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									                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                                Title                       Length
Nelson                                  (Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection                       4:11
Bryan Adams                             (Everything I Do) I Do It For You                                  6:59
Poison                                  (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice                                          4:58
Bonnie Raitt                            (Goin') Wild For You Baby                                          5:46
Martina McBride                         (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden                               3:19
Glen Miller                             (I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo                                      3:17
Nelson                                  (It's Just) Desire                                                 4:27
artist                                  (j0_dee_messina)-that's_the_way                                    3:24
Metallica                               (LIVE)-Star Spangled Banner                                        1:09
Groove Criminals                        (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty                             3:18
Humble Pie                              (w Peter Frampton) Performance Rockin'the Fillmo                   6:51
Britney Spears                          (You Drive Me) Crazy                                               3:33
Metallica                               ...And Justice For All                                            10:22
Mark Schultz                            1,000 Miles                                                        2:60
Bullet For My Valentine                 10 Years Today                                                     3:56
Bad Company                             100 Miles                                                          2:05
Various Artists                         100% Pure Love                                                     4:34
Don Dokken                              1000 Miles Away                                                    5:23
Spinal Tap                              13th Song                                                          2:09
Blue October                            18th Floor Balcony/It's Just Me                                   11:55
DJ Unk                                  2 Step Remix (feat. T-Pain, Jim Jones & E-40)                      4:46
Metallica                               2X4                                                                5:49
50 Cent                                 21 Questions                                                       3:56
Rush                                    2112                                                               7:13
Pantera                                 25 Years                                                           6:28
Bass                                    3 types of bass                                                    4:19
Mr. Big                                 30 Days In The Hole                                                4:29
Van Halen                               316                                                                1:35
Van Halen                               316 (live with unaccompanied guitar solo which is                  4:40
MercyMe                                 3:42 AM (Writer's Block)                                           3:36
Bullet For My Valentine                 4 Words (To Choke Upon)                                            3:44
Mark Schultz                            40 Days                                                            3:43
Soundgarden                             4th Of July                                                        5:28
Pantera                                 5 Minutes Alone                                                    6:09
Time Life Music                         50's & 60's Oldies (125 Classic Hits) (Entire Album)              79:97
Pennsylvania 6                          5000                                                               3:14
Van Halen                               5150                                                               6:11
Beethoven                               5th Symphony 1st Movement                                          7:38
Dance Club Remixes                      80s & 90's Club Mega Mix #                                        16:41
Various Artists                         867-5209 / Jenny                                                   3:48
Big & Rich                              8th Of November (Radio Edit)                                       3:29
The Who                                 905                                                                4:11
Comedy                                  911 Call for Bambulance (the deer bit me) #                        2:31
Various Artists                         98.6                                                               3:19
Various Artists                         99 Luftballoons                                                    3:53
Megadeath                               99 Ways To Die                                                     4:30
Black Label Society                     ?g???b?N 9                                                         3:41
Hurricane Chris                         A Bay Bay                                                          2:33
Hurricane Chris                         A Bay Bay (Remix) (Feat. Lil Boosie, Game, Baby And Jadakiss)      6:18
Hank Williams, Jr.                      A Country Boy Can Survive                                          4:35
Rush                                    A Farewell To Kings                                                6:15
George Strait                           A Father's Love                                                    3:20

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                       Title   Length
Matthew West                                   A Few More Days                               4:20
Staind                                         A Flat                                        5:20
Led Zeppelin                                   A Foggy Day in Vietnam                        2:31
Martina McBride                                A Great Disguise                              4:19
Paul Baloche                                   A Greater Song                                6:50
Phil Collins                                   A Groovy Kind Of Love                         3:44
Skillet                                        A Little More                                 4:50
Various Artists                                A Little More Love                            3:08
Brian McKnight                                 A Little Too Late                             4:54
Charlotte Church                               A Lullaby                                     3:02
Coldplay                                       A Message                                     4:45
MercyMe                                        A Million Miles Away                          3:23
Leona Lewis                                    A Moment Like This(single)                    3:45
Maynard Ferguson                               A Night In Tunisia                           15:45
Rush                                           A Passage To Bangkok (Live)                   4:02
Lorrie Morgan                                  A Picture Of Me (Without You)                 3:39
Taylor Swift                                   A Place In This World                         3:35
Kent Bottenfield                               A Prayer Away                                 4:03
Ray Allaire                                    A Song For My Daughter                        3:37
Mikki Viereck                                  A Song For My Son                             3:22
Glen Miller                                    A String Of Pearls                            3:14
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                        A Thousand Hallelujahs                        4:20
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina                    A Wondrous Place                              5:19
Styx                                           A.D. 1928                                     1:12
Styx                                           A.D. 1958                                     1:11
Ozzy Osbourne                                  A.V.H.                                        4:29
Bonnie Raitt                                   About To Make Me Leave Home                   4:15
Michael W. Smith                               Above All                                     4:24
Puddle of Mud                                  Abrasive                                      3:30
Bob and Tom                                    AC-DC Hokey Pokey (Jim Bruer)                 3:14
Various Artists                                Achille's Heal                                2:21
Billy Ray Cyrus                                Achy Breaky Heart                             3:40
Jerimae Yoder                                  Acousti-Digit                                 3:18
U2                                             Acrobat                                       4:47
Robert Palmer                                  Addicted To Love                              4:49
Mr. Big                                        Addicted To That Rush                         5:04
Karaoke                                        Aerosmith - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing      5:37
All #1 Hits '80's                              Africa                                        5:17
Saliva                                         After Me                                      3:53
Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, & Jimi Hendrix   After Midnight                                3:33
Various Artists                                After The Flesh                               3:11
Nelson                                         After The Rain                                4:21
Van Halen                                      Aftershock                                    5:49
Brian McKnight                                 Again                                         4:38
Michael W. Smith                               Agnus Dei                                     6:41
Metallica                                      Ain't My Bitch                                5:23
DIANA MARIAH,DONNA,FAITH                       AIN'T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH                 3:26
Christina Aguilera                             Ain't No Other Man                            3:49
Jane's Addiction                               Ain't No Right                                3:35
McFadden & Whitehead                           Ain't No Stopping Us Now                      7:04
Dr Dre & Snoop Doggy Dog                       Ain't Nothin But A G-Thang #                  4:17
Van Halen                                      Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love                      4:03

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                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                  Title      Length
Cheap Trick                             Ain't That A Shame                                5:13
The Temptations                         Aint No Mountain High Enough                      2:18
Unknown                                 Air Raid Siren                                    0:09
Skillet                                 Alien Youth                                       3:21
Ozzy Osbourne                           Alive                                             4:54
Pearl Jam                               Alive                                             5:41
POD                                     Alive                                             3:38
Various Artists                         Alive Forever, Amen                               3:27
Various Artists                         All About You                                     3:33
Jimi Hendrix                            All Along The Watchtower                          4:18
Fly Leaf                                All Around Me                                     3:15
Bonnie Raitt                            All At Once                                       5:04
The Fray                                All At Once                                       3:49
Good Charlotte                          All Black                                         4:20
Celine Dion                             All By Myself                                     5:14
MercyMe                                 All Fall Down                                     3:46
Fastway                                 All Fired Up                                      2:45
Pat Benatar                             All Fired Up                                      4:31
Various Artists                         All I Need                                        5:52
Kenny Chesney                           All I Need To Know                                3:09
Sheryl Crow                             All I Wanna Do                                    4:33
Lynch Mob                               All I Want                                        5:05
Michael W. Smith                        All I Want                                        4:34
Various Artists                         All I Want                                        6:57
Bryan Adams                             All I Want Is You                                 5:21
Jaime Jamgochian                        All I Want Is You - Album Version                 4:08
Various Artists                         All I Want To Do                                  4:33
Gretchen Wilson                         All Jacked Up                                     3:46
George Strait                           All My Ex's Live In Texas                         3:21
KCI and JoJo                            All My Life                                       5:57
Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville          All My Life                                       3:31
Various Artists                         All My Loving [Stereo]                            2:05
Hank Williams Jr                        All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight      3:09
Various Artists                         All My Tears (Be Washed Away)                     3:43
Lionel Richie                           All Night Long                                    6:20
Mary Jane Girls                         All Night Long                                    5:47
Led Zeppelin                            All Of My Love                                    5:57
Various Artists                         All Of This                                       3:32
Don Henley                              all she wants to do is dance                      4:50
Various Artists                         All She Wants To Do Is Dance                      4:25
Firehouse                               All She Wrote                                     4:28
Elvis Presley                           All Shook Up                                      2:12
Smash Mouth                             All Star                                          3:20
Ace Of Base                             All That She Wants                                3:31
Martina McBride                         All The Things We've Never Done                   3:25
Spinal Tap                              All the Way Home                                  2:09
Point Of Grace                          All The World                                     4:33
Bullet For My Valentine                 All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)       3:46
Twila Paris                             All Things (Introduction)                         0:36
Twila Paris                             All Things Work Together                          5:10
Various Artists                         All We Want Is You                                5:12
Kutless                                 All Who Are Thirsty                               4:33

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                       CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                   Artist                                              Title     Length
Various Artists                      All Who Are Thirsty                            4:16
Hooters                              All You Zombies                                6:27
Loverboy                             Almost Paradise                                3:51
Disney                               Alphabet Song                                  1:36
Chug                                 ALug                                           2:03
Atlantic Star                        Always                                         4:47
Bon Jovi                             Always                                         6:22
Trixter                              Always A Victim                                4:14
Heatwave                             Always and Forever                             6:44
Luther Vandross                      Always And Forever                             4:54
Janie Fricke                         Always Have Always Will                        3:31
80's Music                           Always Something There To Remind Me 2          3:60
Stryper                              Always There For You                           4:30
Various Artists                      Amanda                                         4:14
Lonestar                             Amazed                                         4:15
Aerosmith                            Amazing                                        5:56
Seal                                 Amazing (Thin White Duke Edit)                 6:23
Avalon                               Amazing Grace                                  4:59
bagbipes                             Amazing Grace                                  3:54
Charlotte Church                     Amazing Grace                                  2:47
Kent Bottenfield                     Amazing Grace                                  2:53
Brave Heart                          Amazing Grace (Bagpipes)                       3:35
ChristianMusic Songs 4 Worship       Amazing Love - Rebecca St James 2              4:22
Kid Rock                             American Bad Ass                               4:33
Casting Crowns                       American Dream                                 4:12
Casting Crowns                       American Dreams                                4:38
Primus                               American Life                                  4:33
Flo-Rida                             American Superstar                             3:44
Switchfoot                           Ammunition                                     3:46
Various Artists                      Amplify                                        3:60
Van Halen                            Amsterdam                                      4:45
M?tley Cr?e                          Anarchy In The U.K.                            3:21
Romantic Sax                         And I Love Her                                 4:07
Casting Crowns                       And Now My Lifesong Sings                      4:18
Talking Heads                        And She Was                                    3:39
Van Halen                            And the Cradle Will Rock...                    3:34
Various Artists                      And Your Praise Goes On                        4:58
Andy Williams                        Andy Williams - The Hawaiian Wedding Song      2:29
Aerosmith                            Angel                                          5:08
Ace of Base                          Angel Eyes                                     3:14
Jim Brickman                         Angel Eyes (Piano Instrumental)                2:40
Bonnie Raitt                         Angel From Montgomery                          4:01
J Giles                              Angel is a Centerfold                          3:40
Monica                               Angel of Mine                                  4:11
M?tley Cr?e                          Angela                                         4:09
RANDY TRAVIS                         Angels                                         3:48
Brian Littrell                       Angels And Heroes                              3:45
Skillet                              Angels Fall Down (live)                        8:04
TAMMY COCHRAN                        Angels In Waiting                              3:37
Mannheim Steamroller                 Angels We Have Heard On High                   3:58
Rolling Stones                       Angie                                          4:33
Various Artists                      Angus Dei                                      4:24

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                           Title                    Length
Def Leppard                                     Animal                                                           4:04
Wedding Songs                                   Anne Murray - Can I Have This Dance For The Rest Of My Life      3:26
Robert Plant                                    Anniversary                                                      5:03
Pink Floyd                                      Another Brick In The Wall (Par                                   4:02
Roger Waters                                    Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)                               3:38
Roger Waters                                    Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)                               6:26
Roger Waters                                    Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3)                               3:25
Queen                                           Another One Bites The Dust                                       3:37
Queensrßche                                     Another Rainy Night (Without You)                                4:29
Celine Dion                                     Another Year Has Gone By                                         3:25
Cheech & Chong                                  Answering Machine Message                                        0:17
Rush                                            Anthem                                                           4:24
Filo & Peri                                     Anthem [Nic Chagall Remix] (ft. Eric Lumiere)                    8:58
Dave Matthews Band                              Ants Marching                                                    4:30
Point Of Grace                                  Any Way                                                          4:13
Journey                                         Any Way You Want It                                              3:40
Queensrßche                                     Anybody Listening?                                               7:42
Avril Lavigne                                   Anything But Ordinary                                            4:12
Mr. Big                                         Anything For You                                                 4:38
Guns N' Roses                                   Anything Goes                                                    3:27
Journey                                         Anytime                                                          3:28
Relient K                                       Apathetic Way To Be                                              3:22
Various Artists                                 Appitite                                                         3:59
Sound Effects                                   Applause                                                         0:35
Megadeth                                        Architecture Of Aggression                                       3:35
AC/DC                                           Are You Ready                                                    4:26
Creed                                           Are You Ready?                                                   4:45
Various Artists                                 Arizona                                                          2:50
Def Leppard                                     Armageddon It                                                    5:23
Pink Floyd                                      Arnold layne                                                     2:57
Various Artists                                 As Tears Go By                                                   2:47
Various Artists                                 Ashes By Now                                                     4:10
Megadeth                                        Ashes In Your Mouth                                              6:11
Amy Grant                                       Ask Me                                                           3:54
Slayer                                          Assassin (Unreleased!)                                           3:06
Pink Floyd                                      Astronomy Domine                                                 4:11
Etta James                                      At Last                                                          3:12
Danny & The Juniors                             At The Hop                                                       2:22
George Clinton                                  Atomic Dog                                                       5:10
Metallica                                       Attitude                                                         5:17
Various Artists                                 Audience Of One                                                  5:28
no artist                                       AudioTrack 05                                                    4:30
no artist                                       AudioTrack 06                                                    3:40
no artist                                       AudioTrack 09                                                    4:18
Mannheim Steamroller                            Auld Lang Syne                                                   3:60
Lorrie Morgan                                   Autumn's Not That Cold                                           3:42
Celine Dion                                     Ave Maria                                                        4:56
Charlotte Church                                Ave Maria                                                        4:15
Girlfriend                                      Avril Lavigne                                                    3:35
Disturbed, Static X, Slipknot The Clay People   Awake                                                            3:29
Godsmack                                        Awake                                                            5:25
Mannheim Steamroller                            Away in a Manger                                                 3:40

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                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                  Title                Length
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   Away In A Manger                                             3:37
Carman                                  Awesome God                                                  5:28
Michael W. Smith                        Awesome God                                                  4:41
Rich Mullins                            awesome god                                                  3:04
100 Songs for Kids                      Baa-Baa Black Sheep                                          1:22
Various Artists                         Baby (You've Got What It Takes)                              2:49
Amy Grant                               Baby Baby                                                    3:58
Sir MixALot                             Baby Got Back                                                4:42
The Tractors                            Baby Likes To Rock It                                        4:16
Nicole C. Mullen                        Baby Love                                                    3:37
Various Artists                         Baby Love                                                    2:40
Bette Midler                            Baby Mine                                                    2:28
Britney Spears                          Baby One More Time                                           3:49
Ted Nugent                              Baby Please Don't Go                                         5:60
Barenaked Ladies                        baby seat                                                    4:27
The Best Of 90's Country                Baby Walk On                                                 3:14
David Guetta feat. Cozi                 Baby When The Light (Fred Riester & David Guetta Remix)      6:36
Sammy Hagar                             Baby's On Fire                                               3:34
Various Artists                         Baby, I Need Your Lovin'                                     3:20
Various Artists                         Baby, I'm Yours                                              2:34
Various Artists                         Baby, It's You                                               3:24
James Pease                             Bach: Air On The G String                                    8:30
Cheap Trick                             Back 'N' Blue                                                4:44
Ratt                                    Back For More                                                4:02
Mark Schultz                            Back In His Arms Again                                       4:31
The Best Of 90's Country                Back In My Younger Days                                      3:14
Christina Aguilera                      Back In The Day                                              4:14
Aerosmith                               Back in the Saddle                                           4:42
Meat Loaf                               Back Into Hell                                               2:47
Guns N' Roses                           Back Off Bitch                                               5:04
Ozzy Osbourne                           Back On Earth                                                4:57
REO Speedwagon                          Back On The Road Again                                       5:30
Lita Ford                               Back To The Cave                                             4:03
Backstreet Boys                         Back To Your Heart                                           4:22
Kenny Chesney                           Back Where I Come From                                       3:58
Foreigner                               Back Where You Belong                                        3:14
Various Artists                         Backs Of Our Friends                                         3:01
Rascal Flatts                           Backwards                                                    3:49
Guns N' Roses                           Bad Apples                                                   4:28
Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine    Bad Boys                                                     4:13
Trixter                                 Bad Girl                                                     4:26
Donna Summers                           Bad Girls                                                    6:20
Godsmack                                Bad Magick                                                   4:19
Bon Jovi                                Bad Medicine                                                 5:42
Guns N' Roses                           Bad Obsession                                                5:29
Damn Yankees                            Bad Reputation                                               4:31
Metallica                               Bad Seed                                                     4:06
George Thorogood & The Destroyers       Bad To The Bone                                              5:15
Various Artists                         Bad To The Bone                                              4:50
Jim Croce                               Bad, Bad Leroy Brown                                         2:58
The Best Of 90's Country                Baille & The Boys - Fool Such As I                           2:60
Gerry Rafferty                          BakerStreet                                                  6:53

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                              Title   Length
Poison                                Ball And Chain                                4:23
AC-DC                                 Ballbreaker                                   4:53
Van Halen                             Ballot or the Bullet                          5:42
Various Artists                       Ballroom Blitz                                4:15
Accept                                Balls To The Wall                             6:10
Van Halen                             Baluchitherium                                4:05
Various Artists                       Band Of Gold                                  3:02
T. Rex                                Bang a Gong (Get it on)                       4:28
Kix                                   Bang Bang (Balls Of Fire)                     3:60
Todd Rundgren                         Bang On the Drum All Day                      3:38
Quiet Riot                            Bang Your Head (Metal Health)                 5:42
Barenaked Ladies                      Bare Naked Laidies - Never Do Anything        4:03
Ozzy Osbourne                         Bark At The Moon                              4:37
Puddle of Mudd                        Basement                                      4:43
Rush                                  Bastille Day                                  4:39
Kid Rock                              Bawitdaba                                     4:44
Ron Kenoly                            Be Glorified                                  4:37
Various Artists                       Be Glorified                                  3:42
Three Doors Down                      Be Like That                                  4:54
Bebo Norman                           Be My Covering                                4:04
Relient K                             Be My Escape (acoustic)                       4:03
Various Artists                       Be My Everything                              4:01
Various Artists                       Be Near                                       4:26
Hootie & The Blowfish                 Be The one                                    3:39
Various Artists                       Beach Baby                                    4:26
Micheal Jackson                       Beat It                                       4:40
Petra                                 Beat The System                               4:36
Creed                                 Beautiful                                     4:20
Joshua Kadison                        Beautiful In My Eyes                          4:09
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band    Beautiful Loser                               4:14
Jeremy Camp                           Beautiful One                                 4:10
Various Artists                       Beautiful One                                 4:02
Good Charlotte                        Beautiful Place                               3:51
Coldplay                              Beautiful World                               2:17
Various Artists                       Because                                       2:28
Tony Bennett                          Because Of You                                3:02
NeYo                                  Because Of You [Sunfreakz Remix]              5:08
Paul Baloche                          Because Of Your Love                          4:05
Point Of Grace                        Because You Are                               4:01
Celine Dion                           Because You Loved Me                          4:34
Pantera                               Becoming                                      3:05
J Holiday                             Bed                                           3:55
Bon Jovi                              Bed of Roses                                  7:04
Warrant                               Bed Of Roses                                  4:19
Jane's Addiction                      Been Caught Stealing                          3:34
The Pussycat Dolls                    Beep (Feat. Will.i.am)                        3:49
ZZ Top                                Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers                3:25
Beatles                               Beetles-A Hard Day's Night                    2:34
Carrie Underwood                      Before He Cheats                              3:22
Point Of Grace                        Before The Throne Of Grace                    2:50
Saliva                                Beg                                           3:40
Cher                                  Believe                                       4:17

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                           Title     Length
Ozzy Osbourne                          Believer                                     5:09
Anthrax                                Belly Of The Beast (Live)                    6:21
Clint Black                            Bend It Until It Breaks                      4:07
Elton John                             Benny and the Jets                           5:11
50 Cent                                Best Friend                                  4:12
Queensrßche                            Best I Can                                   5:35
Skillet                                Best Kept Secret                             3:58
Styx                                   Best Of Times                                4:38
Lorrie Morgan                          Best Woman Wins                              3:18
Various Artists                        Betcha by Golly, Wow                         3:21
Kiss                                   Beth                                         2:47
Various Artists                        Bette Davis Eyes                             4:02
Leona Lewis                            Better In Time                               3:55
Passion                                Better Is One Day                            6:29
Jamie Slocum                           Better Than I Know Myself                    3:21
Metallica                              Better Than You                              5:22
Kenny Chesney                          Between Midnight And Daylight                2:41
Dio                                    Between Two Hearts                           6:31
Beautiful Liar                         Beyonc? and Shakira                          3:17
Petra                                  Beyond Belief                                4:25
Martina McBride                        Beyond The Blue                              2:42
Faster Pussycat                        Big Dictionary                               2:57
Various Artists                        Big Empty                                    4:57
Cheap Trick                            Big Eyes                                     3:43
Van Halen                              Big Fat Money                                3:58
Mr. Big                                Big Love                                     4:50
Robert Plant                           Big Love                                     4:36
Aerosmith                              Big Ten Inch Record                          2:27
Pink Floyd                             Bike                                         3:25
Michael Jackson                        Billy Jean                                   5:17
Robert Plant                           Billy's Revenge                              3:34
Various Artists                        Bingo                                        1:43
Spinal Tap                             Bitch School                                 3:02
Nelson                                 Bits And Pieces                              4:06
Falling Up                             Bittersweet                                  2:56
New Order                              Bizarre Love Triangle                        4:38
Static-X                               Black And White                              3:51
Ramjam                                 Black Betty                                  4:15
Janet Jackson                          Black Cat                                    4:51
Kid Rock                               Black Chick, White Guy                      12:02
Led Zeppelin                           Black Dog                                    4:55
Shania Twain                           Black Eyes, Blue Tears                       3:40
Soundgarden                            Black Hole Sun                               5:18
Ozzy Osbourne                          Black Illusion                               4:21
Black label society                    Black Pearl                                  3:30
White Zombie                           Black Sunshine                               4:49
Doobie Brothers                        Black Water                                  4:41
Nicole C. Mullen                       black, white, tan                            3:07
Metallica                              Blackened                                    6:43
Scorpions                              Blackout                                     3:50
Vangelis                               Blade Runner (End Titles)                    4:39
Vangelis                               Blade Runner Blues                           8:55

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                                Title   Length
Mr. Big                                Blame It On My Youth                            4:15
Leona Lewis                            Bleeding Love                                   3:60
Metallica                              Bleeding Me                                     8:19
MercyMe                                Bless Me Indeed                                 4:15
Rascal Flatts                          Bless The Broken Road                           3:47
Avalon                                 Blessed Assurance                               4:04
Maranatha featuring Morris Chapman     Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty                2:32
Don Moen                               Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord                 2:07
Tree63                                 Blessed Be Your Name                            3:52
Korn                                   Blind                                           4:19
Warrant                                Blind Faith                                     3:33
Nas                                    Blood Diamonds                                  2:22
Kix                                    Blow My Fuse                                    4:22
Nicole C. Mullen                       blowin' kisses                                  3:51
LeAnn Rimes                            Blue                                            2:49
Eiffel 65                              Blue (Da Ba Dee)                                4:46
Celine Dion                            Blue Christmas                                  3:49
Foreigner                              Blue Morning Blue Day                           3:12
Point Of Grace                         Blue Skies                                      4:32
Elvis Presley                          Blue Suede Shoes                                1:60
Lita Ford                              Blueberry                                       3:51
100 Golden Oldies Vol. 1               Blueberry Hill (Fats Domino)                    2:33
Puddle of Mudd                         Blurry                                          5:28
Vangelis                               Blush Response                                  5:47
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band     Bo Diddley                                      5:48
Drowning Pool                          Bodies                                          3:22
Ratt                                   Body Talk                                       3:50
AC-DC                                  Boggieman                                       4:27
Various Artists                        Bohemian Rhapsody                               5:58
I Tried                                Bone ThugsnHarmony (ft. Akon)                   4:47
Aerosmith                              Boogie Man                                      2:17
Earth Wind and Fire                    Boogie Nights                                   5:28
Groove Criminals                       Boogie Nights                                   3:25
Various Artists                        Boogie Nights                                   3:42
Groove Criminals                       Boogie Oogie Oogie                              3:11
Glen Miller and the Andrew Sisters     Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy                         2:18
Various Kids                           Books Of The Bible                              1:52
POD                                    Boom                                            3:09
Jock Jams                              Boom Boom Boom                                  3:23
Outhere Brothers                       Boom Boom Boom                                  5:05
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince       Boom Shake the Room                             7:03
Nelly                                  Boom!                                           3:56
The Outhere Brothers                   Boom! Boom! Boom!                               5:19
Vengaboys                              Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom                          3:41
House of Pain                          Boomshalaklakboom                               4:14
Little Big Town                        Boondocks                                       4:02
Brooks and Dunn                        Boot Scootin' Boogie                            3:32
Baltimore Club Music                   Booty Bounce (Club Mix)                         2:44
Blackstreet                            Booty Call                                      5:09
Party Music                            Booty Call - Line Dance (original)              4:24
Various Artists                        Bop To The Top                                  1:55
Madonna                                Borderline                                      4:01

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                               Title                    Length
Black Label Society/Zakk Wylde         Bored To Tears                                                  4:28
Bruce Springsteen                      Born in the USA                                                 5:03
Dio                                    Born On The Sun                                                 5:37
Bon Jovi                               Born To Be My Baby                                              5:02
Ozzy Osbourne & Miss Piggy             Born To Be Wild                                                 3:45
Steppenwolf                            Born To Be Wild                                                 3:31
Sara Evans                             Born To Fly (Album Version)                                     5:38
Martina McBride                        Born To Give My Love To You                                     3:17
Kelis                                  Bossy [Alan Braxe & Fred Falke 2008 Remix] (ft. Too $hort)      4:42
Outta My System                        Bow Wow (ft. TPain & Johnta Austin)                             3:53
Jars Of Clay                           Boy On A String                                                 3:27
Bad Company                            Boys Cry Tough                                                  5:36
The Great Escape                       Boys Like Girls                                                 3:27
Kittie                                 Brackish                                                        3:23
Celine Dion                            Brahms' Lullaby                                                 3:33
Various Artists                        Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)                                     3:08
Beastie Boys                           Brass Monkey                                                    2:49
Good Charlotte                         Break Apart Her Heart                                           3:20
Rascal Flatts                          Break Away                                                      3:12
Spinal Tap                             Break Like the Wind                                             4:52
Tantric                                Breakdown                                                       3:27
Deep Purple                            Breakfast In Bed                                                5:18
Various Artists                        Breaking Free                                                   3:40
Various Artists                        Breaking Up Is Hard to Do                                       2:25
Leona Lewis                            Breath                                                          5:44
Among Thorns                           Breath Of Life                                                  4:44
Michael W. Smith                       Breathe                                                         6:57
Seven Dust                             Breathe                                                         3:07
Petra                                  Breathe In                                                      4:59
Sixpence None The Richer               Breathe your Name                                               3:58
Scary Sounds                           Breathing                                                       0:39
Salvador                               Breathing Life                                                  3:38
Dio                                    Breathless                                                      4:10
Earth Wind and Fire                    Brick House                                                     3:53
Rob Zombie                             Brick House 2003                                                4:08
Michael W. Smith                       Bridge Over Troubled Water                                      4:44
Hawk Nelson                            Bring 'Em Out                                                   3:36
Various Artists                        Bring Me Down                                                   3:43
Bebo Norman                            Bring Me To Life                                                4:05
Roger Waters                           Bring The Boys Back Home                                        2:41
Anthrax                                Bring The Noise                                                 3:47
MercyMe                                Bring The Rain                                                  5:31
Def Leppard                            Bringin' On The Heartbreak                                      4:33
Various Artists                        Broken                                                          3:12
Mark Schultz                           Broken & Beautiful                                              5:23
Lita Ford                              Broken Dreams                                                   5:13
Good Charlotte                         Broken Hearts Parade                                            3:16
Point Of Grace                         Broken Thing                                                    4:03
All #1 Hits '80's                      Broken Wings                                                    4:56
Various Artists                        Broken Wings                                                    4:39
Led Zeppelin                           Bron-Y-Aur Stomp                                                4:19
Brooks & Dunn                          Brooks & Dunn - Hillbilly Deluxe - 04 - Building Bridges        4:21

