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									 W o rk i ng f or t h e a d v a n c e me n t o f No r th br i dg e s i n c e 1 9 1 9                                   February 2010 Circulation 2650

Northbridge Park proposals to be debated
The many changes proposed by Council in                             lighting; and widen the use of the Oval       two levels of undercover parking;
its draft Masterplan for the northern section                       to sports other than football and          • Retain the present Library building in
of Northbridge Park (along Sailors Bay Rd                           cricket;                                      the short term as an extension to the
from Northbridge Public School to the                           •   Modify the northern portion of the 1st        OOSH child care facility but demolish
Men’s Shed) will be discussed at an NPA                             fairway of the golf course to include         it in the long term; and
meeting in Northbridge on February 24.                              two training fields with lights;           • Improve the access, aesthetic,
Council’s report says there is “strong and                      •   Partially fence the BMX track and             biodiversity and sustainability of
growing demand/competition for access to                            develop an adventure play area for            Northbridge Park.
all the available recreational spaces and                           youth;                                     The draft Masterplan will be on exhibition
ancillary facilities within the Park”.                          •   Replace the tennis courts with a basket-   until March 3, 2010. Interested residents
Among the Masterplan’s main                                         ball court and handball practice area;     can inspect the plan at Northbridge
recommendations are to:                                         •   Construct a new community recreation       Library, the Golf Club or Council offices
• Convert Northbridge Oval to a full                                area over the existing Golf Club car       and should make submissions direct to
    synthetic grass sports field; upgrade the                       park, to include a sports hall, cafe and   Council by that date.

Community anger over Suspension Bridge safety fence
                                                                Residents showed their anger and frustration at a big meeting on December 17 when RTA
                                                                officials told them that the RTA’s design for a safety fence on the Suspension Bridge had
                                                                already been decided and that “negotiation of the design was not on the table”.
                                                                The safety fence is planned to prevent suicides from the Suspension Bridge following a
                                                                Coroner’s recommendation in April 2008 that action be taken. Between 1995 and 2007,
                                                                there had been six suicides from the bridge and four attempts.
                                                                   The RTA’s design is a curved palisade fence fastened to the outside of the existing
                                                                balustrades. It will be two metres higher than the balustrade. Construction will commence
                                                                on February 22 and last three months. Work will take place at night using a crane.
                                                                   More than 100 residents of Willoughby and North Sydney Council areas attended the
                                                                information meeting in St Marks Hall, though several walked out when they heard that
                                                                RTA had already made a decision.
                                                                   “There is no excuse for the RTA not consulting with the community,” local State MP
                                                                Gladys Berejiklian said. “The RTA has not accepted the value of the Suspension Bridge
A section of the RTA’s prototype panels for the
curved palisade safety fence for the Suspension                 to the community and has totally ignored them. It’s just not acceptable.”
Bridge.                                                                                                                                Continued on page 6

                                                                                  Do you care what happens
                                                                                      to Northbridge?
                                                                         Come along to the General Meeting of Northbridge Progress
3     Nursing home for Northbridge                                        Association to be held at 8pm on Wednesday, February 24
5     Flooding in Northbridge?                                                         at St Marks Hall, Malacoota Rd.
6     Library opening soon
7     Councillor’s viewpoint                                                                     Guest speakers:
9     Citizen of the Year                                                           Julie Whitfield, Willoughby City Council:
10    The great 1938 mystery                                                        “The Northbridge Park draft Masterplan”
The opinions expressed in articles, letters and contributions                    Sue Francis, for Pathways Health Management:
published in The 202 do not necessarily reflect the
opinions of the Northbridge Progress Association or its                                “A nursing home for Northbridge”
officers. While all possible care is taken to be accurate, no
responsibility whatsoever will be taken by the Northbridge              Our three Ward Councillors have been invited. Visitors are welcome.
Progress Association, typesetters or printers.
                                                                                   Refreshments will be served after the meeting.
 General meetings: 8pm on Wednesdays: February 24, May 12, July 21, September 29, December 8 (AGM), 2010
 Deadline for The 202: Ads and contributions: Mondays April 5, June 21, August 30, November 8, 2010
                                                                                    President’s report for 2009
                                                                                                                          As we start a New Year, I look forward to another active time for
                                                                                                                          NPA. We will keep striving to prevent overdevelopment in our
                                                                                                                          beautiful suburb and to preserve our bushland and recreational
                                                                                                                          areas. We already have a list of Northbridge issues, among them
                                                                                                                          a new car wash proposal, recommended changes to Northbridge
                                                                                                                          Park, and a big nursing home proposal. The Suspension Bridge
                                                                                                                          safety fence, the Northbridge Hotel alterations and the Cliff Ave
                                                                                                                          units proposal remain controversial for many residents and will
                                                                                                                          continue to receive NPA’s attention. No doubt other community
                   ABN 733 956 702                                                                                        concerns – big and small – will emerge during the year.
                     P O Box 357                                                    Suspension Bridge safety barriers go ahead
                   Northbridge 2063
                                                                                    More than 100 residents met on December 17 to hear RTA representatives tell us that
                                                  RTA had already decided on its preferred design for a safety fence for the Suspension
                                                                                    Bridge (see front page). By the time you read this, construction may have commenced.
                                                                                    As with many community issues, our dissatisfaction with RTA is not so much with its
               Peter McNair : 9958 7670                                             selected design; our overwhelming frustration is that the community was not consulted
                 Vice Presidents                                                    in a meaningful way and does not feel involved with a decision which affects all of us
                Ron Hicks : 9958 8765                                               who drive or walk over the splendid bridge.
             John Lightfoot : 9958 0028
                                                                                    Awards for Northbridge residents
                    Secretary                                                       I’m delighted that recent nominations for awards for Northbridge residents were
               Malcolm Lye : 9958 7566                                              successful. In December, the Hon Joe Hockey MP presented a North Sydney Community
                     Treasurer                                                      Award to Tony Clifford, who was nominated by NPA. The award recognised Tony’s role in
                Pam Clifford : 9958 0529                                            establishing the Men’s Shed in Northbridge, his important contribution to a Northbridge
                                                                                    Rotary Club project in East Timor and his long association with the Hunters Hill Theatre.
          Committee members                                                            NPA Vice President Ron Hicks also received an award from Mr Hockey for his
           John Becroft : 9958 6436                                                 substantial contribution to Crows Nest Centre Computer Club. Ron was nominated by
        Grant Sheldon : 9958 5510                                                   the club.
   Stewart Truswell AO : 9958 1294                                                     On Australia Day, Martin McCurrich, who was jointly nominated by NPA and
              Federation delegate                                                   Northbridge Rotary Club, received the prestigious Willoughby Citizen of the Year award
          Jenny Roxburgh : 9958 3674                                                from Mayor Pat Reilly. The award recognised Martin’s role as a Councillor, his business
                                                                                    career and his important contributions to several Northbridge organisations (see page 9).
               Public Officer
        Peter McLachlan : 9958 2213                                                 NPA Committee for 2010
                The 202 Editor                                                      I’m pleased (and relieved!) that, at NPA’s Annual General Meeting in December, the
               Penny Lye : 9958 7566                                                2009 Committee members were all re-elected for the 2010 year. The Committee
             (with Malcolm Lye)                                                     represents a mix of ages, skills and experience and I’m indeed fortunate to have their
         Email                                                 support. We’re all volunteers, as are the two key honorary positions of Public Officer
                                                                                    (Peter McLachlan) and Auditor (Michael Ball). My thanks to all of them.
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                Robin Phelan & Associates
                                                                                    NPA’s membership at the end of 2009 was its highest in 90 years. However, the figure
                                                                                    represents only about 15% of Northbridge households and we would be grateful for
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February 2010                                                                                                                                       3

