one)
Orchids - Tiny words
Orchids - Underneath the window underneath the sink
Orchids - What will we do next
Orchids - Women priests and addicts
Orient Express - Cobra fever
Original Sins - Ain't no tellin'
Original Sins - Tearing me in 2
Os Lobos - Miragem
Os Ultra Secretos - Trem doido
OSNI - Mon pistolet d'amour
Ost - Angel, angel, down we go
Other Girls - The moth
Our Brother The Native - We are the living
Our Patch Of Blue - Zoom, zoom, zoom
Ours - Broken
Ours - Disaster in a halo
Ours - Femme fatale
Ours - Leaves
Ours - Sometimes
Out Of Clouds - Like a lily
Outcasts - 1523 Blair
Outformation - Tennessee before daylight
Outlaws - All roads
Outlaws - Angels hide
Outlaws - Cold and lonesome
Outlaws - Ghost riders
Outlaws - Girl from Ohio
Outlaws - Goodbye
Outlaws - Green grass and high tides
Outlaws - Holiday
Outlaws - It follow from your heart
Outlaws - Rebel girl
Outlaws - Running
Outlaws - Song in the breeze
Outlaws - Stick around for rock & roll
Outlaws - Wishing wells
Outsiders - Tinker tailor
Outsiders - Zsarrahh
Over The Rhine - Last night on earth again
Owen - A bird in hand
Owen - Amnesia and me
Owen - Everyone feels like you
Owen - Femme fatale
Owen - Heads will ache
Owen - Never been born
Owen - Places to go
Owen - She's a thief
Owen - Take care of yourself
Owen - That which wasn't said
Owls - The way on
Oxford Circle - Mr. you're a better man than I
Oxford Collapse - Please visit our national parks
Ozma - Come home Andrea
Ozma - Continental drift
Ozma - Curve in the old 1-9
Ozma - Domino effect
Ozma - Flight of the bootymaster
Ozma - Gameover
Ozma - Natalie Portman
Ozma - Restart
Ozma - Shootingstars
Ozma - You know the story
P.S. Eliot - Like how you are
Pacific Ocean Fire - Blizzard love
Pacific UV - Static waves
Paco Del Stinko - 501
Paco Del Stinko - All tan
Paco Del Stinko - Beauty is a burden
Paco Del Stinko - Butterfly massacre
Paco Del Stinko - Convalescence
Paco del Stinko - Frostbite
Paco Del Stinko - Get a life
Paco Del Stinko - Hit by a train
Paco Del Stinko - I am a target
Paco Del Stinko - It's just not right
Paco Del Stinko - Just to be difficult
Paco Del Stinko - Kim Deal
Paco Del Stinko - Livin' at the corner of dude and catastrophe
Paco Del Stinko - Rattlesnake
Paco Del Stinko - Robot baby
Paco Del Stinko - Wedding song
Paco Del Stinko - Your new dress
Paddingtons - 21
Paddingtons - Alright in the morning
Paddingtons - First comes first
Paddingtons - Molotov cocktail
Paddingtons - Punk R.I.P
Paddingtons - Shame about elle
Paddingtons - Some old girl
Paddingtons - Sorry
Paddingtons - Stop breathing
Paddingtons - Tommy's disease
Paddingtons - You & I
Pagans - Ba ba yaga
Page & Plant - Heart in your hand
Page & Plant - Please read the letter
Page France - A belly to the sea
Page France - Bridge
Page France - Chariot
Page France - Dogs
Page France - Feather
Page France - Hat and rabbit
Page France - Here's a telephone
Page France - Jesus
Page France - Junkyard
Page France - Love and interuption
Page France - Mother
Page France - Mr. Violin and dancing bear
Page France - Northern light
Page France - Pigeons
Page France - Ribs
Page France - Slippery
Page France - So sweetly around me
Page France - Spine
Page France - The joker's joke
Page France - The ruby ring man
Page France - Trampoline
Page France - Windy
Pagens - Mystic cloud
Pagoda - Alone
Pagoda - Fetus
Pagoda - Nothing
Paik - Jayne Field
Pain Teens - Amerikan in me
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Come Saturday
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Contender
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Everything with you
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Gentle sons
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Higher than the stars
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Orchard of my eye
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Stay alive
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - This love is fucking right!
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Twins
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Young adult friction
Painted Face - Anxious color
Palace Brothers - The Ohio river boat song
Palace Guard - All night long
Palace Guard - Oh blue (The way I feel tonight)
Palaxy Tracks - Posthumous
Pale Fountains - Love situation
Pale Saints - A deeper sleep for Steven
Pale Saints - Colours and shapes
Pale Saints - Fell from the sun
Pale Saints - Fine friend
Pale Saints - Gesture of a fear
Pale Saints - Half-life, remembered
Pale Saints - Language of flowers
Pale Saints - One blue hill
Pale Saints - Reprise
Pale Saints - Sea of sound
Pale Saints - She rides the waves
Pale Saints - Sight of you
Pale Saints - Time thief (Peel session)
Pale Saints - True coming dream
Pale Saints - Way the world is
Pale Saints - Way the world is (Peel session)
Pale Saints - You tear the world in two
Pale Saints - You tear the world in two (Peel session)
Pale Sunday - 1978
Pale Sunday - A weekend with Jane
Pale Sunday - Just friends
Pale Sunday - Mary
Pale Sunday - My punk girl
Pale Sunday - Never fall apart
Pale Sunday - She'll never be mine
Pale Sunday - Strangeways
Pale Sunday - Sunday morning
Pale Sunday - The girl with sunny smile
Pale Sunday - The white tambourine
Pale Sunday - Twiggy super star
Paloalto - Always runing home
Paloalto - Beauty of disaster
Paloalto - Breathe in
Paloalto - Catalan
Paloalto - Depression age
Paloalto - Every way to fall
Paloalto - Hangman
Paloalto - Last way out of here
Paloalto - Monolith
Paloalto - Seed
Paloalto - Sonny
Paloalto - Swim (part)
Paloalto - The mayor and the seizure pills
Paloalto - Throwing stones
Paloalto - Too many questions
Paloalto - Yellow
Palomar - Walk on
Pan Am - Long grass
Panda Riot - Marker
Panda Riot - The Jesus demeanor
Pandoras - It's about time
Panic Club - War dance
Panics - Something in the garden
Pants Yell! - A new city life
Pants Yell! - B.O.C. theme
Pants Yell! - Bi-coastal serenade
Pants Yell! - Cold hands
Pants Yell! - Directions, directions
Pants Yell! - Do you have your ticket?
Pants Yell! - Easy way to be cruel
Pants Yell! - Kids are the same
Pants Yell! - New #4
Pants Yell! - Our turf
Pants Yell! - Pony tails
Pants Yell! - Reject, reject
Pants Yell! - Shoreham Kent
Pants Yell! - You want trouble
Pants Yell! - Your feelings don't show
Papercranes - Treasure
Papercut Brigade - Fresh dog
Papercut Brigade - Mountain home
Papercut Brigade - Oversleeping
Papercut Brigade - The shelton with sunspots
Papercuts - ?
Papercuts - A peculiar hallelujah
Papercuts - Dead love
Papercuts - Dear employee
Papercuts - John Brown
Papercuts - Mockingbird
Papercuts - Oh nobody's son
Papercuts - Pan American blues pt. 2
Papercuts - Sandy
Papercuts - Summer long
Papercuts - The machine will tell us so
Papercuts - The void
Parabellum - La bombe et moi
Paranoid Lovesick - Icicles
Parasites - Mel's theme
Parasites - The first day of Summer
Paris Violence - Adieu camarade
Paris Violence - Aurore glaciale
Paris Violence - Confessions d'un opiomane
Paris Violence - Des nuits entières
Paris Violence - Échec total
Paris Violence - Le mal par le mal
Paris Violence - Made in Paris
Paris Violence - Ni fleurs ni couronne
Paris Violence - Non conforme
Paris Violence - Nuit urbaine
Paris Violence - Orages d'acier
Paris Violence - Quartier chaud
Paris Violence - Série noire
Paris Violence - Sous le pavillon impérial
Paris Violence - Sur le front
Paris Violence - Suspiria de profundis
Paris Violence - Ungern-Sternberg
Parka - Filthy rich kids
Parker And Lily - I am a gun
Parkinglot - World spinning sadly
Parlotones - Brighter side of hell
Parlotones - Disappear without a trace
Parlotones - Dragonflies and astronauts
Parlotones - Fly to the moon
Parlotones - Giant mistake
Parlotones - Here comes a man
Parlotones - I'm only human
Parlotones - It's only science
Parlotones - Motivated
Parlotones - Push me to the floor
Parlotones - Radiocontrolledrobot
Parlotones - Remember when
Parlotones - Sun comes out
Parlotones - Tiny
Parlotones - We call this dancing
Parlotones - Window shopper
Parties - Yours and mine
Partisans - Hysteria
Partisans - Time was right
Parts & Labord - Nowheres high
Party Boys - Small talk
Pascale Picard - A While
Pascale Picard - Smilin'!!
Pascale Picard - That is the matter
Passengers - Face with no name
Passion Fodder - And bleed that river dry
Passion Fodder - And bleed that river dry (2)
Passion Fodder - Between ten and noon
Passion Fodder - In the echo
Passion Fodder - Los cuatro generales
Passion Fodder - My body betrays me she said
Passion Fodder - My body betrays me she said (2)
Passion Fodder - Pascal's waltz
Passion Fodder - The girl that I marry
Passion Over Reason - Can't believe you
Passion Over Reason - Leverage
Pastels - Address book
Pastels - Automatically yours
Pastels - Baby, you're just you
Pastels - Basement scam
Pastels - Breaking lines
Pastels - Classic line-up
Pastels - Crawl babies (1)
Pastels - Crawl babies (2)
Pastels - Dark side of your world
Pastels - Ditch the fool
Pastels - Empty house
Pastels - Exotic arcade
Pastels - Exploration team
Pastels - Fragile gang
Pastels - G12 nights
Pastels - Holy Moly
Pastels - I'm alright with you (1)
Pastels - I'm alright with you (2)
Pastels - If I could tell you
Pastels - Nothing to be done
Pastels - On the way
Pastels - Rough riders
Pastels - Sign across me
Pastels - Sit on it mother
Pastels - Sometimes I think about you
Pastels - Speeding motorcycle
Pastels - Thank you for being you
Pastels - The hits hurt
Pastels - Thru' your heart
Pastels - Truck train tractor
Pastels - Ugly town
Pastels - Yoga
Pastilla - Cada año
Pastilla - Cierro los ojos
Pastilla - Colores
Pastilla - Julian
Pastilla - Lamento
Pastilla - Pull up / Pull down
Pastilla - Una vez
Pat DiNizio - A world apart
Pat DiNizio - Don't look now
Pat DiNizio - I need you
Pat DiNizio - Somewhere down the line
Pat DiNizio - Today it's you
Pat DiNizio - Wonderful
Pathetic Wannabees - Sorry to inform you
Patrice Pike - Beautiful thing
Patrice Pike - Unraveling
Patricia Vonne - Joe's gone ridin'
Patricia Vonne - Missing women
Patricia Vonne - Texas burning
Patrick Watson - ?.1
Patrick Watson - ?.2
Patrick Watson - Drifters
Patrick Watson - The great escape
Patti Smith - About a boy
Patti Smith - Beneath the Southern cross
Patti Smith - Birdland
Patti Smith - Blue poles
Patti Smith - Boy cied wolf
Patti Smith - Break it up
Patti Smith - China bird
Patti Smith - Dead city
Patti Smith - Death singing
Patti Smith - Elegie
Patti Smith - Fireflies
Patti Smith - Free money
Patti Smith - Grateful
Patti Smith - Jubilee
Patti Smith - Last call
Patti Smith - Mother Rose
Patti Smith - One voice
Patti Smith - Privilege (Set me free)
Patti Smith - Strange messengers
Patti Smith - Upright come
Patti Smith - Waiting underground
Patti Smith - We three
Patti Smith - Wing
Patti Smith & Tom Verlaine - Hey Joe
Patti Smith Group - Broken flag
Patti Smith Group - Pissing in a river
Patti Smith Group - Revenge
Patti's Groove - Tears fill the hours
Paul Collins - Walking out of love
Paul Collins Beat - Big bop song
Paul Collins Beat - Don't wait up for me
Paul Collins Beat - Falling in love with her
Paul Collins Beat - Hey dj
Paul Collins Beat - I still want you
Paul Collins Beat - Ribbon of gold
Paul Collins Beat - She doesn't want to hang around with you
Paul Collins Beat - Smile boy
Paul Kantner & Grace Slick - Diana part 2
Paul Kantner & Grace Slick - Earth mother
Paul Kantner & Grace Slick - Holding together
Paul Kantner & Grace Slick - Million
Paul Kantner & Grace Slick - Sunfighter
Paul Kantner & Grace Slick - When I was a boy I watched the wolves
Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls - Before too long
Paul Kelly & The Stormwater Boys - Cities of Texas
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Catch the wind
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Do unto others
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Get it on
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Gone movin' on
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Just like me
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Little girl in the fourth row
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Satisfaction
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Sometimes
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Take a look at yourself
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Wanting you
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Where you goin' girl
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Why? Why? Why? (Is it so hard)
Paul Revere And The Raiders - Him or me
Paul Revere and The Raiders - I'm not your steppin' stone
Paul Westerberg - 23 years ago
Paul Westerberg - All about me
Paul Westerberg - Angels walk
Paul Westerberg - As far as I know
Paul Westerberg - Best thing that never happened
Paul Westerberg - Dirty diesel
Paul Westerberg - Folk star
Paul Westerberg - Gun shy
Paul Westerberg - How can you like him?
Paul Westerberg - Lookin out forever
Paul Westerberg - My dad
Paul Westerberg - My daydream
Paul Westerberg - Now I wonder
Paul Westerberg - Nowhere man
Paul Westerberg - Pine box
Paul Westerberg - Soldier of misfortune
Paul Westerberg - Stain yer blood
Paul Westerberg - These are the days
Paul Westerberg - Time flies tomorrow
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - AAA
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - Dead man shake
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - Don't want never
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - Footsteps
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - Get a move on
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - High time
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - Hot un
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - I'm so lonesome I could cry
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - Knock it right out
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - Let's not belong together
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - Lush and green
Paul Westerberg (Grandpaboy) - Silent film star
Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls - Dream sequence 1
Paupers - Black thank you package
Paupers - Numbers
Paupers - Tudor impressions
Pavement - Billie
Pavement - Black out
Pavement - Brink of the clouds
Pavement - Coolin' by sound
Pavement - Discretion grove
Pavement - Father to a sister of thought
Pavement - Fillmore jive
Pavement - Fin
Pavement - Folk jam
Pavement - Greenlander
Pavement - Harness your hopes
Pavement - Heaven is a truck (egg shell)
Pavement - Here
Pavement - Loretta's scars
Pavement - Major leagues
Pavement - Passat dream
Pavement - Pueblo
Pavement - Pueblo domain
Pavement - Range life
Pavement - Range life (Peel session)
Pavement - Shady Lane
Pavement - Stop breathing
Pavement - Summer babe
Pavement - The hexx
Pavement - Transport is arranged
Pavement - Trigger cut / Wounded-kite At :17
Pavement - We are underused
Pavlov's Dog - Episode
Pavlov's Dog - I love you still
Pavlov's Dog - Jenny
Pavlov's Dog - Only you
Pavlov's Dog - She came shining
Pavlov's Dog - Song dance
Pavlov's Dog - Theme from subway Sue
Pavlov's Dog - Theme from subway Sue (live)
Pavlov's Dog - Try to hang on
Pay The Girl - Freeze
Paybacks - Bright side
Paybacks - Call when you're ready
Paybacks - If I fell
Paybacks - Just you wait
Paybacks - Thin air
Pearlfishers - Dumb dumb dumb
Pearly Gate Music - Big escape
Pebbles & Bamm Bamm - Daddy
Pedro The Lion - Discretion
Peelies - The devil and I
Peer Gynt - ?
Pelican - A delicate sense of balance
Pelican - An inch above sand
Pelican - Sirius
Pelle Carlberg - I love you you imbecile
Pelle Carlberg - Nicknames
Pentangle - Lord Franklin
Penthouse 5 - You're always around
People In Planes - Barracuda
People In Planes - If you talk too much my head will explode
People's Revolutionary Choir - Do you feel like I do?
Per Gessle - There is my baby
Pere Ubu - Chinese radiation
Père Ubu - Final solution
Pere Ubu - Modern dance
Pere Ubu - Street waves
Perfect Disaster - Dawn
Perkele - Göteborg
Pernice Brothers - Clear spot
Pernice Brothers - Crestfallen
Pernice Brothers - F***ing and flowers
Pernice Brothers - Flaming wreck
Pernice Brothers - Grudge f***
Pernice Brothers - Judy
Pernice Brothers - Microscopic view
Pernice Brothers - Monkey suit
Pernice Brothers - My own personal psychic
Pernice Brothers - Something for you
Pernice Brothers - Sometimes I remember
Pernice Brothers - Wait to stop
Pernice Brothers - Working girls (Sunlight shines)
Persian Rugs - 1992
Persian Rugs - Be a woman
Persian Rugs - Cornered
Persian Rugs - Going out of style
Persimmons - The notice
Personal Effects - Drifting apart
Personal Effects - End of the world
Personal Effects - Mojave
Personal Effects - X melody
Personnel - Brown boxes
Pete & The Pirates - Jennifer
Pete And The Pirates - Come on feet
Pete And The Pirates - Mr. Understanding
Pete And The Pirates - She doesn't belong to me
Pete Wylie And The Mighty WAH! - The speel is broken
Pete Yorn - American blues vol. 1
Pete Yorn - Bandstand in the sky
Pete Yorn - Black
Pete Yorn - Broken bottle
Pete Yorn - Closet
Pete Yorn - Come back home
Pete Yorn - Crystal village
Pete Yorn - Do you wanna dance / Closet
Pete Yorn - Don't wanna cry
Pete Yorn - For us
Pete Yorn - June
Pete Yorn - Life on a chain
Pete Yorn - Life on a chain (live)
Pete Yorn - Long way down
Pete Yorn - Maybe I'm right
Pete Yorn - On your side
Pete Yorn - Pass me by
Pete Yorn - Pass me by (live)
Pete Yorn - Policies
Pete Yorn - Splendid isolation
Pete Yorn - Strange condition
Pete Yorn - Strange condition (live)
Pete Yorn - The good advice
Pete Yorn - The man
Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Lets burn
Peter & The Test Tube Babies - The jinx
Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Wimpeez
Peter Aldrich - Finger pick prince of peace
Peter Bjorn And John - Start to melt
Peter Bjorn And John - Up against the wall
Peter Case - Wake up call
Peter Duane & - This old r…
Peter Jefferies - Brighten oleedr b
Peter Jefferies - Couldn't write a book
Peter Jefferies - Crossover
Peter Jefferies - Quality
Peter Jefferies - Wined up
Peter, Paul & Mary - Too much of nothing
Petsch Moser - Gustav K.
Phantom Band - The howling
Phantom Planet - Always on my mind (London version)
Phantom Planet - By the bed
Phantom Planet - California
Phantom Planet - California (demo)
Phantom Planet - Do the panic
Phantom Planet - I don't mind
Phantom Planet - Knowitall
Phantom Planet - Raise the dead
Phantom Planet - Recently distressed
Phil Wilson - It's a rainy day, sunshine girl
Phil Wilson - Neon lights
Phil Wilson - The written word
Philadelphia Grand Jury - The good news
Philisteins - Early morning memory
Phillip Walker - ?
Phluph - Doctor mind
Phoenix - Lasso
Phoenix - Rome
Phosphorescent - All of it all
Phosphorescent - Be dark night
Phosphorescent - Bullet
Phosphorescent - Endless part 1
Phosphorescent - Endless part 2
Phosphorescent - Heaven, sittin' down
Phosphorescent - How far we all come away
Phosphorescent - Last of the hand-me-downs
Phosphorescent - Los Angeles
Phosphorescent - Lost name
Phosphorescent - My dove, my lamb
Phosphorescent - Nothing was stolen (Love me foolishly)
Phosphorescent - Pretty, pt. 2
Phosphorescent - Salt & blues
Phosphorescent - Tell me baby (Have you had enough)
Phosphorescent - Where to strip
Phosphorescent - Wolves
Pigeon Detectives - Don't you wanna find out
Pigeon Detectives - Everybody wants me (part)
Pigeon Detectives - I'll be waiting
Pigeon Detectives - I'm not sorry
Pigeon Detectives - Love you for a day (Hate you for a week)
Pigeon Detectives - Make you mine
Pigeon Detectives - Making up numbers
Pigeon Detectives - Romantic type
Pigeon Detectives - This is an emergency
Pigpen - At the arcade
Pilate - Into your hideout
Pillows - Ladybird girl
Pin Group - A thousand sins
Pin Group - Ambivalence
Pin Group - Long night
Pin Group - The power
Pin Group - When I tell you
Pinback - Bbtone
Pines - Shiny shoes
Pink Fairies - Teenage rebel
Pink Fairies - When's the fun begin?
Pink Floyd - ?
Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne
Pink Floyd - I'm a king bee
Pink Floyd - If (Peel session)
Pink Floyd - It would be so nice ?
Pink Military - Did you see her
Pink Mountaintops - Atmosphere
Pink Mountaintops - Axis: thrones of love
Pink Mountaintops - Closer to heaven
Pink Mountaintops - Come down
Pink Mountaintops - Holiday
Pink Mountaintops - Leslie
Pink Mountaintops - Plastic man, you're the devil
Pink Mountaintops - Tourist in your town
Pink Mountaintops - Vampire
Pink Nasty - Away message
Pink Nasty - BTK blues
Pink Nasty - Mold the gold
Pink Sword - So wrong
Pink Turns Blue - After all
Pinstripe - Closest thing to heaven
Pipas - A cat escaped
Pipas - Amsterdam
Pipas - Bye bye
Pipas - Don't remix (remix of 'Don't walk')
Pipas - Don't telle me that
Pipas - Don't walk
Pipas - Fingerprints
Pipas - Jean C
Pipas - Moss oval
Pipas - Old Kent road
Pipas - Pidg's brew
Pipas - Rock and/or roll
Pipas - Run run run
Pipas - The bobby
Pipas - Tout va bien
Pipas - Troublesome
Pipe Dream - Why can't we live together
Pistolita - Cupid
The Pit That Became A Tower - I must save the president
Pitbullfarm - Love song
Pixies - Allison
Pixies - Ana
Pixies - Bam thwok
Pixies - Bird dream of the Olympus mons
Pixies - Bone machine
Pixies - Break my body
Pixies - Broken face
Pixies - Cactus
Pixies - Caribou
Pixies - Debaser
Pixies - Dig for fire
Pixies - Down to the well
Pixies - Evil hearted you
Pixies - Gouge away
Pixies - Hang wire
Pixies - Havalina
Pixies - Head on
Pixies - Here comes your man
Pixies - I've been waiting for you
Pixies - In heaven (lady in the radiator song)
Pixies - Into the white
Pixies - Letter to Memphis
Pixies - Letter to Memphis (instru)
Pixies - Motorway to Roswell
Pixies - No.13 baby
Pixies - Palace of the brine
Pixies - River Euphrates
Pixies - Rock a my soul
Pixies - Something against you
Pixies - Space (I believe in)
Pixies - The holiday song
Pixies - Velouria
Pixies - Waves of mutilation
Pixies - Winterlong
PJ Harvey - Dear darkness
PJ Harvey - Dress
PJ Harvey - Hair
PJ Harvey - This mess we're in
PJ Hervey - Beautiful feeling (Peel session)
Placebo - ?
Placebo - For what its worth
Placebo - Meds
Plagal Grind - Blackout
Plagal Grind - Marquesite Lace
Plagal Grind - Receivership
Plagal Grind - Starless road
Plagal Grind - Yes jazz cactus
Plan - Daybreak
Plan - Stay right here
Planes Mistaken For Stars - Standing still fast
Planes Mistaken For Stars - The time it took
Plantronics - CIA
Plantronics - Good times
Plants And Animals - Bye bye bye
Plants And Animals - Keep it real
Plants And Animals - Lola who
Plants And Animals - Mercy
Plants And Animals - New kind of love
Plants And Animals - Tom Cruz
Plants And Animals - Trials & tribulations
Planxty - Johnny of Brady's Lea
Planxty - Little musgrave
Planxty - Taimse im' chodladh
Planxty - The bonny light horseman
Planxty - The dark slender boy
Planxty - The tailor's twist
Planxty - The West coast of Clare
Plasmatics - Masterplan
Plasmatics - Summer nite
Plasticland - In my black and white
Plasticland - Mink dress
Plasticland - The mushroom hill
Play People - Goes out
La Playa Caballeros - Gonna be your man
Playboys (australian) - Sad
Playground Noise - Last cigarette
Plimsouls - 12 o'clock midnight
Plimsouls - A million miles away
Plimsouls - Down
Plimsouls - Everyday things
Plimsouls - Everywhere at once
Plimsouls - Falling awake
Plimsouls - Hobo
Plimsouls - How long will it take?
Plimsouls - Kool trash
Plimsouls - Now
Plouen Catximbes - La blanca
Plumerai - Crucifixed
Plus/Minus - The hours you keep
Plus/Minus Band - Trapped under ice floes
Pluto - Madeline
Po! - Ever been had
Po! - I won't stay
Po! - Northern wonder
Po! - Sunday never comes around
Po! - Treasure
Pocketbooks - Don't stop
Pocketbooks - Love is the stck you throw
Poco - Rose Of Cimarron
Point - All my life
Points For Trying - Romantic cheapskate
Polar - The boxer part I
Polaris - Everywhere
Polaris - Ivy boy
Polaris - Saturnine
Polymers Children - It's a beautiful day
Polyphonic Spree - Running away
Polytechnic - Bible stories
Polytechnic - Cold hearted business
Polytechnic - Hoof
Polytechnic - Man overboard
Polytechnic - Pep
Polytechnic - Polling card (live)
Polytechnic - Rain check
Polytechnic - Running out of ideas
Polytechnic - Squalor
Polytechnic - Still spinning
Polytechnic - Won't you come around
Pomegranates - Svaatzi uutsi
Pompeii - Happy machine ankle
Ponies - ?
Pony Up - Charles
Poodles - Wings of destiny
Pooh Sticks - Alan McGee (Peel session)
Pooh Sticks - All things must pass
Pooh Sticks - Baby wanna go round with me
Pooh Sticks - Cool in a crisis
Pooh Sticks - Dare true kiss promise
Pooh Sticks - Desperado
Pooh Sticks - Desperado (Peel session)
Pooh Sticks - Dying for it
Pooh Sticks - Force fed by love
Pooh Sticks - Goodtimes
Pooh Sticks - Goody goody gumdrops
Pooh Sticks - Heroes and villains
Pooh Sticks - I'm in you
Pooh Sticks - Indiepop ain't no pollution
Pooh Sticks - Jelly on a plate
Pooh Sticks - Just another minute
Pooh Sticks - On tape
Pooh Sticks - On tape (Peel session)
Pooh Sticks - Sex head
Pooh Sticks - Soft beds, hard battles
Pooh Sticks - Sugar mello
Pooh Sticks - Susan sleepwalking
Pooh Sticks - Sweet baby James
Pooh Sticks - Teenage high
Pooh Sticks - The Rrythm of love
Pooh Sticks - The world is turning on
Pooh Sticks - Time to time
Pooh Sticks - Tonight
Pooh Sticks - Up on the roof
Pookah - Half a stone
Poor Boys - I will be free
Pop Levi - Skip ghetto
Popface - Dreams burn down
Popguns - Because he wanted to
Popguns - Bye bye baby
Popguns - Don't smile
Popguns - Down on your knees
Popguns - Gesture
Popguns - I'm spoiling everything
Popguns - Landslide
Popguns - Leave it alone (Peel session)
Popguns - Put me through it
Popguns - Put me through it (Peel session)
Popguns - Those other things
Popguns - You must never know
Popol Vuh - (Hohelied Salomos LP) ?.1
Popol Vuh - (Hohelied Salomos LP) ?.2
Popol Vuh - Agnus Dei
Popol Vuh - Aguirre
Popol Vuh - Brothers of darkness ? (part)
Popol Vüh - Gutes Land
Popol Vüh - King Minos
Popol Vuh - Mitten im Garten ?
Popol Vüh - Morgengrüß
Popol Vuh - Morgengruss II
Popol Vuh - Singet, denn der Gesang vertreibt die Wölfe
Popol Vuh - Wo Bist Du, der Du Uberwunden
Popol Vuh - Zwiesprache der Rohrflötte
Poppa Chubby - San Catri
Poppees - She's got it
Poppy And Friends - There's an alien at the bottom of the bath
Poppyheads - Dreamabout
Pops Merrily - Help me down
Popsicle - American poet
Popsicle - Dusty roads
Popsicle - Not forever
Popular Electronics - Saint Gratus
Porcelain Raft - Stained glass
Porte Mentaux - Ah ca ira
Portishead - We carry on
Posies - All in a day's work
Posies - Anything and everything
Posies - Apology
Posies - Conversations
Posies - Could he treat you better?
Posies - Flood of sunshine
Posies - Golden blunders
Posies - Sweethearts of Rodeo Drive
Postal Blue - Asleep
Postal Blue - I took the love you were hiding
Postal Blue - I'm glad you know
Postal Blue - It won't last
Postal Blue - The world doesn't need you
Postal Blue - Vou deixar pra depois
Poundsign - Starry night
Powderfinger - A fight about money
Powderfinger - Already gone
Powderfinger - Burn your name
Powderfinger - D.A.F.
