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   *Honey is considered as the best thing to use for treatment
of asthma. You can use it as medicine by mixing it with other
foods. The best way to use honey is to inhale the aroma which
comes out of honey.
 *Lemon is another natural ingredient that is used and proven
effective to cure asthma. You can consume lemons by
extracting its juice with your daily meals. This improves your
condition of Asthma.
       * Figs are quite useful in treatment of asthma. You can use
it in curing cough, chilss and even helpful in diabetes. You can
find syrups made from figs, methi seeds and honey to be useful
in reducing cough and asthma.
     * Garlic is believed to be ideal medication for asthma. You
can take 10 cloves of garlic and mesh it with milk and drink it
     * Take a ginger tea and mix some garlic in it to cure
treatment of garlic.
    * Take a teaspoon of ginger juice, cup of fenugreek and
honey, this makes a combination of great medicine for asthma.
     * Use a mixture of 5 grams of Indian gooseberry and a
tablespoon of honey. Take this every morning. This is effective
in the treatment of asthma.
      *High consumption of apples may protect against asthma.
   *Minimize contact with respiratory irritants, such as smoke,
dust, molds, and volatile chemicals. Remove sources of
offending materials from your home, install a good air filtration
system, or consider moving if the air is generally bad where you
live. Experiment with living in other locations: in high
mountains, the desert, or near the seacoast.
* Eliminate milk and milk products, substituting other calcium
* Eat organically grown fruits and vegetables as much as
Tulsi Tea

Known as the "Mother Medicine of Nature" in Ayurvedic
medicine, clinical research has shown significant positive effect
in relieving asthma. Click hear to read more about Tulsi Tea as
Natural Remedy for Asthma.
Milk Contributes To and Causes Asthma

Milk is the number one allergen. More people are allergic to
milk than any other substance. It has been implicated as a
cause of numerous illnesses including asthma. Anyone
wishing to better their asthma or to cure it, should stop all dairy
products immediately. Go to this link to learn more about
Milk Dangers.

Water Asthma Natural Remedy

If you suffer from asthma and would like to reduce the chances
of having an asthma attack, you should think about drinking
plenty of water as a natural remedy. This means that you
should drink ten or more twelve ounce glasses of water a day.
Water is what the body needs most and if you don’t get enough
of it, it can cause your body to use more of its own water to do
normal functions. That can take away from your lung functions,
which can lead to your lungs over working and causing an
asthma attack.
Coffee Alternative Treatment for Asthma

Coffee can be a great alternative treatment for asthma if you’re
having trouble with your breathing. Now coffee can be either a
blessing or curse to people with asthma. The way it can be a
blessing is that it’s a stimulant and can help stimulate your
lungs to function better when you are having an attack. When
you are having an attack, you should drink only one cup of
coffee, which is twelve ounces, and you should make sure that
it is pure black with no sugar or cream in it. It should help your
lungs get stimulated enough to function properly again. Now it
can also be bad for you if you drink it on a regular basis because
it can dehydrate your body. So you should only drink coffee
when you are having an attack, if at all.

Steamed Ginger Tea Natural Home Cure

Try steaming some ginger tea on the stove making sure to
steam it, not just heat it. Then you should put four minced
garlic cloves in with the tea while it is steaming and drink it
after it has cooled down enough. Do this on a twice daily basis.

Turmeric Powder Natural Asthma Cure

Turmeric powder is a great home remedy for asthma. What this
remedy precludes is taking one teaspoon of turmeric powder
and mixing it in with 6 ounces of hot water three times a day on
a daily basis.

Mustard Oil Back Rub Natural Cure for Asthma

Mustard oil works great if you are suffering from an attack and
you need instant relief. Mix mustard oil with camphor, then
rub it on your back right behind your chest. This should give you
instant relief and let your lungs function again, which will make
breathing easier. This is one of the best natural cures for
Honey Home Remedy for Asthma

A good way for helping asthma is to use the honey home
remedy treatment for asthma, which has been used since the
1800’s. Doctor’s used to stick a jar of honey under the patient’s
nose and within two to three minutes the patient was able to
breathe again. If you would like decrease your chances of
asthma attacks, try mixing in one teaspoon of honey with a
twelve ounce glass of water and drink it. You should do this
three times a day everyday to reduce your chances of having an
attack. If you do have an attack and can’t get to your inhaler,
find a jar of honey and put it under your nose, and you should
be able to start breathing normal again within three minutes.

