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      My Grandfather had one of those
A guide to those old squeezeboxes found in the air button on its own near the thumb) push the
attic and for people considering purchasing one rst button (nearest index nger) of the rst row
for the rst time.                                  (nearest one’s palm), and match it to a known note
                                                    on a pitch pipe, piano. or other instrument. Repeat
I’ve heard this – or something similar, like
                                                    with the rst button of the 2nd (or middle row, if
an uncle – on a number of occasions from a
                                                    3 rows). Older instruments may not be in concert
member of the audience when I’ve been playing
                                                    pitch, especially if they have lain idle for several
a squeezebox for dancing or in a pub session. It’s
                                                    years, but one should be able to get a pretty good
still not unusual to nd a family who have an old
                                                    approximation. The scale, for the most part, is
squeezebox languishing unplayed in their attic,
                                                    obtained by working along the row, pushing
unaware of its musical characteristics or potential
                                                    and pulling with each button in turn, much like
value. Some of them nd their way into junk
                                                    blowing and sucking on a mouth organ.
shops from house clearances and some appear on
Ebay, where a quality instrument will usually be A basic Anglo can be purchased very reasonably
recognised despite an uncertain description .       for around £100, but don’t expect much in the
                                                    way of quality. Generally the more garish the
Most people would probably recognise a piano
                                                    colour, the poorer the quality. Paradoxically, the
accordion from its keyboard layout on the right
                                                    best quality Anglos fetch the highest prices on
hand but if the squeezebox is all buttons then it
                                                    Ebay - £4000 plus is not unheard of.
may be described by anyone unfamiliar with
the instruments as an accordion, melodeon or Like the Anglo, the straps on a duet concertina rest
concertina regardless of its true identity. This on the back of the hand, allowing all four ngers
article will, I hope, aid recognition.              to access the buttons. Duet concertinas, however,
                                                    are fully chromatic, and play the same note on
If the squeezebox is small with hexagonal or, less
                                                    push and pull, with bass notes on the left side and
commonly, octagonal ends then you are looking
                                                    treble notes played by the right hand. This allows
at a concertina. These particular instruments have
                                                    chords or counter-melody to be played easily with
become particularly popular in recent years, and a
                                                    the tune. To add to the confusion, there’s more
good quality model even in need of some attention
                                                    than one kind of arrangement of the notes, but the
can command a four gure price at auction. But
                                                    most common are the McCann system and the
you need to know what you’re looking at, in
                                                    Crane system. Both have the ‘black’ notes – the
order to assess its value if you are selling, and
                                                    sharps and ats – on the two outside columns (the
its suitability for your purpose if you’re in the
                                                    lines of buttons going from palm to ngertip), and
market for buying one for the rst time, for there
                                                    the ‘white’ notes in four columns in the McCann,
are three very different types of concertina – the
                                                    and three columns in the Crane (a far more logical
Anglo, the English, and the Duet.
                                                    system, in my opinion). Cranes tend to be more
The Anglo will usually have two or three rows harder to come by on the second-hand market,
of buttons on each side, and buttons will give and thus are likely to be more expensive; think
a different note depending on whether you push four gures instead of three for a Crane, although
or pull on the bellows with the button depressed. the make and model naturally affects the cost.
These instruments are set in two denite keys,
                                                    English concertinas have four columns of buttons,
C/G, or G/D being the most common, but other
                                                    again with the sharps and ats on the outside.
combinations (such as Bb, F) are not unusual.
                                                    Usually there is no broad strap for the hand,
The two row models are denitely not fully
                                                    however, but on each side a thumb strap and a
chromatic, and while the three row models may
                                                    small metal plate on which the little nger rests.
have all the other notes not in the major scale of
                                                    The notes are the same on push and pull, and a
the two given keys, it is much more difcult to
                                                    scale is obtained by playing alternately right
play in another key. To determine the keys of the
                                                    hand and left hand. Limited range instruments
instrument, on the right hand side (there’s a small
can be obtained relatively cheaply, but the full
range models will again cost from a few hundred
to two or three thousand pounds or more.
Names to look out for (usually found on an oval           AMYCROFTERS
insert, on one end, or sometimes on the strap)
in the second-hand market are Jefferies (very                BAND
sought after!), Wheatstone (after the inventor or
the instrument), and Lachenal (most commonly
available), and Crabb. If buying unseen, as on              Lively & Fun for Barn Dances,
Ebay, check the description carefully and the
seller’s feedback (cocoa111 is very reliable).             Folk Dances & Folk Dance Clubs
www.concertina.net is a very informative website
on all aspects of the instrument, including buying
and selling. Ideally, try out an instrument before             CALLER AVAILABLE
you buy. The bellows should not leak ; hold the                    IF REQUIRED
instrument up by one end, and they should expand
only slowly under their own weight. Check that
all the notes sound clearly, both on push and pull,
with no wheezing, or sticking.
A good quality instrument is worth restoring even            Andrews Mycroft
if it does have some dodgy notes or leaky bellows.
In Devon, Nigel Sture in the South Hams does a                01404 46451
very good job (see display advert), while Colin
Dipper in Wiltshire has an enviable reputation
nationally (and internationally) as a concertina
maker and repairer. There are other modern
manufacturers of good quality instruments – of
                                                          Nigel Sture Concertinas
anglos in particular – and reputable restorers
around the country. It’s worth getting the advice
of a concertina player if you are thinking of             Repairs and restoration
acquiring one yourself for the rst time.
t’s quite possible that one may come across a             Expert tuning, valving, re-padding
concertina that doesn’t seem to correspond to any                  Bellows repaired
that I have described above. There are certainly
some other obsolete or unusual ngering systems
                                                             New bellows made to order
around, and the odd hybrid between a duet and
an anglo. A square ended anglo was recently                Concertinas also bought and sold
advertised on Ebay.
Good squeezing !

                                 Colin Andrews            Nigel Sture Concertinas
                                                           Hillside Cottage, Frogmore,
Subsequent issues will consider melodeons and             Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 2NR
other squeezeboxes

                                                             Tel. 01548 531525
           Re calling
Aillen Wills looks back at her early days as a
caller, and asks how new callers can best be
helped to develop their skills
The Devon Folk Committee is hoping to organise
a day course for Callers if there is enough support
for one. In order to strike a happy medium, we
need to know what type of Callers’ Course would
be most popular - true beginners wishing to start
and to learn the basics - a desire perhaps to call
within one’s own dance club - how to arrange a
good mixed programme - maybe understand the
rhythms, numbers of bars, etc - or a wish to call at
public dances. We must remember, however, that
we cannot run before we can walk !
I personally feel, from those people who have
spoken to me, that a general course for new callers
and for those with limited knowledge is the way
to start. The Devon Folk Committee, however,
would like to hear the wishes of everybody with
an interest in this area.
Thinking of Callers’ Courses brings me to
NOSTALGIA ! When I took an interest in calling
                                                           more stringent since the Society was grant aided
in my late teens, the word as such had not arrived.
                                                           by them. I was sent rst to youth clubs - not such a
“Calling” came in with the square dance boom in
                                                           bad option as it might be these days ! I might add
the 1960’s. We went to day, residential weekend
                                                           that the same rigmarole went on with musicians,
or week long courses for “Teachers and Leaders”.
                                                           hence we had nothing like the number of bands
If we took a public dance we were “M.C.s”
                                                           and callers we now have.
Amplication had mostly not arrived either. Things
were different then ! The English Folk Dance &             Back to today. Don’t be put off ! Anyone who has
Song Society was a very prominent organisation             a desire to call or play can do so. The Society is
with paid full time members of staff. There were           more or less just a name now in our area. There
Area Organisers and at least one member of staff           will be no public criticism, only helpful advice,
in most counties. In the South West our organiser          and no formal approval. As condence grows it
was based in Exeter, and Devon for the most part           will get easier and easier. Come on, have a go
had two or three paid members of staff. They set           if you have an urge to do so. Just let a member
up clubs run by local organisations, e.g. Women’s          of the Devon Folk Committee (details, page 19)
Institutes. If you hoped to do some teaching in            know if you are interested, and what type of
these clubs you had to be “approved” by the                Callers’ Course would appeal to you most, and
Society. This meant attending several courses,             we will do our best to cover it. Alternatively tell
showing that you could teach the dance to a good           me directly when you see me or give me a ring on
standard as well as, as we say now, calling the            01392 258719.
gures. Shapes and rhythms were an important
                                                                                               Aileen Wills
factor. On these courses we were picked to pieces
by staff as well as our peers ! Finally we were let
loose under some supervision. If you wanted to
take classes for the Local Authority it was even

         Local Treasure : Bill Crawford
Melanie and Ross travelled to Bridgwater on Fair day to talk to Bill Crawford
What are your Devon ‘roots’?
I was born in Sandford Street in Exeter in 1947. I have traced my mother’s side back to 1690, farming
in Merton, North Devon. My father’s family originate from Sidmouth via Bridgwater, hence I sing
“Bridgwater Fair”. After attending Hele’s School, I went to work for Devon County Council in the
highway materials testing laboratory. I used to travel all over Devon and I really learned to appreciate

How did you get involved with folk song?
It was one Friday night in 1963 when I went to The Left Bank, a record shop and coffee bar at the top
of Paris Street, Exeter. Ken Penney, Dave Robbins and Cyril Tawney would sing there. It soon moved
to Tuesday nights at The Jolly Porter. I sang on both the opening and the last nights of the Jolly Porter
– Paul Simon sang there once. I met Dave Lowry there and we formed The Oakleaves with Dave
Wigston and Lyn Batten, which preceded Isca Fayre. We did an annual Christmas Mummers play in
Barnstaple and Plymouth. I went on to become MC there before I moved away in 1969.

Where did life lead you after moving away from Devon?
I worked for Buckinghamshire County Council for three years and I married Jude (in Romsey Abbey).
We lived in Aylesbury and became involved with Amersham Folk Club. We moved to Hertfordshire
where I graduated as a civil engineer in 1976. Our sons Henry and Edward were born in 1978 and
1981 in Hitchin. We were involved in Stevenage Folk Club and with the Mummers there. Jude played
hammer dulcimer and bowed psaltery, we sang together and with other people in groups. I ended up
working in Somerset in 1990. I did my Masters degree in 2000, then took early retirement in 2003 to
look after Jude who had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Wherever I was I got immersed in the
local folk scene. I missed Devon and I still drink from the pewter tankard that the Jolly Porter gave
me when I left in 1969!

Tell us about your song sources
My early inuences were Dylan, The Journeymen and the older traditional singers like Bob Cann,
Charlie Bate and George Edworthy. Cyril Tawney is my all-time favourite singer/songwriter. I learned
everything by ear and I remember getting a hunting song, “Once I was a-Living in Somersetshire”
(also known as “Poor Bitch Fox”) from The Tankards of Falmouth which included Alison McMorland
and Alan Robinson, on my tape recorder. Jude read music, but now I use a keyboard to work things
out. I draw largely on the Baring Gould manuscripts and Cecil Sharp collections for songs from the
West Country.

Have you had other involvement in folk?
Just before I left Exeter in 1969 a group of us became interested in Morris dancing and the core
members went on to become Great Western Morris. Through Stevenage Folk Club I met Brian Kell
who resurrected the Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival (which I always attend along with the one in
Waldürn, Germany). Brian was a rapper dancer from the North East; he started Stevenage Sword
Dancers and I became the side ‘Tommy’. It has taken me all over Europe since 1975, but I have always
said that I was a singer rst. I have had a lifetime’s interest in folk song, dance and customs. Folk
song got me interested in the way of life of the people who sang and on to family history research. I
spent my 42nd First of May down at Padstow this year. My favourite part is the night singing. Taffy
Thomas taught me re-eating down there and this led to Jude and I becoming street entertainers with
Traveller’s Bag – which is appearing again at After the Fair this year. We belonged to Eddie Upton’s

Stanchester Quire, I became Chairman of the Friends of
Folk South West and we ran the Bridgwater Folk Club.

Do you have other hobbies?
I am involved with the Sedgemoor and Devon Family
History Societies and with Bridgwater Arts Centre. I am
a keen walker, having just completed the Coast to Coast
route. I am an organic gardener and joined the Henry
Doubleday Research Association in the 1970’s.

Tell us some of your best memories
Without a doubt, being present at the birth of my two
sons. In folk music: being asked by Rosemary Tawney
to be part of the Cyril Tawney Celebration Day in Cecil
Sharp House and my invitation to be an Honorary
Padstow Caroller at the Shefeld village carol festival.
My biggest audience moment was years ago in the Great
Hall of Exeter University when the Oakleaves performed
in a concert alongside The Watersons, Bert Jansch,
Fred Jordan and The Journeymen. At the Cecil Sharp
Centenary Festival George Withers, as John England,
sang “The Seeds of Love” and I didn’t recognise some
of it. When I asked him about it afterwards he said, “No
boy, I forgot the words, but I just made ‘em up; I don’t
think anybody noticed!”

                           8.00 - 11.30 pm in the Village Hall
               December 20th Dee Chapman, Silver & Gold
  December 31st (Wed.) Jane Thomas & Philip Worth, Meltdown
                  January 10th Ted Farmer, Bridgwater Band
                    February 14th Ryan Roberts, Reel Thing
                     March 14th Carol Hewson, Kelly’s Eye

                Admission £4.00             Bring & share supper   Raffle

                          Contact: Mary Marker 01626 854141

Who would you choose to have a pint with?
I would love to have met Baring Gould – then I could be one up on Martin Graebe! Dave and Gill
Lowry have been my rock for the last few years and one of the best evenings ever was spent with Jude
at their house with Cyril and Rosemary Tawney, just talking about Cyril’s song collecting.

What are your hopes for the future?
One of the hardest things for me has been coming to terms with being a solo singer again after thirty
ve years. I am determined to learn the concertina, perhaps to accompany myself. I would like to do
more with Dave Lowry and contribute to more festivals. Travelling is also something I am enjoying.

Would you like to see any changes?
I am an unaccompanied singer and when I am singing on my own, I don’t like instruments joining
in. I also think that if a song is worth singing, then learn the words, don’t look at them. I would like
more venues at fringe festival events to be specically for unaccompanied singing; it is hard to nd
somewhere for singers only.

For you, what is special about Devon?
Dartmoor, its people and its traditions. I am a member of the Dartmoor Preservation Association.
One farm I visit has been tenanted by the same family of Cokers for 160 years and I sing “Child the
Hunter” collected from Jonas Coker by Baring Gould. Also for me, it is memories of the Jolly Porter
days and making life-long friendships.

Can you share a favourite song with us?
All songs are for sharing! But I think I have two. One is “Singing in the May” written by Mike
O’Connor. It is not traditional, but it is about the night singing at Padstow. It was rst sung by Mike
in our at in Padstow on 2nd May 1998. The other one is a short lullaby which I want to perpetuate;
it is the only studio recording I’ve got of Jude singing. Dave Lowry collected it from Mrs Atkinson in
Plymstock as sung by her grandfather who came from Cornwall and it is called “Pretty Cow”.
Bill Crawford and Dave Lowry are appearing at Minehead Folk Club in January

 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease three       Drugs can alleviate many of the symptoms, but
years ago, although I had shown symptoms for          hopefully, with adequate funding, medication will
some considerable time prior to this. PD is a         improve and a cure will be found in the not too
chronic condition which is often considered to be     distant future and this disease can be relegated
a disease of old age, but it can affect people much   to the history books. This can only happen with
earlier in life, including young people with young    adequate money for research.
                                                      It seems appropriate, therefore, that I should hold
Thc main symptoms of PD are slowness of               a dance in order to raise money to support the
movement, stiffness and tremor, although there        Parkinson’s Disease Society. This will be held
can be many other symptoms, including a loss of       at The Elizabethan, Westward Ho! On Saturday
balance.                                              6th December, with Bloatertown Band: I will be
Most people, when they think of PD, think of the
tremor, but this is not always present. In fact it has Tickets for this event may be reserved by phoning
often been described as “the designer disease”, me on 01237 476632
as it affects everyone differently and at different
                                                                                      John Blackburn.
levels of intensity.
Luckily, I am “tremor dominant” and at this                   Keyboard & Amplier
moment in time, with medication, nd the
condition annoying rather than incapacitating,
although my melodeon playing and Morris
dancing are not what they were, but it has not             Yamaha, Roland, Technics, etc.
curtailed my activities or affected my ability to
                                                             Plus most amplier makes
do what I enjoy most of all, calling at ceilidhs.                   Geoff Mitchell
Others are not so fortunate.                                        Dozing Dog Ltd
This year, Winkleigh Morris are raising funds for                  01598 710177
the Parkinson’s Disease Society, which supports                 www.dozingdog.co.uk
people with PD as well as funding research.