Powderfinger - Lost and running
Powderfinger - Lost and running (live)
Powderfinger - Love my way
Powderfinger - Love your way
Powderfinger - My kind of scene
Powderfinger - Nobody saw
Powderfinger - Not the only one
Powderfinger - Odyssey #1
Powderfinger - Passenger
Powderfinger - Pick you up
Powderfinger - Pockets
Powderfinger - Reap what you sow
Powderfinger - Roll right by you
Powderfinger - Sail the wildest stretch
Powderfinger - These days
Powderfinger - These days (live)
Powderfinger - Think it over
Powderfinger - Waiting for the sun
Powderfinger - Wishing on the same moon
Pr0n 4 Uma - Butterfly massacre
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Speakers push the air
Pretty Things - A new day
Pretty Things - Belfast cowboys
Pretty Things - Big city
Pretty Things - Blue serge blue
Pretty Things - Blue turns to red
Pretty Things - Can't hold out
Pretty Things - Caress me baby
Pretty Things - Dream
Pretty Things - Fly away
Pretty Things - Grass
Pretty Things - Havana bound
Pretty Things - Hello
Pretty Things - I can never say
Pretty Things - Judgement day
Pretty Things - Miss Fay regrets
Pretty Things - Oh baby doll
Pretty Things - One long glance
Pretty Things - Parachute
Pretty Things - Peter rip off train
Pretty Things - Rain
Pretty Things - Send you with loving
Pretty Things - She fooled me
Pretty Things - She's a lover
Pretty Things - Sittin' all alone
Pretty Things - Stone hearted mama
Pretty Things - Talkin' about the good times
Pretty Things - Trust
Pretty Things - Turn my head
Pretty Things - Walking through my dreams
Pretty Things - We'll be together
Pretty Things - What's the use
Pretty Things - You don't believe me
Priapix - Somewhere
Prickly - Sposeta be a funeral
Prids - I'll wait
Priestbird - In your time
Priestbird - Season of the sun
Primal Scream - 99th floor
Primal scream - Aftermath
Primal Scream - Badlands
Primal Scream - Beautiful future
Primal Scream - Country girl
Primal scream - Crystal crescent
Primal Scream - Damaged
Primal Scream - Dolls (Sweet rock and roll)
Primal Scream - Gentle Tuesday
Primal Scream - Leaves
Primal Scream - Long life
Primal Scream - Love you
Primal scream - Love you (2)
Primal Scream - Movin' on up
Primal Scream - Subterranean
Primal scream - Tomorrow ends today
Primal Scream - Urban guerrilla
Primal Scream - Velocity girl
Primal Scream - Velocity girl (Peel session)
Primal Scream - We go dwon slowly rising
Primal Scream - When the bomb drops
Primevals - Burden of the debt
Primevals - Cracked radio soundtrack
Primevals - Down where the madness grows
Primevals - Early grave
Primevals - Elixir of life
Primevals - Eternal hotfire
Primevals - Euphoric recall
Primevals - Fast, cheap and out of control
Primevals - Have some fun
Primevals - Heya
Primevals - I don't feel free
Primevals - Lucky I'm living
Primevals - My dying embers
Primevals - Nutmeg City
Primevals - One sweet drink
Primevals - Saint Jack
Primevals - Screaming scull
Primevals - See that skin (part)
Primevals - She's all mine
Primitives - Crash
Primitives - Silent night
Princess Niko - My nymph dream
PrincessNiko - The broken paper-heart club
Prisoners - 'Till the morning light
Prisoners - Come to the mushroom
Prisoners - Far away
Prisoners - Maybe I was wrong
Prisoners - Pretend
Prisoners - There can't be a place
Prisoners - Threw my heart away
Problem - Jag vil inte ha
Procedure Club - Jupiter
Procedure Club - Let us leave the town
Procedure Club - Rather
Procedure Club - Slut fossil
Procedure Club - Vermont
Procol Harum - ?.1
Procol Harum - ?.2
Procol Harum - Boredom
Procol Harum - Fellow traveller
Procol Harum - Homburg
Procol Harum - In held 'twas in I (final part)
Procol Harum - In held 'twas in I (part)
Procol Harum - Repent Walpurgis
Procol Harum - Repent Walpurgis (long version)
Procol Harum - Rockin' warm-up / Go go goo (Move on down the line)
Procol Harum - Song for a dreamer
Procol Harum - The idol
Procol Harum - The idol (live)
Procol Harum - Weisselklenzenacht
Procol Harum - Wreck of the Hesperus
Profesor Popsnuggle - Carlos se enamora
Project-D - Late to a funeral
Prolapse - Autocade
Prolapse - Slash oblique
Promise Ring - Gouge away
Prostitutes - Leave it like it is
Protex - Don't ring me up
Prsents - ViaAudio
PS I Love You - Facelove
PS I Love You - Starfield
Psychedelic Furs - Get a room (live)
Psychedelic Furs - Ghost in you
Psychedelic Furs - Heaven
Psychedelic Furs - House
Psychedelic Furs - Imitation of Christ
Psychedelic Furs - In heaven (live)
Psychedelic Furs - In my head
Psychedelic Furs - Pretty in pink
Psychedelic Furs - Pretty in pink (album version)
Psychedelic Furs - Soap commercial (live)
Psychedelic Furs - We love you
Psychedelic Mormones - Any minute now
Psychotic Turnbuckles - Crazy times ahead
Psychotic Turnbuckles - Groove to the eye
Psychotic Youth - Nice girls
PT Walkley - Whats what
Pterodactyl - December
Public Image Ltd - Poptones (Peel session)
Pública - Tuas fotos
Puce - Talk about how your feelings
Pulley - Empty
Pulley - Eyes open wide
Pulley - Fuel
Pulley - Hooray for me
Pulley - Immune
Pulley - Intro - outro
Pulley - Wok Inn
Pulp - Babies
Pulp - Bob Lind (the only way is down)
Pulp - Common people
Pulp - Glory days
Pulp - I'm a man
Pulp - Looking for life
Pulp - Refuse to be blind
Pulp - Sunrise
Pulp - The trees
Pulp - Weeds
Pulp - Wishful thinking
Punch Camel - False positive
Punkles - Sie liebt dich
Puressence - Drop down to the earth
Push Down And Turn - Save a pony from the glue factory
Pushtwangers - Bad bad girls
Pushtwangers - Boyfriend
Pushtwangers - Seven-five-o
Pushtwangers - The electric child
Pushtwangers - Walk in balance
Pussywillows - Bad cup of coffee
Pussywillows - Spaghetti ride
Pussywillows - Wildwood flower - Can't find my car
Q'65 - Cry in the night
Q'65 - Life I live
Quadrajets - Christmas time is comin'
Quadrajets - Colonel Tim Hokett blues
Quadrajets - Cool driver
Quadrajets - Mr. Eliminator
Quadrajets - Stone cold kickin' it - At Giza
Quadrajets - Well all right
Quads - There must be thousands
Quarter After - Changes near
Quarter After - Early morning rider
Quarter After - Follow your own way
Quarter After - Nothing out of something
Quarter After - See how good it feels
The Quarter After - She revolves
Quarter After - This is how I want to know you
The Quarter After - Too much to think about
Quarter After - Turning away
Queen - Father to son
Queen - God save the Queen (intro)
Queen - Long away
Queen - Nevermore
Queen - Procession
Queen - Sheer heart attack (part)
Queens of the Stone Age - Another love song
Queens Of The Stone Age - Auto pilot
Queens Of The Stone Age - Go with the flow
Queens Of The Stone Age - Gonna leave you
Queens Of The Stone Age - In my head
Queens Of The Stone Age - Long slow goodbye
Queens Of The Stone Age - Needles in the camel's eye
Queens Of The Stone Age - The bronze
Queers - Tamara is a punk
Quesadilla Explosion - Clouds were touching the ground
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Babe I'm gonna leave you
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Calvary (part)
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Codine
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Maiden of the cancer moon
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Who do you love, pt. 2 (part)
Quicksilver Messenger ServiceJ - oseph's coat
Quickspace - Bath Ttme (Peel session)
Quickspace - If I were a carpenter (Peel session)
Quien Es, Boom! - Brittle britches
Quiet Bears - Let her cry
Quimby - Come down where you ought to be
Quimby - Love me a little bit more
R. Mosquito - Get a life
R. Mosquito - I wish I was so sure
R.E.M. - Animal
R.E.M. - At my most beautiful
R.E.M. - Bad day
R.E.M. - Bang and blame
R.E.M. - Be mine
R.E.M. - Belong
R.E.M. - Bittersweet me
R.E.M. - Circus envy
R.E.M. - Country feedback
R.E.M. - Crazy
R.E.M. - Crush with eyeliner
R.E.M. - Departure
R.E.M. - Fall on me
R.E.M. - Femme fatale
R.E.M. - I believe
R.E.M. - I don't sleep, I dream
R.E.M. - I took your name
R.E.M. - King of birds
R.E.M. - Kohoutek
R.E.M. - Leave
R.E.M. - Let me in
R.E.M. - Letter never sent
R.E.M. - Low desert
R.E.M. - Man on the moon
R.E.M. - Maps and legends
R.E.M. - Near wild heaven
R.E.M. - Pale blue eyes
R.E.M. - Shaking through
R.E.M. - So fast, so numb
R.E.M. - Strange currencies
R.E.M. - Supernatural superserious
R.E.M. - The flowers of Guatemala
R.E.M. - The great beyond
R.E.M. - The sidewinder sleeps tonite
R.E.M. - Untitled (This world is big)
R.E.M. - Wendell Gee
R.E.M. - What's the frequency, Kenneth¿
R.E.M. - You
R.E.M. - Zither
Ra Ra Riot - Keep it quiet (Bear)
Rabbit - Good morning you
Race - Feathers
Race Car Riot - 13.33.17
Racetrack - One step forward
Rachel Goldstar - Christmas day
Raconteurs - Hands
Radar Bros. - A dog called Ohio
Radar Bros. - And the birds
Radar Bros. - Breathing again
Radar Bros. - Capital gain
Radar Bros. - Chickens
Radar Bros. - Dark road window
Radar Bros. - Distant mine
Radar Bros. - Find the hour
Radar Bros. - For the birds
Radar Bros. - Gas station downs
Radar Bros. - Government land
Radar Bros. - Hearts of cows
Radar Bros. - Horses warriors
Radar Bros. - Is that blood
Radar Bros. - Lake life
Radar Bros. - Mountains
Radar Bros. - On Nautilus
Radar Bros. - On the line
Radar Bros. - Painted forest fire
Radar Bros. - Papillon
Radar Bros. - Pomona
Radar Bros. - Quarry
Radar Bros. - Radio
Radar Bros. - Stay
Radar Bros. - Take stuff
Radar Bros. - The fish
Radar Bros. - The pilgrim
Radar Bros. - The remember
Radar Bros. - The river shade
Radar Bros. - The wake of all that's past
Radar Bros. - This drive
Radar Bros. - This Xmas eve
Radar Bros. - Warm rising sun
Radar Bros. - Watching cows
Radar Bros. - We're not sleeping
Radar Bros. - When cold air goes to sleep
Radar Bros. - Xmas lights
Radar Bros. - You and the father
Radar Bros. - You've been hired
Radford - Dead heart
Radical Face - Welcome home, son
Radio Birdman - ?
Radio Birdman - 1.94
Radio Birdman - 455 SD
Radio Birdman - Aloha Steve and Danno
Radio Birdman - Anglo girl desire
Radio Birdman - Burn my eyes
Radio Birdman - Dark surprise
Radio Birdman - Descent into the maelstrom
Radio Birdman - Do the pop
Radio Birdman - Hand of law
Radio Birdman - Hanging on
Radio Birdman - Monday morning gunk
Radio Birdman - More fun
Radio Birdman - New race
Radio Birdman - Smith & Wesson blues
Radio Birdman - Snake
Radio Birdman - What gives?
Radio Birdman - You're gonna miss me
Radio Birdmand - We've come so far to be here today
Radio Dept. - 1995
Radio Dept. - Domestic scene
Radio Dept. - Falafel
Radio Dept. - I don't like it like this
Radio Dept. - It's been eight years
Radio Dept. - Pulling our weight
Radio Dept. - Tell you about my job
Radio Dept. - Where damage isn't already done
Radio Lille 95,3 - (1)
Radio Lille 95,3 - (3)
Radio Nationals - Golden
Radio Stars - Dirty pictures
Radio Stars - The real me
Radiohead - Anyone can play guitar
Radiohead - Black star
Radiohead - Bones
Radiohead - Cuttoth
Radiohead - Exit music (for a film) (live)
Radiohead - Faithless, the wonder boy
Radiohead - Fake plastic trees (live)
Radiohead - How do you
Radiohead - I can't
Radiohead - Karma police
Radiohead - Killer cars
Radiohead - Let down
Radiohead - Lucky
Radiohead - Lurgee
Radiohead - Million dollar question
Radiohead - No surprises
Radiohead - Pearly
Radiohead - Permanent daylight
Radiohead - Prove yourself
Radiohead - Punchdrunk lovesick singalong
Radiohead - Pyramid song
Radiohead - Ripcord
Radiohead - Stop whispering
Radiohead - Street spirit (fade out)
Radiohead - Sulk
Radiohead - The bends
Radiohead - Thinking about you
Radiohead - Vegetable
Radiohead - Yes I am
Radiohead - You
Radon Daugters - Child of the moon
Raga & The Talas - For iold times sake
Rain Parade -
Rain Parade - Blue
Rain Parade - Broken horse
Rain Parade - Carolyn's song
Rain Parade - Cheap wine (live)
Rain Parade - Depending on you (part)
Rain Parade - Don't feel bad
Rain Parade - Don't feel bad (live)
Rain Parade - I look around
Rain Parade - Look at Merri
Rain Parade - My secret country
Rain Parade - Mystic green
Rain Parade - Night shade (live)
Rain Parade - No easy way down
Rain Parade - No easy way down (live)
Rain Parade - One and one half hours ago
Rain Parade - One half hour ago
Rain Parade - Prisoners (live)
Rain Parade - Sad eyes kill
Rain Parade - Saturday's asylum
Rain Parade - Talking in my sleep
Rain Parade - What's she done to your mind
Rain Parade - You are my friend
Raised by Wolves - Outside paradise
Rakes - Leave the city and come home
Rakes - Little superstitions
Rakes - Suspicious eyes
Rakes - Trouble
Raketerna - Hemligheten
Ramones - 7-11
Ramones - All the way
Ramones - Any way you want it
Ramones - Bye bye baby
Ramones - Can't seem to make you mine
Ramones - Come on now
Ramones - Danny says
Ramones - Do you wanna dance
Ramones - Don't come close
Ramones - Don't go
Ramones - Everytime I eat vegetables, it makes me think
Ramones - Garden of serenity
Ramones - Here today, gone tomorrow
Ramones - I can't control myself
Ramones - I can't make it on time
Ramones - I don't care
Ramones - I don't want you
Ramones - I just want to have something to do
Ramones - I need your love
Ramones - I remember you
Ramones - I wanna be well
Ramones - I wanna be your boy friend
Ramones - I want you around
Ramones - I won't let it happen
Ramones - I'm affected
Ramones - I'm not afraid of life
Ramones - It's a long way back
Ramones - It's gonna be alright
Ramones - It's not for me to know
Ramones - It's not my place
Ramones - Judy is a punk
Ramones - KKK took my baby away
Ramones - Life's a gas
Ramones - My kind of a girl
Ramones - Needles and pins
Ramones - Out of time
Ramones - Questioningly
Ramones - Ramona
Ramones - She belongs to me
Ramones - She talks to rainbows
Ramones - She's a sensation
Ramones - She's the one
Ramones - Sitting in my room
Ramones - Swallow my pride
Ramones - Take it as it comes
Ramones - The shape of things to come
Ramones - Time bomb
Ramones - Tomorrow she goes away
Ramones - Wart hog
Ramones - We want the airwaves
Ramones - What`s your game
Ramones - Why is it always this way
Rancid - As wicked
Rancid - She's automatic
Rant - I hate you
Rapture - Completion
Raspberries - Cruisin' music
Raspberries - Ecstasy
Raspberries - Get it moving
Raspberries - Money down
Raspberries - Tonight
Rat Cat - Don't go now
Rattles - Mashed potatoes
Räubertöchter - Major Tom
Raven And Chimes - Eleventh Street
Ravens & Chimes - This is where we are
Raveonettes - Dead sound
Raveonettes - Heart of stone
Raveonettes - Last dance
Raveonettes - Love in a trashcan
Raveonettes - My boyfriend's back
Raveonettes - Sleepwalking
Raveonettes - Somewhere in Texas
Raveonettes - Suicide
Raveonettes - The chosen one
Raveonettes - Uncertain times
Raveonettes - You say you lie
Raws - When I walked
Raymond & Maria - Nej
Razorcuts - 8 times around the world
Razorcuts - A contract with God
Razorcuts - A is for alphabet
Razorcuts - Across the meadow
Razorcuts - Big pink cake
Razorcuts - Brighter now
Razorcuts - First day
Razorcuts - For always
Razorcuts - I heard you the first time
Razorcuts - I'll still be there
Razorcuts - I'll still be there (single version)
Razorcuts - Jade
Razorcuts - Mary day
Razorcuts - Snowbound
Razorcuts - Sometimes I worry about you
Razorcuts - Sorry to embarass you
Razorcuts - Storyteller
Razorcuts - The world keeps turning
Razorcuts - Try
Reaching Quiet - Out of the cold into the cabinet: she ain't gonna call you back, pt. 1
Reaching Quiet - Slashed tire reprise: my prayer rug
Real estate - Green river
Real Frogs - Bad dreams (demo)
Real Kids - All kindsa girls
Real Kids - All kindsa girls (live)
Real Kids - Bad to worse
Real Kids - better be good
Real Kids - Better be good (live)
Real Kids - Can't talk to that girl
Real Kids - Common at noon
Real Kids - Common at noon (live) (1)
Real Kids - Common at noon (live) (2)
Real Kids - Do the boob (1)
Real Kids - Do the boob (2)
Real Kids - Do the boob (live)
Real Kids - Don't talk to strangers
Real Kids - Everybody's girl
Real Kids - Face to face
Real Kids - Grown up
Real Kids - Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie
Real Kids - Just like darts (1)
Real Kids - Just like darts (2)
Real Kids - Just like darts (live)
Real Kids - My baby's book (2)
Real Kids - My babys book (1)
Real Kids - My way
Real Kids - No place fast
Real Kids - Now you know (1)
Real Kids - Now you know (2)
Real Kids - Rave on
Real Kids - Reggae reggae
Real Kids - Right when she's right
Real Kids - Roberta (1)
Real Kids - Roberta (2)
Real Kids - Senseless
Real Kids - She (1)
Real Kids - She (2)
Real Kids - She (3)
Real Kids - She's a mess
Real Kids - She's alright (1)
Real Kids - She's alright (2)
Real Kids - Small town
Real Kids - Some love
Real Kids - Take it slow
Real Kids - Taxi boys
Real Kids - Up is up
Real Kids - What she don't know
Real Kids - Where I wanna be
Real Kids - Who needs you
Realist - Crush
Realist & Signboy - Frostbite
Receptionists - Let's go to the rodeo
Receptionists - Seasonal affection disorder
Receptionists - Soren loved Regina
Receptionists - Stamp song
Receptionists - The piracy of Saint Philomena
Receptionists - The poconos
Receptionists - Witch hazel
Records - Starry eyes
Records - Teenarama
Red - Last song
Red Aunts - All red inside
Red Aunts - Goin' downtown
Red Aunts - Little drummer bitch
Red Aunts - Ruby (what I won't)
Red Aunts - Sleeping in the wet spot
Red Aunts - Sleeping pill
Red Aunts - Teach me to kill
Red Aunts - The alien song
Red Aunts - The snake
Red Cow Society - Who needs sleep
Red Crayola & Art And Language - An harangue
Red Jezebel - See through dress
Red Krayola - It will be (delivered)
Red Krayola - Psy ops
Red Krayola - Puff
Red Krayola - When she went swimming
Red Light Company - Meccano
Red Lights - Let's go boy (away from the dirty South)
Red Sleeping Beauty - Can you say love will last?
Red Sleeping Beauty - Don'tsay you love me
Red Sleeping Beauty - Promise me
Red Sleeping Beauty - Season's change
Red Sleeping Beauty - Sugarbowl
Red Sleeping Beauty - You are the kind
Red Star - Reggae reggae
Red Temple Spirits - Electric flowers
Redwalls - Universal blues
Reef - All I want
Reef - Love feeder
Reef - Metro
Reef - Saturday
Reegs - J.J. 180
Reegs - Oil and water
Reegs - The blind denial
Reegs - The nasty side
Reeperbahn - Kalla kriget
Refreshments - Wings of love
Regina Spektor - Better
Regina Spektor - Better (remix)
Reid Bros & Hope Sandoval - ?
Reid Bros & sister - ?
Reindeer Section - Budapest
Reindeer Section - Cartwheels
Reindeer Section - I'll be here when you wake
Reindeer Section - I've never understood
Reindeer Section - If there is I haven't found yet
Reindeer Section - Sting
Relatives - Cause you pain
Relatives - She says ok
Relatives - Train
Relatives - Unglued
Rembrandts - I'll be there for you
Remi Nicole - Standing tears apart
Remi Nicole - Tabloid queen
Remopear - Accelerator
Remopear - Sunny again
Remopear - Twenty one
Remopear - Unless I change my mind
Renaissance - Bonjour swansong
Rentals - Last romantic day
Renwick - Evil April
Renwick - We were not meant to be
REO Speedwagon - Rock & roll star
Repair Shop -
Replacements - Can't hardly wait
Replacements - Election day
Replacements - Hootenanny
Replacements - Left of the dial
Replacements - Nowhere is my home
Replacements - Sixteen blue
Replacements - Till we're nude
Replacements - Unsatisfied
Replacements - Valentine
Replacements - Wake up
Replacements - We know the night
Replacements - Who knows
Reptiles At Dawn - Zenith
Residence Varios - Billy
Residual Echoes - ? (part)
Residual Echoes - Lorelei
Rest - The close Western
Retardos - Poison heart
Revelators - She's a riot
Reverie - Tiny room
Revillos - Mind bending cutie doll
Revs - Time slippin'
Rewinds - Sentimental flaw
Reza - Desert land
Reza - The letter
Rhinobucket - Pain
Ric Menck - Clown
Ric Menck - Million tears
Ric Menck - Perfect day
Ric Menck - Reachin' for the stars
Ric Menck - She swirls around me
Ric Menck - Sunflower
Ric Menck - The bicycle song
Ric Menck - Tomorrow ends today
Ric Menck - Tranquil
Ric Menck - Wonder
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - 1973 (Do you remember?)
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - benders
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Broken man
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Card board box (Living in the U.S.A.)
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Careless
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Cherry betrayal
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Clouds in my coffee
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Coffee grounds and goodbyes
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Color of the day
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Dirt town
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Do the world around
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Draggin'
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Eight miles high
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Elaine
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Elisabeth Moy
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - En passant
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Fallin down
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Hole
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Hurt you
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - I had too much to dream last night
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Kick out the jams
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Last horchata
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Linea #27
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Little red riding hood
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Lizard
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Looked away
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Lost planet of love
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Love and death
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Mumbly peg
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - My little girl
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Nacodoches
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Nuthin' you can do
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - On my side
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Paraguay
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Poker face (I've finally got it right version)
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Red river saloon
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Red, white and blue
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - San Felipe blues
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - She said
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Shine
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Signed D.C.
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Soul leecher (El Paso)
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Tender mercies
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - The horse I rode in on (and fell off)
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Trailer song
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Tripped
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Unglued
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Voices
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - When I was young
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - White powder ma
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios - Wildweed
Rich Kids - ?
Richard & Linda Thompson - For shame of doing wrong
Richard & Linda Thompson - Night comes in
Richard & Linda Thompson - The poor boy is taken away
Richard Butler - Broken aeroplanes
Richard Butler - California
Richard Davis - Cooper rediscovered radials
Richard Hell & Ther Neon Boys - Time
Richard Thompson - Down where the drunkards roll
Richard Thompson - I feel so good
Richard Thompson - Meet on the ledge
Richard Thompson - Season of the witch
Richard Thompson - Shoot out the lights
Richard Thompson - Sloth
Richard Thompson - Time to ring some changes
Richard Thompson - Wall of death
Richard Thompson - Waltzing's for dreamers
Richard Thompson - You'll never walk alone
Richard Thomson ? - ?
Richard Wright - ?
Richmonds sluts - Sad city
Rickolus - Kid
Ride - 1000 miles
Ride - 1000 miles (2)
Ride - A trip down Ronnie Lane
Ride - Birdman
Ride - Birdman (Goodier session)
Ride - Chrome waves
Ride - Close my eyes
Ride - Cool your boots
Ride - Crown of creation (1)
Ride - Crown of creation (2)
Ride - Crown of creation (Goodier session)
Ride - European son
Ride - Everybody knows
Ride - Gonna be alright
Ride - Here & now
Ride - I don't know where it comes from
Ride - I don't know where it coms from (Radcliffe session)
Ride - In a different place
Ride - In a different place (differently)
Ride - Leave them all behind
Ride - Like a daydream
Ride - Magical spring
Ride - Moonlight medicine
Ride - Natural grace
Ride - Only now
Ride - Ox4 (part)
Ride - Smile
Ride - Something's burning
Ride - Starlight motel
Ride - Sunshine / Nowhere to run
Ride - Taste
Ride - Time of her time (1)
Ride - Time of her time (2)
Ride - Today
Ride - Twisterella
Ride - Vapour trail
Ride - Walk on water (1)
Ride - Walk on water (3)
Ride - Walk on water (Goodier session)
Ride - Welcome to paradise
Riff Raff - Romford girls
Rifles - Fool to sorrow
Rifles - Hometown blues
Rifles - I could never lie
Rifles - Inbetween days
Rifles - Out in the past
Rifles - Rainy Monday
Rifles - Sometimes
Rifles - The general
Rifles - The great escape
Rifles - Toerag
Rifles - When I'm alone
Rik L Rik - The outback
Rikters - Ava
Ring Snuten - Lurad igen
Ringers - You gotta try
Ringles - April's wish
Ringles - Calina
Ringles - Daddy's girl
Ringles - Farewell
Ringles - Feeling nothing at all
Ringles - I am
Ringles - Life goes on
Ringles - She's sleeping, my love
Ringles - Shine
Ringles - The way
Rings - All right peace
Rings - Is he handsome
Rings & Things - Strange things are happening
Riot Nrrrds - Hardly a moment
Rip - Wrecked we hymn
Rita Mitsouko - Alors c'est quoi
Rita Mitsouko - Badluck queen
Rita Mitsouko - Berceuse
Rita Mitsouko - Elevator
Rita Mitsouko - L'ami ennemi
Rita Mitsouko - Ma vieille ville
Rita Mitsouko - Minuit dansant
Rita Mitsouko - Restez avec moi
Rita Mitsouko - Sacha
Ritch Robinson - Ennemy
Rite Flyers - Jill stood still
River City Tanlines - Black knight
Riverboat Gamblers - Sunday dress
Riviera - Dance alone
Roadside Poppies - Just another love song
Roaring Sixties - We love the pirate stations
Robbs - Violets of dawn
Robbs - Write to you
Robert Church And The Holy Community - Steve
Robert Forster - Demon days
Robert Forster - If it rains
Robert Forster - Pandanus
Robert Gordon - Endless sleep (1)
Robert Gordon - Endless sleep (2)
Robert Gordon - Good rockin' tonight
Robert Gordon - If this is wrong
Robert Gordon - One day left
Robert Gordon - Torture
Robert Gordon - Woman (You're my woman)
Robert Johnson & the Punchdrunks - Rubber room
Robert Johnson & the Punchdrunks - Theme from Persuaders
Robert Plant - House of cards
Robert Plant - Silver rider
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Gone gone gone (done moved on)
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Nothin'
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Please read the letter
Robert Post - Try the best you can
Robert Wyatt - Alifib
Robin McNamara - Lila
Robots Do The Work - Georgia's hand
Robyn Hitchcock - 16 years
Robyn Hitchcock - A skull, a suitcase & a long red bottle of wine
Robyn Hitchcock - Acid bird
Robyn Hitchcock - Acid bird (live)
Robyn Hitchcock - Alright, yeah
Robyn Hitchcock - Alright, yeah - In Swedish
Robyn Hitchcock - Aquarium
Robyn Hitchcock - Arms of love (live)
Robyn Hitchcock - As lemons chop
Robyn Hitchcock - August hair
Robyn Hitchcock - Bad case of history
Robyn Hitchcock - Bells of Rhymney
Robyn Hitchcock - Birdshead
Robyn Hitchcock - Cathedral
Robyn Hitchcock - Century
Robyn Hitchcock - Chant/Aether
Robyn Hitchcock - City of shame
Robyn Hitchcock - Cynthia mask
Robyn Hitchcock - Each of her silver wands
Robyn Hitchcock - Egyptian cream (live)
Robyn Hitchcock - Egyptian cream #2 (live)
Robyn Hitchcock - Evil guy
Robyn Hitchcock - Flavour of light
Robyn Hitchcock - Furry baby
Robyn Hitchcock - Goodnight Oslo
Robyn Hitchcock - Happy the golden prince
Robyn Hitchcock - Happy the golden prince (part)
Robyn Hitchcock - Heart full of leaves
Robyn Hitchcock - Heart full of leaves (live)
Robyn Hitchcock - Heaven (live)
Robyn Hitchcock - Heliotrope
Robyn Hitchcock - High on yourself
Robyn Hitchcock - I am not me
Robyn Hitchcock - I often dream of trains (demo)
Robyn Hitchcock - I wanna go backwards
Robyn Hitchcock - I'm falling
Robyn Hitchcock - In agony of pleasure (1)
Robyn Hitchcock - In agony of pleasure (2)
Robyn Hitchcock - It was the night
Robyn Hitchcock - Keeping still
Robyn Hitchcock - Lady Obvious
Robyn Hitchcock - Linctus house
Robyn Hitchcock - Love
Robyn Hitchcock - NASA clapping
Robyn Hitchcock - Never stop bleeding
Robyn Hitchcock - No, I don't remember Guildford
Robyn Hitchcock - Nothing
Robyn Hitchcock - Open the door homer
Robyn Hitchcock - Out of the picture
Robyn Hitchcock - Poisonous angel
Robyn Hitchcock - Queen Elvis
Robyn Hitchcock - Queen Elvis II
Robyn Hitchcock - Raymond Chandler evening
Robyn Hitchcock - Raymond Chandler evening (1)
Robyn Hitchcock - Raymond Chandler evening (2)
Robyn Hitchcock - Saturday groovers
Robyn Hitchcock - September cones
Robyn Hitchcock - She reached for a light
Robyn Hitchcock - Shuffling over the flagstones
Robyn Hitchcock - St Petersburg
Robyn Hitchcock - Surfer ghost
Robyn Hitchcock - Sweet ghost of light
Robyn Hitchcock - Take your knfe out of my back
Robyn Hitchcock - Television
Robyn Hitchcock - The abandonded brain
Robyn Hitchcock - The abandoned brain (2)
Robyn Hitchcock - The beauty of Earl's Court
Robyn Hitchcock - The black crow knows
Robyn Hitchcock - The bones in the ground
Robyn Hitchcock - The man who invented himself
Robyn Hitchcock - The man with the lightbulb head (instrumental)
Robyn Hitchcock - The president
Robyn Hitchcock - This could be the day
Robyn Hitchcock - Toadboy
Robyn Hitchcock - Traveller's fare
Robyn Hitchcock - Victorian squid
Robyn Hitchcock - Wax doll (live)
Robyn Hitchcock - Wild mountain thyme
Robyn Hitchcock - Winchester
Robyn Hitchcock - You've got
Robyn Hitchcock 'n' the Egyptians - Madonna of the wasps
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Arms of love
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Autumn sea
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Earthly paradise
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Heaven (live 2)
Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians - Heaven (live)
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - I often dream of trains
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - If you go away
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Listening to the Higsons
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Listening to the Higsons (live)
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Lysander
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Oceanside
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Ride
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Swirling
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - The black crow knows
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - The moon inside
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Ultra unbelievable love
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Wax doll
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - When I was dead
Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 - Adventure rocket ship
Robyn Hitchcock & the Venus 3 - Cause it's love (Saint Parallelogram)
Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 - Primitive
Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 - Star of Venus
La Rocca - Sketches (20 something life)
Rock Hunters ? - Hands ?
