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									What is Auditory Processing Disorder?          What Are the General Academic and             What About Testing For APD?
(APD)                                          Psychosocial Effects of APD?                     APD evaluations are completed by
Auditory Processing Disorder is defined as a       The student typically demonstrates             the LIU#12 Audiologists.
weakness in the processing of information            academic weakness in at least one of          Additional evaluations such as a
that is auditory specific. Auditory skills           the following areas: reading                  psychological evaluation are
include: pitch/pattern recognition, finding          comprehension, phonemic                       suggested prior to APD referral to
sound in space, understanding speech when            development, spelling, auditory               rule out other possible disorders.
there is background noise, and hearing               memory, answering questions,               In order for a student to be tested, a
sounds in a timely manner.                           response time, and localizing sound           student must have normal and equal
                                                   The student may be unaware of                  hearing and no middle ear difficulty
                                                     conversational cues, causing him or           in both ears at the time of testing.
                                                     her to be viewed as awkward or             The student’s articulation must be
What Are Common Symptoms of APD?                     immature.                                     clear enough for the Audiologist to
   Exhibits behaviors much like that of           The student may miss portions of               understand.
      the hearing impaired, but has normal           fast paced conversation.                   The student must have at least a 6
      hearing.                                     The student may be more fatigued               year-old receptive language age to
   Daydreams or tunes out classroom                 than classmates due to the effort it          understand the directions for and
      dialogue.                                      takes to listen and will often appear         vocabulary in the definitive tests
   Often has a history of and/or current            to be not paying attention.                   utilized as part of the evaluation
      ear infections with fluctuating              Overall self-esteem may likely be              process.
      hearing loss.                                  affected.
   Directions given without visual cues                                                     Recommended Requirements Before
      are not easily understood.               Many of these same weaknesses and             Making LIU#12 Referrals for APD:
   Exhibits difficulty hearing faint or       behaviors are present in students who are           Be sure there is current evidence
      distant speech in a quiet setting.       diagnosed as having Attention Deficit                  of a student struggling
   Background noise makes                     Disorder, Mild Retardation, Hearing                    academically
      comprehension of information             Impairment, Learning Disability, and                Employ interventions through
      impossible.                              Neurological Impairment. APD is                        IST or other building support
                                               sometimes secondary to but not                         teams
                                               differentially diagnosable from many of             Have hearing screened by school
                                               these deficits.                                        nurse
                                                                                                   Use an Auditory Screening
                                                                                                      Device (S.I.F.T.E.R., C.H.A.P.S.,
                                                                                                      FISHER’s Auditory Problems
                                                                                                   Provide recent psychological test
                                                                                                      data to rule out other possible
                                                                                                      learning conditions
A Sample Checklist of Students Who            Instructional Strategies For Auditory
Might Be tested for APD:                      Weaknesses:
    Hearing Ability is Normal                 Use a clear, unexaggerated voice
    Student has a history of ear              Gain student’s attention before
      infections                                 instruction is given and directions
    Student has difficulty following            should be stated simply, briefly, and                 A Quick Reference Guide
      verbal directions and instructions in      in logical time ordered sequence                               For
      a timely manner                          Use visual aids whenever possible                             Educators
    Student demonstrates weakness in          Emphasize key words, especially
      the areas of reading and spelling,         when new information is being
      while math skills are strong               presented
    Academic struggle is present due to       Provide pre-instruction for new
      these difficulties                         concepts and review past concepts
    The student does not have a               Gesturing will help clarify
      previously diagnosed learning deficit      information
      clouding differential diagnosis          Check for comprehension by asking
                                                 the student for a brief summary after
A Sample Checklist of Students Who               key ideas are presented. Asking if
Should Not Be Tested for APD:                    the student heard or understood is
    Hearing ability is not normal or the        not sufficient
      student has one-sided hearing loss       All communication should be at
    The student has academic weakness           close distance and the speaker should
      in the area of math, but reads and         face the student directly to allow for                Provided by
      spells well                                visual cues of the face and lips            LINCOLN INTERMEDIATE UNIT #12
    The student has a previously              Encourage the student to ask                           P.O. Box 70
      diagnosed learning difficulty and has      clarification questions                          New Oxford, PA 17350
      recently been placed in a special        Clarify instructional transitions
      education setting                        Frequent breaks should be given to           For additional information, please contact
    The student is currently successful in      alleviate fatigue during instruction        our audiologists @ 624-4616
      their academic instructional setting     Avoid showing frustration when the           Roz Garfinkel – voice mail ext. 5918
    Medication has been effective at            student misunderstands instruction          Lisa Zoladowitcz – voice mail ext. 6224
      helping the student focus and attend     Avoid asking the student to listen           Program Supervisor-Romy Norris
    Academic struggle is not present            and write at the same time (Have a              ranorris@iu12.org
      (The child’s grades are                    buddy take notes or provide an              For referral please send info to
      commensurate with their abilities)         outline)                                    Program Secretary- Patty Beard
    The student has Attention Deficit         Allow additional response time                    plbeard@iu12.org
      Disorder and medication has been         Reduce background noise and
      recommended, but the student does          enhance the teacher’s voice when         Published by the LIU#12 Hearing Impaired Support
                                                                                          Program (Rev. 2012)
      not take it.                               possible

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