                        Bloatertown                                                          Irish
                                                                                         Set Dancing
                                        to book us contact
                            John Blackburn
                              at Bideford                                                 Wednesdays
                            01237 476632                                                     8 pm
                                                      OR           John Stevens
                                                                   at Barnstaple
                                                                   01271 346279
                                For further information visit our                           Room

                                website: www.bloatertown.co.uk                           Jolly Farmer
                                                                                         Market Street
 North Devon s Premier Country Dance Band                                               Newton Abbot

N.Y.F.T.E.                                             Shammick Acoustic Sessions
                                                           The Castle Inn, Combe Martin
Replace a third of a folk display team with                Second & fourth Saturdays @ 8pm
newcomers, to some of whom ‘rapper’ just
means a popular musician, ‘ranting’ is throwing
a wobbly, and ‘hankies’ are things used by their                13th Dec. Open Night
grandparents to blow their noses. Now you have                     27th Dec. Closed
one week to integrate these people into the team,               10th Jan. Open Night
and prepare two hours of diverse display items.                 24th Jan. Brian Peters
It sounds like a brief for a TV reality show, and,     (daytime: workshop - Sing the song, tell
given the challenges involved, you might doubt               the story. Evening: concert)
that it could be done successfully: but NYFTE                   14th Feb. Open Night
has been doing it for years.                                   28th Feb. Hughie Jones
NYFTE (pronounced ‘nifty’) is the National                      14th Mar. Open Night
Youth Folklore Troupe of England. The team was                 28th Mar. Askew Sisters
founded in 1990 with the aim of encouraging
teenagers to discover or maintain an interest              Contact: Tom or Barbara Brown
in folk dance, music and song. Always wide-                 Tel: 01271 882366 or e-mail –
ranging, the dance repertoire currently includes       tomandbarbarabrown@umbermusic.co.uk
Cotswold, Border and North West Morris, Social           www.umbermusic.co.uk/shammick.htm
Dance, Garland, Clog, Rapper and Longsword.
A visit to the website www.nyfte.org.uk gives
photographic evidence of many of these styles in
performance.                                                   FRIENDLY FOLK
The team welcomes members from 10 to 18 years
old, drawn from all over the country. There are
                                                                DANCE BAND
currently thirty-one, including twelve newcomers.
                                                                Folk Dance Clubs
Obviously this raises logistical challenges of how
to gather them all together for rehearsals. This            Folk Dances     Contras
year has been particularly tricky as the Easter         Resident band at Bampton FDC
school holidays varied across the regions, so the
team met for intensive training over a couple of
weekends and the long Easter weekend.
                                                                   07885 427116
NYFTE are regular performers (and caravan
                                                      Enquiries about membership are always welcome,
site stewards) at Chippenham Folk Festival, and
                                                      or perhaps you might be prepared to hold a rafe
this season they also performed at the Chepstow
                                                      or an event in support of the team. There are more
Two Rivers and Otley Folk Festivals. I love the
                                                      details on the website, or contact Dave Leverton
energy of their dancing; give them a large space
                                                      at ‘Heathers’, Stanton Wick, Pensford, Bristol,
and they’ll make the most of it - all that youthful
                                                      BS39 4BZ. Telephone 01761 490236,
spring in their legs ! They really do put us adults
to shame sometimes.                                                                     Huw Francis
NYFTE has a truly wonderful, dedicated group          (This article was originally published in Set &
of adult leaders, and calls on other experts to       Turn Single). It’s been several years since there
assist with the teaching of specic skills. The       has been someone from Devon in the team.
older teenagers are encouraged to participate in      Devon Folk Committee are prepared to offer
the leadership of the team, and there is a team       some assistance to any young person from the
council to make sure that any issues are dealt        county who wishes to apply for membership of
with or suggestions for changes discussed.            NYFTE
FOOTNOTES                                             See club listings, and www.devonfolk.co.uk for
                                                      the most recent updates. If you are a walking
EXMOUTH CHILDREN DANCING                              or cycling enthusiast, you may stumble across a
Several Primary Schools in Exmouth came               music session at the Yarde Cafe, near Torrington,
together in July to enjoy an afternoon of Country     on the Tarka Trail. Last Sunday afternoon of the
Dancing. Led by teacher, Jenny Dunn, the children     month is the most likely time, but singers and
enjoyed dancing together, and some schools            musicians are welcome at other times (NB - cafe
chose to demonstrate a dance they had learned         only opens at weekends during winter months).
beforehand. Judging by the smiles on their faces,
the children were all having a wonderful time.        FESTIVAL SPIRIT NOT DAMPENED
                                                      Despite some pretty awful weather for Devon’s
Patricia Reid, of Devon Folk, spent a few sessions    folk festivals this last summer, the spirit was as
in Jenny’s school offering help and advice with       good as ever. Sidmouth didn’t suffer the deluge
dance instructions and music. Members of Devon        that had been forecast, and although conditions
Folk are able to offer support to school teachers     on the campsite had a touch of the Glastonburys
and youth groups in the County, and are also          about them. the wide range of festival events were
available to take sessions of folk activities, to     very well supported. Campers at Dartmoor fared
include dance, music and song. Further details        little better, and, being just a weekend festival, it
from Devon Folk secretary, Rhona Hitchcock on         probably suffered worse from our ckle climate,
01752 265869.                                         with few braving the strong winds and rain to
                                                      linger on the main festival eld on the Saturday.
SQUEEZED OUT                                          Bideford was magic - even the sun broke through
Unfortunately, the Big Squeeze day of workshops       at times - and all credit to the festival organisers
and concert, organised by the Devon Squeezebox        and their band of helpers for producing a cracking
Foundation, had to be cancelled due to insuficient   good week of entertainment.
advance bookings. However, the melodeon and
accordion workshops are continuing, and, from
November to April there will be a ceilidh at
Cheriton Bishop Village Hall on the 3rd Friday,
featuring popular local bands.

The Exe Folk Club at the 3 Horseshoes, Cowley,
failed to revive after the summer break. The
music session on the 2nd Monday has become
rmly established at the Bell, Chittlehampton
after moving from Umberleigh. Bampton
Folk Club is undergoing a revival in support,
with Clare Penney as organiser. The Queens
Arms, Dartington is now closed. Tradewinds
at Scoriton is still without its village pub but is
continuing to operate successfully in the village
hall. Exmouth Folk Song Club is going well
at the Manor Hotel, with fortnightly meetings as
from the New Year, as well as a series of concerts.
Gittisham Folk Dance Club has also expanded
to fortnightly meetings. Music, singaround and
open mike sessions in pubs seem to be on the
increase, though it’s always worth checking that
an event is on before making a special journey.

Musical Feast
After a long sabbatical Pauls Hutchinson                  DEVON SQUEEZEBOX FOUNDATION
(accordion) and Sartin (vocals, ddle and oboe)
make a welcome return as the irrepressible
Belshazzar’s Feast. Paul Sartin explains.
                                                         FRIDAY CEILIDHS
We had time off for paternity leave, at Her
                                                         Cheriton Bishop Village Hall
Majesty’s Pleasure of course. We also both have                           8 pm
other projects – Hoover the Dog, Okavango,
Bellowhead, Faustus, and a load of teaching, as           Dec. 19th The New Vintage Band
well as moonlighting as swimwear models.
                                                               Jan 16th Hips and Haws
We’ve got tours and festivals in the pipeline,
having already gone out on the road a few times.             Feb. 20th Home Brew Band
We did Sidmouth and an Autumn tour and we’ve           Mar. 20th Fox Amongst The Chickens
another tour lined up for the Spring. In the
meantime, we just try to keep out of trouble. And               Apr. 17th Bloatertown
Hutch needs to get his hair cut.
                                                               Bring your own drink & bite.
Earlier this year we released a double album on
                                                                      Tickets £6
WildGoose - one studio and one live disc – called
                                                             from Ed Rennie 01363 774426
The Food of Love. Hutch read a quote somewhere
- ‘If music be the food of love, I’m stuffed’ – and
as we’re both known for our gourmet tastes we
thought we’d use it. It also gave us an excuse to                          The
do a nice themed photo shoot with lots of fruit.
Our repertoire covers a range of music from
English trad to Beethoven to Mark Knoper
                                                           Barn Owls
which makes us quitedifcult to pigeonhole. As         Country Dance Band
we come from both classical and trad backgrounds
we draw upon them, but always with a view to                       East Cornwall
making the music interesting, spicing and mixing
it up, and being entertaining. Sometimes it works!
I suppose we’re folk cabaret, but we’re not too
                                                                  Dennis Cook
bothered with labels, just doing good music and                   01822 832003
having fun. Which we certainly do!
                                                      when I’m bored. When not together we spend a
We’ve both worked in church music. Hutch used
                                                      lot of time sobering up.
to be a church organist – how the mighty have
fallen - and I was a choral scholar and still sing    We met through being put in touch with a
regularly at Winchester Cathedral, where I gets       Newbury-based band called The Life of Reilly, in
to wear a nice frock. Hutch formed the hugely         1995. We didn’t speak to each other for months,
inuential Old Push and Pull dance band, who          and now wish we’d left it that way. Eventually
were responsible for the start of the Anchor          we formed our duo, then did a load of ceilidhs
Gardens ceilidhs at Sidmouth, and has specialised     and social dances, as well as wheedling our way
in dance music. As well as playing a bit of           into the club and concert scenes.
country, he now does lots of community concerts,
                                                      For their latest news see www.belshazzarsfeast.
workshops and tuition. I teach a lot, conduct
                                                      co.uk. Belshazzar’s Feast appear at the Acorn
the Andover Museum Loft Singers, and also
                                                      Folk Club, Minehead in February, and Topsham
do community projects and dabble in academia
                                                      Folk Club in March
Barking Mad
The Serious, Silly and Surreal verses of Les
Barker performed by Jeanette Nicholls and
Friends at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth on
Saturday, 6th September 2008

This was an unusual event, in that none of the
participants, apart from the producer and compiler
Jeanette Nicholls, knew anything of Les Barker or
his work before she proposed the show, and nor, I
suspect did any of the audience. I wondered, with
some trepidation, what it would be like to hear the
inimitable words spoken by anyone but the man
himself, and by non-folkies at that. Well, my fears
were unfounded.
Jeanette was a stalwart of our early Plymouth Folk
Song Clubs, and of the West of England Folk
Centre in the 1960s, but her rst taste of Les was
last year at “Celebrating Cyril” in London. She
immediately became an admirer, and has since
caught most of his West Country appearances. As
Chairman of the theatre support group (TRAC)
she produces an annual fundraising show               news Of The Iceberg?, Spot Of The Antarctic and
comprising parodies of Shakespeare’s works, but       Cosmo The Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower. There
this year she decided to give the Barker œuvre        were sections on ‘Unrequited Love’ (Reg The
an airing. She introduced each item and read          Lonely Glow-worm was particularly poignant),
a couple of poems herself, but her friends Bill       ‘Food’ and ‘Senior Moments’. It didn’t take the
Stone - a former professional actor who is now        audience long to realise that there were lots of
drama critic at the Plymouth Evening Herald,          bits they could join in with, and the atmosphere
Edward Murch - a published poet and playwright,       soon became as relaxed as we are used to at folk
Dorothy Pailthorpe and Tony Morrell - long            concerts.
time actors with local drama groups, were the
main participants, reading some of the items to       The only item which was actually sung was the
specially composed backing tracks by John Fiske.      closing one - Will The Turtle Be Unbroken?-
Fortunately, they didn’t attempt to replicate         for which the cast donned black Stetsons and
Les’s accent, but spoke in straightforward non-       American accents. Nothing could follow that,
declamatory RP, with just some necessary touches      except (I hope) another Barker selection next
of vowel changes to accommodate rhymes. It            year
was obvious that all of them had acquired an
appreciation of the writer’s skill with words, and                               Rosemary Tawney
of his unique sense of humour, with its touches of
pathos and underlying seriousness.                                    LATE EXTRA
The show got off to a good start with the audience,    Otterfest have booked Strawhead for a concert
which consisted mainly of TRAC members, joining        at the Bridge inn, Topsham on Thursday,
in the chorus of Earwigo like a seasoned football      16th April, 2009. Tickets are available from
crowd. Many old favourites followed including          Martin & Jan on 01404 41182. Numbers are
Please Don’t kill the Krill, Have You Got Any          limited, so book early !

                                   Devon Folk News
Annual General Meeting                                                     Do they want to be able to join with others of their
The next AGM of Devon Folk will take place on                              own age to have fun playing, dancing and singing
Saturday 25th April 2009 in Budleigh Salterton.                            together? If after reading the article about NYFTE
Nominations are invited for a President and                                (The National Youth Folk Team of England) in
Treasurer (both elected annually) and for new                              this edition of What’s Afoot they feel they would
or present committee members seeking re-                                   like to go to the ‘Auditions’ being held during
election (if they are one of the six due to retire                         the Chippenham Festival next year and try for a
by rotation). A nomination form is included                                place in the team and they would like some help
below and photocopies will also be accepted. All                           towards travelling expenses to Chippenham and
nominations together with details of Proposer and                          back, let myself or a member of the committee
Seconder, should be sent to me by the 31st March                           know. Our young folk are important to us and
2009. The AGM will be preceded by a Music                                  deserve our encouragement
Workshop for Folk Dance Musicians led by Pete
Mac. He will also lead the massed workshop band                                                                           Rhona Hitchcock
in playing for the evening dance after the AGM
with caller Nicole Mac.
                                                                                Great with hops Full of spirit Goes down well
Keeping up to date.
If you are unable to nd information about folk
                                                                                             Home Brew
events organised within Devon in a current issue                                        Country Dance Band
of What’s Afoot and have access to the internet,
                                                                                            Colin Andrews
you may well nd what you are looking for on the
                                                                                 Bonny Green, Morchard Bishop Crediton,
much improved Devon Folk website which our
                                                                                   EX17 6PG .     Tel. 01363 877216
new webmaster Trevor Paul updates frequently
on our behalf. Give it a try!
Youthful folk                                                                                New CD now available
Do you know anyone between 10 and 16 interested
in Folk music, dancing or song?


          Nominee ........................................................................................................
          Proposed by ...................................................................................................
          Seconded by ...................................................................................................
          I, the undersigned, am willing to stand for election to the Devon Folk Committee
          Name           ..........................................................................................................
          Address ..........................................................................................................
          Signature .........................................................................................................
                          Please return this form by 31st March, 2009, to
               Rhona Hitchcock, 1, Anstis Street, Wyndham Square, Plymouth, PL1 5JP

Devon Folk Committee*                               Euphine Bromell
                                                    Rosala, 39, Blandford Road, Lower Compton,
President                                           Plymouth, PL3 5DS. 01752 221557
Terry Underhill                                     John Brooke
                                                    Flat 2, 4, High street, Totnes, TQ9 5RY 01803
Vice- Presidents                                    863802
Dennis Darke        Aileen Wills
Jo Trapnell                                         Sheila Chappell
                                                    2, Penstone Barns, Lease Hill, Hele, Exeter. EX5
Treasurer                                           4QA. 01392 882156
Brian Chappell                                      Eileen Conway
2, Penstone Barns, Lease Hill, Hele, Exeter, EX5    151, Kingsdown Crescent, Dawlish, EX7 0HB.
4QA. 01392 882156                                   01626 862312
                                                    Jean Foster
Members of the Committee                            29, Highweek Village, Newton Abbot, TQ12
                                                    1QA. 01626 363887
Anne Gill                                           Steve Gill
Maleth, 11, Cleveland Road, Torquay, TQ2 5BD        Maleth, 11, Cleveland Road, Torquay, TQ2 5BD.
01803 290427                                        01803 290427.
                                                    Dick Little
Vice Chairman                                       Collaton Grange, Collaton, Malborough,
Frances Franklin                                    Kingsbridge, TQ7 3DJ. 01548 561352
3, Stabb Close, Paignton, TQ4 7JA. 01803
843402                                              Nicole Mac
                                                    31, Scott Drive, Exmouth, EX8 3LF. 01395
                                                    266553. nicolemac@onetel.com
Rhona Hitchcock                                     Pete Mac
1, Anstis Street, Plymouth, PL1 5JP. 01752          31, Scott Drive, Exmouth, EX8 3LF. 01395
265869                                              266553. pete.mac@onetel.com

Membership Secretary                                Mary Marker
Pat Kenworthy                                       57, Great Hill, Chudleigh, TQ13 0JS. 01626
5, Allenstyle Road, Yelland, Barnstaple, EX31       854141. ammarker5@btinternet.com
3DX. 01271 860193
Minutes Secretary                                   Jean Warren
Patricia Reid                                       51, Green Park Road, Plymstock, Plymouth,
47, Sherwood Drive, Exmouth, EX8 4PX. 01395         PL9 9HU. 01752 401732
Elected Members                              Trevor Paul
Colin Andrews                                 trevor@axey-green.co.uk
Bonny Green, Morchard Bishop, Crediton, EX17
                                             What’s Afoot operates a magazine exchange
6PG 01363 877216
                                             with other folk publications from outside the
Alan Bromell                                 county. Copies of similar magazines from other
Rosala, 39, Blandford Road, Lower Compton, areas are always welcome. Please contact the
Plymouth, PL3 5DS 01752 221557               Editor (address on page 3).