Rocket from the Tombs - Sonic reducer
Rocket From The Tombs - What love is
Rockets - Rocket car wash …
Rocketship - Hey hey girl
Rocketship - I love you like the way that I used to do
Rocketship - People I know
Rockfield Chorale - Jingle jangle
Rockin' Berries - He's in town
Rocks - Celeste
Rocky Votolato - Before you were born
Rod Stewart - Twistin' the night away
Roger Daltrey - Giving it all away
Roger Daltrey - It's a hard life
Roger Daltrey - Thinking
Roger Mc Guinn - Mr. tambourine man (live)
Roger McGuinn - Friend
Roger McGuinn - John Riley
Roger McGuinn - Lost my drivin' wheel
Roger McGuinn - May the roas rise
Roger McGuinn - Mr. tambourine man
Roger McGuinn - Someone to love
Roger McGuinn - Suddenly blue
Roger McGuinn - The time has come
Roger McGuinn - Turn! Turn! Turn!
Roger McGuinn - You bowed down
Rogue show - Make me over again
Rogue Wave - Chicago X 12
Rogue Wave - Christians in black
Rogue Wave - Every moment
Rogue Wave - Everyday
Rogue Wave - Ghost (1)
Rogue Wave - Ghost (2)
Rogue Wave - Harmonium
Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan
Rogue Wave - Own your own home
Rogue Wave - Publish my love
Rogue Wave - Seasick on land
Roken Is Dodelijk - Good enough
Roky Erickson - ?
Roky Erickson - Burn the flames
Roky Erickson - Hungry four your love #2
Roky Erickson - I am
Roky Erickson - If there's a rocket tie me to it
Roky Erickson - Please judge
Roky Erickson - Please just take these photos from my hands
Roky Erickson - Splash #1
Roky Erickson - Starry eyes
Roky Erickson - The beast
Roky Erickson - The lightning strike
Roky Erickson - Think of as one
Roky Erickson - We are never talking
Roky Erickson - You don't love me yet
Roky Erickson - You're gonna miss me
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - Click your fingers applauding the play
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - Don't shake me Lucifer
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - Don't slander me
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - I think of demons
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - I walked with a zombie
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - It's a cold night for alligators
Roky Erickson & The Aliens - Night of the vampire
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - Stand for the fire demon
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - The haunt
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - Two headed dog (red temple prayer)
Roky Erickson with Okkervil River - Birds'd crash
Roky Erickson with Okkervil River - Bring back the past
Roky Erickson with Okkervil River - John Lawman
Roky Erickson with Okkervil River - True love cast out all evil
Rokys - Stand for the fire demon
Rolling Stones - ?
Rolling Stones - ??
Rolling Stones - As tears go by
Rolling Stones - Backstreet girl
Rolling Stones - Biggest mistake
Rolling Stones - Black limosine
Rolling Stones - Blue turns to grey
Rolling Stones - Can you hear me knocking (part)
Rolling Stones - Claudine
Rolling Stones - Doncha bother me
Rolling Stones - Down in the hole
Rolling Stones - Gomper (part)
Rolling Stones - Have you seen your mother baby?
Rolling Stones - I'm free
Rolling Stones - Just my imagination (running away with me)
Rolling Stones - Lady Jane
Rolling Stones - Let me down slow
Rolling Stones - Let's spend the night together
Rolling Stones - Oh baby (we got a good thing goin')
Rolling Stones - Play with fire
Rolling Stones - Prodigal son
Rolling Stones - Respectable
Rolling Stones - Rip this joint
Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
Rolling Stones - She's a rainbow
Rolling Stones - Sittin' on a fence
Rolling Stones - Something happened to me yesterday
Rolling Stones - Star star
Rolling Stones - Sway
Rolling Stones - Tell me (you're coming back)
Rolling Stones - The snger not the song
Rolling Stones - Time waits for no one
Rolling Stones - What a shame
Rolling Stones - Who's been sleeping here
Rolling Stones - Winter
Rolling Stones - You got the silver
Rollo Treadway - Dear Mister Doe
Rollo Treadway - Friday's child
Romain Humeau - Chien enragé
Romain Humeau - Possédés
Romain Humeau - Prends ma main
Romain Humeau - S'enflammer
Romain Humeau - Sans faire exprès
Romain Humeau - Une vie invisible
Romantics - Running away
Ronderlin - Reflected
Ronelles - Magic Blues
Ronnie Burns - Exit stage right
Rooftop Vigilantes - Fists of Gary
Rooney - Blueside
Rooney - Calling the world
Rooney - Don't come around again
Rooney - I'm shakin
Rooney - If it were up to me
Rooney - Losing control
Rooney - Love me or leave me
Rooney - Simply because
Rooney - Stay away
Rooney - Tell me soon
Rooney - Terrible person
Rooney - The hunch
Roosters - One of these days
Roosters - You gotta run
Ropers - Drink tou up
Ropers - Drive
Ropers - Flashlight
Ropers - Home
Ropers - Please understand
Ropers - Rain
Ropers - Revolver
Ropers - Take your time
Ropers - These days
Ropers - You have a light
Rory Gallagher - 'Kid' gloves
Rory Gallagher - A million miles away
Rory Gallagher - Ain't too good
Rory Gallagher - Big guns
Rory Gallagher - Bourbon
Rory Gallagher - Cloak & Dagger
Rory Gallagher - Crest of a wave
Rory Gallagher - Daughter of the Everglades
Rory Gallagher - Doing time
Rory Gallagher - Double vision
Rory Gallagher - Easy come, easy go
Rory Gallagher - Edged in blue
Rory Gallagher - For the last time
Rory Gallagher - Fuel to the fire
Rory Gallagher - Hands off
Rory Gallagher - I fall apart
Rory Gallagher - If I had a reason
Rory Gallagher - It's you
Rory Gallagher - Jinxed
Rory Gallagher - Just like a woman
Rory Gallagher - Lost at sea
Rory Gallagher - Maybe I will
Rory Gallagher - Off the handle
Rory Gallagher - Overnight bag
Rory Gallagher - Race the breeze
Rory Gallagher - She moved thro' the fair ann cran Ull
Rory Gallagher - Shin kicker
Rory Gallagher - Sleep on a clothes-line
Rory Gallagher - Souped-up Ford
Rory Gallagher - Stompin' ground
Rory Gallagher - Tattoo'd lady
Rory Gallagher - Wheels within wheels
Rory Gallagher - Whole lot of people
Rosaries - Anything
Rosaries - Ivory tower
Rosaries - Leaving
Rosario Bléfari - El rey ha muerto
Rose Garden - February sunshine
Rose Garden - Here's today
Rose Tattoo - Astra Wally
Rose Tattoo - Bad boy for love
Rose Tattoo - Black magic
Rose Tattoo - Chinese Dunkirk
Rose Tattoo - Freedom's flame
Rose Tattoo - Hard rockin' man
Rose Tattoo - House of pain
Rose Tattoo - I can't help it if I'm lucky
Rose Tattoo - I wish
Rose Tattoo - It's gonna work itself out
Rose Tattoo - Magnum maid
Rose Tattoo - Nice boys
Rose Tattoo - One of the boys
Rose Tattoo - Revenge
Rose Tattoo - Rock 'n' roll Is king
Rose Tattoo - Scarred for life
Rose Tattoo - Sidewalk Sally
Rose Tattoo - Stir Crzy
Rose Tattoo - Stuck on you
Rose Tattoo - Suicide city
Rose Tattoo - T.V.
Rose Tattoo - The butcher and fast Eddy
Rosebuds - Boxcar
Rosebuds - Cemetery lawns
Rosehips - I shouldn't have to say
Rosemaryes - Higher
Ross - Dumb dumb dumb
Ross Copperman -
Ross Copperman - All she wrote
Ross Copperman - Can't stop loving you
Ross Copperman - Getaway
Ross Copperman - I don't wanna let you go
Ross Copperman - I get by
Ross Copperman - Lucky day
Ross Durand - Amsterdam
Ross Durand - Back to the well
Ross Durand - Couldn't have been worse
Ross Durand - Devils live in a quiet pond
Ross Durand - It belongs to me
Ross Durand - Looking good in hand-me-downs
Ross Durand - Oversleeping
Ross Durand - Pink skirt
Ross Durand - Rattlesnake
Ross Durand - Systematic panic
Ross Durand - Ten lies
Ross Durand - Thank God for Memphis
Ross Durand - That's what she said
Rotary Downs - Promised land
Rotary Downs - Slow waltz
Rotary Downs - Tall Afar
Rotary Downs - The open coast
Rotary Downs - Vampires, werewolves (part)
Rough Bunnies - Better a fight than a bad flight
Rough Bunnies - Erik is home
Rough Bunnies - Fears in feathers
Rough Bunnies - Foureyes
Rough Bunnies - Holding hands
Rough Bunnies - Piggvar
Rough Bunnies - Poppy eye
Rough Bunnies - RB saved my lLife
Rough Bunnies - Red wine poet
Rough Bunnies - Stallion tears
Rough Bunnies - Teardrops from my eyes
Rough Bunnies - What a world
Rough Bunnies - You are Summer
Rough Bunnies - You make me happy
Roxy Music - All I want is you
Roxy Music - Editions of you
Roxy Music - Remake remodel
Roy & the Devil's Motorcycle - ?
Roy & the Devil's Motorcycle - It hurts me too
Roy & the Devil's Motorcycle - Johnny B. Goode
Roy Buchanan - After hours, the messiah will come again
Roy Buchanan - Down by the river
Roy Buchanan - Green onions
Roy Buchanan - Hey Joe
Roy Buchanan - In the beginning
Roy Buchanan - Peter Gunn
Roy Buchanan - Ramon's blues
Roy Buchanan - Sweet dreams
Roy Buchanan - That did it
Roy Buchanan - The heat of the battle
Roy Buchanan - Tribute to Elmore James
Roy Buchanan - Turn to stone
A Roy Castle Mash In The Life - Here comes my dragon
Roy Harper - Bank of the dead
Roy Harper - Commune
Roy Harper - East of the sun
Roy Harper - Forever
Roy Harper - Francesca
Roy Harper - Freak Street
Roy Harper - Goodbye
Roy Harper - Goodbye (live)
Roy Harper - Hallucinating light
Roy Harper - Hallucinating light [7" single version)
Roy Harper - Home (live)
Roy Harper - How does it feel
Roy Harper - I'll see you again
Roy Harper - It's tomorrow and today is yesterday
Roy Harper - Mc Goohan's blues
Roy Harper - Me and my woman
Roy Harper - No woman is safe
Roy Harper - Old faces
Roy Harper - One more tomorrow
Roy Harper - Referendum (Legend)
Roy Harper - Sgt. Sunshine
Roy Harper - She's the one
Roy Harper - Short and sweet
Roy Harper - Song of the ages
Roy Harper - Ten years ago
Roy Harper - The fly catcher
Roy Harper - The game, pts. 1-5
Roy Harper - The monster
Roy Harper - The same old rock
Roy Harper - Twelve hours of sunset
Roy Harper - When an old cricketer leaves the crease
Roy Harper & Jimmy Page - Hangman
Roy Harper & Jimmy Page - Hope
Roy Montgomery - Above the canopy
Roy Montgomery - Adrift
Roy Montgomery - Departing the body
Roy Montgomery - E.N.D.
Roy Montgomery - German sister
Roy Montgomery - In another time
Roy Montgomery - In our own time
Roy Montgomery - Intertidal
Roy Montgomery - It's cold outside
Roy Montgomery - Jaguar meets snake
Roy Montgomery - Jaguar unseen
Roy Montgomery - Just melancholy
Roy Montgomery - She waits on temple IV
Roy Montgomery - Some other time
Roy Montgomery - Something else again
Roy Montgomery - Submerged & colourful
Roy Montgomery - The soul quietens
Roy Montgomery - Times three
Roy Wood - Dear Elaine
Roy Wood - Interlude
Roy Wood & Wombles - Wombles on parade
Royal City - Bring my father a gift
Royal City - Jerusalem
Royal Treatment Plant - All that's left
Royal Treatment Plant - Crack whore
Royal Treatment Plant - Half as much
Royal Treatment Plant - Plastic sparkles
Royal Treatment Plant - Undercurrent
Royal We ? - Wicked game
Roymond - ABCD puppies
Roymond - Across the universe
Roymond - Cheer up Shelley
Roymond - Die for me
Roymond - Honeymoon in Polynesia
Roymond - Variation on two
Rubber Kiss Goodbye - We see lights
Rubies - Diamonds on fire
Ruby Suns - Maasai mara (part)
Ruby Suns - Remember
Ruby Suns - There are birds
Rudi - Big time
Rueflex - One by one
Rufus Wainwright - Instant pleasure
Rum Diary - Assassins in moccasins
Rum Dreams - Ottoman
Rum Dreams - That's what she she said
Rumble Fish - Don't leave me
Rumors - Hold me now
Ruperts People - Dream on my mind
Rural Alberta Advantage - Edmonton
Rural Alberta Advantage - Four night rider
Rural Alberta Advantage - Frank, AB
Rural Alberta Advantage - In the summertime
Rural Alberta Advantage - Luciana
Rural Alberta Advantage - The deadroads
Rural Alberta Advantage - The deathbridge in Lethbridge
Rush - For what is worse
Rush - Here again
Russ Schneider - 5 part movement in C
Russ Schneider - Friday night
Russ Schneider - I can't sleep
Russ Schneider - I know
Russ Schneider - Our day
Russ Schneider - Real love
Russ Schneider - You can't run
Rusty Santos - Careful aim
Rusty Santos - Down by the lake
Rusty Santos - Everything OK
Rusty Santos - It's
Rusty Santos - Moving time
Rusty Santos - Villains
Ruths Hat - Please please me
Ry Cooper - 1983
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses - Bluebird
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses - Change is
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses - Day is gone
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses - Dylan's hard rain
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses - The wandering
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses - Wishing well
Ryan Rickenbach - Oh my love
Ryan Rickenbach - Shoot for Tuesday
Rycehat - Hello my old heart
Ryes - How come Loretta
Sacred Heart - Bottle of whiskey
Sacred Heart - Forever '09
Sacred Heart - Lift you up
Sacred Heart - Maybe
Sacred Heart - Natali
Sacred Heart - Tonight (part)
Sacred Spirit - Wishes of happiness and prosperity (Yeha-nohia)
Sad Big Eden - June bug
Sad Day for Puppets - Again
Sad Day For Puppets - Anne says
Sad Day For Puppets - Big waves
Sad Day For Puppets - Fifth of August
Sad Day For Puppets - Hush
Sad Day For Puppets - Marble gods
Sad Day For Puppets - Set alight
Sad Day For Puppets - When you tell me that you love me (alt. version)
Safeashome - Every day is election day
Said The Whale - Love is aArt / Sleep through fire
Saint Bernadette - Love is a stranger V2-1
Saint Cale - Couldn't have been worse
Saints - (Don't send me) Roses
Saints - Always
Saints - Before Hollywood
Saints - Brisbane (security city)
Saints - Call it mine
Saints - Do the robot
Saints - Drunken angel
Saints - Fall of an empire
Saints - Follow the leader
Saints - Glorious wonder
Saints - I want to be with you tonight
Saints - In the mirror
Saints - It hurts me too
Saints - Know your product
Saints - Let's pretend
Saints - Lipstick on your collar
Saints - Messin' with the kid
Saints - No, your product
Saints - One way street
Saints - See you in paradise
Saints - Something wicked
Saints - Something, somewhere, sometime
Saints - Spit the blues out
Saints - Story of love
Saints - The hour
Saints - The perfect day
Saints - Where did my mind go
Saints - Which
Sales Majestés - Oui j'emmerde
Saliva - All because of you
Saliva - Forever and a day
Saliva - Going under
Saliva - Greater than less than
Saliva - Hollywood
Saliva - Razor's edge
Saliva - Rest in pieces
Saliva - Southern girls
Saliva - Twister
Saloon - Girls are the new boys
Saloon - Have you seen the light
Salt - Honour me
Salteens - Green light
Salteens - Guy dog
Salteens - Let go of your bad days
Salteens - Showstopper
Salteens - Summer's gone
Salteens - Thoughts from sound
Salteens - Time you have been wasting
Sam Champion - Company debts
Sam Roberts - Climb over me
Sam Roberts - Dead end
Sam Roberts - Don't walk away Eileen
Sam Roberts - Hard road
Sam Roberts - Lions of the Kalahari
Sam Roberts - Love at the end of the world
Sam Roberts - Paranoia
Sam Roberts - Stripmall religion
Sam Roberts - Sundance
Sam Roberts - Taj Mahal
Sam Roberts - The bootleg saint
Sam Roberts - The gate
Sam Roberts - This is how I live
Sam Roberts - Up sister
Sam Roberts - When everything was alright
Sam Roberts - With a bullet
Sam Roberts Band - Brother down
Samantha Crain - Lions
Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers - Get the fever out
Sambassadeur - Calvi
Sambassadeur - Falling in love
Sambassadeur - Migration
Sambassadeur - New moon
Sambassadeur - The park
Samiam - Cry baby cry
Samiam - Stepson
Samian - Here comes your man
Samson & the Philistines - Talk about the passion
San Marinos - We're beautiful
San Saba County - 5th time around
San Saba County - It's not the fall that hurts
San Saba County - Psalm 102
San Ul Lim - It was probably last Summer
Sand - Moonlight love
Sand - My rain
Sandpipers - Swampland
Sands - Listen to the sky
Sandy Coast - Back to the city
Sandy Denny - Been on the road so long
Sandy Salisbury - Do unto others
Santa Maria - Lalalalalaaa
Santana - Dealer (part)
Sappy Lunkhead - Bullseye girl
Satan's Cheerleaders - Afterburn
Satan's Cheerleaders - Christmas time is here again
Satan's Cheerleaders - Cottonfields
Satan's Cheerleaders - Henry's lament (part)
Satan's Cheerleaders - My true love
Satan's Cheerleaders - Roller coaster
Satan's Cheerleaders - She's my witch
Satan's Cheerleaders - Train for tomorrow
Satanic Surfers - Evil
Satin Dolls - Vuelve
Sator - Everybody's making plans
Sator - Nothing hurts
Sator - Ring ring
Sator - This is my life
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Alcohol
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Last hour
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Make a plan
Saturday Looks Good To Me - The sun doesn't want to shine
Saturday Looks Good To Me - Ultimate stars
Saturday People - Grace
Savage Resurrection - Thing in "E"
Saves The Day - All-star me
Saves The Day - Bye bye baby
Saves The Day - Get fucked up
Saves The Day - Monkey
Saves The Day - My sweet fracture
Saves The Day - Nightingale
Saves The Day - Rocks tonic juice magic
Saves The Day - Stay
Saves The Day - Under the boards
Savoir Adore - We talk like machines
Savoy Brown - Don't do it baby, do it
Savoy Brown - Everybody loves a drinking man
Savoy Brown - Fly away
Savoy Brown - Getting to the point
Savoy Brown - Going down to Mobile
Savoy Brown - Gypsy
Savoy Brown - Honey bee
Savoy Brown - Just for kicks
Savoy Brown - Let me love you baby
Savoy Brown - Long as I've got you
Savoy Brown - Mr. Downchild
Savoy Brown - She's the one
Les Savy Fav - Alseepers union
Les Savy Fav - Comes & goes
Les Savy Fav - False starts
Les Savy Fav - Raging in the plague age
Les Savy Fav - The orchard
Saw Doctors - Last summer in New York
Saw Doctors - Midnight express
Saw Doctors - Out for a smoke
Saw Doctors - Wisdom of youth
Saw Doctors - World of good
Saw Doctors - You got me on the run
Sawdust - Sunbeam
Saxon Shore - Amber, ember, glow
Say Hi - Hallie and Henry
Say Hi (To Your Mom) - Northwestern girls
Say Hi To Your Mom - These fangs
Scabies - No milk
La Scala - Love!Love!Love!
Scallwags - The lion sleeps tonight
Scanners - We never close our eyes
Scarecrow - ?
Scarehead - Ha ha
Scaremongers - Derailleur
Scaremongers - Grouse beaters boy's club
Scaremongers - Less is more
Scarling - Hello London
Scarling - Manorexic
Schandfleck - Torn
Schenker Pattison - Dear Mr Fantasy
Schmoll - Rien qu'un seul mot
Schmurtz ? - José Bové (extrait)
School Of Seven Bells - ?.1 (black session)
School Of Seven Bells - ?.2 (black session)
School Of Seven Bells - Connjur
School Of Seven Bells - Half asleep
School Of Seven Bells - Half asleep (black session)
School Of Seven Bells - Joviann
School Of Seven Bells - My cabal
School Of Seven Bells - My cabal (black session)
School Of Seven Bells - White elephant coat
School Of Seven Bells - Windstorm
Scientists - Swampland
Scientists - The swampland
Scissor Sisters - Kiss you off
Scooter skirts - Denis
Scot Nolan - Golden
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - I never though I could feel this way for a by
Scott Faris - Fell out of the sky
Scoundrelles - Why doesn't somebody take this goddam girl away from me?
Scourge of the Sea - My sweet one
Screaming Dead - Angel of death
Screaming Lord Sutch - Brightest light
Screaming Lord Sutch - L.O.N.D.O.N
Screaming Lord Sutch - Would you believe
Screaming Tribesmen - Igloo
Screams - Paper dolls
Screeching Weasel - It's enough
Screeching Weasel - You blister my paint
Scruffs - September's lost
Scrugg - I wish I was five
Sea Scouts - Strange loop
Sea Urchins - A morning odyssey
Sea Urchins - Cling
Sea Urchins - Everglades
Sea Urchins - Please rain fall
Sea Urchins - Pristine Christine
Sea Urchins - Solace
Sea Urchins - Sullen eyes
Sea Urchins - Summershine
Sea Urchins - You're so much
Sea Wolf - White water, white bloom
Sea Wolf - Wicked blood
Seabear - Owl waltz
Seafood - Signal sparks
Seagull - Half sleep
Seahorses - 700 horses
Seahorses - 1999
Seahorses - Blinded by the sun
Seahorses - I want you
Seahorses - Standing on your head
Seahorses - The boy in the picture
Seahorses - What can you see?
Seam - Sometimes I forget
Seamus - Big yankee fan
Seamus - Why
Seamus Collective - For the time being
Seamus Collective - Influential film
Seamus Collective - Pieces of eight
Sean Lennon - Spaceship (radio mix)
Sean Lennon - Spectacle
Sean Smith - Bittersweet tobacco farewell
Sean Walsh And The National Reserve - You know
Search/Rescue - Fireflies
Sebadoh - Black-haired girl
Sebadoh - Brand new love
Sebadoh - Burning out
Sebadoh - Cranberry bog
Sebadoh - Hoppin' up and down
Sebadoh - I smell a rat
Sebadoh - Ocean
Sebadoh - Perfect day
Sebadoh - Prince-S
Sebadoh - Rebound
Sebadoh - Ride the dark wave
Sebadoh - Skull
Sebadoh - Social medicine
Sebadoh - Soul and fire
Sebadoh - Spoiled
Sebadoh - Stop the wheel
Sebadoh - The freed pig
Sebadoh - Two years two days
Sebadoh - Weed against speed
Second-Hand Furniture - Alone out in the sea
Second-Hand Furniture - Hard to distinguish from each other
Second-Hand Furniture - People like you
Second-Hand Furniture - Whom to choose
Secrections - Stupid fucking vegan
Secret Shine - Adored
Secret Shine - After years
Secret Shine - Evermore
Secret Shine - Grey skies
Secret Shine - Hate you when you smile
Secret Shine - Hit the ground
Secret Shine - Into the ether
Secret Shine - Lost memory
Secret Shine - Snowfall sorrow
Secret Shine - So close I come
Secret Shine - Spellbound
Secret Shine - Stars In the sky
Secret Shine - Sun warmed water
Secret Shine - Towards the sky
Secret Shine - Voice of the sea
Seedy Seeds - The little Patton
Seekers - I'll never find another you
Seine - Dreaming on the Picadilly line
Seldon Plan - Fire in day's field
Sell Crazy - Glass eye
Sell Crazy - Mean to me
Sell Crazy - Obey all the laws
Sell Crazy - Oh Britney
Semolina Pilchards - Ignorance is bliss
Semolina Pilchards - Saint Gratus
Sennen - A lifetime passed
Sennen - Broken promise
Sennen - Even now
Sennen - Everybody's loss
Sennen - Falling down
Sennen - Falling for you
Sennen - Figurine
Sennen - Here it is
Sennen - I couldn't tell you
Sennen - In
Sennen - Innocence
Sennen - It's not like it used to be
Sennen - Laid out
Sennen - Opened up my arms
Sennen - The distance from A to B
Sennen - Where the light gets in
Sennen - With you
Sennen - Your hand in mine
Sense Field - Caribou
Senseless Things - Jerk
Senseless Things - Too much kissing
Sentridoh - ?
Sentridoh - Smuxek
Sepukku Zephyr Dance - Carousel
Serena Maneesh - Drain cosmetics
Serena Maneesh - Un-deux
Sergeant - Sunshine
Sergius Golowin - Die Weisse Alm
Servants - Loggerheads
Servants - Meredith
Servants - Search under stones
Servants - She's always hiding
Servants - Transparent
Service Group - Merry Xmas everybody
Service Industry - Filing deadline
Sessions - Say Goodbye Adrianne
Set Fire - We were not meant to be
Seth - Accelerator
Seth - Space cadet
Seven Inches - To Boldly go
Seven Mary Three - Angeline
Seven Mary Three - Anything
Seven Mary Three - Blackwing
Seven Mary Three - Chasing you
Seven Mary Three - Cumbersome
Seven Mary Three - Devil boy
Seven Mary Three - Dreaming against me
Seven Mary Three - Dreaming against me (2)
Seven Mary Three - Each little mystery
Seven Mary Three - Favorite dog
Seven Mary Three - Hammer & a stone
Seven Mary Three - Houdini's angels
Seven Mary Three - Last kiss
Seven Mary Three - Made to be broken
Seven Mary Three - Man in control?
Seven Mary Three - Needle can't burn (what the needle can't find)
Seven Mary Three - Over your shoulder
Seven Mary Three - People like new
Seven Mary Three - Roderigo
Seven Mary Three - Steal a car
Seven Mary Three - Subway tunnel microphones
Seven Mary Three - Take it underground
Seven Mary Three - The evening's great excuse
Seven Mary Three - Wait (1)
Seven Mary Three - Wait (2)
Seven Mary Three - Was a ghost
Seven Mary Three - Water's edge
Seven Mary Three - What Angry Blue?
Seven Mary Three - You think too much
Seven Mary Three - Zeroes and ones
Seventh Standard - Slow burn
Sex Bidochons - Avarice in the UK
Sex Pistols - New York
Sex Pistols - Submission
Sexdrive ? - Get naked
Sexie Sadie - Feel no sorrow (live)
Sexie Sadie - Fly for a while (live)
Sexie Sadie - Stay behind me (live)
Sexie Sadie - Take from me (live)
Sexy Sadie - Always drunk
Sexy Sadie - Another trip
Sexy Sadie - Crawling man
Sexy Sadie - Feel no sorrow
Sexy Sadie - Fly for a while
Sexy Sadie - Good day
Sexy Sadie - Here I am
Sexy Sadie - I do
Sexy Sadie - I won't hurt you
Sexy Sadie - In your inside
Sexy Sadie - No matter how, I feel so fine
Sexy Sadie - Nonsense
Sexy Sadie - Questios
Sexy Sadie - Sadie's insane
Sexy Sadie - Someone like you
Sexy Sadie - Take from me
Sexy Sadie - The second to last
Sexy Sadie - Turn me on
Shackeltons - Your movement
Shades (Les) - À l'horizon
Shades (Les) - Le prix à payer
Shades (Les) - Vénus
Shadows - 19
Shadows - Cavatina
Shadows - Don't be a fool (with love)
Shadows - Jigsaw
Shadows - Quatermasster's stores
Shadows - Santa Ana
Shadows - Semi datached suburban Mr. James
Shadows - Shadoogie
Shadows - The dreams I dream
Shadows - The lute number
Shadows - The rise and fall of Flingel Bunt
Shadows - Theme from a filleted place
Shadows of Knight - I'm gonna make you mine
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Kids in the hall theme
Shai Erlichman - Origami!
Shake Some Action! - Damaged
Shakespeares - Theasure of woman's love
Shakespeares - World of bees
Shallow Call - Frank Bruno
Sham 69 - Hersham boys
Sham 69 - If the kids are united
Shambles - Hard to say goodbye
Shambles - I'll feel a whole lot better
Shambles - Stuck on the inside
Shame 69 - Action time vision
Shandy Express - Surfing on love's wave
Shanes - Chris Craft no. 9
Shark Speed - Killing kind
Shawn David McMillen - Texarkana 1971
Shearwater - Century eyes
Shearwater - Seventy four seventy five
Shearwater - The snow leopard
Shelleyan Orphan - Burst
Sheriff - 3, 2, 1, zéro
Sheriff - Attention à toi
Sheriff - Aucune importance
Sheriff - C'est trop tôt
Sheriff - Ça dépend de nous
Sheriff - Ça fait mal
Sheriff - Ça prend pas avec moi
Sheriff - Ça sert à rien
Sheriff - Circulez, y'a rien à voir
Sheriff - Dam dam
Sheriff - De toutes les couleurs
Sheriff - Dis-moi ce que tu vois
Sheriff - Fanatique de télé
Sheriff - Je fonce dans le tas
Sheriff - La saga des Sheriff
Sheriff - Le mur du son
Sheriff - Les jeux sont faits
Sheriff - Non! Non! Non!