Nursing home for Northbridge?
                                                                                                     the Willoughby Paddocks (now named
                                                                                                     Market Garden) site with an aged care
                                                                                                       NPA’s preliminary comments to the
                                                                                                     developer were that potential concerns
                                                                                                     could be traffic generation from the
                                                                                                     facility; the three storey height on Sailors
                                                                                                     Bay Rd; the impact on amenity of
                                                                                                     neighbours, particularly on the semi-
                                                                                                     detached houses at 164-166 Sailors Bay
                                                                                                     Rd; the appearance of the facility on the
                                                                                                     Baringa Rd streetscape; and the impact
                                                                                                     on local business due to potential loss of
A major nursing home is planned on the sites of these three houses on Sailors Bay Rd and the three
                                                                                                     parking spaces in Sailors Bay Rd.
Baringa Rd houses behind them.
                                                                                                       Sue Francis will be speaking about the
A new 116 bed nursing home is planned for development in Northbridge on six                          project at NPA’s general meeting on
contiguous blocks of land currently occupied by houses. If approved, the facility would              February 24 and members of the project
front onto both Sailors Bay and Baringa Rds but the only vehicular entry and exit would              team will be available for questions.
be a new two-lane driveway directly opposite the Euroka St roundabout.
   As The 202 went to the printer, Council had notified a Development Application for
the nursing home and also agreed to an extension to the closing date for comments to
March 1.                                                                                             Cliff Ave units again refused
   The development would include 30 low care hostel beds and 86 high care beds but                   At its meeting in early December, Council
no independent living units. The assessing authority for the DA will be Council, which               unanimously rejected a developer’s
will be guided by the relevant State planning guidelines. However, because the                       amended plans for 14 seniors’ units on
development would cost more than $10 million, the determining authority will not be                  two blocks of land in Cliff Ave near the
Council but Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel.                                               Suspension Bridge. Council had previously
   The Sailors Bay Rd frontage is planned to be three storeys high with the first two                refused an application by the same
storeys set back to the existing building alignment and the third storey further set back.           developer for eight units on the site.
The Baringa Rd frontage will be two storeys high, set back to the existing building                    The decision is subject to an Appeal in
alignment.                                                                                           the Land & Environment Court. A further
   At peak morning and afternoon times the facility would generate 15 vehicle                        hearing is set down for February 22-24.
movements per hour. There would be 31 parking places under the building.                             Local residents and NPA have strongly
   In the past, NPA has advocated additional aged care facilities in or near Northbridge             objected to the proposal on several
and tried unsuccessfully to persuade Council and State Government to develop part of                 grounds.

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                                                                                                            Phone 9938 4377
                                                                                                                 Showroom / Factory
                                                                                                          1/9 Powells Rd Brookvale 2100
4                                                                                                                         February 2010