Folk dance contacts
*Afliated to EFDSS                                   Ridd, 01884 820438
Wk weekly, Fn fortnightly, M monthly                  Beacon Wheel Chair Dancers
                                                      Sue Cummings 01803 554799
Social Dance - quick guide                            Bideford Ceilidh Club*
MONDAY                                                Fri. Bideford Athletic Club, The Pill. John
Honiton Folk Dance Club                Wk             Blackburn, 01237 476632
Marldon, MADCAPS                       Wk             Bideford Folk Dance Club*
Sidford, Scottish                      Wk             Wed. Northam Hall. Miss Pat Kenworthy, 5,
Northam, Third Age                     Fn             Allenstyle Road, Yelland, Barnstaple. 01271
TUESDAY                                               860193
Kingsteignton Folk Dance Club          Fn             Chard Folk Dance Club
Launceston Folk Dance Club             Wk             Alt. Thurs., Combe St Nicholas VH. 8 pm.
Liverton. Lucky 7 Folk Dance Club      Fn             Details: 01460 61996
Plymouth, Country Dance Plymouth       Wk             Country Dance, Plymouth*
Sidford Folk Dance Club                Wk             Tues., Trinity United Reform Church Hall, Tor
Totnes Scottish Folk Dance Classes     Wk             Lane, Hartley, Plymouth. 8 pm. Jacqui Joint
WEDNESDAY                                             01752 774484
Bideford Folk Dance Club               Wk             D’Accord*
Exmouth YWCA                           Wk             3rd Fri. 8 pm. French & Breton dances, Ide VH,
Gittisham Folk Dance Club              Fn             nr. Exeter. Pat Tomkins 01392 811593
Halsway Manor Folk Dance Club          Fn, 1&3        Dartington Folk*
Newton Abbot Irish Set Dance           Wk             Most Fridays, Dartington VH, 7.30 pm. John
South Hams Folk Dance Club             Wk             Gibson, 33, Grange Park, Bishopsteignton, TQ14
THURSDAY                                              9TS. 01626 778058
Chard Folk Dance Club                  Fn             Devon Playford Club*
Exmouth Folk Dance Club                Wk             Monthy, sat. 2.30 pm. Bowhill Primary Sch.,
Tavistock Folk Dance Club              Wk             Buddle Lane, Exeter. Miss E. Conway, 151,
Totnes Folk Dance Club                 M, 3rd         Kingsdown Crescent, Dawlish, EX7 0HB 01626
Willand Folk Dance Club                Fn             862312
FRIDAY                                                Devon Set Dancers
Aylesbeare Folk Dance Club             Fn             Mrs. Q. Daniel, 6, Balmoral Close, Newton
Bampton Folk Dance Club                M, last        Abbot, TQ12 4BJ
Bideford Ceilidh Club                  Wk             Exeter Folk Dance Group*
Dartington Folk Dance Club             Wk             Last Fri. 7.45 pm Baptist Church centre, Palace
Exeter(Ide) D’Accord French Dances     M, 3rd         Gate, Exeter. Mr. Chris Miles, 01395 275592
Exeter Folk Dance Club                 M, 4th
                                                      Exmouth Folk Dance Group*
Salcombe Regis Folk Dance Club         Wk
                                                      Thurs., Withycombe Methodist Church Hall. 8 -
SATURDAY                                              10 pm. Mr Chris Miles, 25, Old Bystock Drive,
Exeter, Devon Playford Club            M              Exmouth, EX8 5RB. 01395 275592
                                                      Exmouth, Isca Scottish Dancers
Social Dance - details                                Classes Tues & Wed, Sept - May. Mr & Mrs V.J.
Aylesbeare Folk Dance Club                            Tyler, 66, Ivydale, Exmouth. 01395 276913
Alt. Fri, Aylesbeare VH. Ted Farmer, 01392            Exmouth YWCA*
466326.                                               Wed. 2.30 pm. Alexandra House, 57, Imperial
Bampton Folk Dance Club                               Road. Mainly Playford. Mrs S. Harper, Flat 3, 6,
Last Fri. St.Michael’s Hall, Station Road. Hazel      Carlton Hill, Exmouth, EX8 2AJ. 01395 267171
Folk dance contacts
Gittisham Folk Dance Club*                          South Hams Folk Dance Club*
Wed, fortnightly (usu. 2nd & last). Gittisham       Wed. West Charleton VH. Philip Worth,
VH., nr. Honiton. Douglas Jones, Golden Square      Greenbank, Hope Cove, TQ7 3HP. 01548
Farm, Stockland, Honiton, EX14 9LG www.             561415
seered.co.uk/gittisham.htm                          South Brent Folk
Great Western Ceilidhs*                      Mrs K. Reynolds, High Leigh, Coach House,
Sat. Monthly, Bowhill Primary School, Buddle South Brent, TQ10 9DS.
Lane, Exeter. Pete Langley 01392 491228      The Sunday Club
Halsway Folk Dance Club                    Usually monthly in winter, Exminster VH, 2 pm
1st & 3rd Wed. Halsway Manor, Crocombe, Mixed couples with dance experience. Peter
Somerset.                                  Boskett, 01392 468462. peterandcynthia@tiscali.
Honiton Folk Dance Club                    co.uk
Mon. British Legion Club, Dowell Street, Tavistock Folk Dance Club*
Honiton. 8 pm. Andrew Mycroft, 4, Sycamore Thurs. St Peter’s School. (not July & August).
Close, Hontion, EX14 2XP. 01404 46451      Mrs Margaret Holt, 3, Copperelds, Horrabridge,
 andrew.mycroft@btinternet.com             Yelverton, PL20 7VB. 01822 855858
Kingsteignton Country Dance Club*                   Teign Playford Club*
Tues, twice monthly. Church Hall. Mrs. M. Jean Foster , 29 Highweek Village, Newton
Sainsbury, 202, Exeter Road, Kingsteignton. Abbot, TQ12 1QA 01626 363887
01626 367615                                Totnes Folk Dance Club*
Launceston Folk Dance Club                    3rd Thurs. Methodist Church Hall, 8 pm (Not
Tues. St Johns Ambulance Hall, 8 pm (Not July June, July, August). Mr. H. Lowe, 12, Benedicts
& August). 01579 362423                       Road, Liverton, Newton Abbot, TQ12 6JL. 01626
Lucky 7 Folk Dance Club*                      821045
Alt. Tues. Liverton VH. 8 pm. Mrs Margaret Totnes Scottish Folk Dance
Moxom, 7, Newcourt Road, Topsham, Exeter. Dance classes, Tues. King Edward VI School,
01392 873606                                  7.15 pm. Details: 01803 557821
Marldon & District Country & Playford               University of Exeter Folk Dance Club
Society (MADCAPS)*                           Richard Mason, 3, Kingsher Drive, Exeter, EX4
Mon. Marldon        VH. Mrs Jean Fillan, 29, 4SN. 01392 411434
Droridge, Dartington. 01803 866380
                                                    Willand Folk Dance Club*
Newton Abbot                                 Alt. Thurs. Willand VH. Mary Marker, 57, Great
Wed. Irish set dancing, Jolly Farmer, Market Hill, Chudleigh. TQ13 0JS. 01626 854141
Street. Maggie Daniel 01626 204350
Plymouth Group
Miss Patricia Day, 90, Shirburn Road, Plymouth,              Jigs for Gigs
PL6 5PH. 01752 771259
                                                            Highly experienced
Salcombe Regis Folk Dance Club*
Fri. Sidmouth College. Mrs D. Cooper, 6, Darnell        Melodeon-led Dance/Ceilidh
Close, Sidmouth. 01395 513131                           band. Duo, trio or more as
Sidford Folk Dance Club*                                         required.
Tues. Sidford VH, Byes Lane. J. Westwood,                 Guaranteed to get you
01404 813863, B. Bacon 01395 515186
Sidford Scottish Folk Dance Club
Mon. Sidford VH, Byes Lane. 8 pm. Brian                       01460 241326
Martin, 01404 850416
 Folk music & song contacts
Song & Music - quick guide                           FRIDAY
Folk song clubs (FC) and sessions (SE) are           FC Bodmin, Barley Sheaf                 Wk
sometimes forced to change venue at short            SE Ermington, Crooked Spire             M, last
notice due to change in management at a              FC Exeter, Barneld Theatre             M, 1st
pub. Please check with given contact if in
                                                     FC Exeter, Globe Inn                    M, 2nd
doubt. See also www.devonfolk. co.uk for
latest updates.                                      FC Kennford, 7 Stars                    M, last
                                                     SE Luxborough, Royal Oak                M, 2nd
MONDAY                                               FC Scoriton, Village Hall               M, 3rd
SE Chittlehampton, Bell Inn           M,2nd
                                                     FM Exeter, Globe Inn                    M, 4th
SE Exmouth, Phoenix                   Wk
TUESDAY                                              SE   Brendon, Staghunters Inn           M, 3rd
FC Bampton Bridge House Hotel         Fn,2&4
                                                     FC   Combe Martin, Castle Inn           Fn, 2&4
SE? Bradninch, Castle Inn             Fn
                                                     FC   Minehead, Old Ship Aground         M, 1st
FC Exmouth, Manor Hotel               1,3,5
                                                     SE   Tuckenhay, Maltsters               M, 2nd
SE Chulmleigh, Court House (Irish)    M, 2nd
SE? Plymouth, Artillery Arms          Fn             SUNDAY
SE? Plymouth, Fortescue               Wk             SE   Bere Ferrers, Old Plough (Irish)   M, 2nd
SE? South Brent, Pack Horse           Fn             SE   Bere Ferrers, Old Plough           M, 3rd
FC Tiverton, Racehorse                M, 1st         FC   Bude, Falcon Inn                   Fn
SE Totnes, Royal 7 Stars              ?              SE   Dawlish, Swan Inn                  M
                                                     SE   Exeter, Old Fire House             Wk?
WEDNESDAY                                            SE   Heddon Mouth, Hunters Inn          M, 4th
SE Bow, White Hart (Irish)            M, 1st
                                                     SE   Lee (Ilfracombe), Grampus          Wk?
SE Dawlish, South Devon Inn           M, last
                                                     FC   Lee Mill, Westward Inn             Wk
SE Ipplepen, Wellington Inn           M, 1st
                                                     FC   Okehampton, Plymouth Inn           M, last
FC? Lympstone, Globe Inn              M, 2nd
                                                     SE   Petrockstowe, Laurels Inn          M, 3rd
SE Malborough, Royal Oak              Wk?
                                                     SE   Plympton, George Inn               M, last
FC Pennymoor, Cruwys Arms             M, 3rd
                                                     SE   Sticklepath, Devonshire Inn        M, 1st
SE Plymouth, Hyde, Mutley             M, 2nd
                                                     FC   Topsham, Globe Inn                 Wk
FC? Seaton, Grove Inn                 M, 3rd
                                                     SE   Yarde (Nr Torrington). Afternoon   M
SE Sidmouth, Volunteer (song)         M, 1st
SE Sidmouth, Volunteer (music)        M, 3rd
                                                     Song & Music - details
FC Bideford, Joiners Arms             Wk
                                                     2nd & 4th Tues. Bridge House Hotel.Clare
SE Exeter, First & Last Inn (Irish)   M, 1st
                                                     Penney, 01884 860023
SE Exmouth, Bicton Inn                M, 2nd
                                                     Bere Ferrers
SE Denbury, Union Inn                 Wk
                                                     3rd Sun. Old Plough. 01822 841064
SE Frogmore, Globe                    M, 3rd
SE Horns Cross nr Bideford (Irish)    M, 3rd         Bideford Folk Club*
SE? Kingsbridge, Crabshell Inn        M, 1st         Thurs. Joiners Arms, Market Place. Jerry &
SE Plymouth, Blue Peter, Pomphlett    M, 1st         Hilary Bix, 36, Lower Gunstone, Bideford. Tel/
SE Princetown, Prince of Wales        M, 4th         fax 01237 470792
SE South Brent, Royal Oak             M, 3rd         Bodmin Folk Club*
SE Teignmouth, Devon Arms             M, 3rd         Fri. Barley Sheaf Inn, PL31 2JX. Mike Freemantle
FC Teignmouth, Devon Arms             M, last        01726 816454. www.bodminfolk.co.uk
FC Totnes, Dartmouth Inn              M, 2nd         Bradninch
FM Willand Band Club                  Fn, 1&3        Alt. Tues. Castle Hotel. 8.30 pm. Rob Reeves,
                                                     01392 881014

Folk music & song contacts
Brendon                                               Kingsbridge
3rd Sat, Staghunters. Carole Henderson-Begg,          1st Thurs. Crabshell Inn. Bob & Brenda Burnside,
01769 540581                                          01548 853351
Bude                                                  Luxborough.
Sun, twice monthly. Falcon Hotel. Lucy Burrow,        2nd Fri. Royal Oak. George Ody 01643 704347
01288 341582                                          Lympstone
Chittlehampton                                        2nd Wed. Globe Inn. Music, song & stories. Brian
1st Fri. concerts, usually in Parish Church. Pre-     Mather 01395 278594
concert supper if pre-booked. 01769 540581 or         Minehead
540887. events@chumpchurches.org.uk                   1st Sat. Acorn Folk Club, Old Ship Aground.
Combe Martin                                          Eileen Ann 01643 709394.
2nd & 4th Sat, Shammick Acoustic, Castle Inn.         www.acornfolkclub.co.uk
Tom & Barbara Brown, 01271 882366.                    Okehampton
Dawlish                                               Last Sun. Plymouth Inn. Music & song. Details:
Sun. Swan Inn. Mixed folk session. Details:           Wren 01837 53754
01626 208116                                          Pennymoor Singaround*
Denbury                                               3rd Wed. Cruwys Arms, Pennymoor. Clare
Thurs. Union Inn. Acoustic mixed sessions.            Penney, 01884 860023
Vic Connell, 01803 812535                             Petrockstowe
Ermington                                             Usually 3rd Sun. Laurels Inn. English music
Last Fri. Crooked Spire. 07990 863135.                session. Kate Nye 01837 810566.
Exeter, Barneld Theatre                              Plymouth, Artillery Arms
1st Fri. Bedford Room. Acoustic open mike             Alt Tues. Artillery Arms, Pound Street,
session. Jerry 07843 419178                           Stonehouse. Geoff Rodd, 36, Downham Gardens,
Exeter, Globe                                         Tamerton Foliot, Plymouth. 01752 709809.
2nd Fri. Traditional song. 4th Fri. music session.    Plymouth, Fortescue (Mutley).
Globe Inn, Newtown.                                   Tues. Basement bar, 8.30 pm. Joe Higman 01752
Exeter, Guitar Club.                                  227086
2nd Fri. Whipton Community Centre. Roger              Plymouth, Folk Roots
Hutton, 01392 873729                                  2nd Wed. Hyde, Mutley. Ali 01752 662002
Exeter, Old Fire House                                Plympton
Sun. Music session, Old Fire House, New North         Last Sun. George Inn.
Road. davidjgray@hotmail.com                          Scoriton
Exmouth                                               3rd Fri. Tradesman’s Arms or VH. Sue &
1st, 3rd & 5th Tues. 8.30 pm. Manor Hotel,            Simon Williams 01364 631308. Check for latest
Beacon, Exmouth. Jeff Lewis 01395 269232              details).
Folk On The Moor                                      Seaton
Sun. Westward Inn, Lee Mill. Anton Horwich, 3,        3rd Wed. Grove Inn. 01297 20064
Woodside Cottages, Milton Combe, Yelverton,           Sidmouth
Plymouth. 01752 261669(w), 01822 853620 (h)           1st Wed. traditonal song. 3rd Wed music session.
Halsway Manor (Crocombe)                              Volunteer Inn.
1st Sun. Song & music session in the bar lounge.      South Brent
Brendon Room. Details: 01984 618324                   Pack Horse Hotel. Alt. Tues. mostly song. Keith
Kennford                                              Beeby 01364 72587. Every Wed. mostly music.
Last Fri. 7 Stars . Peter Cornelius 01392 210983      Caroline 01364 631308