Sheriff - Pendons-les haut et court
Sheriff - Pile ou face
Sheriff - Pour le meilleur et pour le pire
Sheriff - Pour ma gueule
Sheriff - Que pasa?
Sheriff - Tant de temps
Shermans - About you
Shermans - Adulthood for beginners
Shermans - Are you near?
Shermans - Cindy Sherman
Shermans - Explode
Shermans - Falling out of love
Shermans - Ladybug
Shermans - Leaving tracks
Shermans - Plastic bouquet
Shermans - Rush hour
Shermans - Sad kind of life
Shermans - Shallow smile
Shermans - Smile has gone
Shermans - Snowsong
Shermans - The umbrella song
Shermans - Water
Shermans - Wendy
Shermans - You're just not getting enough
Shihad - Attack
Shihad - Dark times
Shihad - Everything
Shihad - Guts and the glory
Shihad - Leo song
Shimura Curves - Noyfriend
Shinedown - Her name is Alice
Shinedown - I dare you
Shinedown - Second chance
Shinedown - What a shame
Shingles - Girl on a train
Shining Hour - Before you know it
Shins - Kissing the lipless
Shins - New slang
Shins - One by one all day
Shins - Phantom limb
Shins - Saint Simon
Shins - Sleeping lessons (part)
Shins - So says I
Shins - The celibate life
Shins - The gloating sun
Shins - Those bold city girls
Shins - Turn on me
Shiny Around the Edges - In the snow
Shirley Lee - The smack of pavement in your face
Shirley's Temple - I wanna be sedated
Shitbirds - Scheissebird
Shitbirds - There was a time
Shiver - Leave this man alone
Shocker - The wind beneath the wings of the common fly
Shocking Pinks - End of the world
Shocking Pinks - Girl on the Northern line
Shocking Pinks - The narrator
Shocking Pinks - This aching deal
Shocks - Ich bin ein Punk
Shoehorn TC - Couldn't have been worse
Shoes - Okay
Shoes - Turnaround
Shonen Knife - Boys
Shonen Knife - Don't hurt my little sister
Shonen Knife - Paradise
Shonen Knife - Space Christmas
Shonen Knife - Top of the world
Shooter Jennings - 4th of July
Shop Assistants - After dark
Shop Assistants - All day long
Shop Assistants - All day long (slow version)
Shop Assistants - All of the time
Shop Assistants - All that ever mattered
Shop Assistants - Before I wake
Shop Assistants - Before I wake (live Peel session)
Shop Assistants - Before I wake (Peel session)
Shop Assistants - Caledonian road
Shop Assistants - Fixed grin
Shop Assistants - Fixed grin (live Peel session)
Shop Assistants - Home again
Shop Assistants - I don't wanna be friends with you
Shop Assistants - I don't want to be friends with you (live Peel session)
Shop Assistants - It's up to you
Shop Assistants - Looking back
Shop Assistants - Nature lover
Shop Assistants - Seems to be
Shop Assistants - Somewhere in China
Shop Assistants - Train from Kansas City
Shore - Listen to me
Short Cakes - Eternity
Short Cakes - Hotel
Short Cakes - Listen close
Short Cakes - Repair my heart
Short Cakes - Shipwreck
Short Wheel City - All we could see at the window
Shortwave Set - Replica
Shout Out Louds - 100 degrees
Shout Out Louds - 1999
Shout Out Louds - End up behind
Shout Out Louds - Go sadness
Shout Out Louds - Hard rain
Shout Out Louds - Hurry up let's goo
Shout Out Louds - Ill wills
Shout Out Louds - Moon
Shout Out Louds - My friend and the ink on his fingers
Shout Out Louds - Show me something new
Shout Out Louds - Sound is the world
Shout Out Louds - Streams oh whiskey
Shout Out Louds - The comeback
Shout Out Louds - Throwing stones
Shout Out Louds - Time left for love
Shout Out Louds - Very loud
Shout Out Louds - Walls
Shout Out Louds - Wish I was dead
Shrugged - Tattooed heart
The - Shrunken man
Siberia - Hibernation coda
Sidonie - Duerme
Sidonie - La sombra
Sidonie - Un-día-más-en-la-vida
Sight And Sound - Alley, alley
Sight And Sound - That girl was my gril one time
Sights - Sick and tired
Signboy - Cryptic comment
Signed Papercuts - Sound of silence
Sigur Rós - Hafssól (live)
Sigur Rós - Hljómalind
Sigur Rós - Hoppipolla
Sigur Rós - Starålfur
Sigur Rós - Streamside
Sigur Rós - Svefn-G-Eglar
Sigur Rós (with Mogwai) - Record 2
Silent League - Breathe
Silents - Shock & awe
Silje Nes - Ames room
Silkie - You've got to hide your love away
Silmaril - Vespers
Silmaril - Windbridge
Silos - Anyway you choose me
Silos - Days gone by
Silos - Fall on your knees
Silos - Holding on to life
Silos - I believe
Silos - I won you won
Silos - Keeping score
Silos - Picture of Helen
Silos - Ready for anything
Silos - Tell me you love me
Silos - The only love
Silver - Something to believe in
Silver Fun - Service
Silver Jews - Animal shapes
Silver Jews - Candy jail
Silver Jews - Horseleg swastikas
Silver Jews - I remember me
Silver Jews - Night society
Silver Jews - Open field
Silver Jews - Pet politics
Silver Jews - Punks in the beerlight
Silver Jews - Self ignition
Silver Jews - Smith & Jones forever
Silver Jews - Strange victory, strange defeat
Silver Jews - The poor, the fair and the good
Silver Jews - The wild kindness
Silver Jews - trains across the sea
Silver Jews - We could be looking for the same thing
Silver Metre - Sixty years on
Silver Rockets - Hangin on
Silver Rockets - I fall down
Silver Rockets - Retreat
Silver Sun - Golden skin
Silver Sun - Lava
Silver Sunshine - 144,000
Silverbullit - Joy
Silverbullit - Run
Silverchair - Tomorrow
Silversun Pickups - Common reactor
Silversun Pickups - Lazy eye
Silversun Pickups - Little lover's so polite
Silversun Pickups - Melatonin
Silversun Pickups - Three seed
Simon Dupree & The Big Sound - Kites
Simon Joyner - Medicine blues
Simpático - Joan of Arc
Simple minds - Prem
Simple Minds - When spirits rise
Simple Plan - Baby one more time
Simple Plan - Don't worry
Simple Plan - Everytime
Simple Plan - Holding on
Simple Plan - I can wait forever
Simple Plan - I'm just a kid
Simple Plan - No love
Simple Plan - Perfect
Simple Plan - Untitled (How could this happen to me?)
Simplefish - I was only joking
Simply Saucer - Mole machine
Sin Fang Bous - Melt down the knives
Since November - Come together
A singer must die - Marlon R.
Single - Llévame a dormir
Single Bullet Theory - Das Mädchen
Single Bullet Theory - Dead end again
Single Bullet Theory - Slide away
Singles - You´re for me
Sinners - As lovers should
Sinners - Barbed wire hearts
Sinners - Heading South
Sinners - I'll be your baby tonight
Sinners - Watch out
Sins Of Thy Beloved - Until the dark
Sirens Of 7th Avenue - Ultra violence
Sissy Bar - Mello 73
Sissy Bar - Sour
Sissy Bar - Space klown
Sissy Bar - Yardboat
Sister Vanilla - Can't stop the rock
Sit 'n spin - 18 wheels
Sit 'n spin - A little more
Sit 'n spin - Good life
Sit 'n spin - Lost highway revisited
Sit 'n spin - Tokyo teenage queen
Sit 'n spin - You, you, you
Sit 'n spin - You're just a song
Six Ray Sun - Bad batz maru
Sixth Day Creation - Cherry pie
SJ & the Crossroads - London girl
Skids - A man for all seasons
Skids - A woman in Winter
Skids - Animation (live)
Skids - Arena
Skids - Filming in Africa
Skids - Hang on to the shadows
Skids - Into the valley
Skids - Melancholy soldiers
Skids - Men of mercy - A memory
Skids - Scale
Skids - Thanatos
Skids - The saint are coming
Skids - Vanguards crusade
Skik - Op fietse
Skrap - Dreaming
Skunk Hand - As icons oif my youth fall silent
Skunk Hand - I don't believe you
The Sky Looks Pissed - Come down where you ought to be
The Sky Looks Pissed - We keep them alive
Skyscrapers - Jenny
Skyscrapers - Too late Simone Lorraine
Skyscrapers - Winstons town weather
Slade - Merry Christmas everybody
Slaves - Slaves time
Sleater-Kinney - Combat rock
Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers
Sleater-Kinney - Modern girl
Sleeper - Delicious
Sleeper - Inbetweener
Sleeper - Statuesque
Sleeper - What do I do now
Sleeping States - Rivers
Sleepless Nights - Keep your voice down
Sleepover Disaster - Cathedral
Sleepy Jackson - Come to this
Sleepy Jackson - Devil was in my yard
Sleepy Jackson - Don't say
Sleepy Jackson - Got to get moving
Sleepy Jackson - Miniskirt
Sleepy Jackson - Sleepy
Sleepy Jackson - This day
Sleepy Jackson - Vampire racecourse
Sleepy Jackson - You needed more
Sleepy Sun - Golden artifact
Sleepy Sun - Lord
Sleepy Sun - Marina
Sleepy Sun - Open eyes
Sleepy Sun - Snow goddess
Sleepy Sun - Wild machines
Slick shoes - Candy
Slickee Boys - (Are you gonna be there at the) Love in (live)
Slickee Boys - Disconnected (live)
Slickee Boys - Droppin off to sleep
Slickee Boys - Droppin off to sleep (live)
Slickee Boys - Eye to eye
Slickee Boys - Gotta tell me why (live)
Slickee Boys - Here to stay (live)
Slickee Boys - The dive
Slickee Boys - This party sucks (live)
Slickee Boys - When we were kids
Slip - Children of December
Slip - If one of us should f
Slip - Mothwing bite
Slipslide - Back to work
Slipslide - Halfway over town
Slipslide - Life (relived) (part)
Slipslide - Sleeptalk
Slipslide - Unlucky charm
Slough Feg - Tiger tiger
Slow Children - staring at the ceiling
Slow Club - Giving up on love
Slow Down Tallahassee - Candy
Slow Down Tallahassee - Down the alleyway
Slow Down Tallahassee - So much for love
Slow Down Tallahassee - The prettiest face
Slow Down Tallahassee - Till I'm gone
Slow Down Tallahassee - UR GRACE UR
Slowdive - Alison
Slowdive - Waves
Slowride - Transparent jellyfish
Slugs - ?
Slut - If I had a heart
The Sly Looks Pissed - Spin the bottle
Small Crew - Boxing day
Small Crew - Getting up
Small Faces - Afterglow of your love
Small Faces - All or nothing
Small Faces - Feeling lonely
Small Faces - If I were a carpenter
Small Faces - My mind's eyes
Small Faces - My way of giving
Small Faces - Show me the way
Small Faces - That man
Small Faces - Tin soldier
Small Sins - On the line
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
Smashing Pumpkins - Cupid De Locke
Smashing Pumpkins - Galapogos
Smashing Pumpkins - Here Iis no why
Smashing Pumpkins - Thirty-three
Smashing Pumpkins - Thru the eyes of Ruby
Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, tonight
Smile - Bullets rain ?
A Smile And A Ribbon - A nice walk in the park
A Smile And A Ribbon - Holding hands
A Smile And A Ribbon - The boy I wish I never met
A Smile And A Ribbon - Then I felt your cheek
Smiley - I hate Summer
Smith Westerns - My heart
Smithereens - All my loving
Smithereens - Auld lang syne
Smithereens - Baby be good
Smithereens - Behind the wall of sleep
Smithereens - Christmas
Smithereens - Christmas (I remember)
Smithereens - Christmas time all over the world
Smithereens - Christmas time is here again
Smithereens - Cry for a shadow
Smithereens - Don't bother me
Smithereens - Everything changes
Smithereens - Girl in room 12
Smithereens - Green thoughts
Smithereens - Hold me tght
Smithereens - I believe
Smithereens - I don't want to spil the party
Smithereens - I saw her standing there
Smithereens - I wanna be your man
Smithereens - I want to hold your hand
Smithereens - I want to tell you
Smithereens - I'll get you
Smithereens - It don't come easy
Smithereens - It won't be long
Smithereens - Like someone in love
Smithereens - Little child
Smithereens - Merry Christmas, baby
Smithereens - Now and then
Smithereens - Only a memory
Smithereens - Point of no return
Smithereens - Room without a view
Smithereens - Run Rudolph run
Smithereens - Santa bring my baby back (to me)
Smithereens - She's got a way
Smithereens - Some other guy (1)
Smithereens - Some other guy (2)
Smithereens - Someday
Smithereens - Thank you girl
Smithereens - The last good time
Smithereens - The world we k
Smithereens - Top of the pops
Smithereens - Tracey's world
Smithereens - Waking up on Christmas morning
Smithereens - White castle blues
Smithereens - William Wilson
Smithereens - World keeps going round
Smitten Kitten - Hey Mr. Owl
Smittens - All the love in the world
Smittens - Army of pop kids
Smittens - Capucine
Smittens - Doomed, lo-fi and in love
Smittens - Flowers, kises, you
Smittens - Gin and platonic
Smittens - Good migrations
Smittens - Guess what!?
Smittens - It's a Saturday!
Smittens - My girl
Smittens - Nate Iis straight
Smittens - Obligatory sad love song
Smittens - One hundred roses
Smittens - Party time
Smittens - Sapphire
Smittens - Stop the bombs
Smittens - Tell Al Green
Smittens - The garden
Smittens - The one for me
Smittens - To the Enemies of Political Pop
Smog - ?
Smog - A guiding light
Smog - All your women things
Smog - Bathysphere
Smog - Beautiful child (Peel session)
Smog - Blood red bird
Smog - Came blue
Smog - Choosen one
Smog - Chosen one
Smog - Cold discovery (Peel session)
Smog - Distance
Smog - Dress sexy at my funeral
Smog - Finer days
Smog - Four hearts in a can
Smog - I feel like the mother of the world
Smog - It's rough
Smog - Jesus (Peel session)
Smog - Lazy rain
Smog - Let me see the colts
Smog - Let's move to the country
Smog - Lize
Smog - Morality
Smog - My shell
Smog - No dancing
Smog - Red apple falls
Smog - River guard
Smog - Short drive
Smog - Strayed
Smog - The morning paper
Smog - The well
Smog - Truth serum
Smoke - My friend Jack
Smoke - We can take it
Smubbs - Rosary Anne
Smugglers - Rock with The Smugglers
Snapper - Buddy
Snapper - Cause of you
Snapper - Dead pictures
Snapper - Death and weirdness in the surfing zone
Snapper - Hang on
Snapper - Snapper and the ocean
Snapper - What are you thinking
Snatch - IRT
Snot Rockets - Homo
Snow Fairies - First sad song
Snow Fairies - Frank Jordan
Snow Fairies - Slow death on the schuylkill
Snow Patrol - Cartwheels
Snow Patrol - Chasing cars
Snow Patrol - Chocolate (1)
Snow Patrol - Chocolate (2)
Snow Patrol - Crack the shutters
Snow Patrol - Grazed knees
Snow Patrol - How to be dead
Snow Patrol - I'm an astronaut
Snow Patrol - If I'd found the right words to say
Snow Patrol - It doesn't matter where, just drive
Snow Patrol - Last ever lone gunman
Snow Patrol - Mahogany
Snow Patrol - NYC
Snow Patrol - On-off
Snow Patrol - One night is not enough
Snow Patrol - Open your eyes
Snow Patrol - PPP
Snow Patrol - Run
Snow Patrol - Same
Snow Patrol - Spitting games
Snow Patrol - Ways & means
Snow Patrol - You are my joy
Snow Patrol - You're all I have
Snowglobe - At times a nightmare
Snowglobe - Oxytocin
Snowglobe - Simple song
Snowy White - Bird of paradise
Snwoglobe - Kanaka rapids
Snwoglobe - Worksong
So Cow - Moon guen young
So Sad Althea - Crush so sweet
Soap&Skin - Cry wolf
Soap&Skin - Cynthia
Soap&Skin - Spiracle
Soap&Skin - The sun ?
Social Distortion - 99 to life
Social Distortion - 1945 (13th floor)
Social Distortion - Alone and foresaken
Social Distortion - Angel's wings
Social Distortion - Another state of mind
Social Distortion - Anti-fashion
Social Distortion - Backstreet girl
Social Distortion - Bad luck
Social Distortion - Ball & chain (live)
Social Distortion - Ball and chain
Social Distortion - Born to lose
Social distortion - Can't hide
Social Distortion - Cold feelings
Social distortion - Crown of thorns
Social Distortion - Dear lover
Social distortion - Death or glory
Social distortion - Do it again
Social Distortion - Don't drag me down
Social distortion - Don't keep me hangin' on
Social Distortion - Don't take me for granted
Social Distortion - Down here (with the rest of us)
Social Distortion - Faithless
Social distortion - Far behind
Social Distortion - Footprints on my ceiling
Social Distortion - Ghost town blues
Social Distortion - Gotta know the rules
Social Distortion - Highway 101
Social Distortion - I was wrong
Social Distortion - I wasn't born to follow
Social Distortion - I'm I
Social Distortion - It wasn't a pretty picture
Social Distortion - It's the law
Social Distortion - King of fools
Social Distortion - Like an outlaw (for you)
Social distortion - Like you've never done before
Social Distortion - Live before you die
Social distortion - Lost & found
Social Distortion - Making believe
Social Distortion - Mommy's little monster (live)
Social Distortion - Moral threat
Social Distortion - On my nerves
Social Distortion - Playpen (13th floor)
Social Distortion - Pleasure seeker
Social Distortion - Prison bound
Social Distortion - Reach for the sky
Social Distortion - Ready for love (live)
Social Distortion - Ring of fire
Social Distortion - Sometimes I do
Social Distortion - Story of my life
Social Distortion - Story of my life (live)
Social Distortion - The creeps
Social Distortion - This time darlin
Social Distortion - Through these eyes
Social Distortion - Untitled
Social Distortion - When she begins
Social Distortion - When the angels sing
Social Distortion - When the angels sing (live)
Social Distortion - Winners and losers
Socialburn - Out to sea
Socialburn - Paranoid
Socks - Don't you want me
Soda Fountain Rag - Don't kill the clowns
Soda Fountain Rag - Turn back time
Soda Fountain Rag - Walking with my angel
Soda Fountain Rag - You sit and wait for life
Sodastream - Turnstyle
Sofa City Sweetheart - Julia
Soft - Higher
Soft Black - The lions
Soft Boys - Bells of Rhymney
Soft Boys - Goodbye Maurice or Steve
Soft Boys - I got the hots
Soft Boys - I wanna destroy you
Soft Boys - Over you
Soft Boys - Positive vibrations
Soft Boys - Queen of eyes
Soft Boys - Rock & roll toilet
Soft Boys - Strange
Soft Boys - The queen of eyes
Soft Boys - There's nobody like you
Soft Boys - Tonight
Soft Boys ? - ?
Soft Boys ? - No particular place to go
Soft Crest - Perfect sound
Soft Hearted Scientists - At night the quarry glows like a mothership
Soft Hearted Scientists - Black castles
Soft Hearted Scientists - Diving bell
Soft Hearted Scientists - Isabella (Keep riding the road to the sea)
Soft Hearted Scientists - Mount Palomar
Soft Hearted Scientists - The hanted song
Soft Hearted Scientists - The petition
Soft Hearted Scientists - The yongy bongy bo
Soft Pack - Answer to yourself
Soft Pack - C'mon
Soft Pack - More or less
Softies - An awful time
Softies - Charms around your wrist
Softies - Could I
Softies - Excellent
Softies - He'll never have to know
Softies - Heart condition
Softies - I can't get no satisfaction (thank God)
Softies - I love you more
Softies - If you stayed
Softies - Lambretta boy
Softies - Me and the bees
Softies - Me and the bees (live)
Softies - My empty arms
Softies - Perfect afternoon
Softies - Sixteen months
Softies - The beginning of the end
Softies - The places we go
Softies - Until you tell
Softies - Write it down
Soledad Brothers - Good feeling
Soledad Brothers - Lowdown streamline
Soledad Brothers - Shakey puddin'
Soledad Brothers - Sweet and easy
Some Chicken - New religion
? - Somebody to love
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - All hail Dracula!
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Banned (by the man)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Critical drain
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Let's get tired
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Phantomwise
Something Corporate - 21 and invincible
Something Corporate - Forget December
Something Corporate - Good news
Something Corporate - If you c Jordan
Something Corporate - Little
Something Corporate - Punk rock princess
Something Corporate - Straw dog
Something Corporate - This broken heart
Something Fierce - Teenage ruins
Sometree - Sink or swim
Somewhere Off The Left Coast TFTF - Outside paradise
Son Volt - Afterglow 61
Son Volt - Afterglow 61 (radio mix)
Son Volt - Catching on
Son Volt - Chanty
Son Volt - Down to the wire
Son Volt - Driving the view
Son Volt - Drown
Son Volt - Holocaust
Son Volt - Left a slide
Son Volt - Live free
Son Volt - Loose string
Son Volt - Medicine hat
Son Volt - No more parades
Son Volt - Picking up the signal
Son Volt - Question
Son Volt - Right on through
Son Volt - Route
Son Volt - Straightface
Son Volt - Strands
Son Volt - Tear-stained eye
Son Volt - Ten second news
Song Fight Orchestra - Failure and regret
Song Fight Orchestra - God will give you blood to drink
Song Fight Orchestra - I'm not impressed
Sonic Boom - Angel
Sonic Boom - Help me please
Sonic Boom - Pretty baby
Sonic Whalters - An other home
Sonic Youth - ?
Sonic Youth - Anagrama
Sonic Youth - Antenna
Sonic Youth - Beautiful plateau
Sonic Youth - Beauty lies in the eye
Sonic Youth - Becuz
Sonic Youth - Candle
Sonic Youth - Computer age
Sonic Youth - Cork mountain incident
Sonic Youth - Créme brûlèe
Sonic Youth - Disappearer
Sonic Youth - Disconnection notice
Sonic Youth - Dude ranch nurse
Sonic Youth - Expressway to yr skull
Sonic Youth - Female mechanic now on duty
Sonic Youth - Guido
Sonic Youth - Hoarfrost
Sonic Youth - Hyperstation
Sonic Youth - I love you golden blue
Sonic Youth - Incinerate
Sonic Youth - Intro
Sonic Youth - Kim's chords
Sonic Youth - Lee #2
Sonic Youth - Lee #2 (instrumental)
Sonic Youth - Lights out
Sonic Youth - Lincoln's gout
Sonic Youth - New Hampshire
Sonic Youth - Pattern recognition
Sonic Youth - Peace attack
Sonic Youth - Queen Anne chair
Sonic Youth - Saucer-like
Sonic Youth - Skink
Sonic Youth - Stones
Sonic Youth - Suff gnarl (part)
Sonic Youth - Sunday
Sonic Youth - Sympathy for the strawberry
Sonic Youth - Teen age riot
Sonic Youth - The neutral
Sonic Youth - The sprawl
Sonic Youth - Total trash
Sonic Youth - Tunic (Song for Karen)
Sonic Youth - Turquoise boy
Sonic Youth - Unmade bed
Sonic Youth - Unwind
Sonics Rendezvous band - Heart of stone
Sonny Vincent - All burnt down
Sonny Vincent - Animal farmers
Sonny Vincent - Flower
Sonny Vincent - Funny now (She blew it)
Sonny Vincent - Inside you
Sonny Vincent - LSD boy
Sonny Vincent - My guitar
Sonny Vincent - Scratchin' on the 8 ball
Sonny Vincent - Time bomb
Sonny Vincent - Tired of the telephone
Sonny Vincent - Totally fucked
Sonny Vincent - Yesterday's news
Sonofsupercar - Other places I have lived
Sons & Daughters - Iodine
Sons & Daughters - The bell
Sons & Daughters - This gift
Sons of Adam - Feathered fish
Sonsofday - In the hardest times
Sonsofday - Learning to survive
Sonsofday - Seems like
Sonsofday - Stay
Sorrows - Bad times
Sorrows - Can't go back
Sorrows - Christabelle
Sorrows - She comes and goes
Soul Asylum - Black gold
Soul Asylum - Cartoon
Soul Asylum - Cradle chain
Soul Asylum - Crazy mixed up world
Soul Asylum - Endless farewell
Soul Asylum - Get on out
Soul Asylum - Good for you
Soul Asylum - Grounded
Soul Asylum - Growing into you
Soul Asylum - Marionette
Soul Asylum - Misery
Soul Asylum - P-9
Soul Asylum - Stand up and be strong
Soul Asylum - Tell me when
Soul Asylum - Without a trace
The - Soul catcher
Souls Of Inspyration - Dil Kusha
Soulsavers - Some misunderstanding
Soulsavers - The seventh proof
Sound - Acceleration group
Sound - I give you pain
Sound - Possession
Sound Laboratory - Talk with me
Sound Laboratory - Twenty-first century girl
Sound Magics - Don't you remember
Sound Sandwich - Apothecary dream
Sound team - Fastest man alive
Soundpool - On high
Sounds - Home is where the heart is
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Bendover babies
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Bigtime
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Grand Canaria
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Instant repeater '99
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Mantra slider
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Mother one track mind
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Nevermore
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Sister surround
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Song for the others
Soup Dragons - Crotch deep trash
Soup Dragons - Head gone astray
Soup Dragons - I know everything
Soup Dragons - Learning to fall (Peel session)
Soup Dragons - Mindless
Soup Dragons - Pleasantly surprised
Soup Dragons - Too shy to say (Peel session)
Soup Dragons - Whole wide world
La Souris Déglinguée - Jaurès Stalingrad
La Souris Déglinguée - Parti de la jeunesse
South Ambulance - Brunswick bed
South Ambulance - Crack&burst
South Ambulance - Davy Crockett
South Ambulance - Die 5 times times 5
South Ambulance - Done undone
South Ambulance - Echo#45
South Ambulance - Kinky love
South Ambulance - Saturdays for sad excuses
South Ambulance - Shitloads of gold
South Ambulance - Take them out
South Ambulance - Worry satellite
Southern Bitch - Free man now
Southern Culture On The Skids - Biff bang pow
Southern Culture On The Skids - Fire of love
Southern Culture On The Skids - Just how lonely
Southern Culture On The Skids - King of the mountain
Southern Culture On The Skids - Life's a gas
Southern Culture On The Skids - Liquored up and lacquered
Southern Culture On The Skids - Mojo box
Southern Culture On The Skids - Wig-out
Southville - Sleep
Southwest Statistic - Massive intelligence failure
Southwest Statistic - Tri-state area
Southwest Statistic + Puce - Policy on rape
Spacemen - Apache
Spacemen - At the pub
Spacemen - Big Ben
Spacemen - Dark eyes
Spacemen - El Paso
Spacemen - Gorgonzola
Spacemen - Meet me at Picadilly Circus
Spacemen - Old Faithful
Spacemen - Rumba I balders hage
Spacemen - Spanish gypsy dance
Spacemen 3 - Call the doctor
Spacemen 3 - Chè
Spacemen 3 - Come down softly to my soul
Spacemen 3 - Come together
Spacemen 3 - Feel so good
Spacemen 3 - Honey
Spacemen 3 - Hypnotized
Spacemen 3 - I believe it
Spacemen 3 - I love you
Spacemen 3 - I want you right now
Spacemen 3 - It's alright
Spacemen 3 - Just to see you smile (instrumental)
Spacemen 3 - Just to see you smile (orchestral mix)
Spacemen 3 - Lord can you hear me?
Spacemen 3 - Mary Anne
Spacemen 3 - Ode to street hassle
Spacemen 3 - Rollercoaster
Spacemen 3 - Set me free / I've got the key
Spacemen 3 - Soul 1 (1)
Spacemen 3 - Soul 1 (2)
Spacemen 3 - Starship
Spacemen 3 - Starship (2)
Spacemen 3 - Starship (demo)
Spacemen 3 - That's just fine
Spacemen 3 - That's just fine (vocal version)
Spacemen 3 - Transparent radiation (flashback)
Spacemen 3 - Velvet jam
Spacemen 3 - Walkin' with Jesus (1)
Spacemen 3 - Walkin' with Jesus (2)
Spacemen 3 - When tomorrow hits
Spacemen 3 - Why couldn't I see
Spare Snare - Profile check (Peel session)
Spare Snare - They airbrusshed my face (Peel session)
Sparklehorse - Chaos of the galaxy / Happy man
Sparklehorse - Cruel sun
Sparklehorse - Ghost in the sky
Sparklehorse - Hammering the cramps
Sparklehorse - Knives of summertime
Sparklehorse - Little fat baby
Sparklehorse - Maria's little elbows
Sparklehorse - Morning hollow
Sparklehorse - Piano fire
Sparklehorse - Pig
Sparklehorse - Rainmaker
Sparklehorse - Sad and beautiful world
Sparklehorse - Saturday
Sparklehorse - See the light
Sparklehorse - Shade and honey
Sparklehorse - Sick of goodbyes
Sparklehorse - Some sweet day
Sparklehorse - Someday I will treat you good
Sparklehorse with the Flaming Lips - Go
Spazzys - My car doesn't brake
Spazzys - Shake & twist
Spazzys - Steal a kiss
Spazzys - You left my heart in the garage
Spazzys - Zatopeks
Speaker - Emaho (radio version)
Special Relatives - Shoot for Tuesday
SpecialThanks - You say goodbye
Spectrum - 2 chord 12 bar
Spectrum - Confederate dead
Spectrum - Help me please
Spectrum - Hey man
Spectrum - Indian Summer
Spectrum - It's alright
Spectrum - Lord I don't even know my name
Spectrum - My life spins round your every smile
Spectrum - Touch the stars
Spectrum - True love will find you in the end
Spectrum - True love will find you in the end (2)
Spedding & Gordon - ?