Where does it stop?                             Crazy to replace tennis courts
I believe NPA should oppose any safety          I see in the December issue of The 202 that Council wants to replace the tennis courts in
barrier on the Suspension Bridge. Singling      Northbridge Park with “a basketball court and handball practice area”.
out the bridge is inappropriate as it has          The NPA should object. Basketball is a worthy recreation and handball is probably
not featured in a large number of suicides.     interesting to kids but to replace the tennis courts is a bit crazy.
The Coroner's suggestion about a fence             Australia has already seen too many courts ripped up. Tennis Australia and most tennis
seems to have been as much about                supporters believe this is a significant cause of the decline in tennis in Australia. Instead,
protecting any innocent person below the        Council should be getting behind tennis by providing some shelter and possibly tennis
bridge should someone jump. If safety of        lessons at Northbridge to attract young local players back to the game. Basketball and
the people in the park is a concern, a          handball can be supported by building more facilities if there is a demand, not by
short covered area could be installed in        eliminating tennis.                                                              Trevor Duff
the park below the bridge – much cheaper
than bridgeworks.                               Leave our tennis courts alone!
   I have had three people in my extended
                                                I read in the December issue of The 202 that Council is proposing to replace the tennis
family commit suicide, as well as two
                                                courts at Northbridge Park. Certainly there is room for a lot of improvement in that
business associates in the last year.
                                                public area but it would be a retrograde step to remove the tennis facilities as part of
   Where does all this stop? Do we erect
                                                that work. There are very few public tennis courts around this area – indeed almost
fences along beaches every night in case
                                                anywhere – which, given the long wonderful history of tennis in Australia and the
some inebriated person goes for a
                                                suitable climate in Sydney for playing the game, is a national tragedy.
midnight swim and gets into difficulties?
                                                   By way of comparison, basketball has very little tradition and comparatively few
Do we erect cushioning around posts
                                                players in Australia and handball is a game mainly played by children in primary
and trees on country roads so young
drivers don’t get killed? Do we have all
                                                   I’m sure this senseless proposal will not be supported by the majority of local residents
train drivers travel at 15kph to allow them
                                                during the current exhibition and consultation period of the draft Masterplan. If the
to stop to avoid suicides?
                                                Masterplan must include the new facilities, make room for them in the expansive space
   People will continue to commit suicide
                                                available, but please leave the popular tennis courts alone!
when and how they choose. It may no                                                                                      Brian Chittenden
longer be from that bridge if the barricades
go up, but it will continue. Barricades and     That red building
guards are a crazy imposition on this           Ian Foster (“Amazed” in The 202, December issue) misses the point. I too like bright
community. The money spent on guards            colours. However, Council gave the developers a palette of colours from which to
and fences should be spent on health or         choose as just one of the conditions of the DA. Red was not one of those colours.
other higher priority issues.                     There is a formal process of approval by Council that sets out strict guidelines that
                               Julie Denovan    should be respected by developers, architects and builders. If these guidelines and
                                                conditions of approval are disregarded and flouted then, at best, it makes a mockery
                                                of even having guidelines and, at worst, sends out a signal to all developers that
                                                anything goes.
                Write to us                       And for this reason alone, they should be made to repaint the building.
      The 202 is a community newsletter
                                                                                                                             Freda Banner
    and we welcome letters from residents
    about local issues. We do not publish       Thanks to NPA
     anonymous letters. Letters should be
                                                In mid-December, the RTA agreed to a Community Meeting to discuss proposed anti-
      sent to The 202 editors by email to
 or to            suicide fencing on the Suspension Bridge. The snag was that the meeting was to be held
       PO Box 357, Northbridge 2063.            in a week’s time, one week out from Christmas. I want to personally thank the
         Your letters should be concise         Northbridge Progress Association and its committee for their support with hosting this
       (preferably less than 250 words).        event, which included coordinating the hall, catering and publicity. Over 100 residents
      Please include your email address         attended the meeting, finally giving them an opportunity to let the RTA know the depth
     or phone number as we may need to          of their anger about the proposed fencing and their concern about depression in our
     edit letters to fit the space available.   community. This would not have been possible without the support of the NPA.
                                                Thank you!
                                                                                                                    Cr Gail Giles-Gidney

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February 2010                                                                                                                           5

Flooding in Northbridge?                                                                     Another car wash proposal
                                                              Almost 180 Northbridge         Council is assessing a Development
                                                              houses have been               Application from Crystal Car Wash for a
                                                              identified by Council as       new car wash facility on the vacant site
                                                              “at risk of flooding from      on the corner of Sailors Bay Rd and
                                                              storm events with equal to     Eastern Valley Way. The previous DA
                                                              or greater than a 1 in 100     was submitted in 2006 by Vahivi Pty Ltd,
                                                              year flooding”. The houses     but apparently it has since sold the site
                                                              will be subject to Council’s   to Crystal.
                                                              special Floodplan                 The closing date for comments on the
                                                              Management development         new DA was February 1.
                                                              controls. NPA understands         NPA has submitted an objection based
                                                              that Council has notified      on the site being zoned Residential 2(a).
                                                              the owners of all the          NPA claimed that any commercial use,
                                                              affected properties.           such as the car wash, should be
                                                                 Council has two main        prohibited. NPA’s submission said that in
                                                              categories for flooding of     so far as the new owner of the site is
                                                              properties in Willoughby.      relying on “existing use rights”, it is noted
The most serious is “Main Stream Flooding” when main creek systems may inundate the          that the site has been inactive for about
surrounding floodplain. In Northbridge, the category covers Sailors Bay Creek and            six years and any existing use rights, in so
Council has identified 30 houses in Noonbinna Cres, Kameruka Rd, The Outpost and             far as they may have existed, would have
Lower Bligh St as at risk.                                                                   now lapsed.
  The remaining 149 houses fall into the “Local Overland Flooding” category which is            In addition, NPA felt that the traffic
related to major and local drainage pipes and systems rather than to a main creek. It is     generation and resultant congestion and
caused by “runoff which travels as sheet flow over grassed and paved surfaces … or           the noise created by the proposed facility
along roads en route to the main drainage system, and/or overland discharges from the        would be much greater than would be
main pipes in the catchment headwaters …” The houses judged by Council as at risk of         generated by a residential development on
this kind of flooding are located throughout Northbridge in 17 streets including Sailors     the site. The submission also noted that the
Bay Rd and Eastern Valley Way                                                                entry and exit driveways proposed for the
  Residents who wish to object to the new controls should contact Council on                 facility would pose unacceptable hazards
9777 1000.                                                                                   to drivers and pedestrians.

Northbridge Oval’s synthetic surface
The NSW Government has approved an application by Council for a grant of $300,000 for construction of an all-weather synthetic
playing surface for Northbridge Oval. Council’s application for $108,000 Commonwealth funding for the project is also likely to
be successful. Council is discussing further contributions from user organisations (football and cricket) towards the $1 million cost
of the project.

Northbridge mystery
Does anyone know how Ulric Lane got its

   Willoughby City Council has advised:
“We have been unable to find the origin

                                                                         Northbridge Plaza
of the name. It was originally an unnamed
lane and was recorded as Ulrich Lane in
1955, Ulrick Lane in 1964 and Ulric Lane

                                                                                                   We specialise in:
from 1967.”
   Can anyone help? Please phone Pam

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6                                                                                                                      February 2010