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                           Title     Length
Various Artists                        Brother Louie                                3:57
Van Morrison                           Brown Eyed Girl                              3:04
Rolling Stones                         Brown Sugar                                  3:50
Colbie Caillat                         bubbly                                       3:25
Panic! At The Disco                    Build God, Then We'll Talk                   3:41
Various Artists                        Build Me Up Buttercup                        2:38
Various Artists                        Build Me Up, Buttercup                       3:01
Creed                                  Bullets                                      3:50
Various Artists                        Burn                                         6:40
Static-X                               Burn To Burn                                 4:18
Slaughter                              Burnin' Bridges                              4:06
Talking Heads                          Burning Down The House                       4:04
Various Artists                        Burning Down The House                       3:55
Tone Loc                               Bust A Move                                  4:47
Cheap Trick                            Busted                                       4:07
Ugly Kid Joe                           Busy Bee                                     4:11
Panic! At The Disco                    But It's Better If You Do                    3:26
NICOLE C. MULLEN                       butterfly                                    4:08
JEFF CARSON                            Butterfly Kisses                             3:60
Bob Carlisle                           Butterfly Kisses (c)                         5:41
Sammy Hagar                            Buying My Way Into Heaven                    4:39
Linkin Park                            By Myself                                    3:10
Jamie Slocum                           By Your Side                                 3:60
Jamie Slocum                           By Your Side Prelude                         0:47
NSync                                  Bye Bye Bye                                  3:39
Quad City Dj's                         C'mon Ride The Train                         4:14
Jerimae Yoder                          C.O.R.E.                                     4:37
Dierks Bentley                         Cab Of My Truck                              3:40
Enur feat. Natasja                     Calabria 2008 (Raido Edit)                   3:17
Various Artists                        California Dreamin'                          2:44
Gretchen Wilson                        California Girls                             2:52
Lynyrd Skynyrd                         Call Me The Breeze                           5:09
Nicole C. Mullen                       Call On Jesus                                4:56
Janet Jackson                          Call On Me ft. Nelly                         3:31
Celine Dion                            Call The Man                                 6:31
MercyMe                                Call To Worship                              4:52
Garth Brooks                           Callin' Baton Rouge                          2:58
Stryper                                Calling On You                               3:59
Panic! At The Disco                    Camisado                                     3:12
Journey                                Can Do                                       2:39
Elton John                             Can You Feel the Love Tonight                3:59
Ozzy Osbourne                          Can You Hear Them                            4:59
Staind                                 Can't Believe                                2:48
Lita Ford                              Can't Catch Me                               3:60
REO Speedwagon                         Can't Fight This Feeling                     5:10
Various Artists                        Can't Fight This Feeling                     4:40
Various Artists                        Can't Get Enough Of Your Love                4:49
Van Halen                              Can't Get This Stuff No More                 5:16
Various Artists                        Can't Help Falling in Love                   3:05
Earth Wind & Fire                      Can't Hide Love                              4:10
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                Can't Know A Life                            4:12
Brian McKnight                         Can't Leave You Alone                        4:21

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                              Title       Length
Cheap Trick                           Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love                      3:50
Van Halen                             Can't Stop Lovin' You                             4:08
Van Halen                             Can't Stop Loving You                             4:09
Bryan Adams                           Can't Stop This Thing We Started                  4:29
Various Artists                       Can't Take My Off Eyes You                        3:26
Elton John                            Candle in the wind (live)                         4:16
Christina Aguilera                    Candyman                                          3:14
MercyMe                               Cannot Say Enough                                 4:48
leann rimes                           cant fight the moonlight                          3:35
Megadeth                              Captive Honour                                    4:15
Groove Criminals                      Car Wash                                          3:25
Metallica                             Carpe Diem Baby                                   6:13
Tiesto                                Carpe Noctum                                      5:09
Before He Cheats                      Carrie Underwood                                  3:17
Kansas                                Carry On Wayward Son                              5:49
Mark Harris                           Carry The Light                                   4:13
Fear Factory                          Cars                                              3:38
Spinal Tap                            Cash on Delivery                                  3:04
Casting Crowns                        Casting Crowns - If We Are The                    3:58
Faster Pussycat                       Cat Bash                                          1:42
Ted Nugent                            Cat Scratch Fever                                 3:56
Ugly Kid Joe                          Cat's In The Cradle                               4:02
MercyMe                               Caught Up In The Middle                           3:25
Kool and the Gang                     Celebration                                       4:01
CASPER                                CHA CHA SLIDE (RADIO VERSION)                     6:48
Maynard Ferguson                      Chameleon                                         4:58
Johnny Mathis                         Chances Are (1950's)                              3:05
Staind                                Change                                            3:37
Andy Williams                         Charade                                           2:35
Various Artists                       Chasing After You                                 4:13
Alan Jackson                          Chattahoochie                                     4:15
Glen Miller                           Chattanooga Choo Choo                             3:24
Cheap Trick                           Cheap Trick - Highway to Hell                     3:49
Cheap Trick                           Cheap Trick - The Flame                           5:36
George Strait                         Check Yes Or No                                   3:34
The Monkees                           Cheer up sleepy jean                              2:57
Various Artists                       Cherish                                           3:25
Clint Black                           Cherokee Boogie                                   2:39
Warrant                               Cherry Pie                                        3:34
Various Artists                       Chevy Van                                         2:55
NBA                                   Chicago Bulls                                     2:06
The Emeralds                          Chicken Dance, Dance Little Bird [Version 1]      2:48
Carole King                           Child of Mine                                     4:04
Ozzy Osbourne                         Children Of The Grave                             5:21
Doobie Brothers                       China Grove                                       3:34
Teriyaki Boyz                         Cho Large                                         5:16
System Of A Down                      Chop Suey                                         3:31
Celine Dion                           Christmas Eve                                     4:17
Larry The Cable Guy                   Christmas Songs For The 90s                       2:37
Spinal Tap                            Christmas with the Devil                          4:34
Anthrax                               Chromatic Death                                   1:27
Roxette                               Cinnamon Street                                   5:01

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                       CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                 Title   Length
Point Of Grace                       Circle Of Friends                                4:13
Mickey Gilley                        City Lights                                      2:48
Spinal Tap                           Clam Caravan                                     3:37
Jane's Addiction                     Classic Girl                                     5:08
The Stripper                         Classic Strip Tease Tune                         2:02
Saliva                               Click Click Boom                                 4:32
Cheap Trick                          Clock Strikes Ten                                4:09
Lita Ford                            Close My Eyes Forever                            4:43
Rush                                 Closer To The Heart                              2:55
Mark Schultz                         Closer To You                                    4:48
Semisonic                            Closing Time                                     4:54
Gym Class Heros                      Clothes Off! [Josh Harris Club Mix]              5:22
Fergie                               Clumsy                                           4:01
Buck Cherry                          Cocaine                                          3:56
Eric Clapton                         Cocaine                                          3:54
Taylor Swift                         Cold As You                                      4:01
KISS                                 Cold Gin                                         4:23
Kix                                  Cold Shower                                      5:02
Skillet                              Collide                                          5:39
Nicole C. Mullen                     Color                                            3:47
Various Artists                      Color Me Once                                    4:10
Chicago                              Color My World                                   3:12
Guns N' Roses                        Coma                                            10:16
Skillet                              Comatose                                         3:52
Dierks Bentley                       Come A Little Closer                             4:42
Damn Yankees                         Come Again                                       5:41
Various Artists                      Come And Get It                                  2:10
Various Artists                      Come And Get Your Love                           3:33
Nora Jones                           Come Away with Me                                3:06
Various Artists                      Come Baby Come                                   3:55
Roxette                              Come Back (Before You Leave)                     4:41
Frank Sinatra                        Come Fly With Me 1                               3:25
Poison                               Come Hell Or High Water                          5:02
Among Thorns                         Come Holy Spirit                                 4:38
Skillet                              Come into the future                             3:55
Jimmy Buffet                         Come Monday                                      3:10
Skillet                              Come My Way                                      5:05
The Best Of 90's Country             Come Next Monday                                 3:48
Various Artists                      Come on Down to My Boat                          2:39
Dexy's Midnight Runners              Come On Eileen                                   4:33
Shania Twain                         Come On Over                                     2:54
Cheap Trick                          Come On, Come On                                 3:10
Rosemary Clooney                     Come On-a My House                               1:59
Romantic Sax                         Come Rain or Come Shine                          4:31
Various Artists                      Come See About Me                                2:47
WYNONNA                              Come Some Rainy Day                              3:16
MINDY SMITH                          Come To Jesus                                    4:14
Bonnie Raitt                         Come To Me                                       4:21
Kent Bottenfield                     Come To Me                                       4:06
Aerosmith                            Come Together                                    3:46
Ugly Kid Joe                         Come Tomorrow                                    4:56
Mullen, Nicole C.                    Come Unto Me                                     4:45

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                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                Title        Length
Phillips, Craig & Dean                  Come, Now is the Time to Worship                   3:59
Brian McKnight                          Comfortable                                        3:37
Pink Floyd                              Comfortably Numb                                   6:55
Roger Waters                            Comfortably Numb                                   8:03
Various Artists                         Coming Back Again                                  3:34
Damn Yankees                            Coming Of Age                                      4:21
MercyMe                                 Coming Up To Breathe                               4:18
Led Zepplin                             Communication Breakdown                            2:28
Avril Lavigne                           Complicated                                        4:05
Zapp and Roger                          Computer Love                                      4:44
Disturbed                               Conflict                                           4:36
Gloria Estefan and The Miami            Conga (Dance mix)                                  6:30
Blue October                            Congratulations                                    4:16
Weird Al Yankovich                      Constipated                                        3:41
Fight                                   Contortion                                         4:35
Puddle In The Mudd                      Control                                            4:09
Nicole C. Mullen                        Convinced                                          4:41
Edgar Winter                            Cool Fool                                          3:23
Boston                                  Cool the Engines                                   4:58
Rascal Flatts                           Cool Thing                                         3:51
Jock Jams                               Coolio 1, 2, 3, 4 Get Your Woman On the Floor      4:48
Barry Manilow                           Copa Cabana                                        5:48
White Zombie                            Cosmic Monsters, Inc.                              5:14
Rednex                                  Cotten Eye Joe                                     3:37
The Black Crowes                        Could I've Been So Blind                           3:46
Megadeth                                Countdown To Extinction                            4:17
Nelly                                   Country Grammar                                    4:40
Dr. Hook                                Cover of the Rolling Stone                         3:01
Kid Rock                                Cowboy                                             4:34
Various Artists                         Cracklin' Rosie                                    3:04
Soulja boi                              crank dat dance                                    4:03
Don Dokken                              Crash N' Burn                                      5:06
Fear Factory                            Crash Test                                         3:47
Staind                                  Crawl                                              4:32
Linkin Park                             Crawling                                           3:29
Aerosmith                               Crazy                                              5:17
Patsy Cline                             Crazy                                              2:43
Queen                                   Crazy Little Thing Called Love                     2:44
Ozzy Osbourne                           Crazy Train                                        5:41
Henry Mancini                           Crazy World                                        2:11
Scorpions                               Crazy World                                        5:09
Paul Baloche                            Creation's King                                    4:40
Kiss                                    Creatures Of The Night                             4:40
Petra                                   Creed                                              4:51
Skid Row                                Creepshow                                          4:13
Bullet For My Valentine                 Cries In Vain                                      3:57
Elton John                              Crocodile Rock                                     4:14
Sound Effects                           Crowd Cheer                                        0:40
Megadeath                               Crush em                                           5:21
Kix                                     Cry Baby                                           4:18
Joe Cocker                              Cry Me A River                                     3:57
Martina McBride                         Cry On The Shoulder Of The Road                    3:09

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                       CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                      Title   Length
Aerosmith                                 Cryin'                                           5:09
Various Artists                           Cult Of Personality                              5:14
Quiet Riot                                Cum On Feel The Noize                            5:12
Cupid                                     Cupid Shuffle [Solitaire Club Mix]               4:39
Nickelback                                Curb                                             5:21
Metallica                                 Cure                                             4:55
Linkin Park                               Cure For The Itch                                2:37
Bryan Adams                               Cuts Like A Knife                                5:32
Skillet                                   Cycle Down                                       4:01
Baby Bash                                 Cyclone (ft T-Pain, prod Lil Jon) (Dirty)        3:40
Justice                                   D.A.N.C.E. [MSTRKRFT Remix]                      4:27
Groove Criminals                          Daddy Cool                                       3:22
Holly Dunn                                Daddy's Hands                                    3:29
Al Martino                                Daddy's Little Girl (wedding dance)              2:33
Jerimae Yoder                             Daily                                            3:48
Fear Factory                              Damaged                                          3:04
Vangelis                                  Damask Rose                                      2:33
Damn Yankees                              Damn Yankees                                     4:40
Petra                                     Dance                                            3:48
Ratt                                      Dance                                            4:22
Good Charlotte                            Dance Floor Anthem                               4:04
Veggietales                               Dance Of The Cucumber                            3:17
Lynch Mob                                 Dance Of The Dogs                                3:47
Robert Plant                              Dance On My Own                                  4:31
Jock Jams                                 Dance Party Favorites - Cha Cha Slide            4:32
Van Halen                                 Dance the Night Away                             3:06
Sly And The Family Stone                  Dance To The Music                               3:15
KELLIE COFFEY                             Dance With My Father                             4:06
Various Artists                           Dancin' in the Street                            2:42
Bruce Springsteen                         Dancing In The Dark                              4:22
ABBA                                      Dancing Queen                                    4:09
ABBA                                      Dancing Queen (Techno Remix)                     7:08
Roger Miller (David Allan Coe presents)   Dang Me                                          1:46
Pink Floyd                                Dark Side of the Moon                            3:51
Various Artists                           Darkness                                         3:42
Joe Cocker                                Darling Be Home Soon                             4:43
Home                                      Daughtry                                         4:13
Cheech & Chong                            Daves Not Here                                   1:03
Various Artists                           Day After Day                                    3:12
Barry Manilow                             Daybreak                                         3:49
The Monkees                               Daydream Believer                                2:59
Twila Paris                               Days Of Elijah                                   4:24
Various Artists                           Days Of Elijah                                   4:20
Led Zeppelin                              dazed and confused                               6:27
Rob Zombie                                Dead Girl Superstar                              2:27
Guns N' Roses                             Dead Horse                                       4:17
Bad Company                               Dead Of The Night                                3:42
Various Artists                           Dead Souls                                       4:54
The Fray                                  Dead Wrong                                       3:07
Bob and Tom                               Dear Santa                                       2:27
Extreme                                   Decadence Dance                                  6:50
Mannheim Steamroller                      Deck The Halls                                   3:43

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                    Title   Length
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale       Deck The Halls                                2:22
Celine Dion                                 Declaration Of Love                           4:22
Meliah Rage                                 Decline Of Rule                               5:06
Ozzy Osbourne                               Dee                                           4:40
Nickleback                                  Deep                                          3:01
Skillet                                     Deeper                                        3:45
Meliah Rage                                 Deliver Me                                    3:07
Queensrßche                                 Della Brown                                   7:04
Joe Cocker                                  Delta Lady                                    2:50
Rob Zombie                                  Demon Speeding                                5:22
Bryan Adams                                 Depend On Me                                  5:08
Various Artists                             Der Kommissar                                 4:23
Fear Factory                                Descent                                       4:36
Iced Earth                                  Desert Rain                                   7:29
Ozzy Osbourne                               Desire                                        5:46
Among Thorns                                Desperate                                     6:16
Slaughter                                   Desperately                                   3:35
Loverboy                                    Destination Heartbreak                        4:47
Petra                                       Destiny                                       4:34
Day of Fire                                 Detainer                                      2:49
Kiss                                        Detroit Rock City                             4:50
Metalica, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Sevendust   Detroit Rock City                             4:29
Kiss                                        Deuce                                         3:42
MISC ARTIST                                 Devil Went Down To Jamacia #                  2:45
Various Artists                             Devil With A Blue Dress                       3:35
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels            Devil With a Blue Dress On                    3:49
Kid Rock                                    Devil Without a Cause                         5:33
Metallica                                   Devil's Dance                                 5:19
Scary Sounds                                Devil's Ride                                  2:04
Jaime Jamgochian                            Devoted - Album Version                       4:18
Edgar Winter                                Diamond Eyes                                  3:49
Alicia Keys                                 Diary                                         4:44
Charlotte Church ?                          Ding Dong! Merrily on High                    2:18
AC-DC                                       Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap                   4:12
Damn Yankees                                Dirty Dog                                     4:54
Van Halen                                   Dirty Water Dog                               5:28
Hoobastank                                  Disappear                                     5:06
Puddle of Mud                               Disciple                                      3:52
Earth, Wind and Fire                        Disco Inferno                                 6:60
The Trammps                                 Disco Inferno                                 6:60
Sepultura & Fear Factory                    Dissolution                                   3:42
Rush                                        Distant Early Warning                         4:59
James Horner                                Distant Memories                              2:24
Spinal Tap                                  Diva Fever                                    3:06
Skillet                                     Dive Over In                                  3:44
Dj Tools                                    DJ Intros,Sound Effects, Samples              3:55
Gone In 60 Seconds                          DMX - Party Up (Up In Here)                   4:07
Bryan Adams                                 Do I Have To Say The Words                    6:11
Bryan Adams                                 Do I Have To Say The Words?                   6:12
Roger Miller (David Allan Coe presents)     Do Wacka Do                                   1:50
Mark Schultz                                Do You Even Know Me Anymore                   4:10

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                       CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                   Artist                                                  Title        Length
Peter Frampton                       Do You Feel Like I Do?                               13:48
Mannheim Steamroller                 Do You Hear What I Hear?                              4:07
Various Artists                      Do You Know the Way to San Jose?                      3:01
Kiss                                 Do You Love Me                                        4:57
Boy George                           Do You Really Want to Hurt Me                         4:47
Casting Crowns                       Does Anybody Hear Her                                 4:47
Various Artists                      Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is              3:06
Ted Nugent                           Dog Eat Dog                                           4:06
Van Halen                            Doin Time                                             1:42
Eu                                   Doing Da Butt #                                       5:29
Dierks Bentley                       Domestic, Light And Cold                              4:01
Kiss                                 Domino                                                3:47
Elvis Presley                        Don't Be Cruel                                        2:12
Shania Twain                         Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)                 3:34
Shania Twain                         Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) (Remix)         3:38
Scorpions                            Don't Believe Her                                     4:56
Various Artists                      DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES - Kix                           4:18
Guns N' Roses                        Don't Cry (Original)                                  4:45
Guns N' Roses                        Don't Damn Me                                         5:39
Bryan Adams                          Don't Drop That Bomb On Me                            6:01
Frank Zappa                          Don't Eat the Yellow Snow                             3:49
Carrie Underwood                     Don't Forget To Remember Me                           4:02
Aerosmith                            Don't Get Mad, Get Even                               4:50
Poison                               Don't Give Up An Inch                                 3:44
Ugly Kid Joe                         Don't Go                                              4:33
Roger Waters                         Don't Leave Me Now                                    5:12
Groove Criminals                     Don'T Leave Me This Way                               3:53
REO Speedwagon                       Don't Let Him Go                                      3:48
Various Artists                      Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying                    2:39
Various Artists                      Don't Pull Your Love Out On Me Baby                   2:42
Alan Jackson                         Don't Rock The Jukebox                                3:04
Celine Dion                          Don't Save It All For Christmas Day                   4:38
Glen Miller                          Don't Site Under The Apple Tree                       3:12
No Doubt                             Don't Speak                                           4:40
Creed                                Don't Stop Dancing                                    4:33
Michael Jackson                      Don't stop till you get enough                        6:34
Various Artists                      Don't Take Her She's All I Got                        3:25
Brian McKnight                       Don't Take Your Love Away                             4:03
Van Halen                            Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)                      5:56
Night Ranger                         Don't Tell Me You Love Me                             4:42
Mickey Gilley                        Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time      2:56
Damn Yankees                         Don't Tread On Me                                     5:09
Metallica                            Don't Tread On Me                                     4:01
Firehouse                            Don't Treat Me Bad                                    3:56
Ace of Base                          Don't Turn Around                                     3:52
The Black Crowes                     Don't Wake Me                                         1:08
Firehouse                            Don't Walk Away                                       4:32
Backstreet Boys                      Don't Wanna Lose You Now                              4:10
Backstreet Boys                      Don't Want You Back                                   3:27
Various Artists                      Don't Worry, Baby                                     2:52
Various Artists                      Don't You (Forget About Me)                           4:38
Steve Winwood                        Don't You Know What The Night Can Do?                 6:56

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                              Title          Length
Breakfast Club                        Dont You Forget About Me                            4:42
Human League                          Dont You Want Me Baby                               4:19
Saliva                                Doperide                                            3:43
Damn Yankees                          Double Coyote                                       4:44
Guns N' Roses                         Double Talkin' Jive                                 3:24
Foreigner                             Double Vision                                       3:45
Warrant                               Down Boys                                           4:07
Don Dokken                            Down In Flames                                      5:15
Dierks Bentley                        Down On Easy Street                                 3:31
Various Artists                       Down Under                                          3:25
Disturbed                             Down With The Sickness                              4:56
M?tley Cr?e                           Dr. Feelgood                                        4:48
Rob Zombie                            Dracula                                             3:57
Alicia Keys                           Dragon Days                                         4:37
Michael W. Smith                      Draw Me Close                                       4:31
Vineyard Music - Various Artists      Draw Me Closer                                      4:16
Aerosmith                             Draw the Line                                       3:23
Charlotte Church                      Draw Tua Bethlehem/ Far Over B                      3:37
Soundgarden                           Drawing Flies                                       2:27
Charlotte Church                      Dream a Dream (Elysium) Duet with Billy Gilman      3:54
Various Artists                       Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)                  2:36
Aerosmith                             Dream On                                            4:27
Various Artists                       Dream Weaver                                        4:26
Ozzy Osbourne                         Dreamer                                             4:45
Celine Dion                           Dreaming Of You                                     5:08
Van Halen                             Dreams                                              4:52
Puddle of Mud                         Drift and Die                                       3:60
Blue October                          Drilled A Wire Through My Cheek                     4:33
Eddie Rabbitt                         Drivin' My Life Away                                3:18
Disturbed                             Droppin' Plates                                     3:49
Hip Hop Beats                         Drum Heavy Beat Instrumental                        1:55
Sound effects                         Drum Roll With Crash                                0:10
Rush                                  Drum Solo                                           2:42
Motley Crue                           Drum Solo Live 94                                   6:29
Primus                                Dueling Banjos                                      3:38
Aerosmith                             Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side                       4:57
Guns N' Roses                         Dust N' Bones                                       4:59
Metallica                             Dyers Eve                                           5:14
Edgar Winter                          Dying To Live                                       4:02
Skillet                               Each Other                                          3:26
Michael W. Smith                      Eagles Fly                                          3:08
Sammy Hagar                           Eagles Fly                                          4:59
Various Artists                       Earache My Eye featuring Alice                      5:24
The Platters                          Earth Angel (50's)                                  2:60
Skillet                               Earth Invasion                                      4:48
Hootie & The Blowfish                 Earth Stopped Cold At Dawn                          3:42
Various Artists                       Easier Said Than Done                               2:13
Casting Crowns                        East to West                                        4:55
Paula Deanda                          Easy [Aspuration Radio Mix] (ft. Bow Wow)           3:56
Edgar Winter                          Easy Street                                         4:33
Various Artists                       Easy to Be Hard                                     3:29
Aerosmith                             Eat The Rich                                        4:11

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                   Title         Length
Dio                                       Eat Your Heart Out                                   3:51
Skillet                                   Eating Me Youth                                      3:36
Pillar                                    Echelon                                              3:42
Pink Floyd                                Echoes                                              16:33
Fear Factory                              Edgecrusher                                          3:51
Dio                                       Egypt (The Chains Are On)                            6:58
Various Artists                           El Shaddai                                           4:06
80's Hits                                 Electric Avenue                                      4:09
Various Artists                           Electric Avenue                                      3:50
Marcia Griffiths                          Electric Boogie                                      4:03
Black Sabbath                             Electric Funeral                                     4:53
ELO                                       Electric Light Orchestra - Blinded By The Light      7:05
ELO                                       Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down       4:05
ELO                                       Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman                4:15
Kool and The Gang                         Electric Slide                                       4:22
SLIDES                                    Electric Slide                                       4:45
Flo Rida ft. Timbaland                    Elevator                                             4:05
Primus                                    Eleven                                               4:36
Nicole C. Mullen                          Eliohim                                              3:53
Wait For You                              Elliott Yamin                                        3:59
Rascal Flatts                             Ellsworth                                            4:02
Among Thorns                              Embrace This Place                                   5:08
Queensrßche                               Empire                                               5:24
Various Artists                           Empty Me                                             3:42
Roger Waters                              Empty Spaces                                         3:48
Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross            Endless Love                                         4:19
Roger Miller (David Allan Coe presents)   Engine Engine                                        2:17
Roger Miller (David Allan Coe presents)   England Swings                                       1:59
Various Artists                           Enough                                               4:34
Twila Paris                               Enter In                                             4:23
Metallica                                 Enter Sandman                                        5:52
Christina Aguilera                        Enter The Circus                                     1:43
Staind                                    Epiphany                                             4:19
Mushroomhead                              Epiphany - XX                                        3:09
Eric Clapton                              Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven                       4:58
Van Halen                                 Eruption                                             1:49
Various Artists                           Escalates                                            2:49
Hoobastank                                Escape                                               3:45
Journey                                   Escape                                               4:55
U2                                        Even Better Than The Real Thing                      3:42
Pearl Jam                                 Even Flow                                            5:05
Barbra Streisand                          Evergreen                                            3:18
Blue October                              Everlasting Friend                                   4:06
Brenton Brown                             Everlasting God                                      4:46
Various Artists                           Everlasting Love                                     2:35
Various Artists                           Every Breath You Take                                4:06
Amy Grant                                 Every Heartbeat                                      3:34
Various Artists                           Every Moment                                         3:38
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                   Every Move I Make                                    3:26
Flo-Rida                                  Every Nigga Gotta Eat                                3:54
The Best Of 90's Country                  Every Once In A While                                3:41
Poison                                    Every Rose Has its Thorn                             4:38

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                            Title    Length
Keith Anderson                         Every Time I hear Your Name                  4:24
All #1 Hits '80's                      Every Time You Go Away                       4:44
Backstreet Boys                        Everybody (Backstreets Back)                 4:22
C + C Music Factory                    Everybody Dance Now                          4:26
Black Box                              Everybody Everybody                          4:08
Wang Chung                             Everybody Have Fun Tonight                   5:10
Various Artists                        Everybody Wants To Rule The World            3:45
Billy Squire                           Everybody Wants You 1                        3:47
Harry Nilson                           Everybodys Talking At Me                     2:59
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                Everyday                                     3:54
Ugly Kid Joe                           Everything About You                         4:37
MercyMe                                Everything Impossible                        3:36
Meat Loaf                              Everything Louder Than Everything Else       7:60
Mark Schultz                           Everything To Me                             4:37
Hawk Nelson                            Everything You Ever Wanted                   4:05
Ace of Base                            Everytime it rains                           4:54
Cascada                                Everytime We Touch (Radio Mix)               3:19
Cascada                                Everytime We Touch (Slow)                    3:16
Mark Schultz                           Everywhere                                   3:11
Dio                                    Evil Eyes                                    3:39
Dio                                    Evil On Queen Street                         6:04
Lorrie Morgan                          Except For Monday                            2:56
Falling Up                             Exit Calypsan                                3:17
Metallica                              Eye Of The Beholder                          6:50
Slaughter                              Eye To Eye                                   3:59
Aerosmith                              F.I.N.E.                                     4:10
Christina Aguilera                     F.U.S.S. (Interlude)                         2:22
BILLY RAY CYRUS                        Face Of God                                  3:50
Soundgarden                            Face Pollution                               2:24
Creed                                  Faceless Man                                 5:59
Ozzy Osbourne                          Facing Hell                                  4:47
Staind                                 Fade                                         4:05
Hootie & The Blowfish                  Fairweather Johnson                          0:54
Jamie Slocum                           Faith Holds On                               3:58
Jars of Clay                           Faith Like a Child                           4:35
Various Artists                        Faith Like That                              4:26
Journey                                Faithfully                                   4:27
Lorrie Morgan                          Faithfully                                   3:58
Clay Walker                            Fall                                         3:37
Nicole C. Mullen                       Fall                                         3:12
The Fray                               Fall Away                                    4:24
Kenny Chesney                          Fall In Love                                 2:37
Emerson Drive                          Fall Into Me                                 2:51
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs                       Fall Out Boy                                 3:35
Various Artists                        Fallin' In Love                              2:58
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                Falling                                      6:34
Various Artists                        Falling Behind                               3:33
Barenaked Ladies                       Falling For The First Time                   3:52
Lita Ford                              Falling In And Out Of Love                   5:11
Falling Up                             Falling in Love                              4:22
Celine Dion                            Falling Into You                             4:19
Velvet Revolver                        Falling to Pieces                            4:31

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                       CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                           Title     Length
Nickelback                           Falls Back On                                3:11
Hank Williams Jr.                    Family Tradition                             4:22
Nicole C. Mullen                     Family Tree                                  2:42
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP              Famous One                                   4:13
Lakeside                             Fantastic Voyage                             6:42
AldoNova                             Fantasy                                      5:30
Earth Wind & Fire                    Fantasy                                      3:47
Nickelback                           Far Away                                     3:58
Nicole C. Mullen                     Farewell                                     3:55
Dwight Yoakam                        Fast As You                                  4:49
Rascal Flatts                        Fast Cars And Freedom                        4:23
The Best Of 90's Country             Fast Movin' Train                            4:24
Lita Ford                            Fatal Passion                                4:45
Cedarmont Kids                       Father Abraham                               2:13
Assorted Christian Artists           Father I Adore You                           2:15
Joel Engle                           Father I Never Had                           4:50
Jonah33                              Father Song                                  5:26
Joel Engle                           Father to Her                                3:59
Casting Crowns                       Father, Spirit, Jesus                        5:12
Saliva                               Faultline                                    3:50
Casting Crowns                       Fear                                         6:13
Disturbed                            Fear                                         3:47
Puddle of Mud                        Fear Theme Song                              1:32
Bad Company                          Fearless                                     3:33
Point Of Grace                       Fearless Heart                               3:48
Various Artists                      Feed My Frankenstein                         4:46
Janet Jackson                        Feedback                                     3:58
SevenDust                            Feel So                                      3:32
Van Halen                            Feelin'                                      6:35
Joe Cocker                           Feeling Alright                              4:16
Journey                              Feeling That Way                             3:27
Alicia Keys                          Feeling U, Feeling Me                        2:08
Rascal Flatts                        Feels Like Today                             3:34
Rob Zombie                           Feels So Numb                                3:38
Alabama                              Feels So Right                               3:37
Celine Dion                          Feliz Navidad                                3:41
Soundgarden                          Fell On Black Days                           4:43
Fergie                               Fergalicious                                 5:08
Glamorous (ft. Ludacris)             Fergie                                       4:06
Fergie                               Fergie vs BK - Turn It Up                    5:01
Various Artists                      Ferry Cross The Mersey                       2:21
Aerosmith                            Fever                                        4:15
Various Artists                      Fields Of Grace                              3:26
Damn Yankees                         Fifteen Minutes Of Fame                      4:51
Point Of Grace                       Fight                                        3:51
Beastie Boys                         Fight For Your Right To Party                3:44
Triumph                              FightTheGoodFight                            6:50
Nelson                               Fill You Up                                  4:41
Various Artists                      Find Away                                    3:22
Brian McKnight                       Find Myself In You                           4:14
Mark Harris                          Find Myself In You                           4:02
Mark Harris                          Find Your Wings                              3:36