Honey Pepper Asthma Home Remedy

If you are suffering from asthma, I have a home remedy. Each
day drink ¼ cup of onion juice with a tablespoon of honey and
about 1/8 tablespoon of black pepper.
Vaccines May Cause Asthma

Some research suggests that asthma is set up in childhood by
the substances found in vaccines. Click here to read more
about Vaccines and Asthma.

Garlic Juice Natural Cure for Asthma

To ward off the symptoms of asthma you should drink a glass of
warm water mixed with around 10 to 15 drops of garlic juice.

Liqorice Ginger

Asthma natural cure: Take one cup of water and add ½
teaspoon of licorice and ginger mixed together. This should
provide some help.

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Juicing as Asthma Treatment

For helping to treat asthma, try having a drink three times daily.
The drink is comprised of two parts carrot juice and one part
spinach juice.

Asthma Natural Cure with Basil

I have a great natural cure for asthma. Take about 30 or 40
basil leaves and soak them in a half gallon of water. After
soaking these, strain out the leaves and drink throughout the

Garlic & Cayenne Natural Home Remedy for Asthma

My home remedy for treating asthma is to take garlic and a
cayenne supplement daily.

Avoid Stress
In one study, 130 asthmatic adults logged their stress points,
lung peak flow readings, frequency of asthma symptoms, and
how often they used bronchodilators. Stress was positively
connected with reduced ability in breathing as measured by
peak flow rates, increased asthma symptoms and
bronchodilator use.

Vegan Diet for Asthma Natural Cure

At Bastyr University, in Seattle, Washington, a study on 25
patients revealed that a vegan diet can have a long-lasting
positive effect on respiratory illnesses and primarily asthma.
The diet eliminated all dairy products, eggs, fish and meat.
Water for drinking was limited to spring water. 71% of the
participants showed good results from the diet after just four
months and, after one year the success rate was 92%.

Acupuncture Natural Remedy for Asthma
A number of clinical studies have been done which show how
effective acupuncture can be in relieving asthma symptoms. In
one study, 17 persons with a long history of asthma were
treated with acupuncture. At the end of 10 weeks of therapy,
over 70% of the participants reported a marked improvement
in their asthma symptoms which continued after treatment for
six months. In another study, 94 persons suffering with asthma
were treated with acupuncture. They reported a significant
reduction in asthma symptoms as compared to 49 participants
in a control group. Bronchial hyper-reactivity was reduced by
using acupuncture. It also raised concentrations of T
lymphocytes and other important immune cells and stimulated
the function of cell beta-adrenergic receptors.

B Complex to Relieve Asthma

My home remedy for helping to confront asthma conditions is
to take vitamins B-Complex, D, A, PABA, and pantothenic acid.

Lobelia Asthma Natural Home Remedy
I’ve grown tired of my asthma attacks. I’ve found something
that can make the attacks less severe. Try taking some Lobelia

No Dairy

One way to treat your asthma with a home remedy is to stay
clear of dairy products.

Bee Pollen for Asthma

Asthma can be a big problem. One long term solution I’ve
found is to take bee pollen daily to eliminate the allergens.

Stretch and Shower
When you are experiencing an asthma attack raise your arms
over head. This will open up the lungs. Always seek out to
breath the cleanest air possible. Smoking and allergies will
only make your asthma much worse. Take a hot shower as
this will help to break up the mucus in your lungs while opening
up the bronchial tubes.

Breathe Cool Air

When you lay down, don’t lay flat. Also, when laying down
have yourself propped up so you can breathe better. And you
know that smoking is very bad for asthma. Take in some cool
air as this is helpful for asthma. Avoid getting your room too
hot because the warm air only makes your nose stuffy.

Cool Air or Popsicle

I have had asthma all my life.   When I was a young child and
started to cough or experience shortness of breath. My
parents knew that an attack was coming on and would take me
outside to where the air was cooler. They would do this or
give me a popisicle. If you don’t happen to have popsicles,
then use an ice cube. Although I admit, this isn’t as much fun
for kids.

Avoid Aspirin as Asthma Natural Cure

If you have asthma, you need to avoid taking aspirin! You’ve
got to believe me, aspirin will only aggravate your asthma. In
the past; whenever I had a headache I would take an aspirin,
but this only led to an asthma attack. When I went to my
doctor and asked why I was getting asthma attacks so
frequently, he asked me if I was taking aspirin. It’s been a
year and I haven’t taken any aspirin. I’ve only had one attack
instead of having three a month on average as before.