Anger over Suspension
                                               New library opening soon
                                                                                          The new Northbridge branch library on the
Continued from page 1                                                                     corner of Namoi and Sailors Bay Rd will be
RTA facilitator at the meeting, Fiona Court,                                              opened on Saturday February 27, when a
agreed that “the negotiables put to the                                                   Community Open Day from 10.30am to
community were limited, but we took a                                                     3pm will celebrate the new facility. The new
decision to act in a timely fashion”.                                                     library building, the former Presbyterian
   Mary Knaggs, a senior heritage architect                                               church, was purchased by Council in May
with the Government Architect, explained                                                  2007.
to the meeting that the planned fence was                                                    Michele Burton, from Willoughby Library,
selected after a long and professional                                                    spoke about the new library at an NPA
process, including construction of                                                        meeting in December 2009. She said that
prototype panels. “The fence is simple,                                                   the present library was only 64 sq metres
straightforward and light,” she said. “A                                                  and operated for 7.5 hours per week. The
competition for a design would have been                                                  new facility will provide 210 sq metres of
a great idea but I honestly believe it would                                              space which will include the new, bigger
have reached the same solution.”                                                          library plus meeting areas for community
                                                                                           groups up to 35 people. It will be open for
                                               Michele Burton spoke to the December NPA
                                               meeting about the new Northbridge Library.
                                                                                           15 hours per week, with hours designed to
                                                                                           meet a broad range of user groups. There
                                               will be disabled access by a ramp and stairlift, and two disabled parking spaces outside
                                               the library.

                                               Multifunctional area included
                                               The library will include a multifunctional area on a mezzanine level with space for
                                               study, exhibitions and meetings. It will provide an open lounge and outside reading area
                                               on the ground floor. There will be new Sustainable Living collection for children and
                                               adults and an increase in audio/visual material including music CDs, DVDs and audio
                                               books. The library will provide a wide range of online resources, with new technology
                                               and an OPAC (on-line public access catalogue) area. Free WIFI via Uconnect will be
                                               available to connect up to 25 people at a time. The new library will encourage book
                                               clubs and author talks are also planned.
                                                  A new Local History Section will promote visual representation of the suburb’s
                                               heritage to all visitors and provide a link to the more extensive historical resources held
                                               at the Willoughby Library’s collection in Chatswood. Michele thanked the NPA for its
Senior heritage architect Mary Knaggs spoke    pledged $2000 donation to the Local History Section, which will be presented at the
about the RTA’s design process.                library’s opening.

                                                             FOTO FIRST
  At the end of the meeting, Cr Gail Giles-
Gidney read out a resolution to be
delivered to the Minister for Roads, which
condemned the RTA for having failed
“to meet reasonable and legitimate
expectations for consultation, and to
properly address the mental health issue
giving rise to this matter”. The resolution
said that RTA demonstrated “a contempt                               SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1985
for the community in the way that this
important decision has been made”. The
resolution was passed by a large majority                     Specialising in:
of residents at the meeting.
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February 2010                                                                                                                              7

                        Our beautiful Suspension Bridge is to get
                        an ugly pool fence
                        by Cr Gail Giles-Gidney
                         The Suspension Bridge is to get very ugly suicide protection.           Many residents, sensitive to the issues
                         It appears that the RTA lives by its own set of rules. In this case   of depression in our community, want to
                         they have ignored NSW State Government guidelines requiring           see more help given to those in need. We
                         “proportional, timely, accessible and representative, focused,        are all concerned by the immediate and
transparent and flexible” community consultation. As a result, the RTA is installing very      long-term impacts of suicide on family
ugly, 2.0 metres high “pool fencing” as a cheap fix to a complex problem.                      members, friends, neighbours and of
   The Coroner’s report back in 2008 highlighted the bridge as a "suicide magnet" but          course the rescue workers.
did not license the RTA to ride                                                                  This is a complex community issue, and
roughshod over the aesthetic                                                                   an ugly quick fix is not an appropriate
aspects of our heritage bridge.                                                                solution.
   Just before Christmas and with
only one week notice more than                                                                 Cr Giles-Gidney is one of our Sailors Bay
100 concerned local residents                                                                  Ward Councillors, each of whom
attended the RTA briefing meeting                                                              contributes regularly to The 202.
to voice their anger – loudly. I was
not alone in my unanswered
concerns on inadequate design
specifications, poor budget
allocations, comprehensive dismissal                                                           Contact your Ward
of alternative designs, little respect                                                         Councillors
of public interest and the intended
                                                                                               If you have questions or issues to raise
visual damage to a heritage icon.
                                                                                               with your Ward Councillors, they are
                                                                                               happy to be contacted:
No outcome
So, was there an outcome of the                                                      
meeting? No, not really. The RTA                                                               Or phone 9958 1135
only offered to display a prototype
of the planned fencing, for one day
                                                                                               Or phone 0438 633 587
only, in February – the same month
in which construction of the fence        A cross-section of the fence planned for the
is scheduled to start.                    Suspension Bridge (drawing supplied by the RTA).     Or phone 0418 239 195

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                                                                                     292 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge NSW 2063
                                                                                               Phone 9958 2877 Fax 9958 3864
8                                                                                                                           February 2010