Speed Of Sound Enterprise - A thousand reasons
Speed Of Sound Enterprise - North in the country
Speedmarket Avenue - Don't fall in love
Speedmarket Avenue - Enlightened and left-wing indeed
Speedmarket Avenue - Final wall
Speedmarket Avenue - Sirens
Speedmarket Avenue - Tell me no
Speedmarket Avenue - Way better now
Spiderbait - Glockenpop
Spiderbait - Joyce's hut
Spiderbait - Tonite
Spinnerette - Baptized by fire
Spinnerette - Geeking
Spires - Dreamer in my mind
Spires - Femme fatale
Spires - Held
Spires - I'll be your mirror
Spires - I'm waiting for the man ok FIN
Spires - Kent studies
Spires - Orange yellow
Spires - Today was tomorrow
Spires - What goes on
Spiritualized - 200 bars
Spiritualized - All of my thoughts
Spiritualized - Angel sigh
Spiritualized - Angel sigh (live)
Spiritualized - Angel sigh (Peel session)
Spiritualized - Any way that you want me
Spiritualized - Baby I'm just a fool
Spiritualized - Born never asked
Spiritualized - Do it all over a
Spiritualized - Don't go (stay with me) (Peel session)
Spiritualized - Feel like goin' home
Spiritualized - Feel So Sad (glides and chimes)
Spiritualized - Feel so sad (Peel session)
Spiritualized - Feel so sad [7" single version]
Spiritualized - Harmony 3
Spiritualized - Hold on
Spiritualized - I want you (live)
Spiritualized - Lay it down slow
Spiritualized - Lord can you hear me
Spiritualized - Medication (live)
Spiritualized - Oh baby
Spiritualized - Shine a light (clear light-clear rush (live)
Spiritualized - Soul on fire
Spiritualized - Step into the breeze (part1)
Spiritualized - Step into the breeze, pt. 1
Spiritualized - Sunflower
Spiritualized - Take good care of it (live)
Spiritualized - Take your time
Spiritualized - Take your time (Peel session)
Spiritualized - The slide song
Spiritualized - The straight and the narrow
Spiritualized - Walking with Jesus (live)
Spiritualized - Walking with Jesus (Peel session)
Spiritualized ? - ?
Spook - Hey little girl
Spookey - Star
Spoon - 1020 Am
Spoon - Decora
Spoon - The beast and the dragon, adored
Spoon - They never got you
Sportique - A nation of soul
Sportique - A world without pity
Sportique - Angry Street
Sportique - Big bad world (Peel session)
Sportique - Cerebral vortex
Sportique - Communique no.9
Sportique - Don't believe a word I say (Peel session)
Sportique - Icestorm
Sportique - If you ever change your mind
Sportique - It could'nt last forever
Sportique - Northern sky
Sportique - Obsessive
Sportique - Rollercoaster
Sportique - Rollercoaster (Peel session)
Sportique - Suture
Sportique - The dying fly (Peel session)
Sportique - The impersonator
Sportique - The kids are solid gold
Sportique - Tips for artists who want to sell records
Spotlight Kid - A million ways
Spotlight Kid - Can't let go (this feeling)
Spotlight Kid - Electric forecast
Spotlight Kid - Liquid coloured
Spotlight Kid - Never's too soon
Spotlight Kid - Sometimes always
Spotlight Kid - Spit
Spotlight Kid - Time goes slow (in this town)
Spotnicks - If I were a carpenter
Springfactory - On the back of your bike
Springfields - Drinkin' song
Springfields - Wonder
Sprites - Acting like we quit
Sprites - Following her around
Sprites - Keep it together
Sprites - Love is dead
Sprites - Requirements for DJs
Sprites - This girl needed a dog
Squad Five-0 - Bye American
Squires - Going all the way
Squirreldamage - Cheer up Shelley
Squirreldamage - Promise
Squirreldamage - So kind Stacey
Squirrels - Oz on 45
SS-20 - Arnold Layne
Staccatos - Butchers and B
Staccatos - Let's run away
Stafraenn Hakon - Svefn
Staind - Everything changes
Staind - Reply
Staind - Take this
Staind - This time
Staind - Zoe Jane
Stalkers - Lets get it together
Standells - Why pick on me
Stanton Meadowdale - Came feel the same
Star And Micey - So much pain
Star Challenger - Jalopy
Star Spangles - Crime of the century
Star Spangles - I don't wanna be crazy anymore
Star Spangles - I live for speed
Star Spangles - In love again
Star Spangles - Science fiction / science fact
Star Spangles - Stay away from me
Star Spangles - Which of the two of us is gonna burn this house down?
Starbuck - Let your hair hang long
Starfish - Main drain
Starfish - Princeton reverb
Starlight Mints - What's inside of me
Starpilot - Disguises
Starpilot - Every wall has a door
Starpilot - Field
Starpilot - Flaming
Starpilot - Listen up
Starpilot - Music was saved
Starpilot - Stars and stripes
Starpilot - The safety dance
Starpilot - White light
Starring Me - Parallels are endless
Starring Me - Skip the beginning
Stars - Soft revolution
Stars - Take me to the riot
Stars (Re-Arranged) - He lied about death
Stars In Coma - A lifetime of pent-up sadness
Stars In Coma - All day long (in fog and wind)
Stars In Coma - Bulletproof
Stars In Coma - Death and hope
Stars In Coma - Drained shores
Stars In Coma - I've been misled
Stars In Coma - If I could describe
Stars In Coma - Misplaced
Stars In Coma - Monotone of the rain
Stars In Coma - Radio
Stars Of Track And Field - Arithmatik
Stars Of Track And Field - Centuries
Stars Of Track And Field - Exit the recital
Stars Of Track And Field - Movies of Antarctica
Stars Of Track And Field - Real time
Stars Of Track And Field - Say hello
Stars Of Track And Field - With you
Start - That shallow petit-bourgeois thing
State Shirt - Hey Ruth
State Shirt - Robot Ninja zombie bear
Stateside Menace - Sugar shaker
Statistics - Hours seemed like days
Status Quo - Make me stay a little bit longer
Status Quo - O baby
Status Quo - Unspoken words
Steadman - Wave goodbye
Steel Train - Black eye
Steel Train - Bloody lips
Steel Train - Dakota
Steel Train - I feel weird
Steel Train - Kill monsters in the rain
Steeleye Span - All around my hat
Steeleye Span - All things are quiet silent
Steeleye Span - Dark-eyed sailor
Steeleye Span - Hills of Greenmore
Steeleye Span - Lovely on the water
Steeleye Span - Lowlands of Holland
Steeleye Span - Saucy sailor
Steeleye Span - Sheep-crook and black dog
Stefan Sundström - Den lilla bäcken
Stefan Sundström - Hjärtat tar aldrig semester
Stefan Sundström - Peace and love i Sthlm city
Stegosaurus Trap - Everybody come out the floor
Steinways - The internal cowboy
Steinways - Voce tem labios ile uma galinha
Stellastarr* - Damn this foolish heart
Stellastarr* - Lost in time
Stellastarr* - Pulp song
Stellastarr* - Sonja cries
Stelloscuro - Bad attraction
Stelloscuro - Happy machine ankle
Stelloscuro - Thunder storm
Stems - At first sight
Stems - Love will grow
Stems - Love will grow (live)
Stems - Make you mine
Stems - Running around
Stems - Sad girl
Stems - She's fine
Stems - Stepping stone (live)
Stems - You can't turn the clock back
Stephen Bellinski - The pawnbroker's stepdaughter
Stephen Malkmus - Alien boy
Stephen Malkmus - Discretion grove (Pel session)
Stephen Malkmus - Gardenia
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - 1% of one
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - Witch mountain bridge
Steppenwolf - A girl I knew
Steppenwolf - Black pitt
Steppenwolf - Corinna Corinna
Steppenwolf - Desperation
Steppenwolf - Everybody's next one
Steppenwolf - Hippo stomp
Steppenwolf - Hoochie coochie man
Steppenwolf - In hopes of a garden
Steppenwolf - It's never too late
Steppenwolf - Lovely meter
Steppenwolf - Shackles and chains
Steppenwolf - Snowblind friend
Steppenwolf - Spiritual fantasy
Steppenwolf - Tenderness
Steppeulvene - Lykkens pamfil
Steps - Babendi bendi
Steps - Belle
Steps - Blonde smoke
Steps - Cold floors
Steps - Dagger
Steps - Give it up
Steps - Loose mind
Steps - Out tonight
Steps - Outlaw
Steps - Pull the cord
Steps - Townes Lane
Steps - Washed up
Steps - Won't stop
Stereo Total - Andy Warhol
Stereo Total - Aua
Stereo Total - Für immer 16
Stereo Total - Grand prix Eurovision
Stereo Total - LA, CA, USA
Stereo Total - Lunatique
Stereo Total - Moderne Musik
Stereo Total - Plastic
Stereo Total - Tout le monde se fout des fleurs
Stereo Total - Tu m'as voulue
Stereolab - 1000 miles an hour
Stereolab - Anamorphose
Stereolab - Au grand jour
Stereolab - Avant garde M.O.R
Stereolab - Bop scotch (part)
Stereolab - Changer
Stereolab - Changer (Peel session)
Stereolab - Check and double check
Stereolab - Check and double check (Peel session)
Stereolab - Crest
Stereolab - Dear Marge (part)
Stereolab - Enivrez-vous
Stereolab - French disko
Stereolab - Golden atoms
Stereolab - Golden ball
Stereolab - I'm going out of my way
Stereolab - Jenny Ondioline (1)
Stereolab - Jenny Ondioline (2)
Stereolab - Kyberneticka babicka Pt 1.
Stereolab - Laissez faire
Stereolab - Low fi
Stereolab - Marco Martenot
Stereolab - Margerine rock
Stereolab - Mellotron
Stereolab - Melochord seventy-five
Stereolab - Neon beanbag
Stereolab - New orthophony
Stereolab - Nihilist assault group (1)
Stereolab - Nihilist assault group (2)
Stereolab - Our trinitone blast
Stereolab - Outer accelerator
Stereolab - Pack yr romantic mind
Stereolab - Pause (part)
Stereolab - Perversion
Stereolab - Seeperbold
Stereolab - Stomach worm
Stereolab - Super-electric
Stereolab - Superfalling
Stereolab - Surrealchemist
Stereolab - The groop play Chord X
Stereolab - The light that will cease to fail
Stereolab - The way will beopened
Stereolab - Three longers later
Stereolab - Three-dee melodie
Stereolab - Tomorrow is already here (part)
Stereolab - Tone burst
Stereolab - Transona 5
Stereolab - Transona 5 modifie
Stereolab - Transporte sans bouger
Stereolab - U.H.F. -MFP
Stereolab - Varoom! (part)
Stereolab - Visionary road maps (part)
Stereolab - We're not adult orientated
Stereolab - Wow and flutter
Stereolab - You little shit
Stereolab - Young lungs
Sterlin - 16 miles of mystery
Sterlin - Curse it all
Sterlin - Destroy
Sterlin - For you
Sterlin - God gave me a gun
Sterlin - I love love
Sterlin - Rave on
Sterlin - Sold the world
Sterlin - Son of a bitch
Sterlin - Standing in the shadow
Sterlin - Suicide club
Sterlin - The coward
Sterlin - The good die young
Sterlin - The loneliest girl in the world
Sterlin - They love you
Sterlin - This is not about me
Sterlin - Underground
Steve Gamble - Unicorn's dance
Steve Goldberg And The Arch Enemies - Things I used to know
Steve Hand Puppet And His Poorly Considered Solo Effort - Clause 5, sub-paragraph d)
Steve Miller Band - I love you
Steve Miller Band - Quicksilver girl ?
Steve Miller Band - The stake
Steve Reich - Four organs
Steve Wynn - Fond farewell
Steve Wynn And The Miracle 3 - Bruises
Steven Durand - Crack in my heart
Stiff Inc. - Blown away baby
Stiff Litle Fingers - ?
Stiff Little Fingers - 78 RPM
Stiff Little Fingers - Tin soldier
Stiff Little Fingers - Wait and see (Peel session)
Stills - Allison Krausse
Stills - Baby blues
Stills - Being here
Stills - Changes are no good
Stills - Dinosaurs
Stills - I'm with you
Stills - In the beginning
Stills - It takes time
Stills - Let's roll
Stills - Ready for it
Stills - She's walking out
Stills - Still in love song
Stills - Talk to me (4 track version)
Stills - The house we live in
Stills - The mountain
Stills - Yesterday never tomorrows
Stills - Yesterday never tomorrows (live 1)
Stills - Yesterday never tomorrows (live 2)
Stingrays - Don't break down
Stinky Toys - For you
Stinky Toys - Free from love
Stinky Toys - Sun sick
Stiv Bators - The last year
Stiv Bators, Dee Dee Ramone & Johnny Thunders - Magyk
Stiv Bators, Dee Dee Ramone & Johnny Thunders - Nobody (part)
Stiv Bators, Dee Dee Ramone & Johnny Thunders - Poison heart
Stiv Bators, Dee Dee Ramone & Johnny Thunders - You must be a witch
Stix & Stonz - Take a bus
Stolen Holiday - Peppermint Patty
Stomachmouths - Dr. Syn
Stomps - My parents
Stone Country - Love psalm
Stone Rose - Your star will shine
Stone Roses - (Song for my) Sugar spun sister
Stone Roses - Going down
Stone Roses - I wanna be adored
Stone Roses - Made of stone
Stone Roses - Tears
Stone Roses - This is the one
Stone Temple Pilots - Between the lines
Stonecake - Tuesday afternoon
Stoney - Skyline
The Story Of - After just a while
Straitjacket Fits - Down in splendour
Straitjacket Fits - Down in splendour (live)
Strand Of Oaks - End in flames
Strange - See it in the dark
Strange - Villiers terrace
Strange Boys - Woe is me
Strange Death Of Liberal England - A day another day
Strangeways - That's the end
Stranglers - Barbara (Shangri-La)
Stranglers - Bless you (Save you, spare you, damn you)
Stranglers - Burning up time
Stranglers - Down in the sewer
Stranglers - Duchess
Stranglers - Hangin' around (Peel session)
Stranglers - Hanging around
Stranglers - London lady
Stranglers - Princess of the streets
Stranglers - Relentless
Stranglers - Something better change (Peel session)
Stranglers - Sometimes
Stranglers - Spectre of love
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Black butter, present
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense & peppermints
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Paxton's back Street carnival
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Strawberries mean love
Strawberry Alarm Clock - They saw the fat one coming
Strawberry Fair - Give up
Strawberry Fair - I can't do anything
Strawberry Story - Behind this smile
Strawberry Story - Buttercups & daisys
Strawberry Story - Kiddie
Strawberry Story - Molly Ringwald
Strawberry Story - Precious
Strawberry Story - Sci Fi guy
Strawberry Story - Shame about Alice
Strawberry Story - Swimming
Strawberry Story - Tell me now
Strawberry Story - The man with the stereo hands
Strawberry Story - Think of me
Strawberry Story - Twenty-six
Strawberry Switchblade - Lynda (Let her go) (Peel session)
Strawberry Switchblade - Trees and flowers (Peel session)
Strawberry Whiplash - Boy in the bubble car
Strawberry Whiplash - Celestial
Strawberry Whiplash - Factory girl
Strawberry Whiplash - Falling through
Strawberry Whiplash - Hay in a needlestack
Strawberry Whiplash - It rains on other planets
Strawberry Whiplash - My day today
Strawberry Whiplash - Picture perfect
Stray - Around the world in 80 days
Stray - Come on over
Stray - Georgia
Stray - Hallelujah
Stray - Move that wigwam
Stray - One night in Texas
Stray - Our song
Stray - Sirens
Stray - Stray
Stray - Woolie
Stray Bullets - ?
Street Dogs - Strike a blow
Strega - No vagar
Strega - Summercall
Strokes - 12:51
Strokes - Barely legal (Peel session)
Strokes - Electricityscape
Strokes - Hard to explain
Strokes - Hard to explain (Peel session)
Strokes - Heart in a cage
Strokes - Heart in a cage (Radio 1 session)
Strokes - I can't win
Strokes - Is this it
Strokes - Killing lies
Strokes - Last night
Strokes - Last nite
Strokes - Life is a gas
Strokes - Life's a gas (Radio 1 session)
Strokes - Meet me in the bathroom (home recording)
Strokes - Modern girls & old fashion men
Strokes - NYC cops
Strokes - The end has no end
Strokes - The modern age
Strokes - The modern age (Peel session)
Strokes - Under control
Strokes - What ever happened?
Strokes - When it started
Strokes - You only live once
Strokes - You talk way too much
Stry - Leka med elden
Stubby and the Dr. - Applesauce baptism
Stubby Phillips - Get me back
Stubby Phillips feat. Dr. Water - How do you like the colors printer
Stucco Lobster Breadbox - Late for babies
Stuck In The Sound - Erase
Student Rick - Heaven is a place on earth
Stueym - Fresh dog
Stueym - Pencil me in
Styx - Castle walls + Grand final
Styx - Piece of eight
Suave Noise Youth - Hold this for me
Sub-Atomic Particles - I like to pretend
Submarines - The wake up song
Submarines - You, me, & the bourgeoisie
A Subtle Plague - Burn and tremble
A Subtle Plague - Cheyenne's lullaby
A Subtle Plague - First Street blues
A Subtle Plague - Given take
A Subtle Plague - Hand sketches view
A Subtle Plague - Head in a garbage can
A Subtle Plague - Help me
A Subtle Plague - Hey cop
A Subtle Plague - I can't take it no more
A Subtle Plague - I separate
A Subtle Plague - It's the government
A Subtle Plague - My horizon
A Subtle Plague - Next fall
A Subtle Plague - Six stories
A Subtle Plague - Steps of a ghost
A Subtle Plague - The weak and deprived
A Subtle Plague - Tied to the ground
A Subtle Plague - Two friends
A Subtle Plague - Warmest wires
A Subtle Plague - Young girl
Subways - 1Am
Subways - Strawberry blonde
Suckweasel - A woman on paper
Sue - Control yourself
Suede - Breakdown
Suede - Cool thing
Suede - My insatiable one
Suede - New generation
Suede - So young
Suffering Jews - Suffering jukebox
Sufjan Stevens - A sun came
Sufjan Stevens - Hey guys! it's Christmas time!
Sufjan Stevens - Jason
Sufjan Stevens - Oh God, where are you now?
Sugar Shoppe - Save the country
Sugarcult - I melt with you
Sugargliders - Ahprahran
Sugargliders - Everybody supermarket
Sugarplum Fairies - A story
Sugarplum Fairies - Back where we belong
Sugarplum Fairies - Heard or tail
Sugarplum Fairies - Here she comes
Sugarplum Fairies - I hate Saturdays
Sugarplum Fairies - I wish I never saw the sunshine
Sugarplum Fairies - In Berlin
Sugarplum Fairies - Left, right, black, white
Sugarplum Fairies - My saviour, my secret
Sugarplum Fairies - The soul of the sun
Sugarplum Fairies - Visible karma
Sugarplum Fairies - Westside
Suicide - Cheree
Suicide - Dream baby dream
Sum 41 - Best of me
Sum 41 - Makes no difference
Sum 41 - Pieces
Sum 41 - Pieces (instru)
Sum 41 - Slipping away
Sum 41 - Some say
Sum 41 - We're all to blame
Summer Cats - Bed wetter
Summer Cats - Crocodile
Summer Cats - Discotheque
Summer Cats - Passion pop
Summer Cats - Super computer (demo)
Summer Cats - Wild rice
Summerbirds In The Cellar - Lonely sleeping giant
Summercats - ?
Sun Dial - 3,000 miles
Sun Dial - Exploding in your mind
Sun Dial - Fly into the sun
Sun Dial - Plains of Nazca
Sun Dial - Reflections
Sun Dial - Slow motion
Sun Dial - Through you
Sun Dial - U.V.
Sun Hotel - Allways
Sun Hotel - Honey
Sun Kil Moon - The light
Sun Kil Moon - Tonight the sky
Sunburst - Here & gone
Sunburst - Lucky you
Sunburst - Swerve
Suncharms - Into the sun (Peel session)
Suncharms - Magic carpet (Peel session)
Suncharms - On reflexion (Peel session)
Suncharms - Spaceship (Peel session)
Sundays - 24 hours
Sunlight Ascending - All the memories, all at once
A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Watery (Drowning is just another word for being buried under water)
Sunny Day Sets Fire - Wilderness
Sunny Street - Blackberries
Sunny Street - Cyclists
Sunny Street - Drawings instrumental
Sunny Street - Pottery & glass
Sunnyboys - Alone with you
Sunnyboys - Gone
Sunnyboys - Let you go
Sunnyboys - Liar
Sunnyboys - My only friend
Sunnydale, Ohio - The shelton with sunspots
Suns of Arqa - Tomorrow never knows
Sunset Love - Reach out
Sunset Rubdown - For the pier (and dead shimmering)
Sunset Rubdown - Q-chord
Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums and shrines II
Sunset Rubdwon - Up on your leopard, upon the end of your feral days
Sunshine - Dream selection
Sunshine Company - Back on the street again
Super Furry Animals - Dacw hi
Super Furry Animals - Drygioni
Super Furry Animals - Y teimlad
Super Star - Every day I fall apart
Superbus - À travers toi
Superbus - Beggin' me to stay
Superbus - Je reste encore
Superbus - Le loup
Superbus - Little Hily
Superbus - On Monday
Superbus - Sans décrocher
Superdrag - Ambulance driver
Superdrag - Baby's waiting
Superdrag - Bloody hell
Superdrag - Destination Ursa Major
Superdrag - Do the vampire
Superdrag - Extra-sensory
Superdrag - Filthy & afraid
Superdrag - Hellbent
Superdrag - Keep it close to me
Superdrag - My day (will come)
Superdrag - No inspiration
Superdrag - Pine away
Superdrag - Ready to go
Superdrag - Señorita
Superdrag - She says
Superdrag - Slot machine - Phaser
Superdrag - So insincere
Superdrag - Truest love
Superdrag - Wave of mutilation
Superdrag - What if you don't fly
Superdrag - Whitey's theme
Superdrag - Wrong vs. right doesn't matter
Supergrass - Butterfly
Supergrass - Eon
Supergrass - Far away
Supergrass - Going out
Supergrass - Grace
Supergrass - Lose it
Supergrass - Mary
Supergrass - Richard III
Supergrass - Seen the light
Supergrass - She's so loose
Supergrass - Strange ones
Supergrass - Time
Supergrass - Tonight
Supergrass - Wait for the sun
Supergrass - What went wrong (in your head)
Supergrass - You can see me
Superguidis - Malevolosidade
Supersuckers - Alright
Supersuckers - Cool Manchu
Supersuckers - Dirt roads, dead ends and dust
Supersuckers - Heavy heart
Supersuckers - Hot like the sun
Supersuckers - I'm poor
Supersuckers - Kid's got it comin'
Supersuckers - My kickass life
Supersuckers - Never go home
Supersuckers - One cigarette away
Supersuckers - Paid
Supersuckers - Roadworn and weary
Supersuckers - Rock and roll star
Supersuckers - Sail on
Supersuckers - Seventeen poles
Supersuckers - She is leaving
Supersuckers - Stuff 'n' nonsense
Supersuckers - Sugie
Supersuckers - Sunset on a Sunday
Supersuckers - Supersucker drive - By blues
Supersuckers - Thinkin' 'bout revenge
Supersuckers - Twelve sticks of dynamite
Supersuckers - When I go I'm gone
Supersuckers - Your mom rules
Supersusckers - Born with a tail
Supersusckers - Creepy jackalope eye
Supersusckers - Must've been high
Suprêmes Dindes - Le crabe
Suprêmes Dindes - Ma maison
Suprêmes Dindes - Missise l'Anglaise
Suprêmes Dindes - Obéobibiaba
Suprêmes Dindes - Paradis
Suprêmes Dindes - Parfois
Suprêmes Dindes - Pyjama
Suprêmes Dindes - Veau doux
Surfer Blood - Floating vibes
Surrounded - All points bulletin
Surrounded - Cape Perennial
Surrounded - Dear Nimby waltz
Surrounded - Easy piranhas
Surrounded - Fellow citizen stars
Surrounded - Human pelagic
Surrounded - Linear elevator
Surrounded - Neglectarine
Surrounded - Paper tangerine crush
Surrounded - Pro-files
Surrounded - Safe tomorrow sun
Sven - King of carrot flowers
Sven Bornemark - Heavy
Svën Müllët - Dog without warning
Svën Müllët - Feet
Svën Müllët - I thought I loved you
Sven Müllët - Interesting times
Sven Müllët - Paper thin
Svën Müllët - Pencil me in
Sven Müllët - Tri-state area
Sven Mullet - Violet wants it her way
Swan Lake - All fires
Swans - (She's a) Universal emptyness
Swans - 5.5.01 (part)
Swans - 8.8.51
Swans - 9.8.58
Swans - 10.5.40
Swans - Blind
Swans - Feel happiness
Swans - God damn the sun
Swans - Helpless child
Swans - I remember who you are
Swans - In
Swans - Jane Mary, cry one tear
Swans - No cruel angel
Swans - No cure for the lonely
Swans - Red velvet corridor
Swans - Saved
Swans - Song for dead time
Swans - Song for the sun
Swans - The golden boy that was swallowed by the sea
Swans - The sound of freedom
Swans - Will serve
Sweet Apple Pie - I don't know
Sweet Oblivion - My farewell
Sweet Oblivion - One of a kind
Sweet Oblivion - Only dust
Sweet Oblivion - Where the sun never leaves
Sweet Serenades - I can never die
Sweetest Ache - Bitterness
Sweetest Ache - Briaris
Sweetest Ache - Capo
Sweetest Ache - Climbing
Sweetest Ache - Everlasting
Sweetest Ache - Here comes the ocean
Sweetest Ache - If I could shine
Sweetest Ache - Jaguar
Sweetest Ache - More than this
Sweetest Ache - Selfish
Sweetest Ache - She believes
Sweetest Ache - Sickening
Sweethead - The great disruptors
Swell - (It's time to) Move on
Swell - Always everything (part)
Swell - Blackmilk
Swell - Comes right here
Swell - Convince us
Swell - Forget about Jesus
Swell - Fuck even flow
Swell - In the morning (part)
Swell - Is that important?
Swell - Just get well
Swell - Poverty, again
Swell - Someday always come
Swell - Song seven (part)
Swell - South of the rain and snow
Swell - The measure of this moment
Swell - Think abour those days
Swell - This is how it starts
Swell - Tonight
Swell - Trouble loves you
Swell - What I saw
Swell - When you come over
Swell - Word gifts
Swell maps - Blam!!
Swell Maps - Ripped and torn
Swell Maps - Secret island
Swervedriver - Deep seat
Swervedriver - Duel
Swervedriver - Duel (radio edit)
Swervedriver - Duress
Swervedriver - Electric 77
Swervedriver - Last day on earth
Swervedriver - Rave down
Swervedriver - The other Jesus
Swervedriver - You find it everywhere
Swervedriver - You've sealed my fate
Swiines - In the bag
Swilington - Beauty is a burden
Swilington - love me a little bit more
Swilington - We keep them alive
Swirlies - Sunn
Swirlies - The vehicule is invisible
Swoons - Till the end of the day
Syd And Me - Cute boots
Syd Barrett - ?
Syd Barrett - Bob Dylan blues
Syd Barrett - Bob Dylan's dream
Syd Barrett - Golden hair
Syd Barrett - Opale
Sylvain Sylvain - Oh honey
Sylvain Sylvain - Paper, pencil & glue
Sylvain Sylvain - Trash
Syn - 14 hour Technicolor dream
Synthetic 16 - Your water
Syrup USA - Thrill fit
System Of A Down - Lonely day
T-minus Band - Under the radar screen
T. Rex - 20th century boy
T. Rex - Highway knees
T. Rex - Is it love?
T. Rex - Jewel
T. Rex - Jupiter liar
T. Rex - Lean woman blues
T. Rex - Metal guru
T. Rex - Monolith
T. Rex - New York City
T. Rex - One inch rock
T. Rex - Rabbit fighter
T. Rex - Summer deep
T.I.M.E. - What would life be without it
T.P. and the Jive Sisters - Eternity without you
T2 - Careful Sam
T2 - In circles ?
T2 - Morning
T2 - No more white horses
Tagada Jones - ?
Tagtraum - Eternal flame
Taken By Trees - Bekannelse
Taken By Trees - Lost and found
Taken By Trees - Only yesterday
Taken By Trees - Sweet child o' mine
Taking Pictures - Fallen angel
Takka Takka - We feel safer at night
Tales of Jenny - Tuesday girl
Talking Donkey - Bad attraction
Tall Dwarfs - Baby
Tall Dwarfs - Beached boy
Tall Dwarfs - Breath
Tall Dwarfs - Cascade
Tall Dwarfs - Dare to tread
Tall Dwarfs - Hallelujah boy
Tall Dwarfs - Just do it!