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                Title    Length
Rush                                   Finding My Way                                  5:08
Various Artists                        Finding Who We Are                              3:12
Bonnie Raitt                           Finest Lovin' Man                               3:59
Skillet                                Fingernails                                     5:07
Roxette                                Fingertips                                      3:34
Various Artists                        Fire                                            3:23
Pat Benatar                            Fire And Ice                                    3:22
Deep Purple                            Fire In The Basement                            4:44
Van Halen                              Fire in the Hole                                5:32
AC/DC                                  Fire Your Guns                                  3:05
Josh Turner                            Firecracker                                     3:31
Damn Yankees                           Firefly                                         4:58
Pillar                                 Fireproof                                       3:49
Primus                                 Fish On (Fisherman Chronicles, Chapter II)      7:46
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band                 Fishin in the Dark                              3:25
Various Artists                        Fist Of Fire                                    3:12
Kid Rock                               Fist of Rage                                    3:36
Metallica                              Fixxxer                                         8:15
Kiss                                   Flaming Youth                                   2:60
Aerosmith                              Flesh                                           5:57
Jazz                                   Flight of the Bumble Bee                        5:56
Ludwig Van Beethoven                   Flight Of The Bumble Bee                        1:40
Dream Theater                          Flight of the Bumble Bee (John Petrucci)        1:09
Celine Dion                            Fly                                             2:57
Jars Of Clay                           Fly                                             3:11
nelly                                  fly away                                        4:09
Rush                                   Fly By Night                                    3:22
The Steve Miller Band                  Fly Like An Eagle                               3:05
Slaughter                              Fly The Angles (Acoustic Version)               3:23
Slaughter                              Fly To The Angels                               5:07
Michael W. Smith                       Fly To The Moon                                 5:20
Ozzy Osbourne                          Flying High Again                               4:21
Jackie Rawe                            Flyleaf - Believe In Dreams                     4:06
Hootie & The Blowfish                  Fool                                            3:17
Def Leppard                            Foolin'                                         4:34
Glen Miller                            Fools Rush In                                   2:34
Kenny Loggins                          Footloose                                       4:08
Lynch Mob                              For A Million Years                             6:18
Fight                                  For All Eternity                                4:60
Avalon                                 For Freedom                                     4:26
Peter Nero                             For Once In My Life                             3:13
Mark Harris                            For The First Time                              3:23
Bullet Boys                            For The Love Of Money                           4:05
Ojays                                  For the love of money                           4:01
Buck Cherry                            For The Movies                                  4:56
AC-DC                                  For Those About To Rock                         6:12
Various Artists                        For What It's Worth                             2:42
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                For Who You Are                                 3:22
Metallica                              For Whom The Bell Tolls                         5:13
Staind                                 For You                                         3:28
Various Artists                        For Your Eyes Only                              2:57
Rush                                   Force Ten                                       4:34

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                      CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                   Artist                                             Title           Length
Megadeth                            Foreclosure Of A Dream                               4:33
Don Dokken                          Forever                                              5:25
Kiss                                Forever                                              3:51
Michael W. Smith                    Forever                                              6:12
Randy Travis                        Forever And Ever, Amen                               3:34
Shania Twain                        Forever And For Always                               5:01
Kenny G                             Forever In Love (Instrumental)                       5:01
Various Artists                     Forever Your Girl                                    4:04
Various Artists                     Forever [Alternate Ending]                           5:28
Godsmack                            Forgive Me                                           4:17
Linkin Park                         Forgotten                                            3:15
Various Artists                     Forsaken                                             4:29
Maxwell                             Fortunate                                            4:59
Deep Purple                         Fortuneteller                                        5:49
Night Ranger                        Four in the Morning                                  3:55
Hawk Nelson                         Fourteen                                             4:51
Various Artists                     Fox On The Run - Sweet Featuring Brian Connolly      3:36
Various Artists                     Foxey Lady                                           3:19
Edgar Winter                        Frankenstein                                         4:48
Various Artists                     Franklin Park                                        2:51
World Wide Message Tribe            Frantik                                              3:16
Adina Howard                        Freak Like Me                                        4:49
Sugarbabes                          Freak Like Me                                        3:50
KoRn                                Freak on a leash                                     4:35
Le Chic                             Freak Out                                            4:41
Ted Nugent                          Fred Bear                                            7:43
Lynard Skynard                      Free Bird                                            4:45
Ted Nugent                          Free For All                                         3:23
Edgar Winter                        Free Ride                                            3:19
Various Artists                     Free To Conquer                                      2:53
Lynyrd Skynyrd                      Freebird                                             9:51
Nicole C. Mullen                    freedom                                              4:23
Creed                               Freedom Fighter                                      2:36
Lexter                              Freedom To Love                                      4:14
Various Artists                     Freeway Of Love                                      5:53
Rush                                Freewill                                             5:26
J Giles Band                        Freeze Frame                                         4:17
Tantric                             Frequency                                            4:01
Will Smith                          Fresh Prince of Belair (Theme Song)                  1:13
Soundgarden                         Fresh Tendrils                                       4:16
Various Artists                     Friend Of God                                        4:57
Faster Pussycat                     Friends                                              4:48
Michael W. Smith                    Friends are Friends Forever 1                        4:39
Van Halen                           From Afar                                            5:25
Hoobastank                          From The Heart                                       3:04
Shania Twain                        From This Moment On                                  4:42
Various Artists                     From Underneath                                      2:45
Pillar                              Frontline                                            3:11
Kid Rock                            Fuck Off                                             6:14
Metallica                           Fuel                                                 4:30
Gretchen Wilson                     Full Time Job                                        3:37
Sound effects and music             funeral march                                        1:19

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                            Title    Length
Tone Loc                               Funky Cold Medina                            4:28
Lipps Inc                              Funkytown                                    3:56
Sound Effects                          FX- Heart Beat                               0:56
Charlotte Church                       Gabriel's Message                            2:51
Amy Grant                              Galileo                                      4:21
Led Zeppelin                           Gallows Pole                                 4:58
Assorted                               game Of Love                                 2:15
Loverboy                               Gangs In The Street                          4:33
Coolio                                 Gangsta's Paradise                           4:21
Guns N' Roses                          Garden Of Eden                               2:42
Garth Brooks                           Garth Brooks - To Make You Fee               3:55
Slaughter                              Gave Me Your Heart                           3:51
Nine Inch Nails                        Gave Up                                      4:09
George Thorogood & The Destroyers      Gear Jammer                                  4:36
Christina Aguilara                     Genie In A Bottle                            3:47
Aerosmith                              Get A Grip                                   3:58
Matthew West                           Get Away                                     3:52
Firehouse                              Get In Touch                                 5:24
Madonna                                Get Into The Groove                          4:11
Fat Joe Ft. Nelly                      Get It Poppin                                3:34
Flo Rida ft. T-Pain                    Get Low                                      3:54
James Brown                            Get on the Good Foot                         3:52
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band     Get Out Of Denver                            5:22
Eagles                                 Get Over It                                  3:48
Various Artists                        Get Ready                                    3:49
Jock Jams 2 Unlimited                  Get Ready For This                           4:01
Skid Row                               Get The Fuck Out                             4:19
Extreme                                Get The Funk Out                             4:25
Pink                                   Get This Party Started                       3:29
Various Artists                        Get Together                                 4:41
James Brown                            Get Up Offa That Thing                       4:10
Missy Elliot                           Get Ur Freak On (Duo Maxwell)                4:11
Various Artists                        Get'cha Head In The Game                     2:54
Earth Wind & Fire                      Getaway                                      3:48
Toby Keith                             Getcha Some                                  3:49
Ozzy Osbourne                          Gets Me Through It                           5:23
Will Smith                             Gettin Jiggy With It                         3:51
Pras Michel feat. odb and mya          Ghetto Supastar                              4:46
All #1 Hits '80's                      Ghostbusters                                 4:21
Various Artists                        Ghostrider                                   5:46
Lynyrd Skynyrd                         Gimme Back My Bullets                        3:32
Lynyrd Skynyrd                         Gimme Three Steps                            4:27
Don Henley                             Gimme What You Got                           6:14
Snoop Doggy Dogg                       Gin and Juice #                              3:48
Various Artists                        Girls Just Wanna Have Fun                    3:43
Various Artists                        Girls Just Want To Have Fun -                4:07
Various Artists                        Girls on Film                                3:27
M?tley Cr?e                            Girls, Girls, Girls                          4:46
Edgar Winter                           Give It Everything You Got                   4:34
Trixter                                Give It To Me Good                           3:30
Don Dokken                             Give It Up                                   4:13
Bonnie Raitt                           Give It Up Or Let Me Go                      4:30

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                   Title          Length
James Ingram, John Tesh                 Give Me Forever (I Do)                                 3:50
Exile                                   Give Me One More Chance                                2:47
Sammy Hagar                             Give To Live                                           4:39
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                 Give Us Clean Hands                                    4:44
Ratt                                    Givin' Yourself Away                                   5:28
Fergie                                  Glamorous [PoetNameLife (Executive Version)]           6:17
Halloween                               Glass Breaking                                         0:12
Various Artists                         Gloria                                                 3:13
Various Artists                         Glorify The Son                                        4:31
Jaime Jamgochian                        Glorious King - Album Version                          4:27
Casting Crowns                          Glory                                                  5:07
Barenaked Ladies                        Go Home                                                2:52
STEVE HOLY                              Go Home                                                3:19
Childrens Bible Songs                   Go, Tell It On The Mountain...                         2:22
Various Artists                         God Believes In You                                    2:36
Petra                                   God Gave Rock And Roll To You                          4:13
Kiss                                    God Gave Rock And Roll To You II                       5:28
VeggieTales                             God is Bigger                                          3:26
Twila Paris                             God Is In Control                                      5:23
Mark Schultz                            God Of Life                                            4:23
Kiss                                    God Of Thunder                                         4:16
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                 God Of Wonders                                         4:41
Mannheim Steamroller                    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen                            4:30
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen                            2:08
Charlotte Church                        God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen                           1:60
Ugly Kid Joe                            Goddamn Devil                                          4:55
Blue ?yster Cult                        Godzilla                                               4:09
Sound Effects                           Godzilla Roar                                          0:06
Godsmack                                Goin' Down                                             3:26
LL Cool J                               Going Back To Cali                                     4:10
Aerosmith                               Going Down/Love In An Elevator                         5:60
Various Artists                         Golgotha Tenement Blues                                4:01
Alan Jackson                            Gone Country                                           4:40
Brian Littrell                          Gone Without Goodbye                                   4:08
Dierks Bentley                          Gonna Get There Someday                                4:15
Amy Grant                               Good For Me                                            3:60
Pantera                                 Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills                     2:53
Meat Loaf                               Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)      6:54
Jerry Lee Lewis                         Good Golly Miss Molly                                  2:15
The Young Rascals                       Good Lovin                                             2:42
Dierks Bentley                          Good Man Like Me                                       3:08
Bonnie Raitt                            Good Man, Good Woman                                   3:34
Gretchen Wilson                         Good Morning Heartache                                 3:31
Good Charlotte                          Good Morning Revival                                   0:56
Various Artists                         Good Morning, Starshine                                3:41
Dierks Bentley                          Good Things Happen                                     3:59
Various Artists                         Good Time                                              4:36
Spice Girls                             Goodbye                                                4:47
AC/DC                                   Goodbye & Good Riddance To Bad Luck                    3:14
Roger Waters                            Goodbye Blue Sky                                       3:53
Roger Waters                            Goodbye Cruel World                                    1:38
Ozzy Osbourne                           Goodbye To Romance                                     5:34

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                               Title                     Length
Various Artists                        Goodbye To You                                                  3:49
Cheap Trick                            Goodnight                                                       3:06
The Platters                           Goodnight Sweetheart                                            2:46
Newsboys                               gOOdSTUFF                                                       3:12
Various Artists                        Goody Two Shoes                                                 3:33
Korn                                   Got The Life                                                    4:02
Earth Wind & Fire                      Got To Get You Into My Life                                     4:04
Marvin Gaye                            Got To Give It Up                                               4:35
AC/DC                                  Got You By The Balls                                            4:47
Aerosmith                              Gotta Love It                                                   5:59
Various Artists                        Grace Flows Down                                                4:26
Various Artists                        Grace Like Rain                                                 4:23
Brian Littrell                         Grace Of My Life                                                3:35
Primus                                 Grandad's Little Ditty                                          0:38
THE JUDDS                              Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days)                       4:16
Kenny Chesney                          Grandpa Told Me So 02                                           4:19
Nicole C. Mullen                       Granny's Angel                                                  4:47
Dave Matthews Band                     Gravedigger                                                     3:49
Various Artists                        Grazing in the Grass                                            2:41
Jerry Lee Lewis                        Great Balls Of Fire                                             2:33
Kiss                                   Great Expectations                                              4:22
Avalon                                 Great Is Thy Faithfulness                                       4:05
Kent Bottenfield                       Great Is Thy Faithfulness                                       3:54
Various Artists                        Great Is Your Love                                              3:37
Ted Nugent                             Great White Buffalo                                             5:20
Saliva                                 Greater Than/Less Than                                          5:13
Godsmack                               Greed                                                           3:32
Various Artists                        Green Tambourine                                                2:30
Various Artists                        Grey Lines                                                      3:31
Nelly Ft Paul Wall                     Grillz                                                          4:47
Nelly                                  Grillz (Clean)                                                  4:31
White Zombie                           Grindhouse (A Go-Go)                                            3:32
Various Artists                        Groovin'                                                        2:34
Mary Chapin Carpenter                  Grow Old Along With Me                                          3:23
TIM MCGRAW                             Grown Men Don't Cry                                             3:56
Bonnie Raitt                           Guilty                                                          2:60
Steve Vai and Stu Hamn                 Guitar and Bass Solo's                                          2:54
The Who                                Guitar And Pen                                                  5:51
Steve Vai & Whitesnake                 Guitar solo (live Tokyo)                                        4:39
Miranda Lambert                        Gun Powder And Lead                                             3:12
Clint Black                            Guys Do It All The Time                                         3:01
The Sweet Escape (ft. Akon)            Gwen Stefani                                                    4:06
James Pease                            H?ndel: Air                                                     3:01
James Pease                            H?ndel: Alla Hornpipe (Suite In G Major/Minor And D Major)      5:03
James Pease                            H?ndel: Allegro-Andante-Allegro Da Capo                         8:58
James Pease                            H?ndel: Andante                                                 3:21
James Pease                            H?ndel: Bourree                                                 2:34
Mr. Big                                Had Enough                                                      4:58
The Who                                Had Enough                                                      4:30
Cheap Trick                            Had To Make You Mine                                            3:16
Various Artists                        Hair                                                            3:33
Veggie Tales                           Hairbrush Song                                                  3:02

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                 Title          Length
Soundgarden                             Half                                                  2:14
Styx                                    Half-Penny, Two-Penny                                 5:59
Various Artists                         Hallelujah                                            4:22
Brenton Brown                           Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)                     3:25
Unknown                                 HALLOWEEN                                             5:27
Hurricane Chris                         Hand Clap                                             4:26
Black Sabbath                           Hand of Doom                                          7:10
Queensrßche                             Hand On Heart                                         5:33
Petra                                   Hand On My Heart                                      4:29
Lorrie Morgan                           Hand Over Your Heart                                  3:11
Ottawan                                 Hands up baby hands up                                3:29
Michael W. Smith                        Hang On                                               4:14
Edgar Winter                            Hangin' Around                                        3:15
Jamie Slocum                            Hanging By A Thread                                   3:53
Various Artists                         Hanging On                                            3:29
Nine Inch Nails                         Happiness In Slavery                                  5:21
100 songs for kids                      Happy Birthday                                        0:45
Flipsyde                                Happy Birthday                                        3:16
Party Songs                             Happy Birthday                                        0:25
Techno Remix                            Happy Birthday to You                                 1:28
Celine Dion                             Happy Christmas (War Is Over)                         4:15
Ace Of Base                             Happy Nation                                          4:14
Various Artists                         Happy Together                                        2:58
Pantera                                 Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks                             7:02
The Black Crowes                        Hard To Handle                                        3:09
Daft Punk                               Harder Better Faster Stronger                         3:16
Various Artists                         Harder Than The First Time                            4:14
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   Hark The Herald Angels Sing                           2:46
Charlotte Church                        Hark! The Herald Angels Sing                          3:27
Alicia Keys                             Harlem's Nocturne                                     1:44
Metallica                               Harvester Of Sorrow                                   5:46
Blue October                            Hate Me                                               6:20
Amy Grant                               Hats                                                  4:10
Van Morrison                            Have I Told You Lately                                4:20
Def Leppard                             Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad                   5:20
Gretchen Wilson                         He Ain't Even Cold Yet                                3:58
Rascal Flatts                           He Aint The Leavin' Kind                              4:34
Point Of Grace                          He Believes In You                                    4:05
Petra                                   He Came, He Saw                                       4:17
Various Artists                         He Is All                                             3:34
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                 He Is Exalted                                         3:45
Twila Paris                             He Is Exalted                                         5:43
Chiffons                                He Is So Fine                                         1:47
Extreme                                 He Man Woman Hater                                    6:20
Various Artists                         He Reigns                                             4:56
Point Of Grace                          He Sends His Love                                     4:41
George Jones                            He Stopped Loving Her Today                           3:33
Mark Schultz                            He Will Carry Me                                      4:32
Janie Fricke                            He's A Heartache (Lookin' For A Place To Happen)      2:51
Assorted                                He's A Rebel                                          2:16
Mark Schultz                            He's My Son                                           5:42
Soundgarden                             Head Down                                             6:09

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                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                 Title   Length
Hawk Nelson                             Head On Collision                             4:08
Alanis Morissette                       Head Over Feet                                4:28
All #1 Hits '80's                       Head To Toe                                   5:24
Various Artists                         Headed for the Future                         3:36
Ratt                                    Heads I Win, Tails You Lose                   4:01
Point Of Grace                          Heal The Wound                                4:25
Michael W. Smith                        Healing Rain                                  4:60
World Wide Message Tribe                Hear My Prayer                                5:12
Jaime Jamgochian                        Hear My Worship - Re-cut Version              3:60
Collin Raye                             Heart Full Of Rain                            3:53
Various Artists                         Heart Of Heaven                               4:09
Jaime Jamgochian                        Heart Of Heaven - Bonus Version               4:10
Trixter                                 Heart Of Steel                                4:11
Eagles                                  Heartache Tonight                             4:25
Elvis Presley                           Heartbreak Hotel                              2:13
Led Zeppelin                            Heartbreaker                                  4:14
Pat Benatar                             Heartbreaker                                  3:29
Alicia Keys                             Heartburn                                     3:28
Steve Winwood                           Hearts On Fire                                5:18
Bryan Adams                             Heat Of The Night                             5:24
World Wide Message Tribe                Heatseeker                                    3:05
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas         Heatwave                                      2:59
Bryan Adams                             Heaven                                        4:19
The Fray                                Heaven Forbid                                 4:02
Loverboy                                Heaven In Your Eyes                           4:04
Def Leppard                             Heaven Is                                     3:34
Various Artists                         Heaven Is A Place On Earth                    3:55
Robert Plant                            Heaven Knows                                  4:06
Kiss                                    Heaven's On Fire                              4:02
Techno                                  Heavy bass                                    7:01
Hitch                                   Heavy D - Now That We Found Love              5:53
Sammy Hagar                             Heavy Metal                                   4:04
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band      Heavy Music                                   8:14
Robert Plant                            Helen Of Troy                                 5:07
Barenaked Ladies                        Helicopters                                   4:33
Lynch Mob                               Hell Child                                    4:52
Pat Benatar                             Hell Is For Children                          4:53
Montgomery Gentry                       Hell Yeah                                     4:52
Hawk Nelson                             Hello                                         2:60
Lionel Richie                           Hello                                         4:10
Various Artists                         Hello It's Me                                 4:26
Cheap Trick                             Hello There                                   2:28
Mark Harris                             Hello To Goodbye                              3:48
Various Artists                         Hello, Goodbye                                3:31
Ozzy Osbourne                           Hellraiser                                    4:54
AC-DC                                   Hells Bells                                   5:36
Nine Inch Nails                         Help Me I Am In Hell                          1:56
Firehouse                               Helpless                                      4:26
Bullet For My Valentine                 Her Voice Resides                             4:19
MercyMe                                 Here Am I                                     4:36
Luther Vandross                         Here And Now                                  5:22
Paul Baloche                            Here And Now                                  5:14

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                    Title      Length
Primus                                       Here Come The Bastards                          2:55
Various Artists                              Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling               2:54
Roxette                                      Here Comes The Weekend                          4:11
Michael W. Smith                             Here I Am                                       5:30
Various Artists                              Here I Am To Worship                            4:05
Casting Crowns                               Here I Go Again                                 4:45
Christina Aguilera                           Here To Stay                                    3:20
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale        Here We Come A Wassailing                       3:11
Various Artists                              Here We Go Loopty-Loo                           2:01
MercyMe                                      Here With Me                                    4:10
REO Speedwagon                               Here With Me                                    5:06
Travis Tritt                                 Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)       2:33
Rascal Flatts                                Here's To You                                   3:38
Mariah Carey                                 Hero                                            4:20
Various Artists                              Hero                                            3:26
Metallica                                    Hero Of The Day                                 4:22
Dio                                          Hey Angel                                       4:60
Jordin Sparks                                Hey Baby                                        1:42
Monkees                                      Hey Hey We're The Monkeys                       2:22
Bryan Adams                                  Hey Honey - I'm Packin' You In!                 3:60
Peter Nero                                   Hey Jude                                        4:39
Black Eyed Peas                              Hey Mama                                        3:46
Go-Go's                                      Hey Mickey                                      6:29
Various Artists                              Hey Mr. D.J.                                    4:23
Madonna                                      Hey Mr. DJ                                      5:38
Rosemary Clooney 1954                        Hey There You With The Stars In Your Eye's      3:02
Petra                                        Hey World                                       3:54
Pink Floyd                                   Hey You                                         4:41
Roger Waters                                 Hey You                                         5:03
Skillet                                      Hey You, I Love Your Soul                       2:59
Various Artists                              Hey! Jude                                       7:12
Creed                                        Hide                                            4:28
Damn Yankees                                 High Enough                                     4:46
Pink Floyd                                   High Hopes                                      7:01
Sammy Hagar                                  High Hopes                                      5:20
Various Artists                              High On A Happy Vibe                            5:47
Megadeth                                     High Speed Dirt                                 4:13
Joe Cocker                                   High Time We Went                               4:30
Creed                                        Higher                                          5:17
Various Artists                              Higher Love                                     3:59
                                              Highway Blues
Marc Seales, composer. New Stories. Ernie Watts, saxophone.                                  1:33
AC-DC                                        Highway To Hell                                 3:45
Kenny Loggins                                Highway to the Danger Zone                      3:52
Various Artists                              Hip Hop Hooray                                  3:43
The Georgia Satellites                       Hippy Hippy Shake                               1:56
Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean                    Hips Don't Lie                                  3:41
Veggie Tales                                 His Cheeseburger                                3:12
Matthew West                                 History                                         4:03
Scorpions                                    Hit Between The Eyes                            4:34
Pat Benatar                                  Hit Me With Your Best Shot                      3:03
Various Artists                              Hit Me With Your Best Shot                      2:57
UNK                                          Hit the dance floor                             3:38

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                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                              Title     Length
Bullet For My Valentine                 Hit The Floor                                3:30
Hitch Soundtrack                        Hitch Soundtrack - Ooh Wee                   2:42
Various Artists                         Hitchin' A Ride                              2:53
Dance Party Favorites                   Hokey Pokey                                  3:23
Quad city dj's                          Hokey Pokey (remix)                          3:50
MercyMe                                 Hold Fast                                    4:39
Twila Paris                             Hold Me Close                                4:27
Genesis                                 Hold On My Heart                             5:41
Erin O'Donnell                          Hold Onto Jesus                              3:42
Firehouse                               Hold The Dream                               5:03
Various Artists                         Hold You High                                4:04
Firehouse                               Hold Your Fire                               3:52
Brian McKnight                          Holdin' On (Missin' You)                     4:40
Pillar                                  Holding On                                   3:22
Steve Winwood                           Holding On                                   6:17
Various Artists                         Holding On                                   4:43
Extreme                                 Hole Hearted                                 3:40
Rascal Flatts                           Holes                                        4:19
Madonna                                 Holiday                                      6:07
Metallica                               Holier Than Thou                             4:02
Saliva                                  Hollywood                                    4:08
Various Artists                         Holy                                         5:15
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                 Holy And Annointed One                       4:17
Various Artists                         Holy Is The Lord                             4:51
Bad Company                             Holy Water                                   4:08
Soundgarden                             Holy Water                                   5:08
Avalon                                  Holy! Holy! Holy!                            1:05
Maranatha! Promise Band                 Holy, Holy, Holy                             4:05
Staind                                  Home                                         4:07
Firehouse                               Home Is Where The Heart Is                   4:49
M?tley Cr?e                             Home Sweet Home                              4:01
Nicole C. Mullen                        homemade                                     5:12
MercyMe                                 Homesick                                     3:42
Stryper                                 Honestly                                     4:10
Kenny Chesney                           Honey Would You Stand By Me                  2:49
Shania Twain                            Honey, I'm Home                              3:35
Hootie & The Blowfish                   Honeyscrew                                   3:50
Dwight Yoakam                           Honkey Tonk Man                              2:49
Aaron Tippin                            Honky-Tonk Superman                          2:55
Aerosmith                               Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man                   4:39
Dr. Hook                                Hooked On A Feeling (Ooga Chacka)            2:54
Amy Grant                               Hope Set High                                2:49
Paul Baloche                            Hosanna                                      6:45
Twila Paris                             Hosanna                                      6:01
Various Artists                         Hot And Bothered                             4:33
Foreigner                               Hot Blooded                                  4:27
Loverboy                                Hot Girls In Love                            4:02
Buster Poindexter                       Hot Hot Hot                                  4:32
Nelly                                   Hot In Here                                  3:49
Donna Summers                           Hot Stuff                                    3:49
Bryan Adams                             House Arrest                                 3:58
Rob Zombie                              House of 1000 Corpses                        6:26

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                                  Title                            Length
MercyMe                                   House Of God                                                            3:14
Groove Criminals                          House Of The Rising Sun                                                 3:40
Moody blues                               House Of The Rising Sun                                                 4:31
Led Zeppelin                              Houses Of The Holy                                                      4:03
Don Henley                                How Bad Do You Want It?                                                 3:48
Amy Grant                                 How Can We See That Far                                                 4:27
Mr. Big                                   How Can You Do What You Do                                              3:59
Various Artists                           How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?                                        4:01
BeeGees                                   How Deep is Your Love                                                   4:17
Peter Nero                                How Deep Is Your Love                                                   3:23
SKILLET                                   How Deep The Father's Love For Us                                       4:08
Celine Dion                               How Do I Live Without You                                               4:22
Leanne Rimes                              How Do I Live Without You                                               4:29
Roxette                                   How Do You Do!                                                          3:10
Various Artists                           How Great Is Our God                                                    4:25
MercyMe                                   How Great Is Your Love                                                  4:15
Avalon                                    How Great Thou Art                                                      4:51
Phillips, Craig & Dean                    How Great You Are                                                       4:39
Kent Bottenfield                          How Long                                                                4:46
Van Halen                                 How Many Say I                                                          6:04
100 Songs for Kids                        How Much Is That Doggy In The Window-                                   1:17
The Fray                                  How To Save a Life                                                      4:24
Point Of Grace                            How You Live [Turn Up The Music]                                        4:31
Nickleback                                How you remind me                                                       3:48
Third Eye Blind                           Hows It Gonna Be                                                        4:14
Pop, Lock & Drop It                       Huey                                                                    4:38
Michael W. Smith                          Human Spark                                                             4:51
Van Halen                                 Humans Being                                                            5:09
Barenaked Ladies                          Humour of The Situation                                                 3:46
The Fray                                  Hundred                                                                 4:15
Various Artists                           Hungry                                                                  4:31
80's music                                hungry eyes                                                             4:28
Christina Aguilera                        Hurt                                                                    4:04
Various Artists                           Hurting Each Other                                                      2:50
Robert Plant                              Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You)                                  4:11
Roger Miller (David Allan Coe presents)   Husbands and Wives                                                      2:31
John Dahlback                             Hustle Up                                                               4:44
50 Cent                                   Hustler's Ambition                                                      4:07
James Horner                              Hymn to the Sea                                                         6:26
Pillar                                    Hypnotized                                                              3:50
Various Artists                           Hypnotized                                                              3:58
World Wide Message Tribe                  Hypocrite                                                               3:01
Def Leppard                               Hysteria                                                                5:57
Carrie Underwood                          I Ain't In Checotah Anymore                                             3:21
Mark Schultz                              I Am                                                                    4:04
Various Artists                           I Am                                                                    3:19
The Soggy Bottom Boys                     I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow-Oh Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack      4:17
Various Artists                           I Am a Rock                                                             2:55
White Zombie                              I Am Legend                                                             5:09
Michael W. Smith                          I Am Love                                                               3:57
Various Artists                           I Am Ready                                                              4:38
Kid Rock                                  I Am The Bullgod                                                        4:51