Council rejects pub alterations                     The cost of being green
In November, Council refused another                by David Synnott
Development Application by the owners               It was pleasing to see that two Northbridge houses were open for inspection for the
of Northbridge Hotel for the substantial            Sustainable Houses Day last September. As those householders would know, being
alterations and additions in 2007 which             green comes at a cost. In the past two years, we have invested $20,835 (after rebates,
were carried out without the consent of             etc) in a solar electricity generation system and a heat pump.
Council. During the two year period,                   Our household is a light user of electricity – we used only 4077 kWh in our first 12
Council issued two penalty notices and              months. Our system generated 3400 kWh during that year or 83% of actual demand.
two draft orders for non-compliance but             We sold 2998 kWh to the grid for $348 and we bought from the grid 3675kWh for
these were never implemented. In a letter           $308, giving a credit of $40. (These figures use the then applicable retailer’s rates based
in December, NPA requested that Council             on “time-of-use” metering but not including the daily charge.)
pursue enforcement action in relation to               Due to a Home Show promotion, our heat pump cost us only $100 after rebates,
the unauthorised works at the hotel.                whereas an electricity-boosted solar water heater would have cost about $3000 after
   As The 202 went to the printer, Council          rebates. The heat pump required little installation effort, physically replacing the
advised that discussions were being held            previous electric water heater with minimal changes to plumbing and electric
with the current hotel manager to submit            connections. In the first six months since installation it reduced the power required for
a further application to address the non-           water heating by 68% compared with the average use for the same period over the
compliance and other concerns.                      preceding three years.
                                                       The decision of the NSW Government to pay a “feed-in tariff” of $0.60 per kWh
                                                    generated by a home electricity generating system has changed the economics. The
New baby health centre                              tariff will apply for seven years from January 1, 2010. The 3400 kWh we generated
                                                    could earn us $2040 over a year, more than the opportunity cost of the capital
conceived                                           involved.
Council has commenced planning a new                   We are happy to share our experience with anyone interested.
purpose-built Early Childhood Health
Centre on the site of the present ECHC on
Council land fronting Eastern Valley Way            TLC for Masonic Hall
and the Plaza car park. Council General             Remedial work is being carried out on the exterior of the Masonic Hall at the corner of
Manager Nick Tobin said that design and             Harden Ave. Freemason Sam Strykowski told The 202 that, after 85 years, the building
development approval is expected in                 required replacement of arch bars (or lintels), new guttering, roof repairs and re-painting
2010 with construction to commence in               of exterior surfaces. “Hopefully the end result will showcase the building in its original
2011. “Funding for the project will come            glory, as a tribute to those Masons who made a commitment to establish Freemasonry
from the ECHC in Penshurst St which has             in Northbridge,” Sam said. “In due course, we hope to be able to allow the building to
been earmarked for closure following the            be open on a regular basis for inspection by the public, but there is much work still to
upgrade of the Northbridge centre,” he              be done.”
said. In the meantime some repairs and              Sam said that the Masons are interested in creating a history of the building. “We would
maintenance will be carried out on the              like to obtain photos, stories or memorabilia about the Northbridge Masonic Hall,” he
Northbridge centre.                                 said. Contact Sam Strykowski 0408 174 410.

                                                                 Thinking of Downsizing?
 Business or Home PC Problems?

                                                              Free “Downsizing Made Easy” Seminar
                                                                       by Marcus Gould
                                                                              We invite you to the FREE
                                                                          “Downsizing Made Easy” Seminar.
         PC, Mac & Network
          On-Site Services                                               Exclusively for Northbridge residents.
     New Systems Setup and Data Migration                                       Limited seats available.
                                                                         RSVP by Saturday, 27 February 2010.
     Hardware / Software Upgrades & Repairs

                                                                            Refreshments will be provided.
      Spyware / Virus Removal & Protection
       Internet & Email Problems Resolved
                                                      RSVP to: Marcus Gould                                     Guest speakers include:
      Broadband Internet Sharing & Wireless

                                                               9967 3611 or 0413 980 823
            PC Tune-Ups / Speed-Ups
                                                                                                                             Andrew Fulepp
         Preventative Maintenance Plans
                                                      Date:    Monday, 1 March 2010
    Backups ~ Independent Advice and Training

                                                      Time:    10:30am for 11:00am start                                            Ruth Meli
                                                      Venue:   Northbridge Golf Club                                        Lifestyle Advisor
     For All Your Computer Needs
    Call the Computer Professionals
              0413 507 219
             or 9967 3963
     8 Nulgarra Street, Northbridge
        Member of the Australian Computer Society
February 2010                                                                                                                                   9

Willoughby’s Citizen of the Year
                                                                                                   Brunfelsia, commonly
                                                                                                   known as ‘yesterday, today,
                                                                                                   tomorrow’, or ‘morning,
                                                                                                   noon and night’ is popular
                                                                                                   in NSW.

                                                                                                   Its distinguishing feature is lilac petals
                                                                                                   which change to a lavender blue then
                                                                                                   fade to almost white. The flowers
                                                                                                   blossom in September to late
                                                                                                   November and develop brown
                                                                                                   berries at this time of the year.
                                                                                                   The berries in particular contain a
                                                                                                   substance which is fatally toxic to
Well-known Northbridge identity Martin McCurrich received his award as Willoughby Citizen of the   dogs. They can cause vomiting,
Year from Mayor Pat Reilly and Gladys Berejiklian MP.                                              diarrhoea, muscle tremors, ataxia
On Australia Day, Martin McCurrich was awarded Willoughby Citizen of the Year. In his              (un-coordinated) and seizures.
45 years’ residence in Northbridge, Martin was actively engaged with many local                    Salivation, excitement and
activities and associations to the benefit of the community. He served with distinction for
                                                                                                   hallucinations are also common.
nine years as a Councillor for Sailors Bay Ward. He was a member of Northbridge
Swimming Club since 1973 and held positions as Captain, Vice President and President               Symptoms can develop 15-18 hours
for a total of 10 years. He sailed with Northbridge Sailing Club for some 20 years and             after ingestion.
helped to introduce the Laser class to the club. Martin is a long term member of the
                                                                                                   Treatment requires aggressive
Rotary Club of Northbridge and in recent years raised more than $20,000 for
Shelterboxes for victims of natural disasters in the world. He served as a Director of             decontamination to remove the plant
Chatswood Nursing Home for 13 years and has been a Board member of the Australian                  substance from the gastro-intestinal
Commercial Disputes Centre since it was established in 1986. In business, Martin was               tract and prevent any further
the inaugural General Manager of the NSW Motor Accident Authority and was                          absorption of the toxin.
instrumental in setting up the current Green Slip system of third party insurance.
                                                                                                   Hospitalisation is usually required for
  The Citizen of the Year award was made jointly with Mrs Ann Barnacoat for her work
with Willoughby Meals on Wheels, Chatswood Red Cross and Australian Support Dogs.                  fluid therapy and monitoring.
                                                                                                   Prognosis is good if recognised and
                                                                                                   treated promptly
                                                     WARREN & WARREN                               If you notice any of the above signs
                                                                                                   and suspect Brunfelsia exposure,
                                                         - THE LAW AGENCY -                        you should seek veterinary attention
                                                          SOLICITORS & ATTORNEYS                   as soon as possible.