Folk dance, music & song contacts
Sticklepath (Okehampton)                           Eddie Upton, The Stables, Montacute House,
1st Sun. Devonshire Inn. Bill Murray 01647         Montacute, TA15 6XP. 01935 822911. Fax 01395
231286                                             822024 folksw@folksw.org.uk
Teignmouth                                         Halsway Manor Magazine
Last Thurs. Devon Arms Hotel, Northumberland       Alan Corkett, Greengarth, Nether Stowey,
Place. Martyn Hillstead, 01626 778071.             Somerset. 01278 732202 alan@bcorkett.
Tiverton Folk Club                                 freeserve.co.uk
1st Tues. Racehorse Inn. Susannah Billeter,        Puddingstone (Herts.)
01884 821286                                       Libby Byne-Grey 01920 460553
Topsham                                            Scrumpy’n’ Western
Sun. Globe. 8.30 pm (guest nights 8 pm). Tickets   4, Kew Lodge, Crookes Lane, Kewstoke,
for guest nights availabe one month in advance     Weston-Super-Mare, BS22 9XL 07890 305585
from John Nettleton 01395 267029. www.             scrumpynwestern@aol.com
topshamfolkclub.co.uk                              Shreds & Patches (Shropshire)
Totnes Folk Song Club                              Sheila Mainwaring, 1, Herbert Avenue,
2nd Thurs. Dartmouth Inn. Steve & Anne Gill,       Wellington, Telford, TF1 2BT. 01952 240989
01803 290427.                                      mainwaring@enta.net
Willand Club Band Workshop                         Somerset & Dorset
Alt. Thurs. Willand Chapel, Gables Road. Mary      www.folkmusicsomerset.co.uk. www.sadfolk.
Marker 01626 854141                                co.uk Tony & Peter’s Folk Diary - email for list:
Yarde (Nr Torrington)                              sanchobramble@hotmail.com
Occasional afternoon music sessions at Cafe (on    Taplas (Wales)
Tarka Trail), usually last Sun. Kate Nye 01837     Keith Hudson, 182, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff,
810566 or David Job 07972 786306                   CF24 1QJ 02920 499759
                                                   Wiltshire Folk
Storytelling                                       Geoff Elwell, 3, Sarum Avenue, Melksham,
Totnes Storytell                                   SN12 6BJ. 01225 703650
Quarterly, Kingsbridge Inn. Mavis Hewett, 01364    Also www.wiltshirefolkarts.org.uk
72972. Ruth Clarke 01803 732312                    Worcestershire Folk
                                                   Rosie McMinn 01905 771440
Regional Contacts
Dorset Folk
Steve Hunt, Meadow Cottage, Chapel Lane,
Woodlands, Wimborne, BH12 8LU 01202
Folklife West
Sam Simmonds, 16, Barrett Rise, Malvern,
WR14 2UJ. 01684 575704 editor@folklife-west.
Folk London
Sheila Finn, 4a, Kenilworth Road, Petts Wood,
Kent, BR5 1DY. 01689 825263
Folknews Kernow
Chris Ridley, Trenillocs, St Columb, Cornwall.
TR9 6JN 01637 880394
Folk South West
folk                       music & song
                             at TOPSHAM FOLK CLUB
  Sunday evenings at The Globe Hotel

     Spring concerts 2009                                                     Singers
Sunday 18 January 2009
Jackie Oates with
James Dumbelton                                                           Apart from concer
Full of Shirley Collins intonations,
                                                                            nights all other
her voice is persuasively rustic and                                       Sunday nights are
style distinctly English – she takes
                                                                       singers nights start
the great leap forward with this second solo album and adds                                  ing
conviction, confidence and variety to natural charm. – Colin Irwin       at 8.30pm and held
                                                                        in the dining room
Sunday 8 March 2009                                                       Admission is free.
Belshazzar's Feast                                                     If you would like
Paul Hutchinson and Paul Sartin                                        sing or play on on
play like no-one else you've ever
                                                                          of these nights,
heard.Their music is breathtaking
                                                                         come along and
and wickedly inventive and the
between-tunes interchange as intelligent and hilarious as the              make yourself
music. But don't let me give you the impression they're a                  known to the
lightweight comedy act: they finish the set with a haunting piece     evening’s compère
of oboe and accordion magic which has the audience spellbound.         People normally
 – Mike Harding                                                       perfor m two songs
                                                                      or tunes within a
   To reserve concert tickets phone                                    10 minute slot.
   John Nettleton on 01395 267029                                      Don't wor ry, it's
   Concerts start at 8.00pm and take place in the                    not compulsory to
   Globe Malthouse which is a 90 seater venue
                                                                      perfor m! You’re
   To find out more about us visit our website                        welcome just to
                                                                         come along
                                                                          and listen.
                The Globe Hotel, Fore Street,
                Topsham, Exeter EX3 0HR
                Tel: 01392 873471      23
                                      Novem day
                                     2008 H ut,
                                       Sold O w
                                       Book 9
                                        for 20

6th - 9th Nov 2009
Wessex Hotel
High Street, Street,
Nr Glastonbury, Somerset
Located near to Clarks
Shopping Village, Street.

only £159pp including Dinner, Bed & Breakfast
Friday - The Pete Mac Band with Caller, Nicole
Saturday - Mike Courthold with The Pete Mac Band
Sunday - The Yetties
Saturday morning workshop with Nicole.
Sunday morning workshop with Mike Courthold.

For more details and booking:
Tel: 01395 223645 e-mail: info@edennights.co.uk
or book online: www.holidays4dancers.com

Diary Dates (1)                                             CONCERT Ariel Centre, Totnes.
                                                            Conservatoire Folk Ensemble with
The details in this section are believed to be              Joe Broughton.
correct at the time of compilation, and the editor          SONG Acorn FSC, Hobby Horse
accepts no responsibility for subsequent changes.           Hotel, Minehead (Note venue change)
For weekly clubs with no guest & other sessions             Tom McConville, David Wood.
see quick guide. Regular venue for club is given Sun   7    SONG Folk on the Moor, Westward
in club listings where not specied below.                  Inn, Lee Mill. Steve Tilston
                                                            SONG Topsham FSC
November                                                    SONG Devonshire Inn, Sticklepath
                                                            CONCERT Corn Exchange, Exeter.
Fri 28 DANCE Exeter FDC.
                                                            Show of Hands.
       SONG Bampton FSC
                                                Mon 8       DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion
       SONG 7 Stars, Kennford.
                                                            Hall, Wendy & Shirley, Home Brew.
Sat 29 PLAYFORD Music Workshop &
                                                            DANCE MADCAPS Club, 7.45 pm
       dance (3 – 5 pm), St Michael’s Hall,
                                                            MUSIC Bell Inn, Chittlehampton
       Kingsteignton. Details: Mary Marker,
                                                Tue    9    DANCE Sidford FDC at VH. Nicole
       01626 854141
                                                            & Pete Mac
       DANCE Filleigh VH. Oggle Band
                                                            DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,
       CONCERT for prostate cancer chari-
                                                            Trinity UR Ch. H. Gil Jefferies.
       ties. St David’s Church, Hele Road,
                                                            SONG Bampton , Bridge House Inn
       Exeter. Details: Wren 01837 53754
                                                Wed 10      DANCE Gittisham FDC at VH.
Sun 30 SONG Folk on the Moor
                                                            Eileen Nightingale.
       SONG Plymouth Inn, Okehampton
                                                            SONG Globe, Lympstone
       CONCERT Corn Exchange, Exeter.
                                                Thu 11      DANCE Willand FDC at VH. Aileen
       Oyster Band.
                                                            Wills & Pete Mac.
                                                            DANCE Exmouth FDC, Withycombe
December                                                    Meth. Ch. Hall. Muriel Forrest
Mon 1 DANCE MADCAPS Club, 7.45 pm
                                                            SONG Totnes FSC, Dartmouth Inn.
      DANCE Honiton FDC, Br.Legion
       Hall. Ray Goodswen, Amycrofters.
                                                Fri    12   DANCE Exeter FDC, Baptist Centre,
Tue 2 DANCE Sidford FDC Jane Thomas.
                                                            Palace Gate. Christmas Party with
      DANCE Lucky 7 FDC, Liverton VH
                                                            Chris Miles & Muriel Forrest.
      DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,
                                                            CONCERT Manor Hotel, Exmouth.
      Trinity UR Ch. H. Chris Thorne.
                                                            Stanchester Choir.
      SONG Tiverton FSC, Racehorse
                                                            SONG Globe, Exeter.
Wed 3 SONG Volunteer, Sidmouth
                                                Sat    13   CEILIDH (Great Western) , Bowhill
      MUSIC Irish, White Hart, Bow
                                                            Primary, Exeter. Flash Company.
Thu 4 DANCE Exmouth FDC, Withycombe
                                                            DANCE Totnes FDC Christmas Party
      Meth. Ch. H. Aileen Wills, Pete Mac.
                                                            Meth. Ch. Hall
      DANCE Tavistock FDC, St Peter’s
                                                            SONG Shammick Acoustic, Castle
      Sch. Ray Buckingham.
                                                            Inn, Combe Martin.
      MUSIC Willand Band Workshop,
                                                Sun 14      DANCE Sunday Club, Exminster VH
      Willand Chapel, Gables Rd.
                                                            2 -5 . Mixed couples with some dance
      SONG, Crabshell, Kingsbridge
Fri 5 SONG Exeter Barneld
                                                            SONG Folk on the Moor, Westward
Sat 6 DANCE Elizabethan, Westward Ho!.
                                                            Inn, Lee Mill. Colvin Quarmby.
       Bloatertown Band (In aid of Parkin-
                                                Mon 15      DANCE MADCAPS Club Christmas
      son’s Disease charities)
                                                            Party, Marldon VH, 7.45 pm. Nicole
      DANCE Civic Hall, Totnes. Jane
                                                            & Pete Mac
      Thomas, Pete Mac Band.
Diary Dates (2)                                     Tue
                                                             Hall. Aileen Wills, Amycrofters.
                                                           6 DANCE Lucky 7 FDC, Liverton VH
           DANCE Honiton FDC Christmas                       DANCE Sidford FDC at VH. Doreen
           Party, British Legion Hall. Eileen                Cooper.
           Nightingale, Amycrofters.                         DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,
Tue   16   DANCE Lucky 7 FDC Christmas                       Trinity URC Hall. Gil Jefferies
           Party, Liverton VH.                               SONG Tiverton FSC, Racehorse Inn
           DANCE Sidford FDC Christmas              Wed    7 SONG Volunteer, Sidmouth
           Party at VH. Aileen Wills, Ivor Hyde              MUSIC Irish. White Hart, Bow.
           & Holly.                                 Thu    8 DANCE Willand FDC at VH. Jane
Wed 17     DANCE Gittisham FDC at VH.                        Thomas, Stick The Fiddle.
           Aileen Wills.                                     DANCE Exmouth FDC, Meth Ch H
           SONG Pennymoor Singaround,                        Withycombe. Wendy Hoare.
           Cruwys Arms.                                      DANCE Tavistock FDC. John Estall.
           SONG Grove Inn, Seaton.                           SONG Totnes FSC, Dartmouth Inn
Thu 18     DANCE Tavistock FDC Christmas            Fri    9 SONG Globe, Exeter.
           Party, St Peter’s School. John Estall.   Sat   10 DANCE Willand VH. Ted Farmer,
           DANCE Exmouth FDC Christmas                       Bridgwater Band.
           Party, Withycombe Meth. Ch. H.                    CEILIDH (Great Western ), Bowhill
           Bring & share.                                    Primary, Exeter. Old Swan Band.
           MUSIC Willand Band Club, Willand                  SONG Shammick Acoustic, Castle
           Chapel, Gables Road.                              Inn, Combe Martin.
Fri   19   CEILIDH Cheriton Bishop VH. New          Sun   11 SONG Folk On The Moor, Westward
           Vintage Band.. (Devon Squeezebox)                  Inn, Lee Mill. Thorn & Roses
           DANCE D’Accord French, Ide VH            Mon   12 DANCE MADCAPS Club, 7.45 pm
           SONG Tradewinds, Scoriton VH                      DANCE Honiton FDC, Ray
Sat   20   DANCE Willand VH. Dee Chapman,                    Goodswen, Stick The Fiddle.
           Silver & Gold                                     MUSIC Bell Inn, Chittlehampton
Sun 21     SONG Folk on the Moor, Westward          Tue   13 DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,
           Inn, Lee Mill. Christmas Party.                    Alan & Marion Finch.
Sat   27   CEILIDH Ashburton Town Hall.                      DANCE Sidford FDC. Aileen Wills.
           3DB& Analogue Man. Tickets: 01803                 SONG Bampton Bridge House Inn
           86239                                    Wed   14 SONG Globe, Lympstone
Mon 29     DANCE Gittisham FDC ‘In Between’         Thu   15 DANCE Exmouth FDC Meth Ch H
           Party. Bring & share. Live music.                 Withycombe. Nicole & Pete Mac
Wed 31     DANCE Willand VH. Jane Thomas,                    DANCE Tavistock FDC, St Peter’s
           Philip Worth, Meltdown.                           Sch. Ted Farmer.
           CONCERT Okehampton Charter                        MUSIC Globe Inn, Frogmore
           Hall. Paul & Marilyn Tucker &                     MUSIC Willand Band Club, Chapel,
           friends. Details: 01837 53754                     Gables Road.
                                                             DANCE Totnes FDC, Meth Ch H.
January 2009                                        Fri   16 CEILIDH Cheriton Bishop VH
Fri 2 SONG Barneld, Exeter.                                 Hips & Haws. (Devon Squeezebox)
Sat 3 DANCE Civic Hall, Totnes. Nicole                       SONG Tradewinds, Scoriton VH
      & Pete Mac Band.                                       DANCE D’Accord French, Ide VH
      SONG Acorn FSC, Minehead. Bill                Sat   17 PLAYFORD Devon Playford Club
      Crawford & Dave Lowry                                  Bowhill Primary, Exeter, 2.30 pm.
Sun 4 SONG Devonshire Inn, Sticklepath                       Sue Horsham, Gwyn George.
      SONG Folk on the Moor, Lee Mill                        CONCERT Manor Hotel, Exmouth
Mon 5 DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion                          Cole Stacey.
                                                             SONG Staghunters, Brendon.
Diary Dates (3                                 February
                                               Sun    1 SONG Devonshire Inn, Sticklepath
Sun 18 SONG Old Plough, Bere Ferrers                    SONG Folk on the Moor, Lee Mill
       SONG Topsham FSC, Globe. Jackie         Mon    2 DANCE MADCAPS Club, 7.45 pm
       Oates & James Dumbleton.                         DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion
Mon 19 DANCE MADCAPS Club, 7.45 pm                      Hall. Peter Moxom, Amycrofters
       DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion           Tue    3 SONG Tiverton FSC, Racehorse Inn
       Hall. Tony Dore, Amycrofters.                    DANCE Lucky 7 FDC, Liverton VH
Tue 20 DANCE Lucky 7 FDC Liverton VH                    DANCE Sidford FDC at VH. Nicole
       DANCE Sidford FDC at VH. Harry                   & Pete Mac.
       Turner, Amycrofters.                             DANCE Country Dance Plymouth
       DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,                    Trinity URC Hall. Ray Buckingham
       Trinity URC Hall. Chris Thorne.         Wed    4 MUSIC Irish. White Hart, Bow
Wed 21 SONG Seaton FSC, Grove.                          SONG Volunteer, Sidmouth
       SONG Pennymoor Singaround,              Thu    5 DANCE Exmouth FDC, Peter
       Cruwys Arms.                                     Moxom, Amycrofters.
Thu 22 DANCE Willand FDC at VH. Roger                   DANCE Tavistock FDC, John Estall.
       Quartly, Petronella. Scottish evening            SONG Bideford FSC, Joiners Arms
       DANCE Exmouth FDC. Aileen Wills                  Tom Bliss.
       DANCE Tavistock FDC, St Peter’s                  SONG Crabshell, Kingsbridge
       Sch. Alan & Marion Finch.                        MUSIC Willand Band Workshop,
       SONG Princetown, Prince of Wales                 Chapel, Gables Road.
Fri 23 MUSIC Globe, Exeter.                    Fri    6 SONG Barneld, Exeter
Sat 24 SONG Shammick Acoustic, Castle          Sat    7 DANCE Civic Hall, Totnes. Jane
       Inn, Combe Martin. Brian Peters. Day             Thomas, Bridgwater Band.
       workshop, evening concert.                       SONG Acorn FSC, Old Ship Aground
       DANCE Fremington VH. Bloater-                    Minehead. Belshazzar’s Feast.
town                                           Sun    8 SONG Folk on the Moor, Westward
Sun 25 SONG Folk on the Moor, Westward                  Inn, Lee Mill. Tom Kitching & Gren
       Inn, Lee Mill. Brian Peters.                     Bartley.
       SONG Plymouth Inn, Okehampton           Mon    9 DANCE MADCAPS Club, 7.45 pm
       SONG George, Plympton                            DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion
Mon 26 DANCE Honiton FDC , Hare &                       Hall. Graham Barrett, Meltdown
       Hounds. Ron Rudd, Amycrofters.          Tue   10 DANCE Sidford FDC. Peter Moxom
Tue 27 SONG Bampton, Bridge House Inn                   DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,
       DANCE Sidford FDC at VH. Jane                    Trinity URC Hall. Frances Oates.
       Thomas                                           SONG Bampton Bridge House Inn
       DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,           Wed   11 SONG Globe, Lympstone
       Trinity URC Hall. Gil Jefferies.        Thu   12 SONG Totnes FSC, Dartmouth Inn.
Thu 29 DANCE Exmouth FDC, Meth Ch H                     Jim Moray
       Withycombe. Ted Farmer.                          DANCE Willand FDC at VH. Ted
       DANCE Tavistock FDC, St Peter’s                  Farmer, Andrew & June Mycroft.
       Sch. Gil Jefferies.                              DANCE Tavistock FDC, St Peter’s
       SONG Teignmouth FC, Devon Arms                   Sch. Chris Thorne.
Fri 30 DANCE Exeter FDC Bapt. Ch H,                     DANCE Exmouth FDC, Meth Ch H
       Palace Gate. Ryan Roberts.                       Withycombe. Chris Miles.
       DANCE Bampton FDC, St Michaels          Fri   13 SONG Globe, Exeter
       Hall                                    Sat   14 CEILIDH Great Western Ceilidh
       SONG 7 Stars, Kennford.                          Bowhill Primary, Exeter. Gloworms

