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									      Bill Ringle Interviews Melinda Blau on My Quest for the Best
  Business growth strategist Bill Ringle talked with Melinda Blau, a journalist and author of
           Consequential Strangers, for the interview show My Quest for the Best.

Philadelphia, PA, February 07, 2012 - Business growth strategist Bill Ringle interviewed Melinda
Blau, a prolific journalist and author, for My Quest for the Best. In this interview series, Ringle
speaks with successful experts and outstanding business leaders about their strategies for
reaching and influencing significant target audiences, innovative business leadership,
breakthrough moments in their career, and the wisdom they've gained along the way.

Melinda Blau is a journalist who has been researching and reporting about relationship and social
trends since the seventies. Her most recent book is Consequential Strangers: The Power of People
Who Don't Seem to Matter…But Really Do, which explores the vast and unsung array of everyday
people, on and off the Internet, who have a profound impact on our business success, happiness,
and health. She has written more than ninety magazine pieces and a dozen other books, including
the best-selling Baby Whisperer series. She also blogs for Psychology Today and More magazines
and writes a bi-monthly column for Shareable.

Blau shared her significant insights into the power and importance of consequential strangers with
Bill Ringle and listeners during her My Quest for the Best interview, discussing the advantages of
striking up conversations with strangers in business and how having consequential strangers in
your life adds both variety to your perspective and dollars to your bottom line. For those who
usually hesitate to reach out, Blau suggested ways to overcome shyness and other factors that
may hold one back, as well as what to do to add consequential strangers to your life when
relocating or visiting a new city.

"Melinda has a unique and important perspective on being open to the information, advice, and
opportunities that consequential strangers provide," says Bill Ringle. "Don't spend another day out
of the loop of this powerful network that exists outside your door. While online social media has its
place, it's much more fun to convene a celebratory dinner with old friends and new acquaintances
than to prop your Facebook-loaded laptop up on a tv dinner table and share the good news."

Bill Ringle works with high performing entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to overcome the five big
challenges to business growth so that they can run profitable and rewarding business rather than
become stuck and overwhelmed in unfulfilling and draining roles. He has worked on four
continents, is the author of four business books, and inspires and educates thousands of business
leaders each year through his speaking, coaching, interactive programs, and products.

To listen to Bill Ringle's interview with Melinda Blau, visit
interview-Melinda-Blau. To learn more about Melinda Blau, visit her website,

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