Coffee for Asthma Home Remedy
For an asthma home remedy I found that drinking a cup of
black coffee will help. The warmth in the coffee helps to
break up the phlegm and the coffee helps to alleviate the
tightness in your chest/throat. This is a great natural cure and
home remedy for an asthma attack.
Jethro Kloss on Asthma

Asthma is often invoked by some substance that one is allergic
to. If that substance is known, it should be avoided. No
asthmatic person should smoke. Taking an emetic (to vomit)
when an attack occurs after eating will often bring instant
relief. A good emetic for this is to boil a pint of water and
pour it over a teaspoon of lobelia allowing it to steep for
several minutes. Then drink a few cups lukewarm. If
vomiting does not come easily, stick your finger in the back of
the throat until vomiting occurs. If you do not have lobelia,
drink lukewarm water with a little salt, drinking continuous
cups until vomiting occurs. Adding a little mustard will help to
clean the lungs and stomach – a tablespoon full in a glass of
water. When the stomach has been cleansed, relief is usually
immediate. After this, drink a cup of hot peppermint or
spearmint tea to soothe the stomach.
Apply hot fomentations on the stomach, liver and spleen. Also
over the lungs. Then place the patient in a tub of hot water,
just above body temperature, and have the patient stay in the
tub for 45 minutes to an hour or longer. Don’t let the water
cool. Keep adding hot water to keep the temperature just
above body temperature. End the bath with a cool shower.

An herbal mix that works well for asthma contains equal
portions of the following: lobelia, wild cherry bark, skullcap,
gentian, valerian, calamus and cubeb berries. Mix these well
and use a large teaspoonful in a cup of boiling water. Drink a
cupful of this three for four times in the day an hour before
eating, and a cupful hot before going to bed. If you don’t have
all of these herbs, then use the ones you have. If you are
constipated use an herbal laxative. These are the
recommendations of Jethro Kloss in his book Back to Eden.

Steaming Water Alternative Treatment for Asthma

For an attack, you should take some water and warm it up until
it boils and put it in a bowl. Then set it down on your table and
put your head over the bowl and cover both your head and
bowl with a towel and breathe in the steam. The steam should
help your lungs relax and help them function so that way you
can breathe again. You should only do this for fifteen to twenty
minutes and if it does not work, you should boil another bowl
of water.

Herbal Concoction

To treat your asthma you will need one cup of oregano, one
teaspoon of cinnamon, one onion, a teaspoon of eucalyptus,
some mullein garlic, bonganbilia, red honey and some lemon
juice. Once you have all the ingredients you should bring them
to a boil all except the honey and lemon juice. Then after you
have brought the ingredients to a boil add in the lemon juice
and the red honey and drink one cup of it every four hours. This
will help you breathe more and decrease your attacks

Honey Water Alternative Treatment for Asthma
If you are suffering from attacks frequently and your modern
day medicine is not doing the trick, you should check out this
asthma alternative treatment. You just take one stick of
cinnamon, two tablespoons of thyme, one lime (cut into
halves), three heads of garlic, one half of a purple onion, one
teaspoon of honey and three cups of water. Then put all of
the ingredients into a pot except for one cup of water and the
honey and bring them to boil. After you have boiled the
ingredients, add in the last cup of water and the honey. Once
the mixture has been made, you should take one tablespoon
every three hours like it was medicine or if you are having a
severe attack drink it all at once as tea. You should take this
every day to help prevent and decrease the amounts of attacks
you may be experiencing.

Baking Soda Natural Cure for Asthma

Just mix together one cup of warm water, one half teaspoon of
salt and a pinch of baking soda. Once you have the three
ingredients mixed together take a syringe and apply the
mixture to your sinuses through your nose like a rinse. You
should do this with your head hanging upside down so it can
get through to your sinuses, it should run out of your nose
because it is a rinse. This should help you keep your sinuses
clear and help keep your asthma from acting up.


To help get an asthma attack under control, you should use
steam. All you have to do is go into your bathroom and turn
your shower and sinks hot water on to steam up the bathroom.
Once it has completely steamed your bathroom, let it run for
another four minutes then turn of the water and sit. You should
take deep breaths while sitting in the bathroom that way you
breath in the steam; you should stay in there until all of the
steam has gone away. This should help stop your attack and
give you some relief.