Diary Dates (4)                                  Fri
                                                          SONG Princetown, Prince of Wales
                                                       27 DANCE Exeter FDC, Baptist Ch. H
           DANCE Willand VH. Ryan Roberts,                Palace Gate. Pam Hayes.
           Reel Thing.                                    DANCE Bampton FDC, St Michaels
           CONCERT Manor Hotel, Exmouth.                  Hall
           Tim Laycock & Steve Waters.                    SONG 7 Stars, Kennford
           SONG Shammick Acoustic, Castle                 FESTIVAL Inter-Varsity Folk Dance
           Inn, Combe Martin.                             Festival, Exeter. See display advert.
Sun 15     SONG Old Plough, Bere Ferrers.        Sat   28 CALLER’S SWAP Eagle Hotel,
           SONG Folk on the Moor, Lee Mill.               Launceston. 10.30 - 1, 2 - 4.30 pm
Mon 16     DANCE MADCAPS, Marldon VH,                     PLAYFORD Teign Playford Club,
           7.45 pm Philip Worth, Gwyn George.             Kingsteignton Comm. Hall, 2.30 - 6.
           DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion                  Jean Foster, Bob Franklin, Gwyn
           Hall. Frances Oates, Friendly Folk.            George.
Tue   17   DANCE Lucky 7 FDC Anniversary,                 SONG Shammick Acoustic, Castle
           Liverton VH.                                   Inn, Combe Martin. Hughie Jones.
           DANCE Sidford FDC at VH. Eileen                FESTIVAL IVFDF, Exeter. See ad.
Wed 18     SONG Grove, Seaton.                   March
           SONG Pennymoor Singaround,            Sun 1 FESTIVAL IVFDF, Exeter. See ad.
           Cruwys Arms.                                SONG Devonshire Inn, Sticklepath
Thu 19     DANCE Exmouth FDC, Club callers.            SONG Folk on the Moor, Westward
           DANCE Tavistock FDC John Estall.            Inn, Lee Mill. Kenny & Judy.
           DANCE Totnes FDC, Meth. Ch.Hall       Mon 2 DANCE MADCAPS Club, 7.45 pm
           MUSIC Willand Band Workshop,                DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion
           Chapel, Gables Road.                        Hall. Peter Moxom, Amycrofters
Fri   20   CEILIDH Cheriton Bishop VH.           Tue 3 DANCE Lucky 7 FDC, Liverton VH
           Colin Andrews, Home Brew Band.              DANCE Sidford FDC at VH. Aileen
           DANCE D’Accord French, Ide VH               Wills, Pete Mac.
           SONG Tradewinds, Scoriton VH                DANCE Country Dance Plymouth
Sat   21   PLAYFORD Devon Playford Club,               Trinity URC Hall. Chris Thorne
           Bowhill Primary, Exeter, 2.30 pm.           SONG Tiverton FSC, Racehorse Inn.
           Frances Oates, Gwyn George.           Wed 4 SONG Volunteer, Sidmouth
Sun 22     SONG Plymouth Inn, Okehampton         Thu 5 DANCE Exmouth FDC, Meth Ch H
           SONG Folk on the Moor, Westward             Withycombe. Jane Thomas
           Inn, Lee Mill. Queensberry Rules.           DANCE Tavistock FDC, St Peter’s
Mon 23     DANCE MADCAPS Club 7.45 pm                  Sch. Aileen Wills.
           DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion               SONG Crabshell, Kingsbridge
           Hall. Harry Turner, Amycrofters             MUSIC Willand Band Workshop,
Tue   24   SONG Bampton, Bridge House Inn              Chapel, Gables Road.
           DANCE Sidford FDC at VH. Muriel       Fri 6 SONG Barneld, Exeter
           Forrest.                              Sat 7 DANCE Civic Hall, Totnes. Sarah
           DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,               Bazeley, Dartmoor Pixie Band.
           Trinity URC Hall. Gil Jefferies.            FESTIVAL Piping Hot bagpipes,
Thu 26     DANCE Willand FDC at VH. Jane               Okehampton. See display advert.
           Thomas, Friendly Folk.                      SONG Acorn FSC, Minehead.
           DANCE Exmouth FDC, Meth Ch H                Geoffrey Bowman.
           Withycombe. Muriel Forrest.           Sun 8 SONG Folk on the Moor, Lee Mill
           DANCE Tavistock FDC, St Peter’s             SONG Topsham FSC, Globe Inn.
           Sch. Frances Oates.                         Belshazzah’s Feast.
           SONG Teignmouth FSC Devon Arms              FESTIVAL Piping Hot Okehampton.
Diary Dates (5)                                        SONG Tradewinds, Scoriton VH
                                                       DANCE D’Accord French, Ide VH
                                            Sat   21   PLAYFORD Devon Playford Club,
Mon 9 DANCE MADCAPS, Marldon VH,
                                                       Bowhill Primary, Exeter, 2.30 pm
       7.45. Peter Moxom, Gwyn George.
                                                       Rosemary Hunt, Gwyn George.
       DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion
                                                       SONG Staghunters, Brendon
       Hall. Frances Hilson, Ivor Hyde.
                                            Sun 22     SONG Folk on the Moor, Westward
Tue 10 DANCE Sidford FDC. Peter Moxom
                                                       Inn, Lee Mill. Askew sisters.
       DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,
                                            Mon 23     DANCE MADCAPS Club, 7.45 pm
       Trinity URC Hall. Frances Oates.
                                                       DINNER & DANCE Honiton FDC,
       SONG Bampton, Bridge House Inn
                                                       Br. Legion Hall. Eileen Nightingale,
Wed 11 SONG Globe, Lympstone
                                                       Amycrofters. Ticket only.
Thu 12 DANCE Willand FDC at VH. Ryan
                                            Tue   24   DANCE Sidford FDC at VH. Doreen
       Roberts, Squeezum.
       DANCE Exmouth FDC, Denis Warry
                                                       DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,
       DANCE Tavistock FDC, Jim Reade.
                                                       Trinity URC Hall. Ray Buckingham
       SONG Totnes FSC, Dartmouth Inn
                                                       SONG Bampton, Bridge House Inn
Fri 13 SONG Globe, Exeter.
                                            Thu 26     DANCE Exmouth FDC, Meth Ch H
Sat 14 CEILIDH Elizabethan, Westward Ho
                                                       Withycombe. Jean Hackston
                                                       DANCE Tavistock FDC, John Estall.
       CEILIDH Great Western Ceilidh,
                                                       SONG Teignmouth FC, Devon Arms
       Bowhill Primary, Exeter. Florida.
                                                       SONG Princetown, Prince of Wales
       DANCE Willand VH. Carol Hewson,
                                            Fri   27   DANCE Exeter FDC, Baptist Ch H
       Kelly’s Eye.
                                                       Chris Miles & Muriel Forrest.
       CONCERT Manor Hotel, Exmouth.
                                                       DANCE Bampton FDC, St Michaels
       Mick Groves.
       SONG Shammick Acoustic, Castle
                                                       SONG 7 Stars, Kennford
       Inn, Combe Martin.
                                                       MUSIC Globe, Exeter.
Sun 15 DANCE Sunday Club, Exminster VH
                                            Sat   28   DANCE Pensilva FDC, Liskeard
       2 - 5 pm Mixed couples with some
                                                       Public Hall. Les Burden, Silver &
       dance experience.
                                                       Gold. See display advert.
       SONG Old Plough, Bere Ferrers.
                                                       SONG Shammick Acoustic, Castle
       SONG Folk on the Moor, Lee Mill.
                                                       Inn, Combe Martin. Askew sisters.
Mon 16 DANCE MADCAPS Club, 7.45 pm
                                            Sun 29     SONG Plymouth Inn, Okehampton
       DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion
                                                       SONG Folk on the Moor, Westward
       Hall. Jane Thomas Jigs for Gigs.
                                                       Inn, Lee Mill. Tom McConville.
Tue 17 DANCE Lucky 7 FDC, Liverton VH
                                            Mon 30     DANCE MADCAPS Club, 7.45 pm
       DANCE Sidford FDC at VH. Ted
                                                       DANCE Honiton FDC, Br. Legion
       Farmer, Amycrofters.
                                                       Hall. Richard Mason, Pete Mac.
       DANCE Country Dance Plymouth,
                                            Tue   31   DANCE Lucky 7 FDC, Liverton VH
       Trinity URC Hall. Gil Jefferies.
                                                       DANCE Sidford FDC. Aileen Wills.
Wed 18 SONG Grove, Seaton
                                                       DANCE Country Dance Plymouth
       SONG Pennymoor Singaround,
                                                       Alan & Marion Finch
       Cruwys Arms.
Thu 19 DANCE Totnes FDC, Meth Ch H.
       DANCE Exmouth FDC, Meth Ch H
                                            Thu   2 DANCE Exmouth FDC, Meth Ch H
       Withycombe. Aileen Wills, Pete Mac
                                                    Withycombe. Frances Hilson
       DANCE Tavistock FDC, Ted Farmer
                                                    DANCE Tavistock FDC, St Peter’s
       MUSIC Willand Band Workshop,
                                                    Sch. Alan & Marion Finch.
       Gables Road Chapel.
                                            Sun   5 SONG Folk on the Moor, Westward
Fri 20 CEILIDH Cheriton Bishop VH
                                                    Inn, Lee Mill. John Kirkpatrick.
       Fox Amongst The Chickens.
Useful contacts (5)
Ritual & Display Groups                         Great Western Morris Men
                                                Trevor Cook, 1, Croft Cottage, Church Lane,
Alive & Kicking
                                                Cheriton Bishop, EX6 6JU. 01647 24307.
Appalachian. Julie Page 07815 966838
Bruce Johnstone-Lane, 40, Walkers Gate,
                                                Green Willow Clog
                                        Sue Fildes 07768 625333
Wellington, TA21 8DJ       01823 669875
brucejlowe@btopenworld.com              Grimspound Border Morris
                                        Don McMillan 01626 207600 don.mcmillan@
Bideford Phoenix Morris
Sue Jones, 01237 477047
Blackawton Morris                               Harberton Navy
                                          Nonnie Duncan, Little Cholwell, Harberton,
Chris Janman, 1, Castle Lane, Blackawton,
                                          Totnes. 01803 867650
Totnes. 01803 712362
Black Bess                                      Heather & Gorse
                                                Jenny Gill, 01626 779795
Suzanne Lovell 01803 873908
Bovey Tracey Mummers                            Ilfracombe Red Petticoats
                                                Janet Ellis 01271 342351
Rod Wilkins 01803 812581
Cat’s Eye Border                                Kings Arms Pace Egg & Mummers
                                                Dave Denford, The Cottage, Ramsley, South
Pauline McKeough 01208 821323
                                                Zeal, EX10 2LD
Cogs & Wheels
                                                Lodestone Border
Alison Cruse, Waterside, Cleave Hill, Sticklepath,
                                                   Brian Cunningham 01822 853856
EX20 2NH. 01837 840070 alisoncruse@hotmail.
com                                                Newton Bushel Morris Men
                                                   Anthony Job, 29, Innerbrook Road, Chelston,
Dartmoor Border
                                                   Torquay. 01803 607987
Kath Tregaskis, 34, Cramber Close, Belliver,
Plymouth PL6 7AZ. 01752 299700 bagman@ North Devon Mummers
dartmoorbordermorris.com                           Francis & Barbara Verdigi, 01271 813843
Dartington Morris Men                           Plymouth Maids
Iain Davison, 07841 087669                      Jean Hawkins 01752 303939 jean.hawkins@
iain.davison@dataharvest.co.uk                  blueyonder.co.uk
Exeter Morris Men                               Plymouth Morris Men
Mike Painter, Grassroots, 102, Gras Lawn, Exeter, Peter Watson 01752 330249
EX2 4ST. 01392 426743 mike@painter53. Porthleven Morris Men
freeserve.co.uk                                   Max Williams 01326 572101
Exmoor Border Morris                            Raddon Hill Clog Morris
Heather Holt. hholt.exmoor@btopenworld.com      Jane Hewitt, 53, Kingsway, Exeter, EX2 5EN
Flaming Morris                                  01392 660646
Colin Payne 01404 850503                        Shufe The Deck
Firestone                                Appalachian. Jenny Draper, Ladywell, Grange
(Appalachian & Irish). Richard Mason, 3, Road, Buckfast, TQ11 0EH. 01364 643320
Kingsher Drive, Exeter, EX4 4SN. 01392 Sidmouth Steppers NW Morris
411434                                   Ruth Lewis 01404 44498 FunnFolk@aol.com
Glory of the West Morris                        Sidmouth Traditional Mummers
Carol Mantell, Beggars Roost, Higher Ashton, Henry Piper, 21B, Broad Street, Ottery St Mary,
Exeter, EX6 7QR 01647 252740                 01404 811491 henry.piper@zoom.co.uk

Useful contacts (6)
Sunrise Border Morris                          Pennymoor Song & Ale
Martyn 07768 613894                            Early June. Clare Penney 01884 860023
Tarka Morris Men                               Plymouth Folk Festival
Daemon Billing, daemon@billing.euro1net.com    Marilyn Goldsbrough 01752 564847
Tinners Morris Men                             Sidmouth Folk Week
Mike Palmer 01647 433464                       August www.sidmouthfolkweek.org.uk
Trigg Morris Men                               Sourton Song Weekend
Roger Hancock, 01208 73907                     Fox & Hounds, May. Jon Heslop & Kathy Wallis
Uplyme Morris Men                              01579 363505 Kathy.wallis@nasuwt.net
Timothy Fox 01297 443072                       Teignmouth Folk Festival
Tudor Dance Group                           June. www.teignmouthfolk.co.uk Anne Gill,
Elizabeth Thurgood, Brookeld, Combe Water, 01803 290427
Cotleigh, Honiton, EX14 9SQ. 01404 831512   Wadebridge
Wheal Soa NW Morris                        August Bank Holiday weekend. 01208 812230)
Colin Baker 01404 841359                    Westcountry Storytelling Festival
Winkleigh Morris                            August, Aller Park, Dartington. 01803 863790
Angela Haines, Hollacote, Hollocombe, West Somerset Folk Festival
Chulmleigh, EX18 7QE 01837 83219            www.westsomersetfolkfestival.co.uk

Festivals                                      National Organisations
Bampton After The Fair                         English Folk Dance & Song Society
End of October. Clare Penney 01884 860023     Cecil Sharp House, 2, Regents Park Road,
Baring-Gould Festival                         London, NW1 7AY. 020 7485 2206. info@efdss.
End of October. Wren 01837 53754        info@ org www.efdss.org
wrenmusic.co.uk                                The Morris Federation
Bideford Folk Festival                         Fee Lock,28, Fairstone Close, Hastings, Sussex.
August Jerry Bix 01237 470792                  01424 436052. www.morrisfed.org.uk
Bude Folk Festival                             The Morris Ring
May . Lucy Burrow 01288 341582                 Charlie Corcoran, 70, Greengate Lane, Birstall,
Burnham Folkfest                               Leicestershire, LE4 3DL. Tel/fax 0116 267 5654
August. www.folkfest.co.uk                     www.themorrisring.org.
Crediton Folk Festival                         Open Morris
April. creditonfolkfestival@yahoo.co.uk Pete Tracey Good 01507 608364. secretaryoform@
Lister 01363 775695                          aol.com
Dartmoor Folk Festival                        National Youth             Folklore Troupe         of
Mrs J White, Sunnyhill, South Zeal, EX20 2JL.
                                             Dave Leverton, Heathers, Stanton Wick, Pensford,
01837 840102 www.dartmoorfolkfestival.co.uk.
                                             Bristol, BS39 4BZ. 01761 490236 daveleverton@
Exmoor Folk Festival
May. 01598 741279 g.linley@virgin.net
                                                                Folk in the Attic
Intervarsity Folk Dance Festival
Richard Mason 01392 411434 27/2 - 1/3 2009
                                                   Old music manuscripts, song & dance books,
Malborough Music Festival                          folk albums, musical instruments, etc. may be of
August. malborough.festival@ukonline.co.uk         value - don’t throw them out without checking !