Tall Dwarfs - Life is strange
Tall Dwarfs - Louis the first
Tall Dwarfs - Maybe
Tall Dwarfs - Meet the beatle
Tall Dwarfs - Missed again
Tall Dwarfs - No place
Tall Dwarfs - Nothing's going to happen
Tall Dwarfs - OK forever part
Tall Dwarfs - Pictures on the floor
Tall Dwarfs - Plantation land
Tall Dwarfs - Room to breathe
Tall Dwarfs - Round these walls
Tall Dwarfs - Sign the dotted line
Tall Dwarfs - The communion
Tall Dwarfs - The fatal flaw of the new
Tall Dwarfs - The winner
Tall Dwarfs - Tip of my tongue
Tall Dwarfs - We are the chosen few
Tall Dwarfs - We bleed love
Tall Dwarfs - Wings
Talulah Gosh - Be your baby
Talulah Gosh - Break your face
Talulah Gosh - Bringing up baby
Talulah Gosh - Do you remember
Talulah Gosh - Escalator over the hill
Talulah Gosh - I can't get no satisfaction ( thank God)
Talulah Gosh - Just a dream
Talulah Gosh - My boy says
Talulah Gosh - Spearmint head
Talulah Gosh - Talulah Gosh (1)
Talulah Gosh - Talulah Gosh (2)
Talulah Gosh - World's ending
Tame Impala - I don't really mind
Tammy Faye Starlite - Highway 69
Tanya Donelly - Bury my heart
Tanya Donelly - Darkside
Tanya Donelly - Her bad year
Tanya Donelly - How can you sleep
Tanya Donelly - Influenza
Tanya Donelly - Keeping you
Tanya Donelly - Landspeed song
Tanya Donelly - Lantern
Tanya Donelly - Manna
Tanya Donelly - Pretty deep
Tanya Donelly - Swoon
Tanya Donelly - The bright light
Tanya Donelly - The shadow
Tanya Donelly - The storm
Tanya Donelly - The storm (demo)
Tanya Donelly - The wave
Tanya Donnely - These days
Tap Tap - Codeine
Tap Tap - Emma will you come back
Tape Deck Mountain - A+ / Bat lies
Tape Deck Mountain - F-
Tape Deck Mountain - On my honor
Tape Deck Mountain - Scantrons
Tapes 'n Tapes - Insistor
Tarbox Ramblers - Third jinx blues
Target Market - Words and wires
Taxi Boys - Some love like yours
Taxxi - Lipstick
TC Atlantic - Faces
TCR - Averias
TCR - Cupido
TCR - De la "a" a la "z"
TCR - Desde pedralbes hasta el mar
TCR - Es pop
TCR - Perdida en la gran manzana
TCR - Tengo que beber
Tea For Three - Jeb mai jum
Tearing Parachutes - Hold this for me
Tears - Brave new century
Tears - Imperfection
Tears - Refugees
Tears - The asylum
Tearwave - 72 bpm
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - 2nd Ave, 11am
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Bridges, squares
Ted Nugent - Great white buffalo
Ted Nugent - Snakeskin cowboys
Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes - Hibernation ?
Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes - Rot gut
Teddybears (with Iggy Pop) - Punkrocker
Teenage Cool Kids - Foreign lands
Teenage Fanclub - 120 mins
Teenage Fanclub - About you
Teenage Fanclub - Ain't that enough
Teenage Fanclub - Alchoholiday
Teenage Fanclub - Baby Lee
Teenage Fanclub - Born under a good sign
Teenage Fanclub - Can't feel my soul
Teenage Fanclub - Catholic education
Teenage Fanclub - Catholic education 2
Teenage Fanclub - Cells
Teenage Fanclub - Coffee morning
Teenage Fanclub - Commercial alternative
Teenage Fanclub - Critical mass (original)
Teenage Fanclub - December
Teenage Fanclub - Discolite
Teenage Fanclub - Don't hide
Teenage Fanclub - Don't look back
Teenage Fanclub - Escher
Teenage Fanclub - Eternal light
Teenage Fanclub - Everybody's fool
Teenage Fanclub - Everything flows
Teenage Fanclub - Flowing
Teenage Fanclub - For you
Teenage Fanclub - Gene Clark
Teenage Fanclub - Genius envy
Teenage Fanclub - Get funky
Teenage Fanclub - God knows it's true
Teenage Fanclub - Golden glades
Teenage Fanclub - Guiding star
Teenage Fanclub - Happiness
Teenage Fanclub - Have you ever seen the rain
Teenage Fanclub - Heavy metal
Teenage Fanclub - I can't find my way home
Teenage Fanclub - I don't know
Teenage Fanclub - I don't want con trol of you
Teenage Fanclub - I need direction
Teenage Fanclub - Metal baby
Teenage Fanclub - Mount Everest
Teenage Fanclub - Neil Jung
Teenage Fanclub - Norman 3
Teenage Fanclub - Older guys
Teenage Fanclub - Shock and awe
Teenage Fanclub - Slow fade
Teenage Fanclub - Sometimes I don't need to believe in anything
Teenage Fanclub - Song to the cynic
Teenage Fanclub - Speed of light
Teenage Fanclub - Speeeder
Teenage Fanclub - Starsign
Teenage Fanclub - Start again
Teenage Fanclub - Take the long way around
Teenage Fanclub - Tears are cool
Teenage Fanclub - The cabbage
Teenage Fanclub - The concept
Teenage Fanclub - The past
Teenage Fanclub - Time stops
Teenage Fanclub - Too involved
Teenage Fanclub - Winter
Teenage Head - Brand new Cadillac
Teenage Head - Disgusteen
Teenage Head - First time
Teenage Head - Infected
Teenage Head - Kissin' the carpet
Teenage Head - Picture my face
Teenage Head - Shag shack
Teenage Head - Some kinda fun
Teenage Head - Some kinda' fun
Teenage Head - Top down
Teenage Head - Total love
Teenage Head - Wild one
Teenage Head - You're tearin' me apart
Teenage Head with Marky Ramone - Full-time fool
Tegan & Sara - Relief next to me
Tegan & Sara - The con
Telegraphs - What's so good about goodbye?
Téléphone - ?
Téléphone - Fleur de ma vie
Téléphone ou Auber - Atten…
Telescopes - 16T#3
Telescopes - All a dreams
Telescopes - And let me drift away...
Telescopes - Flying
Telescopes - High on fire
Telescopes - High on fire (ep version)
Telescopes - Never learn not to love
Telescopes - The presence of your grace
Telescopes - The sleepwalk (sitar version)
Telescopes - Wish of you
Televise - Smile
Television - 1880 or so
Television - Careful
Television - Carried Away
Television - Days
Television - Foxhole
Television - Friction
Television - Glory
Television - Guiding light
Television - Little Johnny jewel (parts 1 & 2)
Television - No glamour for Willie
Television - See no evil
Television - The Dream's dream
Television - The Fire
Television - Torn curtain
Television Personalities - A picture of Dorian Gray
Television Personalities - Bridget Riley ?
Television Personalities - I get scared and I don't know why you are
Television Personalities - I know where Syd Barrett lives
Television Personalities - If I could write poetry
Television Personalities - Mysterious ways
Television Personalities - Part time punks
Television Personalities - Say you won't cry ?
Television Personalities - Silly girl
Television Personalities - Smashing time
Television Personalities - Someone to share my life with (1)
Television Personalities - Someone to share my life with (2)
Television Personalities - Stop and smell the roses
Television Personalities - The crying room
Television Personalities - Where's Bill Grundy now
Temper Trap - Down river
Temper Trap - Love lost
Temper Trap - Peter Parker's alter ego
Tempos - Two timer
Tempus Fugit - Come alive
Ten Benson - I don't buy it
Ten Feet - Losing game
Ten Years After - 50,000 miles beneath my brain
Ten Years After - Circles
Ten Years After - Convention prevention
Ten Years After - Hard monkeys
Ten Years After - Help me (live)
Ten Years After - I'd loved to change the world
Ten Years After - Over the hill
Ten Years After - Religion
Ten Years After - Standing at the station
Ten Years After - Tomorrow I'll be out of town
Ten Years After - Without you
Tenacious Geek - Get a life
Tenage Fanclub - God knows it's true (Peel session)
Tenage Fanclub - So far gone (Peel session)
Tender Trap - You and me
Tenlons Fort - You won't be with me
Tenpole Tudor - Wunderbar
Tentativious - Gallows hill
Terra Naomi - Vicodin
Terribilles - Golden wedding ring
Terry Lee Hale - Dead is dead
Terry Riley - A rainbow in curved air (part)
Test - Rattlesnake
Test Week Hiatus - Knowing what to overlook
Tests - A scary thing
Tex Beaumont & The Dirty Hearts - Sleeper
Thalia Zedek - Burn
Thank For The Frisbee - Control yourself
Thank For The Frisbee - I don't want to be your friend
Thank For The Frisbee - If I were Italian
Thank For The Frisbee - Rate of decay
Thank Glennny For The Frisbee - Georgia's hand
Thanks for the Frisbee - 501
Thanks For The Frisbee - Baby, be quiet
Thanks For The Frisbee - Glutton
Thanks for the Frisbee - Just to be difficult
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down - Good bye good luck
Thåström - En vacker död stad
Thåström - Från himlen sänt
Thåström - Hjärter dam
Thåström - Precis som ni
Thåström - Städer när jag blöder
Thåström - Suverän
That ghost - Top shelf
That Petrol Emotion - It's a good thing
That petrol emotion - V2
Theatre Of Tragedy - Venus
Thee Oh Sees - A flag in the court
Thee Oh Sees - Adult acid
Thee Oh Sees - Destroyed fortress reappears
Thee Oh Sees - Hey buddy
Thee Oh Sees - Inquiry perpitrated
Thee Oh Sees - Island raiders (live)
Thee Oh Sees - Komas
Thee Oh Sees - Maria stacks
Thee Oh Sees - Mincing around the frocks
Thee Oh Sees - Poison finger
Thee Oh Sees - Rainbow
Thee Oh Sees - The coconut
Thee Oh Sees - The guilded cunt (live)
Thee Oh Sees - The master's bedroom is worth spending a night in
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring - A question of trust
Theo Hakola - Bed of rocks
Theo Hakola - Defeat
Therion - Abraxas
Therion - Call of dragon
Therion - Eye of Shiva
Therion - Interludium
Therion - Lemuria
Therion - Ljusalfheim
Therion - Quetzalcoatl
Therion - Saint-Saens- Excerpt from symphony no. 3
Therion - Seawinds
Therion - Son of the sun
Therion - The beauty in black
Therion - The siren of the woods
Therion - The wondrous world of punt
Therion - Vanaheim
Therion - Voyage of Gurdjieff (The fourth way)
Thermals - A pillar of salt
Thermals - A stare like yours
Thermals - An ear for baby
Thermals - At the bottom of the sea
Thermals - Back to gray
Thermals - Back to the sea
Thermals - Brace and break
Thermals - End to begin
Thermals - Forward
Thermals - Here's your future
Thermals - How we fade
Thermals - How we know
Thermals - I called out your name
Thermals - I hold the sound
Thermals - I let it go
Thermals - Keep time
Thermals - Now we can see
Thermals - Power doesn't run on nothing
Thermals - Remember today
Thermals - Returning to the fold
Thermals - St. Rosa and the swallows
Thermals - Test pattern
Thermals - We were sick
Thermals - When I died
Thermals - When we were alive
Thermals - When you're thrown
These New Puritans - Costume
These New Puritans - Navigate colours
These United States - End
These United States - Everything touches everything
These United States - I want you to keep everything
They Go Boom! - Filling up with rain
Theze Visitors - Reacher teacher
Thin Lizzy - Baby face
Thin Lizzy - Banshee
Thin Lizzy - Borderline
Thin Lizzy - Chatting today
Thin Lizzy - Cowboy song
Thin Lizzy - Emerald
Thin Lizzy - Little darling
Thin Lizzy - Little girl in bloom
Thin Lizzy - Old flame
Thin Lizzy - Running back
Thin Lizzy - Wild one
Thin White Rope - Not your fault
The Thing You Do To A Bank - We were not meant to be
Thingies - I´m going ahead
Things - Can't get enough
Things - Everytime
Third Grade Teacher - Fear of a boy
Thirsty Mec - Baby tell me I'm the only one
Thirteen Senses - All the love in your hands
Thirteen Senses - Contact
Thirteen Senses - Under the sun
This Bank Holiday - Rad flush
This kind Of Punishment - After the fact
This Mortal Coil - I am the cosmos
This Mortal Coil - Meniscus
This Mortal Coil - You and your sister
This Poison! - Articulate
This Poison! - Poised over the pause button
This Poison! - The great divide
This Will Destroy You - Happiness: we're all in it together
This Will Destroy You - I believe in your victory
This Will Destroy You - Leather wings
This Will Destroy You - Threads
This Will Destroy You - Villa del refugio
This Will Destroy You & Lymbyc Systym - Narita
Thom Yorke - All for the best
Thomas Denver Jonsson - ?
Thomas Function - Belly of the beast
Thomas Function - Filthy flowers
Thomas Function - Peanut butter and paranoia
Thornberry - Adonai
Thornberry - Boundaries
Thornberry - Come a hellin'
Thornberry - Mobile home house party
Thornberry - Pencil me in
Thornberry - Stone palace
Thornberry - The shelton with sunspots
Thornberry - Too far away
Thornberry - We are all made of strings
Those darlins - Red light love
Those Meddling Kids - Shoot for Tuesday
Those Meddling Kids - They control the weather
Thought - Anger
Thought - I had too much to dream last night
Thought - The prince of darkness
Thoughts - All night stand
Thouught - Darkness still calls
Three Finger Salute - Sign my box
Three O'Clock - As real as real
Three O'Clock - I go wild
Thrills - Nothing changes round here
Thrills - The midnight choir
Through The Sparks - Mexico
Throw Me The Statue - Dizzy from the fall
Throw Me The Statue - This is how we kiss
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - A choclatbar for breakfast
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - Call me
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - Cool
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - Funny world
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - I dedicate my life to you
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - I go by
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - I just can't hide it
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - Oh how I wish
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - She came from Orion
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - Tanglefoot in heaven
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - There's something
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - Wanna be with you
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - You only think of me, when there's no program on TV
Throw That Beat! - 007 sehen
Throw That Beat! - I turned it all away
Throw That Beat! - If you can't beat them join them
Throw That Beat! - Let's take a ride
Throw That Beat! - Maybe I come back
Throw That Beat! - Middle of a huricane
Throw That Beat! - No mercy (part)
Throw That Beat! - Shoot me with a pricegun
Throw That Beat! - You blew it for evermore
Throw That Beat! - You look beautiful today
Throw that garbage can - I wanna be with you ?
Throwing Muses - Angel
Throwing Muses - Call me
Throwing Muses - Clear and great
Throwing Muses - Colder
Throwing Muses - Dragonhead
Throwing Muses - Fall down
Throwing Muses - Fish
Throwing Muses - Graffiti
Throwing Muses - Green
Throwing Muses - Hate my way
Throwing Muses - Honeychain
Throwing Muses - Limbo
Throwing Muses - Mr. Bones
Throwing Muses - Not too soon
Throwing Muses - Red shoes
Throwing Muses - Ruthie's knocking
Throwing Muses - Santa Claus
Throwing Muses - Serene
Throwing Muses - Snail head
Throwing Muses - That's all you wanted
Throwing Muses - Two step
Throwing Muses - Vicky's box
Throwing Muses - You cage
Thugs - And he kept on whistling
Thugs - As happy as
Thugs - August
Thugs - Biking
Thugs - Birds of ill omen
Thugs - Birthday (why didnt you come for)
Thugs - Bulgarian blues
Thugs - Chess & crimes
Thugs - defeated
Thugs - Desert days
Thugs - Dreamer's song
Thugs - Falling apart
Thugs - Gone
Thugs - Good way
Thugs - Harpo's theme
Thugs - Horror toys
Thugs - I love you so
Thugs - I need you
Thugs - I was dreaming
Thugs - I.A.B.F
Thugs - Immigrés, clandestins
Thugs - Is it the right way
Thugs - Le hamac
Thugs - Legal drugs
Thugs - Lost in the suburbs
Thugs - Loving son
Thugs - Mio-mio
Thugs - New day
Thugs - Omar feels fear in Weimar
Thugs - Papapapa
Thugs - Raining again
Thugs - Road closed
Thugs - See you soon
Thugs - So heavy
Thugs - Square of lights
Thugs - Stories
Thugs - Strike
Thugs - Summer
Thugs - Sunday time
Thugs - Suspended time
Thugs - Take me away
Thugs - The hedge hogs
Thugs - The river
Thugs - This world is looking great
Thugs - Waiting
Thugs - You wanna die
Thunderhawk - King basement
Thursday's Children - You'll never be my girl
Tiamat - A deeper kind of slumber
Tiamat - Angel holograms
Tiamat - Cain
Tiamat - Carry your cross and I'll carry mine
Tiamat - Circles
Tiamat - Divided
Tiamat - Heaven of high
Tiamat - I am in love with myself
Tiamat - Love is as good as Soma
Tiamat - Meliae
Tiamat - Misantropolis - Amanitis
Tiamat - Nihil
Tiamat - Phantasma de luxe
Tiamat - The return of the son of nothing
Tiamat - Too far gone
Tiamat - Vote for love
Tickley Feather - Keyboard is drunk
Tidy Ups - Crispy
Tiger Army - Power of moonlite
Tiger Trap - Chester
Tiger Trap - Super crush
Tiger Trap - Supreme nothing
Tiger Trap - Tore a Hhole
Tiger Trap - You and me
Tigers That Talked - 23 fears
Tighnbruaich Players - Green door
Tim And Sam's Tim And The Sam Band With Tim And Sam - Choices
Tim Hardin - Hang on to a dream
Tim Hinkle - Satisfaction
Tim Hinkle - We are perfetc in our dreams
Time - A song for you
Time beings - Why don't you love me
Timebox - Gone is the sad man
Timers - No go showboat
Times New Viking - Drop-out
Times New Viking - Faces on fire
Times New Viking - My head
Times New Viking - Off the wall
Times New Viking - Teen drama
TimLee3 - The world turns all around her
Timo Räisänen - Don't let the devil ruin it all
Timo Räisänen - Fear no darkness, promised child
Tin Machine - Amazing
Tin Machine - Bus stop
Tin Machine - Goodbye Mr. Ed
Tin Machine - If there is something
Tin Machine - Prisoner of love
Tina & The Total Babes - Tongue tied
Tinariwen - Aldhechen Manin
Tinariwen - Assouf
Tinariwen - Assoul
Tinariwen - Chabiba (Youth)
Tinariwen - Chatma
Tinariwen - Dualahila ar tesninam
Tinariwen - Eh massina sintadoben
Tinariwen - Ere tasfata adounia (He who values life)
Tinariwen - Imidiwan winakalin
Tinariwen - Kel Tamashek (The Tamashek people)
Tinariwen - Matadjem yinmixan
Tinariwen - Tahult in (My salutation)
Tindersticks - 4.48 Psychosis
Tindersticks - Blood
Tindersticks - Chilitetime
Tindersticks - City sickness
Tindersticks - Don't ever get tired
Tindersticks - Drunk tank (Peel session)
Tindersticks - Marbles
Tindersticks - Nectar
Tindersticks - Patchwork
Tindersticks - Piano song
Tindersticks - Sleepy song (Peel session)
Tindersticks - The turns we took
Tindersticks - Tricklin'
Tindersticks - Waiting for the moon
Tindersticks - Whiskey & water
Ting Tings - Keep your head
Tinker - Serpentine
Tinkerbells Fairydust - Twenty ten
Tintern Abbey - Vacuum cleaner
Tiny Dancers - Ashes and diamonds
Tiny Dancers - Moonsong
Tiny Robots - She gave up
Tip Toppers - Everytime I eat vegetables it makes me think of you
Titanic - Hypnotic
Title tracks - Piles of paper
Titus Andronicus - Fear and loathing in Mahwah, Nj
Titus Andronicus - Joset of Nazareth's blues
To/Die/For - Lacrimarum
Toad The Wet Sprocket - All right
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Before you were born
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Hold her down
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Is it for me
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Jam
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Reincarnation song
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Torn
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Walk on the ocean
Today's Tomorrow - Witchi tai to
Todd McHatton - Dana wears dresses
Todd McHatton - Interesting times
Toddle - Colonnade
Toilheroine - Tu n'y penses pas vraiment
Tokans - Breezy
Tokio Hotel - Durch den Monsum
Tokio Hotel - Jung und nicht mehr jugendfrei
Tokio Hotel - Unendlichkeit
Tokyo Police Club - A lesson in crime
Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck speed
Tokyo Police Club - End of a spark
Tokyo Police Club - Favourite colour
Tokyo Police Club - Favourite food
Tokyo Police Club - Wait up (Boots of danger)
Tom Brosseau - Big time
Tom Cary - Energy never disappears, only gets transformed
Tom McRae - Bright lights
Tom McRae - Houdini and the girl
Tom McRae - Packing for the crash
Tom McRae - Set the story straight
Tom McRae - Silent boulevard
Tom McRae - Sound of the city
Tom McRae - The ballad of Amelia Earhart
Tom Petty - A face in the crowd
Tom Petty - Ankle deep
Tom Petty - Cabin down below
Tom Petty - Damaged by love
Tom Petty - Down South
Tom Petty - Feel a whole lot better
Tom Petty - Flirting with time
Tom Petty - Free fallin'
Tom Petty - House in the woods
Tom Petty - It's good to be king
Tom Petty - Love is a long road
Tom Petty - Night driver
Tom Petty - Rainy day women #12 & 35
Tom Petty - Runnin' down a dream
Tom Petty - The golden rose
Tom Petty - this old town
Tom Petty - Turn this car around
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - A one story town
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - A thing about you
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - A woman in love (It's not me)
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - All the wrong reasons
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Asshole
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Baby's a rock 'n' rolleroller
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - California
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Can't stop the sun
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Change of heart
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Change the locks
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Climb that hill
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Deliver me
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Echo
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Even the losers
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Free girl now
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - God's gift to man
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Good enough
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Here comes my girl
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Hope on board
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Hung up and overdue
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - I can't fight it
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - I don't wanna fight
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Into the great wide open
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - It's all over now (live) 97
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - It's good to be king
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Kings Road
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Let me up (I've had enough)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Listen to her heart
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Louisiana rain
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Make that connection
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's last dance
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - No more
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - One more day, one more night
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Out in the cold
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Room at the top
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Room at the top (live)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Shadow of a doubt (a complex kid)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Something in the air
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Straight into darkness
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Strangered in the night
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Supernatural radio
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Surrender
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Swingin'
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - The dark of the sun
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - The wild one, forever
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Too god to be true
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Walls (Circus)
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Walls (no. 3)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Ways to be wicked
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - What are you doin' in my life?
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - When the time comes
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Won't last long
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - You and I will meet again
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - You get me high
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - You wreck me baby
Tom Verlaine - A film of flowers
Tom Verlaine - A stroll
Tom Verlaine - All weirded out
Tom Verlaine - Ancient Egypt
Tom Verlaine - Asmileyfallsapart
Tom Verlaine - Avanti
Tom Verlaine - Balcony
Tom Verlaine - Breakin' in my heart
Tom Verlaine - Cooleridge
Tom Verlaine - Curtains open
Tom Verlaine - Eighty eights
Tom Verlaine - Glory
Tom Verlaine - Harley Quinn
Tom Verlaine - Last night
Tom Verlaine - Lovebird asylum seeker
Tom Verlaine - Mountain
Tom Verlaine - Mr. Blur
Tom Verlaine - No glamour for Willi
Tom Verlaine - Postcard from Waterloo
Tom Verlaine - Saucer crash
Tom Verlaine - Shadow walks away
Tom Verlaine - Spiritual
Tom Verlaine - The day on you
Tom Verlaine - The earth is in the sky
Tom Verlaine - The o of adore
Tom Verlaine - The sun's gliding!
Tom Verlaine - Tontootempo
Tom Verlaine - Venus
Tom Verlaine - Words from the front
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart - We're all going to the same place
Tommy Sheets - Five nights in Britain
Tommyknockers - We want the airwaves
Tomorrow's World - When it's all over
Tone Butter - Ottoman
Against Me! - Tonight we're gonna give it 35%
Tonighters - Grandes canalhas
Tony Joe White - Boom boom
Tony Poole - The bells of Rhymney
Toothpaste 2000 - 7-eleven Christmas
Top Meat Surdo - I love you
Torpedo Monkeys - Like a bad girl should
Torson - Son av ayatollah
Totimoshi - Viva Zapata
Town Bike - Bad girls
Toy Fight - The drum drum boy
Toy Fight - Victim's hairdo
Tracer AMC - Flux and form
Tracey Read - Courageous
Tractor Trailer - That's what she said
Trade Winds - Club seventeen
Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy
Traffic - Hole in my shoe
Traffic - Paper sun
Traffic Sound - I'm so glad
Traffic Sound - Virgin
Tragedy Rekindled - I meant to remember
Tragically Hip - A beautiful thing
Tragically Hip - Ahead by a century (live)
Tragically Hip - Are we family
Tragically Hip - As makeshift as we are
Tragically Hip - Blow at high dough (live)
Tragically Hip - Born in the water
Tragically Hip - Bring it all back
Tragically Hip - Butts Wigglin
Tragically Hip - Don't wake Daddy
Tragically Hip - Emperor penguin
Tragically Hip - Escape is at hand for the travellin' man
Tragically Hip - Everytime you go
Tragically Hip - Fiddlers green
Tragically Hip - Fifty-mission cap
Tragically Hip - Fly
Tragically Hip - Gift shop
Tragically Hip - Goodnight Josephine
Tragically Hip - Grace, too
Tragically Hip - Grace, too (live)
Tragically Hip - Gus- the polar bear from Central Park
Tragically Hip - In view
Tragically Hip - Inevitability of death
Tragically Hip - It's a good life if you don"t weaken
Tragically Hip - Killing time
Tragically Hip - Lake fever
Tragically Hip - Last American exit
Tragically Hip - Lionized
Tragically Hip - Little bones
Tragically Hip - Locked in the trunk of a car
Tragically Hip - My music at work
Tragically Hip - Nautical disaster
Tragically Hip - On the verge
Tragically Hip - Opiated
Tragically Hip - Scared (live)
Tragically Hip - She didn't know
Tragically Hip - Small town bringdown
Tragically Hip - The darkest one
Tragically Hip - The exact feeling
Tragically Hip - Thugs
Tragically Hip - When the weight comes down
Tragically Hip - Yer not the ocean
Tragically Hip - You're everywhere
? - Train kept a rollin'
Trainwreck Riders - Through unto the end
Traits - High on a cloud
Tralala - Fired up
Tramway - Balla
Tramway - Boathouse
Tramway - Maritime City
Tramway - Star
Transmittens - Balloons in the sky
Trash Can Sinatras - Bloodrush
Trash Can Sinatras - Make yourself at home
Trash Can Sinatras - Orange fell
Trash Can Sinatras - The hairy years
Trash Can Sinatras - Welcome back
Trashcan Darlings - Dehumanizer
Trashcan Darlings - Drag me down
Trashcan Darlings - Far from me
Trashcan Darlings - I won't pay the price
Trashcan Darlings - Please darling please
Trashcan Darlings - Psychotic Barbie
Trashcan Darlings - Rock'n'roll horror show
Trashcan Darlings - Sometimes like this
Trashcan Darlings - The violent years
Trashmen - ?
Tre Orsi - And if I never
Tre Orsi - The engineer
Tre Orsi - Towards St. Ambroise
Trees - Do you think abour it now
Treetop Flyers - It's about time
Treetop Flyers - Mountain song
Trembling Blue Stars - ABBA on the jukebox
Trembling Blue Stars - All I'm doing is losing
Trembling Blue Stars - Darker, colder, slower
Trembling Blue Stars - From a pale blue rosary
Trembling Blue Stars - Half in love with leaving
Trembling Blue Stars - Here all day
Trembling Blue Stars - Idyllwild
Trembling Blue Stars - Kensington gardens
Trembling Blue Stars - S'times I still feel the bruise
Trembling Blue Stars - She's always there
Trembling Blue Stars - To keep your heart whole
Trembling Blue Stars - Until the dream gets broken
Trembling Blue Stars - Where Norfolk meets Lincolnshire
Trey Anastasio & Phish - Billy breathes
Trick M. Onassis - Straw man
Triffids - Good fortune rose
Triffids - Too hot to move, too hot to dhink
Trinket - In the sun
Tristania - Cure
Trixons - Sunny side Sam
Troggs - Deja vu
Troggs - Don't you knownow
Troggs - Dust bowl
Troggs - Feels like a woman
Troggs - Give it to me
Troggs - Hot stuff
Troggs - I just sing
Troggs - I'm in control
Troggs - Jingle jangle
Troggs - Lost girl
Troggs - Love is all around
Troggs - My lady
Troggs - Oh no
Troggs - Purple shades
Troggs - Satisfaction
Troggs - Together
Troggs - Tuned into love
Troggs - We waited
Troggs - What's your game
Troggs - When I'm with you
Troggs - Wild thing (heavy version)
Troggs - With a girl like you
Troggs - You can cry if you want to
Trois Accords - ?.1
Trois Accords - ?.2
Trois Accords - Bing bing
Trois Accords - Club optimiste
Trois Accords - Dans mon corps
Trois Accords - Ginette
Trois Accords - Grand champion
trois Accords - Ho ma jolie
Trois Accords - Je t'ai vu me voir
Trois Accords - L'eusses-tu cru
Trois Accords - Loin d'ici
Trois Accords - Louis-Félix-Antoine
Trois Accords - Lucille
Trois Accords - M'as-tu dit
Trois Accords - Manon
Trois Accords - Montagne de fumier
Trois Accords - Pull pastel
Trois Accords - Saskatchewan
Trois Accords - Super bon
Trois Accords - Ton avion
Trois Accords - Tout nu sur la plage
Trois Accords - Tu
Trois Accords - Turbo sympathique
Trois Accords - Une minute
True West - Ain't no hangman
True West - And then the rain
True West - At night they speak
True West - Blackroad bridge song (What could I say)
True West - Hold on
True West - Just one chance
True West - Look around (1)
True West - Look around (2)
True West - Morning light
True West - Speak esay
True West - Trim that fat
True West - What about you
True West - You
Tubes - Mondo bondage
Tubes - Space baby
Tubes - White punks on dope
Tullycraft - Actives & pledges
Tullycraft - Bored to hear your hearts still breaks
Tullycraft - Building the robot
Tullycraft - Cammy & the count
Tullycraft - Christine, ND
Tullycraft - Cowgirls on parade
Tullycraft - Dollywood
Tullycraft - Fangs on bats
Tullycraft - Georgette plays a goth
Tullycraft - Glitter & twang
Tullycraft - I kept the Beach Boys
Tullycraft - Knockout
Tullycraft - Leaders of the new school
Tullycraft - Maybe baby
Tullycraft - One Essex girl
Tullycraft - Orange cake mix
Tullycraft - Piano lessons for beauty queens
Tullycraft - Rumble with the gang debs
Tullycraft - Sad, sad day
Tullycraft - Secretly minnesotan
Tullycraft - Stowaway
Tullycraft - Sweet
Tullycraft - The last song
Tullycraft - The secfret history of devil's paw
Tullycraft - Twee
Tullycraft - Wild bikini
Tulsa - Oviedo
Tulsa Drone - Chiaroscuro
Tulsa Drone - Fiery seven
Tulsa Drone - Laurel Street
Tulsa Drone - Red's theme
Tulsa Drone - Vendetta
Turbines - Rules of the road
Turbo Aces - Do you feel l…
Turboneger - Here kommer vinteren
Turbonegro - (He's a) Grunge whore
Turbonegro - All my friends are dead
Turbonegro - Are you ready (for some darkness)
Turbonegro - Babylon forever
Turbonegro - Death from above
Turbonegro - Do you do you dig destruction
Turbonegro - Drenched in blood (D.I.B.)