Hot Cup of Water Home Treatment for Asthma

Heat up one cup of water to about one hundred and fifty
degrees and drink it. You should start to breathe easier in about
five minutes.

Cherry Tree Bark Natural Cure for Asthma

One way you can decrease the chances of an asthma attack is
by using cheery tree bark. The way this works is to take some
bark from a cherry tree and make some tea with it, and then
drink it like you would any other tea. You should drink the tea
every day so that way it can help your lungs function better and
help keep you from having an asthma attack on a daily basis.
You can pick up the bark at any health food store and this is a
good natural cure for asthma.

Lemon Water

When you have asthma and want to decrease your chances of
an attack, try lemon water. Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice
in with one cup of water and drink it, and do this on a daily
basis and it will decrease your chances of an attack.

Mullin and Sage Tea Natural Asthma Home Remedy

This is a remedy that has been used for many years and has
been proven to work. Pick up some mullin and sage at your
local health food store and make a tea out of them. The way
you make the tea is by boiling both of these ingredients in pot
of water and drinking the water. If do this on a daily basis, it
should lower your chances of an asthma attack.

Chinese Medicine for Asthma Natural Cure

 In Chinese medicine, there are four distinct varieties of
asthma whereas these are all viewed as a single condition in
Western medicine. Each condition will be approached
differently with Chinese Medicine. Often people that have
asthma will have two or more of these conditions which will
require a competent Chinese herbologist to prepare a
prescription. For this you should seek out a qualified
practitioner. The best of these are from China and were
trained there.

In Chinese Medicine, chi is the vital life force. This is called
prana in East Indian texts and the Russians call it Bio Force. It
is a subtle energy as yet unexplored by Western science. Nikola
Tesla discovered it and called it radiant energy.

The four conditions that cause asthma are

Spleen Deficiency which causes a damp condition in the lungs
Liver Heat which dries the lungs out
Lung Chi Deficiency which creates a weakness in the lungs
Kidney Chi Deficiency which makes the lungs unable to hold the

Spleen deficiency asthma will create a lot of mucous. In Chinese
Medicine, a spleen deficiency has to do with the flow of chi and
not the actual spleen. This deficiency is created by a deficient
constitution and digestion and this causes the body to hold
water. The excess water is turned into mucous and this often
has ill effect on the lungs. This damp condition can also
adversely affect the nose, sinuses and large intestine, however
the lungs or the most common area for this dampness to
gather. A very good and effective herbal tonic for this is Er Chen

Liver Heat Scorching the Lungs. Asthma that comes with little
mucous, no mucous or thick green mucous is caused by a
tenacious heat in the body. This normally comes from the
liver. It is called Liver Heat Scorching the Lungs. This has
nothing to do with the physical liver. Heat is created by
external sources like alcohol or drugs, pollution and stress.
Two good herbal mixtures for this that can be taken together
are Ching Fei Yi Huo and Dry Cough Pills.

Lung Weakness also causes asthma and this can be present
from birth or result from damage to the lungs from flu or cold.
Lung Weakness can be present with shortness of breath,
fatigue, shallow breathing, frequent colds, heart palpitations
and other conditions of general debilitation. This condition
needs long term treatment. Useful herbal mixtures for this
are Ping Chuan Wan and Dry Cough Pills.
Kidney Deficient Asthma. Asthma that is accompanied by low
back pain, debilitation, general weakness or accompanying
issues with the nervous, urinary, reproductive or skeletal
systems could be Kidney Deficient asthma. This asthma is a
sign of depletion of reserve energy. The Kidney stored energy
is not capable of supplying the lungs with sufficient energy.
As a result the lungs are weakened and the do not function
properly. This type of asthma will get worse when the person
is tired or fatigued. The herbal mixture Ge Ji Da Bu Wan can
be taken along with Ping Chuan Wan to cure this.

To prevent a cold or flu from going into the lungs and creating
an asthma attack, all types of asthma sufferers can benefit from
taking Chinese herbal tablets called Ma Hsing Chih Ke Pian
along with an early stage cold formula like Ganmaoling or Yin
Chiao. To buy these herbs - click here.

