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									                              The ETSI Seminar

     How to view the 3GPP Project Plan using MS Project
1.       Getting started
The current 3GPP Work Plan may be found at
Download the .mpp file to your hard drive and open it in Microsoft Project (N.B. The Mobile
Competence Centre uses Project 2000 and it is recommended that you also use this version
for viewing and manipulating the Work Plan).

If you are asked whether to open macros contained in the file, select "Enable Macros".

Use the Gantt Chart view in the "View" menu. Unselect the “View Bar” (also in the “View”
menu) if selected.

In this view, the screen is split between a part on the left showing the Work Items (WIs) and
all the related fields, and a part on the right showing the calendar. You can adjust the relative
size of these parts by moving the separating line. You can scroll right and left within each part
by using the horizontal scroll bars at the bottom.

2.       To view Features only, or Features and Building Blocks, or Features and
         Building Blocks and Work Tasks
(N.B. In this document, Features, Building Blocks and Work Tasks are abbreviated to F, BB
and WT respectively)

Click on top of the "Name" column (in the box where "Name" is written).

Then click on the         icon (below the floppy icon            ): only the Features appear.

Then, each click on the            icon expands to one outline level (i.e. one click: F+BB, one more
click: F+BB+WT).

Any click on the         icon goes directly to the main level (only Features)

You can also expand the BBs/WTs of only one Feature: click on the "+" in the small box just
on the left of the name of the Feature you want to expand.

3.       To choose which fields you want to appear on the screen
To hide a field: Right click in the title of the column that you want to hide, and select "hide
To add a field: Right click in the title of the column that will be located just after the field you
want to add.
Go to "Insert Column..." and select the field that you wish to include

The Work Plan includes a macro (press “Ctrl + a” to run it) to make appear only the
fields used by 3GPP. These fields are specified in the attached "WI attributes" document. All
the other fields are not used but unfortunately it’s impossible to delete them.
Note that you have to slightly re-arrange the view after running this macro: for some reason,
the vertical line separating the table from the calendar goes completely to the left: just move it
to the right.

N.B. You can read the notes using the "indicators" field (first column):                    just point your
mouse to the icons in this field.

4.       To view only the WT being handled by one (set of) Work Group(s)
You can filter the information by Working Groups as follows. Choose the level of detail you
want (i.e. only F, or F and BB, or F and BB and WT) using the procedure in section 2 above.

Viewing the 3GPP Work Plan                                                                                    Page 1
                              The ETSI Seminar

Ensure that the "Resource Name" field is visible on your screen (if necessary, make it visible
as explained in section 3).

Then click the          button located in the "Formatting" toolbar just to the right of a text bar with

the words "All Tasks", i.e.

This makes a series of small triangles appear just to the right of each field name.

Click on the small triangle located right from the "Resource Name" field and select the filtering

In fact, you can filter by any criteria. Don’t forget that the filter applies to the current view,
i.e. it combines all the successive filtering you’ve made. To cancel all the filters, click again on

the       . To cancel one filter, go to “(all…)” in the menu where you selected your filtering

5.       Arrangement of the Work Items
To move a WT, or a (BB + all related WTs), or a (F + all related BBS + all related WTs), just
select the WT (or the BB, or the F) by clicking in the left-most column (containing the
sequential row numbers), and drag it to the place you want to move it (or sometimes one line
above the place you want to move it: it seems there’s a small bug…!).

         Careful! Never make a cut and paste of a complete line: the Unique ID (see
         below) for the Work Item would be changed.

To insert a WI between two existing ones: select the WI that will follow the one you want to
introduce (also by clicking in the left-most column) and press Insert. Alternatively, you can
copy and paste an existing task and then modify the pasted one.

To change the outline level of a WI (e.g. from F to BB): just use the                   icons located

below the floppy icon         .

6.       To adjust the calendar view

Click on the icons showing             or     to expand or reduce the details in the calendar view.