Turbonegro - Everybody loves a chubby dude
Turbonegro - Fuck the world (F.T.W.)
Turbonegro - Get it on
Turbonegro - Good head
Turbonegro - Hell toupée
Turbonegro - High on the crime
Turbonegro - Hot stuff / Hot shit
Turbonegro - Humiliation Street
Turbonegro - I want everything
Turbonegro - Locked down
Turbonegro - Prince of the rodeo
Turbonegro - Remain untamed
Turbonegro - Rock against ass
Turbonegro - Saboteur
Turbonegro - Sell your body (to the night)
Turbonegro - Stay free
Turbonegro - Suffragette City
Turbonegro - The age of Pamparius
Turbonegro - The death of me
Turbonegro - Train of flesh
Turbonegro - Wasted again
Turquoise - 53 Summer Street
Turquoise - Tales of Flossie Fillet
Turtles - A walk in the sun
Turtles - All my problems
Turtles - Can I get to know
Turtles - Elenore
Turtles - Eve of destruction
Turtles - Glitter and gold
Turtles - Grim reaper of love
Turtles - Happy together
Turtles - I can't stop
Turtles - I knw that you'll be there
Turtles - I need someone
Turtles - It ain't me babe
Turtles - It was a very good year
Turtles - Just a room
Turtles - Let me be
Turtles - Love minus zero
Turtles - Outside chance
Turtles - Owl
Turtles - Think I'll run away
Turtles - To see the sun
Turtles - Wanderin' kind
Turtles - You baby
Tush - No no no!
Tuuli - Tough guys
Tuuur - Tomato
TV Glory - I walked on a spider
TV Glory - Make good TV
TV Smith - Xmas bloody Xmas
Twang - Either way
Twentieth Century Zoo - Quiet before the storm
Twig - Clock
Twig - Clock (alternate version)
Twig - Gardner
Twig - Goodbye engines
Twig - Man of stone
Twig - Parade
Twig - Party mouse
Twig - Riff
Twig - Saab
Twig - Singing in my sleep
Twig - Spec
Twig - The moon rises black In the West
Twig - Wee little metal heads
Twig - Window pain
Twilight Sad - And she would darken the memory
Twilight Sad - Cold days from the birdhouse
Twilight Sad - I'm taking the train home
Twilight Sad - That summer, at home I had become the invisible boy
Two & A Half - Suburban early morning station
Two Cow Garage - 135
Two Daves with Tri-Sonics - Don't you leave me
Two Door Cinema Club - Do you want it all
Two Door Cinema Club - Do you want it all? (1)
Two Galants - ?
Tyrannosaurus Rex - ?
Tyrannosaurus Rex - A beard of stars
Tyrannosaurus Rex - A day laye
Tyrannosaurus Rex - By the light of the magical moon
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Chariots of silk
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Great horse
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Lofty skies
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Nijinsky hind
Tyrannosaurus Rex - One inch rock
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Organ blues
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Prelude
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Salamanda palaganda
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Stacey Grove
U.N.P.O.C. - Amsterdam
U.N.P.O.C. - Avignon
U.N.P.O.C. - Come in
U.N.P.O.C. - Dark harbour wall
U.N.P.O.C. - Here on my own
U.N.P.O.C. - Jump jet friend
U.N.P.O.C. - So in tune
U.N.P.O.C. - Some kinds of people
U.S. Christmas - ?
U.S. Christmas - Pray to the sky
U.S. Royalty - Because he was a bonny lad
U.S. Royalty - Every Summer
U.S. Royalty - Raincoats
U2 - Van Diemen's land
UFO - Ain't no baby
UFO - Alone again or
UFO - Baby blue
UFO - Back into my life
UFO - Belladonna
UFO - Between the walls
UFO - Call my name
UFO - Cherry
UFO - Couldn't get it right
UFO - Crystal light
UFO - Doctor doctor
UFO - Doctor doctor '95
UFO - Doctor doctor (live)
UFO - Dreaming of summer
UFO - Give her the gun
UFO - Gone in the night
UFO - High flyer
UFO - Hot'n'ready (live)
UFO - I'm a loser
UFO - Just another suicide
UFO - Lipstick traces
UFO - Lookin' out for No.1
UFO - Love is forever
UFO - Love to love
UFO - Love to love (live)
UFO - Martian landscape
UFO - Mystery train
UFO - On with the action (live)
UFO - Out in the street
UFO - Profession of violence
UFO - Queen of the deep
UFO - Sea of faith
UFO - Serenade
UFO - Space child
UFO - Stopped by a bullet (of love)
UFO - Take it or leave it
UFO - Time on my hands
UFO - Too young to know
UFO - Unidentified flying object
UFO - Venus
Ugly Beats - Take a stand
Ugly Casanova - Hotcha girls
Ugly Casanova - Smoke like ribbons
Uglys - Real good girl
Uglysuit - ...And we became sunshine
Uglysuit - Brad's house
Uglysuit - Brownblue's passing
Uglysuit - Chicago
Uglysuit - Everyone now has a smile
Uglysuit - Happy yellow rainbow
UK Decay - For my country
Ulaan Khol - Untitled 2
Ulrich Schnauss - On my own
Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle - Sing sing
Ultravox - Life at rainbow's end
Ultravox - The frozen ones
Unbunny - Certain lights
Unbunny - Ginger tussle
Unbunny - Glacier
Unbunny - I leave stones unturned
Unbunny - In a way
Unbunny - It's ok
Unbunny - Landscape typing
Unbunny - Leather & lace
Unbunny - Massachusetts
Unbunny - New year's eve
Unbunny - Oregon
Unbunny - Pink lemonade
Unbunny - Super sonic
Unbunny - Superstar
Unbunny - Swans are fainting
Unbunny - Texas
Unbunny - Water and the Spanish tongue
Unbunny - Who needs the light
Unbunny - Young men are easy trey
Unbusted - Seperated
Unclaimed - Run from home
Uncle Lucius - Everybody got soul
Uncle Tupelo - Before I break
Uncle Tupelo - Black eye
Uncle Tupelo - Chickamauga
Uncle Tupelo - Fatal wound
Uncle Tupelo - Gun
Uncle Tupelo - Looking for a way out
Uncle Tupelo - Nothing
Uncle Tupelo - Outdone
Uncle Tupelo - Postcard
Uncle Tupelo - Still be around
Uncle Tupelo - That year
Uncle Tupelo - The long cut
Uncommonmenfrommars - Dark Sunday
Uncut - Day breaks red light
Underground Railroad - Cookies and milk
Undershackers - Sola
Undershakers - A friend
Undershakers - Crazy
Undershakers - Después
Undershakers - Does anyone care
Undershakers - Mírate
Undershakers - Pull-krash theme
Undershakers - Redrum
Undershakers - Reflections
Undershakers - Si, quiero
Undershakers - Stupid girl
Undershakers - Take my trip
Undershakers - Tears away
Undershakers - Vudú
Undershakers - What a life
Understudies - Chip pan glam
Understudies - Flicknives
Undertones - Billy's third
Undertones - Billy's third (Peel session)
Undertones - Boys will be boys
Undertones - Eveything but you (Peel session)
Undertones - Family entertainment
Undertones - Family entertainment (Peel session 5-03)
Undertones - Family entertainment (Peel session)
Undertones - Forever paradise
Undertones - Get over you
Undertones - Girls don't like it
Undertones - Hard luck
Undertones - I gotta getta
Undertones - I know a girl
Undertones - It's going to happen
Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy
Undertones - Kiss in the dark
Undertones - Listening in
Undertones - Listening in (Peel session)
Undertones - Mars bars
Undertones - My perfect cousin
Undertones - Oh please
Undertones - One way love
Undertones - Really really
Undertones - Tearproof
Undertones - Tearproof (Peel session)
Undertones - Teenage kicks
Undertones - The way girls talk
Undertones - Thrill me (Peel session)
Undertones - Told you so
Undertones - Top twenty
Undertones - Turning blue
Undertones - Wednesday week
Undertones - You're welcome
Undertones - You've got my number
Underwater Tea Party - Plastic cans
Unfinished Sympathy - Avida dollars
Unfinished Sympathy - Homedrunk
Unfinished Sympathy - Peñaflor
Unfinished Sympathy - Teenage kicks
Unfinished Sympathy - We're gonna be parents
Unfinished Sympathy - You are wrong
Unicorns - Ghost mountain
Unicorns - Les os
Unicorns - Sea ghost
Union Carbide Productions - Got my eyes on you
Union Carbide Productions - Mr. Untitled
Uniques - You ain't tough
Unisex - Firesoul
Unlovables - Fuck the world
Unlovables - No way
Unlovables - The Mike Herrara song
Unlovables - Vacation
Unouomedude - Teens
Unrest - Empire
Unrest - Light command
Unrest - Where are all those Puerto Rican boys?
Until June - Hindsight
Until June - In my head
Until June - Outer space
Until June - Sleepless
Until June - What I've done
Upper Room - All over this town
Upper Room - Black and white (1)
Upper Room - Black and white (2)
Upper Room - Combination
Upper Room - Kill kill kill
Upper Room - Leave me alone
Upper Room - Never come back
Upper Room - Once for me
Upstrokes - Got a lot to stay
Urges - You don't look so good
Uriah Heep - Bird of prey
Uriah Heep - Circle of hands
Uriah Heep - Hey Mister lonely man
Uriah Heep - Little gandy dancer
Uriah Heep - Poet's justice
Uriah Heep - Return to fantasy
Uriah Heep - Stealin'
Used - Blue and yellow
Useless ID - Killing a ghost
Useless ID - One way down
Useless ID - Perfect life #2
Useless ID - Too late to start over
Useless ID - Weird rock
Utah Rangers - Aquarium bike tour
UUVVWWZ - Castle
V.O. - Those things in the box
Vae Sitrum - Everybody now
Vagabonds - The face of youth today
Vagrants - And when it's over
Vagrants - Beside the sea
Vagrants - I can't make a friend
Van Dik Hout - Stil in mij
Van Morrison - Astral weeks
Van Morrison - Cypress Ave.
Van Morrison - Madame George
Van Morrison - Sweet thing
Vandals - Don't make me get my fat & lazy ass off this couch
Vandals - Fourteen
Vandals - Get a room
Vandals - Grandpa's last X-Mas
Vandals - I am crushed
Vandals - Manimal
Vandals - San Berdu
Vandals - Susanville
Vangelis - Stellaire 4
Vapors - Galleries for guns
Variations - Je suis juste un rock'n'roller
Vaselines - Bitch
Vaselines - Dying for it (The blues)
Vaselines - Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
Vaselines - Molly's lips
Vaselines - Oliver twisted
Vaselines - Rory rides me raw
Vaselines - Son of a gun
Vaselines - The day I was a horse
Vavrek - Healing luna
Veils - House where we all live
Veils - More heat than light
Veils - One night on earth
Veils - Talk down that girl
Veils - The leavers dance
Veils - The letter
Veils - The tide that left and never came back
Veils - The wild son
Velvet Crush - Ash and earth
Velvet Crush - Asshole
Velvet Crush - Atmosphere
Velvet Crush - B-side blues
Velvet Crush - Be someone tonight
Velvet Crush - Blind faith
Velvet Crush - Butterfly position
Velvet Crush - Circling the sun
Velvet Crush - Die a little every day
Velvet Crush - Do what you want
Velvet Crush - Don't you slip away from me
Velvet Crush - Drive me down
Velvet Crush - Everything flows
Velvet Crush - Fall awake
Velvet Crush - Fear of flying
Velvet Crush - Gentle breeze
Velvet Crush - Gentle breeze (2)
Velvet Crush - Great to be fine
Velvet Crush - Here it comes
Velvet Crush - If not true
Velvet Crush - Kill me now
Velvet Crush - Late in the day
Velvet Crush - On my side
Velvet Crush - One thing two believe
Velvet Crush - Party line
Velvet Crush - Save me a place
Velvet Crush - Standing still
Velvet Crush - Star trip
Velvet Crush - Stop
Velvet Crush - Superstar
Velvet Crush - The connection
Velvet Crush - This life is killing me
Velvet Crush - Time wraps around you
Velvet Crush - Weird summer
Velvet Crush - White soul
Velvet Crush - Why not your baby
Velvet Crush - Window to the world
Velvet Revolver - Fall to pieces
Velvet Revolver - Loving the alien
Velvet Revolver - Spectacle
Velvet Seed - Flim flam man
Velvet Underground - Head held high
Velvet Underground - I'll be your mirror
Velvet Underground - Ocean
Velvet Underground - Ocean (outtake)
Velvet Underground - Oh! sweet nuthin'
Velvet Underground - Pale blue eyes
Velvet Underground - Sunday morning
Velvett Fogg - Within the night
Venice Is Sinking - Okay
Ventures - California sun
Ventures - Endless dream
Ventures - Guitar psychedelics
Ventures - Hurricane
Ventures - Journey to the stars
Ventures - Red river rock
Ventures - Squaw man
Ventures - Wham
Ventures - William Tell overture
Venus In Bluejeans - You showed me
Verbase - Amanda
Verbena - All the saints
Verbena - Big skies, black rainbows
Verbena - Camellia
Verbena - Ether
Verbena - Prick the sun
Verlaines - Anniversary
Verlaines - CD, Jimmy Jazz & me
Verlaines - Crisis after crisis
Verlaines - Instrumental
Verlaines - Jailhouse 4.00 am
Verlaines - Joed out
Verlaines - Phil too
Verlaines - Whatever you run into
Verlaines - You cheat yourself of everything
Verlaines - You say you
Veronica Falls - Beachy head
Veronicas - Leave me alone
Vertebrats - Left in tye dark
Vertical Horizon - I'm still here
Vertigo - Tonic thing
Verve - Slide away
Very Best - Dinosaur on the ark
Very Truly Yours - Every little word
Very Truly Yours - Homesick
Very Truly Yours - Popsong '91
Very Truly Yours - Reminders
Very Truly Yours - To see you here
Very Truly Yours - Where lonely hearts go
Vetiver - Down from above
Vetiver - Houses
Vetiver - Idle ties
Vetiver - Maureen
Vetiver - On the other side
Vetiver - Sleep a million years
Vetiver - Wont be me
Vetiver - You may be blue
Vetusta Morla - Copenhague
Vibeke Saugestad - S.L.U.G.
Vibrators - 24 hour people
Vibrators - Baby baby
Vibrators - But I do
Vibrators - Dance to the music
Vibrators - Drive
Vibrators - Fall in love
Vibrators - Feel alright
Vibrators - I can see it in your eyes
Vibrators - Petrol
Vibrators - Say mama
Vibrators - She's bringing you down
Vibrators - Still not over you
Vibrators - Sweet sweet heart
Vic Chesnutt - Debriefing
Vic Chesnutt - Everything I say
Vic Chesnutt - Marathon
Vic Chesnutt - Wallace Stevens
Vic Chestnut - Got to me
Vic Chestnutt - Little fucker
Vic Chestnutt - Lucinda Williams
Vic du Monte - ?
Vice Squad - Last rockers
Victorian English Gentlemens Club - Impossible sightings over Shleton
Viet Cong Blues Project - Winona
View - Don't tell me
View - Rebecca's
View - Same jeans
View - Shock horror
View - Street lights
View - Superstar tradesman
View - Wasted little DJ's
Village Green - Under the covers
Vinc Project - Dream of eternity
Vinc Project - My story
Vinc Project - No reason
Vinc Project - Passion
Vines - 1969
Vines - A.S 3
Vines - Ain't no room
Vines - Amnesia
Vines - Atmos
Vines - Autumn shade
Vines - Country yard
Vines - Homesick
Vines - Kara Jayne
Vines - Rainfall
Vines - Spaceship
Vines - Spaceship (live)
Vines - Sun child
Vines - Take me back
Vines - Vision valley
Vines - Winning days
La Viok - La saga des Sanchez
Violens - Violent sensation descends
Violent femmes - Hallowed ground
Virus - In any way
Visitors - Age old
Visitors - Alice Aisgil
Visitors - Flat on my back
Visitors - Goldmining
Visitors - Housewife's choice
Visitors - Lamb of God
Visitors - Living world
Visitors - Mystery
Visitors - Remember
Visitors - Sad kaleidoscope
Visitors - Waking up to nothing
Vitesse - Second thought
Viva Voce - Alive with pleasure
Viva Voce - From the devil himself
Viva Voce - Mixtape=love
Viva Voce - The center of the universe
Viva Voce - The lucky ones
Viva Voce - We do not fuck around
Vive La Fête - Noir désir
Vivian Girls - All the time
Vivian Girls - Can't get over you
Vivian Girls - Moped girls
Vivian Girls - Never see me again
Vlor - Final fire
VManfred Mann Chapter Three - irginia
Voice Inside Your Head - Brown boxes
Voicst - Everyday I work on the road
Volcano Choir - And gather
Volován - Asi lo es
Volován - Ella es azul
Volován - Hogar
Volován - Morir por ti
Volován - Nunca
Volován - Perdon
Volován - Solo (dos opalabras)
Volován - Yo por ti
Le Volume Courbe - I love the living you
Le Volume Courbe - Sitting in your head
Le Volume Courbe - Thank you
Le Volume Etait Au Maximum - Je m'en sortirai bien
Le Volume Etait Au Maximum - Teenage Gluesniffer
Von Bondies - 21st birthday
Von Bondies - Been swank
Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon
Von Bondies - Cryin'
Von Bondies - Going down
Von Bondies - In the act
Von Bondies - No regrets
Von Bondies - Not that social
Von Bondies - Only to haunt you
Von Bondies - Pale bride
Von Bondies - Please please man
Von Bondies - Poison ivy
Von Bondies - Shallow grave
Von Bondies - Shut your mouth
Von Bondies - Tell me what you see
Vox trot - Trouble
Voxtrot - Brother in conflict
Voxtrot - Every day
Voxtrot - Fast asleep
Voxtrot - Four long days
Voxtrot - Future pt.1
Voxtrot - Introduction
Voxtrot - Mothers, sisters, daughters and wives
Voxtrot - Raised by wolves
Voxtrot - Wrecking force
Voxtrot - Your biggest fan
Vub Gyor - Church bell
Vyllies - Whispers in the shadow
Waco Brothers - Bad times (are comin' round again)
Waco Brothers - How fast the time
Waco Brothers - Red door
Waco Brothers - Waco express
Wages - Back from Juvie
Wages - Cost of living
Wages - Friendly fire
Wages - It never happened
Wages - The last year
Wages - Trouble maker
Wah! Heat - Better scream
Wake - Carbrain
Wake Ooloo - ?
Wake Ooloo - Age of reason
Wake Ooloo - Any minute
Wake Ooloo - Anything
Wake Ooloo - Beautiful feeling
Wake Ooloo - Common sense
Wake Ooloo - Don't look now
Wake Ooloo - Down that road
Wake Ooloo - Effigy
Wake Ooloo - Every other one
Wake Ooloo - Forty days
Wake Ooloo - From a far
Wake Ooloo - Fun to be happy
Wake Ooloo - Get caught up
Wake Ooloo - Hard to find
Wake Ooloo - It's forgotten
Wake Ooloo - Knocking on every door
Wake Ooloo - Like yesterday
Wake Ooloo - Maybe next time
Wake Ooloo - Monday morning
Wake Ooloo - Nature of the beast
Wake Ooloo - Nobody heard
Wake Ooloo - So you wanna be (a rock & roll star)
Wake Ooloo - Time to go
Wake Ooloo - Too long gone
Wake Ooloo - Too many times
Wake Ooloo ? - ?
Walkabouts - Ahead of the storm
Walkabouts - Albuquerque
Walkabouts - Almost wisdom
Walkabouts - Bones of contention
Walkabouts - Bordertown
Walkabouts - Breakneck speed
Walkabouts - Cello song
Walkabouts - Coming up for air
Walkabouts - Dead man rise
Walkabouts - Death's black train
Walkabouts - Devil in the details
Walkabouts - Drag this river
Walkabouts - Drag this river (live)
Walkabouts - Drown
Walkabouts - Ended up a stranger (live)
Walkabouts - Fallen down moon
Walkabouts - Feeling no pain
Walkabouts - Firetrap
Walkabouts - Glad nation's death song
Walkabouts - Good luck morning
Walkabouts - Goodbye (to all that)
Walkabouts - Got no chains
Walkabouts - Grand theft auto
Walkabouts - Hang man
Walkabouts - Hell's soup kitchen
Walkabouts - Hole in the mountain
Walkabouts - House of the rising sun
Walkabouts - It's all over now baby blue
Walkabouts - Kalashnikov
Walkabouts - Laughingstock
Walkabouts - Let's burn down the corn field
Walkabouts - Long black veil
Walkabouts - Loom of the land
Walkabouts - Maggie's farm
Walkabouts - Mai tai time
Walkabouts - Master of none
Walkabouts - Mr. Clancy
Walkabouts - Nightdrive
Walkabouts - No one the wiser
Walkabouts - Nobody's fault but mine
Walkabouts - Nothing is stranger
Walkabouts - Old crow
Walkabouts - Old crow (live)
Walkabouts - Pass me on over
Walkabouts - Rage on
Walkabouts - Sand & grave
Walkabouts - See it in the dark
Walkabouts - Slow red dawn
Walkabouts - Snake mountain blues
Walkabouts - Specimen days
Walkabouts - The last ones
Walkabouts - The night watch
Walkabouts - The wellspring
Walkabouts - Thieves like us
Walkabouts - Train to mercy
Walkabouts - Unholy dreams
Walkabouts - Up in the graveyard
Walkabouts - Where the air is cool and dark
Walkabouts - Whiskey XXX
Walkabouts - Whisper
Walkabouts - Who knows what
Walkabouts - Winded
Walkmen - Emma, get me a lemon
Walkmen - If noly it were true
Walkmen - Seven years of holidays (for stretch)
Walkmen - They're winning
Wall papers - Don't ask me out
Wallflowers - Angel on my bike
Wallflowers - For the life of me
Wallflowers - Letters from the Wasteland
Wallflowers - Sidewalk Annie
Wallflowers - Sixth Avenue heartache
Wallflowers - Sleepwalker
Wallflowers - Some flowers bloom dead
 Wallflowers - The difference
Wallflowers - Three marlenas
Wally Harbinger - King me
Walter Wegemuller - Der Herrscher
Walter Wegemuller - Der Hohepriester
Waltones - Can't get you out of my mind (Peel session)
Wampas - ? (extrait) (live)
Wampas - Bang! bang! bang!
Wampas - C.R.S.
Wampas - Christine
Wampas - Comme un ange (qui pleure) (live)
Wampas - Dadoo ronron
Wampas - Danser sur U2
Wampas - Denise (my love)
Wampas - Faut voter pour nous
Wampas - Georges Marchais
Wampas - Grande sensation
Wampas - I will love you
Wampas - Il n'y a que les lâches qui freinent
Wampas - Il y avait une vache
Wampas - J'ai avalé une mouche
Wampas - Je n'aime que toi
Wampas - Je pense à toi
Wampas - Je pleurerais quand même
Wampas - Je pleurerais quand même (live)
Wampas - La plus belle chanson d'amour
Wampas - Le soleil
Wampas - Les apprentis charcutiers
Wampas - Les bottes rouges
Wampas - Les bottes rouges (live)
Wampas - Liste de droite
Wampas - Lucie Anna
Wampas - Méfie-toi des anges (extrait) (live)
Wampas - ndpac ?
Wampas - Ne dis pas aux copains
Wampas - Petite fille
Wampas - Petite fille (live)
Wampas - Rimini
Wampas - Rimini (live)
Wampas - Seul en Gaspésie
Wampas - Snuff
Wampas - Tellement
Wampas - Touche pipi
Wan light - That grim reality
Wannadies - Skin
War Cry - Cost of freedom
War On Drugs - Arms like boulders
War On Drugs - Barrel of batteries
War On Drugs - Buenos Aires beach
War On Drugs - Coast reprise
War On Drugs - Set yr sights
War On Drugs - Show me the coast
War On Drugs - Taking the farm
War On Drugs - There is norrgency
Warlocks - Above earth
Warlocks - Angels in heaven, angels in hell
Warlocks - Angry demons
Warlocks - Bleed without babe
Warlocks - Cocaine blues
Warlocks - Come save us
Warlocks - Cosmic letdown
Warlocks - Dreamless days
Warlocks - Gypsy nightmare
Warlocks - Heart thief
Warlocks - House of glass
Warlocks - It's just like surgery
Warlocks - Moving and shaking
Warlocks - Moving mountains
Warlocks - Oh Shadie
Warlocks - Red camera
Warlocks - Shake the dope out
Warlocks - Slow disappearing
Warlocks - So paranoid
Warlocks - Song for Nico
Warlocks - Standing between the lovers of hell
Warlocks - Static eyes
Warlocks - Stone hearts
Warlocks - Suicide note
Warlocks - Suicide note (part)
Warlocks - The dope feels good
Warlocks - The midnight sun
Warlocks - The tangent
Warlocks - The valley of death
Warlocks - There is a formula to your despair
Warlocks - Thurday's radiation
Warlocks - Thursday's radiation
Warlocks - We need starpower
Warlocks - Whips of mercy
Warlocks - You make me wait
Warm Jets - Hurricane
Warrior Kids - Jeux personne ?
Warsaw - Novelty
Warsaw - Shadowplay
Warsaw - They walked in line
Warsaw - Transmission
Warum Joe - ?
Warum Joe - ?1
Warum Joe - ?2
Warum Joe - Sex beat
Washington Social Club - Backed to the future
Waterboys - Church not made with hands
Waterboys - Crown
Waterboys - December
Waterboys - Even the trees are dancing
Waterboys - High far soon
Waterboys - Islandman
Waterboys - It´s all gone
Waterboys - My love is my rock in the weary land
Waterboys - Old England
Waterboys - Preparing to fly
Waterboys - Savage earth heart
Waterboys - Sweet thing
Waterboys - The girl in the swing
Waterboys - The new life
Waterboys - The wind in the wires
Waterboys - This is the sea
Waterboys - We are Jonah
Waterloo - Engines
Watermelon Men - Seven years
Watson Twins - U-N-me
Wave Machines - Carry me back to my home
Waving tree - Nothing on my mind
Wavves - So bored
Wayne - Slow down
Wayne Kramer & The Pink Fairies - The harder they come
WE - Catch électrique
We All Have Hooks For Hands - Better to live than to die
We Are Soldiers We Have Guns - November
We Are The City - There are very tiny beasts in the ground
We Became Actors - On the stereo
We the People - In the past
We The People - Too much noise
We Were Promised Jetpacks - A far cry
We Were Promised Jetpacks - Short bursts (alternate version)
We Were Promised Jetpacks - This is my house, this is my home
We Were Promised Jetpacks - This is my house, this is my home (alternate version)
Weakerthans - (Hospital vespers)
Weakerthans - A new name for everything
Weakerthans - Civil twilight
Weakerthans - Elegy for Elsabet
Weakerthans - Leash
Weakerthans - Pamphleteer
Weakerthans - Plea from a cat named Virtute
Weakerthans - Relative surplus value
Weakerthans - The last last one
Weakerthans - The prescience of dawn
Weakerthans - The reasons
Weakerthans - This is a firedoor, never leave open
Weakerthans - Tournament of hearts
Weakerthans - Uncorrected proofs
Weakerthans - Utilities
Weakerthans - Why does the rain
Weakest Suit - 501
Weakest Suit - Ark of Philadelphia
Weakest Suit - Clause 5, sub-paragraph d)
Weakest Suit - Come down where you ought to be
Weakest Suit - Cost of living
Weakest Suit - Crush
Weakest Suit - Cryptic comment
Weakest Suit - Cute boots
Weakest Suit - Evil April
Weakest Suit - False positive
Weakest Suit - History of my broken heart
Weakest Suit - How beautiful she is
Weakest Suit - Interesting times
Weakest Suit - Late to a funeral
Weakest Suit - Mediocre savior
Weakest Suit - Monkeys on my back
Weakest Suit - Mr. Sandwich
Weakest Suit - Ottoman
Weakest Suit - Ring them bells
Weakest Suit - She already knows
Weakest Suit - So weird
Weakest Suit - Thank God for Memphis
Weakest Suit - Thinkin' about the old days
Weakest Suit - We keep them alive
Weakest Suit - Why so serious?
Weakness - Fame
Weather Prophets - Almost prayed
Weather Prophets - Born inbetween
Weather Prophets - Bury them deep
Weather Prophets - In my room
Weather Prophets - Like Frankie Lymon
Weather Prophets - Sleep
Weather Prophets - Sleeping when the sun comes up
Weather Prophets - Why does the rain
Webster's New Word - You still thrill me, b
Wedding Present - ?.1
Wedding Present - ?.2
Wedding Present - 2, 3, go
Wedding Present - 50s
Wedding Present - A million miles
Wedding Present - A million miles (Peel session)
Wedding Present - All this and more
Wedding Present - Always the quiet one
Wedding Present - American tan
Wedding Present - Anyone can make a mistake
Wedding Present - Bad thing
Wedding Present - Be honest
Wedding Present - Bewitched
Wedding Present - Big boots
Wedding Present - Blonde (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Blue eyes
Wedding Present - Boing! (alternative)
Wedding Present - Boo boo
Wedding Present - Box elder
Wedding Present - Brassneck
Wedding Present - Catwoman
Wedding Present - Click click
Wedding Present - Come play with me
Wedding Present - Come play with me (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Convertible
Wedding Present - Corduroy
Wedding Present - Dalliance (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Dan dare
Wedding Present - Dare
Wedding Present - Don't laugh
Wedding Present - Don't touch that dial [Pacific NorthWest version]
Wedding Present - Everyone thinks he looks daft
Wedding Present - Flying saucer (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Gazebo
Wedding Present - Gazebo (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Give my love to Kevin (live)
Wedding Present - Go, man, go
Wedding Present - Go, man, go (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Gone
Wedding Present - Heather
Wedding Present - Him or me (What's it gony be) (Peel session)
Wedding Present - I lost the monkey
Wedding Present - I'm from further North thab you (Klee remix)
Wedding Present - I'm from further North than you
Wedding Present - I'm not always so stupid
Wedding Present - Interstate 5
Wedding Present - Interstate 5 (acoustic version)
Wedding Present - It's for you
Wedding Present - Kansas
Wedding Present - Let's make some plans
Wedding Present - Live Trabendo 1
Wedding Present - Live Trabendo 2
Wedding Present - Live Trabendo 3
Wedding Present - Live Trabendo 4
Wedding Present - Living and learning
Wedding Present - Love machine
Wedding Present - Make me smile (come up and see me)
Wedding Present - Mars sparkles down on me
Wedding Present - Montreal
Wedding Present - My favourite dress ?