Totnes Folk Club
        Dances at the Civic Hall, Totnes, 2008 - 2009
                 8.00 pm - 11.30 pm            Refreshments available
             December 6th Jane Thomas & The Pete Mac Band

                        January 3rd Nicole & Pete Mac
           February 7th Jane Thomas & The Bridgwater Band
          March 7th Sarah Bazeley & The Dartmoor Pixie Band

                                All warmly welcomed
                            Admission £4.00 Members £3.50

     More information: June Prowse 01803 862435 Harry Lowe 01626 821045
Club Nights at the Methodist Church hall, Fore Street, Totnes, 8 pm to 10 pm. Admission £1
              On the 3rd Thursday of the month, except June, July & August

Bands                                             Oggle Band
                                                  Old Boys
                                                                                 01271 865030
                                                                                 01726 837432
                                                  Other Band                     01326 563564
Those in bold text have an advert elsewehere in
                                                  Park Bench Aristocrats         01548 810038
this magazine. * EFDSS afliated.
                                                  Perfect Cure                   01823 432642
3dB Ceilidh Band                   01803 862393
                                                  Pete Mac Band                  01395 266553
4 Feet First                       07854 725399
                                                  Petronella                     01626 854141
4 Reel Drive                       01363 877216
                                                  Pieces of Eight                01395 513877
Amycrofters Band                    01404 46451
                                                  Pigs Might Fly                 01392 411434
Autumn Gold                        01840 261708
                                                  Pig’s Whisper                  01392 250355
Babelsh                           01769 550408
                                                  Phoenix                        01392 833088
Barn Owls                          01822 832002
                                                  Quantock Quarenders            01984 656459
Barnstormers                       01392 882036
                                                  Red Shed                       01363 774339
Bloatertown Band                   01237 476632
                                                  Redwing                        01409 211492
Bridgwater Band                    01823 491662
                                                  Redwing Duo                    01395 266553
Cavaliers                          01822 832507
                                                  Reel Thing                     01460 240411
Choughed to Bits                   01752 851990
                                                  Rumpus                         01548 531525
Country Style                      01803 813555
                                                  Rusty Buckets                  01398 323494
Dartmoor Pixie Band*               01837 840775
                                                  Rusty Gulley                   01803 290427
Devil’s Footsteps                  01626 866257
                                                  Shams Band                     01548 842231
Devonians                          01752 221557
                                                  Sheer Hopody                   01769 520595
Eel Grinders                       01647 440020
                                                  Silver & Gold                  01752 265869
Fiery Clockface                    01822 612281
                                                  Slack Ma Girdle                01823 680523
Flash Company                      01392 274135
                                                  Slapjack                       01823 601583
Folk Two                           01548 550004
                                                  Smileyboots                    01752 364596
Footloose                          01647 433464
                                                  Somersets                      01749 812207
Fox Amongst The Chickens           01579 351201
                                                  Spinach For Norman              01837 83347
Fresh Aire                         01823 257488
                                                  Squeezum                       01823 333567
Friendly Folk                      01643 707294
                                                  Steve Gill & Andy Clarke       01803 290427
Grumbling Old Men                  01278 732202
                                                  Stick The Fiddle               01884 243295
Haymakers                          01288 361625
                                                  Sundowners                     01647 440754
Hips & Haws                        01884 855638
                                                  Tinners                        01736 787951
Hobson’s Choice                    01823 272537
                                                  Walter Shortage & Hosepipe Band 01837 52174
Home Brew                          01363 877216
                                                  Weston Country Dance Band      01934 813326
Hot Punch                          01271 373128
                                                  Woodshed Band                  01803 558929
Housewive’s Choice                 01363 774426
                                                  Wunjo! Ceilidh Band            01364 644131
Ivor Hyde’s Band                    01460 65159
Jigs For Gigs                      01460 241326
Jiggerypipery                      01647 433390                     NEW CD
Jocosity                           01752 350799
Long Odds & Short Straws            01460 61996
                                                       HOLIDAY FOLK WEEK
Lucy Lastic                        01884 881385        DANCE MUSIC VOL. 2
Mac’s Maggot                       01752 404821
Meltdown                           01278 732202     Aidan Broadbridge & Rod Stradling
Mooncoin Ceilidh Band*             01803 290427     leading the group of players in a selection of
More The Merrier                   01884 820438            tunes with a Christmas avour.
Mrs Crotty’s Ceilidh Band          01803 762645
Mullachabu                         01626 871260                  £10 (+ £1 p&p)
Newlyn Reelers                     01736 366284               www.rodstradling.com
Occasion Ceilidh Band              01752 337501
                                                                   01543 257419

Note: some callers will work with different bands,
but others only with specic or single bands.
                                                         Seven Stars Folk &
Likewise, some bands will only work with certain         Acoustic Music Club
callers. Check when you book !
Tom Addison                        01392 420694               Seven Stars Inn,
Colin Andrews                      01363 877216                  Kennford
Graham Barrett                     01823 461632               Near Exeter (off A38)
Sarah Bazeley                      01837 840775
Robert Blackborow                  01823 491662
John Blackburn                     01237 476632        Last Friday of the Month
Peter Boskett                      01392 468462                 8:00pm
Adrian Brayley                     07791 703009
Helen Brayley                      01392 882036           All musicians welcome
Linda Breeze                       01363 776184
Tom Brown                          01271 882366
Les Burden                         01840 261708               FREE Admission
Dick Carlyon                       01458 272933
Dennis Cook                        01822 832002            For more information
Ted Farmer                         01392 466326                  contact:
Judy Forrow                        01626 864042
Ray Goodswen                       01278 424332            The Cornelius Family
Sue Hamer-Moss                     01805 601323              (01392) 210983
Susan Heard                        01823 462936
Jan Hewett                          01404 41182
Martin Hodge                       01392 217827
Gil Jefferies
Chris Jewell
                                   01752 844138
                                   01237 475138              CHRIS JEWELL
Beryl Jukes                        01209 712357              Caller & Musician
Rosie Longhurst                    01579 351201
Nicole Mac                         01395 266553
                                                         Also professional piano tuner
Mary Marker                        01626 854141                 for North Devon
Richard Mason                      01392 411434
Barry Moule
Peter Moxom
                                   01288 361625
                                   01392 873606
                                                                 01237 475138
Eileen Nightingale                 07811 367966          chrisjewell99@hotmail.co.uk
Frances Oates                      01209 217918
Mike & Shelagh Palmer              01647 433464
Kate Powell                        01626 866257       4 FEET FIRST
Tom Stevens                        01872 240826
John Tarling                        01297 34804         Energetic Ceilidh Band
Jane Thomas                        01884 855267
Garry Thompson                     01271 865030       Caller, ddle, accordion, guitar, percussion
Les Thompson                       01803 962393                  Plymouth & area
Chris Thorne                       01726 823275
Harry Turner                       01823 664745              Alison 01752 662002
                                                              Deni 07854 725399

Mabs & Gordon Hall     VT115 CD                         A lively traditional dance band
                                                          and caller for ceilidhs, barn
WILD WILD BERRY:                                               dances, weddings,
The songs of Ray Driscoll         Artension CD
103                                                          parties and fundraisers
Receiving these two albums for review within a
short time period is particularly appropriate and                   01626 871 260
there is much value in considering them together.
Both reect the time before the folk song revival    of the sense of history and uniqueness of their
of the mid twentieth century; both reect a time     family tradition. The songs came from the family
before the prime concern was the audience, a         singing tradition at parties and celebrations.
time when singing was relaxed, a way of life. The    There are some wonderful tracks, unknown to
singing is effortless: the listener is transported   the majority of people, for example The Royal
into the company of the singers. The delight         George about the sinking of the ship in 1782, The
of the singers in their songs is conveyed by the     Bitter Whaling Ground, and Banks of Inverness,
easy style in which they sing. Ray Driscoll and      and two First War songs, Salonika and Blandford
Gordon Hall carried a tradition that would have      in the Mud. Gordon also sings full versions of
excited Baring-Gould or Sharp into the 21st          The Outlandish Knight and The Horsham Ram,
century, while Mabs, Gordon’s mother, passed         elsewhere known as The Derby Ram. Songs
away in 1992.                                        when Mabs and Gordon sing together, such as
The material on both CDs comprises classic           Come Write Me Down, the close attachment that
ballads, folk songs, Victoriana and musical          they have to each other is tangible.
hall songs plus a selection from the what some       With the CD comes a 20 page booklet, giving
might consider the periphery of the traditional      biographies, details of songs, pictures and all the
song genre such as football chants, fragments,       other stuff that Veteran does so well. The words
nonsense rhymes. It is probably true to say that     to the songs can be found at www.veteran.co.uk
most of the population would be able to sing
something appropriate although whether they          Ray Driscoll was born in County Mayo in 1922,
would be willing to do so when faced with            the singer on Wild, Wild, Berry, moved to London
a specic request is not so sure. It would be        with his family, was evacuated to Shropshire,
rare, however, to nd anyone with the range of       served in the Royal Navy before returning to
material and even rarer to nd someone who           London and then to Shropshire, where he died in
had learned them from other family members. If       2005. He was aware of the songs importance and
asked to produce a recording, they would practice    the contemporary audience to which he warmed,
to create a performance style.                       while still retaining the unforced performance.
                                                     Versions of Sir Patrick Spens, and The Death
Looking rst at As I Went Down to Horsham            of Queen Jane, and the very rare Oh Mariners
Town, Mabs Hall was born in 1899 and had a hard      All are delightful. There are signs of the Irish
life. When these recordings were made she was        connection with Glen Swili and The Irish Soldier
well into her 80s, a fact that shows in her voice,   Boy. Hopping Down in Kent is obviously from
which was likely to have been stronger when she      London days, as is We are the Peckham Boys,
was in her prime. Mabs died in 1992. Gordon          which was a widespread localised song while
(1932 – 2000), her son, worked at various self-      the Shropshire Football Song and the Hanwood
employed and labouring jobs over the years and       Carols, come from his time in Shropshire.
had retired by the time the recordings were made.
He had become interested in the songs, was in        More comprehensive sleeve notes would be
touch with the revival and is more conscious         greatly appreciated, for Wild, Wild, Berry.
                                                      Freeman (try listening to Bus and you will see
                                                      what I mean!). I found that the CD really grows
                                                      on you, as you discover more and more subtleties

                                                      and interesting sub-themes buried in each
                                                      (seemingly simple) tune. This is hardly surprising
                                                      as the band now includes some ‘slightly known’
        Dance Band                                    newcomers on melodeon – Saul Rose (Waterson
                                                      Carthy/ Faustus/ numerous Morris dance teams
                                                      etc.) and Simon Care (Tickled Pink etc etc).
    Traditional music for folk                        Some of my favourite tracks are Crisps which
    dance, ceilidh, barn dance                        has a rich, lively folky appeal, lots of sax and a
                                                      great contrasting ‘slows’ section in the middle.
                                                      I also liked Mayday, which is a haunting cittern
    Weddings, functions, etc.                         melody in contrast to the up tempo style of
                                                      other tracks. Moustache has some fantastically
  Fiddle, concertina, melodeon, guitar.               intricate rhythms and arrangements – taking you
                                                      on a journey from a ceilidh dance style to 70’s
                                                      glam rock and back to ceilidh dance. There are
     Contact Nigel or Sarah                           plenty of ‘traditional’ Whap tunes to enjoy – title
                                                      track Colour and Ticket’to name but two.
         01548 531525
                                                      This is a CD of contrasts, surprises, superb
                                                      musicianship, lots of brass and sophisticated
                                                      arrangements with never a dull moment. It will
                                                      grow on you the more you listen to it.
Veteran, the label under which the recording As                                      Sue Hamer-Moss
I Went Down to Horsham Town is issued, excel
in this eld. Both CDs are excellent for their        SWEET NIGHTINGALE
content and effortless performance. If you enjoy      Trio Threlfall (Jane & Amanda Threlfall with
a simple style, good source material, and a sense     Roger Edwards)
of timelessness, you will enjoy these albums.
                                                      I should probably declare that I believe that the
                            Jacqueline Patten         Threlfalls’ ‘Gown Of Green’, was and is one of
                                                      the nest Folk CDs ever recorded. So it was with
COLOUR                                                interest that I listened to ‘Sweet Nightingale’ and
Whapweasel             www.whapweasel.com             horror that I discovered that ‘Gown of Green’ has
If variety and diversity of genre is what you seek,   been deleted.
look no further than the new Whaps CD – Colour.       Sweet Nightingale is another ne collection
Building on the high energy ska-like tunes from       of English traditional folk songs delivered by
earlier albums, ‘Colour’ encapsulates the band’s      Jane and Amanda, two of the nest singers of
desire to broaden out into the concert scene, while   English folk song. The CD opens with Yellow
keeping to their roots as a dance band. Some of       Handkerchief, a nely paced rendition with a
you might have experienced their explosive set        lively accompaniment followed by No My Love
opening this year’s Cropredy festival. If so, you     Not I, beautifully sung and simply arranged.
will love this album.                                 These two songs epitomise the whole CD, Jane
If you haven’t seen their concert set, you might      and Amanda manage to keep the integrity of the
nd some of the arrangements a bit surprising at      song and the beauty of the melody, their harmonies
rst – almost as if you were transported back to      and vocal arrangements shine throughout.
the halcyon Radio 1 days with John Peel and Alan      Roger      Edwards      provides      sympathetic

                    We play music to make you dance!
               At Halsway Manor, Honiton & Willand & beyond
                 Halsway 22nd Dec Dinner/Dance Party 2008
                    Willand New Year’s Eve 31 Dec 2008
                  (Performed at Sidmouth 06 & 07; Chippenham 08 & Alcester Jul 08)
        The band for your club dances, weddings, parties, festivals
             or special celebrations. (Contras a speciality!)
                Line up - fiddles, accordion & keyboard.