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                                Title     Length
Mark Schultz                           I Am The Way                                      7:07
Mark Schultz                           I Am [Studio Version]                             3:57
Stryper                                I Believe In You                                  3:17
Four Tops                              I Believe In You And Me                           4:03
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                I Belong To You                                   2:45
Joel Engle                             I Bow Down                                        4:21
Judgement House                        I bowed on my knees and cried holy                6:43
Nelson                                 I Can Hardly Wait                                 4:23
MercyMe                                I Can Only Imagine                                4:09
Various Artists                        I Can Still Make Cheyenne                         4:13
Various Artists                        I Can Tell                                        3:15
Genesis                                I Can't Dance                                     6:56
Sammy Hagar                            I Can't Drive                                     4:13
Exile                                  I Can't Get Close Enough                          4:10
Elvis Presley                          I Can't Help Falling In Love With You             3:21
Various Artists                        I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)      2:46
Bad Company                            I Can't Live Without You                          3:51
Bonnie Raitt                           I Can't Make You Love Me                          5:33
Various Artists                        I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You                   3:02
Cheap Trick                            I Can't Understand It                             3:30
Kent Bottenfield                       I Can't Wait To Go Home                           4:26
Jamie Slocum                           I Cannot Turn Away                                3:37
Panic! At The Disco                    I Constantly Thank God For Esteban                3:30
Jennifer Lopez                         I Could Fall In Love With You                     4:42
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever                 3:51
Robert Plant                           I Cried                                           4:55
George Strait                          I Cross My Heart                                  3:32
Frank Sinatra                          I Did It My Way                                   4:38
Clint Black                            I Didn't Know My Own Strength                     3:06
Robert Palmer                          I Didn't Mean To Turn You On                      3:37
Metallica                              I Disappear                                       4:34
Brian McKnight                         I Do                                              4:01
98 Degrees                             I Do (Cherish You)                                4:05
The Best Of 90's Country               I Don't Call Him Daddy                            3:48
Bad Company                            I Don't Care                                      4:34
Scissor sisters                        I Don't Feel Like Dancing                         4:50
Gretchen Wilson                        I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today                2:45
Celine Dion                            I Don't Know                                      4:39
Ozzy Osbourne                          I Don't Know                                      5:44
Sammy Hagar                            I Don't Need Love                                 3:10
Mad Season                             I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier                        5:14
Ozzy Osbourne                          I Don't Want To Change The World                  4:07
REO Speedwagon                         I Don't Want To Lose You                          3:09
AeroSmith                              I Don't Want to Miss a Thing                      5:20
Various Artists                        I Don't Want To Miss A Thing                      3:58
Aerosmith                              I Dont Want to Miss a Thing (Armegeddon)          4:56
George Thorogood & The Destroyers      I Drink Alone                                     4:33
Various Artists                        I Exalt Thee                                      4:49
Patsy Cline                            I Fall To Pieces                                  2:52
Rascal Flatts                          I Feel Bad                                        3:19
Chaka Kahn                             I feel for you                                    6:16
James Brown                            I Feel Good                                       2:47

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                              Title    Length
Groove Criminals                      I Feel Love                                    5:33
Bonnie Raitt                          I Feel The Same                                4:40
Bryan Adams & Barbara Streisand       I Finally Found Someone                        3:44
Axwell                                I Found U (Remode Mix)                         5:44
George Straight                       I Get Carried Away                             3:23
50 Cent                               I Get Money                                    3:46
Billy Currington                      I Got A Feelin'                                3:14
Aaron Tippin                          I Got It Honest                                3:48
Kid Rock                              I Got One for Ya                               3:58
Christina Aguilera                    I Got Trouble                                  3:45
Elton John                            I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues      4:45
Mark Schultz                          I Have Been There                              5:37
Foreigner                             I Have Waited So Long                          4:07
Marvin Gaye                           I Heard It Through The Grapevine               3:15
Lee Ann Womack                        I Hope You Dance                               4:59
Carrie Underwood                      I Just Can't Live A Lie                        3:60
Michael Jackson                       I Just Can't Stop Loving You                   4:46
Cutting Crew                          I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight               4:42
Kiss                                  I Just Wanna                                   4:22
Various Artists                       I Just Want To Celebrate                       3:30
Ozzy Osbourne                         I Just Want You                                4:58
Savage Garden                         I Knew I Loved you                             4:12
Various Artists                       I Know I'm Losing You                          3:34
Nicole C. Mullen                      I Know My Redeemer Lives                       4:59
Bebo Norman                           I Know Now                                     4:06
Bette Midler                          I Know You By Heart                            4:40
Matthew West                          I Know You're There                            4:48
Mel Torme                             I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart                2:03
Tim Mcgraw                            I Like It I, I love it                         3:42
The Blackout Allstars                 I Like It Like That                            4:42
Jock Jams                             I Like to Move it                              3:48
Various Artists                       I Like To Move It                              3:56
Eddie Rabbitt                         I Love A Rainy Night                           3:13
Collin Raye                           I Love Being Wrong                             4:18
Kiss                                  I Love It Loud                                 3:39
Veggie Tales                          I love My Duck                                 4:38
Veggie Tales                          I Love my Lips                                 3:23
Various Artists                       I Love Rock & Roll                             2:52
Joan Jett                             I love rock and roll                           2:56
Various Artists                       I Love The Way                                 3:14
John Michael Montgomery               I Love The Way You Love Me                     4:03
Done Again                            I Love This Bar                                4:01
Groove Criminals                      I Love To Love                                 2:46
Celine Dion                           I Love You                                     5:31
Climax Blues Band                     I Love You                                     4:23
Billy Joel                            I Love you Just the Way you Are                3:37
Various Artists                       I Love You Lord                                3:18
Various Artists                       I Must Be Free                                 5:04
P Diddy f. Usher                      I Need a Girl                                  4:32
Jamie Slocum                          I Need Thee Every Hour                         2:24
Petra                                 I Need To Hear From You                        4:07
Marc Anthony                          I Need To Know                                 3:15

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                       CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                              Title     Length
Jars Of Clay                         I Need You                                      3:31
LeAnn Rimes                          I Need You                                      3:48
Lynyrd Skynyrd                       I Need You                                      6:53
The Swift                            I Need You                                      4:43
Backstreet Boys                      I Need You Tonight                              4:24
Art Garfunkel                        I only have eyes for you                        3:39
Frank Sinatra                        I Only Have Eyes For You                        3:13
Romantic Sax                         I Only Have Eyes For You                        4:18
Various Artists                      I Only Wanna Be With You                        3:04
Mickey Gilley                        I Overlooked An Orchid                          3:02
Various Artists                      I Owe It All                                    4:29
Jamie Slocum                         I Picture God That Way                          3:37
Kent Bottenfield                     I Remember                                      4:58
Lil Boosie                           I ride the short bus                            4:05
Warrant                              I Saw Red                                       3:47
Ace Of Base                          I Saw The Sign                                  3:13
Assorted                             I Second That Emotion                           2:43
Various Artists                      I Second That Emotion                           2:50
Eric Clapton                         I Shot The Sheriff                              4:24
Dio                                  I Speed At Night                                3:23
Nitro Praise                         I stand In Awe of You                           5:02
Jeremy Camp                          I Still Believe                                 4:57
Various Artists                      I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For      4:33
Kiss                                 I Still Love You                                6:05
All 4 One                            I Swear                                         4:41
Boys to Men                          I Swear                                         4:19
John Michael Montgomery              I Swear                                         4:27
ZZ Top                               I Thank You                                     2:09
Collin Raye                          I Think About You                               3:27
Bette Midler                         I Think It's Going To Rain Today                3:32
Joe Cocker                           I Think It's Going To Rain Today                3:60
Various Artists                      I Think She Likes Me                            3:42
80's Music                           I Touch Myself                                  4:03
Skillet                              I Trust You                                     3:38
Collin Raye                          I Volunteer                                     3:10
Johnny Cash                          I Walk The Line                                 2:45
Whitney Huston                       I Wanna Dance With Somebody                     4:51
Twisted Sister                       I Wanna Rock                                    2:14
Color Me Bad                         I Wanna Sex You Up                              4:01
Def Leppard                          I Wanna Touch U                                 3:38
Ratt                                 I Want A Woman                                  3:60
Various Artists                      I Want Candy                                    2:47
Queen                                I Want It All                                   4:02
Backstreet Boys                      I Want It That Way                              3:47
Beatles                              I Want To Hold Your Hand                        2:27
Peter Nero                           I Want To Hold Your Hand                        3:20
Cheap Trick                          I Want You To Want Me                           3:51
George Michael                       I Want Your Sex                                 5:04
Armand Van Helden                    I Want Your Soul [TV Rock Remix]                5:20
Kiss                                 I Was Made For Lovin' You                       4:31
Corey Hart                           I Wear my Sunglasses at Night                   5:44
Whitney Houston                      I Will Always Love You                          4:34

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                                        Title       Length
Whitney Huston                                 I Will Always Love You                              4:32
Various Artists                                I Will Be                                           4:12
Paul Baloche                                   I Will Boast                                        5:21
Petra Praise                                   I Will Call Upon The Lord                           3:48
Nitro Praise                                   I Will Celebrate                                    4:60
Bebo Norman                                    I Will Lift My Eyes                                 4:27
Wedding Songs- Atlantic Star                   I will love you so for Always                       3:60
Don Henley                                     I Will Not Go Quietly                               5:44
Brenton Brown                                  I Will Remember                                     4:18
Amy Grant                                      I Will Remember You                                 5:01
Sarah McLachlan                                I Will Remember You                                 4:49
Exit East                                      I Will Save You                                     3:16
Joel Engle                                     I Will See You Again                                5:01
Donna Summers                                  I Will Survive                                      4:48
Gloria Gaynor                                  I Will Survive                                      3:31
Nicole C. Mullen                               I Wish                                              3:08
Shania Twain                                   I Won't Leave You Lonely                            4:13
Aaron Tippin                                   I Wonder How Far It Is Over You                     3:32
MercyMe                                        I Worship You                                       3:08
MercyMe                                        I Would Die For You                                12:50
Aaron Tippin                                   I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way                    3:14
Panic! At The Disco                            I Write Sins Not Tradgedies                         3:07
Meat Loaf                                      I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)     12:01
Taylor Dayne                                   I'll Always Love You                                4:32
Edwin McCain                                   I'll Be                                             5:28
Bon Jovi                                       I'll Be There For You                               6:13
Sammy Hagar                                    I'll Fall In Love Again                             4:11
Avalon                                         I'll Fly Away                                       4:09
Ugly Kid Joe                                   I'll Keep Tryin'                                    4:59
Modern English                                 I'll Stop The World (And Melt With You)             4:09
Phil Vasser                                    I'll Take That As A Yes (HOT TUB SONG)              3:28
50 Cent Feat. Young Buck                       I'll Whip Ya Head Boy                               3:56
The Monkees                                    I'm a Believer                                      2:60
Smash Mouth (Shrek Movie)                      I'm A Believer (Shrek Movie)                        0:35
100 Songs For Kids                             I'm a little teapot                                 1:01
Eminem, Nelly, 50 Cent, JayZ & Pharrell Chingy I'm A Playa                                         5:26
George Thorogood & The Destroyers              I'm A Steady Rollin' Man                            3:45
Brian Littrell                                 I'm Alive                                           3:21
Lonestar                                       I'm Already There                                   4:15
Kenny Loggins                                  I'm Alright (Caddyshack theme)                      4:03
ZZ Top                                         I'm Bad I'm Nationwide                              5:08
ZZTop                                          I'm Bad I'm Nationwide                              4:44
Pantera                                        I'm Broken                                          4:41
Godsmack                                       I'm Doin the Best That I Can                        3:40
Chaka Kahn                                     I'm Every Woman                                     4:26
Shania Twain                                   I'm Gonna Getcha Good!                              4:04
Various Artists                                I'm Gonna Make You                                  3:11
100 Songs for Kids                             I'm H-A-P-P-Y                                       1:20
Shania Twain                                   I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save My Life)            3:27
The Best Of 90's Country                       I'm Holding My Own                                  4:17
The Monkees                                    I'm Not Your Stepping Stone (1967)                  2:34
Veggie Tales                                   I'm So Blue                                         3:27

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                               Title       Length
Sister Sledge                         I'm So Excited                                     5:18
Various Artists                       I'm So Excited                                     3:56
Al Green                              I'm Still In Love With You                         3:15
Elton John                            I'm Still Standing                                 3:17
Assorted                              I'm Telling you Now                                2:09
Anthrax                               I'm The Man '91                                    5:03
Right Said Fred                       I'm Too Sexy                                       2:54
Static X                              I'm With Stupid                                    3:25
Avril Lavigne                         I'm With You                                       3:43
Celine Dion                           I'm Your Angel                                     5:31
Clint Black                           I'm Your Man                                       3:39
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band    I've Been Working                                  4:38
Uncle Tupelo                          I've Been Working on the Railr                     2:12
Garth Brooks                          I've Got Friends in Low Places                     4:41
Various Artists                       I've Gotta Get a Message to You                    3:11
Harry James & His Orchestra           I've Heard That Song Before                        3:02
Bette Midler                          I've Still Got My Health                           1:32
Gone In 60 Seconds                    Ice Cube - Roll All Day                            3:15
Vainilla Ice                          Ice Ice Baby                                       4:53
Vanilla Ice                           Ice Ice Baby                                       4:53
The Best Of 90's Country              If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too)                     2:52
Don Henley                            If Dirt Were Dollars                               4:35
Alicia Keys                           If I Ain't Got You                                 3:49
50 Cent                               If I Can't                                         3:17
Regina Bell                           If I Could                                         4:01
Cher                                  If I Could Turn Back Time                          4:08
Alicia Keys                           If I Was Your Woman/Walk On By                     3:06
Celine Dion                           If That's What It Takes                            4:13
Janie Fricke                          If The Fall Don't Get You                          2:34
Casting Crowns                        If We Are The Body                                 4:14
AC/DC                                 If You Dare                                        3:20
Various Artists                       If You Don't Know Me By Now                        3:22
George Thorogood & The Destroyers     If You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave)      4:13
Done Again                            If You Ever Stop Loving Me                         3:03
Jimmy Buffet                          If You Like Pina Coladas                           4:32
Cheap Trick                           If You Need Me                                     4:47
Bad Company                           If You Needed Somebody                             4:22
Various Artists                       If You Wanna Get To Heaven                         3:43
Bryan Adams                           If You Wanna Leave Me (Can I Come Too?)            4:43
Shania Twain                          If You Wanna Touch Her! Ask!                       4:04
Various Artists                       If You Want Me To                                  3:37
Cedarmont Kids                        If You're Happy                                    1:42
Various Artists                       Imaginary Lover                                    5:35
Led Zeppelin                          Immigrant Song                                     2:24
Fight                                 Immortal Sin                                       4:39
Glen Miller                           In The Mood                                        3:32
Van Halen                             In 'N' Out                                         6:05
Skid Row                              In A Darkened Room                                 3:55
Manhattan Transfer                    In a Mellow Tone                                   3:16
Melissa Manchester                    In a Perfect World                                 4:18
Various Artists                       In Christ                                          3:52
Avalon                                In Christ Alone                                    5:05

                                                           Page 36
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                              Title             Length
Various Artists                         In Christ Alone                                        5:33
50 Cent                                 In Da Club                                             3:52
Stryper                                 In God We Trust                                        3:56
Relient K                               In Like A Lion (Always Winter)                         3:43
Casting Crowns                          In Me                                                  4:45
Dokken                                  In My Dreams                                           4:37
REO Speedwagon                          In My Dreams                                           4:25
Lorrie Morgan                           In Tears                                               3:26
Phil Collins                            In The Air Tonight                                     6:03
Sarah Mclachlan                         In the Arms of an Angel                                4:31
Flo Rida                                In The Ayer (feat. Will.I.Am)                          3:41
MercyMe                                 In The Blink Of An Eye                                 3:17
Groove Criminals                        In The Bush                                            3:26
Linkin Park                             In The End                                             3:37
Roger Waters                            In The Flesh                                           4:07
Various Artists                         In The Garden/There Is None Like You                   3:54
Various Artists                         In the Ghetto                                          2:50
Petra                                   In The Likeness Of You                                 4:53
Genesis                                 In Too Deep                                            5:37
MercyMe                                 In You                                                 4:18
Martina Mcbride                         Independance Day                                       3:41
Destiny's Child                         Independent Women                                      3:45
Various Artists                         Indescribable                                          4:04
Various Artists                         Indian Reservation                                     2:54
AC-DC                                   Inject the venom                                       3:49
Creed                                   Inside Us All                                          5:39
Carrie Underwood                        Inside Your Heaven                                     3:46
Nelson                                  Interlude/Everywhere I Go                              6:37
Panic! At The Disco                     Intermission                                           2:36
Craig Morgan                            International Harvester                                4:10
Weird Al Yankovic                       Internet Sandman                                       4:24
Stone Temple Pilots                     Interstate Love Song                                   3:15
Bebo Norman                             Into The Day                                           4:12
Blue October                            Into The Ocean                                         3:60
Fight                                   Into The Pit                                           4:14
Various Artists                         Into Your Midst                                        4:32
Aerosmith                               Intro                                                  0:25
Bullet For My Valentine                 Intro                                                  2:21
Christina Aguilera                      Intro (Back To Basics)                                 1:47
Panic! At The Disco                     Introduction                                           0:37
Various Artists                         Invade My Soul                                         3:58
Skillet                                 Invincible                                             4:10
Pat Benatar                             Invincible [Theme From The Legend Of Billie Jean]      4:30
Genesis                                 Invisible Touch                                        5:42
Various Artists                         Invisible Touch                                        3:26
Fear Factory                            Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)                         3:55
Motorhead                               Iron fist                                              2:52
Black Sabbath                           Iron Man                                               5:59
Ozzy Osbourne                           Iron Man                                               2:52
Beyonce                                 Irreplaceable                                          4:06
Hawk Nelson                             Is Forever Enough                                      3:23
Primus                                  Is It Luck?                                            3:28

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                              Title   Length
Roger Waters                           Is There Anyboy Out There?                    3:02
Bryan Adams                            Is Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya?                   4:41
Stevie Wonder                          Isn't She Lovely                              3:37
Peter Nero                             Isn'T She Lovely?                             4:40
Newsboys                               iSURRENDerAll                                 4:38
Extreme                                It ('s A Monster)                             4:25
Janie Fricke                           It Ain't Easy Being Easy                      3:46
The Best Of 90's Country               It Ain't Nothin'                              4:06
Various Artists                        It Can't Rain All The Time                    5:56
Harry Connick Jr. -                    It Had To Be You (Soundtrack)                 2:55
Avalon                                 It Is Well With My Soul                       5:13
Meat Loaf                              It Just Won't Quit                            7:22
Roxette                                It Must Have Been Love                        7:06
Shaggy                                 It Wasnt Me                                   3:59
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                It's All About Jesus                          4:29
Celine Dion                            It's All Coming Back To Me Now                7:38
Various Artists                        It's All in the Game                          2:42
Mark Schultz                           It's Been A Long Time                         4:28
Staind                                 It's Been Awhile                              4:29
Done Again                             It's Five O'clock Somewhere                   4:07
Yunc Joc                               It's Goin' Down                               2:41
Backstreet Boys                        It's Gotta Be You                             2:58
Various Artists                        It's Not Unusual                              2:04
Bryan Adams                            It's Only Love                                3:15
Hawk Nelson                            It's Over                                     3:07
Guns N' Roses                          It's So Easy                                  3:23
Boyz II Men                            It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday      2:51
Various Artists                        It's the End Of The World As We Know It       3:51
Various Artists                        It's the Same Old Song                        2:52
Loverboy                               It's Your Life                                4:04
Tim McGraw                             It's Your Love                                3:48
Tim Mcgraw feat Faith Hill             It's Your Love                                3:12
Staind                                 Its Been Awhile                               4:40
Bon Jovi                               its my life                                   4:03
Run DMC                                Its Tricky                                    3:19
Faster Pussycat                        Jack The Bastard                              4:08
Black Sabbath                          Jack the Stripper/Fairies Wear Boots          6:14
Various Artists                        Jackie Blue                                   3:57
Elvis Presley                          Jailhouse Rock                                2:46
Various Artists                        Jam Up And Jelly Tight                        2:18
Bob Marley                             Jammin                                        3:33
Flo Rida                               Jealous ( Prod. By Cool N Dre)                3:60
The Black Crowes                       Jealous Again                                 4:37
Three Dog Night                        Jerimiah Was A Bull Frog                      3:17
Primus                                 Jerry Was A Race Car Driver                   3:11
Various Artists                        Jessie's Girl                                 3:15
Walter Hawkins and the Family          Jesus Christ Is the Way                       5:09
Soundgarden                            Jesus Christ Pose                             5:51
Genesis                                Jesus He Knows Me                             5:24
Passion                                Jesus Lover Of My Soul                        4:18
Childrens Bible Songs                  Jesus Loves The Little Children               1:10
Brian Littrell                         Jesus Loves You                               2:31

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                                Title                                   Length
Avalon                                  Jesus Medley: Jesus Loves Me/'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus                     5:21
Various Artists                         Jesus You're Beautiful                                                           5:03
Various Artists                         Jesus, I Lift My Eyes                                                            3:29
Jaime Jamgochian                        Jesus, Light Of The World - Album Version                                        5:35
Carrie Underwood                        Jesus, Take The Wheel                                                            3:47
Revival Generation                      Jesus, You Alone [Tim Hughes]                                                    3:25
Brenton Brown                           Jesus, You Are Worthy                                                            4:11
Queensrßche                             Jet City Woman                                                                   5:23
Black Oak Arkansas                      Jim Dandy                                                                        2:40
100 Songs for Kids                      Jimmy Crack Corn                                                                 1:43
Mannheim Steamroller                    Jingle Bells                                                                     4:30
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   Jingle Bells                                                                     2:31
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky                Jingle Bells                                                                     1:51
Bee Gees                                Jive Talking                                                                     4:03
Bring it on soundtrack                  Jock Jams- are you ready for this                                                3:42
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band      Jody Girl                                                                        4:54
Joe Diffy                               John Deere Green                                                                 4:34
Beatles                                 John Lennon - Imagine                                                            3:05
Chuck Berry                             Johnny B Goode                                                                   2:55
Van Halen                               Josephina                                                                        5:43
Charlotte Church                        Joy To The World                                                                 2:12
Mannheim Steamroller                    Joy To The World                                                                 3:40
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   Joy To The World                                                                 3:05
Three Dog Night                         Joy To The World                                                                 3:36
Avalon                                  Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee                                                     3:45
Roxette                                 Joyride                                                                          4:48
Petra                                   Judas Kiss                                                                       4:31
Petra                                   Judas' Kiss                                                                      4:23
Van Halen                               Judgement Day                                                                    4:39
Instrumental                                                                                                             3:12
                                        Juelz Santana Feat. Lil' Wayne & Young Jeezy - Make It Work For Ya (Produced By Develop)
Pink Floyd                              Jugband Blues                                                                    2:59
Kriss Kross                             Jump                                                                             3:18
Loverboy                                Jump                                                                             3:39
Van Halen                               Jump                                                                             4:17
Various Artists                         Jump                                                                             3:42
House of Pain                           Jump Around                                                                      3:46
Brian Setzer Orchestra                  Jump Jive and Wail                                                               3:08
World Wide Message Tribe                Jumpin In The House Of God                                                       3:46
Rolling Stones                          Jumpin Jack Flash                                                                3:45
Kool & The Gang                         Jungle Boogie                                                                    3:19
Ozzy Osbourne                           Junkie                                                                           4:28
50 Cent                                 Just A Little Bit                                                                4:16
Paul Baloche                            Just As I Am                                                                     1:05
Spinal Tap                              Just Begin Again                                                                 4:53
Nickelback                              Just Four                                                                        4:18
Staind                                  Just Go                                                                          4:53
Black Label Society                     Just Killin' Time                                                                4:56
Hoobastank                              Just One                                                                         3:20
Petra                                   Just Reach Out                                                                   4:34
Barry White                             Just the way you are                                                             4:13
Peter Nero                              Just The Way You Are                                                             5:36
Mark Schultz                            Just To Know You                                                                 4:15

                                                            Page 39
                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                    Title   Length
Tim Mcgraw                                Just to see you smile                          3:33
Ted Nugent                                Just What The Doctor Ordered                   3:44
Eddie Rabbit & Crystal Gale               Just You and I                                 4:20
Summer Love                               Justin Timberlake                              4:09
Roger Miller (David Allan Coe presents)   Kansas City Star                               2:21
Alicia Keys                               Karma                                          4:16
Various Artists                           Karma Chameleon                                3:54
Led Zeppelin                              Kashmir                                        8:34
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band        Katmandu                                       6:44
Anthrax                                   Keep It In The Family (Live)                   7:47
Exile                                     Keep It In The Middle Of The Road              3:22
Roxette                                   Keep Me Waiting                                3:16
Groove Criminals                          Keep On Dancin'                                3:43
REO Speedwagon                            Keep On Loving You                             3:23
Soul II Soul                              Keep On Movin                                  3:41
Ian Carey                                 Keep On Rising (ft. Michelle Shellers)         6:02
Edgar Winter                              Keep Playin' That Rock 'N' Roll                3:17
REO Speedwagon                            Keep Pushin'                                   3:58
MercyMe                                   Keep Singing                                   2:52
Pink Floyd                                Keep Talking                                   6:12
Point Of Grace                            Keep The Candle Burning                        4:29
STRYPER                                   Keep The Fire Burning                          3:29
KJ52                                      Keep Ya Head Up                                4:13
Good Charlotte                            Keep Your Hands Off My Girl                    3:25
The Georgia Satellites                    Keep Your Hands To Yourself                    3:44
I Told You So                             Keith Urban                                    4:13
Never Again                               Kelly Clarkson                                 3:35
Various Artists                           Kicks                                          2:44
Scorpions                                 Kicks After Six                                3:50
Soundgarden                               Kickstand                                      1:34
M?tley Cr?e                               Kickstart My Heart [Live]                      4:58
Bryan Adams                               Kids Wanna Rock                                2:46
Fight                                     Kill It                                        3:30
Skillet                                   Kill Me Heal Me                                3:36
Aretha Franklin                           Killing me softly with his song                4:45
Union Underground                         Killing The Fly                                3:45
Natalie Merchant                          Kind And Generous                              3:57
Various Artists                           Kindness                                       4:41
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                   King                                           3:50
Metallica                                 King Nothing                                   5:28
Deep Purple                               King Of Dreams                                 5:29
Various Artists                           King Of Glory                                  3:31
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                   King Of Majesty                                4:29
Kiss                                      King Of The Night Time World                   3:14
Roger Miller (David Allan Coe presents)   King Of The Road                               2:31
Aerosmith                                 Kings And Queens                               3:49
Prince                                    Kiss                                           3:47
Lita Ford                                 Kiss Me Deadly                                 4:02
Little Mermaid                            Kiss the Girl                                  2:54
Exile                                     Kiss You All Over                              4:52
Grits                                     KJ52 - We Rock This Mic (1) (1)                4:14
Guns n Roses                              Knocking On Heavens Door                       5:39

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                               Title   Length
Guns n Roses                          Knocking on Heaven's Door (Live)             13:43
White Zombie                          Knuckle Duster (Radio 1-A)                    0:24
White Zombie                          Knuckle Duster (Radio 2-B)                    0:25
Various Artists                       Kountry Gentleman                             3:23
Three Doors Down                      Kryptonite                                    3:55
Village People                        Kungfu Fighting                               3:18
South Park                            Kyle's Mom Is A Bitch (in D mi                1:02
South Park                            Kyle's Mom's a Bitch                          1:19
All #1 Hits '80's                     Kyrie                                         4:41
Los Lobos                             La Bamba                                      4:53
Richie Valens                         La Bamba                                      2:20
Journey                               La Do Da                                      3:01
ZZ Top                                La Grange                                     3:51
Rush                                  La Villa Strangiato                           9:37
Various Artists                       La, La Means I Love You                       3:24
Ratt                                  Lack Of Communication                         3:57
Saliva                                Lackluster                                    5:13
Kool and the Gang                     Ladies Night                                  3:30
Groove Criminals                      Lady Bump                                     3:41
Fight                                 Laid To Rest                                  4:58
Rush                                  Lakeside Park                                 4:10
Ted Nugent                            Land Of A Thousand Dances                     4:58
Genesis                               Land Of Confusion                             5:16
Backstreet Boys                       Larger Than Life                              3:53
Metallica                             Lars vs James Drum Solo                      10:18
Nine Inch Nails                       Last                                          4:45
Aerosmith                             Last Child                                    3:28
Groove Criminals                      Last Dance                                    3:22
Phil Vassar                           Last Day Of My Life                           3:56
Various Artists                       Last Night                                    3:11
MercyMe                               Last One Standing                             3:39
The Monkees                           Last Train To Clarksville                     2:47
Jason Aldean                          Laugh Until We Cried                          3:23
Ratt                                  Lay It Down                                   3:27
Various Artists                       Lay Me Down                                   4:08
Bad Company                           Lay Your Love On Me                           4:05
Kix                                   Layin' Rubber                                 3:52
Various Artists                       Lazy Days                                     3:10
Nickleback                            Leader Of Men                                 3:48
Assorted                              Leader Of the Pack                            2:52
Bill Withers                          Lean On Me                                    4:22
The Temptations                       Lean on Me - Original version                 4:20
Dem Franchise boys                    Lean wit it rock with it.partial              4:28
Leann Rhimes                          Leann Rhimes - How Do I Live                  4:29
Pink Floyd                            Learning To Fly                               4:52
The Wreckers                          Leave The Pieces                              3:32
Various Artists                       Leaving on a Jet Plane                        3:43
James Horner                          Leaving Port                                  3:27
Englebert Humperdinck                 Les Bicyclettes De Belsize                    3:10
Celine Dion                           Les Cloches Du Hameau                         3:11
Primus                                Les Solo(Live)                                1:44
Carrie Underwood                      Lessons Learned                               4:10