     Phone: 9967 0188                                   Suite 7 59-67 Strathallen Ave
                                                               Northbridge 2063
                                                    (Upstairs next to Northbridge Hotel)
          Welcomes                                        W I L L S & P R O B AT E
        new podiatrist                                     C O N V E YA N C I N G

        Annabel South                                        COMMERCIAL
                                                        Home Visits arranged for Wills,
        to the practice                                Powers of Attorney, Property Sales
                                                            and all other matters
          For appointments                                      Reasonable fees
           call 9967 0188                                   with professional advice

                                                      Contact Michael Berecry                          For more information
                                                           TEL : 9958 0550                              please call VetMed
     Suite 2, 173 Sailors Bay Rd
                                                           FAX : 9958 7974
             Northbridge                                                                                     9958 0177
10                                                                                                                          February 2010

                                                     The great mystery of 1938
                                                     by Pam Clifford
                                                     At the end of Upper Cliff Ave a walking track leads straight ahead to the east and
                                                     comes out of the bush alongside the 5th tee of Northbridge golf course. Other tracks
                                                     branch down the hill towards Lower Cliff Ave. One track finally ends at Lower Cliff
                                                     Ave but others don’t seem to lead anywhere.
                                                       There is something unique about these tracks. Compared with others in
                                                     Northbridge, most of them are incredibly well constructed. There are sandstone steps
                                                     cut into the natural rock or built in local sandstone. Some sections have shaped
                                                     sandstone edging alongside well constructed drainways. These have all been made
                                                     by experienced stonemasons, given their obvious age and current good condition.
                                                       And along the way there are several seats. Two are natural rocks which have been
                                                     propped up with sandstone for support. Two seats are far more interesting – both
                                                     are under rock overhangs; one is labelled Arthurs Seat 1938 and the other Logans
                                                     Chair 1938.
                                                       And off Lower Cliff Ave, there is a rock overhang in an area with a good view of
                                                     the Suspension Bridge. A sign engraved into a concrete base similar to that at Logans
                                                     Chair reads Wilsons View 6-4-39.
Steps cut for a bush trail below Upper Cliff Ave.
                                                     These are the mysteries …
                                                     What was happening in Northbridge in 1938 and 1939 which caused the
                                                     employment of stonemasons? Why were stairways and drains constructed in such a
                                                     seemingly remote area of Northbridge Park? And most importantly, who were Arthur,
                                                     Logan and Wilson?
                                                        An interesting paper, undated and unattributed, entitled A Brief History of the Golf
                                                     Links, discusses the area around Salt Pan Cove. In 1924 at the southern end of the
                                                     Cove there was a camping area, holiday shack, picnic area, and a rock pool which
                                                     people visited during their holidays and on weekends. Later, in the years of the
                                                     Depression, people lived in humpies in the Salt Pan Cove area, some even tending
                                                     their vegetable gardens. Some of these people worked on the construction of the golf
                                                     course, which was opened with the first nine holes in 1935 and the second nine holes
                                                     in 1937. Obviously there were walking tracks leading down to Salt Pan Cove but that
                                                     all happened before our seats were built in 1938.
                                                        The attached aerial map was produced in 1943 by the NSW Roads & Traffic
                                                     Authority so it could plan post-war road construction. The main easterly track at the
Aerial map produced in 1943 by the NSW               end of Upper Cliff Ave is clearly defined, showing that it was well used. The tracks
Roads & Traffic Authority.                           below are not visible through the trees, suggesting they did not have much traffic in
                                                     1943. There doesn’t even appear to be a track leading to Lower Cliff Ave or to what is
                                                     now Tunks Park.

                                                     An answer?
                                                     Northbridge resident Don Landers believes he has an answer. He advised that in 1938
                                                     workers were installing the sewer in the western half of Northbridge as far east as the
                                                     Public School. The sewer main was installed along the southern side of the hill, just
                                                     below the golf course and connected into the big north-south main which had been
                                                     built under St Marks Church and which crosses Long Bay to Cammeray. It’s plausible
                                                     that the pathways were built to provide easy movement to the many workmen
                                                     involved with the sewer connection in 1938.
                                                       But the other question remains unanswered – who were Logan, Arthur and Wilson?
                                                     Does anyone have any suggestions? Please contact me on 9958 0529.

                                                                                                      498 Miller St
            FREEMASONRY                                                                               Cammeray
            Lodge French’s Forest United
                   MEETING AT
                NORTHBRIDGE                                                                           9955 4965
        Invites Masons to affiliate and persons
         interested in becoming a Freemason.
     An initial enquiry can be made by contacting:
                                                                                                      Christmas clothing
              David — 0404 891 051
              Sam — 0408 174 410
                                                                                                             and gifts
February 2010                                                                                                                                      11

Bushcare award for local                                                                                   Cartoonists
                                                                  Don Wilson accepts
                                                                                            Our thanks to professional cartoonist and
                                                                  his award for          former Northbridge resident Dave Carter who
                                                                  exceptional Bushcare   draws for The 202 on a pro bono basis. Dave’s
                                                                  services from             website is
                                                                  Council’s Bushland          Thanks also to Northbridge resident
                                                                  Officer Jude Morris        David Boulton who has been drawing
                                                                  (left) and Bushcare           cartoons for us for several years.
                                                                  Coordinator Mandy

                                                                                                          Golf Club
Northbridge resident Don Wilson was presented with an “Asparagus Assassins                                        • 9 holes $23
Award” to recognise his exceptional services to Bushcare over many years. Don’s                                       Wed to Sun
award was a silver-painted peter lever (a Bushcare tool). “This award will allow him
                                                                                                 • Play all you like for $20*
to continue his mission to rid Northbridge of all its asparagus fern!” said Council’s
                                                                                                       after 3pm 7 days
Bushcare Coordinator Mandy Wilson. Don is the volunteer convenor of two                    *Must have own equipment if playing more than 9 holes
Bushcare groups – Clive Park/The Knoll and the roving Flying Squad. He has also
been the driving force behind the two very popular Bushcare Major Days Out held                  • 18 holes $33 Wed to Fri
in 2009 at Northbridge golf course, which are being adopted as a model by several              • 18 holes $36 weekends and
other Councils around Sydney.                                                                            public holidays
                                                                                           •   9 or 18 holes $20 Mon and Tues

               Thank you from Rotary                                                            Phone Pro Shop 9958 7517