7.       Other advice
Don't be confused: what appears in bold is only a WI with children WI (e.g. a BB having
several WTs). A feature without any BB will not appear in bold.
Sometimes, it looks like everything is blocked: don't panic: just press "enter" to confirm the
change you've just done. Also don’t forget to press “enter” before switching to another
program, otherwise you’d lose your last modification.

Be careful when deleting the content of a cell: never select the cell and press “delete”: this
causes the deletion of the complete line!! Two solutions:
        1. You paste a blank cell (that you’ve previously copied from anywhere else), or
        2. You go to the text line and delete all the text

Viewing the 3GPP Work Plan                                                                                Page 2
                              The ETSI Seminar
                 Main symbols used on the 3GPP Project Plan calendar

Summary of following WIs (grey)
Summary of % achieved (black)
Start                                                                                                    Finish

        Work                                             Extended cf. previous version
                                                                                                      WI schedule
        Items                                                                                         (light blue)
                                                                   WI progress (blue)

                                                                                                       Note: new WI (no
                                                                                                       black line under)

                                   Schedule on previous
                                   version of plan (black)

   Attributes applicable to the object "WI" as used for the 3GPP Project

MS Project defines a lot of "fields" (referred to as "attributes" here) that cannot be deleted
even if not used!
This document provides the ONLY FIELDS TO BE USED for the 3GPP Project Plan, and
how they should be used.

Unique ID: {an integer}
An identifier (number) providing a unique identification of a given WI. This field is the key
identifier for a WI.

ACRONYM: {an alphanumerical string of 8 characters max.}
An identifier (abbreviation) providing a unique identification of a given WI.
There is a one-to-one relationship between all IDs and all ACRONYMs.
A reference to a WI is made by using its ACRONYM or its ID.

NAME: {an alphanumerical string of 255 characters max.}
There is a one-to-one relationship between all ACRONYMs and all NAMEs.

OUTLINE LEVEL: {"1"; "2"; "3"}
"1" stands for a Feature
"2" stands for a Building Block
"3" stands for a Work Task
Note: in the following, "a F" means a Feature, "a BB" means a Building Block and "a WT"
means a Work Task

Modified: {yes/no}
As MS Project does not support revision marks, this field has to be put to "yes" if the WI is
modified. It is for internal use to incorporate the revisions from the WGs into the Work Plan.

Viewing the 3GPP Work Plan                                                                                           Page 3
                              The ETSI Seminar
START: {"-"; a date in the format DD/MM/YYYY}
"-" is a possible value only for a F with at least one child BB or for a BB

FINISH: {"-"; a date in the format DD/MM/YYYY}
"-" is a possible value only for a F with at least one child BB or for a BB with at least one child
The consistency checking of completion dates might be only manual.

RESOURCE: {"-"; one WG or one TSG}
A group is identified by "SA1" to "SA5"; "CN1" to "CN5"; "T1" to "T3"; "RAN1" to "RAN4"
"-" is a possible value only for a F with at least one child BB or for a BB with at least one child

APPROVED: {"Yes"; "No"}
"No" stands for a WI which needs to be there according to the IGC convenors/chairmen but
with no official approval yet (i.e. with no approval at the TSG level).

% completed: {a value between 0 and 100}
Percentage of the work actually done. This attribute allows tracking of the work progress.

IMPACTED TS AND TR: {"-"; list of impacted TS and TR}
All the TSs and TRs impacted by the WI are listed here. They can be existing documents or
new documents.
"-" is a possible value only for a F with at least one child BB or for a BB with at least one child

HYPERLINK: {hyperlink}
An hyperlink to the tdoc containing the latest approved WI coversheet if the WI has been
approved, or to the latest available WI coversheet if the WI has not (yet) been approved. The
hyperlink is pointing to a document located at the site.

WI RAPPORTEUR NAME: {an alphabetical string of 100 characters max.}

WI RAPPORTEUR E-MAIL: {an alphanumerical string of 100 characters max.}

Last Modified: {a date}
This field gives the date of the last modification of the WI. It is filled-in by the person who
maintain the global Work Plan.

NOTES: {an alphanumerical string of 64000 characters max.}

Viewing the 3GPP Work Plan                                                                            Page 4

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