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                               Title   Length
TRACY LAWRENCE                         Lessons Learned                               2:59
Phillips, Craig & Dean                 Let Everything that has Breath                4:04
Beatles                                Let it Be                                     4:11
Hootie & The Blowfish                  Let It Breath                                 4:08
Blue October                           Let It Go                                     4:04
Hoobastank                             Let It Out                                    3:18
Poison                                 Let It Play                                   4:22
Michael W. Smith                       Let It Rain                                   5:40
Various Artists                        Let It Rise                                   4:32
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band     Let It Rock                                   8:30
Soundgarden                            Let Me Drown                                  3:52
Nicole C. Mullen                       Let Me Go                                     5:15
Pete Townsend                          Let My Love Open The Door (original)          2:45
Phillips, Craig & Dean                 Let My Words Be Few                           5:19
The Best Of 90's Country               Let That Pony Run                             3:32
Nitro Praise                           Let the Walls Fall Down                       5:21
BILLY DEAN                             Let Them Be Little                            3:57
Miley Cyrus                            Let's Dance                                   3:02
Jock Jams                              Let's Get Ready To Rumble (Hockey Mix)        3:16
Def Leppard                            Let's Get Rocked                              5:14
Earth, Wind, and Fire                  Lets Groove Tonight                           5:40
AC/DC                                  Lets Make It                                  3:33
Mark Schultz                           Letter From War                               4:31
Done Again                             Letters From Home                             4:27
Montgomery Gentry                      Letters From Home                             4:44
Mark Schultz                           Letters From War                              4:15
SUZY BOGGUSS                           Letting Go                                    4:19
Extreme                                Li'l Jack Horny                               4:52
Henry Rollins Band                     Liar                                          6:34
Robert Plant                           Liars Dance                                   2:35
Kiss                                   Lick It Up                                    4:18
Kix                                    Lie Like A Rug                                3:41
KJ-52                                  Life After Death                              4:39
Gary Allen                             Life Ain't Always Beatiful                    3:45
Poison                                 Life Goes On                                  4:47
Fight                                  Life In Black                                 4:35
Firehouse                              Life In The Real World                        3:37
Various Artists                        Life Inc                                      3:39
Rascall Flatts                         Life Is A Highway                             4:48
Tom Cochrane                           Life Is A Highway                             4:48
Meat Loaf                              Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back      8:01
Poison                                 Life Loves A Tragedy                          5:15
Casting Crowns                         Life Of Praise                                3:20
Casting Crowns                         Lifesong                                      5:37
Jaime Jamgochian                       Lift Up The Name - Album Version              4:32
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky               Lift Up Ye Heads (Handel)                     3:10
Twila Paris                            Lifted Higher                                 3:52
Various Artists                        Light My Fire                                 3:39
Matthew West                           Light Of Eternity                             4:51
Jamie Slocum                           Light Of The World                            4:04
Assorted                               Lightnin Strikes                              2:47
Aerosmith                              Lightning Strikes                             4:27

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                             Title                 Length
Journey                                Lights                                                     3:11
Ciara                                  Like A Boy (Jonathan Peter's Deeper Mix 1 Club)            6:45
Madonna                                like a virgin                                              3:28
Soundgarden                            Like Suicide                                               7:02
Brenton Brown                          Like The Angels                                            4:33
Clint Black                            Like The Rain                                              4:23
Snoop Doggy Dogg                       Like This And Like That                                    4:13
Rush                                   Limelight                                                  4:22
Urban Legend                           Limelight                                                  5:04
Soundgarden                            Limo Wreck                                                 5:48
Fear Factory                           Linchpin                                                   3:25
Trixter                                Line Of Fire                                               4:40
Aerosmith                              Line Up                                                    4:03
Techno                                 Liquid Sex                                                 2:40
100 Songs for Kids                     Little Bo Peep                                             1:34
Fight                                  Little Crazy                                               4:04
The Fray                               Little House                                               2:32
Prince                                 Little Red Corvette                                        4:58
Dr. Hook                               Little Red Riding Hood                                     2:58
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky               Little Suite: Bist Du Bei Mir                              3:40
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky               Little Suite: March In D                                   1:01
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky               Little Suite: Minuet In G                                  1:35
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky               Little Suite: Musette In D                                 1:17
Boyz II Men                            Little Things                                              4:04
Don Henley                             Little Tin God                                             4:44
Various Artists                        Little Willy                                               3:05
Guns N' Roses                          Live And Let Die                                           3:04
Michael W. Smith                       Live Forever                                               5:19
M?tley Cr?e                            Live Wire                                                  3:17
Clay Walker                            Livin Out Of Lovin You                                     2:14
Ricky Martin                           Livin' La Vida Loca                                        3:41
Skid Row                               Livin' On A Chain Gang                                     3:58
Aerosmith                              Livin' On The Edge                                         6:08
Don Dokken                             Living A Lie                                               4:42
Rob Zombie                             Living Dead Girl                                           3:21
James Brown                            Living in America                                          4:42
Bon Jovi                               Living on a Prayer                                         4:30
Joel Engle                             Living Sacrifice                                           3:54
Get It Shawty                          Lloyd                                                      3:28
Charlotte Church                       Lo! How A Rose E'er Blooming                               2:33
Slaughter                              Loaded Gun                                                 4:19
Dio                                    Lock Up The Wolves                                         8:33
Skillet                                Locked in a cage                                           3:56
Lil' Wayne                             Lollipop Feat. Static Major                                4:46
Panic! At The Disco                    London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines      3:24
Stryper                                Lonely                                                     4:09
Various Artists                        Lonely Boy                                                 4:23
Foreigner                              Lonely Children                                            3:37
Boyz II Men                            Lonely Heart                                               3:56
Black Sabbath                          Lonely Is The Word                                         6:13
Styx                                   Lonely People                                              5:26
Done Again                             Long Black Train                                           4:04

                                                           Page 43
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                Title   Length
George Thorogood & The Destroyers     Long Gone                                       4:33
The Fray                              Look After You                                  4:29
Ruby Lovett                           Look At What Love Can Do                        4:01
Various Artists                       Look What You've Done                           4:35
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band    Lookin' Back                                    2:36
Cheap Trick                           Lookout                                         3:10
Barry Manalow                         looks like we made it                           3:37
M?tley Cr?e                           Looks That Kill                                 4:09
Faster Pussycat                       Loose Booty                                     3:30
Mark Schultz                          Lord You Are                                    3:41
Praise and Worship                    Lord, I Lift Your Name On High                  3:46
Brenton Brown                         Lord, Reign In Me                               3:34
Primus                                Los Bastardos                                   2:39
3 Doors Down                          Loser                                           8:50
Static-X                              Loser                                           3:23
Avril Lavigne                         Losing Grip                                     3:54
Meat Loaf                             Lost Boys And Golden Girls                      4:29
Meliah Rage                           Lost Life                                       6:05
Dierks Bentley                        Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do                       4:33
Joel Engle                            Louder Than The Angels                          3:41
Joel Engle                            Louder Than the Angels (Radio)                  3:58
Kingsmen                              Louie Louie                                     2:59
George Thorogood & The Destroyers     Louie To Frisco                                 4:16
Bonnie Raitt                          Louise                                          2:45
World Wide Message Tribe              Love                                            3:41
Al Green                              Love and Happiness                              5:32
Def Leppard                           Love Bites                                      6:08
Van Halen                             Love Comes Walking In                           5:12
Deep Purple                           Love Conquers All                               3:47
Shania Twain                          Love Gets Me Every Time                         3:34
Various Artists                       Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)             2:33
Bonnie Raitt                          Love Has No Pride                               3:49
Foreigner                             Love Has Taken It's Toll                        3:29
Warrant                               Love In Stereo                                  3:07
Usher ft Young Jeezy                  Love In This Club                               3:26
Jaime Jamgochian                      Love Irresistible - Album Version               3:53
Pat Benatar                           Love Is A Battlefield                           5:24
Clay Walker                           Love is a Rhythym                               2:47
U2                                    Love Is Blindness                               4:24
The Who                               Love Is Coming Down                             4:03
Joe Crocker & Jennifer Warnes         Love lifts us up where we belong                3:55
Eddie Rabbitt                         Love May Never Pass This Way Again              3:26
Bonnie Raitt                          Love Me Like A Man                              3:12
Various Artists                       Love Me Tender                                  2:47
Various Artists                       Love Me, Do                                     2:24
Earth Wind & Fire                     Love Music                                      3:56
Various Artists                       Love My Way                                     3:39
Firehouse                             Love Of A Lifetime                              5:04
Sammy Kershaw                         Love Of My Life                                 4:24
Sammy Kershaw                         Love Of My Life (with Terri Clark)              4:23
Various Artists                       Love On Your Side                               3:32
Various Artists                       Love or Let Me Be Lonely                        3:17

                                                          Page 44
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                              Title                                Length
Various Artists                         Love Potion Number Nine                                                   2:09
Jaime Jamgochian                        Love Rains Down - Album Version                                           3:17
Collin Raye                             Love Remains                                                              3:49
B-52's                                  Love Shack                                                                5:47
Various Artists                         Love Somebody                                                             3:36
Sara Bareilles                          Love Song                                                                 4:22
Boyz II Men                             love songs - Boys To Men On Be                                            5:31
J Giles Band                            Love Stinks                                                               3:37
Casting Crowns                          Love Them Like Jesus                                                      4:49
Vangelis                                Love Theme                                                                4:58
Eagles                                  Love Will Keep Us Alive                                                   4:03
Martina McBride                         Love's the Only House                                                     5:33
Firehouse                               Lover's Lane                                                              4:18
Various Artists                         Lovergirl                                                                 4:52
Leona Lewis                             Lovin You                                                                 3:39
Loverboy                                Lovin' Every Minute Of It                                                 3:33
Ratt                                    Lovin' You Is A Dirty Job                                                 3:18
Minnie Riperton                         Loving You                                                                3:21
Various Artists                         Loving Your Lovin'                                                        3:55
Journey                                 Loving, Touching, Squeezing                                               4:09
Flo Rida ft. T-Pain                     Low                                                                       4:12
Metallica                               Low Man's Lyric                                                           7:38
War                                     Low Rider                                                                 3:29
Bonnie Raitt                            Luck Of The Draw                                                          5:17
Hoobastank                              Lucky                                                                     2:60
The Best Of 90's Country                Lucky Moon                                                                3:27
Loverboy                                Lucky Ones                                                                3:51
Madonna                                 Lucky Star                                                                3:49
Creed                                   Lullaby                                                                   3:05
Scorpions                               Lust Or Love                                                              4:23
Various Artists                         Luvyrnaybor                                                               4:09
Panic! At The Disco                     Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off      3:20
Various Artists                         Ma Belle Amie                                                             3:18
Dance Party Favorites                   Macarana                                                                  4:09
Peter Nero                              Macarthur Park                                                            7:29
Static X                                Machine                                                                   3:27
Village People                          Macho Man                                                                 3:47
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin           Mack the Knife                                                            4:25
Slaughter                               Mad About You                                                             4:09
Faster Pussycat                         Madam Ruby's Love Boutique                                                3:43
Ugly Kid Joe                            Madman ('92 Remix)                                                        3:37
Various Artists                         Magic                                                                     2:58
Various Artists                         Magnet And Steel                                                          3:28
Joel Engle                              Magnify                                                                   3:36
Faster Pussycat                         Maid In Wonderland                                                        5:05
Soundgarden                             Mailman                                                                   4:26
Vangelis                                Main Titles                                                               3:42
Praise and Worship                      Majesty                                                                   3:11
Spinal Tap                              Majesty of Rock                                                           4:10
Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne                 Make It Rain (Dirty)                                                      4:11
Def Leppard                             Make Love Like A Man                                                      4:16
Celine Dion                             Make You Happy                                                            4:32

                                                          Page 45
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                             Title                Length
Christina Aguilera                    Makes Me Wanna Pray                                       4:11
Maynard Ferguson                      Malaguena                                                 6:11
B J Thomas                            Mama                                                      3:06
Genesis                               Mama                                                      6:51
Spice Girls                           Mama                                                      5:06
Firehouse                             Mama Didn't Raise No Fool                                 3:60
Dr. Hook                              Mama Don't Dance & Your Daddy Don't Rock & Roll           2:55
Metallica                             Mama Said                                                 5:20
Ozzy Osbourne                         Mama, I'm Coming Home                                     4:12
Rosemary Clooney                      Mambo Italiano                                            2:35
Dr. Hook                              Mamma's Got a Squeeze Box                                 2:43
Alice in Chains                       Man in the Box                                            4:47
Brisco & Flo-Rida Ft. Lil Wayne       Man Of The Year                                           5:19
Van Halen                             Man On A Mission                                          5:04
Shania Twain                          Man! I Feel Like A Woman!                                 3:55
Barry Manalow                         Mandy                                                     3:23
Various Artists                       Maneater                                                  4:33
Rush                                  Manhattan Project                                         5:26
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky              March Of The Toys                                         4:02
Good Charlotte                        March On                                                  3:12
Jimmy Buffett                         Margaritaville                                            4:12
Pink Floyd                            Marooned                                                  2:03
Charlotte Church ?                    Mary's Boy Child                                          3:31
Taylor Swift                          Mary's Song (Oh My My My)                                 3:35
Metallica                             Master of Puppets                                         9:19
Atlantic Star                         Masterpiece                                               4:54
Madonna                               Material Girl                                             4:14
Various Artists                       Material Girl                                             4:01
Staind                                Me                                                        4:39
Rascal Flatts                         Me & My Gang                                              3:52
Kenny Chesney                         Me And You                                                3:40
Van Halen                             Me Wise Magic                                             6:06
Disturbed                             Meaning Of Life                                           4:03
Firehouse                             Meaning Of Love                                           4:12
Various Artists                       Meanwhile Back At The Ranch- Clark Family Experience      3:04
Various Artists                       Medley: Scarborough Fair & Canticle                       3:13
Various Artists                       Meet With Me                                              3:41
Vangelis                              Memories Of Green                                         5:05
Mr. Big                               Merciless                                                 3:57
Christina Aguilera                    Mercy On Me                                               4:34
Kent Bottenfield                      Message                                                   3:02
Twila Paris                           Messiah                                                   4:44
Michael Jackson                       Micheal Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel                5:21
Various Artists                       Midnight At The Oasis                                     3:49
Various Artists                       Midnight Confessions                                      2:43
Joe Cocker                            Midnight Rider                                            4:04
Kix                                   Midnite Dynamite                                          3:51
Anthrax                               Milk (Ode To Billy)                                       3:43
Various Artists                       Milktoast                                                 4:14
Like This                             Mims                                                      3:38
Soundgarden                           Mind Riot                                                 4:50
Edgar Winter                          Miracle Of Love                                           3:45

                                                         Page 46
                      CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                   Artist                                             Title      Length
BarlowGirl                          Mirror                                          3:55
Don Dokken                          Mirror Mirror                                   4:41
Good Charlotte                      Misery                                          3:50
Def Leppard                         Miss You In A Heartbeat (Acoustic Version)      4:06
Various Artists                     Missing You                                     4:49
Lynyrd Skynyrd                      Mississippi Kid                                 3:58
Lynyrd Skynyrd                      Mississippi queen                               2:30
Mountain                            Mississippi Queen                               2:41
Ted Nugent                          Mississippi Queen                               3:23
Godsmack                            Mistakes                                        6:01
Damn Yankees                        Mister Please                                   4:20
Four Aces                           Mister Sandman                                  2:41
AC/DC                               Mistress For Christmas                          3:60
Led Zeppelin                        Misty Mountain Hop                              4:40
Avril Lavigne                       Mobile                                          3:32
Led Zepplin                         Moby Dick                                       4:21
Tesla                               Modern Day Cowboy - Tesla                       5:40
Dierks Bentley                      Modern Day Drifter                              4:11
Various Artists                     Monday, Monday                                  3:29
Pink Floyd                          Money                                           6:30
Extreme                             Money (In God We Trust)                         4:27
Scorpions                           Money And Fame                                  5:08
AC/DC                               Money Talks                                     3:46
Wedding Songs                       Monica - For You I Will                         4:57
Skid Row                            Monkey Business                                 4:34
Aerosmith                           Monkey On My Back                               4:12
Various Artists                     Mony Mony                                       5:20
Romantic Sax                        Moon River                                      3:58
Falling Up                          Moonlight                                       3:34
Glen Miller                         Moonlight Serenade                              3:23
Brian McKnight                      More And More                                   3:24
Heavy D                             More Bounce To The Ounce                        4:57
Zapp and Roger                      More Bounce to the Ounce                       10:05
Skillet                             More Faithful                                   3:45
Various Artists                     More Love To Thee                               3:09
Michael W. Smith                    More Love, More Power                           5:30
Various Artists                     More Love, More Power                           4:29
Boston                              More Than a Feeling                             5:06
Nelson                              More Than Ever                                  3:30
Brian Mcnight                       More Than Wonderful                             3:25
Extreme                             More Than Words                                 5:55
Various Artists                     More Today Than Yesterday                       2:57
Various Artists                     Morning Train (Nine To Five)                    3:33
Danzig                              Mother                                          3:25
Roger Waters                        Mother                                          6:38
Megadeath                           Moto Psycho                                     3:21
Ted Nugent                          Motor City Madhouse                             4:30
Boyz II Men                         Motownphilly                                    3:56
Lonestar                            Mountains                                       4:12
Tantric                             Mourning                                        2:46
George Thorogood & The Destroyers   Move It On Over                                 4:19
Technotronic                        Move this (Shake your body)                     5:47

                                                      Page 47
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                 Title        Length
Eiffel 65                               Move Your Body (Dance Club Remix)                  4:48
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina             Moves Like an Ape, Looks Like a Man                2:57
A Beautiful Mind (Piano Instrumental)   Movie Themes - James Horner & Jim Brickman -       5:35
Dr. Hook                                Mr Bojangles                                       3:38
Jim Croce                               Mr Bojangles                                       3:24
Various Artists                         Mr. Bojangles                                      3:40
Shaggy                                  Mr. Boombastic                                     4:26
Guns N' Roses                           Mr. Brownstone                                     3:49
Ozzy Osbourne                           Mr. Crowley                                        5:54
Faster Pussycat                         Mr. Lovedog                                        6:31
Lonestar                                Mr. Mom                                            3:29
Warrant                                 Mr. Rainmaker                                      3:29
Ugly Kid Joe                            Mr. Recordman                                      4:06
Dokken                                  Mr. Scary                                          4:52
Ozzy Osbourne                           Mr. Tinkertrain                                    5:58
Various Artists                         Mr. Vain                                           5:19
Assorted                                Mrs. Broun, You've got A Lovely Daughter           2:39
Skid Row                                Mudkicker                                          4:08
Staind                                  Mudshovel                                          4:44
Ja Rule                                 Murder, Murder                                     4:41
Scissor Sisters                         Music Is The Victim                                3:09
The Who                                 Music Must Change                                  4:41
N Sync & Gloria Estefan                 Music Of MY Heart                                  4:27
Billy Currington                        Must Be Doin Something Right                       3:53
Billy Currington                        Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right                      4:48
Saliva                                  Musta Been Wrong                                   3:33
Brian Tyler Feat. Slash                 Mustang Nismo                                      2:24
Brian Littrell                          My Answer Is You                                   3:43
Various Artists                         My Baby Loves Lovin'                               2:46
Aaron Tippin                            My Blue Angel                                      3:25
Clarence Carter                         My Ding-a-ling                                     4:21
Diana Ross & Lionel Richie              My Endless Love                                    4:27
Dio                                     My Eyes                                            6:37
Bebo Norman                             My Eyes Have Seen Holy                             3:60
Atlantic Starr                          My First Love                                      5:12
Bonnie Raitt                            My First Night Alone Without You                   3:03
Metallica                               My Friend Of Misery                                6:50
Aerosmith                               My Girl                                            3:10
The Four Tops                           My Girl                                            2:45
The Temptations                         My Girl                                            2:45
Terri Clark                             My Give A Damns Busted                             3:25
Various Artists                         My Glorious                                        6:15
Point Of Grace                          My God                                             5:04
Saliva                                  My Goodbyes                                        6:30
Assorted                                My Guy                                             2:48
Various Artists                         My Heart Goes Out                                  3:26
Jamie Slocum                            My Heart Knows                                     4:36
Celine Dion                             My Heart Will Go On                                5:30
James Horner - (Celine Dion-Vocals)     My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From Titanic)      5:11
The Black Eyed Peas                     My Humps                                           5:27
Billy Squire                            My Kinda Lover                                     3:33
Justin Timberlake                       My Love ft T.I                                     4:53

                                                          Page 48
                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                                  Title   Length
Stryper                                   My Love I'll Always Show                       3:39
Guns N' Roses                             My Michelle                                    3:39
Slade                                     My Oh My                                       4:13
Romantic Sax                              My One and Only Love                           3:46
Creed                                     My Sacrifice                                   5:13
Bobby Helms                               My Special Angel                               3:11
Roger Miller (David Allan Coe presents)   My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died          2:02
Soundgarden                               My Wave                                        5:12
Peter Nero                                My Way                                         4:49
Rascal Flatts                             My Wish                                        4:24
Avril Lavigne                             My World                                       3:27
Various Artists                           My World Is Empty Without You                  2:38
Jaime Jamgochian                          My, King, My God - Album Version               4:02
U2                                        Mysterious Ways                                4:04
Dio                                       Mystery                                        3:59
Rush                                      Mystic Rhythms                                 5:43
Damn Yankees                              Mystified                                      4:16
Anthrax                                   N.F.B. (Dallabnikufesin)                       2:19
Fight                                     Nailed To The Gun                              3:39
Panic! At The Disco                       Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks          3:24
Avril Lavigne                             Naked                                          3:29
Sound Effects                             NASCAR Race, 'Start Your Engines'              0:36
Janet Jackson                             Nasty Boys                                     4:04
Christina Aguilera                        Nasty Naughty Boy                              4:45
Primus                                    Nativity In Black (Feat. Ozzy)                 6:17
Sound Effects                             NBC News Break                                 0:20
Various Artists                           Need You Tonight                               2:60
Cheap Trick                               Need Your Love                                 9:12
Ugly Kid Joe                              Neighbor                                       5:03
Kelly Clarkson                            Never Again [Dave Aude Club Mix]               6:47
MercyMe                                   Never Alone                                    3:38
James Horner                              Never an Absolution                            3:03
Clint Black                               Never Been Kissed                              3:38
Various Artists                           Never Change                                   3:50
Creed                                     Never Die                                      4:52
All #1 Hits '80's                         Never Gonna Give You Up                        3:46
Various Artists                           Never Gonna Give You Up                        3:31
Omarion                                   Never Gonna Let You Go ( She's A Keepa)        3:35
Rob Zombie                                Never Gonna Stop                               3:10
Roxette                                   Never Is A Long Time                           3:47
Hoobastank                                Never There                                    3:04
Bad Company                               Never Too Late                                 3:42
Patti Labelle                             New Attitude                                   4:41
Soundgarden                               New Damage                                     5:40
Country Party Music                       New Electric Slide                             5:52
Eagles                                    New Kid In Town                                5:05
Various Artists                           New Medicines                                  4:01
The Who                                   New Song                                       4:18
Rush                                      New World Man                                  3:42
Don Henley                                New York Minute                                7:01
Frank Sinatra                             New York, New York                             3:27
Peter Nero                                New York, New York                             3:17

                                                             Page 49
                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                           Title     Length
Van Halen                              Neworld                                      1:46
Matthew West                           Next Thing You Know                          3:33
Because Of You                         NeYo                                         3:45
Usher                                  Nice and Slow 1                              3:48
Various Artists                        Nice To Be With You                          3:04
Dio                                    Night Music                                  5:06
Guns N' Roses                          Nightrain                                    4:29
Vanilla Ice                            Ninja Turtle Rap                             4:02
Robert Plant                           Nirvana                                      4:31
Jordin Sparks Ft. Chris Brown          No Air                                       4:24
Lynch Mob                              No Bed Of Roses                              4:22
Ozzy Osbourne                          No Bone Movies                               4:10
Bonnie Raitt                           No Business                                  4:25
Ozzy Osbourne                          No Easy Way Out                              5:06
South Park - Eric Cartman              No Kitty!                                    0:20
Various Artists                        No Matter What                               3:01
Meliah Rage                            No Mind                                      2:50
Various Artists                        No More                                      5:02
Megadeath                              No More Mr Nice Guy                          3:17
MercyMe                                No More No Less                              5:47
Ozzy Osbourne                          No More Tears                                7:52
Black Label Society                    No More Tears 2000                           3:45
Fear Factory                           No One                                       3:36
Backstreet Boys                        No One Else Comes Close                      3:44
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                No One Like You                              3:13
Jane's Addiction                       No One's Leaving                             3:01
Genesis                                No Son Of Mine                               7:06
Bonnie Raitt                           No Way To Treat A Lady                       3:52
Blake Shelton                          Nobody But Me                                2:40
Roger Waters                           Nobody Home                                  4:46
Alicia Keys                            Nobody Not Really                            2:57
Ratt                                   Nobody Rides For Free                        4:43
Puddle of Mud                          Nobody Told Me                               3:53
The Best Of 90's Country               Nobody Wins                                  3:30
Avril Lavigne                          Nobody's Fool                                3:58
The Best Of 90's Country               Nobody's Talking                             3:35
Faster Pussycat                        Nonstop To Nowhere                           7:24
Gretchen Wilson                        Not Bad For A Bartender                      3:49
Van Halen                              Not Enough                                   5:13
Brenton Brown                          Not Going Back [Instrumental]                0:51
Bryan Adams                            Not Guilty                                   4:12
Jerimae Yoder                          Not In Vain                                  3:56
Various Artists                        Not In Vain                                  3:59
Collin Raye                            Not That Different                           3:57
Bonnie Raitt                           Not The Only One                             5:04
Josh Gracin                            Nothin To Lose                               2:44
Matthew West                           Nothing Else                                 4:05
Metallica                              Nothing Else Matters                         6:53
Styx                                   Nothing Ever Goes As Planned                 4:48
Hawk Nelson                            Nothing Left To Show                         2:55
Loverboy                               Notorious                                    4:41
Guns N' Roses                          November Rain                                8:58

                                                          Page 50
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                        Title                        Length
The Best Of 90's Country                      Now I Know                                                           3:51
Hitch Heavy D                                 Now That We Found Love                                               5:53
Bebo Norman                                   Now That You're Gone                                                 3:25
Mark Schultz                                  Now That You've Come Into My Life                                    3:12
Basshunter feat. DJ Mental Theo's Bazzheads   Now You're Gone                                                      3:16
Disturbed                                     Numb                                                                 3:45
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band            Nutbush City Limits                                                  4:38
Celine Dion                                   O Come All Ye Faithful                                               4:44
Charlotte Church                              O Come All Ye Faithful                                               3:21
Mannheim Steamroller                          O Come All Ye Faithful                                               3:35
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale         O Come All Ye Faithful                                               3:14
Celine Dion                                   O Holy Night                                                         5:22
Charlotte Church                              O Holy Night                                                         4:22
Mannheim Steamroller                          O Holy Night                                                         5:24
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale         O Holy Night                                                         2:59
Mannheim Steamroller                          O Little Town Of Bethlehem                                           3:58
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale         O Little Town Of Bethlehem                                           3:19
Various Artists                               O Praise Him (All This For A King)                                   5:47
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale         O Tannenbaum                                                         3:09
Peter Nero                                    Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da                                                    4:31
Stereo Mud                                    Obedience School                                                     2:45
Meat Loaf                                     Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are     10:16
Jane's Addiction                              Obvious                                                              5:56
Various Artists                               Ocean                                                                3:60
Insane Clown Posse                            Oddities                                                             3:57
Warrant                                       Ode To Tipper Gore                                                   0:55
Jane's Addiction                              Of Course                                                            7:03
Metallica                                     Of Wolf And Man                                                      4:17
Bare Naked Ladies                             Off The Hook                                                         4:38
Bette Midler                                  Oh Industry                                                          4:07
Christina Aguilera                            Oh Mother                                                            3:47
Prince                                        Oh Sheila                                                            3:59
Various Artists                               Oh! Girl                                                             3:33
Veggie Tales                                  Oh, No! What We Gonna Do?                                            2:03
Rascal Flatts                                 Oklahoma-Texas Line                                                  2:55
Hootie & The Blowfish                         Old Man & Me                                                         4:44
Bob Seger                                     Old Time Rock and Roll                                               3:30
Manhattan Transfer                            On a Little Street in Singapore                                      3:20
Trixter                                       On And On                                                            5:03
Point Of Grace                                On God's Green Earth                                                 5:39
Nicole C. Mullen                              on my knees                                                          4:56
Various Artists                               On My Own                                                            4:04
Jamie Slocum                                  On My Way Back Home                                                  3:09
MercyMe                                       On My Way To You                                                     4:07
Christina Aguilera                            On Our Way                                                           3:37
Eddie Rabbitt                                 On Second Thought                                                    3:38
Collin Raye                                   On The Verge                                                         3:49
Tom Glazer                                    On Top Of Spaghetti                                                  2:37
Van Halen                                     Once                                                                 7:43
Various Artists                               Once Again                                                           3:35
Metallica                                     One                                                                  7:27
U2                                            One                                                                  4:36