                  Rotarian Sally O’Neill thanks all those generous residents who gave
                  to Northbridge Rotary Club’s appeal for Haiti earthquake relief at                Harbourview
                  Northbridge Plaza on January 16. The appeal raised almost $2400,                   Restaurant
sufficient to purchase two Shelterboxes – capsules containing a tent, sleeping and
cooking equipment, water and supplies for a homeless family. Internationally, Rotary            Barbecue Friday nights
delivered or has committed 7000 Shelterboxes – worth $8.4 million – to the huge                Function room available for
Haiti relief effort.                                                                              weddings, 21sts, etc.
  The club also thanks residents who gave gifts to Northbridge Rotary’s Tree of Joy in
the Plaza during December. 700 wrapped Christmas gifts were delivered by                          Phone 9958 6900
Rotarians to The Smith Family for distribution to needy families.
12                                                                                                                        February 2010

                                                   Parking hassles at Northbridge Baths
                                                                                                        By Bruce Wilson
 2-week beginner/ general course
         March 1 to 11
                                                                                                         Northbridge Baths and Marina are
                                                                                                         special places for residents and
 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday                                                                      visitors to enjoy. Unfortunately,
                                                                                                         during hot summer days the parking

             Cost: $150
                                                                                                         can become very difficult! Council’s

  Warners Park Centre, Northbridge
                                                                                                         large sign indicates a maximum stay
                                                                                                         of four hours in the car park during
                                                                                                         summer weekends, public holidays
     Suzanne Barr B.A., B.V.Sc, IYTA,                                                                    and school holidays. On Widgiewa
       teacher of yoga since 1994,                                                                       Rd itself, there should be no cars
     spent 12 months in India studying                                                                   parked at all, as there is a
          with the Iengyar family.                                                                       designated footpath down the
                                                   eastern side and No Parking signs on the western side. Commonsense shows how
         Phone 0448 732 809                        dangerous it can be for young families with kids, strollers and baskets to walk on
          Other classes available                  Widgiewa Rd when cars are parked to the fence, and ascending and descending vehicles
                                                   are eyeballing each other to seek right of way.
                           Suzanne Barr
                             is a certified           However, we can all help each other. If you are planning to spend more than four
                            Iyengar Yoga           hours at the Baths or on a boat, why not drive down to the car park, unload your family
                                                   and belongings, then drive back up to Coorabin, Minimbah or Courallie Rds? There are
                                                   at least 50 parking spots within two minutes walk of the Baths, some in shade. Of

        Data Loss...
                                                   course, if you live within 1500 metres and have no children to carry, why not simply
                                                   walk as a personal “mini biathlon”. For others, why not carpool to the pool? To prevent
                                                   those who selfishly exceed the four hours limit, Council’s Rangers have been asked to
                                                   actively enforce the parking laws.

                                                   Northbridge’s community garden
                                                   By Jenny Roxburgh
                                                   Have you been down to Warners Park recently and seen the community garden?
                                                   Community gardens or allotments have been around for hundreds of years and are currently
                                                   experiencing a revival in developed countries. They are a source of fresh produce, a space
                                                   for community interaction and a release from the stresses of everyday life.
                                                     Northbridge’s community garden began life at the end of Mowbray Rd on the Market

       We’ve seen it all!
                                                   Garden site where a large development is planned. Fortunately, a new site was found in
                                                   Warners Park adjacent to Willoughby Council’s Environment Centre.
     Call Computer Troubleshooters
                                                     The first working bee of the Warners Park community garden group was held in June
      Northbridge to implement a                   2007, when “a definite air of excitement” was noted at the idea of starting from scratch
        Reliable Backup Strategy                   and applying all that had been learned since work began on the original garden on the
 Save all your documents, photos, emails,          Market Garden site. Help and training is provided by Council staff.
     contacts, music, accounts etc...                Members of the community garden have helped set up a no-dig garden at Northbridge
     Contact Howard Lardner
                                                   Public School, helped in getting a vegetable garden established at a city high school and

        0413 507 219
                                                   provided an exhibit in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Easter Show.

            or 9967 3963
                                                     The group meets on the first Saturday and the third Sunday of each month, between
                                                   9am and 12pm. Everyone is welcome, whether resident of Willoughby or not. It’s an
             email:                                opportunity to learn about saving water in the garden, composting, no-dig gardens and                         growing vegetables, as well as avoiding the use of commercial herbicides and pesticides.                              For more information contact Council’s Mandy Wilson (9777 7875) or visit

 The Brown Rice House                                                                       Dine in / Take away / BYO
             Japanese and Korean Cuisine
 Chicken Teriyaki                                                         $ 9.50
 Sashimi                       (S) $7.00 (just salmon)   (M) $15.00   (L) $20.00
 Sushi & Sashimi set           (S) $16.50                (M) $24.50   (L) $40.00
 Tofu Soup (Spicy, Mild, Miso)                                            $13.00
 Korean Style Pancake (Seafood, Kimchi)                                   $13.00
 Beef Rib Stew (Mild, Spicy)                                              $15.00
 Bowl of Brown Rice                                                      $ 3.00

  Shop 7, 128 Sailors Bay Rd, Northbridge Reservations: 9967 3888 OPEN 7 days 10am till late
February 2010                                                                                                                      13

The Suspension Bridge art competition                                                      Heritage in Northbridge
In November, as part of its 90th Anniversary celebrations, NPA held a competition
among kindergarten and primary school children in Northbridge. Children were asked
to colour in a simple outline of the bridge and older children were asked to also write
a poem about the bridge. We were delighted to receive hundreds of entries from
enthusiastic children. The winners were announced in the December issue of The 202.
We have reproduced two of the winning entries and one poem. It is regrettable that
space will not allow more and that those we have printed are not in their vivid colours.