Ginseng Asthma Home Remedy

Asthma, and what you can do to treat it.   I recommend taking
ginseng daily to increase your heartiness and endurance.
Ginseng is of great benefit in aiding the assimilation of vitamins
and minerals and is one of the best natural home remedies for
Cabbage Juice Natural Remedy for Asthma

Suffering from asthma can take away a lot in life, so one way
you can reduce your chances of an asthma attack to drink
cabbage juice as a natural remedy. Take some cabbage and
juice it with a juice machine and drink one eight ounce glass of
the juice on a daily basis. This will help reduce your chances of
suffering from an attack quite dramatically. If you do not have a
juice machine, just eat one cup’s worth of cabbage on a daily

Warm Banana Home Remedy for Asthma

Eat a warm banana as a way to stop your asthma attacks. Stick
a ripe banana either on a flame or in a pan and warm it up,
after you have warmed it up, sprinkle some pepper on it and
eat it. Your attack should stop within five minutes of consuming
the banana.

Salted Basil Leaf

Sprinkle black salt on some basil leaves. You should eat these
leaves on a daily basis to reduce your chances of having an
asthma attack.

Rock Salt Chest Rub Natural Asthma Home Remedy

Rock salt as a chest rub can do wonders for an asthma attack.
Blend half of a cup of rock salt with a half of a cup of mustard
oil and apply it to your chest to give relief. This is a good
ayurvedic home remedy for asthma.

Fenugreek for Asthma
Take two tablespoons of fenugreek and one cup of water mixed
together. Once you have mixed the two ingredients together,
bring them to a boil on your stove. Let the mixture boil down
until there is only two thirds of a cup left, let it cool and drink it.
For best results do this daily so you can reduce your chances of
an attack.

Figs as Home Cure for Asthma

Figs are a good way to cure yourself from having an asthma
attack. All you need to do is eat two to three figs first thing in
the morning when you get up. For best results be sure to do
this daily, like it’s a daily dose of medicine.

Spiegel Water

Just mix two teaspoons of Spiegel seed in with one cup of warm
water and drink it. You should this twice a day on a daily basis
to help prevent asthma attacks from happening.
Carrot and Spinach Juice Natural Remedy for Asthma

Take two thirds of a cup of carrot juice and one third of spinach
juice and mix them together and drink it twice daily. This will
help boost your immune system and help your lungs function
better, so that way you have less of a chance of having an
asthma attack. If you want a good natural remedy for asthma
try this one.

Sleeping Position for Asthma

Most people tend to sleep flat on their backs at night which can
contract airways and make your lungs work more. By lying with
your body prompted up, it can open up more airways so that
your lungs aren’t working as hard while you are sleeping, which
will give them more of a rest. You can do this just by putting an
extra pillow under your head at night or even leaning up
against the wall a little bit when sleeping.
Allergy Medicine Treatment

Allergies and asthma have a tendency of going hand in hand
with each other in most cases and the simplest way you can
improve your asthma is just by using over the counter allergy
medicine. Go to your local drug store and get some over the
counter allergy medication. Most people who suffer from
asthma have allergies and the allergies can cause an attack. So
if you can keep from having an allergy attack, you can keep
from having an asthma attack in most cases. This is an
effective asthma home treatment.

Onion Juice Asthma Alternative Treatment

Mix one quarter of an onion juiced, one tablespoon of honey
and one eighth of a tablespoon of pepper and drink it daily to
treat asthma.
Pomegranate Juice

As a good home remedy for asthma, peel a pomegranate and
let the pomegranate dry in an air tight container for few days.
Then stick the pomegranate in a pot with eight ounces of water
and bring it to a boil. You should also put in some of the peal in
the mixture. While the mixture is boiling, add in about a dozen
raisins and let boil for about five minutes. Then let it cool down
enough so you can drink it. If you drink this mixture two times a
day, it will relieve you from the symptoms of your asthma.

Indian Root Natural Asthma Remedy

One way a person could relieve themselves from their asthma
symptoms is by using the Indian root natural remedy for
asthma. Just mix two teaspoons of Indian root, two teaspoons
of granulated Echinacea, two teaspoons of elecampane, and
two cups of water and let it sit for two hours before drinking.
Drink this tea daily.
Indian Gooseberry Asthma Home Remedy

Asthma sufferers arise and use the Indian gooseberry home
remedy for asthma. You just mix five flakes of gooseberry with
one teaspoon of honey and take it as medicine every night
before you go to bed. This will help boost your immune system
and give your lungs the boost they need to function better.

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