Wedding Present - Niagara
Wedding Present - Niagara (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Nickels and dimes
Wedding Present - No
Wedding Present - Nobody's twisting your arm
Wedding Present - Nothing comes easy
Wedding Present - Octopussy
Wedding Present - Perfect blue
Wedding Present - Pourquoi es-tu devenue si raisonnable?
Wedding Present - Ringway to seatac
Wedding Present - Rotterdam
Wedding Present - Santa Ana winds
Wedding Present - Snapshots
Wedding Present - So long, baby (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Softly softly
Wedding Present - Soup
Wedding Present - Spangle (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Sports car (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Sticky
Wedding Present - Suck
Wedding Present - Swimming pools, movie stars
Wedding Present - Take me!
Wedding Present - The trouble with men
Wedding Present - Think that I might
Wedding Present - This boy can wait
Wedding Present - This boy can wait (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Three
Wedding Present - Unfaithful (Peel session)
Wedding Present - Venus
Wedding Present - What becomes of the broken hearted
Wedding Present - What becomes of the broken hearted? (Peel session)
Wedding Present - What did your last servant die of?
Wedding Present - What have I said now?
Wedding Present - Why are you so reasonable now (Peel session)
Wedding Present - You can't moan, can you?
Wedding Present - You should always keep in touch (live)
Wedding Present - You should always keep in touch with your friends (Peel session)
Weekends - Raingirls
Ween - Baby bitch
Ween - Booze me up (live)
Ween - Buckingham green (live)
Ween - Captain
Ween - Chocolate town
Ween - Cold and wet
Ween - Demon sweat (live)
Ween - Did you see me?
Ween - Dr. Rock
Ween - Exactly where I'm at (live)
Ween - Flutes of Chi
Ween - Frank
Ween - Happy colored marbles (live)
Ween - Homo rainbow (live)
Ween - How high can you fly
Ween - How high can you fly ?
Ween - I don't want it
Ween - I'll miss you
Ween - Ice castles (live)
Ween - It's gonna be a long night
Ween - Loving u thru it all
Ween - Marble tulip juicy tree
Ween - Mister would you please help my pony
Ween - Mutilated lips
Ween - My own bare hands
Ween - Ocean man
Ween - Oh my dear (Falling in love)
Ween - Sarah
Ween - She fucks me
Ween - Sketches of winkle
Ween - Sorry Charlie
Ween - Sorry Charlie (live)
Ween - Stay forever (live)
Ween - The argus
Ween - The stallion pt. 3 (live)
Ween - Transdermal celebration
Ween - Transdermal celebration (lve)
Ween - What Deaner was talkin' about
Weeper - 03_     _    (   _       _     )
Weeper - 05_
Weeper - 07_
Weeper - 08_
Weepies - All this bauty
Weeping Willows - Stairs
Weezer - Across the sea
Weezer - Buddy Holly
Weezer - Can't stop partying
Weezer - Christmas celebrations
Weezer - Crab
Weezer - Death and destruction
Weezer - Devotion
Weezer - Don't let go
Weezer - Dreamin'
Weezer - Falling for you
Weezer - Glorious day
Weezer - Haunt you every day
Weezer - Hold me
Weezer - Holiday
Weezer - In the garage
Weezer - Knock-down drag-out
Weezer - Mad kow (live)
Weezer - Miss Sweeney
Weezer - My name is Jonas
Weezer - Mykel and Carli
Weezer - No one else
Weezer - O girlfriend
Weezer - Only in dreams
Weezer - Only in dreams (demo)
Weezer - Perfect situation
Weezer - Photograph
Weezer - Pink triangle
Weezer - Put me back together
Weezer - Say it ain't so
Weezer - Simple pages
Weezer - Slave
Weezer - Smile
Weezer - Space rock
Weezer - Special goodness
Weezer - Surf wax America
Weezer - Susanne
Weezer - The angel and the one
Weezer - The damage in your heart
Weezer - The greatest man that ever lived (variations on a shaker hymn)
Weezer - The other way
Weezer - The world has turned and left me here
Weezer - Too late to try (live)
Weezer - Tripping down the freeway
Weezer - Undone -- The sweater song (demo)
Weezer - Undone, the sweater song
Weezer - Velouria
Weezy Blumpkin - We were not meant to be
Weird Weeds - Hold me/ Popcorn trees
Weirdos - We got the neutral bomb
Wendy Darlings - El sincero
Wendy Darlings - Eleasy (is my fantasy)
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - 'Scuse me miss Rose
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - A child´s guide to good and evil
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - As the world rises and falls
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Elegant Ellen
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Here´s where you belong
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - High coin
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - I won´t hurt you
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - She belongs to me
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Shifting sands
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Smell of incense
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Transparent day
Westfield Mining Disaster - Clifton bridge song
Westfield Mining Disaster - Everyone's so spiteful in this town (part)
Westfield Mining Disaster - Kentucky blues
Westfield Mining Disaster - Marry Jo, the water's rising
Westfield Mining Disaster - Waiting for Caruso
Weston - La, la, love you
Whatt Four - You're wishin' I was someone else
Wheat - Hey, so long (Ohio)
Wheat - World united already
Wheat Pool - This is it
Wheatus - A little respect
Wheatus - Desperate songs
Wheatus - Hit me with your best shot
Wheatus - Lemonade
Wheatus - Leroy
Wheatus - The truth I tell myself
Wheatus - Who would have thought
When people were shorter and lived near water - I believe
Whigs - 1000 wives
Whigs - Don't talk anymore
Whigs - Hot bed
Whigs - I never want to go home
Whigs - Kill me Carolyne
Whigs - Like a vibration
Whigs - Written invitation
Whiles - Falling stars
Whipped Cream - Wishing
Whispering Smith - Take me back baby
White Flag - Babysitter
White Lies - Death
White Lies - Fifty on our foreheads
White Magic - The light
White Noise - ?
White Rabbits - Company I keep
White Rabbits - Cotillion blues
White Rabbits - Percussion gun
White Rabbits - The lady vanishes
White Rabbits - The salesman (Tramp life)
White Stripes - Boll weevil
White Stripes - Dead leaves and the dirty ground
White Stripes - Fell in love with a girl
White Stripes - Hotel Yorba
White Stripes - I can learn
White Stripes - I can't wait
White Stripes - I think I smell a rat
White Stripes - Jolene
White Stripes - Now Mary
White Stripes - Offend in every way
White Stripes - The same boy you've always known
White Stripes - The union forever
White Stripes - You don't know what love is (you just do as you're told)
Who - A legal matter
Who - Amazing journey
Who - Black widow's eyes
Who - Christmas
Who - Cousin Kevin
Who - Endless wire (extended version)
Who - Faith in something bigger
Who - Glow girl
Who - Go to the mirror!
Who - I'm a boy
Who - Instant party (Circles)
Who - It's not enough
Who - It's not true
Who - Love, reign o'er me
Who - Man with the money
Who - Mary Anne with the shaky hand
Who - Melancholia
Who - Mike Post theme
Who - Much too much
Who - My wife
Who - Naked eye
Who - Overture
Who - Pick up the peace
Who - Run run run
Who - Tattoo
Who - The kids are alright
Who - The punk and the godfather
Who - The seeker
Who - The song is over
Who - Tommy can you hear me
Who - Trick of the light
Who - We're not gonna take it
Who ? - Doctor ?
WhoMadeWho - I lost my voice
Whoozzits - She just might be a boy
Why? - Against me
Why? - Ape in a cage...
Why? - Ape in cage with wire cutters
Why? - Crushed bones
Why? - Darla
Why? - Dirty glass
Why? - Early Whitney
Why? - Fall saddles
Why? - Gemini (birthday song)
Why? - Into the sahdows of my embrace
Why? - Me and the peacoat
Why? - Ob ish
Why? - Our neighbor's daughter
Why? - Rubber traits
Why? - Sanddollars
Why? - Seventeen (1)
Why? - Seventeen (2)
Why? - The hoofs
Why? - This blackest purse
Why? - Whispers into the other
Whyte Seeds - So alone
Wilco - A shot in the arm
Wilco - At least that's what you said
Wilco - Blue eyed soul
Wilco - Box full of letters (1)
Wilco - Box full of letters (2)
Wilco - Burned
Wilco - California stars
Wilco - Candyfloss (alternate version)
Wilco - ELT (king size demo)
Wilco - Hell is chrome
Wilco - Hotel Arizona
Wilco - I am not willin'
Wilco - I got you (at the end of the century)
Wilco - I must be high
Wilco - I'm a wheel
Wilco - I'm always in love
Wilco - I'm always in love (live)
Wilco - I'm the man who loves you
Wilco - Impossible Germany
Wilco - Misunderstood
Wilco - Passenger side
Wilco - Pick up the change
Wilco - Red eyed & blue
Wilco - Side with the seeds
Wilco - Someone else's song
Wilco - Spiders (Kidsmoke)
Wilco - The late greats
Wilco - Too far apart
Wilco - Wilco (the song)
Wilco & Billy Bragg - All you fascists
Wilco & Billy Bragg - Remember the mountain bed
Wilco & Billy Bragg - Secrets of the sea
Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire - Santa Claus
Wild light - California on my mind
Wild Light - Ellen save our energy
Wildlife - Little darling
Wildlife - Where do you go?
Wildlife - Yours and mine
Wilko - Spiders
Will Oldham - Jolly fire
Will-O-Bees - Shades of gray
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Breach
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Bring it down
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Child's prayer
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Crush
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Morning is the end of the day
Willard Grant Conspiracy - St John Street
Willard Grant Conspiracy - The ghost of the girl in the well
Willard Grant Conspiracy - The suffering song
Willard Grant Conspiracy - The visitor
William Parsons Project - All tan
William Penn V - Swami
Willowz - All I need
Willowz - Blind story
Willowz - Break your back
Willowz - Cons & tricks
Willowz - Dead ears
Willowz - Destruction
Willowz - End Song
Willowz - Everyone
Willowz - Evil son
Willowz - I know
Willowz - Keep on looking
Willowz - Lock me out
Willowz - Making certain
Willowz - Nobody
Willowz - Siren song
Willowz - Something
Willowz - Take a look around
Willowz - Twenty five
Willowz - Waiting to fall
Willowz - Wake up
Willowz - Way it seems
Willowz - We can die now - Equation 6
Willowz - What's wrong is right
Wilmer X - Gå hela vägen
Wily Willy - White trash...
Wimple winch - Bluebell wood
Wimple winch - Save my soul
Windmills - Across the playing fields
Windmills - As if
Windmills - Bad luck charm
Windmills - Be groovy or leave
Windmills - Beach girls 1918
Windmills - Boxing gloves
Windmills - Edge of August
Windmills - Gift
Windmills - Snow white
Windmills - Something Spring
Windmills - Striking out on our own
Windmills - Summer snow
Windmills - Taxi fare
Windmills - Tired and emotional
Windmills - Unkiss
Windmills - Untouch
Windmills - Walking around the world
Windmills - When it was winter
Windom Earle - Eight months
Windom Earle - Get down
Windom Earle - Kitten vs Pegasus
Windom Earle - Sound card
Windom Earle - Trampoline girl
Winetree - Back in town
Winkler Method - Fire crackers
Winter Hours - 4th time around
Winter Pageant - Identical
Winter Sounds - Trophy wife
Winter Vacation - Kate
Winter Vacation - Little Liam
Wintergreen - Drag the sheets
Wintergreen - Ebb & flow
Wintergreen - Sink and tow
Wintergreen - Someday
Wintergreen - Stay
Wintergreen - Wait for Summer
Winterpills - A folded cloth
Winterpills - Broken arm
Winterpills - Hide me
Winterpills - I bear witness
Winterpills - Lay your heartbreak
Winterpills - Take away the words
Winterpills - Want the want
Wipers - All the same
Wipers - Be there
Wipers - Don't belong to you
Wipers - Don't know what I am
Wipers - Doom town
Wipers - Fair weather friends
Wipers - Goodbye again
Wipers - Image of man
Wipers - Is this real
Wipers - Just a dream away
Wipers - Messenger
Wipers - Misfit
Wipers - Next time
Wipers - No doubt about it
Wipers - No generation gap
Wipers - Nothing left to lose
Wipers - So young
Wipers - Taking too long
Wipers - Way of love
Wire - ?.1
Wire - ?.2
Wire - A mutual friend
Wire - Champs
Wire - Dot dash
Wire - Ex lion tamer
Wire - Feeling called love
Wire - Fragile
Wire - French fiilm blurred
Wire - Indirect enquiries (Peel session)
Wire - Marooned
Wire - Mercy
Wire - Mr Suit
Wire - Outdoor miner
Wire - Pink flag
Wire - Reuters
Wire - Sand in my joints
Wire - The 15th
Wire - The commercial
Wire - The other window
Wire - Too late
Wire - Used to
Wire train - Home
Wiretree - Big coat
Wiretree - Don't need it
Wiretree - Dragon cigarette
Wiretree - Feel me
Wiretree - Secret law
Wiretree - Summercity
Wiretree - Travelin' on
Wiretree - Whirl
Wishbone Ash - Ballad of the beacon
Wishbone Ash - Ballad of the beacon (live)
Wishbone Ash - Blowin' free
Wishbone Ash - Blowin' free (live 2)
Wishbone Ash - Blowin' free (live)
Wishbone Ash - Errors of my way
Wishbone Ash - Everybody needs a friend
Wishbone Ash - Jail bait
Wishbone Ash - Jail bait (live)
Wishbone Ash - King will come
Wishbone Ash - Living proof
Wishbone Ash - Loose change
Wishbone Ash - Persephone
Wishbone Ash - Ships in the sky
Wishbone Ash - Silver shoes
Wishbone Ash - Sometime world
Wishbone Ash - Sorrel
Wishbone Ash - Throw down the sword
Wishbone Ash - Time was
Wishbone Ash - Valediction
Witch Will - Trip on havana
A Witness In The Noise - Armament
Wolf Parade - Language city
Wolfhounds - Cut the cake
Wolfhounds - Happy shopper
Wolfhounds - Lost but happy
Wolfhounds - Magic triggers
Wonderful World - Angry all over
Woodpidgeon - Chorus of wolves
Worldy Self-assurance - Late to a funeral
Would-Be-Goods - Bluebeard
Would-Be-Goods - Elegant rascals
Would-Be-Goods - Fancy man
Would-Be-Goods - Flashman
Would-Be-Goods - I broke the spell
Would-Be-Goods - Le crocodile
Would-Be-Goods - Miss La-di-dah
Would-Be-Goods - Pantomime devil
Would-Be-Goods - What Adam and Eve did next
Would-be's - I'm hardly ever wrong
Wounded Buffalo Theory - Atlas dropped the planets
Wounded Buffalo Theory - Bodies
Wounded Buffalo Theory - Bottom of the world (part)
Wounded Buffalo Theory - Didn't go outside
Wounded Buffalo Theory - Gutenberg II
Woven Hand - Aeolian Harp (Underworld)
Woven Hand - Bible and brd
Woven Hand - Dirty blue
Woven Hand - Glass eye
Woven Hand - My Russia
Woven Hand - Sparrow falls
Woven Hand - Swedish purse
Woven Hand - The way
Woven Hand - White bird
Woven Hand - Wooden Bbother
Woven Hand - Your Russia
Woven Hand - Your Russia (Dance without arms)
Wqarmer Milks - The friends
WreckdoM - Come a hellin'
WreckdoM - For the time being
WreckdoM - otw
Wreckless Eric - Harry's flat
Wreckless Eric - I wish it would rain
Wreckless Eric - Personal hygiene
Wreckless Eric - Take the cash (K.A.S.H)
Wreckless Eric - The final taxi
Wreckless Eric - There isn't anything else
Wreckless Eric - Veronica
Wreckless Eric - Walking on the surface of the moon
Wreckless Eric - Waxworks
Wreckless Eric - Whole wide world
Wrens - 13 months in 6 minutes
Wrens - Boys, you won't
Wrens - Ex-girl collection
Wrens - Hopeless
Wrens - This boy is exhausted
Wry - Bitter breakfast
Wry - Come and fall
Wry - Different from me
Wry - Don't you ever call on my name again
Wry - In the hell of my head
Wry - Some candy talking
Wussy - Airborne
Wussy - Rigor mortis
Wye Oak - Family glue
Wye Oak - For prayer
Wye Oak - I don't feel young
Wye Oak - I hope you die
Wye Oak - If children were wishes
Wye Oak - Keeping company
Wye Oak - Mary is Mary
Wye Oak - Milk and honey
Wye Oak - Obituary
Wye Oak - Orchard fair
Wye Oak - Please concrete
Wye Oak - Take it in
Wye Oak - Tattoo
Wye Oak - Warning
X - ?.1
X - All or nothing
X - Around my heart (live)
X - Because I do
X - Dancing with tears in my eyes
X - Drunk in my past
X - Hot house
X - In this house that I call home
X - Into the light
X - Make the music go bang
X - Motel rom in my bed
X - Nausea
X - New world (demo]
X - Real child of hell [remix outtake]
X - Riding with Mary (single mix)
X - Some other time
X - Soul kitchen
X - Surprise, surprise
X - The Call of the wreckin' ball (live)
X - The have nots
X - The hungry wolf
X - The new world
X - The new world (live)
X - The once over twice
X - The once over twice (live)
X - True love
X - Under the big black sun
X - Unheard music (live)
X - Universal corner
X - We're having much more fun
X - White girl
X - Wild thing (single edit)
X - Year 1 (live)
X - You
X Japan - Rusty nail (instrumental)
X Syndicate? - ?
Xast - Alright
Xenon Light - Video night
Xiu House Rocks - Field day
Xutos & Pontapés -
Xutos & Pontapés - Aí se ele caí
Xutos & Pontapés - Dá um mergulho
Xutos & Pontapés - Diz-me
Xutos & Pontapés - Faixa 1
Xutos & Pontapés - Falhas
Xutos & Pontapés - Fim de semana
Xutos & Pontapés - Futuro que era brilhante
Xutos & Pontapés - Há qualquer coisa
Xutos & Pontapés - O falcão
Xutos & Pontapés - O mundo ao contrario
Xutos & Pontapés - OP 53 (O vento)
Xutos & Pontapés - Para sempre
Xutos & Pontapés - Perfeito vazio
Xutos & Pontapés - Sémen
Xutos & Pontapés - Superjacto
Xutos & Pontapés - Viuvinha
XX - Crystalised
Yardbirds - Evil hearted you
Yardbirds - For your love
Yardbirds - Good morning little schoolgirl
Yardbirds - Heart full of soul
Yardbirds - Jeff´s blues (bonus)
Yardbirds - Jeff's blues
Yardbirds - Shapes of things
Yardbirds - Stroll on
Yardbirds - The nazz are blue
Yardbirds - Too much monkey business
Yardbirds - You're a better man than I
Yaruss - Soft orange glow
Yeah Yeah Noh - The superimposed man
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Clap song
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Dull life
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Little shadow
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Turn into
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Way out
Years Around the Sun - Align
Yeh Yeh - Does it look like rain?
Yellow Fever - Reprise
Yellow Moon Band - Domini
Yellow Tricycle - Yellow tricycle
Yellowcard - Everywhere
YellowFever - Alice
Yellowstone - No volvere a caer
YelowFever - Psychedelic
Yelowfinn - Johnny wild
Yes Pleases - 70%
Yes Pleases - Don't say we're there yet
Yes Pleases - Get if off
Yes Pleases - Successful face transplant
Yes Pleases - Sunni side up
Yes Pleases - Weekend of winning
Yesa Damen - Whoa!
Yesterday's Children - ?
Yeti Lane - Speed me up
Yngwie J. Malmsteem - Black star
Yo La engo - Little eyes
Yo La Tengo - ?.1
Yo La Tengo - ?.2
Yo La Tengo - (The) farmer's daughter
Yo La Tengo - 20th century boy
Yo La Tengo - A house is not a motel
Yo La Tengo - All tomorrows parties
Yo La Tengo - Alrock's bells
Yo La Tengo - Always something
Yo La Tengo - Andalucia
Yo La Tengo - Artificial heart
Yo La Tengo - Ashes on the ground
Yo La Tengo - Autumn sweater
Yo La Tengo - Baby's on fire
Yo La Tengo - Bang a gong (Get it on) (live)
Yo La Tengo - Barnaby, hardly working (1)
Yo La Tengo - Barnaby, hardly working (2)
Yo La Tengo - Barstol blues
Yo La Tengo - Barstool blues
Yo La Tengo - Baseball Altamont
Yo La Tengo - Beach party tonight
Yo La Tengo - Big ay coming
Yo La Tengo - Big sky
Yo La Tengo - Black hole
Yo La Tengo - Blue Line swinger
Yo La Tengo - Blue-green arrow
Yo La Tengo - By the time it gets dark
Yo La Tengo - Captain Lou
Yo La Tengo - Cast a shadow
Yo La Tengo - Cheese and onions (live)
Yo La Tengo - Cherry chaps…
Yo La Tengo - Cherry chapstick
Yo La Tengo - Closing time
Yo La Tengo - Clunk
Yo La Tengo - Deeper into movies
Yo La Tengo - Demons
Yo La Tengo - Detouring America with horns
Yo La Tengo - Did I tell you
Yo La Tengo - Did I tell you (1)
Yo La Tengo - Do ya (live) (1)
Yo La Tengo - Do ya (live) (2)
Yo La Tengo - Don't say a word (hot chicken #2)
Yo La Tengo - Double dare
Yo La Tengo - Dreams
Yo La Tengo - Drug test
Yo La Tengo - Enough
Yo La Tengo - Evanescent psychic pez drop
Yo La Tengo - Fa ce la
Yo La Tengo - Feisty millionaire fills potholes with hundred-dollar bills
Yo La Tengo - Five years
Yo La Tengo - Five-coornered drone (crispy duck)
Yo La Tengo - For shame of doing wrong (slide version)
Yo La Tengo - From a motel 6 #1
Yo La Tengo - Game time
Yo La Tengo - Getting older (live)
Yo La Tengo - Hanky panky nohow
Yo La Tengo - How much I've lied
Yo La Tengo - Hyas and stenorhynchus
Yo La Tengo - I heard you looking
Yo La Tengo - I should have known better
Yo La Tengo - I threw it all away
Yo La Tengo - I wanna destroy you (live)
Yo La Tengo - I'm set free
Yo La Tengo - It's Christmas time
Yo La Tengo - Leaving home (alternate version)
Yo La Tengo - Let's compromise
Yo La Tengo - Little Honda
Yo La Tengo - Living in the country
Yo La Tengo - Lost In bessemer
Yo La Tengo - Minnesota man claims monkey bowled perfect game
Yo La Tengo - More stars than they are in heaven
Yo La Tengo - Moving in your sleep
Yo La Tengo - Mushroom cloud of hiss
Yo La Tengo - No water
Yo La Tengo - Nothing to hide
Yo La Tengo - Nowhere near
Yo La Tengo - Nutricia
Yo La Tengo - Od's children (live)
Yo La Tengo - Oh! sweet nuthin'
Yo La Tengo - One PM again
Yo La Tengo - One self: fish girl
Yo La Tengo - Outsmertener
Yo La Tengo - Pablo and Andrea
Yo La Tengo - Pass the hatchet, I think I'm goodkind
Yo La Tengo - Paul is dead
Yo La Tengo - Pencil test
Yo La Tengo - Return to hot chicken
Yo La Tengo - Roadrunner
Yo La Tengo - Rock'n'roll Santa
Yo La Tengo - Shaker
Yo La Tengo - Solitary man (live)
Yo La Tengo - Some kinda fatigue (1)
Yo La Tengo - Some kinda fatigue (2)
Yo La Tengo - Somebody's baby
Yo La Tengo - Speeding motorcycle
Yo La Tengo - Starry eyes (live)
Yo La Tengo - Sudden organ
Yo La Tengo - Sudden organ (live)
Yo La Tengo - Sugarcube
Yo La Tengo - Sunsquashed
Yo La Tengo - Superstar-watcher
Yo La Tengo - Sweet dreams (are made of this)
Yo La Tengo - Swing for life
Yo La Tengo - Take care
Yo La Tengo - Tangled up in blue
Yo La Tengo - Tears are in your eyes
Yo La Tengo - Texas man abducted by aliens for outer space joy ride
Yo La Tengo - The ballad of the red buckets
Yo La Tengo - The cone of silence
Yo La Tengo - The door into summer (live)
Yo La Tengo - The empty pool
Yo La Tengo - The evil that men do
Yo La Tengo - The evil that men do (Craig's version)
Yo La Tengo - The evil that men do (Pablo's version)
Yo La Tengo - The hour grows late
Yo La Tengo - The lie and how we told it
Yo La Tengo - The love life of the octopus (part)
Yo La Tengo - The pain of pain
Yo La Tengo - The race is on again
Yo La Tengo - The river of water
Yo La Tengo - The story of jazz
Yo La Tengo - The story of Yo La Tengo
Yo La Tengo - Today is the day
Yo La Tengo - Too late
Yo La Tengo - Up to you
Yo La Tengo - Upside-down (1)
Yo La Tengo - Upside-down (2)
Yo La Tengo - Walking away from you
Yo La Tengo - We're an American band
Yo La Tengo - Weather shy
Yo La Tengo - Werewolves of London
Yo La Tengo - What she wants
Yo La Tengo - What's so funny bout
Yo La Tengo - Worrying thing
Yo La Tengo - You can have it all
Yo La Tengo - You tore me down
Yo La Tengo ? - ?
Yo La Tengo & David Grubbs - Chords of fame
You Am I - Berlin chair
Young Bloods - Darkness
Young Fresh Fellows - O little town of Bethlehem
Young Knives - The decision
Young Veins - Cape Town
Young Veins - Change
Young Veins - Lie to the truth
Young Veins - Take a vacation!
(Young) Pioneers - We ain't even married
The - Your cheatin' heart
Your Money Wasted - Nothing day
Youth Group - Baby body
Youth Group - Catching & killing
Youth Group - Daisychains
Youth Group - Dead zoo
Youth Group - Forever young
Youth Group - Last quarter
Youth Group - Let it go
Youth Group - Lillian lies
Youth Group - One for another
Youth Group - Piece of wood
Youth Group - See-saw
Youth Group - Shadowland
Youth Group - Sicily
Youth Group - Skeleton jar
Youth Group - Someone else's dream
Youth Group - Sorry
Youth Group - The destruction of Laurel Canyon
Youth Group - The Frankston line
Youth Group - Under the underpass
Youth Group - What is a life?
Youth Group - Why don't the buildings cry?
Yules - Carry on
Yummy Hangover - Lucky man
Yums Yums - Blame it on Suzie
Yvonne - Dirt
Yvonne - Modern love
Zakary Thaks - Face to face
Zealous 1 featuring Dark Heart - Glutton
Zebra - You look ready
Zeptepi - The end
Zero Degré - Par temps de neige
Zero Effect - Not like that
Zero Effect with Maya - We are perfect in our dreams
Zeros - Don´t push me around
Zézé Mago - 7ème jour
Zincs - Head East Kaspar
Zipline - Ark of Philadelphia
Zipline Sucks - 501
Zipper - A good man
Zipper - Former friends
Zipps - Kicks & chicks
Zolar X - Jet star 19
Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer - Death or radio
Zombies - Blue
Zombies - Hung up on a dream
Zona Negativa - Bizcochino
Zoot - Eleanor Rigby
Zuckerbaby - Blindside
Zuckerbaby - Century
Zutons - Always right behind you
Zutons - Harder and harder
Zwan - River view (Peel session)
3 Johns - Death of the European
3ColorNegative - A lovely friend
3ColorNegative - All we have (demo)
3ColorNegative - Especially you
3ColorNegative - Everything to me
3ColorNegative - Perfect/worthless
3ColorNegative - Softly to my arms
3ColorNegative - Splendid ending
3ColorNegative - Stand by yourself
3Ds - Beautiful things
3Ds - Dreams of Herge
3Ds - Philadelphia rising
3Ds - The young and the restless
4 Skins - Plastic gangster
4gazm - Walk like me
5 Am Event - Hungry's - In the subway
6 7/8 - Everybody's got a home but me
7 Seconds - Big hardcore mystery
7 Seconds - Still on it
7 Seconds - You parents hardcore
10 Thousand Women Me ? - ?
10 Years - Beautiful
10 Years - Focus
10ft Baby - Havana affair
13 Ghosts - Photographs
13th Floor Elevators - Don't fall down
13th Floor Elevators - Down by the river
13th Floor Elevators - Rose and the thorn
13th Floor Elevators - With you
13th Floor Elevators - You don't know
14 Iced Bears - Come get me
14 Iced Bears - Cut
14 Iced Bears - Hay fever
14 Iced Bears - If I said
14 Iced Bears - Inside
14 Iced Bears - Miles away
14 Iced Bears - Spangle
14 Iced Bears - Sure to see
15-16 Puzzle - Cemetery
15-16 Puzzle - Firebomb
15-16 Puzzle - Grandfather sword
15-16 Puzzle - Imagine
15-16 Puzzle - Last date
15-16 Puzzle - That's not what I need
16-Bits - Destino: conformismo
18th Dye - Soft the gard way
21 Tandem Repeats - Heidi stopover
21 Tandem Repeats - Hey rock's living room
21 Tandem Repeats - Summertime will end when it's over
22-20s - 4th floor
22-20s - hoot your gun
22-20s - I'm the one
22-20s - Let it go
22-20s - Shake, shiver, and moan
22-20s - The things that lovers do
28th Day - 25 pills
28th Day - Burnsite
28th Day - I'm only asking
28th Day - Life story
28th Day - Pages turn
32-Bit Handhelds - Don't feel #0000ff (demo)
60ft Dolls - I want you
60ft Dolls - Loser
68 Comeback - Chantilly rock
69 Charger - Rubbernecking
101ers - Keys to your heart [v.1]
360's - Hang it up
500 miles to Memphis - Sunshine in a shotglass
747s - Night & day
999 - Biggest prize in sport
999 - Boys in the gang
999 - Bye bye England
999 - Crazy
999 - Fun thing
999 - No pity
1900's - Bring the good boys home
1986 - Holiday
2000 teens - ?
Cannanes - Clean forgot

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