Northbridge Bridge
By Annabel Scanlen
Year 5 St Philip Neri Catholic School
Northbridge Bridge is made of cement and
when I drive past I know I’m near home.
                                                                                           The properties in Northbridge which are
Trucks and cars are on their way,
                                                                                           heritage listed in Willoughby Local
My car drives past every day.                                                              Environmental Plan 1995 are:
Over Tunks Park, a long way down,                                                          • Clive Park and the tidal pool, Sailors
Security Guards looking after her crown.                                                     Bay Rd
Lights up at night with a beautiful glow,                                                  • Northbridge Golf Club and golf course,
It’s one of a kind we all know.                                                              Sailors Bay Rd
                                                   By Brian Xu
Oversized vehicles drive slowly past,              2E Northbridge Public School            • Northbridge Public School, original
While the other little ones go very, very fast.                                              School Building A, Sailors Bay Rd
People running, walking or pushing their pram,                                             • Northbridge Sailing Club, Sailors Bay Rd
Stop for a second to see the view grand.                                                   • Clavering, house at 186 Sailors Bay Rd
Cammeray and Northbridge it does connect,                                                  • Flats at 266-276 Sailors Bay Rd (shown
Making the traffic easy to direct.                                                           above)
In heavy rain the floods come along,                                                       • Group of shops 288-296 Sailors Bay Rd
                                                                                           • Shops and residence at Bonds Corner,
Which make it look just like a billabong.
                                                                                             395 Sailors Bay Rd
It was build in 1919,
                                                                                           • Harry Seidler designed house at
When they started using lots of machines.
                                                                                             9 Coorabin Rd
People love the bridge, it’s a work of art,                                                • St Philip Neri School Hall, Sailors Bay Rd
The tradesmen must have been very smart.                                                   • Suspension Bridge, Strathallen Ave, over
Hip Hip Hooray, turning 90 this year,                                                        Tunks Park
We love Northbridge Bridge and will all give       By Alex Brennan                         • Clock Tower, corner of Cliff and
a cheer.                                           St Marks Kindergarten                     Strathallen Aves (proposed).

       We’re Back
       Ray White Northbridge
       For professional, obligation free advice on your
       Real Estate needs please don’t hesitate to contact:

       Julian Rowe
       0412 544 448
       Principal / Licensee
       Phone: 9967 3611
       Shop, 315 Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge
                        r         Community noticeboard                                                                         r

Give blood                                          Friendship & Craft Club                                               Masonic meetings
The Red Cross donormobile will be at the            Members of the Northbridge Friendship                                 Lodge French’s Forest United
Plaza car park on Friday, February 19 and           & Craft Club meet every Wednesday at                                  No 249 of the United Grand
again on Friday, May 14. It is advisable to         St Marks Hall, Malacoota Rd. For more                                 Lodge of NSW & ACT holds
make an appointment: phone 13 14 95.                information, call Margaret Tyson                                      regular meetings at the
                                                    9958 8976.                                           Northbridge Masonic Centre, corner Sailors
Register for rugby                                                                                       Bay Rd and Harden Ave, on the second
During February, Norths Pirates will be taking                    Men’s Shed                             Wednesday each month. All Freemasons,
registrations for boys and girls from five years                  The Willoughby Community               whether attached to a Lodge or not, visitors
old to under 16 teams. The Pirates will also                      Men’s Shed reopened for the            from interstate or overseas are invited to
be fielding a Junior Opens team for 2010.                         New Year in January. The shed          attend. Enquiries: David 0404 891 051, Sam
For more information contact Bill Rees on                         is open on Tuesday, Wednesday          0408 174 410 or email
0416 161477 or 99593053 or visit:                   and Thursday from 10am until 3pm.                   Wednesday is a mixed day with women                                Northbridge Probus Club
                                                    members attending. Contact Tony Clifford                           The men’s club of friendly
Cleanup Australia                                   0418 220 774.                                                      retirees meets monthly on the
You can join other community members                                                                                   second Tuesday of the month
and do your bit for your neighbourhood              Film group                                                         at the Northbridge Bowling
on Cleanup Australia Day, Sunday March 7.           The Workshop Film Group presents a wide              Club from 9.45am until noon.You will be
NPA is coordinating a group to work in the          variety of feature films, shorts and                 most welcome to join us. For details call
Clive Park area. Meeting place is at the bus        documentaries on the first and third Fridays         Barry 9958 7761 or Richard 9958 1004.
terminus at Clive Park at 1.30pm. Don’t             of the month at the Workshop Art Centre,
forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses,              Laurel St, Willoughby. The evening starts at         Seniors Computer Club
a hat, gloves and wear sturdy shoes.                8pm with an introduction to the film, which          The Crows Nest Centre Computer Club
To register, visit:                                 is followed by discussion and light                  teaches seniors how to use Windows based           refreshments. For more information, phone            computers, with modules covering Basics,
clive+park+northbridge                              9564 5258 or 0409 958 055.                           Email, Web, Digital Photography, Word,
                                                                                                         Excel, Computer Security, Typing, and
                  NPA’s website                     Classical concert                                    Computer Maintenance. Each module
                  NPA’s web page                    Willoughby Symphony’s first concert for the          consists of four weekly 90-minute lessons.
                  year is called The Fountain of Fantasy, with         Fees are: annual membership $35, with $25
                  has information on current        works by Schubert, Sibelius and Beethoven            per four week module. Starting dates for the
                  community issues, minutes of      to be conducted by Nicholas Carter. It will          first half of 2010 are: February 1, March 15,
meetings, past copies of The 202 newsletter,        be held at Pymble Ladies College on                  April 26, June 7. For more information
Neighbourhood Watch and crime statistics,           Saturday, March 13 at 8pm. For bookings,             phone 9460 8866 or visit us at
links to local organisations and NPA contacts.      phone 9777 7547.                           

       We welcome contributions to the community noticeboard. It provides free advertising for not-for-profit community and charity organisations in
           Northbridge. Please ring 9958 7566 or email Editorial deadlines are published on the front page of The 202.

  Senior Property Manager
                                         For professional, experienced advice                                                        Principal

                                         for your executive rental and sales
                                         property, call the MARKET LEADERS
                                                   LJ HOOKER Northbridge
                                                              9958 9000

     DAVID SHEEKEY                                 “LEADING THE WAY                                                         MARTIN FORWARD
      0418 621 829                                                                                                           0414 801 807
    (In Real Estate since 1986)                     IN TWENTY TEN”                                                           (In Real Estate since 1987)

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