Youth Center by gossipsofrivertown


									Gutter on back of building (abutting my house) has rotted through, flooding the property on the side of my

…this is the water leaking from the rotted gutter above. This puddle is after only 2” of slowly melting snow.
On rainy days, the water becomes a steady stream, which floods my basement.

The metal truss that holds up the extension (was this once the apse of the church???) is rotting out and is no
longer perfectly upright. It is starting to lean toward my house. In fact, my entire house shakes when they
play basketball in the gym.

These are representative shots of the brickwork along the entire back of the building. Will this survive
construction? Even without construction, how much longer will this wall survive without falling onto my
house? I’m not an engineer, but it looks dangerous to me.

This photo shows the proximity of the Youth Center building to my house, and explains my concern with the
safety of the building’s structure.

Note that there are no gutters on the Union Street side of the main building, which floods the land below,
including my property. I was unable to get good photos of the alley side of the building, but there are
absolutely no gutters whatsoever. Therefore, the water falls from the roof of the main building and creates a
river of water that floods my backyard.


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