          Contact Alan - 07790 863 309
arrangements and beautiful musicianship to the       THE DAGGER AND THE DOVE
songs aided and abetted by Jane and Amanda.          Nicola Clarke www.myspace.com/nicolasings
The two tracks of tunes played by the trio make a
                                                     As a live performer, Nicola is a must to see. I have
pleasant interlude placed carefully in the running
                                                     seen her bring silence to a rowdy pub session
order to heighten the enjoyment.
                                                     with her beautiful voice and later have everyone
Ophelia’s Song is particularly interesting; from     in ts of laughter with a well-crafted, irreverent
Shakespeares play Hamlet. Brian Bedford who          song. I wondered whether the strength of her
recorded the CD has multi-tracked Jane and           performance would transfer to a recording.
Amanda into a beautiful choir – a very short
                                                 I love this CD. All the tracks on The Dagger and
song but perfectly formed. Followed by The Bold
                                                 the Dove, were written by Nicola over a 17 year
Grenadier – wonderful.
                                                 period and are dedicated with a - ‘thank you to
This CD will inspire folk club singers to add those few men who have inspired these songs’.
many of these songs to their repertoire. Songs I suppose you could say they are about seeking,
of special note; Once I Courted a Damsel, nding, falling and not falling in love with
Rosemary Lane, Once I Had a True Love, Banks tenderness, heartbreak, fun and humour.
of Sweet Primroses and of course the title track
                                                 Nicola’s clear, pure, voice rings out from the very
Sweet Nightingale.
                                                 rst track, accompanied by her very accomplished,
The CD cover has extensive notes to accompany guitar playing. Unlike many singer/songwriters
the songs for those who like to know where whose words and melodies are very similar,
and when songs were written, performed and these songs are very varied in pace and rhythm,
collected.                                       light and shade, and are perfectly suited to her
                                                 voice. They vary from the sensitively crafted,
This is a collection of songs without which your
                                                 I’m Falling for you, a song that was written to
folk collection will not be complete.
                                                 be performed at a cancer charity event, to The
                                  Andy Knight Unicorn, risqué, irreverent, and great fun.

                                        Nicola has, for several years written for a revue
                                        group, Kulture Brake and the tracks, Smart
                                        Arse” Having a Laugh and The Unicorn have a
                                        delightful touch of the Music Hall reminiscent of
                                        some of the songs of Jake Thakeray.
                                        Other tracks, like the slightly bluesy, Wind Will
                                        Always Blow and, Always For You, accompanied
                                        only by a drum, are thoughtfully and poetically
                                        Nicola is a poet, songwriter and performer and
                                        the lovely, CD booklet artwork is also hers. Go
                                        to her myspace site on the internet where you can
                                        hear 4 tracks from this CD, nd out where she
                                        is performing and read the following description
                                        from west country songwriter, Mike O’Connor -
                                        “...she occupies that area between Purcell, Edith
                                        Piaf and Arthur Askey.”…. and then buy the CD

                                                                              Hilary Bix
                                        THE WHIRLIGIG OF TIME
                                        Steve Turner  The Tradition Bearers
                                        I suspect that the name Steve Turner is not one
                                        greatly familiar to lovers of traditional British
                                        music here in the South West. After an absence
                                        of about eleven years, Steve heralds his welcome
 Accordions                             return to the folk scene with an excellent CD.

 South West                             In the accompanying notes we’re told that the
                                        CD took three years to complete, and, looking at
                                        the array of guest artists - Kevin Brown, Miranda
Bellever, Crosspark, Totnes, TQ9 5BQ
                                        Sykes, Gill Redmond, Nancy Kerr, Oliver Knight,
                                        Martin Carthy, James Fagan, Peter Flood and
  hire & sales:                         Riki Gerardy - I well understand why.
top instruments, bottom prices          There is no mention in the notes of the the type of
                                        concertina which Steve plays. However, from the
                                        picture and the range, I believe it to be an English
   repairs & tuning:                    system 56-key tenor treble, which gives a clue to
 transform your instrument              the range of the singer’s voice and the versatility
                                        of his musicianship.
  workshops & tuition                   The rst of the eleven tracks, The isle of St
transform your playing!                 Helena, has, for me, truly got that ‘wow’ factor.
                                        It is without question the best interpretation
                                        that I have ever heard of this wonderful
 www.squeezydoesit.com                  song. Throughout the CD, Steve’s concertina
   01803 862393                         accompaniment is technically amazing - and then
                                        to combine it with a slide guitar, as in The Dry
                                        Cardrona, is inspirational.

                                                      resort to studio gizmochology. The nal track
        3 piece dance band                            on this recording, Thomas Brassey, is one of
                                                      those rare exceptions. Here in the closing bars
    Accordion, Fiddle, Keyboard                       of the song a contrapuntal effect/type duet, with
                                                      himself, is achieved by double-tracking. But in
  PETRONELLA                                          any event, it’s not a mega addition, a mere twenty
                                                      ve nal seconds of the total track time of 4.44
       For all occasions:                             Of the fourteen tracks, ten of them are Mick

          Barn Dances                                 Ryan’s own compositions. Each and all of them
                                                      perfectly crafted, to the degree that it’s almost
        Saturday Dances                               possible to believe that he has intimate knowledge

       Scottish, Playford,                            of the subject matter, and Green Island, is a
                                                      perfect example of this.
             Contra                                   Paul Downes musical contribution to this recording
                                                      is far greater than that of an accompanist. He is
             Contact                                  a musician who believes in his own outstanding
                                                      ability and his input into this recording cannot be
              Mary                                    overstated. He is, so to speak, the cherry on the
           01626 854141                               cake. Sorry about the analogy, Paul.
                                                      The CD opens with the title track, Grand
                                                      Conversation, and a beautiful obligato from Paul,
                                                      leading into a compulsive driving tempo, sets the
I love the balancing of Bonnie George Campbell,       high standard for the rest of the recording. No
and also of The Rambling Beauty, and The              doubt, the reader of this review will have heard
Glendy Burke. The latter are two relatively           some of the songs before. But in all instances,
sobering songs, a four and a half minute Scots        they have been given a fresh interpretation. Not
ballad, followed by a rollicking, bouncy Steven       least of all, by the input of Paul Downes, e.g. The
Foster song. Brilliant !                              Bell Ringing, with Paul’s banjo accompaniment.
                                                      And it works perfectly.
On initial listening, I thought that some of the
tracks were over orchestrated, but after mulitple     This CD is Mick Ryan singing at his very best.
playings, I now believe that all tracks are perfect   To hear Mick Ryan sing, his phrasing, his breath
for listening. All, that is, except the nal track,   control, his clarity of diction, it is a singing
Where E’er You Walk, by Handel. Nah, good             lesson in itself. This CD is a fusion of two highly
attempt, Steve, but don’t go there !                  talented artists.

                                Ken Hinchliffe                                         Ken Hinchliffe.

GRAND CONVERSATION.                                   UNDER NO ILLUSION
Mick Ryan & Paul Downes.           WGS355CD           Folkus Pocus    EFDSS CD16

One of the principle aspects of Mick Ryan’s           I get the impression that many of the excellent
recordings, which I greatly admire, is whatever       young folk musicians who play for dancing strive
you hear on CD, is invariably replicated in a         perhaps a little too hard to create ‘interesting’ and
live performance, perfectly. By that, I mean,         over-complicated arrangements. It comes as a
no recordings littered with guest singers and         very pleasant and refreshing change therefore to
musicians with this man. Rarely, rarely does he       be introduced to the unfussy but melodic style of
                                                      Folkus Pocus.
Dan and Caroline Hollingshurst, who met while

studying music at Cardiff University, use violin,
ute or recorder and piano accompaniment to
play for folk dancers, The number of repeats and
playing time for each of the seventeen tracks

is clearly given, and the sleeve notes include
the notation for some previously unpublished
dances, including Hazel Moir’s White Wheat.
There’s plenty of variety to more than ll a dance       The Oggle Band’s concert repertoire
club evening, with reels and jigs for American
                                                         fuses traditional music with elements
contras, Playford style dances include Parson’s
                                                          of jazz, rock and world influences.
Farewell, Well Hall, Red House (the tune is a
minor version of Ty Coch Caerdydd), and Bouzer
                                                                       The five piece,
Castle. The traditonal favourite, Morpeth Rant,,
                                                               multi-instrumental line up
with a second, less well-known version and John
Chapman’s ever popular Clopton Bridge, to the
                                                            creates a rich and varied sound,
tune of Swinging Safari (very effective, I might         ranging from soft melodic numbers to
add !) and a number of other modern composed              lively jigs, reels and other energetic
dances are also featured                                             tunes and songs.
While primarily intended for use for dancing, it’s          On the dance front, the band has
also enjoyable to listen to, though in this respect      established a reputation as one of the
Bouzer Castle, delightful tune as it us, tends             liveliest, most entertaining ceilidh
to pall by the 9th time through. (Interestingly,                bands in the South West,
Bouzer is believed to be the local pronunciation            playing high energy music which
of Bolsover, in Derbyshire). Instrumentally, I’m
                                                                  defies you to keep still!
particularly partial to the opening track, a set of
American reels, where the solid piano rhythm &                The line up consists of:
ddle melody is reminiscent of some of the best
                                                         Edward - guitar, whistle, saxophone
of the New England bands.
                                                                    and clarinet
If I were still using recorded music for calling, I’d     Garry - melodeon, percussion and
be very happy to have this CD in my collection.                caller for the dancing
But I’m not passing it on to another caller - it’s            Rhys - melodeon, guitar
good to play just by itself.                                       Keith - drums
                                  Colin Andrews                      Jo – fiddle

                                                             As well as playing regularly at
                                                         local venues, the band has performed
           John Tarling                                        for ceilidhs and in concert
                                                                   at various festivals
                 Calling                                          and for other events
        to recorded or live music                          beyond their North Devon home.
       Beginners to experienced
       Family dances a speciality                        For bookings and further information
     Up to one hour’s drive from Axminster                  Garry Thompson 01271 865030
                                                          e-mail garry.thomp@btinternet.com
               Tel. 01297 34804

Reviews                                                 disorders, is by Nick Burbridge with additions
                                                        from Robert Kennedy. Undeniably well written
                                                        and thoughtful, it gives the album a loosely
                                                        conceptual stance. For those that like their poetry
Nick Burbridge & Jon Sevink
                                                        to never be too clear as to their deeper meanings,
For years the folk music scene has been witness to      to allow for personal introspection, this will serve
a close relationship between folk song and poetry,      you well. The spoken word is delivered well,
from the many recitals heard uttered by Ashley          sometimes subtly, other times very aggressively.
Hutchings in the Albion Band’s Christmas shows,         It is rather dark material though, and the eerie
to Johnny Coppin’s collaboration with poet,             musical background keeps things uneasy.
Laurie Lee, to Roddy Woomble’s more recent
                                                   Jon Sevink’s contribution is quite understated,
album, Ballads of the Book.
                                                   far from the frenetic ddling that has become his
All Kinds of Disorder, an album featuring trademark with Punk-Folkers, The Levellers. So
Nick Burbridge (of McDermott’s 2hrs ) and reserved is his playing at times that he’s sometimes
Jon Sevink (the ddler from The Levellers), is not noticeable. The album does feature two
continues the trend of blending Poetry with instrumental tracks, the opening Overture and
music, folk or otherwise, but it does take things the middle track, Reprise, which is essentially a
a step further, devoting almost its entire running reprise of the Overture. These are perhaps the two
time to spoken word against a musical backdrop. most melodic tracks on the album and provide a
There is a distinct emphasis on the words and moment for Sevink to shine.For good and bad,
the poetry, rather than the music, which serves this was a very different album to listen to and
only as a background to the spoken word. The one that would fall into the “like it or loathe it”
music, therefore, is about ambience rather than category. If you’re prepared to listen with an open
melody., and, like the album title suggests it is mind and a real appreciation for poetry then this
rather disordered, which is both tting and rather album is for you. If, not, there is probably little
awkward at the same time.                          that could sustain your interest.
People looking for a pure folk album of sorts are       All that said, this album is a brave, if daring,
going to be sorely disappointed and techno dance        experiment and in its own unusual way works
rhythms of the album’s fourth track, Oi! are            very well, but at the expense of general audience
going to provoke a few cringes amongst certain          appeal.
listeners. In fact there is little on the album that
                                                                                      Martyn Cornelius
can be perceived as particularly folk-orientated.
Listeners are sure to be divided between those          Available from www.burbridgearts.com or from
who like the music but hate the poetry and vice         The Leveller’s site, at www.levellers.com
versa. I would concur that if you don’t like or
                                                        THE PIGEON ON THE GATE
even appreciate poetry, you should really avoid
                                                        Melodeon Players from East Anglia
this album at all costs.
                                                        VTDC 11CD       www.veteran.co.uk
I will probably nnot be alone in nding this
                                                        Earlier this year the publication of a tune book
album quite difcult to listen to, and it is one that
                                                        (When The Night Was Out) of traditional music
takes a long time to ease into the consciousness.
                                                        from East Anglia featured many of the musicians
Despite, an appreciation of poetry, I tend to listen
                                                        who can be heard on this double CD collection.
to the music before the lyrics, and this album
challenged this. The music didn’t interest me           It’s probably not something you’d want to put on
enough, unfortunately, and didn’t help me listen        for casual background music, with background
to the poetry either. Avant-garde, jazz, dance and      noises off from pub recordings and several
folk provide much of the backing but sometimes          snatches of popular melodies, like the title tune,
what is happening distracts from the speech..           with slightly different versions. It is, however,
                                                        an absolute goldmine of information to dip into,
The poetry, telling      stories of    life’s many

                                     Come and join us .....
                                     TAVISTOCK FOLK
                                     DANCE CLUB
                                     for an evening of folk dancing.
                                           We meet on a Thursday evening at
                                      ST PETERS SCHOOL Greenland Estate
                                        8.00 pm - 10.00 pm (Not July & August)

                                        Beginners welcome
                   Forthcoming events at Tavistock Town Hall

             Saturday 21st March              Frances Oates, Silver & Gold

           Saturday 22nd November Ted Farmer, Bridgwater Band

to hear the authentic grass roots East Anglian       This album is, I think, their best yet, with the
style, and to appreciate the various nuances that    nautical theme offering a splendid variety of
different players give to their instrument and to    largely less well known traditional songs, of
the tunes. Of the featured musicians, Oscar Woods    which I especially enjoyed Little Fishes and The
and Percy Brown are rightfully given a generous      Spirits of George’s Bank. Even The Blackbird
chunk of disc space, and, apart from Harry           was a poignant minor-key variation on the almost
Cox, are the only ones whose names would be          music hall sounding familiar version. The Bonny
generally familiar outside East Anglia. Harry De     Sailor Laddie is another song where a real gem
Caux is the one box player I actually have heard     of a tune hides behind an unremarkable title.
live, in Norfolk in the 70’s and as a musician with  There’s ample light relief from the perils of the
Isca Morris in the 90’s.                             deep, transportation and unrequited love in The
                                                     Herring’s Head, and the medley of short songs.
With over 100 tracks, and 28 musicians it is Tom’s own compositions, Padstow Bar to Lundy
certainly excellent value - though you might have Light & Wreck of the Montagu are also particularly
to be patient to locate a particular item ! Highly pleasing, with strong local connections.
recommended for all you squeezers !
                                                     With unaccompanied pieces, two-part harmony,
                                    Colin Andrews Tom’s own accomplished guitar, melodeon and
                                                     concertina accompaniment (also the harpelek
BEYOND THE QUAY                                      whatever that may be !), and support from Keith
Tom & Barbara Brown              WGS358CD            Kendrick, the Askew sisters, etc. on various
Although they live just up the road at Combe instruments, this is a very well balanced album
Martin, it’s quite rarely that I hear Tom & Barbara that further enhances Tom & Barbara’s already
sing, and it often takes a CD such as this to remind strong reputation as ne singers of great songs.
me what accomplished performers they are.                                            Colin Andrews