                                                                Page 51
                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                Title                                  Length
Queensrßche                            One And Only                                                                  5:54
White Zombie                           One Big Crunch                                                                0:22
George Thorogood & The Destroyers      One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer                                             8:28
Collin Raye                            One Boy, One Girl                                                             4:05
Gretchen Wilson                        One Bud Wiser                                                                 3:39
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina            One Family                                                                    3:48
Various Artists                        One Girl Revolution (Battle Mix)                                              3:24
Van Halen                              One I Want                                                                    5:31
Trixter                                One In A Million                                                              5:06
Lou Rawls                              One In A Million You                                                          4:13
Creed                                  One Last Breath                                                               3:58
Nickleback                             One last Run                                                                  3:47
REO Speedwagon                         One Lonely Night                                                              3:25
Pat Benatar                            One Love                                                                      5:14
Vangelis                               One More Kiss, Dear                                                           3:58
Steve Winwood                          One More Morning                                                              4:60
Phil Collins                           One More Night                                                                6:17
Dio                                    One Night In The City                                                         5:17
Roger Waters                           One Of My Turns                                                               2:45
Pink Floyd                             One Of These Days                                                             5:16
Bonnie Raitt                           One Part Be My Lover                                                          5:06
Skillet                                One Real Thing                                                                3:36
Ratt                                   One Step Away                                                                 4:52
Linkin Park                            One Step Closer                                                               2:36
Pillar                                 One Thing                                                                     5:29
Various Artists                        One Toke Over The Line                                                        3:39
Nicole C. Mullen                       One Touch                                                                     4:27
MercyMe                                One Trick Pony                                                                3:26
Humble Pie                             One-Eyed Trouser-Snake Rhumba                                                 2:53
Kid Rock                               Only God Knows Why                                                            5:48
Kid Rock                               Only God Knows Why ( Acoustic ) #                                             5:52
Matthew West                           Only Grace                                                                    4:11
Faster Pussycat                        Only Way Out                                                                  3:54
Elvis Presley                          Only You                                                                      2:38
The Platters                           Only You                                                                      2:34
Trixter                                Only Young Once                                                               5:43
Gina G                                 OOH AAH...Just a little bit                                                   3:36
Journey                                Open Arms                                                                     3:35
Michael W. Smith                       Open the Eyes of My Heart                                                     5:22
Phillips, Craig & Dean                 Open The Eyes of my Heart                                                     4:51
Praise and Worship                     Open The Eyes Of My Heart                                                     4:57
Sonicflood                             Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord                                                5:48
Staind                                 Open Your Eyes                                                                3:55
Journey                                Opened The Door                                                               4:36
Naughty By Nature                      OPP                                                                           4:53
Britany Spears                         opps i did it again                                                           4:06
Britany Spears                         opps i did it again MIXED DONE @                                              4:16
Mark Harris                            Ordinary Life                                                                 3:05
Bette Midler                           Otto Titsling                                                                 3:14
Firehouse                              Oughta Be A Law                                                               3:55
ChristianMusic Songs 4 Worship         Our God is an Awesome God (Michael W. Smith                                   4:32
George Strait                          Our Love Is Unconditional - Love Songs - Various - Country Wedding Songs      3:32

                                                          Page 52
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                               Title           Length
Taylor Swift                          Our Song                                              3:22
Hoobastank                            Out Of Control                                        2:42
Meat Loaf                             Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire)             7:25
Matthew West                          Out Of Time                                           4:29
Guns N' Roses                         Out Ta Get Me                                         4:24
Faster Pussycat                       Out With A Bang                                       4:39
Pat Benatar                           Outlaw Blues                                          4:21
Soundgarden                           Outshined                                             5:11
Staind                                Outside                                               4:53
Brian Littrell                        Over My Head                                          4:03
The Fray                              Over My Head (Cable Car)                              3:59
Led Zeppelin                          Over The Hills And Far Away                           4:52
Glen Miller                           Over The Rainbow                                      2:28
Relient K                             Over Thinking (acoustic)                              4:10
Firehouse                             Overnight Sensation                                   3:56
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky              Overture (From Messiah)                               4:27
Blue October                          Overweight                                            4:25
Carlos Santana                        Oye Como Va                                           4:17
U + Ur Hand                           P!nk                                                  3:32
Wedding Songs                         Pachabel's Canon In D Major (Full Orchestration)      5:01
James Pease                           Pachelbel: Canon in D                                32:99
Stereomud                             Pain (1)                                              3:40
Ozzy Osbourne                         Painkiller (New 2001 )                                2:20
Pat Benatar                           Painted Desert                                        5:26
Various Artists                       Palisades Park                                        1:57
Van Halen                             Panama                                                3:32
Ugly Kid Joe                          Panhandlin' Prince                                    5:43
Bonnie Raitt                          Papa Come Quick (Jody And Chico)                      2:43
Madonna                               Papa Dont Preach                                      4:11
Linkin Park                           Papercut                                              3:05
Meatloaf                              Paradise By The Dashboard Lights                      9:03
Guns N' Roses                         Paradise City                                         7:13
Ted Nugent                            Paralyzed                                             4:14
Finger Eleven                         Paralyzer                                             3:25
Black Sabbath                         Paranoid                                              2:53
Ozzy Osbourne                         Paranoid                                              2:54
Tantric                               Paranoid                                              3:38
Anthrax                               Parasite                                              3:17
Steven Curtis Chapman                 Parent's Prayer                                       3:43
Kenny Chesney                         Paris, Tennesee                                       2:24
Prince                                Party Like it's 1999                                  3:55
Gap Band                              Party Train                                           6:10
Glenn Frey                            Partytown                                             3:06
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky              Pastoral Symphony                                     3:60
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky              Patapan                                               2:29
Guns N Roses                          Patience                                              5:57
Journey                               Patiently                                             3:23
Megadeath                             Peace Sells                                           4:04
Booty Music                           Peanut Butter and Jelly Time                          3:38
Mute Math                             Peculiar People                                       4:38
Various Artists                       People                                                3:46
Assorted                              Peppermint Twist                                      2:03

                                                         Page 53
                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                  Title   Length
Guns N' Roses                          Perfect Crime                                    2:24
Ozzy Ozbourne                          Perry Mason                                      5:51
Def Leppard                            Personal Property                                4:21
Martina McBride                        Phones Are Ringin' All Over Town                 3:32
Def Leppard                            Photograph                                       4:09
Nine Inch Nails                        Physical (You're So)                             5:30
Joe Diffy                              Pickup man                                       3:38
Taylor Swift                           Picture To Burn                                  3:06
Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow               Pictures                                         5:22
Britney Spears                         Piece Of Me                                      3:32
M?tley Cr?e                            Piece Of Your Action                             4:40
Rascal Flatts                          Pieces                                           4:08
Pink Floyd                             Pigs on the Wing                                 3:23
Damn Yankees                           Piledriver                                       4:28
The Who                                Pinball Wizard                                   3:02
Bare Naked Ladies                      Pinch Me                                         4:40
Nine Inch Nails                        Pinion                                           1:02
Henry Mancini                          Pink Panther Theme                               2:47
Anthrax                                Pipeline                                         2:09
Veggie Tales                           Pirates Who Don't Do Anything                    3:15
Linkin Park                            Place For My Head                                3:05
Falling Up                             Places                                           2:52
Black Sabbath                          Planet Caravan                                   4:35
Pantera                                Planet Caravan                                   4:04
Trixter                                Play Rough                                       4:13
Brooks And Dunn                        Play Something Country                           3:22
Wild Cherry                            Play That Funky Music                            5:20
George Clinton                         Play That Funky Music White Boy                  3:02
The Monkees                            Pleasant Valley Sunday                           3:17
Boyz II Men                            Please Don't Go                                  4:26
KWS                                    Please Dont Go                                   6:05
Bryan Adams                            Please Forgive Me                                5:56
Van Halen                              Pleasure Dome                                    6:58
Linkin Park                            Points Of Authority                              3:20
SOUND FX                               POLICE SIREN                                     0:29
Sound Effects                          Police Siren, Ambulance                          2:15
Gretchen Wilson                        Politically Uncorrect                            3:24
Poison                                 Poor Boy Blues                                   5:20
Various Artists                        Poor Side of Town                                3:50
Metallica                              Poor Twisted Me                                  3:60
Extreme                                Pornograffitti                                   6:16
Van Halen                              Poundcake                                        5:22
Skillet                                Pour                                             4:19
Phillips, Craig & Dean                 Pour My Love On You                              5:41
Def Leppard                            Pour Some Sugar On Me                            4:53
Hymns in the House                     Power in the Blood [up in arms mix]              3:51
Various Artists                        Power Of Your Love                               4:32
Power Man 5000                         Powerman_5000_-_Anyone_For_Doo                   3:15
Point Of Grace                         Praise Forevermore                               4:38
Brenton Brown                          Praise Is Rising-Hosanna                         4:34
Casting Crowns                         Praise You In This Storm                         5:18
Casting Crowns                         Praise You With The Dance                        4:12

                                                          Page 54
                       CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                   Artist                                                Title         Length
Rascal Flatts                        Prayin' For Daylight                                 3:36
Petra                                Praying Man                                          4:33
Staind                               Pressure                                             3:24
Various Artists                      Pretty Woman                                         3:01
M?tley Cr?e                          Primal Scream                                        4:47
Van Halen                            Primary                                              1:27
Bass Solos                           Primus - Live Bass Solo                              0:42
Metallica                            Prince Charming                                      6:06
System of a Down                     Prison Song                                          3:23
Casting Crowns                       Prodigal                                             5:46
Nelly Furtado                        Promiscuous [Axwell 2008 Remix] (ft. Timbaland)      3:55
Pat Benatar                          Promises In The Dark                                 4:50
Joe Diffy                            Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox                        3:14
Anthrax                              Protest And Survive                                  2:21
Various Artists                      Proud Mary                                           3:20
Skid Row                             Psycho Love                                          4:12
Scary Sounds                         Psychopath                                           0:55
Megadeth                             Psychotron                                           4:42
The Black Eyed Peas                  Pump It                                              3:42
Jock Jams                            Pump Up the Jam                                      3:60
Technotronics                        Pump Up The Jam                                      5:49
Michael W. Smith                     Purified                                             4:33
Prince                               Purple Rain                                          9:22
Salt N Pepa                          Push It                                              3:46
Static-X                             Push it                                              2:35
Nickelback                           Pusher                                               4:19
Linkin Park                          Pushing Me Away                                      3:12
Various Artists                      Put a Little Love in Your Heart                      2:39
Steve Winwood                        Put On Your Dancing Shoes                            5:13
101 Strings                          Put Your Dreams Away                                 2:40
Platters                             Put Your Head On My Shoulder                         2:46
Roxette                              Queen Of Rain                                        4:51
Skid Row                             Quicksand Jesus                                      5:26
Vangelis                             Rachel's Song                                        4:47
Golden Earring                       Radar Love                                           6:55
Kent Bottenfield                     Rain                                                 4:39
Lynch Mob                            Rain                                                 4:54
Sound Effects                        Rain and Thunderstorms                               3:35
Among Thorns                         Rain Down                                            3:19
World Wide Message Tribe             Rain Set Me Free                                     3:28
Ronnie James Dio                     Rainbow in the Dark                                  4:14
Various Artists                      Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head                    3:06
Various Artists                      Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head                    2:58
Gretchen Wilson                      Raining On Me                                        4:24
Various Artists                      Rainmaker                                            4:45
Spinal Tap                           Rainy Day Sun                                        3:56
Various Artists                      Rainy Days & Mondays                                 3:41
Led Zeppelin                         Ramble On                                            4:36
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band   Ramblin' Gamblin' Man                                3:02
Sugar Hill Gang                      Rappers Delight (Old School Mix)                     8:12
Anita Baker                          Rapture                                              5:17
Groove Criminals                     Rasputin                                             4:19

                                                        Page 55
                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                              Title   Length
Black Sabbath                          Rat Salad                                     2:30
Dance                                  Rave Techno House Music                       2:54
Staind                                 Raw                                           4:12
Meliah Rage                            Razor Ribbon                                  7:47
The World Wide Message Tribe           Reach For Heaven (US Radio Remix)             3:05
Firehouse                              Reach For The Sky                             4:48
Petra                                  Ready, Willing And Able                       4:16
Tim McGraw                             Real Good Man                                 4:16
Various Artists                        Real Love                                     3:59
Various Artists                        Real Thing                                    3:47
Various Artists                        Reality                                       4:05
Fight                                  Reality, A New Beginning                     13:20
Jaime Jamgochian                       Reason To Live - New Album Version            4:21
Earth Wind & Fire                      Reasons                                       4:60
Earth Wind and Fire                    Reasons                                       8:52
Gretchen Wilson                        Rebel Child                                   3:49
Rush                                   Red Barchetta                                 6:10
Kix                                    Red Hot (Black And Blue)                      3:23
UB40                                   Red Red Wine 80's                             5:46
Rush                                   Red Sector A                                  5:13
Lynyrd Skynyrd                         Red White and Blue                            5:28
Brian McKnight                         Red, White, and Blue with Rascal Flatts       4:47
Nicole C. Mullen                       redeemer                                      4:59
Jeff Foxworthy                         Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas                  2:22
Done Again                             Redneck Woman                                 3:51
Nitro Praise                           Refiners Fire                                 4:53
Warren G and Nate Dogg                 Regulaters                                    4:09
Amy Winehouse                          Rehab                                         3:31
Power Man 5000                         relax                                         3:07
Seether                                Remedy                                        2:49
Aerosmith                              Remember (Walking in the Sand)                4:04
Journey                                Remember Me                                   5:30
Mark Schultz                           Remember Me                                   4:23
Various Artists                        Remember Walkin' In The Sand                  2:18
Done Again                             Remember When                                 4:24
Drowning Pool                          Reminded                                      3:24
Styx                                   Renegade                                      4:15
Various Artists                        Rescue Me                                     3:24
Queensrßche                            Resistance                                    4:51
Aretha Franklin                        Respect                                       2:34
Skillet                                rest                                          3:49
Scorpions                              Restless Nights                               5:49
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                Restore Me                                    4:36
Meliah Rage                            Retaliation                                   5:08
Dane Cook                              Retards Rap                                   3:26
Mark Morrison                          Return Of The Mack                            4:60
Various Artists                        Return To Innocence                           4:02
Scissor Sisters                        Return to Oz                                  4:38
Ozzy Osbourne                          Revelation (Mother Earth)                     5:49
Jars Of Clay                           Revolution                                    4:13
World Wide Message Tribe               Revolution                                    3:32
Pillar                                 Rewind                                        3:45

                                                         Page 56
                       CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                   Artist                                                Title                             Length
Various Artists                       Rewind                                                                  3:45
Snap                                  Rhythm Is A Dancer                                                      5:33
Techno                                Rhythm is a dancer(mix)                                                 4:02
Various Artists                       Rhythm Is Gonna Get You                                                 3:54
Janet Jackson                         Rhythm Nation                                                           5:31
Stevie Wonder                         Ribbon in the Sky                                                       3:60
2001 A Space Odyssey                  Ric Flair Theme                                                         2:02
Michael Mind                          Ride Like The Wind [Klass Remix]                                        4:58
Trixter                               Ride The Whip                                                           5:08
Poison                                Ride The Wind                                                           3:52
Nelly                                 Ride Wit Me                                                             4:52
Various Artists                       Ride With Yourself                                                      3:15
REO Speedwagon                        Ridin' The Storm Out                                                    6:12
REO Speedwagon                        Riding The Storm Out (Live)                                             6:17
Guns N' Roses                         Right Next Door To Hell                                                 3:03
Van Halen                             Right Now                                                               5:22
Chingy                                Right Thurr                                                             3:54
Chingy featuring 50 cent              Right Thurr (50 cent remix)                                             2:14
Anita Ward                            Ring my bell                                                            3:49
Skid Row                              Riot Act                                                                2:40
Skillet                               Rippin Me Off                                                           5:09
Cedarmont Kids                        Rise And Shine (Arky, Arky)                                             2:19
Yves Larock                           Rise Up (Club Mix)                                                      4:58
KJ52, Pillar & Thousand Foot Krutch   Rise Up 1                                                               3:39
Paul Baloche                          Rising                                                                  4:47
Various Artists                       River                                                                   4:11
Celine Dion                           River Deep, Mountain High                                               4:12
Lynch Mob                             River Of Love                                                           4:23
Edgar Winter                          River's Risin'                                                          2:55
Ozzy Osbourne                         Road To Nowhere                                                         5:11
Mission Impossible-2                  Rob Zombie / Scum of the Earth                                          2:56
Wedding Songs                         Roberta Flack - Tonight, I Celebrate My Love For You Peabo Bryson)      3:46
Mr. Big                               Rock & Roll Over                                                        3:51
Various Artists                       Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Koo                                               3:43
M?tley Cr?e                           Rock 'n' Roll Junkie                                                    4:02
Cheap Trick                           Rock 'N' Roll Tonight                                                   4:58
Kiss                                  Rock And Roll All Nite                                                  3:33
Meat Loaf                             Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through                                       5:51
Various Artists                       Rock And Roll Lullaby                                                   4:01
Gary Glitter                          Rock And Roll Part 2                                                    3:12
Bill Haley                            Rock Around The Clock                                                   2:21
UFO                                   Rock Bottom                                                             6:29
Various Artists                       Rock Candy                                                              5:05
Damn Yankees                          Rock City                                                               4:28
Various Artists                       Rock Me Amadeus                                                         3:22
Various Artists                       Rock Me Gently                                                          3:32
Def Leppard                           Rock Of Ages                                                            4:09
Firehouse                             Rock On The Radio                                                       4:46
Ace Frehley                           Rock Soldiers                                                           5:06
Various Artists                       Rock the Boat                                                           3:10
Shania Twain                          Rock This Country!                                                      4:23
Crime Mob                             Rock Yo Hips                                                            3:30

                                                         Page 57
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                               Title                Length
Firehouse                               Rock You Tonight                                           4:36
Justin Timberlake                       Rock Your Body                                             4:30
AC/DC                                   Rock Your Heart Out                                        4:07
Def Leppard                             Rocket                                                     4:08
Elton John                              Rocket Man                                                 5:04
Guns N' Roses                           Rocket Queen                                               6:15
Styx                                    Rockin' The Paradise                                       3:35
Hannah Montana                          Rockstar                                                   2:57
Rush                                    Roll The Bones                                             5:56
Steve Winwood                           Roll With It                                               5:41
REO Speedwagon                          Roll With The Changes                                      5:59
Undertaker                              Rollin' WWF The Music Volume 5                             3:50
Metallica                               Ronnie                                                     5:18
Bullet For My Valentine                 Room 409                                                   4:02
Soundgarden                             Room A Thousand Years Wide                                 4:06
Mickey Gilley                           Room Full Of Roses                                         2:58
Alice in Chains                         Rooster                                                    6:44
James Horner                            Rose                                                       2:53
Edgar Winter                            Round & Round                                              4:01
Ratt                                    Round And Round                                            4:27
Kid Rock                                Roving Gangster (Rollin')                                  4:25
Disney Children's Favorites             Row, Row, Row Your Boat                                    0:53
Mannheim Steamroller                    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer                             3:16
Clay Walker                             Rumor Has It                                               3:10
Roger Waters                            Run Like Hell                                              4:52
Slade                                   Run Runaway                                                4:60
Iron Maiden                             Run to the Hills                                           3:54
Bryan Adams                             Run To You                                                 3:54
Van Halen                               Runaround                                                  4:21
Bon Jovi                                Runaway                                                    3:53
Bonnie Raitt                            Runaway                                                    3:56
Damn Yankees                            Runaway                                                    4:04
Linkin Park                             Runaway                                                    3:04
Van Halen                               Runnin' With The Devil                                     3:36
Mark Schultz                            Running Just To Catch Myself                               5:28
Ozzy Osbourne                           Running Out Of Time                                        5:06
Black Label Society                     Rust (1)                                                   6:09
Soundgarden                             Rusty Cage                                                 4:26
Robert Plant                            SSS&Q                                                      4:39
Ozzy Osbourne                           S.I.N.                                                     4:48
Metallica                               Sad But True                                               5:25
Hootie & The Blowfish                   Sad Caper                                                  2:60
MercyMe                                 Safe And Sound                                             3:44
Martina McBride                         Safe In The Arms Of Love                                   3:15
Staind                                  Safe Place                                                 4:36
Hoobastank                              Same Direction                                             3:16
Aerosmith                               Same Old Song And Dance                                    3:04
Ugly Kid Joe                            Same Side                                                  4:52
Alicia Keys                             Samsonite Man                                              4:13
Various Artists                         San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear a Flower in Your Hair)      3:02
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                 Sanctuary                                                  3:41
Iron Maiden                             Sanctuary                                                  3:15

                                                           Page 58
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                 Title    Length
Primus                                Sathington Waltz                                  1:43
Rolling Stones                        Satisfaction                                      4:04
Christina Aguilera                    Save Me From Myself                               3:14
Vanessa Williams                      Save The Best For Last                            3:39
Assorted                              Save The Last Dance For Me                        3:33
Sam Cook                              Save The Last Dance For Me                        2:30
Buck Cherry                           SaveTonight                                       4:18
Point Of Grace                        Saving Grace                                      4:34
Creed                                 Say I                                             5:16
Skillet                               Say It Loud                                       3:33
Nelly Furtado                         Say It Right (Peter Rauhofer Remix)               6:46
Fastway                               Say What You Will                                 3:22
Skillet                               Scarecrow                                         4:19
Kix                                   Scarlet Fever                                     4:20
Sound Effects                         Scary Organ Music                                 1:07
Pink Floyd                            School's Out for Summer                           3:30
Christian Artists                     Scott Krippayne-Sometimes He Calms the Storm      4:01
Krokus                                Screaming In the Night                            6:41
Honeydrippers                         Sea Of Love                                       3:20
Soundgarden                           Searching With My Good Eye Closed                 6:32
Primus                                Seas Of Cheese                                    0:42
All #1 Hits '80's                     Seasons Change                                    4:34
Various Artists                       Seasons Change                                    4:53
Firehouse                             Seasons Of Change                                 1:30
Monk & Neagle                         Secret                                            3:17
Petra                                 Secret Weapon                                     4:03
Anthrax                               Sects                                             3:08
Celine Dion                           Seduces Me                                        3:47
Pink Floyd                            See Emily Play                                    2:48
Miley Cyrus                           See You Again                                     3:08
Ozzy Osbourne                         See You on the Other Side                         6:12
The Best Of 90's Country              Seein' My Father In Me                            3:24
The Black Crowes                      Seeing Things                                     5:21
Barenaked Ladies                      Sell Sell Sell                                    4:01
The Best Of 90's Country              Seminole Wind                                     4:01
Scorpions                             Send Me An Angel                                  4:33
PhonJaxx & Cosi Costi                 Sensual                                           5:07
Earth Wind & Fire                     September                                         3:37
Various Artists                       Serial Sleepers                                   3:12
Kids Theme Song                       Sesame Street                                     1:04
Sesame Street                         Sesame Street                                     3:43
Casting Crowns                        Set Me Free                                       4:44
Pink Floyd                            Set The Controls For The Heart                    5:21
Dierks Bentley                        Settle For A Slowdown                             3:57
Enigma And RATM                       Severe Beating of Teletubbies                     1:01
Kix                                   Sex                                               3:57
James Brown                           Sex Machine                                       5:17
Marvin Gaye                           Sexual Healing                                    4:10
Dr. Hook                              Sexy Eyes                                         3:12
Justin Timberlake                     SexyBack                                          4:22
Primus                                Sgt. Baker                                        4:17
Joel Engle                            Shadow of Your Cross                              3:33

                                                         Page 59
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                Title             Length
Pat Benatar                           Shadows Of The Night                                     4:22
Firehouse                             Shake & Tumble                                           3:30
Mystikal                              Shake It Fast (Cleaner Radio E                           4:27
Mystikal                              Shake It Fast (Dirty)                                    4:16
Bill Haley & The Comets               Shake Rattle And Roll                                    2:42
Eminem feat Nate Dogg                 Shake That Ass For Me                                    4:34
Harry Belafonte                       Shake, Shake Senora (Beetlejuice soundtrack)             3:43
Eddie Money                           Shakin'                                                  3:26
Evelyn Champagne King                 Shame                                                    7:06
Ratt                                  Shame Shame Shame                                        5:30
Don Henley                            Shangri-La                                               4:58
Nicole C. Mullen                      Sharecropper's Seed                                      4:02
Dr.Hook                               Sharing The Night Together (Big Hits Of The 70S)(1)      2:58
Joe Cocker                            She Came In Through The Bathroom Window                  2:39
Styx                                  She Cares                                                4:21
Hootie & The Blowfish                 She Crawls Away                                          4:25
Various Artists                       She Drives Me Crazy                                      3:25
The Fray                              She Is                                                   3:59
George Strait                         She Let Herself Go                                       3:18
Aaron Tippin                          She Made A Memory Out Of You                             2:33
Tim McGraw                            She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart                        3:02
Robert Plant                          She Said                                                 5:14
The Black Crowes                      She Talks To Angels                                      5:31
50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake         She Wants It (Ayo Technology)                            4:34
Slaughter                             She Wants More                                           3:55
Clint Black                           She Wants to Rock                                        2:53
Various Artists                       She Wants You                                            4:01
Mark Schultz                          She Was Watching                                         5:08
Various                               She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain                      1:22
Done Again                            She'll Leave You With A Smile                            2:58
Various Artists                       She's a Woman                                            3:06
Lynch Mob                             She's Evil But She's Mine                                5:10
ZZ Top                                She's Got Legs                                           4:53
Various Artists                       She's Just My Style                                      3:12
Blue October                          She's My Ride Home                                       4:42
Janie Fricke                          She's Single Again                                       2:26
Pantera                               Shedding Skin                                            5:37
Pink Floyd                            Sheep                                                    9:48
Among Thorns                          Shelter Me                                               3:22
The Commodors                         Shes a brick house                                       6:16
Flashdance                            shes a maniac                                            4:33
Fuel                                  Shimmer                                                  3:34
MercyMe                               Shine On                                                 3:60
Pink Floyd                            Shine On You Crazy Diamond                              14:39
Praise & Worship                      Shine, Jesus, Shine                                      4:39
Steve Winwood                         Shining Song                                             5:31
Earth Wind & Fire                     Shining Star                                             2:51
Stryper                               Shining Star                                             4:22
Robert Plant                          Ship Of Fools                                            5:02
Nicole C. Mullen                      shooby                                                   4:04
AC/DC                                 Shot Of Love                                             4:11
Various Artists                       Should I Tell Them                                       4:01

                                                        Page 60
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                              Title   Length
Clint Black                             Should've Asked Her Faster                 2:44
Various Artists                         Should've Been A Cowboy                    3:30
Taylor Swift                            Should've Said No                          4:04
Brian McKnight                          Shoulda Been Lovin' You                    5:04
Isley Brothers                          Shout                                      5:02
Isley Brothers                          Shout (Matter Music Remix)                 3:06
Various Artists                         Shout (Parts 1 & 2)                        4:29
Disturbed                               Shout 2000                                 4:18
M?tley Cr?e                             Shout At The Devil                         3:15
Kiss                                    Shout It Out Loud                          2:50
Nitro Praise                            Shout to the Lord                          3:53
Skillet                                 Shout To The Lord                          5:20
Various Artists                         Shout To The Lord                          5:57
WOW Worship                             Shout to the Lord                          3:60
Rush                                    Show Don't Tell                            5:01
Backstreet Boys                         Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely        3:55
Third Day                               Show Me Your Glory                         3:43
Various Artists                         Show You                                   4:39
Aerosmith                               Shut Up And Dance                          4:56
Godsmack                                Sick Of Life                               3:54
Petra                                   Sight Unseen                               3:60
Creed                                   Signs                                      4:29
Various Artists                         Sikamikanico                               3:26
Damn Yankees                            Silence Is Broken                          5:04
Mannheim Steamroller                    Silent Night                               5:27
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   Silent Night                               3:14
Charlotte Church                        Silent Night-Holy Night                    3:44
Hootie & The Blowfish                   Silly Little Pop Song                      3:08
Roxette                                 Silver Blue                                4:07
Various Artists                         Simple                                     3:33
Lynyrd Skynyrd                          Simple Man                                 5:60
Robert Palmer                           Simply Irrestable                          4:34
Various Artists                         Since I Fell for You                       2:58
Earth Wind & Fire                       Sing A Song                                3:24
Various Artists                         Single White Female                        3:16
Various Artists                         Sink-N-Swim                                3:29
Drowning Pool                           Sinner                                     2:29
Rob Zombie                              Sinners Inc                                1:18
Various Artists                         Sir Duke                                   3:57
The Who                                 Sister Disco                               4:24
The Black Crowes                        Sister Luck                                5:15
Avril Lavigne                           Sk8er Boi                                  3:24
Gang Starr                              Skillz                                     3:58
Rascal Flatts                           Skin                                       4:22
Megadeth                                Skin O My Teeth                            3:15
Gretchen Wilson                         Skoal Ring                                 2:51
Pantera                                 Slaughtered                                3:57
Skid Row                                Slave To The Grind                         3:30
Soundgarden                             Slaves And Bulldozers                      6:56
Firehouse                               Sleeping With You                          3:51
Ratt                                    Slip Of The Lip                            3:19
Various Artists                         Slip Slide Melting                         5:48

                                                             Page 61
                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                          Title                 Length
Metallica                              Slither                                                 5:14
Alicia Keys                            Slow Down                                               4:19
Christina Aguilera                     Slow Down Baby                                          3:29
Bonnie Raitt                           Slow Ride                                               3:60
Dream Theater &Bruce Dickinson         Smoke on the Water                                      4:17
BTO                                    Smokin' In The Boys Room                                3:27
M?tley Cr?e                            Smokin' In The Boys' Room                               3:28
Santana featuring Rob Thomas           Smooth                                                  5:17
Various Artists                        Smooth Operator                                         4:24
Bullet Boys                            Smooth Up In Ya                                         4:46
Various Artists                        Snakedriver                                             3:42
Slipknot                               Snap                                                    2:55
Dr Dre                                 Snoop Doggy Dog - Bow Wow Wow Yippi Yo Yippy Yay #      4:26
Black Label Society                    Snowblind                                               6:60
Styx                                   Snowblind                                               4:60
Brenton Brown                          So Alive                                                3:59
Joel Engle                             So Beautiful                                            3:31
Jon McLaughlin                         So Close                                                3:49
U2                                     So Cruel                                                5:50
Ugly Kid Joe                           So Damn Cool                                            4:27
Roxette                                So Far Away                                             4:03
The Monkees                            So Happy Together                                       2:55
Nicole C. Mullen                       So In Love                                              4:14
Various Artists                        So Into You                                             6:56
MercyMe                                So Long Self                                            4:04
Casting Crowns                         So Much More                                            3:20
Alicia Keys                            So Simple                                               3:50
Dierks Bentley                         So So Long                                              3:25
Hootie & The Blowfish                  So Strange                                              4:19
Beastie Boys                           So Whatcha Want                                         3:54
Orion The Hunter                       So You Ran                                              5:24
Jerimae Yoder                          Sole Son                                                3:27
Meliah Rage                            Solitary Solitude                                       6:28
Carrie Underwood                       Some Hearts                                             3:49
Montgomery Gentry                      Some People Change                                      3:19
Bryan Adams                            Somebody                                                4:43
Done Again                             Somebody                                                3:50
Janie Fricke                           Somebody Else's Fire                                    3:06
Kid Rock                               Somebody's Gotta Feel This                              3:20
Kenny Chesney                          Someone Else's Hog                                      2:36
Damn Yankees                           Someone To Believe                                      4:58
Journey                                Somethin' To Hide                                       3:28
MercyMe                                Something About You                                     4:56
Jars Of Clay                           Something Beautiful                                     3:50
Good Charlotte                         Something Else                                          3:19
The Best Of 90's Country               Something In Red                                        4:40
Sugarland                              Something More                                          3:38
Hawk Nelson                            Something On My Mind                                    4:19
Montgomery Gentry                      Something To Be Proud Of                                4:18
Poison                                 Something To Believe In                                 5:49
Bonnie Raitt                           Something To Talk About                                 3:48
Nicole C. Mullen                       Sometimes                                               3:05

