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									                      Grand Haven Area Public Schools
                               POPS Program

                             Power Of Peer Support
                 Understanding Autism and What You Can Do To Help

Dear Students,

Autism now affects 1 in 94 boys worldwide; this is a huge increase from
previous years. As many of you have had children with ASD in your
classroom, you know how difficult it may be to understand and relate your
peers. More and more children with Autism are working in our general
education classrooms and need extra support to be successful. A huge part
can be done by the power of peers…YOU!!!

You would be spending some of your day in various places in your school
assisting kids with special needs. We will talk a lot about how to build
relationships with them by finding out what they like to do and their
hobbies. It will be a great experience for the peer as well as yourself.
All we ask s that you come with an open mind and fill out the attached

We are attaching a letter for your parents or guardians to read and want them
to have time to ask any questions they may have.

Thanks You,

Dear Parent or Guardian,

There is something special going on in your student’s AP Psychology class.
Your child has shown a great sense of compassion and patience and has
agreed to be a role model to others who need help.
As our classrooms today are becoming very diverse, we need to take
advantage of the power of peer interaction.
Your child has the opportunity to become a peer support to other students
in the class who may need a little more help in academic or social areas.
In order to participate, we will need your approval and signature below.
Your child will assist the student in their regular school day by eating lunch
with them on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. They will miss only a few minutes
of their class (just prior to lunch) as a result of becoming a “pops member”.
They may also volunteer to assist with social outings which will take place
once per tri-mester (if they so desire).
This is such a great program that we hope will become bigger in the future in
all the Grand Haven schools.

I look forward to talking with your child and building on their already
budding empathy for others. If you have any questions please contact us at
(616) 850-5175 or or (616) 850-5182 or
Thank you for your consideration,

Autism Team for Grand Haven Area Public Schools
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_____ My child may participate in the “POPS” program.

_____ My child will not be able to participate at this time.

                Grand Haven Area Public Schools
                       POPS Program

                      Power Of Peer Support

Name 3 reasons for wanting to join “POPS”.

What experience do you have working with students who
are “different” than you?

Name 4 strengths you have.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out. Please give to
your school principal

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