                   The                     BEFORE THE RUIN
                                           Drever, McCusker & Woomble
                                           Those reading this review will probably be
                     Ceilidh               familiar with the names of Kris Drever and
                       Band                John McCusker, two of the members of this new
                                           Scottish folk trio, but maybe less so with Roddy
                                           Woomble, so here is a brief history lesson.
  South Devon based band playing           Roddy Woomble is currently living two lives.
      lively dance music with a            In one he is the front man for Scottish rockers,
  strong Irish flavour - Own Caller        Idlewild, who have made 5 albums in their rst
       Available for Weddings,             10 years. In the other he is an equally assured
 Barn Dances Anniversaries, Confer-        singer/songwriter in the folk genre, whose debut
              ences etc.                   album, My Secret is my Silence, released in 2006,
                                           was heralded with lauded praise from both music
                                           consumers and critics alike. Featuring help from
                                           such artistes as Kate Rusby, Karine Polwart, John
            Demo CD available              McCusker, Andy Cutting, Ian Carr, Dave Burland
To book the band please contact            and Michael McGoldrick, the album was a huge
Anne & Steve Gill 01803 290427             success, rising to the top of the UK folk charts.
       annemgill@tiscali.co.uk             Roddy has also collaborated with Kate Rusby on
                                           some of her songs, including No Names, and has
                                           appeared on her album, The Girl Who Couldn’t
                                           Fly, as well as being the instigator behind the
                                           acclaimed album, Ballads of the Book, that
                                           blended music of all kinds with poetry.
           Totnes                          Before the Ruin is less a Roddy Woomble album,
                                           however, than the debut album of Roddy’s new
      Folk Song Club                       folk group, which sees him teamed up with John
     2nd Thursday of the Month – 8.00pm    McCusker and Kris Drever. The collaboration
                                           works very well, each of them contributing to the
   The Dartmouth Inn                       songs on the album with inuences that are clear
                                           for all to hear.
         The Plains, Totnes
      th                                   Much of Roddy’s rst album sounded not
   11 Dec - Guest Night                    unlike one from Idlewild save for the folk
            “Dalla”                        instrumentation and a little inuence from
    8 Jan – Singers Night                  Karine Polwart and John McCusker. This one
   12th Feb – Guest Night                  sounds quite different , which is good,, proving
                                           that Woomble’s songwriting hasn’t become stuck
          “Jim Moray”                      in a rut. The music uses Roddy’s lyrics in a way
   12th March – Singers Night              that is refreshing, mixing folk with some other
   For more information phone              musical inuences, which include a little jazz,
 Anne & Steve Gill 01803 290427            thrown in for goods measure, along with leanings
   Andy Clarke 01803 732312                toward a more traditional folk approach. The
                                           Drever vocal-led The Poorest Company, one of
                                           the album’s highlights, might have been dug up
                                           from the disused repertoire of Dick Gaughan.
Before the Ruin is a little more stripped down than
My Secret is my Silence, though is not in any way
under-produced. Many of the songs are led by
the sound of Drever’s acoustic guitar, and much              BARN DANCE BAND
of the album is quite gentle, the kind of music
that you could curl up to. Largely missing, save                 FOUR PIECE BAND
for the title track, is the electric guitar, That, in              OWN CALLER
itself, creates for a slightly more pure folk record,
if such a thing exists. The stripped down sound           Mike & Shelagh 01647 433464
allows for Woomble’s lyrics to penetrate and
become a prime focus. The blending of Woomble
                                                             Trevor 01769 520595
and Drever’s earthly rich vocals are a joy to hear
and the harmonies are simple, but pitch-perfect.        SAILORS, DAUGHTERS , LADS AND
Though the focus of the album is on the new             LOVERS                      PAL CD003
trio, it does feature help from an unusual band         Michelle Holding & J.P. Slidewell
of collaborators ranging from Cappercaillie             Although I don’t think JP Slidewell has appeared
keyboardist, Donald Shaw, Heidi Talbot (vocals),        at any of the Devon folk clubs or festivals, I’ve
Teenage Fanclub members, Norman Blake                   given a favourable review to a previous solo
(vocals) and Francis MacDonald (drums / vocals)         album in What’s Afoot. This new CD offers a
and Radiohead’s drummer, Phil Selway, and               promising new dimension, however, with a duo
also Andy Cutting and Michael McGoldrick on             whose talents complement each other very well,
accordion and utes/whistles. This makes the            and who deserve recognition in the South-West
album sound more like the work of a group, rather       far from their native Lancashire.
than a trio, and this helps to create a wonderfully
rich sound,that otherwise would have been lost.         The album’s title is taken from four of the songs.
                                                        Opening with Dark Eyed Sailor, JP provides an
3 years ago it would seem that some would               attractive guitar accompaiment to Michelle’s
have found the rock star in Roddy to be an              measured, unaffected singing of this traditional
unwelcome intrusion in the folk world but all that      song. Annan Water, The Female Drummer, and
is now forgotten. Roddy has effortlessly made the       her own composition, Song for James, also
transformation and not many artistes can claim          demonstrate the clear quality of her voice. JP
to achieve equal fortune in two distinctively           has a powerful delivery well suited to ballads like
different musical genres, as he has done. Also          the Reed Cutter’s Daughter and Little Musgrave,
impressive is how the Idlewild rock fan base [and       though a gentler side can be seen in Ewan
that is huge!] have embraced Roddy’s solo career        McCall’s Trafford Road Ballad. Their publicity
wholeheartedly, newly seduced by the sounds             yer mentions sweet harmonies, and though
of folk music, a genre that many of them may            there are some examples of the duo singing in
have previously assumed to be quite alienating          harmony, the emphasis on this album is on solo
to them.                                                voice, occasionally unaccompanied but usually
As for the future, it seems another folk super-         with well thought out guitar backing.
trio may have been born and, this collaboration         If the performance on the CD is anything to go
hopefully will not merely be a ash in the pan.         by, I’d look forward to seeing them in a live
Certainly, with a tour already in progress, and         performance. Certainly a duo to look out for.
another scheduled for early next year, it would
seem that they mean business.                                                            Colin Andrews
                              Martyn Cornelius
                                                        Further details : holdingslidewell@hotmail.com
For more information see their              website     phone 07984 743294, or Palatine Music 01617
www.drevermccuskerwoomble.com                           935441

                                                        Fiery Clockface
Bill Murray & Friends Wren CD013
                                                            Fiddle & Melodeon etc.
                                                             Irish, English & more
I admit that I was a little worried when asked to          Pubs, Concerts, Parties, etc.
review this CD since I thought it would be almost           First Class Support Band
impossible to re-create the unique character of
Bill’s live performance. Wren, however, have                    Demo CD available
achieved the miracle with this double album of a
concert recorded live at the Church House, South            Phone 01822 612281
Tawton in January 2008.
Though not a native of Dartmoor, Bill has            DUSTY DIAMONDS
spent most of his life absorbing the songs and       Martin & Shan Graebe           WGS 359CD
traditions of the area. As one might expect, there
are familiar favourites such as Tavvystock Goozie    When I reviewed Martin & Shan’s rst album,
Vair, Widecombe Fair, and Buttercup Joe, Bob         ‘Parallel Strands’, I didn’t think it could be
Cann’s Craftsmen of the Moor, and a couple of        bettered. It hasn’t, but ‘Dusty Diamonds’ is in
Jan Stewer (A.J. Coles) compositions. Bill’s other   every way its equal !
songs, complete with his trade-mark idiosyncratic    Martin is widely acclaimed as a ne songwriter
introductions, are gleaned from a wide range         and as an authority on the Baring-Gould
of sources and also include some of his own          collection, and it is from the latter that most of
material (The Farmer’s Alphabet, for example)        the songs on this CD are sourced. With crystal
and adaptations (e.g. The Bondleigh Canal). The      clear voices, beautifully blending harmonies,
sleeve notes, too, are very interesting.             Martin & Shan are a delight to listen to, and
Of the 35 tracks, about one-third feature Bill’s     appropriate instrumental & vocal support from
friends - a song from Jim Causley, instrumentals     Keith Kendrick, Nick Wyke, Becki Driscoll and
from the Dartmoor Pixie Band, Mike Bond, Rob         Sylvia Needham give added interest on many
Murch, Matt Norman, bones from Dave Alford,          tracks.
and from blacksmith Dave Denford, singing            With such a high standard overall, it’s almost
in rich Devon accent, The Mortal Unlucky Old         unfair to single out particular tracks, but Adam
Chap and Seven Nights Drunk. As with any live        the Poacher, with its haunting tune, the lovely
recording, there are a few ‘noises off’, the odd     Setting of the Sun ( a version of Polly Vaughan),
false start or uffed words - and even a chaotic     and, despite its morbid title, perhaps the best of
scene in Grandfather’s Clock from a dropped          all, My Cofn Shall Be Black, The album title is
microphone - but it all goes to create a fantastic   taken from Down In The Coal Mine, a cheerful
atmosphere. It’s almost like having the best of      song collected by Sharp in Somerset - where the
Bill Murray’s evenings at the Devonshire Inn,        last pit closed as late as 1973.
Sticklepath in one’s own front room. As one
often nds at the ‘Devvy’, Bill, Jason Rice and      Two of Martin’s own songs are featured, one
Matt Norman demonstrate some Dartmoor Step           about the Shropshire Union canal, and the other,
Dancing, accompanied by Mark Bazeley. My             with a rollicking good chorus, The Great Galleon
only regret is that the album is sound only rather   of Plymouth, a song with a fantasy theme similar
than a DVD to capture all visual entertainment !     to The Derby Ram or Martin Said To His Man.

An absolute ‘must-buy’ for Devon folkies - and it    Once again the Graebes, together with WildGoose
ought to go down well with the grockles too!         have come up with a gem from dusty archives!

                                Colin Andrews                                        Colin Andrews

This CD from the North Devon Band, Babelsh                Folk Club
(or Marisco in another incarnation) was rst
released a couple of years ago, but, with their
presence at both Sidmouth and Bideford festivals
this year, they are becoming more widely
                                                          Last Thursday of every month
known.                                                                          at
Babelsh are a lively ceilidh band with some
punchy original tunes from Lisa Sture on ddle,              The Devon Arms Hotel
solid rhythm guitar from Chris Millington, and
imaginative work from John Hextall on sax,
                                                             Northumberland Place
clarinet & English bagpipes.                                      Teighmouth
Babelsh are also an accomplished concert act,                              8.00 pm
with powerfully delivered self-composed songs
from Chris, as well as traditional and contemporay            For further details contact:
songs & tunes in which they use quite a range of                   Martyn Hillstead
other instruments between them.                                      01626 778071
I really enjoyed their concert spot in the Anchor                martyngh@aol.com
Gardens at Sidmouth, and their ceilidh music.
However, while their CD certainly reects their
range of material and style in live performance        for slower paced ballads and songs. Each one
somehow it doesn’t seem do them justice. Perhaps       is a joy to listen to, but it does give the CD a
because they offer such a wide range of material,      rather low-key feel overall, with little contrast.
it’s difcult to pigeon-hole or to recognise a clear   This should not be regarded as a criticism, but
genre in the album overall. Generally, I preferred     rather a caution to anyone who likes their folk
the instrumental tracks, and in particular the         song with attitude.
French Reel & Gaspee Reel, in which the
bagpipes are very effective.                           It’s quite appropriate that Mary Humphreys has
                                                       worked with Jack on this album for they both
                                  Colin Andrews        come over as singers who genuinely have a feel
                                                       for their material and enjoyment in singing.
PRIDE OF THE SEASON                                    When Fishes Fly , for example, features in both
Jack Crawford                    WGS 357CD             their repertoires. Since Nic Jones made Annan
For traditional songs simply and sympathetically       Water popular years ago, many singers have
delivered in a rich, clear, unaffected voice, one      been attracted to it, and Jack treats it respectfully.
would have to rate Jack Crawford as one of             The Slave’s Lament (words attributed to Roberts
the best, judging from his peformance on this          Burns) stands out, with haunting words & tune.
CD. Normally he sings unaccompanied but he             Jack hails from Derbyshire, where he is a resident
is joined on some tracks by his friends Mary           at a folk club in Long Eaton. After many years of
Humphreys and Anahata, who provide vocal &             Morris, as a fool & musician, he has refocussed
instrumental backing with melodeon, concertina,        on his rst interest as a singer and researcher.
cello, and banjo.                                      He is a member of the National Executive of
Don’t expect anything in the way of bawdy, jolly       EFDSS.
chorus songs, for Jack clearly has a preference                                           Colin Andrews
Reviews                                                         FOR SALE
NINE WITCH KNOTS                                          Amplication Equipment
Rubus                          WildGoose                      & Accordions
This CD Consists of a collection of songs, mostly
traditional ballads, sung by Emily Portman, along
with musical accompaniment skilfully played.                 P.A. Systems for Hire
This compilation represents her own interpretation                    ideal for folkies
of songs, many of which she collected from a
variety of people, including Chris Coe, George
Withers and a host of traditional singers. She has
                                                         Portable Appliance Testing
also gone to a considerable amount of trouble to              Make sure your kit is safe
check out source material wherever possible.              Have your kit accepted at any venue
                                                            Be sure your insurance is valid
It is most encouraging and pleasing to hear such
                                                              Use free EFDSS insurance
a young singer present this kind of material so
well, when it is notoriously difcult to perform,
requiring a very special kind of maturity in                   Contact Andrew at
                                                               SOUNDS DIRECT
These songs are performed with feeling and                4, Sycamore Close, Honiton,
sensitivity, and Emily’s voice has a simple clarity,
and an almost ethereal resonance, which brings
                                                               Devon, EX14 2XP
them to life without a word being lost. The                     Tel. 01404 46451
accompaniment, played with skill and sensitivity        andrew.mycroft@btinternet.com
by David Newey on guitar, Christi Andropulous
on ddle and viola and Will Scrimshaw on drums,
adds considerably to the appeal of these songs.             LAUNCESTON
I particularly like her rendition of Golden Ball”,        FOLK DANCE CLUB
a variation of Prickle Eye Bush, in which the
aforementioned bush is replaced by a Linden Tree             Tuesday Club Nights
and the heroine’s saviour is her grandmother!                   (not July & August)
In addition to the ballads, there are other old                   8.00 - 10.00 pm
favourites, such as The Watchet Sailor and She’s           St Johns Ambulance Hall
Like a Swallow.
For my own part, I would encourage the listener            Launceston Town Hall
to enjoy the CD in small doses rather than all in                Dances
one go, as many of the songs are very similar in                      8.00 - 11.30 pm
style. Perhaps a little more variety in the type of     25th Apr. Sarah Bazeley & The Pixie Band
song may have enhanced the overall appeal.                 14th Nov. Ivan Aitken, Silver & Gold

That said, the CD is an excellent collection of                     Caller’s Swap
traditional material, beautifully sung and ably                 Saturday 28th February
assisted by ne accompaniment.                                    Eagle House Hotel
                                                         10.30 am - 1.00 pm & 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm
                               John Blackburn.
                                                               For further information ring
                                                              Mr. Ron Bright, Hon. Secretary
                                                                     01579 362423

Morris Matters
We have completed our rst dance season and
have been received well by all and the rst AGM
was completed with no major changes. Our kit
using the Devon colours has proved distinctive
and aroused interest at festivals and when
dancing out. We have made contact with other
sides, most notably the ‘other’ Borderline based
in Oxfordshire. We are now practising hard to
develop new dances for next season and making
changes to the existing repertoire. As always we
are looking for new members to dance and play.     Caption competition - entries to Editor by next
                                                   copy date. Prize: one year What’s Afoot free !
RING MEETINGS IN DEVON                             (Large copy of photo can be emailed on request)
The meeting organised by the Dartington Morris
                                                   details please let What’s Afoot Editor know !
Men at Totnes at the beginning of September was
widely acclaimed to have been one of the best
ever. Despite torrential rain elsewhere, the sun
                                                   Many years ago Exeter Morris Men set a record by
shone on the Morrismen ! Exeter Morris Men
                                                   dancing at 90 pubs in one evening to raise money
will be hosting a Ring Meeting at Topsham from
                                                   for Children in Need. It’s not been challenged,
24th - 26th July 2009.
                                                   yet. Or what about a combined effort to dance at
                                                   as many pubs in the County as possible during a
                                                   12 hour period?
If your club has changed bagman or contact

             December 11th Aileen Wills, Pete Mac Band (b&s supper)
                      January 8th Jane Thomas, Stick The Fiddle (
             January 22nd Roger Quartly, Petronella (Scottish evening)
                 February 12th Ted Farmer, Andrew & June Mycroft
                       February 26th Jane Thomas, Friendly Folk
                          March 12th Ryan Roberts, Squeezum
                           March 26th Ted Farmer, Jigs for Gigs

                           Members £2.00, Non-members £2.50

                         Contact Mary Marker 01626 854141

                         EVENTS 2008
  1st – 5th - December -      December Dancing Week
    th              th
  30 November – 5 December - Violin Bow Making Course
                     7th DECEMBER
                 Christmas Craft Fayre
                    14th DECEMBER
         Carvery - Harp Concert - Carol Concert
  23rd – 27th December              Christmas at Halsway
  29th Dec- 2nd January             New Year House Party
                          EVENTS 2009
  2nd -4th January                  Wassail House Party
  5th – 9th January                 Mid Winter Traditions
  16th -19th January                Scottish Weekend
  6th – 8th February                Historic Dance Taster
  20th – 22nd February              Yetties Weekend
  6th – 9th March                   Northumbrian Pipers
  27th – 29th March                 Halsway Playford Style
          For more information or to request a brochure:
                        Tel 01984 618274
E-mail office@halswaymanor.org.uk www.halswaymanor.org.uk
             Halsway Manor Society Ltd
    Halsway Manor, Crowcombe, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 4BD
       Company Registered No: 849615 – Charity No: 247230

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