                                                           Page 62
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                               Title   Length
Various Artists                         Sometimes By Step                             5:23
Soundgarden                             Somewhere                                     4:21
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina             Son of Man                                    2:45
Various Artists                         Son-Of-A-Preacher-Man                         2:30
Warrant                                 Song And Dance Man                            2:58
Extreme                                 Song For Love                                 5:56
Boys II Men                             Song For Mama                                 5:03
Gary Allan                              Songs About Rain                              4:26
Various Artists                         Sooner Or Later                               2:36
Pink Floyd                              Sorrow                                        8:47
Buckcherry                              Sorry                                         3:47
Rhianna                                 SOS                                           4:01
White Zombie                            Soul-Crusher                                  5:05
Scary Sounds                            Sound Effects - Chainsaw                      0:36
Blue October                            Sound Of Pulling Heaven Down                  4:43
Stone Temple Pilots                     Sour Girl                                     4:18
Celine Dion                             South Park Titanic                            5:31
James Horner                            Southampton                                   4:02
POD                                     Southtown                                     4:30
Jock Jams                               Space Jam Theme                               5:08
Backstreet Boys                         Spanish Eyes                                  3:55
Van Halen                               Spanked                                       4:53
Mark Harris                             Speak To Me                                   3:46
Cacophony                               Speed Metal Symphony                         10:17
Funkerman                               Speed Up                                      4:59
Foreigner                               Spellbinder                                   4:45
Triumph                                 Spellbound                                    5:39
Slaughter                               Spend My Life                                 3:21
Eric Benet & Tamia                      Spend My Life With You                        4:57
Stellar Kart                            Spending Time                                 2:51
Spice Girls                             Spice Up Your Life                            2:54
White Zombie                            Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah)                   5:03
Godsmack                                Spiral                                        5:48
Dr. Hook                                Spirit in the sky                             3:33
Bullet For My Valentine                 Spit You Out                                  4:08
Staind                                  Spleen                                       21:03
Skillet                                 Splinter                                      2:54
Black label society                     Spoke in the wheel                            4:14
Soundgarden                             Spoonman                                      4:07
Jock Jams                               Sports mix                                    3:21
Anthrax                                 Spreading The Disease                         4:44
Spinal Tap                              Springtime                                    4:03
Sir Mix-A-Lot                           Square Dance Rap                              4:39
Casting Crowns                          Stained Glass Masquerade                      4:07
Led Zeppelin                            Stairway to Heaven                            8:03
Glen Miller                             Stairway To The Stars                         2:54
Rascal Flatts                           Stand                                         3:28
Various Artists                         Stand By Me                                   3:13
Creed                                   Stand Here With Me                            4:18
Def Leppard                             Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)              4:33
Garth Brooks                            Standing Outside The Fire                     3:52
Kiss                                    Star Spangled Banner                          2:39

                                                            Page 63
                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                            Title             Length
Joe Satriani                           Star Spangled Banner (US Natio                        1:18
Sound Effects                          Star Wars Lightsaber                                  0:19
The Black Crowes                       Stare It Cold                                         5:17
White Zombie                           Starface                                              5:36
Pillar                                 Staring Back                                          2:51
Among Thorns                           Start A Fire                                          5:39
Rolling Stones                         Start Me Up                                           3:52
Various Artists                        Start Of Something New                                3:29
Anthrax                                Startin' Up A Posse                                   4:30
Carrie Underwood                       Starts With Goodbye                                   4:07
Styx                                   State Street Sadie                                    0:26
Assorted                               Stay                                                  1:39
Don Dokken                             Stay                                                  4:34
Taylor Swift                           Stay Beautiful                                        3:59
Bee Gees                               Stayin' Alive                                         5:10
Groove Criminals                       Stayin' Alive                                         3:44
Peter Nero                             Stayin' Alive                                         3:39
Ozzy Osbourne                          Stayin' Alive (Beegees cover)                         3:60
Point Of Grace                         Steady On                                             4:48
Harold Budd and Brian Eno              steal away                                            1:29
Ozzy Osbourne                          Steal Away (The Night)                                8:05
Various Artists                        Stereo                                                2:04
Humble Pie                             Stick Shift                                           2:25
Various Artists                        Stick To The Status Quo                               4:45
Christina Aguilera                     Still Dirrty                                          3:47
Jerimae Yoder                          Still Praise You                                      4:45
Justin Timberlake                      stin Timberlake- What Goes Around...Comes Around      7:29
Spinal Tap                             Stinkin' Up the Great Outdoors                        2:51
Jane's Addiction                       Stop                                                  4:15
Roger Waters                           Stop                                                  0:23
OneRepublic                            Stop & Stare                                          3:45
Bryan Adams                            Straight From The Heart                               3:43
50 Cent                                Straight to the Bank                                  3:13
Various Artists                        Straight Up                                           4:05
Poison                                 Strange Days Of Uncle Jack                            1:41
Hilary Duff                            Stranger [Wawa Club Mix]                              5:22
Bad Company                            Stranger Stranger                                     4:52
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina            Strangers Like Me                                     3:01
Ted Nugent                             Stranglehold                                          8:28
Tool                                   Stranglehold                                         10:20
Lynch Mob                              Street Fightin' Man                                   4:49
Pantera                                Strength Beyond Strength                              3:39
Glen Miller                            String of Pearls                                      2:57
Alcatrazz                              Stripper                                              3:53
Chemical Brothers                      Stripper Music                                        5:30
Crystal Method                         Stripper Music                                        5:30
Billy Squire                           Stroke Me                                             3:40
Clarence Carter                        Strokin (Best Version!)                               7:35
Kutless                                Strong Tower                                          4:11
Skillet                                Stronger                                              4:07
Black Label Society                    Stronger than Death                                   5:01
Van Halen                              Strung Out                                            1:29

                                                          Page 64
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                                  Title              Length
The Black Crowes                        Struttin' Blues                                             4:11
Stryper                                 Stryper - Together As One                                   5:06
50 cent- G Unit                         Stunt 101                                                   3:56
Disturbed                               Stupify                                                     4:34
Rush                                    Subdivisions                                                5:35
Nine Inch Nails                         Suck                                                        5:07
Billy Ocean                             Suddenly                                                    4:09
Staind                                  Suffer                                                      4:01
Pat Benatar                             Suffer The Little Children/Hell Is For Children (Live)      6:47
Staind                                  Suffocate                                                   3:19
Bullet For My Valentine                 Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I do)           3:36
Bonnie Raitt                            Sugar Mama                                                  3:46
Various Artists                         Sugar Sugar                                                 2:49
Ozzy Osbourne                           Suicide Solution (With Guitar Solo)                         8:03
Stevie B                                Summer Nights COOL DANCE SONG                               4:34
Peter Nero                              Summer Of '42                                               3:40
Bryan Adams                             Summer Of '69                                               3:47
Various Artists                         Summer Rain                                                 3:55
Frank Sinatra                           Summer Wind                                                 2:58
Spinal Tap                              Sun Never Sweats                                            4:24
Bebo Norman                             Sunday                                                      3:40
U2                                      sunday bloody sunday                                        4:39
Various Artists                         Sunny                                                       2:49
Tab Smith                               Sunny Side of the Street                                    2:44
Faith Hill                              Sunshine & Summertime                                       3:28
Rick James                              Super Freak                                                 3:26
Exile                                   Super Love                                                  4:26
Eminem                                  Superman                                                    5:51
Saliva                                  Superstar                                                   4:04
Stevie Wonder                           Superstition                                                4:18
Black Label Society                     Superterrorizer                                             5:34
Soundgarden                             Superunknown                                                5:07
Warrant                                 Sure Feels Good To Me                                       2:40
Various Artists                         Sure Gonna Miss Her                                         2:21
Various Artists                         Surfer Girl                                                 2:31
Cheap Trick                             Surrender                                                   4:38
Trixter                                 Surrender                                                   5:51
Destiny's Child                         Survivor                                                    4:14
Various Artists                         Susan                                                       2:43
Skillet                                 Suspended In You                                            3:09
Eddie Rabbitt                           Suspicions                                                  4:60
Extreme                                 Suzie (Wants Her All Day What?)                             3:39
Meliah Rage                             Swallow Your Soul                                           5:16
Lynyrd Skynyrd                          Swamp Music                                                 3:34
Poison                                  Swampjuice (Soul-O)                                         1:26
Various Artists                         Sweat (A La La La La Long)                                  3:47
Megadeth                                Sweating Bullets                                            5:04
Various Artists                         Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed so Good)            3:35
Guns N' Roses                           Sweet Child O' Mine                                         5:56
Aerosmith                               Sweet Emotion                                               3:15
Lynyrd Skynyrd                          Sweet Home Alabama                                          5:02
Various Artists                         Sweet Jesus                                                 4:10

                                                           Page 65
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                       Title   Length
Anita Baker                                 Sweet Love(1)                                   4:48
Collin Raye                                 Sweet Miss Behavin'                             2:15
Kiss                                        Sweet Pain                                      3:21
Lynch Mob                                   Sweet Sister Mercy                              3:45
Martina McBride                             Swingin' Doors                                  3:28
Falling Up                                  Symmetry                                        3:13
                                            Symphony No. 9 (Scherzo)
Ludwig van Beethoven, composer. Seattle Symphony. Gerard Schwarz, director                  1:15
Megadeth                                    Symphony Of Destruction                         4:18
Boyz II Men                                 Sympin                                          4:25
Travis Tritt                                T-R-O-U-B-L-E                                   3:01
Soft Cell                                   Tainted Love                                    5:55
Mr. Big                                     Take A Walk                                     3:57
Staind                                      Take It                                         3:36
Stripper Music                              Take It Off! - Striptease Classics              2:05
REO Speedwagon                              Take It On The Run                              4:16
Kent Bottenfield                            Take Me Back                                    4:41
Van Halen                                   Take Me Back (Deja V?)                          4:43
Talking Heads                               Take Me to the River                            5:26
Loverboy                                    Take Me To The Top                              6:13
Berlin                                      Take My Breath Away                             4:13
Among Thorns                                Take My Hand                                    3:33
A-Ha                                        Take On Me                                      3:58
Various Artists                             Take On Me                                      3:41
Maynard Ferguson                            Take the 'A' Train                              4:04
Hank Williams Jr.                           Take This Job And Shove It                      2:56
scissor sisters                             take your mama out                              4:34
Plumb                                       Taken                                           4:17
BTO                                         Taking Care Of Business                         5:18
Vangelis                                    Tales Of The Future                             4:47
Coldplay                                    Talk                                            5:11
Nicole C. Mullen                            Talk About It                                   3:07
Firehouse                                   Talk Of The Town                                4:38
Mickey Gilley                               Talk To Me                                      3:33
Robert Plant                                Tall Cool One                                   4:40
Led Zeppelin                                Tangerine                                       3:11
Bonnie Raitt                                Tangled And Dark                                4:53
USAF Heritage of America Band               Taps (solo trumpet)                             0:48
Peter Nero                                  Tara'S Theme                                    3:24
Various Artists                             Taxi                                            6:44
Larry Chance                                Teach Me Tonight                                3:01
Def Leppard                                 Tear It Down                                    3:38
Drowning Pool                               tearaway                                        4:15
Taylor Swift                                Teardrops On My Guitar                          3:49
KISS                                        Tears Are Falling                               4:10
Bullet For My Valentine                     Tears Don't Fall                                5:49
Vangelis                                    Tears In Rain                                   3:02
Lorrie Morgan                               Tears On My Pillow                              3:10
Scorpions                                   Tease Me, Please Me                             4:47
M?tley Cr?e                                 Teaser                                          5:17
Kids Theme Song                             Teletubbies                                     1:34
Various Artists                             Tell It To My Heart                             3:40
Various Artists                             Tell Laura I Love Her                           2:59

                                                                 Page 66
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                Title                Length
Diddy                                 Tell Me [Mr. Big Club Mix] (ft. Christina Aguilera)          4:17
Damn Yankees                          Tell Me How You Want It                                      4:35
Edgar Winter                          Tell Me In A Whisper                                         3:26
Rufus & Chaka Kahn                    Tell Me Somethin Good                                        3:44
Ratt                                  Tell The World                                               3:16
Various Artists                       Temptation Eyes                                              2:45
Romantic Strings                      Tenderly                                                     2:56
Sevendust                             Terminator                                                   5:18
Bones Thugs n Harmony                 Tha Crossroads                                               4:07
Hank Williams Jr.                     Thank God I'm a Country Boy                                  3:16
Maurice Chevalier                     Thank Heaven For Little Girls                                2:17
Various Artists                       Thank You                                                    4:37
Christina Aguilera                    Thank You (Dedication To Fans...)                            4:59
Paul Baloche                          Thank You Lord                                               4:04
REO Speedwagon                        That Ain't Love                                              4:03
Shania Twain                          That Don't Impress Me Much                                   3:53
shania twain                          that don't impress me much!!s                                3:55
Ozzy Osbourne                         That I Never Had                                             4:23
Glen Miller                           That Old Black Magic                                         3:02
Lynyrd Skynyrd                        That Smell                                                   5:50
Genesis                               That's All                                                   4:59
Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra           That's Amore                                                 3:24
Aaron Tippin                          That's As Close As I'll Get To Loving You                    3:19
Slaughter                             That's Not Enough                                            3:27
KC and the Sunshine Band              That's the Way I Like It                                     3:18
Point Of Grace                        That's The Way It's Meant To Be                              3:30
Earth Wind & Fire                     That's The Way Of The World                                  5:47
CRAIG MORGAN                          That's What I Love About Sunday                              3:32
Amy Grant                             That's What Love Is For                                      4:18
Carrie Underwood                      That's Where It Is                                           3:35
Dionne Warwick                        Thats What Friends Are For                                   4:40
Toddler Tunes                         The Alphabet Song                                            1:19
Various Artists                       The Badge                                                    3:55
Harry Bellafonte                      The Banana Boat Song                                         3:06
Rush                                  The Big Money                                                5:57
Kenny Chesney                         The Bigger The Fool (The Harder The Fall )                   2:47
Faster Pussycat                       The Body Thief                                               4:57
Black Eyed Peas                       The Boogie That Be #                                         5:12
Thin Lizzy                            The Boys Are Back In Town                                    4:46
Celine Dion                           The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)      4:14
Charlotte Church                      the Christmas Song (chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)      3:27
Petra                                 The Coloring Song                                            3:44
Commodors                             The Commodors - Celabrate                                    3:58
Charlotte Church                      The Coventry Carol (Lully Lull                               2:32
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP               The Cross                                                    4:15
Deep Purple                           The Cut Runs Deep                                            5:43
Garth Brooks                          The Dance                                                    3:58
Matthew West                          The Day Before You                                           4:40
Rascal Flatts                         The Day Before You                                           4:07
Soundgarden                           The Day I Tried To Live                                      5:20
Van Halen                             The Dream Is Over                                            3:60
Jars of Clay                          The Eleventh Hour                                            4:27

                                                           Page 67
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                             Title               Length
Bullet For My Valentine                 The End                                                 6:57
Powerman 5000                           The End Of Everything                                  11:23
Don Henley                              The End Of The Innocence                                5:19
Various Artists                         The Final Countdown                                     5:12
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   The First Noel                                          2:40
Pink Floyd                              The Fletcher Memorial Home                              4:08
U2                                      The Fly                                                 4:29
Veggie Tales                            The Forgiveness Song                                    1:48
Metallica                               The Frayed Ends Of Sanity                               7:45
Bette Midler                            The Friendship Theme                                    1:59
AC/DC                                   The Furor                                               4:11
Disturbed                               The Game                                                4:01
Motorhead                               The Game (Triple H)                                     3:48
Guns N' Roses                           The Garden                                              5:23
Shelia E                                The Glamorous Life                                      4:02
Bette Midler                            The Glory Of Love                                       3:17
Bonnie Raitt                            The Glow                                                4:11
Metallica                               The God That Failed                                     5:09
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina             The Gorillas                                            4:29
Pink Floyd                              The Great Gig In The Sky                                4:41
Pink Floyd                              The Happiest Days Of Our Lives                          1:38
Roger Waters                            The Happiest Days Of Our Lives                          1:21
Don Henley                              The Heart Of The Matter                                 5:24
Michael W. Smith                        The Heart of Worship                                    6:38
Phillips, Craig & Dean                  The Heart of Worship                                    5:41
Various Artists                         The Heart Of Worship                                    6:29
Roxette                                 The Heart Shaped Sea                                    4:32
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   The Holly And The Ivy                                   3:34
Various Artists                         The Horse                                               2:43
Metallica                               The House Jack Built                                    6:39
Bare Naked Ladies                       The Humor Of The Situation                              3:17
Digital Underground                     The Humpty Dance                                        5:43
Don Dokken                              The Hunger                                              5:06
Roger Williams                          The Impossible Dream                                    3:06
Joe Cocker                              The Jealous Kind                                        3:49
Godsmack                                The Journey                                             0:52
Loverboy                                The Kid Is Hot Tonight                                  4:28
Dio                                     The Last In Line                                        6:09
Matthew West                            The Last Ones                                           4:26
Don Henley                              The Last Worthless Evening                              6:04
Joe Cocker                              The Letter                                              4:35
Mark Harris                             The Line Between The Two                                3:42
Assorted                                The Lion Sleeps Tonight                                 2:42
Charlotte Church                        The Little Drummer Boy                                  2:55
John Michael Montgomery                 The Little Girl                                         3:50
Mike and the Mechanics                  The Living Years                                        5:56
Eagles                                  The Long Run                                            3:40
Petra                                   The Longing                                             2:59
Roxette                                 The Look                                                5:33
Various Artists                         The Love Of A Sleepy Girl                               2:49
Celine Dion                             The Magic Of Christmas Day (God Bless Us Everyone)      4:18
Various Artists                         The Man You Want Me To Be                               4:07

                                                           Page 68
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                                   Title                          Length
Powerman 5000                           The Meaning Of Life                                                      2:48
Metallica                               The Memory Remains                                                       4:39
Steve Winwood                           The Morning Side                                                         5:15
Kids                                    The Muffin Man                                                           1:24
Carrie Underwood                        The Night Before(Life Goes On)                                           3:55
Various Artists                         The Night Chicago Died                                                   3:41
Iron Maiden                             The Number Of The Beast                                                  5:16
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky                The Nutcracker: Arabian Dance                                            3:02
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky                The Nutcracker: Chinese Dance                                            0:58
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky                The Nutcracker: Dance Of The Reed Flutes                                 2:05
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky                The Nutcracker: Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy                            2:17
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky                The Nutcracker: Overture                                                 3:09
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky                The Nutcracker: Trepak - Russian Dance                                   1:06
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky                The Nutcracker: Waltz Of The Flowers                                     6:49
Led Zeppelin                            The Ocean                                                                4:31
Backstreet Boys                         The One                                                                  3:47
Skillet                                 The one                                                                  4:13
Various Artists                         The One                                                                  4:19
George Jones                            The One I Loved Back Then - The Corvette Song                            2:29
Hawk Nelson                             The One Thing I Have Left                                                3:19
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                 The One Thing I Know                                                     3:12
Panic! At The Disco                     The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage      2:55
Metallica                               The Outlaw Torn                                                          9:49
Taylor Swift                            The Outside                                                              3:29
Backstreet Boys                         The Perfect Fan                                                          4:14
Bullet For My Valentine                 The Poison                                                               3:40
Celine Dion                             The Power Of Love                                                        6:10
Various Artists                         The Power Of Love                                                        4:09
Celine Dion                             The Prayer                                                               4:30
Roxette                                 The Rain                                                                 4:50
Various Artists                         The Rapper                                                               2:43
AC/DC                                   The Razor's Edge                                                         4:23
Eminem                                  The Real Slim Shady                                                      4:47
Various Artists                         The Real Thing (If I Can't Have You)                                     3:56
World Wide Message Tribe                The Real Thing/The World Wide                                            3:04
Hoobastank                              The Reason                                                               4:07
Various Artists                         The Reflex                                                               4:41
Brian McKnight                          The Rest Of My Life                                                      4:43
Christina Aguilera                      The Right Man                                                            3:52
Judas Priest                            The Ripper                                                               2:51
Good Charlotte                          The River (Featuring M Shadows and Synyster Gates)                       3:16
Romantic Sax                            The Rose                                                                 3:27
Veggie Tales                            The Rumour Weed Song                                                     2:26
Van Halen                               The Seventh Seal                                                         5:19
Metallica                               The Shortest Straw                                                       6:36
Hawk Nelson                             The Show                                                                 3:25
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky                The Skaters' Waltz                                                       7:39
Avalon                                  The Solid Rock                                                           4:12
Percy Faith Strings                     The Song From Moulin Rouge                                               3:22
Point Of Grace                          The Song Is Alive                                                        4:26
Veggie Tales                            The Song Of The CEBU                                                     4:14
Various Artists                         The Sound of Silence                                                     3:10

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                                 Title                               Length
Various Artists                        The Space Between Us                                                          4:12
Rush                                   The Spirit Of Radio                                                           4:58
Metallica                              The Struggle Within                                                           3:54
Relient K                              The Thief                                                                     2:23
Roger Waters                           The Thin Ice                                                                  3:09
Queensrßche                            The Thin Line                                                                 5:43
Skid Row                               The Threat                                                                    3:50
Various Artists                        The Tide Is High                                                              4:59
Collin Raye                            The Time Machine                                                              3:41
Paul Anka                              The Times Of Your Life                                                        3:15
Kenny Chesney                          The Tin Man                                                                   3:27
Rush                                   The Trees                                                                     4:41
Iron Maiden                            The Trooper                                                                   4:32
Relient K                              The Truth                                                                     3:31
Chubby Checker                         The Twist                                                                     2:49
Metallica                              The Unforgiven                                                                6:28
Metallica                              The Unforgiven II                                                             6:37
Phillips, Craig & Dean                 The Voice of the Lord                                                         3:09
Various Artists                        The W's - The Rumor Weed Song                                                 2:42
SAWYER BROWN                           The Walk                                                                      3:45
Various Artists                        The Way                                                                       3:42
Robert Plant                           The Way I Feel                                                                5:41
Baby Boy ft Lil Boosie                 The Way I Live                                                                4:46
Baby Boy ft Lil Boosie                 The Way I Live 1                                                              4:36
All #1 Hits '80's                      The Way It Is                                                                 5:18
Bebo Norman                            The Way We Mend                                                               3:38
Romantic Sax                           The Way We Were                                                               3:53
Elton John                             The Way You Look Tonight                                                      3:60
Romantic Sax                           The Way You Look Tonight                                                      4:20
Quiet Riot                             The Wild and the Young                                                        3:56
Meliah Rage                            The Witching                                                                  4:38
Point Of Grace                         The Wonder Of It All                                                          4:12
Glen Miller                            The Woodpecker Song                                                           2:32
Brad Paisley                           The World                                                                     4:04
Alice In Chains                        Them Bones                                                                    2:42
Peter Nero                             Theme From 'Rocky'                                                            2:42
Peter Nero                             Theme From 'Superman'                                                         4:28
Horror Movie Theme Songs               Theme From Jaws                                                               1:39
Veggie Tales                           Theme Song                                                                    1:28
Rascal Flatts                          Then I Did                                                                    3:13
Jane's Addiction                       Then She Did...                                                               8:19
The Best Of 90's Country               There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio                                      2:49
Done Again                             There Goes My Life                                                            4:12
Bryan Adams                            There Will Never Be Another Tonight                                           4:58
Andy Williams                          There Will Never Be Another You                                               2:56
Panic! At The Disco                                                                                                 3:17
                                       There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet
Eagles                                 There's a Hole in the World Tonight                                           4:31
Hank Williams Jr & Sr                  There's A Tear In My Beer                                                     2:50
Sammy Hagar                            There's Only One Way To Rock                                                  4:15
Celine Dion                            These Are The Special Times                                                   4:24
Various Artists                        These Eyes                                                                    3:49
Mushroomhead                           These Filthy Hands                                                            5:20

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                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                             Title                     Length
Various Artists                       They All Fall Down                                             5:46
Kent Bottenfield                      They Went                                                      4:55
The Black Crowes                      Thick N' Thin                                                  2:45
Lynyrd Skynyrd                        Things Goin' On                                                5:01
Avril Lavigne                         Things I'll Never Say                                          3:44
Roxette                               Things Will Never Be The Same                                  3:12
Aretha Franklin                       Think (Blues Brothers)                                         3:30
Guns N' Roses                         Think About You                                                3:53
Slaughter                             Thinking Of June                                               1:05
Various Artists                       Third Rate Romance                                             3:23
Joe Diffy                             Third Rock From The Sun                                        3:06
Skillet                               Thirst Is Taking Over                                          6:33
Loverboy                              This Could Be The Night                                        4:59
Assorted                              This Diamand Ring                                              2:03
Rascal Flatts                         This Everyday Love                                             3:06
Various Artists                       This Fragile Breath                                            4:12
Montell Jordan                        This Is How We Do It                                           5:01
Boyz II Men                           This Is My Heart                                               3:27
Mims                                  This Is Why I m Hot                                            3:53
Faith Hill                            This Kiss                                                      3:30
Cedarmont Kids                        This Little Light Of Mine                                      1:26
100 Songs for Kids                    This Little Pig                                                1:16
Petra                                 This Means War                                                 5:43
Busta Rhymes & Ozzy                   This means war!                                                4:57
Various                               This Old Man (Knick-Knack, Patty-Whack)                        0:30
Done Again                            This One's For The Girls                                       4:02
Damn Yankees                          This Side Of Hell                                              4:01
Bryan Adams                           This Time                                                      3:19
DJ Antoine                            This Time (Klaas Remix)                                        5:15
Megadeth                              This Was My Life                                               3:42
Fall Out Boy                          Thnks fr th Mmrs [Lenny B Club Remix (Executive Version)]      7:03
Metallica                             Thorn Within                                                   5:52
Primus                                Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers                              5:20
Bryan Adams                           Thought I Died And Gone To Heaven                              5:49
Jane's Addiction                      Three Days                                                    10:49
Sammy Hagar                           Three Lock Box                                                 3:33
The Commodors                         Three Times A Lady                                             3:38
Pantera                               Throes Of Rejection                                            5:02
Stone Sour                            Through Glass                                                  4:01
Chaka Kahn                            Through The Fire                                               5:09
Metallica                             Through The Never                                              4:05
Kenny Rogers                          Through The Years                                              4:24
Lynch Mob                             Through These Eyes                                             5:16
Genesis                               Throwing It All Away                                           6:02
White Zombie                          Thrust!                                                        5:06
White Zombie                          Thunder Kiss '65                                               3:54
Garth Brooks                          Thunder Rolls                                                  4:03
AC/DC                                 Thunderstruck                                                  5:11
Roger Waters                          Tide Is Turning                                                7:22
Robert Plant                          Tie Dye On The Highway                                         5:17
Taylor Swift                          Tied Together With A Smile                                     4:12
Taylor Swift                          Tim McGraw                                                     3:55

                                                          Page 71
                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                      Artist                                               Title              Length
Pink Floyd                             Time                                                      7:07
Ozzy Osbourne                          Time After Time                                           4:21
Various Artists                        Time Baby III                                             3:52
REO Speedwagon                         Time For Me To Fly                                        3:39
Rolling Stones                         Time Is On My Side                                        2:59
Various Artists                        Time Machine                                              4:19
Various Artists                        Time of the Season                                        3:35
Rush                                   Time Stand Still                                          5:10
Bebo Norman                            Time Takes It's Toll On Us                                3:43
Mark Schultz                           Time That Is Left                                         3:57
Mark Schultz                           Time That Is Left [Reprise]                               2:30
Various Artists                        Time To Believe/My Everything                             4:42
Panic! At The Disco                    Time To Dance                                             3:22
South Park                             Timmy is Retarded                                         0:39
SOUTH PARK                             Timmy!!!                                                  1:49
Scissors Sisters                       Titel 08                                                  5:53
Frank Zappa                            Titties 'n Beer                                           4:58
Scorpions                              To Be With You In Heaven                                  4:52
Bebo Norman                            To Find My Way To You                                     4:13
Stryper                                To Hell With The Devil                                    4:09
Various Artists                        To Late to Turn Back Now                                  3:26
Metallica                              To Live Is To Die                                         9:49
Metallica                              To Live Is To Die (Bass Solo) (Helsinki 88)               6:05
Various Artists                        To Love Somebody                                          3:05
Rascal Flatts                          To Make Her Love Me                                       4:09
Edgar Winter                           Tobacco Road                                             18:12
Fragma                                 Toca's Miracle [Richard Durand Remix]                     4:04
Rush                                   Tom Sawyer                                                4:37
Primus                                 Tommy The Cat                                             4:15
Avril Lavigne                          Tomorrow                                                  3:49
Def Leppard                            Tonight                                                   4:04
Barenaked Ladies                       Tonight Is The Night That I Fell Asleep At The Wheel      8:52
Genesis                                Tonight, Tonight, Tonight                                 3:36
Next                                   Too Close                                                 4:20
Barenaked Ladies                       Too Little Too Late                                       3:35
Deep Purple                            Too Much Is Not Enough                                    4:18
Styx                                   Too Much Time On My Hands                                 4:50
Avril Lavigne                          Too Much To Ask                                           3:46
Hootie & The Blowfish                  Tootie                                                    3:16
69 Boys                                Tootsie Roll                                              4:45
Jock Jams                              Tootsie Roll                                              4:23
Jamie Slocum                           Top Of The World                                          2:35
Van Halen                              Top Of The World                                          3:53
All #1 Hits '80's                      Total Eclipse Of The Heart                                5:02
Various Artists                        Total Eclipse Of The Heart                                5:31
Avalon                                 Total Praise                                              3:56
Mariah Carey                           Touch my body                                             3:28
Bryan Adams                            Touch The Hand                                            4:06
Disney                                 Toy Story - You've Got A Friend In Me                     2:05
Buy You A Drank [Shawty Snappin']      TPain (ft. Yung Joc)                                      3:49
Various Artists                        Traces                                                    2:51
Jo Dee Messina                         Track 04                                                  5:01

                                                           Page 72
                            CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                      Title     Length
T-PAIN                                        Track 05                                        3:39
UU                                            Track 05                                        3:47
John Boy and Billy                            Track 15                                        4:53
Johnny Cash                                   Track 16                                        2:56
Christian Praise & Worship                    Track 23                                        1:53
Mudvane                                       Track 7                                         2:52
Track01                                       Track01                                         5:43
Track02                                       Track02                                         3:26
Track03                                       Track03                                         2:55
Track04                                       Track04                                         3:53
Track05                                       Track05                                         2:25
Track06                                       Track06                                         3:56
Track07                                       Track07                                         3:14
Track08                                       Track08                                         4:28
Track09                                       Track09                                         3:15
Track10                                       Track10                                         4:10
Track11                                       Track11                                         2:33
Nelson                                        Tracy's Song/Only Time Will Tell                5:21
                                              Train Kept a Rollin
Guns N' Roses w/Steven Tyler & Joe Perry of Aerosmith                                         4:29
Aerosmith                                     Train Kept on Rollin (live)                     5:46
Warrant                                       Train, Train                                    2:50
Foreigner                                     Tramontane                                      3:56
Sammy Hagar                                   Trans Am                                        3:31
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina                   Trashin' the Camp                               2:17
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band            Travelin' Man                                   5:13
Various Artists                               Traveling Light                                 3:29
Various Artists                               Treasure                                        3:58
George Thorogood & The Destroyers             Treat Her Right                                 3:32
Roger Waters                                  Trial                                           5:53
The Who                                       Trick Of The Light                              4:15
Godsmack                                      Trippin'                                        4:58
Mark Morrison                                 Trippin'                                        4:20
Triumph                                       Triumph - Say Goodbye                           4:33
Coldplay                                      Trouble                                         3:55
Marc Cohn                                     True Companion                                  4:10
Bonnie Raitt                                  True Love Is Hard To Find                       3:39
Mickey Gilley                                 True Love Ways                                  2:59
Lionel Richie                                 Truly                                           3:22
Savage Garden                                 Truly Madly Deeply                              4:38
Cascada                                       Truly Madly Deeply [Thomas Gold Remix]          4:46
Wedding Day                                   Trumpet Voluntary (Purcell)                     2:25
The Fray                                      Trust Me                                        3:23
Kent Bottenfield                              Trusting In Love                                4:15
Deep Purple                                   Truth Hurts                                     5:15
U2                                            Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World      3:53
Hootie & The Blowfish                         Tucker's Town                                   4:17
Harry Belafonte                               Turn Around                                     2:21
Loverboy                                      Turn Me Loose                                   5:39
Kevin Little ft Sean Paul                     Turn Me On (Remix)                              5:08
Union Underground                             Turn Me On Mr Deadman                           2:55
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band            Turn The Page                                   5:25
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                       Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus                       1:27

                                                                 Page 73
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                               Title     Length
Michael W. Smith                      Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus                        3:24
Various Artists                       Turn! Turn! Turn!                                3:40
Glen Miller                           Tuxedo Junction                                  3:28
The Black Crowes                      Twice As Hard                                    4:11
David Jack                            Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star                     3:11
Disney                                Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star                    1:25
Beatles                               twist & shout                                    2:45
Isley Brothers                        Twist And Shout                                  2:29
Dio                                   Twisted                                          4:45
Various Artists                       Two Divided By Love - Grass Roots                2:46
Eddie Rabbitt                         Two Dollars In The Jukebox                       2:23
Martina McBride                       Two More Bottles Of Wine                         3:16
Sammy Hagar                           Two Sides Of Love                                3:55
DJ Unk                                Two Step                                         3:17
Def Leppard                           Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version)              4:20
Beck                                  Two Turntables And A Microphone                  5:58
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina           Two Worlds                                       2:43
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina           Two Worlds Reprise                               1:16
MC Hammer                             U Can't Touch This                               5:05
Capella                               U Got 2 Let The Music                            3:38
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band    U.M.C. (Upper Middle Class)                      3:30
Boyz II Men                           Uhh Ahh                                          3:52
U2                                    Ultraviolet (Light My Way)                       5:31
Rihanna                               Umbrella (Jody Den Broeder Lush Club Remix)      8:30
Hoobastank                            Unaffected                                       3:34
MercyMe                               Unaware                                          4:08
Van Halen                             Unchained                                        3:42
Righteous Brothers                    Unchained Melody                                 3:39
Jamie Slocum                          Unchanged                                        3:34
Warrant                               Uncle Tom's Cabin                                4:02
CLAY DAVIDSON                         Unconditional                                    4:01
Rolling Stones                        Under My Thumb                                   3:44
Boyz II Men                           Under Pressure                                   4:15
Bette Midler                          Under The Boardwalk                              4:34
Bonnie Raitt                          Under The Falling Sky                            3:43
Lita Ford                             Under The Gun                                    4:53
Nicole C. Mullen                      Under The Shadows                                4:09
Christina Aguilera                    Understand                                       3:46
Various Artists                       Undo Me                                          3:25
MercyMe                               Undone                                           4:22
Various Artists                       Undun                                            3:34
Frank Sinatra                         Unforgettable                                    3:44
Brian McKnight                        Unhappy Without You                              4:07
Kiss                                  Unholy                                           3:44
Freemasons feat. Bailey Tzuke         Uninvited (Full Length Extended)                 8:08
Poison                                Unskinny Bop                                     3:48
Mark Harris                           Until                                            4:55
Mark Schultz                          Until I See You Again                            2:54
Metallica                             Until It Sleeps                                  4:30
U2                                    Until The End Of The World                       4:39
The Union Underground                 Until You Crack                                  3:29
Avril Lavigne                         Unwanted                                         3:41

                                                          Page 74
                       CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                               Title   Length
Slaughter                               Up All Night                                4:34
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   Up On A Housetop                            1:59
Various Artists                         Up on the Roof                              2:37
Various Artists                         Up, Up & Away                               2:44
Damn Yankees                            Uprising                                    5:32
Pink Floyd                              Us And Them                                 7:52
Pantera                                 Use My Third Arm                            4:52
Brian McKnight                          Used to Be My Girl                          4:13
Poison                                  Valley Of Lost Souls                        3:58
Godsmack                                Vampires                                    3:56
Bryan Adams                             Vanishing                                   5:04
Skillet                                 Vapor                                       3:39
Veggie Tales                            Veggie Tales - Stuffmart Rap                0:59
Roger Waters                            Vera                                        1:12
Fight                                   Vicious                                     3:12
Good Charlotte                          Victims Of Love                             3:45
The Fray                                Vienna                                      3:52
Disturbed                               Violence Fetish                             3:37
Mozart                                  Violin Romance                              8:34
Mariah Carey                            Vision Of Love                              3:31
Coldplay                                Viva la Vida                                4:04
Sammy Hagar                             VOA!                                        4:34
Casting Crowns                          Voice Of Truth                              5:46
Disturbed                               Voices                                      3:24
Various Artists                         Voices Carry                                4:21
Stevie Ray Vaughn                       Voodoo Child                                4:48
Nelly                                   Wadsyaname ((-thetinmanhasit.com-))         4:08
Various Artists                         Wait                                        5:43
Vangelis                                Wait For Me                                 5:28
Roger Waters                            Waiting For The Worms                       4:10
Various Artists                         Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go                 3:57
Wham                                    Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go                 3:52
Alicia Keys                             Wake Up                                     4:27
Various Artists                         Wake Up Everybody                           3:31
Cheap Trick                             Walk Away                                   3:44
Various Artists                         Walk Away, Renee                            2:47
Jeremy Camp                             Walk By Faith                               4:45
DJ Unk                                  Walk It Out                                 2:51
All #1 Hits '80's                       Walk Like An Egyptian                       3:39
Bangles                                 Walk Like An Egyptian                       3:44
Various Artists                         Walk on By                                  2:57
Aerosmith                               Walk On Down                                3:39
Dio                                     Walk On Water                               3:44
Ozzy Ozbourne                           Walk On Water                               4:38
Aerosmith                               Walk This Way                               3:32
Aerosmith & Run DMC                     Walk This Way                               5:35
Various Artists                         Walk This Way                               5:13
Bad Company                             Walk Through Fire                           4:49
Kix                                     Walkin' Away                                4:57
Mark Schultz                            Walking Her Home                            4:19
Marc Cohn                               Walking In Memphis                          4:39
Robert Plant                            Walking Towards Paradise                    4:41

                                                          Page 75
                       CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                 Title   Length
Ted Nugent                              Wang Dang Sweet Poontang                      6:31
Ted Nugent                              Wango Tango                                   4:52
Spice Girls                             Wannabe                                       2:55
Disturbed                               Want                                          3:53
Bon Jovi                                Wanted Dead Or Alive                          5:35
Ratt                                    Wanted Man                                    3:42
Slayer                                  War Ensemble                                  4:53
Fight                                   War of Words                                  4:30
Black Sabbath                           War Pigs/Luke's Wall                          8:28
White Zombie                            Warp Asylum                                   6:43
Creed                                   Wash Away Those Years                         6:05
Kent Bottenfield                        Wash Over Me                                  3:48
Staind                                  Waste                                         3:57
Carrie Underwood                        Wasted                                        4:35
Metallica                               Wasted My Hate                                3:58
Skid Row                                Wasted Time                                   5:49
Meat Loaf                               Wasted Youth                                  2:42
Kid Rock                                Wasting Time                                  4:02
Kiss                                    Watchin' You                                  3:35
Robert Plant                            Watching You                                  4:22
Veggie Tales                            Water Buffalo Song                            1:13
Aerosmith                               Water Song/Janie's Got A Gun                  5:54
Ratt                                    Way Cool Jr.                                  4:29
Various Artists                         Wayne's World Theme                           5:15
Twila Paris                             We All Bow Down                               4:40
Edgar Winter                            We All Had A Real Good Time                   3:20
Sister Sledge                           We Are Family                                 6:06
Various Artists                         We Are Free                                   5:18
Various Artists                         We Are One                                    3:53
Queen                                   We Are The Champions                          3:01
Pat Benatar                             We Belong                                     3:43
Lorrie Morgan                           We Both Walk                                  3:06
All #1 Hits '80's                       We Built This City                            5:13
Michael W. Smith                        We Can't Wait Any Longer                      4:43
Various Artists                         We Don't Play                                 4:07
Kutless                                 We Fall Down                                  3:23
Passion                                 We Fall Down                                  5:49
Go-Go's                                 We Got The Beat                               2:37
Twila Paris                             We Have Seen Your Glory (John I)              6:13
Brian Littrell                          We Lift You Up                                3:25
Pat Benatar                             We Live For Love                              3:55
Joel Engle                              We Need You                                   3:24
FREDDY JACKSON                          WE ONLY JUST BEGUN                            6:06
Dio                                     We Rock                                       4:36
Mannheim Steamroller                    We Three Kings                                4:08
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   We Three Kings                                2:57
George Clinton                          We Want The Funk                              6:10
Brenton Brown                           We Will Go                                    9:32
Queen                                   We will rock you                              5:04
Brenton Brown                           We Will Worship Him                           4:34
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   We Wish You A Merry Christmas                 2:36
The Who                                 We Wont Get Fooled Again.mp3                  8:35

                                                           Page 76
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                             Title           Length
Various Artists                       We're All In This Together                           4:06
Al Jarreau                            We're In This Love Together                          4:04
Twisted Sister                        We're Not Gonna Take It                              3:38
Skillet                               We're Thirsty                                        2:06
Carrie Underwood                      We're Young And Beautiful                            3:53
The Carpenters                        We've Only Just Begun                                3:04
Creed                                 Weathered                                            5:31
Christina Aguilera                    Welcome                                              2:43
Kid Rock                              Welcome 2 the Party                                  5:34
Various Artists                       Welcome Home                                         4:25
Brian Littrell                        Welcome Home (You)                                   3:06
White Zombie                          Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag      6:22
Guns N' Roses                         Welcome To The Jungle                                4:49
Brenton Brown                         Well With My Soul                                    4:16
Wave Hounds                           Wet Fart                                             0:01
Louis Armstrong                       What A Wonderful World                               2:22
Romantic Sax                          What A Wonderful World                               3:26
Paul Baloche                          What Can I Do                                        5:19
Charlotte Church                      What Child Is This?                                  2:47
Reba McEntire                         What Do you Say                                      3:32
Various Artists                       What Do You Say                                      3:29
Honeymoon Suite                       What Does It Take                                    4:36
Hoobastank                            What Happened To Us?                                 3:60
Rascal Flatts                         What Hurts The Most                                  3:34
Kittie                                What I Always Wanted                                 3:43
Various Artists                       What I Like About You                                2:58
Various Artists                       What I've Been Looking For                           2:12
Various Artists                       What I've Been Looking For (Reprise)                 1:25
Creed                                 What If                                              5:18
Casting Crowns                        What If His People Prayed                            3:29
Collin Raye                           What If Jesus Comes Back Like That                   3:08
Blue October                          What If We Could                                     4:03
Various Artists                       What Is Love                                         4:38
Bonnie Raitt                          What Is Success                                      3:43
Aerosmith                             What It Takes                                        6:30
Chris Cagle                           what kind of gone                                    3:01
Various Artists                       What Love Is                                         3:13
Various Artists                       What Love Is This?                                   4:24
Various Artists                       What She Wants                                       3:50
Done Again                            What Was I Thinkin'                                  3:49
Rush                                  What You're Doing (Live)                             5:42
Nelly                                 What Your Name Is                                    4:08
Brian McKnight                        What's My Name                                       4:51
Lynyrd Skynyrd                        What's Your Name                                     3:34
Lynyrd Skynyrd                        What's Your Name, Little Girl                        3:33
Shania Twain                          Whatever You Do! Don't!                              3:49
Method Man Ft. Busta Rhymes           Whats Happening                                      3:47
Journey                               Wheel In The Sky                                     4:13
Shania Twain                          When                                                 3:39
Charlotte Church                      When A Child Is Born                                 2:30
Joe Crocker                           When A Man Loves A Woman                             3:35
Percy Sledge                          When A Man Loves A Woman                             2:56

                                                         Page 77
                        CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                              Title          Length
Rightous brothers                     When A man loves a women                            2:53
Celine Dion & Josh Groban             When I Fall In Love                                 4:44
Extreme                               When I First Kissed You                             4:01
Nicole C. Mullen                      When I Grow Up                                      3:15
Firehouse                             When I Look Into Your Eyes                          4:02
All #1 Hits '80's                     When I See You Smile                                4:36
3 Doors Down                          When I'm Gone (Album Version)                       4:24
Hootie & The Blowfish                 When I'm Lonely                                     5:55
Extreme                               When I'm President                                  4:22
Van Halen                             When It's Love                                      5:39
Loverboy                              When It's Over                                      5:07
Def Leppard                           When Love & Hate Collide                            4:17
Don Dokken                            When Love Finds A Fool                              5:37
The Best Of 90's Country              When My Ship Comes In                               3:34
Don Dokken                            When Some Nights                                    4:30
Prince                                When The Doves Cry                                  5:55
Led Zeppelin                          When The Levee Breaks                               7:08
Journey                               When The Lights Go Down In The City                 3:23
Sonic Flood                           When the Music Fades                                4:07
Rascal Flatts                         When The Sand Runs Out                              3:47
Pink Floyd                            When The Tigers Broke Free                          3:43
Point Of Grace                        When The Wind Blows                                 4:28
Various Artists                       When There Was Me And You                           3:12
Garth Brooks                          When You Come Back Again                            4:36
Mark Schultz                          When You Come Home                                  5:56
Mark Schultz                          When You Give                                       4:30
Journey                               When You Love a Woman                               4:29
Various Artists                       When You Need My Love                               3:39
Cheap Trick                           When You Need Someone                               5:19
Alicia Keys                           When You Really Love Someone                        4:10
MercyMe                               When You Spoke My Name                              3:38
Dr. Hook                              When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman          2:60
Various Artists                       When Your Heart Is Weak (European Dance Remix)      4:39
Carrie Underwood                      Whenever You Remember                               3:48
Nickle Back                           Where                                               4:42
Various Artists                       Where Do The Children Go                            5:27
MercyMe                               Where I Belong                                      4:39
Various Artists                       Where I Can See You                                 3:37
Black Eyed Peas                       Where Is The Love                                   3:48
Tim Mcgraw                            Where the Green Grass Grows                         3:37
Metallica                             Where The Wild Things Are                           6:55
Kid Rock                              Where U at Rock                                     4:25
Good Charlotte                        Where Would We Be Now                               3:58
Nas                                   Where Y'all At                                      4:09
Rascal Flatts                         Where You Are                                       3:53
Damn Yankees                          Where You Goin' Now                                 4:40
Carole King                           Where You Lead (Gilmore Girls Theme)                3:19
MercyMe                               Where You Lead Me                                   3:38
Metallica                             Wherever I May Roam                                 6:45
Cheap Trick                           Wherever Would I Be                                 4:06
Relient K                             Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet (acoustic)         2:44
Various Artists                       Whiggle In Line                                     4:33

                                                        Page 78
                     CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                  Artist                                                  Title   Length
Casting Crowns                          While You Were Sleeping                      5:14
Devo                                    Whip It                                      2:53
Skillet                                 Whirlwind                                    4:03
Skillet                                 Whispers In The Dark                         3:20
New York Symphony Orchestra & Chorale   White Christmas                              3:33
Def Leppard                             White Lightning                              7:04
Robert Plant                            White, Clean and Neat                        5:29
StereoMud                               whitelie                                     1:09
Casting Crowns                          Who Am I                                     5:57
The Who                                 Who Are You                                  6:25
George Thorogood & The Destroyers       Who Do You Love?                             4:20
Spice Girls                             Who Do You Think You Are                     4:01
Jessica Andrews                         Who I Am                                     4:05
Baha Men                                Who Let The Dogs Out                         3:28
Clay Walker                             Who Needs You                                2:50
Done Again                              Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me                     4:31
Kenny Chesney                           Who You'd Be Today                           4:16
U2                                      Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses            5:17
Creed                                   Who's Got My Back                            4:54
Creed                                   Who's Got My Back?                           8:26
Petra                                   Who's On The Lord's Side                     3:56
Led Zeppelin                            Whole Lotta Love                             5:34
Jerry Lee Lewis                         Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On                 3:09
Jock Jams                               Whoomp! There it is... Tag Team              4:01
Shania Twain                            Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under         4:25
Robert Plant                            Why                                          4:15
Dio                                     Why Are They Watching Me                     5:05
Van Halen                               Why Can't This Be Love                       3:48
Various Artists                         Why You Wanna Break My Heart                 3:33
Slayer                                  Wicked                                       5:60
Lynch Mob                               Wicked Sensation                             4:42
Deep Purple                             Wicked Ways                                  6:35
Rednex                                  Wild And Free                                3:60
Martina McBride                         Wild Angels                                  3:59
Dio                                     Wild One                                     4:06
M?tley Cr?e                             Wild Side                                    4:40
Steppenwolf                             Wild Thing                                   2:46
Tone Loc                                Wild Thing                                   4:46
Will Smith                              Wild Wild West                               3:21
Skillet                                 Will You Be There                            5:10
Nelson                                  Will You Love Me?                            4:21
Bonnie Raitt                            Willya Wontcha                               3:22
Various Artists                         Winchester Cathedral                         2:11
Bette Midler                            Wind Beneath My Wings                        4:55
Mr. Big                                 Wind Me Up                                   4:12
Scorpions                               Wind Of Change                               5:14
50 Cent                                 Window Shopper                               3:22
Nickelback                              Window Shopper                               3:27
Mickey Gilley                           Window Up Above                              2:35
Journey                                 Winds Of March                               5:05
Various Artists                         Windy                                        2:43
Slaughter                               Wingin' It                                   1:12

                                                           Page 79
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                  Title     Length
Sammy Hagar                             Winner Takes It All                               3:60
Charlotte Church                        Winter Wonderland                                 3:04
Mannheim Steamroller                    Winter Wonderland                                 3:43
Brian Littrell                          Wish                                              3:57
Nine Inch Nails                         Wish                                              3:47
Mark Harris                             Wish You Were Here                                3:57
Pink Floyd                              Wish You Were Here                                5:22
Various Artists                         Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)            4:14
Joe Cocker                              With A Little Help From My Friends                5:06
Creed                                   With Arms Wide Open                               4:35
Leigh Nash & Dan Haseltine              With every breath                                 5:26
Platters                                With This Ring                                    2:45
Linkin Park                             With You                                          3:23
Various Artists                         With You                                          3:31
Billy Preston & Syretta                 With You I'm Born Again                           3:43
Bad Company                             With You In A Heartbeat                           4:35
Christina Aguilera                      Without You                                       3:57
Van Halen                               Without You                                       6:54
Various Artists                         Without You                                       3:19
Aaron Tippin                            Without Your Love                                 3:32
Nicole C Mullen                         Witness                                           3:50
Exile                                   Woke Up In Love                                   3:15
Iced Earth                              Wolf                                              5:44
Joe Cocker                              Woman To Woman                                    4:29
Bonnie Raitt                            Women Be Wise                                     3:24
Joel Engle                              Wonder Of Your Love                               3:18
Various Artists                         Wonderful Maker                                   4:30
Eric Clapton                            Wonderful Tonight                                 3:56
Various Artists                         Wonderful, Merciful Saviour                       4:13
sound effects                           woody woodpecker laugh                            0:04
Various Artists                         Word Of God Speak                                 4:18
Rascal Flatts                           Words I Couldn't Say                              4:36
Lynyrd Skynyrd                          Workin' For MCA                                   4:49
Various Artists                         Working For The Weekend                           3:43
Rush                                    Working Man                                       7:12
Various Artists                         Working My Way Back to You                        3:07
Bob Sinclair                            World Hold On [Club Mix] (ft. Steve Edwards)      6:57
Various Artists                         Worse Thing That Could Happen                     3:10
Various Artists                         Worthy Is The Lamb                                6:02
Jill Phillips                           Wrecking Ball                                     4:20
Creed                                   Wrong Way                                         4:20
Blue October                            X Amount Of Words                                 4:15
100 Songs for Kids                      yankee doodle                                     0:25
Usher ft. Lil Jon and Ludacris          Yeah                                              4:21
Usher                                   Yeah (Techno-Remix) 1                             4:37
Van Halen                               Year to the Day                                   8:35
Peter Nero                              Yellow Rose Of Texas                              3:15
Beatles                                 Yellow Submarine                                  2:50
Rascal Flatts                           Yes I Do                                          4:17
Various Artists                         Yesterday                                         2:09
Various Artists                         Yesterday, Today And Forever                      3:55
Village People                          YMCA                                              5:11

                                                          Page 80
                          CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                     Artist                                                   Title             Length
Jaime Jamgochian                          You - Album Version                                      4:32
BTO                                       You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet                               4:10
Guns N' Roses                             You Ain't The First                                      2:36
Lifehouse                                 You And Me                                               3:15
Jaime Jamgochian                          You Are - Album Version                                  4:23
Mark Schultz                              You Are A Child Of Mine                                  5:16
Various Artists                           You Are Changed                                          3:16
Phillips, Craig, & Dean                   You Are God Alone                                        4:18
Point Of Grace                            You Are Good                                             4:10
Various Artists                           You Are Good                                             5:28
Twila Paris                               You Are Holy                                             6:07
Various Artists                           You Are Holy (Prince Of Peace)                           5:18
Brenton Brown                             You Are My God                                           4:49
Skillet                                   You Are My Hope                                          4:16
Phillips, Craig & Dean                    You Are My KIng                                          5:16
Freddie Jackson                           You Are My Lady                                          4:46
100 Songs For Kids                        You Are My Sunshine                                      2:01
Joe Cocker                                You Are So Beautiful                                     2:43
Romantic Sax                              You Are So Beautiful                                     3:30
Point Of Grace                            You Are The Answer                                       3:51
Slaughter                                 You Are The One                                          3:56
Shiny Toy Guns                            You Are The One [Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Remix]      8:59
Nitro Praise                              You are the Rock of my Salvation                         4:18
Stevie Wonder                             You Are The Sunshine Of My Life                          2:53
Rolling Stones                            You Can't Always Get What You                            7:34
Roger Miller (David Allan Coe presents)   You Can't Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd                  1:59
Done Again                                You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl            3:28
Ozzy Ozbourne                             You can?t kill rock 'n' roll                             7:01
Janie Fricke                              You Don't Know Love                                      3:20
Mickey Gilley                             You Don't Know Me                                        3:13
Alicia Keys                               You Don't Know My Name                                   6:07
Jim Croce                                 You Don't Mess Around With Jim                           2:60
Cheap Trick                               You Drive, I'll Steer                                    4:35
Gap Band                                  You Dropped A Bomb On Me                                 5:39
Bon Jovi                                  You Give Love A Bad Name                                 4:03
Various Artists                           You Got It (The Right Stuff)                             4:12
Paul Baloche                              You Have Been So Good                                    4:01
Brian Littrell                            You Keep Givin' Me                                       5:36
Ozzy Osbourne                             You Know...                                              1:07
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                   You Lift Me Up                                           3:40
Blue October                              You Make Me Smile                                        4:22
Toni Braxton                              You Mean the World To Me                                 4:57
Various Artists                           You Said                                                 3:50
Sam Cooke                                 You Send Me                                              2:46
Hot Chocolate                             You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles)                   4:24
AC-DC                                     You Shook Me All Night Long                              3:31
ACDC                                      You Shook Me All Night Long                              3:31
Skillet                                   You Take My Rights Away                                  4:54
George Thorogood & The Destroyers         You Talk Too Much                                        4:36
Ratt                                      You Think You're Tough                                   3:54
Various Artists                           You Were on My Mind                                      2:41
Elton John                                You'll Be Blessed                                        5:19

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                    Artist                                                Title          Length
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina            You'll Be in My Heart                                1:37
Trixter                                You'll Never See Me Cryin'                           5:01
Foreigner                              You're All I Am                                      3:25
Michael W. Smith                       You're All I Want                                    4:15
Guns N' Roses                          You're Crazy                                         3:17
Various Artists                        You're Easy On The Eyes                              3:33
Ratt                                   You're In Love                                       3:15
Skillet                                You're in my Brain                                   3:31
Amy Grant                              You're Not Alone                                     3:50
Skillet                                You're Powerful                                      3:26
Shania Twain                           You're Still The One                                 3:32
Shania Twain                           You're Still The One [Intro]                         3:39
Gladys Knight & The Pips               You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me       4:04
Barry White                            You're The First, The Last, My                       4:36
Warrant                                You're The Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised           3:34
David Archuleta                        You're the Voice                                     1:59
Kent Bottenfield                       You're There                                         4:59
MercyMe                                You're To Blame                                      4:15
Firehouse                              You're Too Bad                                       3:39
80's Music                             You're Unbelievable(80's)                            3:44
Various Artists                        You're Worthy Of My Praise                           4:24
Martina McBride                        You've Been Driving All The Time                     4:43
James Taylor                           You've Got A Friend                                  4:28
Shania Twain                           You've Got A Way                                     3:30
Judas Priest                           You've Got Another Thing C                           5:09
Emotions                               You've Got the Best of My Love                       3:60
Aaron Tippin                           You've Got To Stand For Something                    3:05
Various Artists                        You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'                      3:48
Various Artists                        You've Made Me so Very Happy                         3:33
The Temptations                        You'veLost That Lovin Feeling                        3:49
Various Artists                        Young Girl                                           3:17
Aerosmith                              Young Lust                                           4:20
Roger Waters                           Young Lust                                           6:09
Saliva                                 Your Disease                                         3:58
ABSOLUTE MODERN WORSHIP                Your Grace Is Enough                                 3:51
Phillips, Craig & Dean                 Your Grace Still Amazes Me                           5:13
Janie Fricke                           Your Heart's Not In It                               2:60
Boyz II Men                            Your Love                                            5:51
Skillet                                Your Love (Keeps Me Alive)                           3:57
John Berry                             Your Love Amazes Me                                  3:54
Skillet                                Your love is better than life                        3:56
Various Artists                        Your Love Is Deep                                    4:33
Casting Crowns                         Your Love Is Extravagant                             3:53
Various Artists                        Your Love Never Changes                              3:25
Robert Plant                           Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night      4:17
Paul Baloche                           Your Name                                            5:44
Skillet                                Your Name Is Holy                                    5:06
Tower Of Power                         Your Still A Young Man                               5:35
Chicago                                Youre the Inspiration                                3:51
Cedarmont Kids                         Zacchaeus                                            1:04
Hawk Nelson                            Zero                                                 4:39
Ozzy Osbourne                          Zombie Stomp                                         6:14

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                         CSharp Mobile Entertainment - Music List - Title Sort
                  Artist                                           Title         Length
U2                                      Zoo Station                                 4:37
Ronnie James Dio and Yngwie Malmsteen   [Aerosmith Tribute] -                       4:50
The Alchemist Presents                  _instrumental - new beat                    3:01

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